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  1. no a resounding no
  2. correction: the problem IS your mother She’s acting like this towards you because of a bunch of problems in her she hasn’t resolved, so don’t make it about yourself
  3. I read this book after becoming conscious of the fact that the root cause of most of my self-destructive behaviors was boredom. I might come back later to edit these notes or add more to it. I still haven't added into these notes the benefits of embracing boredom, which are wondefully described in the book. These notes are helpful to contemplate so you can become aware of the subtly different ways that boredom can arise. In the opening of each chapter in the book there are also many nice little quotes that are good for contemplation. "The power of boredom - Why Boredom is Essential to Creating a Meaningful Life" by Mark A. Hawkins What is boredom? Boredom is the lack of any stimuli (internal or external) that is engaging Boredom is the space that allows us to see through all the distractions of our modern busy lives and into the true nature of our existence (an empty space full of potential) Boredom is life’s workspace. A place and time when we can examine our lives Boredom is a survival instinct that tells us to keep working towards improving ourselves, according to societal norms and expectations Boredom is a dark basement. It can be scary when you open the door and a bunch of creepy things can be in there, but deep down there’s a treasure Boredom is the fear of the self. The self that doesn’t live up to expectations Boredom is a spiritual practice Boredom is meditation Boredom is the absence of diversion Boredom is the discomfort of restlessness As soon as you feel a twinge of restlessness, stop and do nothing Boredom is the mother of the creative act Boredom is a never-ending spiral of personal and philosophical discoveries that can be used to create a great life Types of boredom Situational boredom: mild form of boredom when we are doing an activity that we don’t really feel like doing (like sitting in a boring class or doing repetitive work) “Full” boredom: felt when we get tired of doing a particular activity. This type of boredom is eliminated by moving on to another activity that engages us. “Empty” boredom: felt when we’re doing nothing (waiting to go to a party, waiting for a game to start on TV, waiting at the dentist’s office) Intense “empty” boredom: when there’s nothing to do in a long period of time (like weekends when there’s nothing to do, lazy Sundays) Existential boredom: very common in our society. It is bubbling under the surface of all our activity “Full” existential boredom: when we are busy with our lives, but there is very little that interests us or engages us about it (aka. going through the motions of life, being on a hamster wheel, there being no point to any action, withdrawal of meaning from everything in our lives in a negative way) “Empty” existential boredom: the most painful kind. Linked to depression, anxiety and destructive behaviors. Felt a lot in retirement. Sunday neurosis: the free time that we have worked so hard all week for becomes too painful. Here, we actually want so badly to go back to work because it will distract us from the nagging feeling that something is missing. Society's view on boredom “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” Boredom can be associated with laziness, lack of direction and even criminality Socially acceptable addictions (escape from boredom) Society can even reward you for these addictions, among others: Shopping Workaholism Addiction to exercise Compulsively filling our time with people Compulsive travel (wanderlust) Engagement in risky behaviors (bungee jumping, cliff diving, sky diving) Creation of drama Going on ideological “crusades” – defending a cause Limiting belief boredom reveals to us Happiness is controlled by external events (The discomfort reveals how much we’ve been relying on external events for our happiness) The world is a competitive place (It can also be a creative place) Every moment of life should be pleasurable Also some other personal limiting beliefs which are specific to what societal ideals (or personal ideals) affect us more strongly personally Filling space vs. necessary activities for survival Filling space: Watching TV Shopping Surfing the net Playing video games Having a couple drinks Reading Cleaning the room when it doesn’t have to be cleaned, etc. Needed for survival in the modern world: Going to work School Making food Having shelter Pursuing a goal, etc. Boredom vs mindfulness Mindfulness: increase awareness of our avoidance of the now, bringing mind back to present moment Boredom: complete lack of engagement, a complete lack of meaning. Nowadays we must make a conscious effort to allow moments of boredom in our lives
  4. By the way, if you just read this and just add this to your mental repertoire of knowledge, that’s a quantitative growth what happens when you understand this new way of looking at life is a qualitative change! Something deeper CHANGES in how you view reality I understood this clearer than ever after looking at a pen for an hour😂 Boring as FUCK I’m on vacation now so I’ll spend the entirety of next week getting more and more in touch with that realization to hopefully really drive it home. It gives life to everything!
  5. If you think that you’re wrong. Think about it. You’re part of reality, right? Right. Get in touch with the fact that you’re part of reality. It’s not obvious for the scientific mind!!! Now realize: a part of reality (you) is capable of KNOWING ITSELF. A part of reality conscious of itself! Incredible incredible incredible. Miraculous Now grab a pen. Look at the pen. Now here’s where it gets tricky! The process of YOU knowing YOURSELF is the same as YOU KNOWING THE PEN. It’s not like one part of reality (you) is knowing the pen. It’s more like YOU AND THE PEN are both part of reality and the KNOWING PROCESS embraces both you and the pen! Reality is ALIVE, it KNOWS ITSELF, it’s capable of amazing things like KNOWING ITSELF. It’s not merely a clockwork machine devoid of life. The objects around you are not DEAD. Everything is vibrant with life. YOU knowing THE PEN isn’t like there’s an arrow coming from you pointing to the pen! And, since the pen is dead it isn’t capable of knowing you back. No! That is just a MODEL reinforced by language when you say “I know the pen”, the subject-object structure of language reinforces the illusion! And I’m not saying the pen can know you back! I’m saying that YOU ARE THE ONLY THING DOING THE KNOWING OF EVERYTHING😂😂 It’s not a knowing that comes from you to the pen!! Reality gets much more interesting, vibrant, alive, miraculous, when you get in touch with that! I keep slipping in and out of that realization throughout the day. My scientific model of the world, the “everything is just dead stuff bouncing around, and I’m just this thing looking at stuff” paradigm is still strong; it’s quite a depressing way of looking at life. Good thing it’s just an illusion
  6. Whatever your answer is to that question is wrong.
  7. I would end all of it All around the world Everyone For ever ever ever ever And I’d never let it happen again If I could I wouldn’t even have allowed it in the first place
  8. You are you. You do exist. There is being. Being yourself is being who you are. If you have millions in your bank account, you are a millionaire. If you don't, you aren't a millionaire yet, but you can use future visualization techniques paired with action in the present and open-mindedness to become one. Oh, so here you're defining being a millionaire as being happy? And you're also defining happy as having a wife and three kids? Are you playing around with word definitions? What is your game here? Well, if you don't have a wife and three kids, you don't have a wife and three kids. If you don't have a million euros, you don't have a million euros. And that has nothing to do with happiness. When you say you're God and God is everything are you just parroting what you've heard spiritual gurus say? Because I'd assume that if you understood that you're God and God is everything, you wouldn't be so confused. Not a lot, no.
  9. Oh you’re doing it deliberately. I just feel like it’s easier for a teaching to be turned into ideologies when the answers are just delivered on a silver platter. I don’t know, it’s just something I’ve been thinking about Edit: but then again, Jesus’ teachings were very zen and still turned into ideologies.🤔
  10. @Leo Gura I really like these videos where you guide us through an exercise. However I feel like you try to explicate things too much. You just give out the answers and there isn’t enough space for us to discover something on our own. For example, I don’t think it helps anyone to just tell them straight up that “you don’t exist”. They have to be guided to that realization slowly. It can’t be explicated like that. Hope you get my point. A lot of people like your style, though! These are just my two cents
  11. I was mindblown when he said “at some point someone said to you that you’re a human and you just believed it like a sucker”😂 Very enlightening But I didn’t go too deep because I couldn’t concentrate. I got a lot of shit going on
  12. “Overall the rape was a great experience, and I'd recommend rape to everyone” - electroBeam, 2020 😂😂😂😂
  13. Yeah we come up with this insane idea that everyone is HAPPY. Except us😂