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  1. WAKING UP and GROWING UP are essentially different?
  2. Women are really much deeper need for sexuality & it seems to provide a deeper & more long-lasting kind of satisfaction than for men.
  3. What is the proper breathing? Horizontal or Vertical? BREATH OUT to the NOSE OR MOUTH?
  4. EAT when you are HUNGRY SLEEP when you are SLEEPY
  5. 1. Collect Habits -any ideas/tasks/jobs that come to you need to be written down on paper, carry around a notebook always. Writing down your Ideas 2. Process Habits -all about decision making when it comes to processing your inbox. Don't delay. Making Quick Decision & Putting things where they belong. 3. Plan Habit -write down the top 3 tasks you need to complete each day. Get them done first thing. Identify the BIGGEST TASKS for the week ( BIG ROCKS). 4. Do Habit -Complete the tasks from your list one by one. Never try to do more than one at a time. ONLY FOCUSING ON ONE TASK AT A TIME. (quality) Select which "BIG ROCK" you're going to work on. Set-up a "WORK ZONE" by eliminating distractions such as cell phones and email notifications, especially youtube or turn off the Internet. Setting a timer If interruptions occur, don't deal with them as they come in. Simple write down the distraction on your notepad and you can deal with it when you're done. Don't forget to take little break, relax for a few moments, get some fresh air, stand up and stretch.
  6. How about Cesar the Messiah.
  7. I also heard from a paranormal expert that if you hear that, your spirit guide is near you.
  8. After opening THIRD EYE CHAKRA, Do we see also GHOST and SPIRIT or other ENTITY?
  9. I think is not about the MONEY it's about your CALLING to ADVENTURE.
  10. Do you have any ritual for NEW MOON and FULL MOON?
  11. Thank you for your sharing, by the way, do you struggle with your TROAT CHAKRA while opening this energy?