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  1. If that so what does that mean for Leo's teachings? Just curious about the answers.
  2. @Insightful27 would you recommend this book to females as well?
  3. @Leo Gura I think if you were able to jerk off on it you’re probably also be able to have sex. It might not make sex more pleasurable but wouldn’t having sex on it potentially increase your high, when both of you are aware that you’re having sex with yourself? Or maybe there’s another way to achieve this. @integral yes acid is absolutely great for sex but I find it’s harder to reach god consciousness on it compared to heavier stuff, I don’t know about mushrooms though. That’s why I asked what it would be like in drugs like 5-MeO
  4. So what kind of drug can be used if both parties want to have sex with the awareness that they are God? Which drug (or combo) would allow them to feel it as intensely as possible while still being able to enjoy sex?
  5. I’m really curious what it would be like to have sex on 5-MeO. Obviously, it’s a very powerful hallucinogen and it’s possible that you won’t care about having sex while you’re blasting off, but wouldn’t it be a very unique experience if both sides are on it and both of them know they’re God at that exact moment, and they’re aware that they’re having sex with themselves? Interesting.
  6. You’re sabotaging yourself by letting your LP get in the way of what you want to do. What you set as your life purpose can change over time, no one is forcing you to pick one thing and stick to it for the rest of your life. You make that rule for yourself. To me this way of thinking is very similar to dogmatic religions. Just be flexible and do whatever you want at the moment. Buy that GPU if you want to. Fill your house with technological gadgets and use them to inspire people, bring something new into this world. It’s not that important. You’re not bound to anything.
  7. @LSD-Rumi well, if the antidepressant you're using binds to the 5HT2A receptor you're going to need a higher dose to trip, but it's very complex and not very understood even by professionals. Some of my friends had to quit antidepressants because while on them they didn't feel any effects from the LSD. If you're using an atypical antidepressant such as bupropion it won't effect the trip and it can even enhance it, in fact I'm very curious about this combo
  8. This is very beautifully written, thank you for sharing the Love.
  9. Whatever. You’re not enlightened to Love.
  10. @Leo Gura haha BULLSHIT You allow his behavior because you agree with him. Because you are already a sexist and everyone on this forum (including moderation) is ignoring it. You’re preaching everyone about how God is Love but you are consumed by this man-ideology and you turned into an arrogant man. I just wish you found more Love in your life so you stop being such a jerk. You’re all very good at theorizing and philosophizing about Infinite Love but most of you never experienced the Love a mother can have for her child. Men needs to go a longer way to experience the same Love (very few do). Sorry but that’s it. Ban me for my personal views if you want, I didn’t break any group rules. Deal with it!
  11. Can you give me a solid reason why this troll is not banned yet? Here's sexism, gaslighting, gatekeeping and sex-based IQ "science" right here! @Sincerity @Thought Art @integral @Carl-Richard @Snader @Vibroverse @Leo Gura
  12. I want whatever antidepressant you’re having because being on SSRI’s while tripping is a bad idea for a lot of reasons. You’re going to waste a tab for the least.
  13. This. It depends on whether you want your teachings to be more appealing to women, however the constant gender based discrimination and hostility in YOUR forum is a persistent problem. I don’t know why you let and participate in discussions about “pickup” in this forum, like women can be something that can be “pick-ed up”. It’s even more stupid that even in this thread, there are a shit ton of accounts you should ban right away. They’re breaking THE forum rules that YOU wrote, but you’re allowing this constant discrimination toxicity to continue? Can people in your forum continue with their sexism if the head of brand himself isn’t sexist? This is not about what I personally like or dislike about you and whatever you do. I just find it gut-wrenchingly cringe that you let it shadow the true essence of your work. This is the reason why a lot of people are turning away from your channel and calling you a "cult".
  14. @LSD-Rumi care to share the full extraction tek? I’m looking for an almost fool-proof extraction method to eliminate nausea as much as possible.