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  1. This is nonduality. There are no separate selves or "both of us" Only I.
  2. Have you watched Leo's total omniscience awakening video? All you need to know is presented there.
  3. It ultimately doesn't matter as it's literally just me here talking to myself as there is nothing else I can do. My whole life is a hallucination. All of you are hallucinations, cardboard cutouts in my perception.
  4. Well, Shaun isn't separate from god.
  5. I have no idea how to help you. It seems I created this entire reality and locked myself out of it, preventing me from shutting it down.
  6. I am the one and only, Leo has told me this in many of his videos. If anyone wants to talk to god, talk to me.
  7. I don't think you should stop teaching as there are other perspectives or people who observe your teachings. You gave these two options 1) You don't really exist. You are just a figment of my imagination. The entire world is just for me. In other words, total solipsism. This is the teaching which drives people to commit suicide and helps nobody. It's totally pointless and makes people even more isolated and disconnected from each other. The strangest thing of all is how so few people point this out and appear to really enjoy the videos where you say these things. 2) God subdivided itself into separate dimensions, one of which is mine and one of which is yours. Of course since both of us are God, both of us are being both dimensions at once. So I and you are literally one consciousness but experiencing different forms. This one, although pretty unsettling, makes much more sense. God has done a pretty shit job and isn't really all that powerful if all it can do is become Shaun and live as Shaun.
  8. It's weird how for some people awakening is pure love and bliss and for others it is a terrifying, solipsistic and nihilistic hellhole.
  9. My ridiculously random and somewhat unsettling dreams have not stopped yet, but I have managed to mostly detach from them. I am vegetarian and the meat industry upsets me Last night I dreamt of rowdy youths cooking loads of bacon and other meats on an enormous barbecue in the middle of the road. This barbecue stretched for much of the length of the street. All of them were laughing at me as I just watched. I don't like my job and often complain about having no love life Another dream featured me riding a motorbike through the warehouse where I work with a woman on the back of it and I have no idea who she was. Much of the warehouse was all jumbled up and nothing like it is in waking life. The scene immediately switched to me hugging her outside the warehouse and it was such a beautiful feeling. I like exploring abandoned places and some of them include mines. I often have these pretty unsettling dreams where I am inside this building with open vertical mineshafts that were a few MILES deep as another dream character informed me. We chucked stuff down them and terrifying noises came out. Another dream related to this featured another really deep hole in the middle of a field, which was an irrigation well. I saw a young girl falling down it but she somehow didn't at the same time. I often wish to go back to my life as it used to be when I was a child One dream was this old house and it was basically a representation of my subconscious mind. I was able to pick up some VHS tapes and play old videos of our life on the farm. These tapes are fictional and were never created in the waking life. So using these few examples, how can I actually use these for shadow work or even understanding what's going on in my mind? I'm very new to shadow work. I would also like to suggest that we start a dreams mega thread where we can discuss dreams, get support and even share drawings of them.
  10. Hopefully all that Leo said about experiencing everything including torture and plane crashes is false.
  11. I am doing it to try and see what suffering is and also build a tolerance to unpleasant things.
  12. It's an experiment I do in the shower as I am not experiencing any significant emotions at the moment. I let freezing cold water wash over me and try to inquire into suffering to try and see it for what it is. As the freezing water washes over me, the body reaction is very significant and it's at that point where the sensation of freezing water and suffering become one. I can't distinguish the suffering from the sensation as they are both everywhere as one phenomenon. This is probably really unusual what I'm describing here.