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  1. I just remembered one of my first trips where I sat on a bench with two of friends overseeing a gravel football field and feeling like I was in an episode of Teletubbies. The grass surrounding the field and the blue sky looked like the Windows XP screensaver. All the exaggerated colors and happy feelings, it was a great time
  2. Not much adventures, not much life changing stuff, but heck: Buying weed regularly from a guy who lived right next to a police station, like just over the street, fully in view I've never experienced similar levels of paranoia. Finding out I had accidentally traveled with a small bit of hashish on an international flight. The upside was that I got to smoke on my family vacation in Spain, which was just stressful really. Accidentally doing a front flip on my bike when I was 7 years old because I pulled the front break too hard. I landed on my butt on the asphalt and I somehow didn't get hurt at all. Landing my first 360 on skis in front of my friends without any practice at 13 years old. I landed it, but I fell straight after and my helmet and ski goggles flew off. The feeling of joy, the sound of the helmet, the flash of light, and the sound of my friends cheering, is something I'll never forget. I tried the first air tunnel in Norway (skydivers use it for practice) on the day of the opening, and two celebrities were there (Aksel Hennie, actor who played in The Martian, and Tone Damli Aaberge, singer, smoking hot). It was only me, my brother, my mom and like 4 other people, and we were all eyeing the celebs hard in the other room. I went to the same high school as Alan Walker (same year, different courses though) and Aurora Aksnes (one year above), both are super famous artists today. I took the same music course as Aurora, and I recall on at least one occasion where all the different grades collaborated on some project, which meant that she was singing while me and some other students were backing her with instruments. I talked with the Queen of Norway when she visited our school (I was like 7). I was instructed to play with bricks, and I have no idea what I said. Omg this one is so funny: one of my closest friends from school (who recently got a kid), jumped up on stage when Lars Vaular (some Norwegian rapper) was performing in our school gym, and started dancing with him.
  3. Lol no man is an island.
  4. @Yarco The functionality of people with Down's syndrome is more variable than you would like to think. What about my father with (I almost wrote Down's syndrome ) Bipolar disorder type 1? For me, the odds are 15-30%, but I'm a bit past the age where it usually occurs. I think if there ever was a ripe time for me to develop it, it was from 18-19. However, I'm a bit worried about my little brother who recently had a panic attack.
  5. Then it's the same reasoning with ENFPs (but I'm not saying they're equal; certainly SeTe > NeTe): both experience a decent amount of social interactions as a side effect of their decent-strong extroverted functions that pull them out into the world, but not as a main driving force (as with Fe). Before you equate NeTe with NiTe, remember that Ne is more scattered, which will on average lead to a higher volume of social interactions. So to summarize, I think ENFP is at least a little more extroverted than INTJ, probably a little less than ENTJ, but certainly less than ESFP. The least extroverted of them all is INFP (Te inferior bahaha). So I'm not saying ENFP is like 80s Mötley Crüe level outgoing, but certainly a bit.
  6. Then why are ESFPs so extroverted?
  7. I'm sure we're all taking about a transient awakening with a short duration. Leo just called it enlightenment for some reason.
  8. Leo started it Yeah, mine lasted about a microsecond before I jumped up in fear. It changed me forever though.
  9. Sounds like a convenient assumption Ne on its own, sure, but paired with say Te (which is more dominant in an ENFP than an INFP), these potential ideas are more likely to be manifested in the external world, and that requires interacting with it more, i.e. you're out doing stuff. Other intuitives who have a prominent Te instead have a strong Ni, which is probably less conducive to extroversion (you tend to stick to one project and bury yourself in it), except maybe ENTJs with their tertiary Se. Maybe they want people more, but if you're doing stuff out in the world, especially intuitive projects which tend to be ambitious, you will run into people sooner or later. An ESFP that likes experiencing cool things will most likely be doing it with other people, even though there is no Fe involved. My ESFP cousin is the most extroverted person I know.
  10. Extroverted as in forum activity? I would think that the least active members are the most extroverted, because they're out doing stuff
  11. I had an enlightenment my 3rd ever meditation session
  12. @Leo Gura Then you also have the tough nuts, like Rupert Spira or Gary Weber, who spent decades meditating before stabilizing in non-duality.
  13. Same.
  14. I think there is only so much you can listen to someone before you get the gist.
  15. There are probably some likely contenders, like Huntingson disease, but I don't know.