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  1. Yea. Democrats broke the record for the amount of money received in the last election. Of course they do. It's just that they represent different corporations. I like what he's doing but he didn't get that money for free.
  2. Shhhh. You're getting the vaccine 🐖. And there's nothing you can do to stop it.
  3. Have you heard about percentages between 0 and 100 percent?
  4. The more time passes the more I am for it. And depends on what mandate are we talking about.
  5. Yea we agree on this. Spreading covid is rape. So get the vax so you reduce the chances of accidentally raping someone.
  6. But they kill my brain cells every time they speak. There must be another reason.
  7. Yea if he has low confidence it would be easier for him to talk to the "ugly" girl than you. Try coming to work without makeup and see if it's easier to talk to him.
  8. Clearly.
  9. Yea its not a fast but broth could be good for his eczema because those amino acids absorb better on an empty stomach.
  10. I recently made it with only bones and salt and it was drinkable.
  11. If someone hypothetically found a healthy person and ate their ass could that have the same effect?
  12. No you need a balance. If you have a lot of muscle you are putting pressure on your heart and reducing longevity. If you drop your body fat percentage below 10 ish percent you will start losing energy, it will mess up your hormones, women can lose their periods... and if you come close to 0 you'll die.
  13. Yea nuts are so easy to eat and they have a lot of calories. I can easily eat the calories for the day in one sitting with them.