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  1. I would advise you to have a look at Rupert Spiras video called "grief is not essential to you". Your loved ones are not fake cardboard cutouts. That's solipsism.
  2. Is there any truth to this at all? Please let me know your thoughts as this used to be a great source of joy and wonder in my life.
  3. There's no other possible reaction to it.
  4. Well, as you have said to me before Leo, when you appear to be addressing someone else, you are actually addressing me. So my question to myself is how can I totally shut down reality in such a way that it will never start up again? Please help me out on this one.
  5. My view on it is that it's impossible to prove since all experience is subjective - meaning that it must appear to a perspective, whether that is a fly, human or camera or whatever else. Could there ever be an objective experience? I doubt it. The strongest piece of evidence there is for an objective something, be it a physical or mind/consciousness based world is that you can hold up an orange and every sane person will agree with you on what and where it is. This suggests there may be something that is objective and exists independently of your current experience. I hope this helps.
  6. You're right there. Humanity needs to get rid of meat and dairy completely. It's almost as bad as the holocaust yet not enough people are complaining.
  7. Yes, very irresponsibly. Until the the planes are electric, I won't be flying anywhere.
  8. Correct. You don't try to fly by flapping with your arms, because you know it wont work. I am dead. You are utterly brilliant. I laughed harder than Elon Musk when he did meme review.
  9. I love the way you think.
  10. I hope to fuck that its really this way. I just want to create a really good life and then be done with it forever.
  11. Everyone: We will remember them. Leo: The first world war is imaginary Everyone:
  12. That was absolutely beautiful. *prayer emoji which I can't be arsed finding on my phone
  13. I thought you guys would appreciate it. It just makes me feel depressed.