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  1. I think Frank has only done DMT like two times? He’s not a big psychedelic guy. He preaches much more doing meditative/insight practices. In regards to what I think of when I hear holistic fitness is Paul Chek. I was a personal trainer for 5 years and developed lots of wisdom with regards to health/fitness. I can say Paul is the most holistic guy I’ve come across
  2. Using a variety of models to interpret reality is what stage yellow is all about You can’t spiritually bypass any stage on the spiral
  3. Skilled martial artists are some of the most peaceful people you’ll meet. Martial arts is one of the best mediums I’m aware of to facilitate humility and emotional regulation. Martial arts is to humans what dog training is to dogs. An untrained dog is wild and at a heightened risk of causing hard to others. However with proper training and socialization a dog can learn how to control its emotions and become obedient. Same with humans. Martial arts will help you control your emotions as well as be able to defend yourself if needed. There is nothing glorious in being helpless.
  4. Deciding to going a BJJ gym was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life
  5. So what’s wrong with chewing normal gum?
  6. Just do your best to stay relaxed and have a good time. As mentioned above try not to put her on a pedastool. You’re a cool young guy with a bright future. Come from that frame. Hang out. Have fun. Hook up.
  7. Look into developing simple healthy sleep habits such as… no blue light exposure 1-2 hours before bed (ideal after the sun sets) no meals 3-4 hours before bed waking up at the same time every day (if you stay up late then have the discipline to still wake up early the next day) getting physical exercise in during the day meditate at some point in the day for at least 10 minutes These are all simple things that have evidence of reducing insomnia. The biggest one I see people struggle with is blue light exposure. If you’re being exposed to artificial light all evening/night (which stimulates your awakeness hormones) then no wonder you can’t fall asleep.
  8. Looking juicy bro. Shoutout Fronk. Making mind & body gainz.
  9. Ultimately you have to listen to your own body as the highest authority. I’ve been a vegan. I’ve done keto. I’ve counted macros. I’ve been vegetarian. I’ve done intermittent fasting. Hell I’ve even done a week long prolonged water only fast. At my core what I care about most is what works meaning what makes me feel the best. And for me that’s a high fat carnivorous diet made primarily of organic grass fed beef and suet. All I do is share what works for me. If you feel like you’re at the pinnacle of your possible health then keep doing what you’re doing. Whether that’s eating red meat or not. But if you’re not looking & feeling like a superstar who’s full of energy every day then I say keep making adjustments.
  10. It’s hard to know the degree of awakening another individual has. However it’s easy to see when someone has a deeper level of understanding of reality than myself. I simply try to extract from their teachings and focus on my own development.
  11. @Raptorsin7 congrats on making it through! What do you mean when you say it opened up a whole new dimension of spirituality for you??
  12. Learning how to appreciate beauty & creativity has changed my life. I used to could only do things that I labeled as “productive” and would feel guilt any time I left those sorts of activities. Now I take the time to paint, watch movies, go to museums, watch cool YouTube videos without feelings of shame around them. In fact creative activities like dancing and day dreaming in my hammock give me great joy/pleasure even if they’re not “productive” in the traditional sense.
  13. @kray I know multiple people that have cured their IBS with a carnivore approach. If this doesn’t work for you then that could always be the next thing to look into Hope you find some relief soon!
  14. I’m interested to hear how these changes impact you. I for example eat 100% red meat. I do carnivore and only consume organic grass fed beef. Never felt better.