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  1. Some say, you get enlightened if you are flayed alive Apperantely you stay alive for hours after the procedure is done.
  2. There is nothing to get high on other than stupid opioids
  3. @Zedman it is a tricky topic but the basic idea sis still true.
  4. I don't fear pain. I am just explaining the mechanics of pain and suffering. Most spiritual people think they transcended pain and suffering when they didn't. Life can be very brutal, I am just expalining that.
  5. Yeah but pain is a very powerful thing, you cannot easily transcend it. With spiritual work, you bascially increase your ability to tolerate pain but transceding it is a whole other game
  6. @Breakingthewall I don't think awkening can slove the suffering problem unless it is a very high level of awakening. Suffering is deeply rooted in our bodies.
  7. You cannot kill a person that is self aware and have a life and want to live and have relatives and friends who have known them for years. A baby has nothing of that. A baby is like a living tissue that has very low levels of consciousness and self awareness, a baby doesn't mind being killed.
  8. hahah, true. But that's doesn't answer my question.
  9. Why to kill a baby that is totally ok and healthy? We are here to experience life, we are here to live not to die. The case I made for deformed babies so that we produce a better life for organism that live on this earth.
  10. @Leo Gura I did ask you why don't you just take levothyroxine before , and you answered that it doesn't work for you. I am actually a doctor and we never learned that such thing can happen, we learned that virutally all people respond to the treatment. Did your doctor acknowledge that you don't respond to treatment or is it something you just assumed. Maybe you just need a higher dose.
  11. it is challenging at first but you will reach a point where it is so obvious that all evil is actaully goodness.
  12. Many of us, when it is said that someone loves himself, we say then this person is arrogant or narcissistic and we do not put another possibility, that for example This is a healthy thing. Self-love is a very important thing, and many people suffer from a huge deficiency in this matter in particular. We are designed as humans to love ourselves if only the “positive” things are available in us, for example, I love myself if I am rich or if I am a person of status or position or if I am beautiful and tall or have soft facial features , and I do not love myself if I am poor or from a humble family or if I am ugly. Here comes the concept of unconditional self-love, I love myself if I am beautiful and if I am ugly, I love myself if I am smart and I love it if I am stupid too, I love it if I am rich and I love it if I am poor. This concept of unconditional self-love with almost anything is a secret of happiness and a fundamental basis for it. And of course, this love will make you a stronger and more confident person, and it will make your relationship with yourself healthier. People who are bullied, whether by colleagues, spouses, or wives, suffer from a severe lack of self-love. If they had enough self-love and respect, they would not have been bullied in the first place. Self-love also helps to change oneself. If I accept myself with all its flaws, sins, and negative qualities, I will be able to change it. Here is another topic, which is the topic of self-flagellation. Many people who practice self-development, for example, whip themselves and are very harsh with them, and of course, this is completely wrong. The correct approach is the approach of self-love and kindness, and having the desire to change it for the better. Of course, this approach is more effective and better by far, and of course, it is more beautiful and more comfortable at the psychological level. In my opinion, self-love should have no limits. I love myself even if I am a criminal, for example, but I will also work hard to change it, and as they say, the best of sinners are those who repent.
  13. Suffering is rooted deeply in the human design. You cannot just transcend it by spiritual talk. Only few people on earth really transceded suffering or maybe there is none, who knows.
  14. Bad is good. You must accept that. Bad, error, evil, ugliness are all part of the design. You literally cannot get good without bad
  15. You was an asshole to me and called me an asshole and made jocks about my mental illness and tried to gaslight me. Please get of your high horse. Anyways, pls stop commenting on my posts. Your punishment coming soon, be ready. Pls @Leo Guraget this troll of my back. Make sure that this forum is a safe environment especially for mentally ill people.