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  1. Are there any books that maybe can help me solve my racism problem? I don't really know how to get rid of my conditioning.
  2. @Serotoninluv So, about my relationship. I stay passive and accept its' ending..? @Leo Gura What are your thoughts on this? I should do nothing?
  3. Hi, I'm a 23 years old guy. So, I met this girl ~10 months ago. She have darker skin, some people would call her type gypsy even though, in my honest opinion, she isn't. My parents are part of "some people". They never meet her. From the day they saw her photo they (mostly my father) started mocking her and me for being with her. Her parent like me and I like them. I had a fight with my parents back then because of this. I really like this girl. I didn't went home for months. I really despised the fact that they mocked her. I told her that my parents don't agree with our relationship and that my father mocked her and me. So she was really angry and disappointed and decided that she'll never meet my parents. So time passed, we kinda put this matter away and enjoyed our time together. Some time ago I told her that we have a wedding in my family and that I'd be happy if she'll accompany me. Obviously, she refused for the obvious reason of being hurt by my parents. I was disappointed. Time passed. A couple days ago she told me that she has a wedding in her family and that she'll like me to accompany her. Without thinking, I faltered a moment then declined. She asked me why, because she didn't want to come to mine? I nod my head yes. So we fight over this, she said that I don't want to go because of my vanity, that I have too big of an ego. She said that it's a big difference, that I'm welcomed there but she's not so welcomed at my wedding. She was right in both matters no matter how much I tried to turn it around. So we kept arguing on this matter and at some point I said the devastating words "this kind of people". She: " this kind of people? So, it means I'm part of -this kind of people- is that so?" It means even you think like your parents". It was also her birthday, she cried. I didn't try to deny it because I don't really like gypsy people because of their violent and nasty behavior. I tried to assure her that she's not part of "that kind of people" and that I really care about her. She said that said "this kind of people" and that it results that she's part of that. I tried to explain to her that just because she has darker skin she isn't part of "that kind of people". Of course, there shouldn't be any kind of people, we are all humans, but in my head there is. That's even how my parents raised me, to despise gypsy people. She wasn't convinced and she'll never be. She said that I have preconceived ideas regarding her. We didn't talk and I don't know if we'll ever again. She's really serious about this. Is there anything I can do, or I should accept that this is over and avoid "this kind of people"? Even if we talk again, our relationship will never work. She'll never want to face my parents. And my parents will always despise her. But I really care for her. I don't want it to be over but what's there to be done? Gratefully Uncover
  4. @Lubomir No, she's not ashamed of her body, she's really sexy (for me). She just likes it at night, in the dark. She says that that's when she feels most comfortable. No, I don't have problems with erection when watching porn. It gets up pretty fast. She kinda surprised me, I didn't expect her to ask me to have sex. I wasn't really ready. I wasn't in the mood. We had some arguments before, we were both sad. Now we aren't talking.
  5. Hi, Yesterday it was my girlfriend's birthday, she turned 24. We have 10 months since we're together. I am 23 years old and she is my first girlfriend. We don't have sex so often. Once a week or not even. I've never had sex without a condom, I'm not familiar with the sensation. But i'm craving it. She said that we will, after she takes birth control pills. She fears pregnancy. She wanted to have sex. I drank a ~300 ml beer can before (I don't know if it had anything to do with my problem, but maybe?). We always had sex in the dark, that's how she likes it, only in the dark. So, we started kissing and touching, I started playing with her butt and so on, like 2 mins. I thought that I'm ready to put the condom on. We stopped, and put the condom. In the meantime the penis got softer. It wasn't hard enough to begin with. It's never hard enough. So she wanted from behind, I tried hard but I couldn't get it in, it was too soft. So she went on top of me and eventually got it in and in 5 seconds, not more, I ejaculated. Every time she gets on top I ejaculate when she puts it in. And it's with condom, imagine without.. There were times, of course, when I lasted let's say, 10 mins but not more. That was when I fucked her from behind, and took my time, really slow and focused. When she said "faster", I ejaculated. My penis is small, ~13 cm erect. It's so frustrating. She asked me if we can go again. I couldn't.. She went to sleep disappointed. Now we didn't talk since that happened. She was patient with me, but I couldn't solve my problem. We broke up before because of this. We have another problem too, and I don't know if we're gonna get over it this time.. But this adds to it. If only the sex was good, it would have been better. I don't know why I'm posting it, I don't know when I'm going to have sex again. I don't know if we'll still be together. Anyway, just in case, can I ever solve my sexual problem? What should I do? Any advice is great! Gratefully, Uncover
  6. Hi, So, today my girlfriend asked me this question "why do you like me". She told me that she doesn't like the idea to be with someone just because he considers her beautiful. She said she's looking for a meaningful relationship. Me as well. Maybe she's thinking that way because I tell her everyday that she's beautiful. Frankly, there are many girls more beautiful than she is. But I like her more. I couldn't explain her so well why do I like her. I could tell that she wasn't very satisfied with my answers. Even now as I'm thinking, I can't find many answers. I told her that because she's kind and altruistic, joyful playful and beautiful. Sunday is her birthday. Maybe I don't really like her that much, and that'd be the cause why I can't find the reasons? But I feel happy when I'm with her. She asked me this before. I couldn't find many answers as well. We broke up for 3 months. We know eachother since september 15. 2018. She also told me that I can tell her everything, and usually I do. But I'm not the type to talk about deep heartlike stuff, I can't open that much with nobody, not evem myself. I'm an introvert. I really care about us. How can I make our relationship more meaningful? Uncover
  7. Hi, I'm a 23 years old guy. For my age it'll be absurd to say this, but I'm most of the time sluggish and have no energy. Maybe because of my routines/habits. I think I'm more mentally exhausted than physically. At work I'm sleepy most of the time and make a lot of mistakes which have really bad consequences. I eat quite poor in the morning before going to work and two sandwiches at noon, just a little better in the evening. At work I spend 8 hours in front of two monitors then when I get home I go straight to my laptop. Then go to sleep with my phone in my hand, usually every time at 12 in the night. I wake up before alarm usually every time around 6:25 AM. I wake up pretty fresh, I try to sleep till 7:00 then I wake up more tired. Maybe I should make some changes? What should I do to have more energy? I'm really not being productive at work and my my supervisor said she'll report me if I continue making mistakes. I don't even really enjoy the job. I feel pretty lost. I'm thinking to quit my job if I can't get better. It just demands attention, not rocket science. It's booking of invoices. Maybe I'll get fired. I'm thinking to take magnesium pills or start drinking coffee. I don't drink coffee now. What do you advise me to do? Gratefully, Uncover
  8. Hi, Firstly, I apologize for my poor English, I'm not a native. Now, I have a job that demands a consistent degree of attention. In the morning I would start working with attention and interest. However, after some time, especially in the afternoon, I would enter on autopilot. I'm doing everything automatically. My work now consists largely of booking invoices. The problem is that I make mistakes quite often. Like, I don't observe that the invoice has two VAT quotes. Or, I don't notice that the account I used to book the invoice was corrected before. Or, that the invoice must be activated because it has a large amount. Or that it must be accrued. These are just some examples. My boss is really angry that I make mistakes so often. I am also angry at myself. Because I know all these things but I simply miss taking everything into account sometimes. Maybe is even because I get tired after some time, or I get hungry, especially in the afternoon. The problem might also be that I'm not excited in what I'm doing. I'm doing it just because it must be done. My mind just drifts away after a little time when I start working. I enter autopilot mode. Actually I can't keep my attention on anything for a longer period of time. I start thinking about something else. What'll have for dinner, what to buy for my girlfriend's birthday, where to take her out. All kinds of random stuff, just not on what I'm doing. Maybe my phone also contributed to my poor concentration. How can I keep my attention fully on what I'm doing? Well, that's actually not possible. But, how can I become more aware? Gratefully, Uncover
  9. Hi, I'll keep it short. My girlfriend said that she will never want marriage or children because it will only complicate her life. She said she had cases in her family where some relatives of her were together happy and not married. And they divorced once they married because it brought a lot of problems. I'm a christian at roots and for me it'll be normal to be married. In my eyes it'll also create a stronger bond between the couple, but she says it won't, quite the opposite. Not to mention that o lot of couples choose not to marry nowadays. So, what do you think? Is this better not to marry? Gratefully, Uncover
  10. @Knock Great insights! Thank you! I'll start eating better and going to gym. The money aren't really a big broblem. I just wanted to save them so I can afford a car. But I guess that won't happen unless I get a better paid job.
  11. @universe Two weeks without laptop?? Maybe I'll manage 4 days. No phone? I even use my phone at my lunch break while I'm eating. It's the first thing I check in the morning. And I fall asleep with it in my hand at 12 PM usually, daily. I need it also to text my girl and other people. But usually, the time spent on it is for entertainment. Can't do without cellphone. 🙈
  12. @Nahm No, I haven't played it. I guess I'm starting a new game now. :)) Is this multiplayer?
  13. @Nahm Now I'm playing Paladins and Tomb Raider. There are two videos with a few games I tried if you want to play too. :)) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFHjz6i3JXEp8dYiFIDNAcw?view_as=subscriber Does it matter what games I play?
  14. Hi, I'm a 24 years old guy. I feel that my life is pretty average and I'm not doing what I'm really capable of doing and wasting my abilities thus failing to give my share to the world. I finished Economics licence and masters degrees. I got hired at an average/below average job as an junior accountant. I'm doing a mindless job of booking invoices for almost two years now. My other colleagues got much better jobs with double my salary. Here it was my fault for not having the ambition to try to apply for a better job. I was always mediocre and the worst part is that I was OK with that. Actually, the worst part is that I'm still OK with that now. I'm a very skinny guy. My girlfriend told me that I should eat better. That I'll look much better. I don't have the ambition even for that. I'm always complaining that cooked food costs money and I can't cook, and the rent is not cheap (1/3 of my salary). (Having a girlfriend isn't cheap either ). I only spend the food tickets to buy stuff from supermarket. I eat very poorly. Just a little in the morning. Two sandwiches at noon, at work. We don't have a canteen. And a little in the evening, the "dry" stuff I buy from the supermarket. Maybe I should stop worrying about money and buy cooked food? I'm always with the idea of saving money so I can afford nice stuff later (like a car, really want one) but I'm never able to save either. Now my routine costs of waking up, going to work, coming home, and spending the rest of my time in front of my computer. Pretty much gaming other kinds of entertainment. Of course, there are days when I go out with my girlfriend and other activities, but you got the point. I want to change this, but I'm rooted in my computer after work. I have no other goals/ direction.. What should I do? I want to do something better that waste my life like this. To make myself and my girlfriend proud to have me. Gratefully, Uncover