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  1. @legendary Do you believe in their paranormal powers? Like when they create figures in the air. Hehe
  2. @SoonHei Its very simply complicated. Hehe
  3. @Pouya I agree. But i also follow Russell Brand, Leo Gura whom i get some of their practices.
  4. @SoonHei Is it also saying, I am the present moment?
  5. @Kensho Thats what i thought too.
  6. @Marc Schinkel Yes. It improves my health a lot.
  7. @TheAvatarState Thanks mate! Same goes with you.
  8. @DrewNows Great stuff! I'll put everything you said into perspective and apply them.
  9. @Aeris Thank you mate!
  10. Sleeping for more than 7 hours is hard for me sometimes because as a nurse i work on shifting hours including nights. So as long as i have the time to sleep, im maximizing every hour to get rested. After i have the Crohn's disease, i went to eating healthy.
  11. @DrewNows Thats my observation with the Wim Hof Method too. It made me aware of my emotions when pouring my self with some cold water in my body. What other biohacks do you practice to deepen your consciousness?
  12. @Aeris Yes we are all in this together. What are some biohacks that you are practising for a better health?
  13. @Aeris Kind words mate! Yes. I will use whatever alternatives available to thrive in Life. Same to you. 😊