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  1. How to reduce Pain from Period Cramps?
    How to reduce Pain from Period Cramps?
    Magnesium citrate (100mg twice or 3 times a day) combined with PLP. Take her to start taking it 2 weeks before her period. This was the most helpful thing for the few women, I've worked with. If they don't help, you could try a ginger extract. 
    Also making sure her diet is rich enough in Omega 3s and not too high in Omega 6s or SFA pre-period times. Add some more phytoestrogens in her diet as well as brassica vegetables for improved sex hormones detoxification (tofu, flax, tempeh, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts etc) 
    Make sure her diet is rich in fibre and low in animal foods (especially those high in pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid like eggs and dairy) towards the end of the luteal phase (just before day 1). More warming foods (oatmeal, stews, curries, soups) and less cold foods (smoothies, cold salads) may help. Add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric to each meal for some extra anti-inflammatory benefit. 
    But sometimes even none of the above will help. In that case, you could try experimenting with Agnus Castus or Black Cohosh extract (but not if she is on hormonal OCP)
    And if none of that still helps, taking some effective painkillers as the last resort for 2 or 3 days is ok. If she does take painkillers, tell her not to add any more turmerics or gingers or anything that could interact with them. Otherwise she'll get the effects of turmeric but the side effects of the pain killer. 

  2. I feel bad about watching porn
    I feel bad about watching porn
    Of course there is more getting girls. Those were just a few basic elements, oversimplified, not a comprehensive map.
    Pickup boils down to: going out & being social frequently + playfulness + confidence + seduction + leading + handling logistics really well.
    Sounds like you're seriously lacking in:
    Communicating with sexual intent, man-to-woman communication Leading Handling logistics Not having those things in place will kill 95% of your results.
    Leading and logistic are CRUCIAL for results. You can increase your results by 10x to 100x by mastering those two things. They are not easy to master.

  3. I played meta chess with my little brother
    I played meta chess with my little brother
    This is actually a very deep point that people will miss.
    Notice that you had to establish this rule in order to prevent a self-reference or infinite regress problem. Otherwise you would have a crazy and unmanageable infinite game. This is exactly how advanced logics, mathematics, set theory, and science kneecap and hide infinity, by disallowing self-reference.
    It is necessary for logical and scientific systems to artificially prohibit or outlaw self-reference because without that it would break the finite game.
    So basically, what advanced logics and scientific models do is they outlaw Infinity by dictate, as an axiom. And then they act surprised why there is no proof of God to be found! It's an extremely advanced mental trick that keeps scientists and rationalist totally lost in their finite minds. And even a serious professor of logic or mathematics will not comprehend the monstrous significant of this trick.
    Self-reference cannot be allowed because it leads to the destruction of every finite construction. Because the Self is Infinity and Infinity must be itself!
    If you ever comprehend what I said here, you will be 1 in a 100 million humans. This is some advanced ninja logic stuff.
    Basically what I'm saying is: every logical or formal system has a backdoor to God through self-reference. But this back door is bolted shut by humans because if it were not, you could not exist as a human. You would split out into Infinite Consciousness.

  4. Being a nice guy versus being an arrogant dickhead
    Being a nice guy versus being an arrogant dickhead
    Women want a lovable jerk, who treats her like a princess but is willing to bash some skulls in elsewhere.
    To get attracted to you she needs to feel that you have the capacity to bash some skulls when called for. She wants that feeling of safety because she is not gonna bash skulls herself. She outsources that to you in exchange for sex.

  5. Being a nice guy versus being an arrogant dickhead
    Being a nice guy versus being an arrogant dickhead
    Stop asking women for advice on how to game them.
    That's your mistake.
    When it comes to deciding who she's gonna sleep with, her biological instincts will take over and she will not sleep with a nice guy. She wants to sleep with an alpha guy.
    Of course! Women like dick. They don't need a man with a pussy because they already got one.
    Attraction is very counter-intuitive.
    With that said, you can be strong and cocky without being mean or hurtful. That's the balance you should aim for: strong, assertive, cocky, playful, but also polite, respectful, and grounded in Love.
    You want to be a lovable jerk, not an abusive asshole.
    And this goes beyond women. In general, all people, men and women alike, respect strength, confidence, authority, leadership, and assertiveness. These are the qualities of a leader. And women want to sleep with leaders. You can't lead people effectively by being too nice and meek.
    Be a leader without being abusive or cruel. Temper yourself with Love.

  6. Favorite quotes said by Leo Gura mega thread
    Favorite quotes said by Leo Gura mega thread
    From a blog post: 
    "Just because life becomes hard doesn't mean it isn't Love. Life gets hard precisely to show you how strong Love is.
    Do not wish life to get easier. Wish for your love to get stronger. Be BIGGER! Love wider!"
    -Leo Gura

  7. Video Summaries! Video Summaries!
    Here’s an updated version of the list that @AleksM very graciously created a year ago    I’ve added all the new videos and [x]’s for new summaries.  I’ve also added the page number from this thread that the summary can be found on.  There's an Textbook that was assembled by @Cepzeu and others.  You can download it at Textbook.  Thread summaries and book summaries are often different, so you may want to check out both. Summaries that are in the Textbook will say: (book pg.XX) The page numbers refer to version 2 of the Textbook.  Enjoy!! Here is a list of all the youtube videos:
             [x] - summary is done
             [] - summary is not done or missing
              The first 200 videos have transcripts in the video section of, but we still miss almost all of the summaries from the first 200 videos.
              If you want to contribute to this thread, select one of the videos that still need a summary and post it here.
    1. [] How to Invest In Yourself
    2. [] Why Life Coaching Works
    3. [] Be Different to Be Successful
    4. [] Get Coached
    5. [] Inner Game of Career Development
    6. [] The Most Interesting Problem in Philosophy and Science
    7. [] How I Lost 65 Pounds in 5 Months
    8. [x] Understanding Resistance (pg 8)
    9. [x] Mastery (book pg 140)
    10.[] Work Less to Accomplish More
    11.[] What's the Worst That Can Happen?
    12.[] What a Roman Emperor Can Teach You About Happiness
    13.[] The Number One Reason Why You're Not Succeeding
    14.[] The Problem of Self-Control
    15.[] The Art of Solving Problems Permanently
    16.[] How You Must Think About Failure
    17.[] Life Purpose - Critical Points For Finding Your Life Purpose
    18.[] As Good As Your Life Will Ever Get
    19.[] How to Delegate to Your Subconscious Mind
    20.[] Garbage In, Garbage Out - Watch Your Information Intake
    21.[] The $100 Million Dollar Question
    22.[] Positive vs Negative Motivation
    23.[] How To Transform Your Entire Life
    24.[] Personal Development Blueprint - Intro -
    25.[] Personal Development - The Ultimate Vision of What You Can Be
    26.[] Life Purpose - The Thrill of Creative Contribution
    27.[] Success & Creativity - Why You Should Be More Schizophrenic
    28.[] Personal Development - How Your Mind is Like a Rider Atop an Elephant
    29.[] Personal Development - Tips About How to Give Advice
    30.[] Create an Exciting Life - Your 5 Proudest Moments Exercise
    31.[] Happiness & Success - Should You Work on Strengths or Weaknesses?
    32.[] Personal Development - Professional vs Hobbiest
    33.[] Personal Development Blueprint - Mission Statement
    34.[] Personal Development Blueprint - Charged Life
    35.[] Personal Development Blueprint - Top 5 Feelings
    36.[] Personal Development Blueprint - Eliminate Addictions
    37.[] How to Make Your Life Extraordinary -
    38.[] How to Do Real Personal Development
    39.[] Personal Development Blueprint - Meditation
    40.[] How To Become Successful - The Secrets That Everyone Overlooks
    41.[] How To Get More Energy - An Approach Nobody Ever Talks About
    42.[] How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You - What Guys Really Want
    43.[] How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You - What Girls Really Want
    44.[] How To Make More Money - Increase Your Income In Career or Business
    45.[] How To Become A Life Coach - Every Part of the Process Revealed inDetail
    46.[] Benefits of Meditation - Top Reasons To Start Meditating Right Now
    47.[] How To Overcome Shyness - Transform Yourself Into An Extrovert
    48.[] What Is The Purpose Of Life? - Use Purpose to Achieve Massive Success
    49.[] How To Motivate Employees - Creating Ultra-Productive Workers
    50.[] How To Feel Happy - Scientifically Proven Ways of Creating Lasting Happiness
    51.[] Productivity Strategies - Are You Prolific?
    52.[x] How To Increase Your Results From Self-Help Products by 10x (book pg 206)
    53.[] Personal Development Blueprint - Information Intake
    54.[] New Years Resolutions - How Getting Back On Track Is A Huge Opportunity
    55.[] Self Expression - How To Express Yourself & Find Your Authentic Creative Voice
    56.[] How to Be Happy in Life - Happiness Bottlenecks
    57.[] Overcoming Fear - How To Slay Your Greatest Demon
    58.[] Sensitivity - Why Personal Development Is Impossible For You Right Now
    59.[] How To Never Quit - The Key To Reframing The Toughtest Obstacles
    60.[] How Your Subconscious Holds You Back From Greatness
    61.[] Negative Thoughts - The Origin Of Negative Thinking & How To Eliminate It Forever
    62.[] How To Succeed In Life - The 6 Key Elements of Phenomenal Success
    63.[] Fear Of Public Speaking - The One Key To Overcoming It Forever
    64.[] How To Change Your Life - Making BIG Life Changes Actually Stick
    65.[] Fear Of Failure - Why We Have It & How To Deal With It
    66.[] How To Change Careers - Dealing With The Fear & Transitioning Smart
    67.[] How To Stay Focused - The Key To Being Extremely Productive & ClearMinded
    68.[] Resume Writing Tips - The Secret Mindset For Writing a Perfect Resume
    69.[] How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight - The Psychology of Weight Loss Success
    70.[] How To Stop Worrying - The Fundamentals of Eliminating Worry
    71.[] How To Change The World - What It Takes To Have Massive Social Impact
    72.[] Personal Power - How Personal Power Creates Success
    73.[] SMART Goal Setting - How to Set Extremely Effective Goals
    74.[] The Subconscious Mind - Using Your Subconscious Mind to Create Massive Success
    75.[] What Is Ego - How Your Ego Dictates Your Entire Life
    76.[] How To Get Motivated - Creating a Consistent Drive for High Performance
    77.[] The Law Of Attraction - How It Really Works & How To Use It
    78.[] How To Stop Procrastinating - A Step-by-Step Process For Busting The Worst of Procrastination
    79.[] How To Be More Confident - A Step-by-Step Process for Becoming Truly Confident
    80.[x] Self Actualization - The Most Inspiring Self-Help Concept Of All Time (book pg 37)
    81.[] Positive Affirmations - The Tricks of Using Affirmations to Transform Your Life
    82.[] What Should I Do With My Life - How To Find Your Passion For Life
    83.[] Peak Performance - How To Hit and Maintain Consistent Peak Performance In Life
    84.[] How To Stay Healthy - The Psychology of Maintaining Consistent, Effortless Health
    85.[] Overcoming Adversity - How To Handle The Most Horrific Life Challenges Ever
    86.[] How To Become A Vegetarian - Practical Steps You Must Take To Succeed
    87.[] How To Control Anger - The Shocking Truth Behind Your Anger Problems
    88.[] Positive Psychology - What Is It & How It Can Transform Your Life
    89.[x] Self Control - How To Develop Self-Control To Create An Amazing Life (pg 9)
    90.[] How To Relieve Stress - Scientifically Proven Stress Relief Techniques
    91.[x] How To Be Attractive - The Ultimate Attraction Strategy  (pg 2)
    92.[] Why Am I Depressed? - The Shocking Truth Behind Your Depression
    93.[] Profound Quotes #001 - "All Of Humanity's Problems Stem From Man's..."
    94.[] True Vision - I Reveal My Life Purpose Until You Can Feel It
    95.[] Willpower - Scientifically Proven Techniques to Increase Willpower
    96.[] Redefining Philosophy - How To Become A Jedi Master
    97.[] How To Become Rich - The Number One Reason You're Not Already Rich
    98.[] Mindfulness - How To Actually Practice Mindfulness & Conquer Your Emotions
    99.[] Profound Quotes #002 - "Specialization Is For Insects"
    100.[x] What Is Happiness? - An Extremely Advanced Definition Of Happiness (book pg 60)
    101.[] Self Image - The Amazing, Absolute Key To All Personal Growth
    102.[] How To Stay Committed To A Cause
    103.[] Introvert vs Extrovert - A Deep Understanding Of Introverts And Extroverts
    104.[] How To Eat Healthy - Create A Super Healthy Meal In 15 Minutes
    105.[x] How To Be A Man - The Deep Core Of Being Masculine (pg 10)
    106.[] Positive Thinking - The Key To Thinking Positive
    107.[] Healthy Relationships - What You MUST Know To Sustain A Great Relationship
    108.[] Dream Life - What It Takes To Create An Extraordinary Life
    109.[] Best Supplements - What You Must Know About Supplementation
    110.[x] Optimism - How To Become Optimisitic Right Now (pg 10)
    111.[] Letting Go Of The Past - How To Get Over The Past In Minutes
    112.[] How To Find Your Passion - Why You Have No Passion & How To Fix It
    113.[] Critical Thinking - Use Independent Thinking To Build A Powerful Life
    114.[] How To Motivate Yourself - The Trick Behind Lasting Self-Motivation
    115.[x] Emotional Intelligence - Why Your EQ Is More Important Than Your IQ (pg 9)
    116.[x] Cause & Purpose - What Are You Willing To Bleed For? (pg 10)
    117.[] Id, Ego, Superego - Understanding An Old School Psychology Concept
    118.[] Self Help - How Self-Help Can Revolutionize Your Entire Life
    119.[] Life Coaching - The Powerful Benefits Of Working With A Life Coach
    120.[] How To Start A Business - Bootstrapping A Successful Business
    121.[] How To Use Technology To Super-Charge Your Personal Growth
    122.[] Time Management - How To Get More Time In Your Day
    123.[] State Of The Union - My Camera Dies In Death Valley
    124.[] The Secret - The Truth They Didn't Tell You
    125.[] Personal Development Plan - The Essentials Of Getting Results
    126.[] How To Love Yourself - How To Like Who You Are Right Now
    127.[] How To Feel Good - Re-Designing Your Life To Feel Amazing
    128.[] How To Be Yourself - Become Your Authentic Self Right Now
    129.[] True Value - How To Create Success Out Of Nowhere
    130.[] The Power Of Routines - How Your Daily Routine Holds You Back From Your Dreams
    131.[] Staying Hungry - How To Use Pain For Growth
    132.[x] Relationship Advice - The Master Plan For Creating An Amazing Relationship (pg 10)
    133.[] How To Become A Millionaire - The Truth No One Tells You
    134.[] Self Esteem - Understanding & Fixing Low Self-Esteem
    135.[] Judgment - How You Ruin Your Own Happiness
    136.[x] Profound Quotes #003 - "Children Want Candy; The Intelligent Want SelfControl" - Rumi (pg 9)
    137.[] Whatever Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger - True or False?
    138.[] What Women Want In A Man - 5 Factors That Hook Women Like Crack
    139.[] How To Make A Girl Squirt - Give Your Girl An Explosive Orgasm
    140.[] Positive Attitude - The 3 Pillars To Cultivating Positivity
    141.[x] How To Exploit People To Grow Yourself - An Advanced Technique (pg 1) (book pg 269)
    142.[] Stress Management - Permanent Solutions For Stress Reduction
    143.[] Why I'm A Dick - And Why I Won't Change
    144.[] Goal Setting - How To Set Goals Effectively
    145.[x] Bad Relationships - How To Break Your Cycle Of Painful Relationships (pg 9)
    146.[] Bad Habits - A Live Exercise For Dropping Any Bad Habit For Good
    147.[] How To Get A Girlfriend - The Ultimate Guide For Landing A Hot Girlfriend
    148.[] How To Forgive Someone - The One Trick That Makes Forgiveness Easy
    149.[] Openmindedness - A Huge Overlooked Obstacle To Self Improvement
    150.[] How To Make Friends - 4 Sticking-Points That Limit Your Ability To Make Friends
    151.[] Good Vs Evil - Why Evil Doesn't Actually Exist
    152.[] Communication Skills - The 6 Keys Of Powerful Communication
    153.[] Low Self Esteem In Women - Why Women Have Lower Self-Esteem Than Men
    154.[x] Visualization - A Powerful Technique For Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind (book pg 203)
    155.[] Self Confidence - The Two Essential Avenues For Building Confidence
    156.[] Why Women Use You For Money - And How To Never Get Used Again
    157.[] Why Men Cheat - And 8 Ways To Keep Your Man Loyal
    158.[] How To Follow Advice Without Betraying Yourself
    159.[x] How To Master & Control Your Emotions (book pg 201)
    160.[] Negative Visualization - An Ancient Stoic Technique For Creating Happiness
    161.[x] How To Stop Being A Victim - The #1 Reason You Are Stuck In Life (pg 3) (book pg 84)
    162.[] Spirituality vs Religion - The No-Bullshit Guide To Spirituality
    163.[] Self Discipline vs Freedom - How To Create More Freedom In Your Life
    164.[x] How To Deal With Depression - The Key To Breaking Out Of Depression (pg 3)
    165.[x] How To Stop Caring What People Think Of You (book pg 199)
    166.[] How Science Keeps You Stuck In Life - Exposing Problems With "Scientific" Thinking
    167.[] Why Women Fall For Assholes
    168.[x] Understanding The Authentic Self - Discovering Who You Really Are (book pg 197)
    169.[] How To Deal With Difficult & Toxic People
    170.[] Leo's List of Top 140 Self-Help Books
    171.[] How To Stop Watching TV - Why You Must Eliminate TV Right Now!
    172.[] Luck & Success - Is Luck Important For Being Successful?
    173.[] How To Meditate - The No Bullshit Guide to Meditation
    174.[] How To Manage Your Money Easily Using This Budget Template
    175.[] The Biggest Thing You Should Fear - Halloween Special 
    176.[] How To Be An Attractive Man - Interview With Dating Coach, TrippAdvice
    177.[x] How To Stop Being Lazy - Solutions For Short-term & Long-term Laziness (book pg 196)
    178.[] How To Deepen Your Love For Life - A Powerful Exercise
    179.[] How To Deal With A Breakup
    180.[] Why The Most Successful People Don't Do Personal Development
    181.[] How To Have Amazing Sex - Part 1
    182.[] The Truth About Passive Income
    183.[] How To Practice Gratitude - Xmas 2014 Special 
    184.[x] How To Stop Being Jealous - Techniques To End Jealousy Forever (pg 2)
    185.[x] Responsibility vs Blame - Why You Are 100% Responsible For Everything (book pg 89)
    186.[x] How To Study - The Keys To Acing School & College (pg 2) (book pg 214)
    187.[] Beware Of False Prophets - Stop Worshipping Human Personality
    188.[x] What Is Karma? - The No-Bullshit Explanation Of How Karma Works (book pg 193)
    189.[] Stop Demonizing People! - Why You Are Wrong For Calling Terrorists Evil
    190.[x] Spiritual Enlightenment - The Most SHOCKING Truth You'll Ever Hear (book pg 98)
    191.[] What To Do Next After Learning About Enlightenment
    192.[x] The Happiness Spectrum - The Best & Worst Kinds Of Happiness (book pg 58)
    193.[x] Paradoxes Of Personal Development (book pg 61)
    194.[x] Spiritual Enlightenment - Part 2 - Understanding The Conceptualized Self (book pg 100)
    195.[] The Secret Curse Of Being Human + Bonus: A True Spiritual Exercise!
    196.[] How To Have Amazing Sex (For Women) - Drive Your Man Wild In Bed
    197.[x] Enlightenment - Part 3 - Creating An Experience Of No-Self (book pg 101)
    198.[x] Enlightenment FAQ - Part 1 - All Your Questions Answered (pg 2) (book pg 246)
    199.[] Enlightenment FAQ - Part 2
    200.[x] All Of Religion Explained In One Video (pg 2) (book pg 112)
    201.[] How To Have Amazing Sex - Part 2 - Increasing Intimacy & Dominance
    202.[x] Understanding Emotions - Part 1 (book pg 190)
    203.[] Feminine vs Masculine Compassion
    204.[x] How To Stop Backsliding - How To Stop Procrastinating (pg 10) (book pg 195)
    205.[x] How To Become Enlightened - The Exact Step By Step Process Revealed! (book pg 102)
    206.[x] How To Be A Leader - Leadership Secrets Revealed! (book pg 188)
    207.[] How To Stop Being A Workaholic
    208.[x] How To Meditate Deeper (pg 8)
    209.[x] Science vs Religion - The Absurdity Revealed! (book pg 186)
    210.[] How To Create Your Dream Career - The Ultimate Life Purpose Course
    211.[x] How To Unleash Your Ambition - Must-Watch For Ambitious People (pg 1) (book pg 82)
    212.[x] How To Get Shit Done - The Inner Game Of Being A Results-Maker (pg 1) (book pg 80)
    213.[] My Enlightenment Experience - Exactly How It Happened
    214.[x] Lower vs Higher Self - Understanding Your Two-Faced Nature (book pg 184)
    215.[x] Using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs To Self-Actualize (book pg 35)
    216.[x] Masculinity vs Femininity - Psychology Of The Male & Female Mind (book pg 182)
    217.[x] Meditation Techniques: Do Nothing - The Simplest Meditation Possible (pg 1) (book pg 124)
    218.[x] Meditation On Steroids - How To Get The FASTEST Meditation Gains (book pg 127)
    219.[x] The Grand Model Of Psychological Evolution - Clare Graves & Spiral Dynamics (book pg 52)
    220.[] Being A Spiritual Seeker, Good or Bad?
    221.[x] One Simple Rule For Acing Life (book pg 49)
    222.[] How To Be Funny - Comprehensive Guide To Developing A Sense of Humor
    223.[x] Contemplating Your Own Death - To Stay Motivated For Life (book pg 181)
    224.[] How To Deal With Criticism, Trolls, and Haters
    225.[] Avoiding Dysfunctional & Abusive Relationships - 30+ Red Flags
    226.[x] Advice For High School & College Students - The Keys To Mastering Life (book pg 204)
    227.[] Curing Perfectionism - How To Stop Being A Perfectionist
    228.[] Mindfulness Meditation - A Complete Guide With Techniques & Examples
    229.[x] A Vision For The Self Actualized Life - Get Yo Ass Inspired! (book pg 21)
    230.[] How To Overcome Creative Blocks & Writer's Block
    231.[x] How To Deal With Strong Negative Emotions (book pg 43)
    232.[x] Radical Openmindedness - How To Break Free Of Dogma & Beliefs (book pg 94)
    233.[x] 30 Ways Society Fucks You In The Ass (pg 1) (book pg 54)
    234.[x] How You Lie - All Your Dirty, Sneaky Lies & Manipulations Exposed! (pg 8) (book pg 135)
    235.[x] 40 Signs That You Are Neurotic - Understanding Neurosis  (pg 1) (book pg 178)
    236.[] How To Stop Judging Yourself
    237.[] The Challenges Of Making Bold Life Changes
    238.[x] Understanding Awareness - The Staggering Depth Of Your Unawareness Revealed (pg 1) (book pg 39)
    239.[x] Free Will vs Determinism - Does Free Will Exist? (book pg 176)
    240.[] A Rant Against The Pickup Community - Must Watch For All PUAs
    241.[x] The Ultimate Model Of Human Knowledge - All Knowledge Explained! (book pg 66)
    242.[x] The Most Important Commitment You Can Make + Huge Announcement (pg 1) (book pg 230)
    243.[x] 27 Qualities Of All Successful People (pg 2) (book pg 209)
    244.[x] The Enlightened Self - A Description Of Your Existential Nature (pg 1) (book pg 105)
    245.[x] Fake Growth vs Real Growth - What If You're Just Tricking Yourself? (pg 1) (book pg 26)
    246.[x] How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others (pg 1) (pg 4) (book pg 227)
    247.[x] How To Be A Strategic Motherfucker - The 7 Pillars Of Strategic Thinking (pg 1) (book pg 76)
    248.[x] Why Rationality Is WRONG! - A Critique Of Rationalism (pg 1) (book pg 174)
    249.[x] The Power Of Self Acceptance - How To Stop Beating Yourself Up (pg 1) (book pg 173)
    250.[x] The Benefits Of Enlightenment  (pg 1) (pg 4) (book pg 259)
    251.[x] 3 Step Formula To Be Ruthlessly Effective At Anything  (pg 1) (pg 4) (book pg 219)
    252.[x] Overcoming Addiction - The Root Cause Of Every Addiction  (pg 1) (pg 4) (book pg 44)
    253.[x] How Your Mind Distorts Reality - Needy vs Non-Needy Perception (pg 4) (book pg 90)
    254.[x] Enlightenment Guided Inquiry - The Neti Neti Method (book pg 106)
    255.[x] Grasping The Illusory Nature Of Thought (pg 4) (book pg 93)
    256.[x] Lifestyle Minimalism - Renouncing Your Busy Stupid Life (pg 4) (book pg 47)
    257.[x] How To Stop Being A Victim - Part 2 - What All Victims Fail To Understand (pg 4) (book pg 87)
    258.[x] A Rant Against Morality - Very Foundational (pg 4) (book pg 167)
    259.[x] How To Stop Moralizing - Removing The SHOULDs From Your Life (pg 4) (book pg 170)
    260.[x] Meditation For Beginners (pg 4) (book pg 264)
    261.[x] Awareness Alone Is Curative - How To Auto-Correct Unwanted Behaviors (pg 4) (book pg 42)
    262.[x] Be Fucking Patient! - How To Deal With Lack Of Results (pg 4) (book pg 50)
    263.[x] The Psychology Of Small Business Success - Top 5 Errors Of Aspiring Entrepreneurs (pg 4) (book pg 220)
    264.[x] 10 Important Things You Don't Know You Want (pg 4) (book pg 138)
    265.[x] You're Not Happy Because You Don't Really Want To Be (pg 4) (book pg 165)
    266.[x] The 3 Levels Of Personal Development Work (pg 4) (book pg 31)
    267.[] The Amazing Power Of Psychedelics - Leo Does Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms!
    268.[x] How To Use Psychedelics For Personal Development (book pg 207)
    269.[] Guided Meditation - The Next Level Of Meditation
    270.[x] The Paradox Of Developing Self-Trust (pg 4) (book pg 244)
    271.[x] How To Be A Man - Part 2 (Advanced Version) (pg 10)
    272.[x] The 64 Most Fascinating Questions A Human Can Ask (pg 4) (book pg 160)
    273.[x] What's Wrong With Ego? (book pg 162)
    274.[] What Is God? - Leo Becomes Absolute Infinity (Aka God) - All Of Reality Explained
    275.[] 5-MeO-DMT - The Magic Pill To Enlightenment & God
    276.[x] Low Quality vs High Quality Consciousness (pg 4) (book pg 24)
    277.[x] The Dark Side Of Meditation (pg 4) (book pg 157)
    278.[x] The Mechanics Of Belief (pg 4) (book pg 154)
    279.[x] How To Harness Your Intuition (pg 4) (book pg 262)
    280.[x] The Trap Of Projection, Especially Onto Teachers & Mentors (pg 4) (pg 10)
    281.[x] A Rant Against Culture (pg 4)
    282.[x] Money Psychology - The Inner Game of Mastering Money (pg 4) (book pg 222)
    283.[] Using 5-MeO-DMT To Become Enlightened - Interview With Martin Ball
    284.[x] How To Deal With Confusion (pg 4) (book pg 33)
    285.[x] Becoming A Sage - A New Vision For & You! (pg 4) (book pg 23)
    286.[x] Mystical Traditions Around The World - Nonduality Goes Cosmopolitan! (book pg 110)
    287.[x] Becoming A Zen Devil - The Dangers Of Half-Assing Enlightenment (pg 4) (book pg 107)
    288.[x] Uncovering Your Childhood Vows - Unwire Your Neurotic Personality (book pg 122)
    289.[x] The Pre-mortem Technique - The Trick To Avoiding Project Failure (pg 4)
    290.[x] How To Control Anger - Part 2 - Understanding Evil To Death (pg 4) (book pg 153)
    291.[x] A Rant Against Naive Realism - Reality Is NOT Physical! (pg 4) (book pg 151)
    292.[x] How I Do Research & Develop Big Picture Understanding  (pg 2) (pg 4) (book pg 132)
    293.[] The Launch Of Infinite Insights - Leo's Blog!
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    476. Summary: "Understanding & Coping With Nihilism"
    TLDR version:
    -People think nihilism is depressing, apathetic, and negative, but it isn’t.  It's False Nihilism that says life is meaningless so why bother, just be destructive.
    -However, destroying something out of spite is attaching negative meaning to it. That’s not meaningless, that’s meaning.
    -True Nihilism recognizes that because life is meaningless, value is not absolute, but based on your survival agenda.  Because value is arbitrary, you are free to question everything you’ve been programmed with.  This cleans your slate and lets you build consciously, on a foundation that’s true to you.
           You get to question and deconstruct everything you know, because it’s all arbitrary anyway.
    -This is emotionally difficult and confusing to the ego, but it will lead to your authentic purpose and even awakening to God consciousness.
    -During this nihilistic funk, learn a variety of perspectives to figure out what you want.  Cross reference them, steel man them.
    -You will create consciously instead of carrying out some inauthentic, default programming like an ideological robot.
    -You will align with love/passion, and live a life of purpose that’s based on what you really value and who you chose to be.   
    -Your authentic purpose is your love for life expressed uniquely through you, free of the distortions of social conditioning, helping others to awaken to the truth of consciousness/infinite love/God.
    Summary and Timestamps for "Understanding & Coping With Nihilism"
    “In the dark night of the soul, bright flows the river of God.” — St. John of the Cross
    -What is Nihilism? Which parts of nihilism are true?  Which are false?  How does it fit with personal development work?  What are its limitations and strengths?
    Society Tends to View Nihilism Very Negatively
           Dictionary definitions:
           “The rejection of all religious and moral principles in the belief that life is meaningless.”
           “Extreme skepticism, maintaining that nothing in the world has a real existence.”
           “A world view that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless.”
           “A doctrine that denies any objective ground of truth and especially of moral truths.”
    -Nietzsche's saw Nihilism as a way to clear away all false narratives and religious systems.  It wasn't just about destroying all values.  It was about creating a clearing on top of which one can build an authentic life, based on one’s true values instead of social conditioning.
    -How do you know something is true for you unless you derive it for yourself, from first principles?  People are attached to society’s programming (religion, science, norms, values, morality, etc).  They overlook its limits and problems (inequality, hatred, judgment, violence, etc).
    -Saying that things should be destroyed because they’re meaningless doesn’t make sense.  If something has no meaning, how can it be “bad.”  If it’s not “bad,” why would you want to destroy it?  To actively destroy something out of spite is to attach a negative meaning to it.  That's an extra step the mind has to take.  That’s not neutral or meaningless or nihilistic.
    (11:35) Nihilism at the turn of the century
    Nietzsche wrote during the late 1800s, when Judeo-Christian values were starting to unravel.  Spiral Dynamics’ Stage Blue Christian culture was being challenged.  Nietzsche was at the forefront of Stage Orange.
           Refresher on Spiral Dynamics:   
           Stage Blue = Religious.  Traditional.  Rule based.  God-fearing.
           Stage Orange = Materialistic.  Success-oriented.  Capitalist.  Scientific.    
           Stage Green = Inclusive.  Compassionate.  Diverse.  New Age Hippies.
    -Many of the axioms, assumptions and frameworks that existed for hundreds of thousands of years started to be questioned. (language, logic, mathematics, science, physics, gender roles, political systems, God, etc)
           Some people claimed all this change would unravel society and lead to war, disaster and many monstrosities.  You could say this is the backdrop against which World War I and World War II occurred.
           With all this change in this new directionless nihilistic world, how could society best move forward?
           After a period of nihilism and questioning Stage Blue, we have Stage Orange (materialist, scientific, capitalistic worldview).
    -(25:20) With the materialism of Stage Orange comes a pragmatic approach to reality.  The problem with Orange is if there's no higher order values, no God and anything is allowed.  That leads to a hollow existence. Life is just about material acquisition, personal comfort and carnal pleasure.  Losing spirituality leads to a lack of direction, and because of that society could become very dysfunctional.
    -With post-modernism, we start to question the idea of an objective reality, that science is the one true explanation for what reality is.  After all, scientists are biased in determining what’s worth studying.  It cherry picks data and how to interpret and frame that data.  Stage Green comes online in the 1950s and 1960s.
    (32:00) Nihilism, Feeling Lost and Aperspectival Madness
    -Stage Green is very difficult on you psychologically and emotionally because you feel lost.  If there’s no objective truth, how do you know which perspectives are beneficial and which are toxic?
    -Aperspectival madness.  If all moral systems are just constructions, programming and social conditioning.  If all views are just partial, limited ways of interacting with reality, how do you know which views are the most valid?
    -Leo went through a phase of being a complete relativist in his teens.  He thought neutrality was the closest to truth.  He didn’t realize as a teen that there are higher quality ways of looking at things and not every side is equally valid.  Later he started to question everything and became very skeptical.  After all, if you take even one thing on faith, it can open you up to deep epistemic error.
    Why Nihilism Gets Viewed Negatively
    (39:33) Nihilism Undermines the Ego
    -Meaning and value are not found in the outer world.  The ego constructs meaning and value in order to survive and orient itself.
           Eg: science doesn't prove anything is valuable or meaningful.  Strictly speaking, all science does is measure and predict stuff.  It tells you where the moon will be next year, but doesn't tell you if the moon is good or bad.
    -Your survival needs will override any philosophical considerations of nihilism.  Humans are caught in an existential bind for survival.  You have deep instincts from a billion years of evolution.  You are biased against deconstructing meaning.
    (41:55) Society is in the Business of Constructing a Civilization
    -Constructions are very useful for survival.  Society has a bias and the ego hates when its constructions are questioned.  Western civilization is a house of cards built on an unquestioned foundation of axioms and assumptions (metaphysical, epistemic, religious, theological, scientific, linguistic, etc).
           Eg: Money.  If everyone saw money as just pieces of paper it would destroy the economy.
    -Western civilization would rather go with a useful falsehood than the truth.  Most people aren't interested in knowing the dollar is imaginary.  They just want to use the dollar to buy food.
    -When your attitude is very selfish, that opens you to all sorts of falsehoods, fantasies, constructions and illusions.  These “useful falsehoods” get piled on. You get so lost in all the bs you forget it was just a construction from the beginning.
    -Dis-illusion: the loss of illusion.  Nihilism leads to disillusionment. Deconstructing the foundations of your mind will lead to an existential crisis. The ego doesn't like this.
           Eg: Why would a scientist who’s invested 40 years into his phd work do a serious deconstruction of
           science or academia?  How would he will feel if he realized the entire foundation of science and
           academia is built on illusions, fictions and constructions?
    -The mind has an infinite capacity for denial and rationalization.  It’s interested in survival, not truth. You’re playing ego games, but you think you're being rational and truthful.   This stops you from doing a serious investigation into the foundations of your mind and reality.
    What Nihilism Gets Right
    1. Life Has No Meaning and Purpose
           -Because all value is created by the ego, things only have meaning relative to your ego's survival.  Meaning and purpose are based on ego and identity.  What's meaningful to one person will not be meaningful to another.
           Eg: Buddha is meaningful to Buddhists, but not so much to Christians.
           In the Catholic church eating a wafer/eucharist is meaningful.  To a Buddhist, or scientist it has nothing to do with being spiritual.
           The moon has zero value to your dog.
           -If everything is meaningless, why should a good life be any more meaningful than a bad life?  After all, some people like to suffer!  This means you’re free to pick whatever life purpose you want.
    2. All Morality is Relative       
           -There is no “good” without an ego.  Morality is based on value, meaning and purpose.   All the atrocities of human history were justified as “good” because it helped the perpetrators.
           -How can something be “bad” if you don't care what happens to you?  If you didn't care about being tortured, then it wouldn't be bad.  People think that badness is “baked into” the torture.
          “Badness” is just your reaction to fear, hatred or the pain it causes. Why should pain be bad?  If you didn't have pain in your life you'd be dead.       
          -Saying that “death is bad” implies a bias towards life.  If life is meaningless, why should you value life over death?  You can't have life without death, so if you condemn death then you also condemn life.
           Everything finite dies.  The only thing that doesn't die is the infinite, but the infinite isn't alive to begin with.  The infinite includes both life and death.  It doesn't distinguish between the two.  It also doesn't value one over the other.
          -If you think you're being rational or scientific by holding these beliefs, you just haven’t thought through them.  Science has no opinion.  In fact, science would tell you that pain and suffering are useful because it’s how we evolved.
    3. All of Reality is Relative
          (59:35) There is no objective, external world. Not just at the cultural level, but the ontological and metaphysical level.  You are hallucinating physical reality. (Leo has other videos on this)
    4. Reality Cannot Be Known in the Way Humans Try to Know It
          The universe is infinite and your knowledge is always partial and limited. Your models are just partial perspectives and you will never get the full perspective by acquiring more and more knowledge (Epistemic nihilism).
    5. All Beliefs are Ultimately Untrue
          (Leo has other videos on this)
    What Nihilism gets Wrong
    1. Nihilism Gives Meaninglessness a Negative Meaning (Not a Neutral or Positive one)
          False “lower-case” nihilism: Surface level nihilism that doesn’t go far enough.  Says life is meaninglessness and thus “bad.”   Can lead to depression, cynicism.  Giving meaninglessness a negative meaning is self-contradicting.
          True “upper-case” Nihilism: Deep nihilism that deconstructs your ego and worldview, so you can create your life and values from a clean slate.
          -If it means something to you that the world is meaningless, that's not meaninglessness that's meaning.  If you truly realized that life is meaningless, you couldn't be depressed about it.  If you're using that as a reason to destroy or be lazy, that’s giving it negative meaning.
          -False nihilism is just toxic ego.  That’s why people intuit that nihilism is maladaptive.  You don't want to live in the world as a toxic, false nihilist.  If you're angsty and turning into a misanthrope, you need to recognize this not true nihilism.  You’re attaching negative meanings and that is ego.  It’s also less functional than the ego of those who construct illusions and houses of cards.
          -You need to take your nihilism deep enough so it goes full circle into true nihilism which deconstructs all your illusions.
    2. You can't derive an ‘Ought’ from an ‘Is’
          -(1:05:25)-Reality could be completely meaningless and you could enjoy it.  To say that “reality is meaningless” does not mean that you ought to do something, like destroy an institution or commit suicide.  Sunbathing in Hawaii with pina coladas, beautiful women or a Chris Evans clone is perfectly compatible with true nihilism.
           You might say, "no, that's part of the game.  You ought to destroy the system, man.”  But, why is destruction better than creation? Shouldn’t nihilism leave you in a neutral position?
          -Nihilism completely frees you up to be any way you want.   The question is: what do you really want?  Now if destruction genuinely makes you feel good, I guess you could go for it, but does it make you feel good?  Is that really what you want?
          -The real problem is you’re confused about what you want.  If you cleared that up you would be very careful in what you destroy.   Certain things need to be questioned and reformed, like corrupt social institutions.  However, the desire to take a wrecking ball to everything is a dead end.
    3. Nihilism Doesn't Complete the Deconstruction of the Ego into Awakening and God Realization
          -Skepticism is often misused.  False skepticism happens when nihilism is used to destroy everything outside of you, but it's not turned in towards you.
          -True skepticism is also skeptical of itself.  It takes the wrecking ball of nihilism and skepticism and swings it at yourself. It deconstructs your giant ego before you go deconstructing institutions, social systems, science, religion, etc.
          -Most nihilists Leo runs into have a giant nihilistic ego.  Nihilism becomes their ego and identity, but they're not conscious of that.  They are contradicting themselves, because when the nihilism gets so deep, the nihilism has to destroy itself too, but most nihilists won’t do that because it’s too threatening for the ego.
          -The ego co-ops nihilism, which becomes very dysfunctional.  Nihilism as a survival strategy in life won’t work out well for you.
    4. Nihilism is Stuck at the Level of Concept
          -It’s not actualized into deconstructing your ego, which leads to true awakening.  Mostly nihilism is a belief or philosophy.
    5. Nihilism isn’t Political
          -If you think government is evil, you're not being a proper nihilist.  It shouldn’t necessarily lead to anarchy.
    6.  Nihilism overlooks what happens when you reach the bottom of nihilism
          -If you go all the way down the rabbit hole of nihilism, you eventually awaken to the absolute.  Everything loses meaning, but then you go through the dark night of the soul and the ego dies.  Then you awaken to God.
          -Consciousness is the only real thing.  Nihilism is missing the very soul and heart of reality.  You are God.  God is everything.  God is beauty, love, divinity, spirit, goodness, truth, consciousness, all as absolutes.
          -(1:11:47) The paradox of meaninglessness is that when it completely collapses you discover infinite love and absolute goodness, which is everything.  Then you’ll realize all those stupid nihilistic beliefs, all those philosophers you read, were all deluded.  “I was just using nihilism as a defense mechanism against the realization of what I am as God, as infinite love.”
          -Then you're no longer depressed.  You no longer want to destroy at that point.  You fall so in love with yourself and reality that you actually rediscover a higher purpose.  Your higher purpose is to help mankind awaken, not because you have to, not because someone told you to, but simply because that's what God would do.  That's what consciousness does.
    Consciousness is a Self-Awakening System
          -Everything that happens within consciousness is just a means to help consciousness awaken to itself.  When you relinquish your selfish needs you lose yourself, then you become a force of the universe for its own awakening.
           There's a million ways you could do that (art, teaching, engineering, science, politics, etc).  Then your life takes on the highest and deepest meaning.
          -You realize that all meaning is a construction, but awakening is not a construction.  The universe awakening to itself is an absolute.  So what the nihilist is overlooking is the the existence of the absolute.  Many scientific, atheistic and rational people just can't open their minds to the possibility of the existence of an absolute truth.
          -Consider that you're wrong and that absolute truth does actually exist.  This is it.  You're in absolute truth right now you just don't realize.
    Criticisms of Nihilism from Above and from Below
          Criticism of Nihilism from Below: Fear-based, ego-based, shadow-based.  Nihilism will lead to an inability to function in the world.  Relativity will lead to total chaos.  Society will fall apart without traditional values.  The criticism is a defense mechanism from deconstructing the ego.
          Criticisms of Nihilism from Above: Nihilism is self-defeating and conceptual.  When you go all the way with nihilism, you realize something deeper: infinite consciousness, love and God.
          Before you Critique Nihilism, First Acknowledge its Truths
                 -Everything is absolutely groundless and relative.
                 -The world is inherently devoid of meaning.
                 -All value is self-biased.
           The trick is that applies to nihilism too. You gotta do the self-reflection, complete the strange loop and realize that your nihilism eats its own tail.
    The Real Problem with Nihilism: It Doesn't Go Far Enough
    You need to take nihilism past ideas and into embodied practice.  The ego loves to neuter things that can change your life by turning them into mere ideas or philosophy.     
    A mystic is just a nihilist who went all the way, who took it from philosophy to embodiment.
    Spirituality is Nihilism
    -Spirituality and nihilism are not opposed to each other.  Spirituality is just nihilism actualized.
    -All your attachments were programmed into your mind. It’s all social conditioning (ego, religion, culture, identity, etc).  You didn't sit down and choose them consciously.  This includes “objective” stuff like science and materialism.  Your consciousness is hindered by social conditioning.
    -Nihilism lets you wipe the slate clean.  It allows you to deconstruct the value of everything.  From that clean slate you can develop your own meaning in life, your own purpose, your own system of values.  You can’t be satisfied in life and inauthentic at the same time.
    -It's paradoxical, by questioning and deconstructing everything, you will become truly, deeply spiritual. That will make you more spiritual than anyone who professes to be spiritual under the social conditioning model.   You will become very authentic, very grounded, strong as an individual and powerful as a leader.
    -“But values are still meaningless constructions!” Yes, but when you realize you’re in a dream, there's nothing to do but play.
           Ask yourself:  How would I play the game if I was totally free and unattached?  If I wasn't coming from neediness,  attachment or fear?  How do I want to manifest my love in the world, according to my own personal preferences?
    -You can have preferences but they don’t have to be absolutes.  You also don’t have to force them on others.
    -Knowing that reality is an illusion is the greatest gift, because there's nothing to fear.  Construct whatever meanings you want and be honest with yourself that you're constructing them.  Construct consciously rather than unconsciously.
    Becoming Superman
          -The Superman is living completely from his or her own authentic inner core.  His inner motivations run far deeper than anything that society can program. (Nietzsche's Ubermensch)
          -These are superhuman capacities: infinite intelligence, deep consciousness, living presence.  Unlike finite algorithms or social programming.
          -Humans take their own constructions so seriously when it’s mostly bs.
    Nihilism and the Hero’s Journey
          -Nihilism is the belly of the whale in the Hero’s Journey.  People invent distractions and excuses to avoid it.  Don’t fear it, go through it!
          -The belly of the whale is the lowest point in the journey. It's your deepest turning inwards to figure out if you have what it takes to defeat your deepest obstacle.  The key to victory isn’t a magic sword, it’s your heart and spirit.
           Is your soul steeled enough to face your deepest inner weaknesses?
          -The Hero’s Journey is a metaphor for God realization.  The hero breaks through to infinite love, brings back the holy grail to his villagers and helps them drink from the cup of infinite love.
    -(1:34:10) You have to be careful because you can go through the journey in a dysfunctional way and end up killing yourself.  Being a hero is more difficult than living in mediocrity, going to your nine-to-five job.  (“Dangers of Spiritual Work”)
    Nihilism is Nothing
    -The tragedy for the false nihilist is they never realize that God is nothing.  God is an infinite, loving nothing.
    -God’s Nothing is an infinite shapeshifter with no shape.  An eraser that can erase itself.  Nothing is not non-existence.  Nothing exists.  Non-existence does not exist.  There’s no such thing as non-existence because there's only existence/consciousness.
           Eg: Holy Spirit. Consciousness. Nirvana. Shunyata. The groundless ground. Mu. Teotl. Fana. Shiva. The Tao. The Force.
    -If your worldview is as true as you believe, deconstruction can't harm it.  Why are you so threatened by nothing?  It takes enormous humility to question everything you know.
    -The devil co-opts spiritual truths to put on a facade of spiritual work.  It’s the ego, scared of losing itself and all of its constructions. (What is the Devil)  Some of the biggest devils portray themselves as the most spiritual.
    Practical Tips
           The problem is you can't find yourself unless you lose yourself first.   So, how do you deal with the relativity, neutrality and multi-perspectivalism of the nihilistic process?
    1. Distinguish Between Relative truth and Absolute truth
          -Science, religion, culture, etc may not be absolutely true, but they can be true about some things (relative truth).
                 Eg: The absolute truth is that all is One, but the relative truth is that the US has a two party system and you can only vote for one.  So, which is more aligned with your values?
          -I still have preferences even though God loves everything equally.  I may want a passionate life, but not because it's absolutely true or God is forcing me.  Wanting a passionate life is valid, in and of itself.
    2. Know that your Preferences and Biases Aren’t Objective Truths
          -If you admit they’re relative, you don’t have to play defensive games anymore.  Being honest about your preferences and selfishness stops you from grounding it in a made up story that pretends to be “objective” (genetics, science, religion).  You’re freed from ideology.
           eg: “I’m Christian because I was born in Texas where Christianity is popular and I enjoy Jesus because
                  I know him better than other gods.”    versus    “People who don’t believe in Jesus are bound for hell.”
    3. Study Lots of Perspectives
          -Do a lot of studying during your nihilistic funk.  Date around without marrying the first perspective you meet.  This could last 2-5 years.  (books, videos, retreats, teachers, traditions, etc.)
          -Not all will be equally good or bad.  You’ll have biases.  You will be confused and that's okay!  You can play them off each other and cross reference them.
    4. Distinguish Between Lower Quality vs Higher Quality Perspectives
    5. Don’t Get Stuck in Neutral or the Default
          -Not choosing is a choice.  Life is an existential bind where you must act, you must choose.  You can’t align with perfect neutrality.
          -You’re Not a Blank Slate.  You have a default position no matter what because of social programming.  If you don’t choose, that is what will run the show.
    6. What you Want is the Good Life.  That's the "Point of Life"
          -Be the excited kid with millions of lego pieces.  Experiment with building many things.  Get inspired by different legos and other people’s unique creations.  Follow Your Bliss.
           Don’t be the bitter kid with only 100 pieces, who builds what everyone else builds, who is close-minded about which pieces to use, who debates and hates creations and creators that are different.
    7. Embrace Confusion
    (How to Deal with Confusion)
          -Trust the process.  Don’t view confusion as negative.  Your ego is scared of uncertainty.
          -Play with ideas, play with life, have fun.  Verify different perspectives for yourself.  You’re building your own epistemology from scratch by questioning everything.  It’s a very healthy thing to do.
    Signs that a Perspective is Higher or Lower
    -(2:05:55) The big difference is selfishness vs. selflessness.
    Lower Perspectives
          -Selfish, based in fear, hatred, judgment, violence.
          -Us vs Them. Uses emotion, dogma and ideology to demonize the other side.
          -Close-minded, clings to attachments.  Doesn’t take in new information.
          -Tries to monopolize other perspectives.  Ignores other perspectives, “All other perspectives are stupid.  Just focus on my perspective.”
          -Unaware that it’s subjective, that it’s just a perspective.  Thinks it represents “reality." Also rejects parts of reality that don’t confirm its biases.
    Higher Perspectives
          -Selfless, courageous, loving.
          -Open minded, curious, playful, interested in exploring more perspectives.
          -Nuanced and sophisticated.  Intellectually honest and rigourous.
          -Systemic, meta and holistic.
          -Self-aware.  Higher perspectives are aware they are a subjective perspective among many.
          -Non-monopolistic.  Doesn’t claim to be the only valid perspective.
          -Inclusive.  Higher perspectives understand and include the Lower perspectives, but not vice versa.
          -Higher perspectives can Steel Man lower perspectives.  Lower perspectives cannot steel man higher perspectives.
    Find the Good in All Perspectives.  Try to Steel Man Different Perspectives
          -Steel Man: Challenging your opponent’s best argument.  The opposite of a Strawman.
    Watch for how a perspective tries to lock you in
          -Do they let you study other perspectives?  Eg: Scientific community will discredit you for studying the paranormal, new age or religion.   
    (2:12:45) Fear vs Love
          -If a perspective is coming from fear, it's false.  If it’s coming from love it's true.
          -Truth is Love, there's just many degrees of love/truth.
          -Love is its own reward.  Surrender to love, beauty and truth.  Live your life like it’s a work of art.  Work towards that love with courage and purpose.
          -Your authentic purpose is just your love for life expressed uniquely through you, free of the distortions of social conditioning.

  8. Heavy metal detox -- Deep info on proper chelation -- Convinced by user to post this
    Heavy metal detox -- Deep info on proper chelation -- Convinced by user to post this
    I've said things on it enough times. Leo can do the rest. There's nothing else I know that I haven't posted/commented here.
    Copied and pasted comments are in between the ----------'s. The rest is additional information.
    Disclaimer: ALA referred to here is not the omega 3 fatty acid, alpha linolenic acid. It’s alpha lipoic acid. AKA thioctic acid. I don’t have any experience with chelators besides ALA and DMSA, but DMPS certainly seems to have merit as well. ALA must be taken no less frequently than every 3 hours, and DMSA must be taken no less frequently than every 4 hours (i.e. e3h is even better) — both must be taken at this frequency for at least 72 hours straight, otherwise the chelation round was not only may have just damaged your body and likely your brain. Anything other than these 3 chelators, zeolite, and in rare cases, EDTA, for chelation, is dangerous and anyone advocating it has no clue how chelators work. The double thiol group acts as a loose but effective hook of sorts — a lone thiol group will just spread metals around haphazardly (possibly causing damage and stress), without latching onto them and actually taking them out of the body. ALA, DMSA, and DMPS are double thiol chelators that are safe when used correctly.
    Andy Cutler’s writings, and his posts and wikis on onibasu are where you go for further info.
    I didn't feel anything off 600mg ALA + 100mg DMSA e3h for 30+ day rounds, fwiw.
    I mean, I didn't get side-effects. The brain fog and fatigue went away.
    And ALA only affects mercury (and arsenic, which is not as big of a deal). DMSA chelates lead and mercury.
    Btw 64 hours is too short. That's cutting it way too close -- healing/damage ratio is positive by the 72 hour mark for adults, and maybe 60 hours for small children, but you might as well get the ratio as high as possible... Aim for 96+ hours; preferably 7-14+ days. The longer the better, provided you keep copper under control. You CANNOT take ALA for long cycles without zinc (and preferably molybdenum too) 4x/d, or you will be profoundly overloaded with copper.
    It is very, very risky, unless you do it right. It cured my chronic fatigue but I did it all-in, hardcore style. 6 month cycle with only a few 3-7 day breaks. With every ancillary carefully selected for copper-toxicity control, alarms so I'd never miss a dose, etc. I never had amalgam but by God there must've been something in my body because damn it worked.
    I dosed ALA and DMSA every 3 hours around the clock for months on end. Started at low doses and worked up to 600mg ALA / 100mg DMSA e3h. Falling blood levels cause redistribution, so the key is to not let them fall, ever, until you inevitably have to go off -- at which point there will be damage, but the goal is to have the healing net-outweigh the damage. Break-even healing/damage ratio is achieved between hours 60 and 72 of a cycle. Once you make it that long, you know you've succeeded for that round, and you should continue to milk it as long as you can handle to get that ratio up. Thus, long rounds/cycles are much more effective, but harder to deal with side-effect wise... and it carries the risk of oxidative stress from the DMSA, and copper toxicity from the ALA (avoid eating nuts while on ALA). I didn't really have side-effects. As soon as you miss a dose, that round is over, you need to take a break, and if the missed dose occurred before hour 72, the cycle was basically not successful.
    It can be especially helpful if you have anything significantly greater than perfectly healthy amounts of mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, and even iron in your system. The copper overload induced by the ALA very effectively purges iron from the body -- something that may be quite helpful if one has eaten a lot of iron-fortified foods in their life.
    The reason chelation studies haven't shown much in the way of curing chronic fatigue is simply because they dosed every 8 hours. DMSA must be dosed every 4 (or less) hours to prevent falling levels, which alone is responsible for the redistribution damage and prevents the healing/damage ratio from being a positive number.
    You can get it done a lot faster if you do long rounds. Let me explain...
    The minimum round-length is 72 hours in order to be reasonably certain that the healing/damage ratio is a positive number. The longer the round, the higher that number. Falling systemic levels of the double-thiol chelator are what cause redistribution, which is why you have to take the chelator so frequently, and why longer rounds are far more efficient -- your levels don't fall until the very end of each round, when you stop taking it, therefore you should minimize the amount of times you have to do this, via going as long as you can handle. The only reason not to do them for long stretches is an inability to handle it.
    A 3-4 day round and a 3-4 day break every week will clean out sufficient mercury/lead within 2-5 years (closer to 1-2 years if you did 1-2 weeks on / 1-2 weeks off) -- the same thing can be achieved with one 6-month round, though you shouldn't actually do it that long. I basically intended to do one 6-month round but there were a few 5-7 day breaks (each initiated upon accidentally missing a dose) so it ended up being essentially three 2-month rounds, in the end -- that's all it took. I recommend planning on a 6 month round and just taking a 7-14 day break each and every time you inevitably accidentally miss a dose.
    And btw, each 50% increase in dose results in an 18% faster rate of mercury excretion... Since taking larger doses results in comparatively less redistribution, taking larger doses (ramp up as you can handle) will not only speed the process up a bit, it may also have a bit of a buffer effect, protecting you from times when you miss a dose by 30-60min, which should rarely happen, nonetheless. For the majority of my largely-uninterrupted 6-month cycle, I was taking 600mg ALA and 100mg DMSA every 3 hours.
    E.g. If you take 100mg ALA every 3 hours for 72 hours running, that would be a 3-day (72 hour) round (or cycle), which is the absolute minimum length the round must be, since you damage yourself every time you come off, but damage while on-cycle (on-round) is minimal -- it's almost all heavy metal excretion (no redistribution) while on-round. The break even healing/damage point occurs after 60-72 hours (of consistently taking the chelator every 3 hours), so it would be to your benefit to do rounds much longer than this. The fastest route would be a 6 month round, but I don't think that's ever been done and it's not advised. I essentially did three 2-month rounds with a 1-week break between each.
    Doing it for long stretches at a time significantly decreases the total amount of time you'll have to spend on-round before you clear out all the heavy metals you need to. However, copper toxicity can be a problem with ALA, so you'll need to take both zinc and molybdenum 4x/day -- twice a day is insufficient. Even taking 7.5mg zinc and 250mcg molybdenum (the appropriate amounts) 4x a day each will not stave off copper toxicity forever. And oxidative stress can be an issue with DMSA so you have to take antioxidants.
    Does that clarify?
    Those were all the relevant posts I could find. That's literally all I know, but I'm happy to answer further questions if you need clarification. Again I don't know all there is to know about the subject, so I doubt I'll be able to provide anything else. But perhaps there were some posts I missed where I went into some other details. Good luck!
    Remember the zinc and molybdenum 4x/d when using ALA. I'm not sure if it's best to take breaks on the zinc/moly in between rounds, or to keep using them off round -- that is one example of something I am unclear on myself -- there seem to be pros and cons to each option -- it's very likely neither choice is gonna kill you though. I'm not the arbiter of truth on this.
    ... EDIT 5/24/2021 — additional explanation for the above paragraph. After your final round you should definitely continue to take the zinc/moly 4x/d for some time (probably at least a month), to purge residual copper, which will likely be quite high at this point. When you’re no longer planning on taking more ALA, there’s no reason not to do this... ALA causes some zinc overload but not nearly as bad as it does copper overload, and nothing purges copper quite like zinc... On ALA, you want to take just enough zinc to keep copper retention somewhat under control (30-50mg daily in 4 divided doses; it actually won’t even prevent copper overload, it’ll just slow it down, lol), and too much zinc will just exacerbate ALA’s zinc retention, so it’s a balance... But once ALA is no longer in the picture, if your copper is high, you can continue the zinc for a little while with generally no issue. Since the zinc is basically a limited resource in the scenario of ALA use (as in you shouldn’t take too much of it because it’s only a matter of time before your zinc levels become too high as well), additional means of reducing copper retention would be very wise, such as molybdenum (1-2mg a day in 4 divided doses), stimulating bile flow, and avoiding dietary sources of copper (such as nuts) — the zinc is not optional though, as those options don’t come close to the anti-copper affect zinc has (related to the metallothionein mechanism).
    There is some evidence that ALA depletes biotin in a hazardous way if you don’t consume extra in the diet or by supplementation.
    And never EVER stop DMSA before ALA. It will cause net redistribution into the brain. Stop them both at the exact same time or stop the ALA before the DMSA. If DMSA didn't have a slightly longer half-life than ALA, stopping them both together would not be safe -- but DMSA leaves the body slightly slower, so it is safe to stop them concurrently. This would not be the case if using extended release ALA, but you should never use extended-release ALA to begin with, since the absorption rate differs at different points along the digestive tract, and it hasn't been studied enough. Do not use extended-release anything in chelation.
    I don't know this, but I have an intuition that it may be prudent to start with a few DMSA-only rounds to reduce body mercury content, so that when you eventually introduce ALA, it won't start with the potential, temporary issue of a net increase in brain mercury -- though even if you did start with ALA, that issue would only happen if mercury concentration was greater in body than across blood brain barrier, and even if that was so, the issue would of course only be temporary -- after all, you're aiming to eventually get essentially ALL of it out, indiscriminately from everywhere. But I'd imagine even temporary increases of mercury in the brain are not desirable. This is a bit of a nod, it seems, away from ALA-only rounds, at least in the beginning, but Andy Cutler didn't mention that issue, to my knowledge (idk maybe he did), and he probably knows best. So I wouldn't worry about it.
    And if you want to go by the book (so to speak), time on should equal time off. That's not what I did, but that's what I'd advise as a measure of safety.

  9. God Realization Video Question
    God Realization Video Question
    Imagine knowing EVERYTHING in the Universe perfectly.
    Notice how unexciting that is after a while.
    Do not take my words too literally. These are abstract pointers to things.
    If you were God you would want to be human. And if you were human you would want to be God. The grass is always greener on the other side. The finite seeks the infinite, the infinite seeks the finite. Two sides of a coin.

  10. Soonhei (Member of this community) killed himself to experience Conscious Death. :-(
    Soonhei (Member of this community) killed himself to experience Conscious Death. :-(
    All of these are standard nondual truths.
    If you cannot handle them, then stop doing spirituality and nonduality. I am not going to babysit you.
    The entire point of all spiritual work is to realize that death is imaginary!
    "The secret to life is to die before you die -- and find that there is no death." -- Eckhart Tolle
    "Nothing that was real ever died, only names, forms, and illusions. The end of illusion – that's all death is." -- Eckhart Tolle
    "When you have died this death, you realize that there is no death, and that there is nothing to fear. Only the ego dies." -- Eckhart Tolle
    "There is no doubt whatsoever that the universe is the merest illusion." -- Ramana Maharshi
    "Death is nothing else but going home to God, the bond of love will be unbroken for all eternity." -- Mother Teresa
    "Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come." -- Rabindranath Tagore
    "Death is a taboo in most societies in the world. But what if we’ve got it completely wrong? What if death was not the catastrophe that it is made out to be but an essential aspect of life, rife with spiritual possibilities for transcendence?" -- Sadhguru
    "The only reason why people have such a fear of death is they know nothing beyond the body." -- Sadhguru
    "Death is a cosmic joke. If you get the joke, falling on the other side will be wonderful." -- Sadhguru
    "Death is a fiction of the unaware. There is only life, life, and life alone, moving from one dimension to another." -- Sadhguru
    - - - - - -
    So please, spare me your crocodile tears about my teachings. My teaching are perfectly consistent with 2000 years of mystical and nondual tradition.

  11. What Makes DMT Profound and LifeChanging?
    What Makes DMT Profound and LifeChanging?
    That is a safe assumption.
    When you become infinitely conscious, you'll know
    There are no rules to this. You can't predict when it will happen.
    Most people will need 100+ awakenings I think because your psyche is just too impure to handle it. Each trip purifies your blockages a bit. And also, because you cannot integrate that much wisdom, insight, and understanding in just a few trips. You will probably need YEARS of integration work just to clear up your mind.
    Oh, absolutely. 9 awakenings is just the lobby of the castle
    The practical answer is that if you have not done 100 breakthrough trips on various substances, you have no clue what consciousness really is.
    So very practically: set your goal to do 100 breakthrough trips at least. But pace it out slowly over years, with proper time to integrate everything. Go at a comfortable pace, but also, don't stop because you think you got it all. You have certainly not got it all.
    Do not fall into the Alan Watts trap of saying that "Once you get the message, hang up the phone." This is very bad advice. The psychedelic space is so deep, so rich, so complex -- that without 100 trips you're just like a baby taking your first steps. Don't try to rush this process. Make it a slow, patient life-long exploration and expansion process. You need to adopt a long-view rather than just hoping to get it over with. Enjoy it. Don't even think about reaching the end, just think about going deeper. Explore Yourself! And don't let anyone shame you for doing so. Explore Yourself so deeply that all your questions are answered. If you still have unanswered questions, you're not done. And if you have no unanswered questions, you're not asking enough questions.
    Stop worrying about being done. If it ever happens, it will happen on its own. Explore without any pressure on yourself to finish.

  12. Leo On Charlie and Ben Podcast
    Leo On Charlie and Ben Podcast
    Sam Harris would be the most difficult person to talk to by far. That rationalism, scientism, and atheism would be denser than a lead brick. He would be stubborn like a mule and his mind is so crafty and smart that he would have a perfect excuse for every point made. Deconstructing his mind would be impossible.
    A sharp rationality in the hands of the ego-mind is the most dangerous thing. It will try to out-lawyer you in ways you cannot imagine. I am not a magician in such matters. I expect people to want to open their minds, not to have to twist their nipple into it.
    The thing with Sam Harris is, if you can't out-logic him on his terms, you automatically lose. Because that's the whole game him and his entire audience is playing. If it isn't perfectly logical they will declare victory. My mind does not even work in such stupidly logical ways.
    For me to be logical is big step down in my intelligence.

  13. why leo so negative about his viewers
    why leo so negative about his viewers
    The plain truth is that I've always been kind of a jerk, and as I become more conscious and more authentic I can be even more jerk-like because I care less about what others want me to be.
    The nice thing about waking up is that it trims off all the social pretense. Some people are just jerks. Not everyone is gonna be a carebear. To equate that with consciousness is silly.
    I will be exactly how I feel like and I don't care if you like it. If you want me to be sweet to you, that's your problem. My work has nothing to do with me being sweet or likeable.
    My authentic personality is just no-bullshit, blunt like hammer, straight to business.

  14. Connor Murphy. Leo I would like to understand.
    Connor Murphy. Leo I would like to understand.
    "We are done with Connor's antics on this forum. Do not post his stuff here any more.
    It is an immature and harmful disgrace to genuine spiritual work. This is all the stuff I warn about with Zen devilry. It is not a good example to follow and it gives spirituality a bad image.
    I have tried to reason with Connor about this but he refuses to listen and doubles down on his antics. No more of that shit here.
    Awakening is not a license to act like madman."
    Could you please elaborate why is he a madman? Why is this Zen devilry? You talked with him so you know him better. 
    Connor is resonating with me and I don't want to make the same mistake. 

  15. How come super enlightened people don't play a bigger role on the world stage ?
    How come super enlightened people don't play a bigger role on the world stage ?
    Yeah, but if you didn't demonize it you would be awake and thus not need any more help.
    The people who need the most help are precisely those who will bite the hand that feeds them.
    It is just largely pointless trying to force wisdom down the throats of fools. Wisdom, Truth, Love, Goodness, and Consciousness are not things that can be forced on others. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. But hardly anyone is ready.
    Haha! How naive. The majority of the world's wealth was accumulated through theft, exploitation, lies, deception, fraud, tax evasion, corruption, bribery, monopoly, backstabbing, extortion, slavery, murder, assassination, and war.
    Where did Trump get all his money? Hint: It wasn't through providing massive value to the world. Look at all the richest men in the world. Every single one of them stole or exploited to get it -- if not worse. It is impossible to earn a billion dollars without some serious, world-class levels of exploitation. Only a deeply selfish and unconscious man could stomach it.

  16. Less known spiritual teachers
    Less known spiritual teachers
    So I found this website where a guy ranked spiritual teachers according to his understanding. I did see quite a few unknown and lesser know to me. Makes me wonder why many enlightened people aren't becoming public. Is it the lack of charisma?
    Anyway here are some videos I found interesting:
    Sorry for the long vides. Just scroll a bit until you find something interesting. Sadly, I found only a handful of women on the website but no decent videos of them.
    What do you think? 
    Any thoughts? 

  17. Did a round of ALA, and felt nothing.
    Did a round of ALA, and felt nothing.
    Not necessarily.
    You need a urine test. The urine test is the only objective measure. You can't rely on negative side-effects. I have almost never felt any negative side effects from detox, but I benefited from it greatly and my urine was objectively toxic from the start.
    By being lazy and cheap with the testing you end up costing yourself more in the end.
    I also would not trust ALA by itself. You need DMSA too. It's crucial in my opinion.
    Detox is a thing that needs to be done rigorously, not half-assed. By half-assing it you will not get clear results and soon quit. Detox is a long-term investment. It is not an effortless magic pill.

  18. The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    I want to bring to this forums awareness a recently discovered dmt vaping method. It seems to be the most reliable, efficient, accurate and smooth way of vaping dmt. Highly accurate temperature control to avoid any burning or loss of spice and very efficient and quick vaporization; you just click a button and you can inhale everything (up to 30+mg) in one hit in less then 10 seconds. No burning hot pipes, lighters or lung burning hot vapor/smoke.
    I only tried a threshold dose so far, but I can already tell this is a game changer. I have tried the crack pipes and the gordotek dreammaker tool, they never really worked for me, but this one seems to be it. I will be experimenting more with this in the coming months, and will be reporting how it goes. I just wanted to make this post if someone wants to try this with me and has found the other methods inefficient, too difficult or too harsh on the lungs
    All credits to the fellows from DmtNexus, especially user "aum_shanti" who seems to be the pioneer of this method:

  19. sadhguru's book of 'death'
    sadhguru's book of 'death'
    You are EVERYTHING, which means you are every asshole and rapist who ever lived. Get used to it. Stop judging reality, since you are it.
    Accept that you are EVERYTHING.
    Spirituality is not about becoming a good person or attaining a good future. It is about accepting EVERYTHING. Absolutely. All the ugliest shit you must accept. There is no other way to get peace.

  20. A Question for Leo on Reincarnation
    A Question for Leo on Reincarnation
    I don't know the full mechanism. I just know the big picture.
    Your question is basically a highly technical scientific question. We would need a team of advance scientists to study and map out the mechanism. And the mechanism is always going to be infinite so you can keep mapping reality forever and never reach the end.
    All mechanistic explanations must recede into infinite complexity.

  21. A Question for Leo on Reincarnation
    A Question for Leo on Reincarnation
    @AMTO God is forever reincarnating as all things, always dreaming. It's an endless fountain.

  22. Spiritual Transmissions on YouTube
    Spiritual Transmissions on YouTube
    Transmissions by someone live and which are one on one are usually more powerful, but transmissions on YouTube can work too.
    1. Kai Shanti
    She channels God's Love and Grace and Kundalini Shakti and also sometimes speaks an intuitive light language.
    Her transmissions had a huge impact on me. I can feel the transmissions and sometimes it gets intense.
    Since being exposed to several of her transmissions, my normal meditations have become deeper, it's easier to surrender and I have deeper Love awakenings.
    2. Ethan from Everything Explained
    It works!!
    He is also on the forum, @Synchronicity.
    You gotta check out his other YouTube videos too. Ethan has a very interesting talent, it's like the ultimate siddhi, he explains it in this Thread.
    3. Into The Unknown
    Love transmission ❤
    He is on the forum as well,  @Mu_.
    It's worth checking out his YouTube channel!!!
    4. Siddhanta Yoga
    Most of her transmissions are pure kundalini transmissions like this:
    But she also has other transmissions.
    When I energetically connect with her hand movements, I can feel their impact on me (subtly).
    5. Jan Esmann
    6. The Enlightened Way
    7.  Mariella La Cunza
    Quite interesting transmissions.
    8. Trigram Healing
    Transmissions usually have both an immediate / short term and a (usually subtle or very subtle) gradual long-term effect. 
    2 years ago, I probably wouldn't have felt the immediate effects of transmissions. 
    How well transmissions work mainly depends on your receptivity and sensitivity.
    Do you know of any good YouTube transmissions?

  23. Difficulty in understand what exactly causes women to lose interest.
    Difficulty in understand what exactly causes women to lose interest.
    For me it was of momumental importance. It was not about the sex. It was about my growth into a man.
    In practice, yes. The order of operations is: become skillful at survival, then transcend survival.
    For a few exceptionally gifted people this order of operations is not needed, but for most people it is. It is hard to be serious about spiritual work when you are horny and lonely and craving it.

  24. Is DMSA a supplement or a drug?
    Is DMSA a supplement or a drug?
    From what I have found, DMSA + ALA + zeolite is the best and most proven combo.
    Cilantro, chlorela, and spirulina are also said to be good, but probably not as powerful as the above.

  25. Is a one-party-state superior to a multi party one?
    Is a one-party-state superior to a multi party one?
    The US will never be a one party state. Those kinds of tactics are only workable at lower levels of development where authoritarian methods are used.
    A one party state can only exist if it crushes all the other parties with force. And continues doing so chronically.