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  1. Spirituality is a dangerous work. If yoy6are not ready for it then leave it. And this exactly the point. The ego doesn't value the Truth for it values survival. The truth won't feed your children, no one said that.
  2. Yeah politics brings up the worst in people. It is essential to do politics in a conscious and unjudgmental manner, otherwise it become quite toxic. The current political discourses we are having even on the left side are full of hate and judgment, It is quite painful to even watch them sometimes.
  3. Yeah they are not fake, but he is quite emotinal these days. Crying because supposedly Antifa is trying to destroy Society and then saying they are doing this out of revenge against God is quite unhinged. The guy is clearly not mentally stable these days.
  4. A national threat my ass, Let the goddamn aleins give us their sweet psychdelics
  5. @Leo Gura Do you think there is some sort of a secret communication happening between governmnet officals and Aliens? It seems they are being more vocal about ufos recently, maybe they are normalizing the concept slowly?
  6. Let's continue mentally masturbating guys, it is working! let's masturbate until we get enlightened, Jeez.
  7. It is not about normalizing fatness or saying fat is healthy or telling people you should become fat, this is dumb. It is about normalizning Self love and acceptance. This is what we learn from personal development, to love ourselves no matter how we look. Also, Some people are more inclined by genetics to be fatter. Why do we shame them?ً why don't we accept them. Also, These magazines have only put perfect women on their covers for ages now, it is time to embrace variety. We don't want just perfect women, we want less perfect women too.
  8. @Leo Gura I think Some people are born ready to devote their selves to such causes. They just need any set of beliefs to adopt and act on.
  9. You got a heavy invsetment there bro, This is not how you want to approach spirituality. If your self is in the way, you are in for a lot of deception. Make sure you want the Truth, not what makes you happy.
  10. @Someone here I don't think it contradicted any of Leo's previous teahcings, it just added on them, and Leo was clear about that in the videos so I don't know what are you talking about guys.
  11. @SQAAD If the teachings don't resonate with you, maybe it is time to find another teacher. Also, spirituality requires a solid foundation for you to be able to handle it, so you maybe be better of spirituality for now. For me, the last episode made so much sense, it was truly amazing.
  12. @Someone here I think I was like this since ever but repressing it subconsciously. I started consuming stage green media and part of integrating green is to embrace my true sexuality. So I started opening up and I was amazed that I was really attracted to men and started watching and enjoying gay porn. I remember sincw ever I used to put things up my ass and I was really annoyed by that and I didn't really understood why, but now I do, I am bisexual. This is stupid. Sexuality is a spectrum, and apperantly you are not at the "straight" end of the spectrum. Why are you conceiving this attraction as bad or wrong? It is not. The lesson here is to embrace your sexuality, be a man and accept the dick 😝
  13. He has being going through a lot lately. Several drug addictions, truama, stress and mental illness, his family left him at some point. Stress alone can age you like shit.
  14. No, don't watch anything. that would be like watching porn while having sex. Just sit there and contemplate, let reality show its true nature to you. You don't Leo teaching you what reality is, you need to see it yourself. Consider raising your dose if nothing significant is happening in your trips.