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  1. hmmm looks like a classic case of abuse by your father which caused weakness in you. You ended up refusing the tough side inside you. You now have to learn to accept the masculine and heal your traumas. a good integration of both masculinity and feminity is essential for a good and healthy life. This problem may be was hidden under the radar for years now. Start Working on it!
  2. signs of low integration of masculinity and weakness. This is your problem here. Your problem is not that dumb people are aggressive and judgmental. your problem is that you have low integration of masculinity. Work on becoming more psychologically stronger.
  3. Yeah, the former is like, " You are hot, now please love me, please I need you to accept me" which is lame and so beta.
  4. It is not about you and what you prefer. It is about palestanian people, and their right for their land. It is like justifying killing tens of thousands of native Americans in the name of civilization and eliminating savages. This is the same propaganda Americans used to justifying killing natives, just call them savages.
  5. @Leo Gura But he is certainly biased towards traditions of Hinduism or maybe he prefers not to clash with Hindus maybe?
  6. Muhammad did it but he fought many wars tho.
  7. Why would he burn himself? What is the value of that? I think any real spiritual teacher will never be interested in such stunts. They value their lives more, I think.
  8. @Leo Gura Was wondering for a while if this is an accurate representation of mahasmadhi?
  9. @Setzer901 God divided it self into the many. The many imagines themselves to be individuals and separate. When one of those individuals finally realizes it is God,everything collapses into oness for ever and God realizes it is the only thing that ever existed. The self exists only because you are decieving yourself into imagining it and the whole universe with it. So if you become conscious enough, all the universe will disappear for ever.
  10. There was a scene in a movie called lord of war where it explains that the cost of transporting used military guns and equipment far exceeds that of making new ones, so they actually leave it, but don't know if that's true tho.
  11. Add legumes to your diet and you will fill a large gap. I was vegan for two months this year and it was very easy for me. I used to eat lentils, fava beans, grilled vegetables, hummus, salads, broccoli. Your main course should contain some sort of legumes to fill your belly. They are very healthy, containing fibers, electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants. Don't look for fancy recipes. I used to look for the simplest recipes on the internet. I made a lot of delicious lentils soup and spiced brown lentils. They are very delicious and fulfilling
  12. @impulse9 or If you ever wondered what mere chance is. Karma has nothing to do with anything that happens to you. Karma Is just how distant you are from God, your true and higher self. listen to the ego, you gain karma and become less connected to the Self. that's it! 1!
  13. what is your view on physical inanimate objects? Does God experience being a stone as it experiences being a human or an animal or is it just something sentient beings imagine within their experience?
  14. @Vivaldo You cannot escape life. you will just take another form and another identity. So if you killed yourself, your consciousness will find a new "host" for it. You cannot escape life by killing the body. But you can escape your current body. But don't give up on life yet. premature suicide carries its own karma.
  15. Even spiritual work? I don't know, I have always thought that proper spiritual work can surpass anything.
  16. @Nos7algiK He mentioned it a lot actually. He made a mode for oblivion and also worked with bioshock team.
  17. @Leo Gura Why did you just quit on video games designing after you invested a lot of time in developing your skills? did you figure that life coaching was the real deal for you?
  18. @Leo Gura You made over a million dollars in your first online business?! what was this business exactly? or you just talking about
  19. Just want to learn about differnet civilizations and how people used to live. what would you recommend?
  20. @Fleetinglife Thanks!
  21. @Leo Gura Why are guys terrified from talking to girls? Is there any evolutionary explanation behind?
  22. @Leo Gura But from a relative perspective, doing wrong things makes you egotistical and thus less connected to God and this is what really makes them wrong.