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  1. I need to log off and I don't remember the password. Love y'all.
  2. We aren't hardstuck at blue. We absolutely dominated it.
  3. @Fleetinglife Please replace the commas with dots. It's making it harder to read.
  4. Another pro tip. If a cop pulls you up for speeding you can open the bag so the smells come out and tell him that you were speeding because you needed to go to the toilet and if he has any humanity in him he won't give a ticket to someone who just shit himself. You could also cover the weed smell with this technique.
  5. If you want to be a good coach you need to work on reducing sibilance.
  6. What if people elect a fascist?
  7. Yes but if it's like it was is the Belarus elections not even those votes are Crimean. It's easy for authoritarian regimes to fake votes.
  8. Can't read the full article. But this is in the beginning. "Much of the international community, however, considered the referendum a sham, conducted at the barrel of a gun. In this view, Crimea did not freely join Russia; it was annexed."
  9. Yea, very common. There was a video that explained it nicely but I can't find it now.
  10. I see it more like Putin being a cry bully. You can't take a peace of a country and then act attacked when they start to build defense so it doesn't happen again.