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  1. Being young is like being on psychedelics. It's amazing, intense and terrifying, but it's short-lasting. It's possible to return to that state though. You just have to do the right work. But do you dare?
  2. How often do you eat vegan food?
  3. Ok, Andrew Tate Why does mental impairment exist but not mental illness? Both are labels you use to describe some sort of dysfunction.
  4. Because you are not the body, you are not the mind, you are not the person. You are Consciousness.
  5. The main implicit criteria is that you're having problems with functioning in society. That is what makes it a disorder. When it comes to schizophrenia, the problems tend to be associated with symptoms like disorganized thinking, hearing voices or seeing things that other people don't see, delusions, apathy, flat affect, etc. It should not be conflated with mystical experiences, although people with schizophrenia can certainly have mystical experiences just like people without schizophrenia.
  6. I had a spontaneous compulsion to contemplate the question "what creates the perception of time?", and I thought really long, and I landed on the answer of "it's how often you connect to your memories", which is pretty accurate.
  7. My direct experience tells me other people are like me.
  8. I'm just expressing how I feel about your opinion.
  9. I'm fine with projecting my disgust of people wanting to kill babies.
  10. Is that why you want to kill babies now? Yikes.
  11. This is giving me strong feelings of disgust.
  12. True. It is comformist, it is safe, not very extreme, not very sexy, not very appealing to testosterone-filled young men. Evolution works by fitness of the entire genome, not just the mutations. Mutations are often deleterious. There again you see holism at play.
  13. I'm not limiting it to science, no. Also, finding a higher order synthesis is also about taking pluralism and deducing some basic underlying principles. It's just that some syntheses are more summarizing while some are more innovative, but you often have a bit of both (integration vs. emergence, "include" vs. "transcend").
  14. That is why hardcore relativism is a midway point between naive realism and pragmatism. You get hung up in the fact that there aren't absolutes (because you've discovered pluralism and relativism), and absolutes is what the naive realist wants, and you want to critique that, but you sort of forget that it's possible to be pragmatic and choose something that works relatively well, or is relatively wise. But you can't go back to absolutism, so the logical choice is to marry pragmatism with pluralism: take a meta-theoretic approach, see common trends in a large selection of wisdom traditions, and boil it down to the basics (find the "systemic" principles). That is how you re-introduce order and hierarchy in a meta-modern framework, and when it comes to wisdom, that is where concepts like holism and balance come in.