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  1. Jesus, dear God. I mixed it with 30 mg plugged DPT and it turned into pure love. Love came at from every direction. Maybe this how MDMA feels? Anyways, it looks like it mixes well with psychedelics. @Inliytened1 You can try it if you are interested
  2. Leo always says he is more sensitive to all psychedelics and I usually say Meh, maybe he is exagerrating a bit. but I guess he is right. He reports his dosage of 30 mg rectally administered DPT as a strong trip. I tried it, and it is a microdose at best. I think a real dose of DPT starts at 90mg rectally. * I tried smoking 30mg and it hits strong. Or Did I just became a basic bro who cannot feel any psychedelic? Fk me
  3. Reduces anxiety by at least 80% gives everything a fresh feeling highlitened emotions Can be used before tripping? to reduce anxiety? For pick up, as an alcohol alternative? Share your experience with phenibut if you tried it.
  4. @Jannes I cannot understand how a guy who experienced God and its beauty and purity, can go back to making this shit. I know he is mentally ill and he went berserk, but man I wished he would walk the right path again.
  5. Yeah but it sounded a lot like some of Leo's teachings 😆
  6. @Inliytened1 Do you feel sometimes the stimulation is too strong and you cannot control it? sometimes it happens to me.
  7. weed facilitate Psychosis not cause it. If you are susceptible to psychosis, weed will make it come out but slowly and after a prologned use. It is your responsibility to stop taking any substance if you feel it is affecting you in a bad way. legalizing weed is very important because it will open the gate for legalizing other psychedelics. So even if it was harmful, in the bigger picture it serves a higher purpose.
  8. I think If I had access to weed, I could have facilitated my recovery and healing by at least 10 times ( I have done weed only in my dreams )
  9. @Leo Gura Why Peter Ralston all of the sudden? I remember you have always put him above other teachers but also you always said he was atustic and doesn't understand Love.
  10. @amanen Dude this is so regressive, I thought Finland is supposed to be the cool stage green country.
  11. @ThePoint Finding a good anime is like finding a jewel in a bile of shit, it is this rare. I liked berserk 1997 which I watched recently
  12. @OBEler Which one you referring to? old ones or the new one. Because the old ones are pure artisrty. Combat system is great, enemies are cool and can be very tricky in certain combinations, the environments are fantastic are very variable, cutscenes are amazing, the music is so good, the story is actually somewhat deep to be honest, Kratos is suffering and wants just to forget. When I first played Gow 2 on the ps2, my jaw dropped literally. It was my first game on the ps2 and I thought all the ps2 games will be this good, I was so wrong.
  13. @Inliytened1 Yeah it calms the mind very well and put you in peace mode.
  14. @Inliytened1 Nice! Yeah it is not the strongest substance for healing but it is pretty good. I wish there was lesser stimulation and more love. Yeah pschdedelics tops this substance by a huge mile but however this substance is very gentle and doesn't force itself on me like pschedelics do. I am using it now to heal enough so I can do the real healing with psychedelics. I have that too, and I don't feel any rush of thoughts, but quite the opposite actually, I feel much better and no annoying thoughts after taking it. Yes! this the best part, and the amazing head rush. I was able a couple of months to access some real spiritual insights on this shit. I am talking pure nothingness and unity but I am not sure what my dose was, I think it was at least > 4g
  15. This one looks similar to that piece of shit they released in 2018 and called it GOW. I wouldn't get my hopes high unless you played GOW 2018 and liked it Enjoy some fine analysis.