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  1. Im on Huawei and i can use Google search and store.
  2. Can we make our own tik tak that doesn't spy on people? That’s interesting never thought of that.
  3. Is it wise to wear goggles to cover your eyes and would you do it? I still have too rigid of an ego to do so.
  4. @Don Wei Yea it was something about yakuza. In the worst case scenario it is only in a specific place in which normal tourist don't go.
  5. Yea it would be stupid for tourism. I can't remember where I heard it and it's killing me.
  6. Its beautiful but I heard that white people can't be out when the night comes. Idn if it's true but if it is im not going. Edit: can't find anything about it after skimming google. They are nationalistic but people like to make up stuff so who knows. Maybe it is only in a specific place.
  7. One of if not the highest on the spiral.
  8. @Preety_India Third of the America is still stuck at blue they haven't transcended and integrated it.
  9. Its a normal thing. Most kids of my age have watched a few series. It became normal part of live same as watching movies or tv shows. I haven't met any crazy anime people, few of my friends went deeper into that world but they remained sane. Older people will give you the looks when they hear crazy screaming tho.
  10. @LessonsSavesLifes Definitely dont leave on vacation and pretend you're stupid when he calls. I suggest u talk to him directly and honestly and if he did that on purpose start looking for a new job and if he didnt great he can do it now. Maybe the vacation will be delayed a bit but you'll save the relationship with the boss.