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  1. If we're dependent on the functioning of the system for us to have freedom, should we be free as individuals to kill that system?
  2. There is a type of contemplation where you simply ask yourself a question and your mind starts churning out answers from the blue. You don't actually know if the answer is true or not, but you simply set it as a hypothesis and then you try to find another answer that could support or validate that answer. You know which hypothesis to pursue by feeling it intuitively. Even if the starting hypothesis is wrong, you'll be wiser off than when you started, because intuition is like God's breadcrumb trail; it is always leading you somewhere interesting even if you don't yet know exactly where.
  3. 😂😂😂😂😂 omg
  4. This the way I see it: Cook-Greuter is an ego developmental model, which you can treat as one "line" in Ken Wilber and Don Beck's SDi framework. In other words, there are other aspects to turquoise that are more or less orthogonal to ego development, thus to say that "turquoise is ego-aware" full-stop is a bit inaccurate. For instance, "holistic thinking" is related the cognitive line of development. Just because you're a "holistic thinker" (cognitively turquoise) does not necessarily mean that you're "ego-aware" (egoically turquoise). Likewise, the original SD concept of "vMEME" can be treated as its own developmental line in the SDi. Some lines are more general/inclusive/overarching than others and some are overlapping, but Wilber's observation is that all the lines have to go through the same "developmental altitudes"(order of stages), hence why it all fits into one integrative framework ("Spiral Dynamics Integral").
  5. If God is absolutely infinite, that means God is all those things. If what you're referring to as "people" are only dualistic monotheists, then you're mostly correct. They think God (singular – "mono") is separate from his creation (two parts – "dual"). However, that excludes polytheism (most of Eastern gods), pantheism (e.g. Brahman, or the Spinozian God). These conceptualization of God are anyway beside the point, because what Leo is talking about is the mystical experience of God, and you can only understand it by actually having the experience for yourself. Untill then, you can only take people's word for it, but according to my limited collection of mystical experiences and my intuitions of what lies beyond, the word "God" is the perfect description for whatever this experience is like. God is the unlimited source of creative expression; creating every movement or motion of the apparent physical world, what is alive and what is inert; of mind and spirit, of body and soul; and all of it is done out of infinite Love of all forms – potential and actual – for the whole.
  6. Meditation makes negative emotions less pungent.
  7. Sources?
  8. You said it yourself: God is infinite spirit, infinite light.
  9. No. It is what it is. There is always a risk.
  10. The mRNA contained in the vaccines codes for the Covid19 spike protein. Any mRNA that enters a cell will cause that cell to produce those spike proteins and place them in their cell membranes.
  11. The mRNA vaccines are literally producing pieces of the virus inside your body.
  12. Something I used to contemplate a lot some years ago: What causes the perception of time? (especially in relationship to the phenomenas of time compression and time expansion caused by mind-altering drugs or being deeply immersed in an activity e.g. flow or a thoughtless state e.g. samadhi).
  13. My dad recently had a small stroke and he hasn't taken the vaccine ðŸĪŠ
  14. Paradoxically, being more calm and relaxed actually makes you more dominant. Fear of speaking out or standing up for yourself comes from an anxiety response. Anxiety comes from your mind being clouded by the fear of potential future consequences. Being calm clears your mind so you can approach future consequences more rationally.
  15. Really exhaust yourself physically.