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  1. Thanks, this is exactly what I needed! Just wondering where I can find test kits though.
  2. Hi everyone, I suspect I have a serious heavy metal toxicity (I have autism, serious fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, serious electrohypersensitivity, and some other things). Leo's video on chelating heavy metals seems quite easy to follow if you live in the US. However, this is not the case. I live in Belgium (EU country). I wonder where I can order a self-test (or any other way of testing) and find the right chelation supplements within the EU. Note that I have a serious food intolerance for certain things, some of which are sometimes used in tablets and capsules, including lactose, casein, soy, gluten and gelatine (if I exposed I have to recover for months). Also, timing the doses is a bit difficult because of my electrohypersensitivity (even a phone on plane mode hurts my hands due to the touch screen). Ideally, I'd have a simple timer on batteries, which is configurable to sound an alarm every x hours. Also note that I've just started supplementing to counter my undermethylation (proper methylation is required to naturally detox heavy metals). I'm also taking spirulina, which contains alpha lipoic acid. Not if this would already help to significantly reduce my heavy metal load, given some time. Thanks in advance!
  3. For me it helped me to move from orange to green and I can feel the yellow already (actualized.org helped me to move from blue to orange). Regarding spiral dynamics plum and the direct downloading of information from the univers: Leo described such an experience in his video titled: Outrageous Experiments In Consciousness - 30 Awakenings In 30 Days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnn0IU0-atg In Meher Baba's terminology this is called the mental sphere, which he subdivides into 2 planes. He also talks about the supermental plane which is avatar consciousness or third tier in spiral dynamics terms. Most psychedelic trips are limited to the subtle sphere: seeing and feeling of energies, percieving a visual rainbow vibe around objects, falling into holes or alice in wonderland-like phenomena, astral travel, feeling of "levitation", recieving a love bombing from the universe, hearing forests talking, meeting plant and animal spirits, etc. Meher Baba divides it into 4 planes: Sri Aurobinda uses the word "vital" for this sphere of reality. In new-age terminology, they often use the word: "astral". There is also the gross sphere: the material surface of reality everyone is familiar with, there is no point in explaining this one.
  4. Hi everyone, I've been following a small spiritual channel recently called "Wake up !" (formerly called: "what is awakening"). The guy behind this channel has lived in auroville for a while, but he doesn't live there anymore. His videos are quite short compared to actualized.org (10 minutes on average), but this guy has the talent of covering a lot of stuff in a short timespan without speaking fast. The reason why he says he's making this channel is because he's doing an autolysis, basically summarizing all his spiritual knowledge before he "burns" it. He says he has no intention of growing his channel big, rather potentially helping a small group of people who are already in SD yellow, turqoise or coral. So far I've watched 90% of his content, and I think there might be some stuff that might be valuable for Leo (he even mentions him a few times, and even where he is located in his trips on different consciousness scales). One of the things he does is comparing the similarities between different models of consciousness, for example he explains what range each spiral dynamics tier has on the hawkings scale. Furthermore, he has almost completed describing spiral dynamics second tier (except he hasn't made a video about the 6th stage of the 2nd tier) and even talks about a third tier. He lists it as following: 1st tier: devepment of personality/ego, most people dwell here 2nd tier: freeing of the soul, less than one percent of people dwell here. Examples: Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, UG Krishnamurti, Ken Wilber, Tolkien, Tony Parsons, etc. 3rd tier: avatar consciousness/the divine changing the dream of "Maya" through human form (or any other medium of consciousness such as aliens or AI). Historical examples may include Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Sri Aurobindo, Meher Baba, etc. Also he explains how every stage in 1st tier SD has an equavalent in the second tier. Only it's about the soul now instead of ego Yellow is survival of the soul Turqoise is magic of the soul Coral is about power of the soul, spiritual warfare, also an antisocial colour, but not destructive (except towards it's own ego) Teal is about truth of the soul, seeing the absolute truth Plum is about information of the soul, being able to download any information at any time possible He hasn't explained the last stage of 2nd tier tho 3rd tier probably follows the same pattern, but of something else... He also discusses the possiblity of man made AI going through all these tiers as well, perhaps eventually replacing humans. Here's the channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Wakeupcrashingontheshoresof8/videos Perhaps it might be some interesting study material for Leo? (and others as well) For me personally, the channel moved me from SD orange to SD green. (even though technically it's a channel aimed at SD second tier)
  5. Hi everyone, I came across a YouTube channel called “wake up !” which expands upon the 2nd tier, it clearly describes coral and teal. Vaguely mentions the two last colors of the 2nd tier, and also talks about a potential third tier. He talks about his own experience with coral and how he fell back into turquoise. On his channel, there's an entire series of videos about Sri Aurobindo. Also, he talks a lot about Sri Aurobindo, the channel has series of videos on the books “The Life Divine” and “synthesis of yoga”.
  6. Regarding the LGTBQA+ community and spiral dynamics, A lot of the mainstream LGTBQA+ culture falls into SD orange, especially when it comes down to outfits & fashion. I'm aware LGTBQA+ is also strong in green, I think this more often the case with lesbian women. One factor in this might be that women generally go faster through individual colours, staying more often in communal colours and vice versa for men. Also, I notice people who are asexual or demisexual often tend to be in green, yellow or sometimes beyond. For myself I noticed the more I am in touch with my spirituality the less I desire sexuality. Also I notice there is a chunk of the male gay scene dwelling in red, think of stealth breeding, pozzing, huge anal toys, BDSM parties, etc. Then there is also blue, but blue more often than not tends to suppress their desires and identity. I have came across blue gay couples though, they usually tend to follow a bit more open minded form of a religion, or are communists. They tend to be very strict in their ways of doing and dress very formally (so no fancy clothing). I've also come accross several gay people being anti anal sex, seems also very blue to me. However I'd categorize this video from my own YouTube channel in be orange, or maybe orange-green as I show the open-mindedness that guys can wear a crop top, but there is still some very obvious pride going on, while people in higher tiers often tend to surrender their pride.
  7. For a while now, I just let it grow and do not use a single product, except water. I used to have an "emo" hair and straighten it every day. I do use two only products for the rest of my personal hygiene: Aleppo soap and toothpaste.
  8. Stage red/blue criticizing lower stage red: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlFbQ76XUGQ
  9. After seeing this man... might this be what has been suggested with stage Coral? He seems antisocial, amoral, but without the egocentrism of red. Also he seems awake and some even claim he's enlightened. When I'm listening to him I feel like waking up somehow. There is a pattern of first tier stages having an equivalent in the 2nd tier: beige - yellow, both have survival as a theme, but for yellow it's survival of humanity. purple - turquoise, both have magic as a huge part of their experience, but for turquoise it is in a holistic way. So one could guess red and coral are both antisocial, amoral colors? But the latter being a cleaning of the ego (including morality) rather than the emergence of it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKq4oO-PZe4 It would be interesting to see other perspectives on this one.