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  1. Ok cool, I don't Thanks I'd have to look into that a bit, I'm not sure how ebay works exactly. Thanks though
  2. "I'm never so prone to loose my identity. I am dissolved in the haze." (Thoreau)
  3. I like getting physical copies of the books I'm reading and don't feel like supporting amazon or book depository anymore... What can I do? I already tried my local book store. They're good for German books but the problem with English ones is: Shipping takes forever Shipping also costs quite a lot, sometimes as much at the book itself (as opposed to online retailers where shipping is free) They couldn't even get some of the books I requested, they're too niche. I saw that they're just ordering them off amazon as well...? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Before joining this forum I didn’t even know about pick up… Now this is me every time I'm checking the dating section:
  5. He's here to remind you how quickly you can be turned away from love
  6. Looks great! Does it feel right too?
  7. "Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding." - Khalil Gibran You are loved, Ivan!
  8. I find that life is that funny thing where, however you're trying to plan it, that's for sure not how it's gonna turn out. Like you think you'll have your deepest realisations on a long solo retreat 10 years from now but then it hits you out of nowhere, standing in line at the grocery store after days of frustrating meditation and hating yourself. It's okay to make plans. But stay open to life's fierce, loving and ruthless grace.
  9. @Michael569 What would everyone do without you on this forum? Your advice is always gold and you seem endlessly passionate about health. Wish you all the best on your path. I'm sure that whatever you decide to do in your life you'll be of great help for many people on their health journey! Much love!
  10. First ask yourself if you actually genuinely enjoy being on social media. Because if you don’t it’s really silly to force yourself. Yes, social media seems important now but people are als craving something new. You can find a different way to connect with your audience, something that actually makes you feel excited. You could take some time and contemplate these questions: (Just put them on top on an empty sheet of paper and leave it on your desk for a week) “What are all the ways in which my music could reach people?” “What would be a cool way to hear about some else’s music that no one has thought about yet?” “How do I like connecting to people? What feels authentic to me?” etc. I personally really dislike spending time in front of a scene and feel amazing since quitting all social media. So I found a different way. And so can you :-) It’s basically a question of marketing. Check out Seth Godin. I don’t know much about marketing so his books really help me. He has a great, conscious view on marketing and reading his stuff is always really inspiring and makes me come up with new ideas. Also, your recording skills seem amazing too. You could start your own label, ask other musicians to collaborate with you and get your name out there like that… Just an idea :-) Your guitar skills are 10/10 btw. Teenage Black-Metal-leather-jacket-me is hyped up!
  11. @Consilience @Serotoninluv Great responses! @Nak Khid My experience is just the opposite. The amount of focus and clarity I have compared to before I started meditating is immense. I used to be so confused and overwhelmed, it just felt like I was chasing my own tail all day, even though I was “doing stuff” all the time. It’s not a matter of how much time you have in a day, it’s a matter of your intent, clarity and presence. I have so much more focus to write, contemplate and come up with ideas that I actually feel like the days have doubled in length. Meditation also gave me new perspectives and made me hyper creative. But it’s not a “relief” for me, it’s quite the opposite of “zoning out”. Meditation is precisely the time of the day when I’m not zoning out. Also Beethoven’s music didn’t come from thinking about it. Playing an instrument is actually one of the best ways to practice focusing/ meditation Are you meditating much? What’s your experience?
  12. @DrewNows Oh thanks, but no thanks I actually just noticed so many similar threads on this topic. Sometimes I wonder if there's collective awakening to certain truths... Pretty interesting! I'm an Aries @ivankiss @dimitri
  13. Your perspective is a gift. Your opinion is remarkable, totally valid and worth honouring! How often do we have the tendency to look to others, to Leo, an enlightened master or some “God-consciousness” to come by and give us all the answers we’re looking for. In spirituality there’s much emphasis on “being wrong”, “being bad”, “getting rid of the ego”, etc. How about you stop for a minute and try the opposite. Have you ever considered how incredible it is to just sit down with a piece of paper and your own mind and contemplate a question? Just you and your perspective? To find out what your truth is, what you would like to do, how you see an issue? And that maybe, just maybe, it’s a gift? That it’s a privilege to be you? A privilege even to see the world in a limited way? You discover what you are when you stop getting rid of yourself. When you stop trying to “break out”. You’re the thing you’re looking for. Stop turning away from it :-) Stop trying to be somebody else. That’s the essence of meditation. To stop fighting yourself. Just try it and see what happens. Don’t try to “get there”. Be here. Honour your experience. That’s the key, really. Turn towards yourself, not away from yourself. You’re God’s child. Your imperfect, sober, limited mind is proof for God’s limitless love and creativity. Our imperfections are what are keeping all of us together.
  14. I loved following this thread! Proud to finally share my board with you :-) My vision is simple: A self sustained farm in the middle of nowhere, working outside all day, solitude, books and, if fate has it, a wood chopping man by my side;-) Some pictures are my own as I'm living quite a bit of that already. I actually printed the pictures before arranging them on a canvas manually: Here's the finished version: It perfectly fits my workspace as well:-)