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  1. Is ir just the debate part that attracts toxic characters or is there something more to it?
  2. I don't think ancom was serious. Lmao I hope that this is irony. Not at first. Lol This is an old video that Destiny deleted from his channel because Vaush asked him and he tried to be a good friend. (this was before the drama) Someone else reposted it. At least watch the video before giving your triggered takes.
  3. Ideology rots brains. Reminded me of this.
  4. If he was a plumber I'd agree with you. But when it comes to politics it would bleed out and affect his perspective.
  5. @Husseinisdoingfine Do you act differently or think in a different way when you change the language?
  6. Haha was the forum libertarian ish two years ago? Basically because it drops the quality of the forum. It's a lot better now. It's not that it's dangerous it's more exhausting and pointless trying to have a sane discussion with trolls or ideologs. I think the best way to realize why some topic is forbidden is to have a discussion with the person that advocates it. When you see a topic get shut down pm that person and you'll get it or try to talk to them while the thread is still open so I can see you change your mind.
  7. If you want to improve the world join the dems, if you want to larp join the greens.
  8. @Surfingthewave What do evangelicals think about the pope? When these Christians in Europe start talking shit about the refugees I use Jesus and pope and they calm down. I wonder if that would work on evangelicals.
  9. I do and it works great. You can even show them a silly video.
  10. @machiavelli It's possible that they didn't unfriend you because they disagree with you but because it's exhausting listening to someone repeat the same negative shit every day for years.
  11. Isn't there a lot of delta in UK? Vaccines are a little bit less effective against it. By unvaccinated he probably meant not fully vaccinated. To fall into the category of fully vaccinated two weeks need to pass after the second shot and obviously a lot of people are only partially vaccinated so depending on what you count you will end up with different statistics.
  12. You gonna live in the woods? Or are you gonna tell the cops that you're a 'free inhabitant'.
  13. @trenton Watch Imperium if you already didn't. I think you'll like it.