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  1. How to reduce Pain from Period Cramps?
    How to reduce Pain from Period Cramps?
    Magnesium citrate (100mg twice or 3 times a day) combined with PLP. Take her to start taking it 2 weeks before her period. This was the most helpful thing for the few women, I've worked with. If they don't help, you could try a ginger extract. 
    Also making sure her diet is rich enough in Omega 3s and not too high in Omega 6s or SFA pre-period times. Add some more phytoestrogens in her diet as well as brassica vegetables for improved sex hormones detoxification (tofu, flax, tempeh, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts etc) 
    Make sure her diet is rich in fibre and low in animal foods (especially those high in pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid like eggs and dairy) towards the end of the luteal phase (just before day 1). More warming foods (oatmeal, stews, curries, soups) and less cold foods (smoothies, cold salads) may help. Add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric to each meal for some extra anti-inflammatory benefit. 
    But sometimes even none of the above will help. In that case, you could try experimenting with Agnus Castus or Black Cohosh extract (but not if she is on hormonal OCP)
    And if none of that still helps, taking some effective painkillers as the last resort for 2 or 3 days is ok. If she does take painkillers, tell her not to add any more turmerics or gingers or anything that could interact with them. Otherwise she'll get the effects of turmeric but the side effects of the pain killer. 

  2. I feel bad about watching porn
    I feel bad about watching porn
    Of course there is more getting girls. Those were just a few basic elements, oversimplified, not a comprehensive map.
    Pickup boils down to: going out & being social frequently + playfulness + confidence + seduction + leading + handling logistics really well.
    Sounds like you're seriously lacking in:
    Communicating with sexual intent, man-to-woman communication Leading Handling logistics Not having those things in place will kill 95% of your results.
    Leading and logistic are CRUCIAL for results. You can increase your results by 10x to 100x by mastering those two things. They are not easy to master.

  3. I played meta chess with my little brother
    I played meta chess with my little brother
    This is actually a very deep point that people will miss.
    Notice that you had to establish this rule in order to prevent a self-reference or infinite regress problem. Otherwise you would have a crazy and unmanageable infinite game. This is exactly how advanced logics, mathematics, set theory, and science kneecap and hide infinity, by disallowing self-reference.
    It is necessary for logical and scientific systems to artificially prohibit or outlaw self-reference because without that it would break the finite game.
    So basically, what advanced logics and scientific models do is they outlaw Infinity by dictate, as an axiom. And then they act surprised why there is no proof of God to be found! It's an extremely advanced mental trick that keeps scientists and rationalist totally lost in their finite minds. And even a serious professor of logic or mathematics will not comprehend the monstrous significant of this trick.
    Self-reference cannot be allowed because it leads to the destruction of every finite construction. Because the Self is Infinity and Infinity must be itself!
    If you ever comprehend what I said here, you will be 1 in a 100 million humans. This is some advanced ninja logic stuff.
    Basically what I'm saying is: every logical or formal system has a backdoor to God through self-reference. But this back door is bolted shut by humans because if it were not, you could not exist as a human. You would split out into Infinite Consciousness.

  4. Being a nice guy versus being an arrogant dickhead
    Being a nice guy versus being an arrogant dickhead
    Women want a lovable jerk, who treats her like a princess but is willing to bash some skulls in elsewhere.
    To get attracted to you she needs to feel that you have the capacity to bash some skulls when called for. She wants that feeling of safety because she is not gonna bash skulls herself. She outsources that to you in exchange for sex.

  5. Being a nice guy versus being an arrogant dickhead
    Being a nice guy versus being an arrogant dickhead
    Stop asking women for advice on how to game them.
    That's your mistake.
    When it comes to deciding who she's gonna sleep with, her biological instincts will take over and she will not sleep with a nice guy. She wants to sleep with an alpha guy.
    Of course! Women like dick. They don't need a man with a pussy because they already got one.
    Attraction is very counter-intuitive.
    With that said, you can be strong and cocky without being mean or hurtful. That's the balance you should aim for: strong, assertive, cocky, playful, but also polite, respectful, and grounded in Love.
    You want to be a lovable jerk, not an abusive asshole.
    And this goes beyond women. In general, all people, men and women alike, respect strength, confidence, authority, leadership, and assertiveness. These are the qualities of a leader. And women want to sleep with leaders. You can't lead people effectively by being too nice and meek.
    Be a leader without being abusive or cruel. Temper yourself with Love.

  6. Favorite quotes said by Leo Gura mega thread
    Favorite quotes said by Leo Gura mega thread
    From a blog post: 
    "Just because life becomes hard doesn't mean it isn't Love. Life gets hard precisely to show you how strong Love is.
    Do not wish life to get easier. Wish for your love to get stronger. Be BIGGER! Love wider!"
    -Leo Gura

  7. Video Summaries! Video Summaries!
    The most recent list of Summaries & Episodes is here 📜 Leo's Blog: Table of Contents 📜 ▶️ Blog Videos, Summaries & Interviews ▶️ 🍄 on Psychedelics 🍄  (has all resources on psychedelics)  
    Leo’s “20 Dream Killers” article is here You can also check out Leo’s Personal Development Blueprint.  It covers over 100 concepts in personal development. There’s an Textbook that was assembled by @Cepzeu and others.  You can download it at: Textbook. Summaries that are in the Textbook will say: (book pg XXX) The page numbers refer to v2 of the Textbook.   Youtube Episodes:
    The first 200 episodes have transcripts in the video section of If you want to contribute to this thread, select one of the episodes that still needs a summary and post it here      Episodes:            1 - 249
         Episodes:         250 - 506

  8. Heavy metal detox -- Deep info on proper chelation -- Convinced by user to post this
    Heavy metal detox -- Deep info on proper chelation -- Convinced by user to post this
    I've said things on it enough times. Leo can do the rest. There's nothing else I know that I haven't posted/commented here.
    Copied and pasted comments are in between the ----------'s. The rest is additional information.
    Disclaimer: ALA referred to here is not the omega 3 fatty acid, alpha linolenic acid. It’s alpha lipoic acid. AKA thioctic acid. I don’t have any experience with chelators besides ALA and DMSA, but DMPS certainly seems to have merit as well. ALA must be taken no less frequently than every 3 hours, and DMSA must be taken no less frequently than every 4 hours (i.e. e3h is even better) — both must be taken at this frequency for at least 72 hours straight, otherwise the chelation round was not only may have just damaged your body and likely your brain. Anything other than these 3 chelators, zeolite, and in rare cases, EDTA, for chelation, is dangerous and anyone advocating it has no clue how chelators work. The double thiol group acts as a loose but effective hook of sorts — a lone thiol group will just spread metals around haphazardly (possibly causing damage and stress), without latching onto them and actually taking them out of the body. ALA, DMSA, and DMPS are double thiol chelators that are safe when used correctly.
    Andy Cutler’s writings, and his posts and wikis on onibasu are where you go for further info.
    I didn't feel anything off 600mg ALA + 100mg DMSA e3h for 30+ day rounds, fwiw.
    I mean, I didn't get side-effects. The brain fog and fatigue went away.
    And ALA only affects mercury (and arsenic, which is not as big of a deal). DMSA chelates lead and mercury.
    Btw 64 hours is too short. That's cutting it way too close -- healing/damage ratio is positive by the 72 hour mark for adults, and maybe 60 hours for small children, but you might as well get the ratio as high as possible... Aim for 96+ hours; preferably 7-14+ days. The longer the better, provided you keep copper under control. You CANNOT take ALA for long cycles without zinc (and preferably molybdenum too) 4x/d, or you will be profoundly overloaded with copper.
    It is very, very risky, unless you do it right. It cured my chronic fatigue but I did it all-in, hardcore style. 6 month cycle with only a few 3-7 day breaks. With every ancillary carefully selected for copper-toxicity control, alarms so I'd never miss a dose, etc. I never had amalgam but by God there must've been something in my body because damn it worked.
    I dosed ALA and DMSA every 3 hours around the clock for months on end. Started at low doses and worked up to 600mg ALA / 100mg DMSA e3h. Falling blood levels cause redistribution, so the key is to not let them fall, ever, until you inevitably have to go off -- at which point there will be damage, but the goal is to have the healing net-outweigh the damage. Break-even healing/damage ratio is achieved between hours 60 and 72 of a cycle. Once you make it that long, you know you've succeeded for that round, and you should continue to milk it as long as you can handle to get that ratio up. Thus, long rounds/cycles are much more effective, but harder to deal with side-effect wise... and it carries the risk of oxidative stress from the DMSA, and copper toxicity from the ALA (avoid eating nuts while on ALA). I didn't really have side-effects. As soon as you miss a dose, that round is over, you need to take a break, and if the missed dose occurred before hour 72, the cycle was basically not successful.
    It can be especially helpful if you have anything significantly greater than perfectly healthy amounts of mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, and even iron in your system. The copper overload induced by the ALA very effectively purges iron from the body -- something that may be quite helpful if one has eaten a lot of iron-fortified foods in their life.
    The reason chelation studies haven't shown much in the way of curing chronic fatigue is simply because they dosed every 8 hours. DMSA must be dosed every 4 (or less) hours to prevent falling levels, which alone is responsible for the redistribution damage and prevents the healing/damage ratio from being a positive number.
    You can get it done a lot faster if you do long rounds. Let me explain...
    The minimum round-length is 72 hours in order to be reasonably certain that the healing/damage ratio is a positive number. The longer the round, the higher that number. Falling systemic levels of the double-thiol chelator are what cause redistribution, which is why you have to take the chelator so frequently, and why longer rounds are far more efficient -- your levels don't fall until the very end of each round, when you stop taking it, therefore you should minimize the amount of times you have to do this, via going as long as you can handle. The only reason not to do them for long stretches is an inability to handle it.
    A 3-4 day round and a 3-4 day break every week will clean out sufficient mercury/lead within 2-5 years (closer to 1-2 years if you did 1-2 weeks on / 1-2 weeks off) -- the same thing can be achieved with one 6-month round, though you shouldn't actually do it that long. I basically intended to do one 6-month round but there were a few 5-7 day breaks (each initiated upon accidentally missing a dose) so it ended up being essentially three 2-month rounds, in the end -- that's all it took. I recommend planning on a 6 month round and just taking a 7-14 day break each and every time you inevitably accidentally miss a dose.
    And btw, each 50% increase in dose results in an 18% faster rate of mercury excretion... Since taking larger doses results in comparatively less redistribution, taking larger doses (ramp up as you can handle) will not only speed the process up a bit, it may also have a bit of a buffer effect, protecting you from times when you miss a dose by 30-60min, which should rarely happen, nonetheless. For the majority of my largely-uninterrupted 6-month cycle, I was taking 600mg ALA and 100mg DMSA every 3 hours.
    E.g. If you take 100mg ALA every 3 hours for 72 hours running, that would be a 3-day (72 hour) round (or cycle), which is the absolute minimum length the round must be, since you damage yourself every time you come off, but damage while on-cycle (on-round) is minimal -- it's almost all heavy metal excretion (no redistribution) while on-round. The break even healing/damage point occurs after 60-72 hours (of consistently taking the chelator every 3 hours), so it would be to your benefit to do rounds much longer than this. The fastest route would be a 6 month round, but I don't think that's ever been done and it's not advised. I essentially did three 2-month rounds with a 1-week break between each.
    Doing it for long stretches at a time significantly decreases the total amount of time you'll have to spend on-round before you clear out all the heavy metals you need to. However, copper toxicity can be a problem with ALA, so you'll need to take both zinc and molybdenum 4x/day -- twice a day is insufficient. Even taking 7.5mg zinc and 250mcg molybdenum (the appropriate amounts) 4x a day each will not stave off copper toxicity forever. And oxidative stress can be an issue with DMSA so you have to take antioxidants.
    Does that clarify?
    Those were all the relevant posts I could find. That's literally all I know, but I'm happy to answer further questions if you need clarification. Again I don't know all there is to know about the subject, so I doubt I'll be able to provide anything else. But perhaps there were some posts I missed where I went into some other details. Good luck!
    Remember the zinc and molybdenum 4x/d when using ALA. I'm not sure if it's best to take breaks on the zinc/moly in between rounds, or to keep using them off round -- that is one example of something I am unclear on myself -- there seem to be pros and cons to each option -- it's very likely neither choice is gonna kill you though. I'm not the arbiter of truth on this.
    ... EDIT 5/24/2021 — additional explanation for the above paragraph. After your final round you should definitely continue to take the zinc/moly 4x/d for some time (probably at least a month), to purge residual copper, which will likely be quite high at this point. When you’re no longer planning on taking more ALA, there’s no reason not to do this... ALA causes some zinc overload but not nearly as bad as it does copper overload, and nothing purges copper quite like zinc... On ALA, you want to take just enough zinc to keep copper retention somewhat under control (30-50mg daily in 4 divided doses; it actually won’t even prevent copper overload, it’ll just slow it down, lol), and too much zinc will just exacerbate ALA’s zinc retention, so it’s a balance... But once ALA is no longer in the picture, if your copper is high, you can continue the zinc for a little while with generally no issue. Since the zinc is basically a limited resource in the scenario of ALA use (as in you shouldn’t take too much of it because it’s only a matter of time before your zinc levels become too high as well), additional means of reducing copper retention would be very wise, such as molybdenum (1-2mg a day in 4 divided doses), stimulating bile flow, and avoiding dietary sources of copper (such as nuts) — the zinc is not optional though, as those options don’t come close to the anti-copper affect zinc has (related to the metallothionein mechanism).
    There is some evidence that ALA depletes biotin in a hazardous way if you don’t consume extra in the diet or by supplementation.
    And never EVER stop DMSA before ALA. It will cause net redistribution into the brain. Stop them both at the exact same time or stop the ALA before the DMSA. If DMSA didn't have a slightly longer half-life than ALA, stopping them both together would not be safe -- but DMSA leaves the body slightly slower, so it is safe to stop them concurrently. This would not be the case if using extended release ALA, but you should never use extended-release ALA to begin with, since the absorption rate differs at different points along the digestive tract, and it hasn't been studied enough. Do not use extended-release anything in chelation.
    I don't know this, but I have an intuition that it may be prudent to start with a few DMSA-only rounds to reduce body mercury content, so that when you eventually introduce ALA, it won't start with the potential, temporary issue of a net increase in brain mercury -- though even if you did start with ALA, that issue would only happen if mercury concentration was greater in body than across blood brain barrier, and even if that was so, the issue would of course only be temporary -- after all, you're aiming to eventually get essentially ALL of it out, indiscriminately from everywhere. But I'd imagine even temporary increases of mercury in the brain are not desirable. This is a bit of a nod, it seems, away from ALA-only rounds, at least in the beginning, but Andy Cutler didn't mention that issue, to my knowledge (idk maybe he did), and he probably knows best. So I wouldn't worry about it.
    And if you want to go by the book (so to speak), time on should equal time off. That's not what I did, but that's what I'd advise as a measure of safety.

  9. God Realization Video Question
    God Realization Video Question
    Imagine knowing EVERYTHING in the Universe perfectly.
    Notice how unexciting that is after a while.
    Do not take my words too literally. These are abstract pointers to things.
    If you were God you would want to be human. And if you were human you would want to be God. The grass is always greener on the other side. The finite seeks the infinite, the infinite seeks the finite. Two sides of a coin.

  10. Soonhei (Member of this community) killed himself to experience Conscious Death. :-(
    Soonhei (Member of this community) killed himself to experience Conscious Death. :-(
    All of these are standard nondual truths.
    If you cannot handle them, then stop doing spirituality and nonduality. I am not going to babysit you.
    The entire point of all spiritual work is to realize that death is imaginary!
    "The secret to life is to die before you die -- and find that there is no death." -- Eckhart Tolle
    "Nothing that was real ever died, only names, forms, and illusions. The end of illusion – that's all death is." -- Eckhart Tolle
    "When you have died this death, you realize that there is no death, and that there is nothing to fear. Only the ego dies." -- Eckhart Tolle
    "There is no doubt whatsoever that the universe is the merest illusion." -- Ramana Maharshi
    "Death is nothing else but going home to God, the bond of love will be unbroken for all eternity." -- Mother Teresa
    "Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come." -- Rabindranath Tagore
    "Death is a taboo in most societies in the world. But what if we’ve got it completely wrong? What if death was not the catastrophe that it is made out to be but an essential aspect of life, rife with spiritual possibilities for transcendence?" -- Sadhguru
    "The only reason why people have such a fear of death is they know nothing beyond the body." -- Sadhguru
    "Death is a cosmic joke. If you get the joke, falling on the other side will be wonderful." -- Sadhguru
    "Death is a fiction of the unaware. There is only life, life, and life alone, moving from one dimension to another." -- Sadhguru
    - - - - - -
    So please, spare me your crocodile tears about my teachings. My teaching are perfectly consistent with 2000 years of mystical and nondual tradition.

  11. What Makes DMT Profound and LifeChanging?
    What Makes DMT Profound and LifeChanging?
    That is a safe assumption.
    When you become infinitely conscious, you'll know
    There are no rules to this. You can't predict when it will happen.
    Most people will need 100+ awakenings I think because your psyche is just too impure to handle it. Each trip purifies your blockages a bit. And also, because you cannot integrate that much wisdom, insight, and understanding in just a few trips. You will probably need YEARS of integration work just to clear up your mind.
    Oh, absolutely. 9 awakenings is just the lobby of the castle
    The practical answer is that if you have not done 100 breakthrough trips on various substances, you have no clue what consciousness really is.
    So very practically: set your goal to do 100 breakthrough trips at least. But pace it out slowly over years, with proper time to integrate everything. Go at a comfortable pace, but also, don't stop because you think you got it all. You have certainly not got it all.
    Do not fall into the Alan Watts trap of saying that "Once you get the message, hang up the phone." This is very bad advice. The psychedelic space is so deep, so rich, so complex -- that without 100 trips you're just like a baby taking your first steps. Don't try to rush this process. Make it a slow, patient life-long exploration and expansion process. You need to adopt a long-view rather than just hoping to get it over with. Enjoy it. Don't even think about reaching the end, just think about going deeper. Explore Yourself! And don't let anyone shame you for doing so. Explore Yourself so deeply that all your questions are answered. If you still have unanswered questions, you're not done. And if you have no unanswered questions, you're not asking enough questions.
    Stop worrying about being done. If it ever happens, it will happen on its own. Explore without any pressure on yourself to finish.

  12. Leo On Charlie and Ben Podcast
    Leo On Charlie and Ben Podcast
    Sam Harris would be the most difficult person to talk to by far. That rationalism, scientism, and atheism would be denser than a lead brick. He would be stubborn like a mule and his mind is so crafty and smart that he would have a perfect excuse for every point made. Deconstructing his mind would be impossible.
    A sharp rationality in the hands of the ego-mind is the most dangerous thing. It will try to out-lawyer you in ways you cannot imagine. I am not a magician in such matters. I expect people to want to open their minds, not to have to twist their nipple into it.
    The thing with Sam Harris is, if you can't out-logic him on his terms, you automatically lose. Because that's the whole game him and his entire audience is playing. If it isn't perfectly logical they will declare victory. My mind does not even work in such stupidly logical ways.
    For me to be logical is big step down in my intelligence.

  13. why leo so negative about his viewers
    why leo so negative about his viewers
    The plain truth is that I've always been kind of a jerk, and as I become more conscious and more authentic I can be even more jerk-like because I care less about what others want me to be.
    The nice thing about waking up is that it trims off all the social pretense. Some people are just jerks. Not everyone is gonna be a carebear. To equate that with consciousness is silly.
    I will be exactly how I feel like and I don't care if you like it. If you want me to be sweet to you, that's your problem. My work has nothing to do with me being sweet or likeable.
    My authentic personality is just no-bullshit, blunt like hammer, straight to business.

  14. Connor Murphy. Leo I would like to understand.
    Connor Murphy. Leo I would like to understand.
    "We are done with Connor's antics on this forum. Do not post his stuff here any more.
    It is an immature and harmful disgrace to genuine spiritual work. This is all the stuff I warn about with Zen devilry. It is not a good example to follow and it gives spirituality a bad image.
    I have tried to reason with Connor about this but he refuses to listen and doubles down on his antics. No more of that shit here.
    Awakening is not a license to act like madman."
    Could you please elaborate why is he a madman? Why is this Zen devilry? You talked with him so you know him better. 
    Connor is resonating with me and I don't want to make the same mistake. 

  15. How come super enlightened people don't play a bigger role on the world stage ?
    How come super enlightened people don't play a bigger role on the world stage ?
    Yeah, but if you didn't demonize it you would be awake and thus not need any more help.
    The people who need the most help are precisely those who will bite the hand that feeds them.
    It is just largely pointless trying to force wisdom down the throats of fools. Wisdom, Truth, Love, Goodness, and Consciousness are not things that can be forced on others. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. But hardly anyone is ready.
    Haha! How naive. The majority of the world's wealth was accumulated through theft, exploitation, lies, deception, fraud, tax evasion, corruption, bribery, monopoly, backstabbing, extortion, slavery, murder, assassination, and war.
    Where did Trump get all his money? Hint: It wasn't through providing massive value to the world. Look at all the richest men in the world. Every single one of them stole or exploited to get it -- if not worse. It is impossible to earn a billion dollars without some serious, world-class levels of exploitation. Only a deeply selfish and unconscious man could stomach it.

  16. Less known spiritual teachers
    Less known spiritual teachers
    So I found this website where a guy ranked spiritual teachers according to his understanding. I did see quite a few unknown and lesser know to me. Makes me wonder why many enlightened people aren't becoming public. Is it the lack of charisma?
    Anyway here are some videos I found interesting:
    Sorry for the long vides. Just scroll a bit until you find something interesting. Sadly, I found only a handful of women on the website but no decent videos of them.
    What do you think? 
    Any thoughts? 

  17. Did a round of ALA, and felt nothing.
    Did a round of ALA, and felt nothing.
    Not necessarily.
    You need a urine test. The urine test is the only objective measure. You can't rely on negative side-effects. I have almost never felt any negative side effects from detox, but I benefited from it greatly and my urine was objectively toxic from the start.
    By being lazy and cheap with the testing you end up costing yourself more in the end.
    I also would not trust ALA by itself. You need DMSA too. It's crucial in my opinion.
    Detox is a thing that needs to be done rigorously, not half-assed. By half-assing it you will not get clear results and soon quit. Detox is a long-term investment. It is not an effortless magic pill.

  18. The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    I want to bring to this forums awareness a recently discovered dmt vaping method. It seems to be the most reliable, efficient, accurate and smooth way of vaping dmt. Highly accurate temperature control to avoid any burning or loss of spice and very efficient and quick vaporization; you just click a button and you can inhale everything (up to 30+mg) in one hit in less then 10 seconds. No burning hot pipes, lighters or lung burning hot vapor/smoke.
    I only tried a threshold dose so far, but I can already tell this is a game changer. I have tried the crack pipes and the gordotek dreammaker tool, they never really worked for me, but this one seems to be it. I will be experimenting more with this in the coming months, and will be reporting how it goes. I just wanted to make this post if someone wants to try this with me and has found the other methods inefficient, too difficult or too harsh on the lungs
    All credits to the fellows from DmtNexus, especially user "aum_shanti" who seems to be the pioneer of this method:

  19. sadhguru's book of 'death'
    sadhguru's book of 'death'
    You are EVERYTHING, which means you are every asshole and rapist who ever lived. Get used to it. Stop judging reality, since you are it.
    Accept that you are EVERYTHING.
    Spirituality is not about becoming a good person or attaining a good future. It is about accepting EVERYTHING. Absolutely. All the ugliest shit you must accept. There is no other way to get peace.

  20. A Question for Leo on Reincarnation
    A Question for Leo on Reincarnation
    I don't know the full mechanism. I just know the big picture.
    Your question is basically a highly technical scientific question. We would need a team of advance scientists to study and map out the mechanism. And the mechanism is always going to be infinite so you can keep mapping reality forever and never reach the end.
    All mechanistic explanations must recede into infinite complexity.

  21. A Question for Leo on Reincarnation
    A Question for Leo on Reincarnation
    @AMTO God is forever reincarnating as all things, always dreaming. It's an endless fountain.

  22. Spiritual Transmissions on YouTube
    Spiritual Transmissions on YouTube
    Transmissions by someone live and which are one on one are usually more powerful, but transmissions on YouTube can work too.
    1. Kai Shanti
    She channels God's Love and Grace and Kundalini Shakti and also sometimes speaks an intuitive light language.
    Her transmissions had a huge impact on me. I can feel the transmissions and sometimes it gets intense.
    Since being exposed to several of her transmissions, my normal meditations have become deeper, it's easier to surrender and I have deeper Love awakenings.
    2. Ethan from Everything Explained
    It works!!
    He is also on the forum, @Synchronicity.
    You gotta check out his other YouTube videos too. Ethan has a very interesting talent, it's like the ultimate siddhi, he explains it in this Thread.
    3. Into The Unknown
    Love transmission ❤
    He is on the forum as well,  @Mu_.
    It's worth checking out his YouTube channel!!!
    4. Siddhanta Yoga
    Most of her transmissions are pure kundalini transmissions like this:
    But she also has other transmissions.
    When I energetically connect with her hand movements, I can feel their impact on me (subtly).
    5. Jan Esmann
    6. The Enlightened Way
    7.  Mariella La Cunza
    Quite interesting transmissions.
    8. Trigram Healing
    Transmissions usually have both an immediate / short term and a (usually subtle or very subtle) gradual long-term effect. 
    2 years ago, I probably wouldn't have felt the immediate effects of transmissions. 
    How well transmissions work mainly depends on your receptivity and sensitivity.
    Do you know of any good YouTube transmissions?

  23. Difficulty in understand what exactly causes women to lose interest.
    Difficulty in understand what exactly causes women to lose interest.
    For me it was of momumental importance. It was not about the sex. It was about my growth into a man.
    In practice, yes. The order of operations is: become skillful at survival, then transcend survival.
    For a few exceptionally gifted people this order of operations is not needed, but for most people it is. It is hard to be serious about spiritual work when you are horny and lonely and craving it.

  24. Is DMSA a supplement or a drug?
    Is DMSA a supplement or a drug?
    From what I have found, DMSA + ALA + zeolite is the best and most proven combo.
    Cilantro, chlorela, and spirulina are also said to be good, but probably not as powerful as the above.

  25. Is a one-party-state superior to a multi party one?
    Is a one-party-state superior to a multi party one?
    The US will never be a one party state. Those kinds of tactics are only workable at lower levels of development where authoritarian methods are used.
    A one party state can only exist if it crushes all the other parties with force. And continues doing so chronically.