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  1. @Einsteinonacid this is a cool art. Thanks
  2. @Opo ok. Fun stuff.
  3. @Opo thanks mate. I might have one of these as my new tattoo. Where did you get all of these? Hehe
  4. @datamonster i regretted my post here. Im asking a serious question and you’re giving me this.
  5. @somanylollipops hehe. Thanks
  6. @Artsu thanks. Will consider it.
  7. @Member it helps my anxiety episodes whenever i look at my tattoos for some strange reasons.
  8. @Artsu ain’t that the main theme of self-actualization is to be present, if not all the time, most of the time? Because the past and the future are just concepts our mind is creating. I might have my next tattoos being taken as ideas here at Thanks for the reply mate.
  9. @Artsu thank you for your response. What does ESFP means? I have chosen these 2 tattoos to be more mindful whenever i am anxious as Eckhart Tolle said, be aware of your breathing and be in the present moment. Could you please give me samples of those tattoos or do you have one?
  10. I recently had 2 tattoos, which was my first, for my spirituality and self-actualization. Any suggestions for my new tattoos with the same ideas? Colored tattoos are preferable. Thanks
  11. Thank you to all your responses. I appreciate it.
  12. @JohnWell thank you so much. I’ll look into it.
  13. @Peter-Andre nothing specific. Anything categorized as Self-help would do.
  14. @JosephKnecht thank you so much.
  15. Any suggestion for Audiobooks for Self-Help? Thanks