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  1. Day 96-B: Why are you afraid to die? If you stop loving, you will stop living. The scorching fire will not cease until the last Pine tree wood will be extinguished. The metaphor of the Sun setting, a life of a human coming to an end. Departed loved ones, lying on the ground, forever in our hearts. Names and dates, engraved on the timeless tombstones. Rich or poor, does it make any difference? One destiny, all living beings, Death is the finality. Did you enjoy it once you’ve given the chance? Every passing second makes us nearer to our grave or urn. Humility dawns on us once our demise is on our perception. A beating heart, lungs filled with smoke, this place is like a peaceful sanctuary. Only the living has the capacity to roam, while the corpses sleep for eternity. Time is our ally or enemy in the end. Most precious commodity you can never bring back. We live so that we could die. Anything in between is up to us. -Louis Perez’ Poetry #31
  2. Day 96: Sagada Temperature is at least 18 degrees celsius or below, Beautiful vibrations from the locals brighten these gloomy, soaked mountains. Hot coffee or choco, always suitable to warm the body, Enticing chitchats fill all hospitable cafes. Blessed with natural resources, beauty beyond comparison. Attractive faces of the women, you would want to marry in the first glance. Clouds always covering the hot sun. But this is the place where a lot of blessings grow. Proceed to the higher altitudes and your time will run slow. You don’t have to hurry anything because the roads are small. One wrong slip and you will meet your Creator. Fogs and mists appear here all the time as if you’re already in heaven. Pine trees towering anywhere you set your vision. People cherish their environment and they are repaid with bountiful crops. Once you get here, you don’t want to leave the place. Ecstatic in every second, if you choose to be in that state of mind. -Louis Perez’ Poetry #30
  3. @Wisebaxter Thank you for commenting on my posts. I will surely reply to you tomorrow as i am packing my stuff for tomorrow’s travel. Thanks. Day 96: I am stoked for tomorrow for i will have a 5 day Nature trip including my Birthday Celebration on November. It would be on the mountains so it would be beautiful. There’s a typhoon going on in our country so it would be rainy going there. Let’s go!
  4. Day 95: I am afraid of my self when i am alone with my self. Because anxiety and depression won’t leave me. I have to go outside for me to regroup. in time though, I will be able to over this.
  5. Day 94: Feeling good, after being able to control my day. Will do it again tomorrow, by deliberately controlling my thoughts. Will get all my journaling into my Virtual Notes tomorrow.
  6. Day 93: Feeling fine but still missing my ex. I’m trying to let things now, most especially the things i cannot control and focus more on the things i can control like my health, mindset, work, activities, foods i consume, people i hang out with. Etc. I’m on my way of improving myself, and I won’t settle to less than i really deserve. Knowing that i can get what i really want.
  7. Day 92-B: Things will get worse before they get better.
  8. Day 92: I’m having some panic attacks and anxiety again.
  9. @Wisebaxter Thank you. Yes, i can see that and things that i prioritize now are the ones making me a better person that Leo always teaches in most of his videos. But i still have some setbacks that i experience every day and will forgive myself whatever that means for self love. How about you, what are the practices your partake in to have a profound growth in your life? Day 91: Still have some painful experiences from my past lover. But continually moving forward in regaining my balance and zest of life.
  10. Day 90: Focus, breathe, relax, be yourself, guard your heart.
  11. Day 89: I’m on my way of stopping masturbation and porn in my life. I also stopped posting at Facebook but still continuing doing it at Instagram.
  12. Day 88: I resisted for the first time porn and masturbation.
  13. Day 87: Had a wonderful day. Less of telling people what to do now. Focus on relaxation, just being in the moment and enjoying what is happening with me.
  14. @Ulax I do it regularly, almost everyday. 10 minutes and concentrating only on my breathing.
  15. Day 86: The day was productive. I have done what I needed to do. Dis my errands. Tomorrow would be a less work, and more on focus-which is reading.