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  1. Orange questioner gets injected with some yellow perspective.
  2. @AlwaysBeNice Children are not enlightened. That's a highly idealistic interpretation.
  3. @caelanb Much of this work is about recognizing, working through and accepting the darker aspects of life, which is what most people ignore because it makes them feel comfortable with where they are, which is also why most people are stuck.
  4. @Jacobsrw The mental health enterprise will always find a way to conceptualize dysfunctional behaviours, but remember that it's all on a continuum. To indulge in something that is associated with dysfunctional behaviour doesn't necessarily mean you're being dysfunctional. That's how it is with everything: drugs, diets, ideology etc.
  5. @Spaceofawareness There isn't a contradiction. One is absolute truth and one is relative truth.
  6. It's kinda like asking will an enlightened sailor be able to survive a rogue wave on stormy seas? It has probably more to do with the ship than the sailor. Datura does a very specific thing, and I don't think enlightenment will impact it very much.
  7. @Preety_India I found four big sacks of wood in the shed that I somehow manage to use for doing deadlifts. Just ram a curtain pole through the middle and voila; who needs a gym membership?
  8. Man I listened to the entire podcast and it was very sad
  9. @Preety_India I like to think I lift a lot of weights - call it non-functional physical labor. Atleast that used to be true before the lockdown...
  10. Idk why, but I just felt like watching a bit of that video today, and now I stumbled across this topic... Coincidence?
  11. @DrewNows Is this type of natural bodyweight conducive to heavy physical labour?
  12. The best concept is that which isn't.