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  1. @Mu_ thank you. unfortunately our furry friends live much shorter than us so the pain of losing them is sometimes inevitable. I believe the only thing we can do is appreciate our kitty as much as we can while it's still with us, take LOTS of pictures / videos, go on adventures together... The good memories we had with our kitty will help us while we're trying to get over the loss. I'm keeping his collar and favorite toy on my desk since he died, we don't have a tradition to bury the deceased with their belongings. If I had cremation service in my country I would probably bury his ashes to the soil of his favorite plant.
  2. @Loba thank you I really appreciate it
  3. @Loba I can send you his picture from message if that's okay for you, it doesn't feel comfortable to post it publicly here @Raptorsin7 I agree with the 2nd one, death isn't actually "real" but I have those human emotions regardless
  4. thank you preety
  5. @Bojan V @unborn_chicken @silene thank y'all for your support. My beautiful boy is in a better place now and I feel grateful that we had the chance to share this love together. You know that cats have personalities just like humans, when he was sick and laying down I started coughing because something stuck in my throat he got up from his bed and started meowing to know if I was okay. He was a loyal, gentle boy and he never made me sad or angry during the time we spent together. It's hard to lose him too soon, but I have nothing else to do but accept it and try to live with it.
  6. For me it was lack of self confidence. Spending time with people who don't judge me while I'm being authentic helped a lot. I'm still not a social butterfly because I don't socialize with people if I don't like them.
  7. @Loba thank you for your kind support. I'm in a place where I'm angry at God for the thing that happened to my kitten. What's the point of making us share this love if he was going to take him away from me too soon, and painful like this? I'm trying to find and explanation to this, if this was all a cosmic joke and a slap to my face to make me remember "life is not fair" or a kind of painful lesson that I had to learn in order to prepare me to the loss of my own kid. I loved that kitty like my own child, and I still do, in a way I know that if he lived he had to continue his life with 3 legs which is hard enough, my boy is now free from this hassle but I can't help to miss him so much. I made a photo album for him, I'm working on an art project to honor his memory and make me remember the beautiful moments we shared together.
  8. I lost my little boy yesterday. He was only 3 months old when I rescued him after he got hit by a car on the street and lost his leg. He was my first cat, a total love baby who loved to cuddle and sleep on his mama. He opened the doors of a whole new type of love which I never experienced before, I'm grateful that I had the chance to be his parent in his short life and all the beautiful feelings we shared together. A week ago he stopped eating and had diarrhea, I took him to the vet and he got diagnosed with jaundice and possible FIP. Me and my family did everything we could to rescue him, during his last day with us the lost his ability to walk normally, he was collapsing while he walk and can't get up. He was crying in every few minutes, my boy was in unbearable pain so we took him to the vet at 6 am to put an end to his suffering with an indescribable burden in our heart. I held him and kissed him for the last time, and my beautiful little boy gave his last breath before his vet could even come to the clinic and see him. I really wanted to see him grow and play in our garden. We decided to get beautiful flowers and succulents for him because he loved smelling them, it was clear to us that he had high emotional intelligence and connection with mother earth. He was only 6 month old when I lost him. I really love my little boy, I miss him so much. Rest in peace my beautiful angel, I love you!
  9. This thread reminded me of Paul Stamets' story of how he beat his stuttering habit. It might not answer your question directly but his experience is highly interesting and unique, I hope it gives you inspiration.
  10. @Leo Gura why would you even compare cannabis with DMT? Cannabis is a soft drug for casual use while DMT is for strong, profound experiences. Cannabis can enhance your creativity and make you recall and contemplate on your past trips without paralyzing you for a day like you're doing a hard drug like LSD, which lasts for 12ish hours. You should definitely try it and see how it works for you once you let go of your prejudices. I know in USA it's very common for "loser" people to abuse it, but it's really a beautiful mild psychedelic and has a crazy potential to enhance your life if you know how to use it.
  11. The Science of Getting Rich
  12. @LSD-Rumi you have no idea what you're talking about.
  13. I absolutely agree with that. I consider it as a mild psychedelic and somehow I get flashback to my previous trips when I smoke it, it's like a shape shifting high. Pretty powerful tool for personal development too, if you know how to use it.