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  1. @Shodburrito I agree with you. I also feel like I'm not conscious enough to know what's best for me. Through journaling I realized that deeply I have conflicting interests, and I need to solve those first. Essentially I built requisite variety for coping mechanisms, but they are too convoluted, because of this back-and-forth of losing and regaining momentum at a weekly/monthly frame of time. Sure, probably just like the OP @ZenSwift. We have our moments when we build a lot of clarity, but it doesn't pan out over time, due to being unable to acquire enough momentum. To exit from that visceral karma that we been swimming on before. I think it requires into change the gears from: "I'm looking for a life purpose" where we aren't quite sure, so we end up falling back to more base pleasures, and doing some random thing here and there for a few days, then something else grabs us, or we realize "Oh no, that's not exactly my life purpose, I should let go of it.", and there is this chronic stop-and-start work ethics, that's hard to get off from, because it requires aligning being in the flow of acquiring REQUISITE VARIETY that is DIFFERENT from the kind we been doing before: From the Seeking to the Acting & Executing. It requires an enormous restructuring of the habits of execution we had been using before. From thinking nonlinearly to a more linear fashion that is required to get things done. I.e.: Better at project management/execution. But... Or minds still crave that seeking. It doesn't feel viscerally satisfying that feeling of "I found it! Now if I do this everything will fall into place". To me, it can feel like that for a day, even for a week. But eventually it starts breaking down, and our old mind of SEEKING kicks in, and within that "seeking" there is that part that doesn't quite respect that search, so it falls back down to that last layer: Being an enjoyer of base pleasures. I don't even mean to map this unto spiral dynamics or maslow's hierarchy of needs. I came up with this from my personal observation of MYSELF, and I'm not parroting our personal dev. cliché when I say that. IT IS HARD, BRO. I KNOW IT. We are the type that keeps questioning stuff, that doesn't stop that seeking. And we eventually try to "lock on" into something specific, but viscerally our patterns of behavior ARE INDEED OTHERWISE. But a lot of it is simply being able to, how @Shodburrito said above, we are viscerally not conscious enough. In me it manifests into the micro-desires that goes during my day, from the moment I wake up, to how often I'm prone to saying "no" to my cravings as I sit down, of how I keep falling back into that cycle of optimism: "It's okay, we got plenty of time, I can go after this little object of desire over here. It's okay, I can watch some TV Series to inspire myself. It's okay I can jerk off a bit." Sure, it is okay, and I'm not being sarcastic. But that compounds. It becomes this chronic pattern that is triggered right at the moment we need it the most. Otherwise, what else is keeping us distracted from doing the stuff we gotta do? It's at those micro moments that we need to SUSTAIN OUR ATTENTION and be able to WATCH and keep that INTERNAL CONFLICT RESOLUTION voice turned on as loud as possible. And how do we do that? Through meditation. Through de-stimulating our minds. Through "dopamine detox". But... That makes it fire back, doesn't it? EXACTLY. It fires back. Why? Because you CREATED A VOID, and now you don't know what to fill it with. Because you need something that is just as pleasurable & that gives us conviction that ties back to all of our cravings - that they will be taken care of - that's okay to ignore it, to sustain that for a long time. I call that cycle the CYCLE OF DOOM. The very same thing you see as a solution, is the thing that keeps you stuck. It's like itching an itch and only making it worse. We are doing just that. It itches, and we are stopping on the path to itch the itch in our path towards acquiring those visceral feelings of: "Damn, I feel good doing YouTube. I feel great doing research, I'm getting better and better at this. Everytime I sit here to do this, I feel like a master entering his dojo." Like on the book Mastery/The Dip. It feels like going into the depths of hell. But with a high quality daily meditation session, for me it started improving. I need to always be in this flow of being DELIBERATE about what I'm doing and never letting myself fall into this way of "I'll just do a little cheating of my discipline". That discipline has to drown those other voices for as long as needed to start getting consistently that feeling of being a master in his dojo, and having conviction in even your lack of conviction while doing research/increasing your requisite variety.
  2. I feel like me and you have a lot in common with regards to what we want to do and our failure to get enough momentum. I personally had other things in mind when it comes to my life purpose, but I'm being drawn towards being some kind of personal development coach, because I already put an enormous amount of mental energy trying to understand myself, so it shines a light at people in general. In practical terms, YouTube looks to me the platform I'd feel the most comfortable trying to grow a following, but also because of its potential, obviously. Of course, there are other ways of acquiring traffic for an online business funnel, YouTube feels to me a front-end, but also I'm being lured into using YouTube as not just a means to an end (Close sales of coaching service), but the end itself. To me that would be the ideal, to have that creative freedom and create masterful videos but at the same time, obviously, knowing when to lure/bait people, and then funnel them into the deeper topics. I mean, essentially similar to Leo's way of growing. I think we can share a lot with each other. Let's DM if you would like to.
  3. Human Rights Watch - A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution Amnesty International - Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians: a cruel system of domination and a crime against humanity
  4. I've seen extremely small channels with absolutely golden content but barely nobody gives a shit about them. Leo Gura knows what he's talking about, he did it after all, that's how most of us are here to begin with.
  5. The type of spirituality that Leo teaches is pretty hardcore. That's awful for most people. Most people need basic buddhist stuff alongside it. Leo Gura is great at the overall big picture and teaching how to not get trapped in any specific ideology, he's great at teaching systems' thinking for life. It's like an RPG game full of different main missions and side missions, etc. It's not so much of a simple linear ideology, but that's where most people get fucked. They don't pick and fall in love with a life purpose. Really, it can be anything. Just the act of focusing at a thing and getting skilled at it is enough. That's why a lot of people intuitively know they go to university, get a job, do whatever the job asks and don't sidetrack themselves too much, because most of us are horrible at doing things that are too unstructured. They know that intuitively, the average person. And you know what, there isn't much difference after all among us. Humans are pretty limited overall at coping with complexity, even the best of us. That's the issue with Leo Gura's material, it REQUIRES a certain level of ability to cope with complexity, with being at the edge-of-chaos. A lot of people are too unstable emotionally, financially, too nihilistic Not giving a shit about things, and just coasting by with a sense that just "Know What" is enough, having a false sense that they know life already and that there is nothing to do, which viscerally makes them feel like just not doing anything out of the ordinary. The most important aspect of spirituality that we need to get done well, Leo Gura teaches very little, which is meditation. That's why I have deep respect for buddhists, if they know anything at all, it is about meditation. They got entire shelves of canonical literature on meditation, and thousands of hours of extremely useful dhamma talks with meditation insights. To wrap this up. No. I don't think it is that great for an average person. I have no idea what results most of his viewers get. But I'd argue, that it can help average people become more conscious than the average person. As in seeing things from a big picture perspective, which will help them understand his material better. However, in general, helping a person grow is very hit and miss through only videos, that's where the issue is at. Leo gura has a certain idea in his mind of his "average viewer" and he teaches from there, even the questions and answers he gives to himself. But has he used to say recently, it's pretty much impossible to account for everyone. If it is too "simple" it becomes watered down. A tool is only powerful as much as it it dangerous if misoperated. Those are my two cents. I don't want to argue with anybody of this, he teaches a lot of stuff, the parts of his material that you have in mind could be different from the ones I do.
  6. I've tried waking up at all sorts of time. But what matters the most is that your sleep is consistent at: - The time you go to sleep - The time you wake up Not varying more than 20 minutes everyday ideally, anything more than 2h variation everyday is straight out brain damage. But also, studies and common sense will tell that people working in night shifts have awful sleep. I personally tried to sleep during the day. If I sleep anything past noon somehow my body can't adapt to that. A lot of people tell sometimes that sleeping or napping for too long in the afternoon make them lose the sense of what day it even is. Sleep is your lighthouse, everything must revolve around it, and it shouldn't be postponed. At least for me when it happens everything comes crashing down. For me if I wake up too early I might not be able to do it well because the sun, sounds of people around me etc might affect how my brain perceives my time to sleep. As much as I tried to wake up super early like before 5:00, but recently, anything before 7:00 is too early for me. It tends to drift for me what time seems ideal for my body, but extremes are absolutely awful. A lot of people have circumstances that forces them or its better to wake up much earlier: Avoid traffic, avoid other people and not being distracted upon waking up, etc. But waking up too late will make you miss stuff in the morning, waking up too early will mess up with your nightlife (going out at night, etc). It must be wild for people that live in those places that the sun stays up or down for weeks at a time at different times of the year. People tend to get more depressed with less sunlight. I recommend "Matthew Walker", his books and talks on youtube. Also check out Serge Faguet articles on medium.
  7. Original Poster, I felt worried for you about your initial post. It's very omniums sounding. I really hope you don't do anything harmful physically towards yourself, whatever is going on, if it is a kind of deep realization or physical or traditional emotional pain caused by depression and so on. You should find a place within yourself that offers shelter until you figure it out a way towards a more wholesome (more complete, more holistic, more grounded, more skillful, more trained on actual meditative practices) alignment of body, mind and soul. If you believe that there is no such place or that there is no point of finding it, then I'm obligated to tell you that you got stuck in one of the million different labyrinths of the mind and reality and it's not doing you any good to you and others around you follow that belief. If you are solipsistic and thinking about physical death, then I must also tell, that you should reconsider that it might be again some kind of mental state like the ones people get from salvia where they forget they took the drug and they do crazy shit and die. Or if someone took psychedelics on his fucking bathtub. Oh jezz, would it have been mahasamadhi if he had drowned his sorry ass while the survival parts of his brain were offline? Fucking no. It would have been just a dude drowning high on drugs. There is a fine line here between being the enlightened person on the market delivering on goodies (Look at the Zen 10 ox hoardings pictures) and being someone that decided on something awful and died off. It's fucking spiritual masturbation if it leads you to madness to the point physical death is anything remotely acceptable. It's unskillful as fuck. I don't use it to discredit powerful insights and exploration into the infinite depths of the infinite tapestry within the web of all possible possibilities or anything of that kind. Hope everyone is doing fine tonight!
  8. Please learn about buddhism well, dig deep into it. Don't listen to Leo Gura that they are a bunch of rats, or anything of that nature, because Leo Gura himself is going through his own personal suffering and he himself seemed to be dismissive of the major problem that we should be interested on: The problem of suffering. I'm not sure what problems you are going through reading the initial post, maybe you are going through chronic pain or some highly emotionally energetic cognitive feedback loops that are beyond your capability to process. I think that the spiritual framework you are using with the goal to tackle the problem of suffering is just overkill and you are too emotionally biased towards making use of it. Stick with a framework like buddhism. What I have seen from you is that you are utilizing the paradigm of determinism/lack of free will as a framework to help you process whatever suffering you are being afflicted by due to your clingings and aversions towards specific mental states or physical sensations which you would like your body or mind to present. You don't need to go to the point of bringing your mind towards de-realization in order to process it. Within buddhism, at some point something similar seems to happen, but I'm not quite sure. But you need to follow a specific sequencing of the techniques to spiritually acclimate yourself, mind and body towards a well developed type of enlightenment that deals with suffering. There are many kinds of enlightenment, I think even Leo had an episode on that one. I remember up to this day I was listening to that episode while I was at the health care hospital because I used to have those severe inflammations on my eyes, I still do have that tendency but I think drinking enough water and sleeping well solved them for the last year at least. Just use more softcore approaches first towards your problem with suffering. I'm not dismissing anything, you are just biased locked in a specific paradigm or a specific kind of enlightenment if you believe that's the case. There is plenty I hear from serious Buddhist teachers of students having all kinds of views towards dealing with suffering or their view of reality itself that is just completely unskilful towards the problem of suffering. Here is a critic against neo-advaita, and why it is a problem this worldview/paradigm that "you are just the witness": She basically says that you just don't know how to differentiate between the state of mind of the witness vs the actor, and you are deluding yourself. It's something that needs to be practiced. This guy below had some similar views to you, and how it was causing him suffering: The canonical buddhist knowledge from a secular buddhist and two ordained monks:
  9. But I mean... If we take the worst in consideration, "they" are at least as erratic in their behavior as human beings but more powerful than us. It's the same reason why also astronomers will talk about not intentionally broadcasting powerful ratio signals with the goal to contact aliens because of the Dark Forest theory. I'm just taking more literary approach to that if we consider that "they" are already here. Okay, calling them "demons" might be a stretch. If they wanted us all killed, they would have killed our ancestors millions of years ago.
  10. I expanded more on the post after. I'm frankly having a kind of a moment that I'm struggling to process it emotionally and I feel divided about it. I must say, whenever I start thinking too much about that phonomena I start to get scared and think of the worst. I think it's the same stuff that happens when people start to get obsessed about religious beliefs, it touches on the fear of the unknown. But in a reasonable down-to-earth manner, it's so rare when something bad happens with people entering in contact with that phonomena, the worse about is the psychological effects on people like the mini break down I just had. ? It's kinda like terrorism I'd say. It doesn't happen often, but when it does... Well, it terrorizes us. Some say that the govt shouldn't disclose it officially, because it would put fear in everybody and destroy with our psychology and whatnot (James Fox on the Koncrete podcast mentioned someone telling that to him, I think it was Bigelow, the billionaire). But I don't know, it seems unreasonable, humans lived very long believing in demons and angels and things more powerful than us.
  11. Oh my gosh. This only gets worse. Uh-Oh. It seems like "Lue Elizondo" might have... To give him the benefit of the doubt, "serious conflicts of interest": Also I must note, "James Fox" (Filmmaker behind Contact (2022) [Varginha incident], UFOs 50 years of Denial (2005), The Phenomenon (2020), I know what I saw (2009)) had mentioned on the Koncrete podcast something about "Robert Bigelow" (Billionaire involved with Lue Elizondo as per the video above) involvement to having possible access to UFO aircraft materials... And, look at this... if I'm not mistaken Lue Elizondo was the guy that forced the govt to confirm the recent videos we had. Okay, at this point, this is too much for me. I don't like looking into this kind of politics conspiracy theory drama, and I know the rules of the forum against conspiracy theory, but all things considered, this is really fresh and we don't know what the heck is going on. So, it seems like we have a very close circle somehow, and I have no energy to actually look at the conflict of interest of all of those people. Either the biggest lie ever to milk resources from the government or they are all helping each other put this into the public sphere. But, it is conflicting that the filmmaker James Fox had mentioned in the Koncrete podcast that Robert Bigelow doesn't seem very keen on having this in the public sphere because he said that "The public couldn't handle it". This is all part of this murkiness I mentioned before. We have so much hiding. Maybe as I said as well -- but this time it applies to the people involved as opposed to evidence -- some of them just want to profit off that publicity, of government funds in a kind of hoax/scammer kind of way. And, on the other hand, for believers, there will also be on top of that, the conspiracy that the government is hiding it. I can't possibly know what is right or wrong amidst all of this. I got sucked into the vortex of politics and misinformation lol. Maybe it's intended. lol maybe it is just an emergent phenomena, like any other complex topic with very little non-reproducible or non easily transferable, we will fall into all of this complexity. Well, anyways I'll leave it here. It's nice to not be so biased towards just confirming it and following it blindly like if it were a new kind of religious faith. Even Christians, Buddhists, etc, they have their own instruments to differentiate between canon, just fan-fiction, fabricated hoaxes i.e. The Catholic Church takes very seriously to consecrate something as being a miracle, they have a committee. We should start considering it like religion, it shares the same elements: Specific non-reproducible events, specific narratives, involvements with specific people that had contact with such entities, a lot of politics, power dynamics between church and state, people wanting to use the narrative itself to drive followers to do something and profit off that, the common person wanting to just quench their thirst for understanding about the universe, etc. And each one of us is found in that crossfire, each one of us... Some will be atheists of a specific and ostracized, in the UFO/Aliens dilemma, people get ostracized by saying that they believe in it, etc... Each one of us is left with the decision in our hands to believe it or not.
  12. Leaving here some compelling critical view/arguments on the current matters which is well thought out, I'd check more of his channel, it seems like David Fravor was debunking his debunking: Frankly, I did get a bit obsessed with the subject recently since I was trying to get myself up-to-date on the UFO matter, before the recent hearing that happened I only had some idea that something was going on. But the more I look into it, the rabbit hole seems much larger. I don't personally think this is benefiting me personally looking so much into this stuff, and I also would encourage anyone getting too obsessed about it to let go of that matter for now. Until they actually provide harder evidence of the beings and the materials/downed crafts. But to me it really looks like there is something really going on here, it doesn't quite fit the puzzle any of the arguments against it. All of the political shenanigans behind it, so many eye witnesses, so many separate events. Now my YouTube recommendations will be littered by that stuff, I'll refrain myself from looking at the stuff that is super specific and obscure that pops up. There is so much junk around that topic, if anyone is interested at going deeper, please just do yourself the favor and watch podcasts (Look up at the "Koncrete" YouTube channel), then read the books and watch the documentaries and movies they recommend, look into the people they mention in those podcasts and look up about them. Look for long-form content, so you won't just be drooling over some impressive footage that you might as well think is CGI if you don't put the work and effort behind looking at serious analysis behind it. I've realized that the field of ufology is murky as fuck and can make you get obsessed, and it can start leading you to all sorts of other rabbit holes if you don't keep yourself level headed. Again, ask yourself the question: How is looking deeper into this matter going to improve your life, and those around? Will you take any action over this? Isn't there more important things you should spend your time on? Since a long time, within spiritual circles, whenever ghosts, spirits, angels, visions, etc. Happen, generally they will be asking those questions, and that you should ignore whatever doesn't serve you, because it is a distraction from your own personal growth and acting on the things that matter to you. This is no different than politics, and indeed much of it is just actual politics, cover-ups, etc. But now this is much broader. There is no need to waste energy trying to convince people of it, there is no benefit of them knowing other than this: They are pretty much demons. Yes, demons like in the antiquity, demons like in Christianity. They are beyond and above us, and the best you can do for yourself, the ones you love is to tell them to stay the away from them. They are indifferent about us, just like we are indifferent about ants. Look up at the Zoo Hypothesis, I believe that's what's going on:
  13. As I heard someone say before: "Extraordinary Evidence requires extraordinary funding" as a response to "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". I think we need to be careful to not be too trigger happy with any UFO imagery or anecdotes, so it doesn't discredit the field. That type of high quality analysis and data like the one above is what that NASA UAP panel is talking about, we need bigger budgets, higher quality of investigation: This means, debunkers out there in the internet need to also up their game on the quality of their analysis, just like the one above. I'm tired of seeing low effort/quality debunking that is mostly guided by that blind and biased straw-manning. But also at the same time, we can't be silly and be drooling over any low quality/effort evidence. Every bad evidence that is credited, will discredit the good ones such as the Varginha incident. So, as our Aircraft and Visual Effects (Synthetic image/video generation, traditional CGI, etc) technology becomes better, the bar is raised for the quality of the sources, for the kinesthetics data gathered for the UFO phenomena. So, for example, that one video I had shared that was taken in Brazil, São Paulo in 1998 of that ball going around some houses, those days we might attribute it to a type of domestic drone being missen. However, as back then we didn't have such great that, I find it more likely that it was an actual flying device of unknown origin, although the kinematics of it are not impressive, which makes me doubt that it might have been a mylar balloon being carried by the wind in a extremely rare way. How rare is it? I have no idea. I don't understand well enough about air currents to talk about it. With that said, in the legal system we do take anecdotal evidence (eye witnesses and their trustworthiness) and video as proof for prosecution. I personally like seeing evidence of anything that predates the invention of aircrafts, however, it's a bit strange to see that the happenings appeared around the time of atomic energy/weapons. Which could be: 1) Aliens picked up their interest in us Since it appears historically that they already been here, but the anecdotes are less frequent that match up the current descriptions, but that might be because they would call it other things such as demons, angels, sky carriots, flying boats, etc. Personally, the last ones are the most compelling, because it doesn't have much of a connection with their mythology such extremely specific things. But we can't know, we can either believe or not. 2) We developed the tech ourselves (USA? Soviet union?) and it is the best well kept secret 3) We became more obsessed collectively with the threat of war and collectively we got more attuned with the phenomena. Again, it doesn't seem like it's just the USA/UK like the so called ""data"" out there shows, here again, the debunkers using low quality data to try to debunk massive amounts of data that they have no resources or interest in analysing. Pure laziness. In conclusion. I'd rather take the stance that the govt is hiding the best evidence we have for intelligent aliens taking all of that in consideration. Others might take a more agnostic stance, meanwhile another group of people are completely atheistic at the matter, and will straw-man the fuck out of it or even completely ridicule it altogether. It will all be settled completely once anyone comes out with physical evidence, from a practical point-of-view, we will learn so much. Unfortunately, as they seem to have a non-interference policy biased towards some kind of preservation. What do you guys think about it? Do you think they give a shit about us and have been helping mankind all along develop itself through different means? Of course they wouldn't be dumb to just give us anything that can be used to disrupt our society, including making a official first contact. And whatever effect they have over us is because they messed up here and there over the centuries.
  14. This above is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine how much that goes unregistered, or the govt hides away. Look at the thousand maybe millions of anecdotes out there, of people saying they saw the same thing. And here is our current zeitgeist: We are at a turning point in our secular history as we finally acknowledge their existence publicly. Materialistically thinking, this is a time to reverse-engineer as much technology as possible from whatever we can obtain. All hidden artifacts must be brought to the attention of our most skilled engineers for our betterment. Accepting that we are not at the top of the "intellectual food chain" and that higher intelligences have been present for much longer than us shakes the foundation of many narratives about the origin of our species and reframes our history, especially the narrative of organized religion. It suggests that phenomena like demons, angels, and even natural selection might have been guided or tweaked by Extraterrestrial Intelligence. It raises the possibility that life itself could have been seeded on this planet by them and that they had an influence on major turning points in our history. I refer to this as secular history because organized religion has always accepted the existence of higher beings. However, our modern secular narrative has been reluctant to do so, as we have become overly arrogant about our perceived intellectual and technological supremacy over the universe. Dr. Garry Nolan's talk aligns with my recent mindset that these higher intelligences are mostly indifferent towards us and do not wish to publicly announce themselves. Nevertheless, their presence becomes evident to those who are able to perceive them for what they are. Those who personally doubt this phenomenon either have a weak epistemological foundation or have not seriously considered the matter. It is true that there are plenty of hoaxes, fake images, and anecdotes. However, it seems implausible that all sightings could be attributed to natural phenomena or human-made occurrences. Even when accounting for things like mylar balloons floating from parties (I think the "Plasmoid Anomalies Study Group" on YouTube is obsessed with them) , parallax effects, fast winds, and various atmospheric phenomena. ... But, there remains a substantial amount of evidence, even after you debunk a lot of that crap. One intriguing observation is the increase in sightings around the time of the invention of nuclear technology. It raises questions about whether some of these sightings might be related to secret human technology. Regardless of the source, if such technology exists, it could revolutionize mankind's capabilities and should be made available for the benefit of all, rather than being controlled by a secretive government sector. Whether or not we attribute these sightings to ancient aliens, we cannot deny that the technology involved is present today and has been for at least the past 70 years, supported by solid data. We need the govt to open up, obviously. So, as Leo said here previously. We either believe it or not, of course, some people can't believe that the earth is a spherical/sphere-like shape.
  15. SOLID YELLOW. She made the role of an "alien" learning how to be a human. The soundtrack gives me goosebumps. Listen on Spotify: Under The Skin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) By Mica Levi Melodysheep (they make remix with scientific documentary clips, etc): Turquoise: I know if I put it into Turquoise or Blue (It's more Turquoise to me, if you compare it to modern "Gospel" songs which is basically pop/country-sounding with blue lyrics): They sound Turquoise to me: Coral: (I know, that's already a sort of joke, but when we build computer-brain interfaces this will be such a pun):