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  1. That depends on how he does it. If he insults them then yea but if he approaches it with love even if most of the stuff goes over their heads it probably maybe won't be too bad.
  2. Omg your a life saver. Never thought to cook it. I've had problems with soaking flaxseeds because when they are wet I have to use a different blender and it doesn't work that well. Now when they are soft it should work great.
  3. You limit the foods for 2-3 weeks. Then after that you slowly start reintroducing foods one by one. If you get a reaction wait 3 days to try a new food so your tummy can reset. Works great if you have these types of problems.
  4. Why did you put a black face after that sentence? Check your biases. Lol jk
  5. Could you elaborate? I know masculine and feminine is one dimension but idn about others.
  6. If you feel that your electrolytes are not balanced.
  7. YoU cAlLinG mE a Du dU paNTs iS scIEntIfIcAlLy InaCcUrAtE StAtEmEnt.
  8. Lol you're a big du du pants.
  9. Because of the newer strains that spread easier they recently bumped that number to 80%.
  10. Nothing sadder than a miserable fake happy person.
  11. @Consept Don't waste energy on ideologs. ❤️
  12. Read my comments about car crashes and where it leads.