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  1. @Michael569 whenever I eat wheat I develop back pain, can’t breathe through my nose, develop a bloated stomach, get rashes on my skin and my gums become inflamed to the point of bleeding. I’ve been tested for celiac disease and don’t have it. There has to be some sort of toxin in it causing this? When I cut it out symptoms disappear. I can literally see the information disappear whenever I cut out these “toxic” food. Personally I’ve gotten rid of gingivitis through the carnivore diet. What is causing this? Why is it that when I eat exclusively meat that I look and feel my best? How is it that there are thousand of people online who remove their medical conditions such as kidney disease, eczema, acne, etc from cutting out plant foods? I’m genuinely curious, how do you explain this? P.S. I’m not dogmatic about this. Carnivore is not for everyone. If someone eat plans and feels great and healthy with that diet then I support that. My issue is with people that push “plants are healthy” on everyone including people like myself where they’re obviously not and causing a multitude of negative side effects
  2. Hehehehehe💀
  3. Meat, especially beef is way more nutrient dense than any plant food out there. Break down the macronutrients and micronutrients of a pound of beef verses a pound of any vegetable and the beef blows it out the water. What makes it so special is the anti inflammatory nature of it. Most people are constantly feeding themselves high toxicity foods like wheat, dairy, leafy greens, etc and having an autoimmune response in reaction to those foods. Grass fed organic beef doesn’t cause an autoimmune response. Lab meats are shit too assuming they’re made of hyper processed and highly inflammatory soybeans like most other fake meats are
  4. I’m losing brain cells reading through this thread
  5. Yea I suppose it depends on what skills you’re trying to develop. Obviously you can work on striking solo with a bag but to think you can achieve any sort of grappling proficiency without a training partner is silly. You’re severely handicapping yourself by only training alone and I would encourage you to investigate why you don’t want to train with other people. The group camaraderie I get from spending time with my training partners is one of the best benefits I receive from training martial arts
  6. @Jannes it depends on the style of carnivore diet. Personally I get the best results from a high fat, moderate protein, zero carb version (~225ish grams PRO per day) So that doesn’t kick me out of ketosis. That said there’s plenty of people out there that do carnivore/animal based and aren’t aiming to be in ketosis such as Paul Saladino’s approach. Ive played around with carnivore plus low toxicity carbs approach with pretty good results too (think just eating animal flesh and fruit or white rice)
  7. Man, it’s crazy to me that not everyone does this already. Like I forget that I used to not enjoy being me. Talk about a shitty gig to take part in
  8. Fuck the “safe” and narrow path Life is about embracing danger and finding balance in it all
  9. It’s honestly mind baffling to me that so many online look up to this clown. How dumb must you be to fall into his scams and narcissism
  10. @LordFall attracting women is an entirely different skill set than finances, career, physical health, etc. RSD specifically teaches how to attract women. They are good at that and that’s obvious if you know what you’re looking at. The other shit like the “spirituality” stuff they spew is less valuable coming from them
  11. Then it’s obviously a crutch. You know this and that’s why you feel shame around it. You will be enslaved to alcohol until you can live without it and your life be just as good.
  12. I haven’t watched these videos but the RSD guys obviously have a high degree of skill with attracting women. I would try not to get caught up in the drama/mud slinging of it all. Reeks of clout chasing to me
  13. I haven’t watched this but the word “wook” has become really big in the American edm scene. Like it used to be an insult and now it just means you like psychs and electronic music
  14. I used weed for years and didn’t get much from it. Wasn't until I first had some awakening experiences on other psychs and “naturally” from meditation that I started to get into deeper stages from marijuana I still prefer LSD & 5meo though