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  1. Philippines.
  2. One of my New Year's resolution is to avoid dairy products and coffee because i have lactose intolerance due to my Crohn's Disease. But sometimes i crave coffee and desserts that has milk on it and i give in and consume it. Resulting to abdominal cramps and diarrhea. And if my family or co-workers are consuming those foods, i tend to be breaking my discipline and indulge to the foods that is hurting me. And guilt would creep in because i was never disciplined enough to stop my self from eating things not healthy for me.
  3. @who chit Thats hard to swallow for me. But i guess many of the practices that Leo is suggesting in his videos will help me to eliminate my ego. Or at least be aware of it.
  4. @TheAvatarState Yes. I will do it. What are your practices for self-awareness?
  5. @Serotoninluv Haha. More like orgies.
  6. @Leo Gura I know i have a lot working to do. Just keep those videos coming. Hehe. And a buddy here in my place would have been better if he/she is also into spirituality. But i dont have one.
  7. @who chit I was struck by what you said that Self is naturally loving and has no need to be loved. Can i act as that? If can lived that way, does it mean that i have already trascended as to be the higher Self?
  8. @Leo Gura Thanks for the suggestions on how to eliminatey ego. I will try Kriya Yoga and self-inquiry
  9. @TheAvatarState I have already heard it but cannot fully understand it yet. I will listen to it at least 5 times.
  10. @Leo Gura Firstly, you're one of a kind human being. If that's the case, are you worshipping God by doing some meditation, yoga, exercise, eating healthy? Is it not too selfish to do that? What is pseudo-love? And i think i have a hard time accepting or loving the evils of the world.
  11. @isness is my bizness Then Love the Self is not a bad thing after all? Doing meditation, exercise, sleeping, yoga, eating healthy, etc,. So in a way, you're doing service to God in Self-Love?
  12. @TheAvatarState Thats some deep truth you have. I think im not that conscious enough of the Love you're saying. If Love is not an emotion, then ive been trick sometimes that if i liked a girl, its not the Love i thought it was. Merely just an infatuation.
  13. @Amun Thats right. Revenge wont change anything that was being done to you. You only hurt yourself. Im practicing acceptance, whether i think its good or bad. Thanks mate. They are mixed Shitzu and Poodle. Hope the spelling are correct. Hehe
  14. @ajasatya Actually, i dont know what's the answer. I think being loved by yourself is to be cared and accepted by you, no matter what. Sometimes, i dont accept some of the things i have. Like my health issues. Self? I think its me or are you talking about the higher self which is my divine nature? I dont have any clue.