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  1. It ties into knowing how the world fits together. Focusing on metaphysics and epistemology is a bit myopic considering how politics might have a direct or indirect impact how you approach these things in a hundred different ways. Also, just curiosity. You want to know things like why the gas and electricity prices are skyrocketing.
  2. Only to be a successful revolutionary scientist, not a successful normal scientist.
  3. I dislike the spirit of it. It implicitly treats foolishness as something "out there", and it sort of breeds the very thing in question, as foolishness is really nothing but self-bias/self-deception. You can find more than enough foolishness by looking inside yourself, and if this practice is supposed to benefit you in some way, then that is where you want to find it anyway.
  4. What was the last straw? What was one of the last things to go before you took the plunge?
  5. I think science is generally much less insight-driven than what you make it out to be (unless of course you're talking about revolutionary, paradigm-bursting science). Choosing a hypothesis is not so much about experiencing a deep and creative insight as knowing which questions your field is repeatedly asking, and most of the work goes into following the standardized procedures for everything: gathering the data (choosing a methodology, ameliorating ethical concerns, etc.) and actually writing the paper (citing all the relevant theory and studies, writing out the methods and results, criticizing the validity of your results, etc.).
  6. Sound more like "what makes a highly developed person?"
  7. Normal scientist: analytically minded, orderly, and absolutely obsessed by their subject of interest. Revolutionary scientist: the above + holistically minded, high openness/creativity and a vision.
  8. It's addictive.
  9. If you surrender to the fear, the roller coaster only goes up, forever. Free ticket to Enlightenment.
  10. LSD 4 times. Microdosed a dozen times. More weed than could fit in a school bus.
  11. You can just say melatonin lol
  12. Meditation is high effort, low reward.
  13. I can't think up a brave thing I've done