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  1. Shadow boxing is best. You work the entire body and you feel amazing afterwards.
  2. Great tip! You're a life saver.
  3. I did it at my regular doctor but I was mindful not to drink it and there aren't any doctors from this list in my country. Did I fuck up?
  4. He masked his red as orange. The U.S. is a third blue. His center of gravity is red but he obviously has a lot of orange and because of the society orange part of him is magnified.
  5. That's a great attitude, but don't forget that this is a marathon and not a sprint. It's probably contributing and no it's not too late you'll reverse everything. You got this. Just don't expect a straight road ahead. So you don't lose motivation when you do something stupid. There will be a lot of ups and downs.
  6. Chill, mercury fillings are only one piece of the puzzle.
  7. @Michael569 How to know when the gut walls are fully healed?
  8. @Display_Name How dare you post a video that I can't understand?
  9. Most people just want to be told how smart they are.