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  1. @Giulio Bevilacqua Schizoid personality disorder is when someone inherently not interested in socializing with people. I think he meant schizotypial personality disorder where a person thinks in weird ways as he mentioned.
  2. A student of Ram dass went full solo to a cave when Ram was in India. He was found dead after taking LSD with blood on the walls. His Guru (baba Naomi) said he attained Mahasamahdi after his parents asked about that. What do you think?
  3. Althouth this may sound silly as this man is nothing compared to Elon in terms of financial success but he stays relevant. He managed to make a multi-millionare company in a very competitive market using a smart tactic, this proves that this guy can handle being the CEO of a company. But then something happened after his success. He started acting in incompetant ways. He had two warhouses, the one he he was resposible for made way less sales than the other one. he became incompetant to the point where his employees wanted oust him in some ways. He filed bankruptcy at the end, destroying a bussiness that was worth 20 million dollars at some point. Does success corrupt the mind?
  4. He lived in bad conditions. "Navalny spent his last weeks in a Siberian prison north of the Arctic Circle, where he said he slept under a newspaper for warmth and had to eat his meals within 10 minutes. He told a Moscow court of “freezing” conditions inside his prison, as he appeared via a video link in January to outline his case against the authorities at the penal colony where he had been held since December." A person living in such conditions could die at any moment.
  5. I will be going for a short visit to The UK to access some "stuff". But I Would like to understand How the mail works there? Do they leave letters and packages at your door or should you be present to take the mail? Should you provide a phone number?
  6. He could have done much more if he didn't surrender himself to Russia. I don't understand what was the point of that. he wrote this to his wife 2 days before he died: “Baby, everything is like in a song with you: there are cities between us, the take-off lights of airfields, blue snowstorms and thousands of kilometers. But I feel that you are near every second, and I love you more and more,” RIP
  7. A wise and supportive wife is an invaluable asset especially in old times.
  8. What keeps a very advanced alien from merging with God? I mean once you hit a certain level of consciousness, it would be hard to keep your form, wouldn't it?
  9. But the real question is, how high could the everday basline of a human reach to?
  10. @Leo Gura I know as a westerner, you were raised in a mostly secular environment but could connecting with God in a semi-religious semi-spiritual way be any good? It is the difference between meditation and praying. I used to pray a lot, and I can say that Praying is more emotionally engaging then meditation but Meditation is more concentrated and mind-focused pracitce. It is the difference between Buddhism and something like Sufism. Part of me is longing to do some praying but nonduality made it harder for me to do so, as it removes the distinction between you and God. I would have to pretend that God is a separate entity to do so (in some, that actually is true).
  11. @Leo Gura Are you planning to reexplore the Saltha experience in the future? Does it offer anything benefical other than extremely weird experience?
  12. @Leo Gura What changes in your cognitive capacities that you can attribute (if you could) specifically to Psychedelics use, both positive and negative?
  13. I don't think he is doing fine. He had a big insomnia issue. Is it caused by 5-meo or other causes, who knows? And most people who are very obsessed or passionate about something, will not tell you they have some problems that are caused by it, or they will deceive themselves into thinking that is caused by something else, or at best cases, the change can be so subtle and gradual that they will not notice it at all until it becomes a big problem.