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  1. It’s already kinda happening. Sometimes I catch myself acting like them. I always catch myself and snap out of it. But I’m scared of one day losing it completely and just totally becoming like them and go down their spiral. I notice my brothers and cousins all going down the same path. They’re older than me, and I notice their lives following the same course as my family (dysfunctional relationships, neurotic psychology, etc). I really don’t want the same to happen to me, man. I must get my shit together and build my own life.
  2. My family is very neurotic and depressive and stressed out. I’m scared of being drawn into all the drama and ending up like them.
  3. I've never tried psychedelics, but I'm pretty sure it isn't much like fainting. Fainting is just horrible lol. I hated it so damn much when it happened to me. This description is bringing back memories, ew. Horrible.
  4. Drop black and white thinking, man. It’s not like you either take all advice from everyone or don’t take advice from anyone at all. Depends on what kind of advice it is. Depends who it is you’re taking advice from. Depends on how the advice fits in to your particular situation, etc etc. I fall prey to black and white thinking a lot too, but I’m chaging that. That’s my advice. Take it if you feel like it helps.
  5. Yeah man, I've fainted twice in my life from getting my blood drawn. At first it felt like I was pulled into a vortex, and then I was rapidly traveling through my veins as consciousness at such a speed that I can't even explain. It was like I was inside a car (as consciousness, me and the car being consciousness in this analogy) traveling through a tunnel at breakneck speed and a tremendous force. The tunnel was my veins. Crazy shit lol. It was fucking terrifying. And then I came to, completely disoriented, and mumbled "ugg noo, i cant believe that happendddd, i hated that..."
  6. If you have a dog, or a cat, or any animal, sit down with it, get a pen and paper, write a word on it, and seriously spend the next 30 minutes trying to get your dog to understand how amazing it would be if it could just look at the paper and actually read the word. ACTUALLY try to teach your dog or your cat to read the word on the paper. Not like a joke, but actually try it. Feel the frustration that your dog just won't fucking get it. But keep trying anyways in the hopes that it will get it! After 30 minutes of trying, you'll realize how amazing it is that you yourself can do it But then you'll have compassion towards your dog that it can't do it, you'll understand that that's how your dog is. But you'll also feel how amazing it is that you yourself can do it. You might ask me why the heck you would do that. I don't know how to answer that question. But I guess that it will just show you how fucking amazing it is that you can do something so sophisticated as looking at a paper with ink on it and somehow read what the shapes on the paper mean. That's not an ability to take for granted
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I've also recently found these two and am currently reading them: The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. This one is helping me open my mind to new possibilities by understanding how my subconscious mind is creating my reality and how I can have more control over my "external" reality by first focusing on changing my "internal" reality. A Mind For Numbers by Barbara Oakley. This one is helping me learn more about how we can properly learn math and science, because I'm taking a lot of math at university. It's helping me understand exactly how we learn math and how amazing it is that we can even think about math! It also made me realize how math isn't actually real, there is zero substance to it, but at the same time it allows us to make so many cool things with it, considering that we can think about it properly. It's also making me understand why math is difficult, which is pricesely because it's almost like magic your mind is doing. But of course you can train your mind to do it with practice and the proper techniques presented in the book.
  8. What book would you recommend for someone that wants to learn how to use their mind for their own benefit rather than being controlled by it?
  9. Life is so awesome but I’m always standing in my own way, blinding myself to everything. Idk why I keep doing this That’s all I freaking do. Constantly. Constantly standing in my own way and in the way of others, and also others in my way.. and on it goes this is tiring ;( So so tiring. I just wanna be free and look at things as they are
  10. he's probably just doing this to get the people that follow him to persue enlightenment too. lol, i mean, u gotta start somewhere u gotta speak your audience's language to reach them
  11. I'm so grateful for everything I've been crying uncontollably for an hour. Why am I so lucky :'(
  12. The economy and the wellbeing of the population aren’t separate things.
  13. aahahhahahaha "people who dress their dogs are ESPECIALLY full of shit" had me dying.
  14. @Leo Gura Do you have any tips on how I can develop the ability to express myself better in writing and speech? I think I would only trust advice coming from you, because I know that you speak very well, so I know who the advice is coming from. Do you think you have the innate talent or did you develop it over the years?
  15. @Rikimaus And maybe he doesn't realize how dangerous such a statement can be to an ego that has no idea what he's talking about and misinterprets it. That's what worries me a bit about @Leo Gura's outrageous claims hahaha. Someone sitting at home alone in front of their computer, full of psychological problems and wordly problems, listening to what he says can interpret it the wrong way, because after all, spiritual work should be done with actual experience! And the ego always loves jumping to conclusions without checking the facts for itself. (I'm aware that Leo always stresses the importance of finding it out for ourselves, but yeah, the ego is strong and it jumps to stupid conclusions too fast and too carelessly.)