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  1. Thanks for sharing it. I like how overtime, the worldviews completely changed to the opposite.
  2. @Carl-Richard yes please i want to read your research paper
  3. @Carl-Richard You gave me the best idea. Thank you! I will say i follow the Keefism (My name)
  4. @Princess ArabiaGood idea, I will use it depends on the person from my experience, this will not cut it with people of my type
  5. I have left my religion many years ago. I'm not atheist nor agnostic. I simply realize that i'm dreaming reality. It can't be an ideology, because it's just it. Almost every time when i meet someone, at some point they ask, "what religion do you follow?" or, are you this, or that? And when I meet someone from the same country as me, they expect me to be in the same religion as them, because 96.6% of my country follow 1 religion, and 3% follows a different religion. My family and my childhood friends are religious, and we are very close. They still think that I'm also religious, even though I don't engage with them with they bring up religious stuff in a conversation. I cannot imagine telling these people that i'm not, and if i do, they will not see me the same anymore. Because religion and god is everything to them, and they will go batshit crazy if i tell them i left the religion, let alone telling them i'm the fucking God. It kinda saddens me knowing that they will never find out who i truly am as a human.So those people are off limits. But what about when I meet a new person. How should i go about answering: what religion are you? For some reason, people always ask me this question. It's a very hard question for me to answer. Because people can expect any answer but the true one. I'm tired of always stuttering and thinking hard whenever someone asks me this question. I need help solving this question once and for all.
  6. I know bias is a thing, but this war made me appreciate how shockingly powerful it can be.
  7. @Leo Gura Do you think god improves/upgrades god by learning from god? Or is god complete?
  8. @Leo Gura Except that leads to the truth
  9. After reading a lot about politics over the years, I had a question If someone reaches high levels of God realization, and high levels of personal development. Literally, God fully aware of itself as God, But at the same time, they want to survive this game of reality. What political ideology would they subscribe to? Would this ideology even exist? Would they be moderate and enjoy the show? Would they take the golden nuggets from each ideology, that aligns with the highest truth? I've always asked myself this question, because I noticed a lot of people having a low-quality political views/ideology, and I want to know if it's possible to have a grounded political ideology that aligns with the truth.
  10. @Leo Gura Do you also eat meat for breakfast?
  11. @Eren Eeager You got this!