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  1. I finished in the top of my class at uni while at the same time believing I have no idea how biology works.
  2. I haven't meditated for 7 months and I don't eat seafood. Nothing wrong with my focus though.
  3. How do I know? I only have long thoughts when I'm about to fall asleep or if I'm very sleep deprived.
  4. Sure, but they still need to work on it
  5. This is what rationalwiki needs to work on:
  6. I used to have an insane imagination, but meditation completely destroyed it. I literally cannot think unless I'm required to, and those thoughts only last for microseconds. It's kinda sad but also freeing.
  7. AI will revolutionize everything.
  8. Spirituality starts at green, and that is when you start venturing outside the materialist paradigm. Rationalwiki's article on spirituality is toxic orange in a nutshell: Green isn't really married to materialism like orange. It's more like a clingy ex-wife.
  9. Wolf lets the dog chase him, pretending to be scared and lures him away from the owner, and then it turns around and attacks 0:26
  10. Don't resist thoughts.
  11. Just become a tree.
  12. I would instead compare it to living under a totalitarian state.