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  1. @Michael569 Im from Philippines 🇵🇭 Man. I had Immunosuppressant before. But i am more on the natural side which i thick help me a lot. Meditation also helped together with consciousness.
  2. @Michael569 Thanks for the insightful response Man. Major contributors for my flare ups are dairy, caffeine, i think pork, any fast foods, beer or alcohol? But recently my gut improves because i have avoided most of these foods. Except beer. Hehe. Adding the intermittent fasting also helped me maybe because of its benefits. My fitness also helped my Crohn’s disease. I would watch Dr. Morse more often then. Is this is his YouTube channel?
  3. You can do it, Man. I have a toxic parents too sometimes. But i forgive them every time they destroy my peace. I live with them still but have the plan of getting to USA someday to work and have a family there. Be present in the moment always and you will be in the right place no matter what. More powers to you always. 🤘🏻
  4. I’ve been going to gym regularly and stopped taking Mass Gainer and Creatine because i have lactose intolerance due to my Crohn’s disease. I do running every other day. I’ve been consuming veggies and meat. I am also in intermittent Fasting for 12 hours window. I am also a nurse so my sleep is not 7 hours and up regularly. How to gain muscles? Thanks in advance. 😊💪🏃‍♂️
  5. @Angelo John Gage Will sure do. Bless you Brother.
  6. @Angelo John Gage Thanks for your video Bro. I, myself, is a self-critical. If i ever fail into a plan or anything i want to achieve, I punish myself by saying nasty things about me. I will watch your video over and over so i can be aware of that self-punishing voice and see what happens from there. This will help me a lot. More powers Bro.
  7. @Eden You are strong. Even when you are weak.
  8. @M4sti yes bro. Wish you nothing but the best too.
  9. @Keyhole will see you journal.
  10. @M4sti i’ve learned to love my self too. Ive been a people please too my whole life. Making other people’s agendas on top of my own making me miserable all the time. But i have shifted my life into 180 degrees to always make myself the highest priority. And ive never been fulfilled.
  11. @Keyhole thats very kind of you. I will. Do you mind if you tell your story?
  12. @kieranperez i will Man. Thank you for your motivating words. I will use those to execute each of my days.
  13. @M4sti wise words you have. All i can say is sometimes i have the tendency to give up fighting what i think is best for my self and let people and circumstances dictate what my life will be moving forward. But with the help of you and this forum, i know i have a battle to be prepared for. What is your story? Thank you for sharing.