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  1. Look into myofascial release techniques. It's essentially self massage and will provide much more dramatic changes in your soft tissue than isometric stretching
  2. @Mattie watch Leo's newest video on being open minded
  3. @UnconsciousHuman happy to help friend
  4. Chronic stress results in sweaty hands and armpits. When the body is under heavy stress it triggers our fight or flight response and associated hormones. Many people's bodies are in a constant high stress state and can't turn this fight or flight response off. This is due to improper diet, a lack of sleep, a lack of or too much exercise as well as a myriad of stressful emotional issues. If you have anxiety and sweaty palms those are symptoms of a deeper issues. Some things to look into: Am I sleeping 7-9 hours per night? Do I have a healthy circadian rhythm? A regular sleep wake cycle? Am I addicted to any substances such as sugar, alcohol, caffeine, etc? Do I have a healthy body composition? Do I move my body in a fashion that elevates my heart rate on a daily basis? How are my relationships with my parents? Friends? What kind of tone does my internal dialogue take? Is it pessimistic? Or empowering? Is my job aligned with my core values/life purpose? Are my sexual needs being fullfilled? Do I regularly partake in activities that bring me joy? Just some ideas. Don't look for a bandaid solution to remove the sweaty palms. Look for the root issues of the problems. You're going to have to look within and evaluate your own life.
  5. I've experimented with various types of fasting for the last couple of years. I would definitely advise you to not start out with a 7 day fast. A great place to start is by doing intermittent fasting. This style of fasting is when you condense your eating window to a set period of time. I have most of my clients start with a 12 hour feeding window then eventually a 8 hour feeding window. Most of the research done on intermittent fasting shows you really start receiving the health benefits when consuming all food within an 8 hour feeding window. Once your body gets used to intermittent fasting then you can start playing with longer fasts. Typically you want to ease into it and gradually build up so start with 24 hours then 36 then 48 etc. Personally, the longest fast I've done is 7 days. It's definitely going to challenge you mentally but the spiritual gains are great. It puts you in a constant meditative trance and will give you great mental clarity. I will say, you should do extensive research before attempting any long duration fast (3+ days). You'll likely need to supplement with electrolytes to keep your body healthy. It's also smart to get the body into a state of ketosis previous to the start of any prolonged fast to make the first couple days an easier transition. I advise downloading the app called "Zero". This app is a fasting time tracker and also has multiple articles/podcasts that will further educate you on proper fasting protocols. Hope that helps and lemme know if you have any questions(:
  6. The carnivore diet wasn't "scientifically created". Humans have consumed a heavily animal based diet for bulk of our evolution. It's simply what was available. Meat is the most nutrient dense food in nature. I eat almost entirely meat and enjoy it thoroughly. Gluconeogenesis isn't your body turning protein into carbohydrates per se, its turned into glucose which is a subcategory of carbohydrate. The body cannot operate without glucose so it's a way for he body to develop the bare minimum to keep it functioning. Keeping glucose levels low like his is a good thing. Most people are overly saturated with glucose which leads to eventual insulin resistance. Emerging research is starting to uncover that insulin resistance is the root cause of all disease from metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune issues, to various cancers, etc. If one thing is obvious in the obese population it's that they over consume carbohydrates. The majority of the health benefits from the carnivore diet come less from only eating meat and more from the reduction of carbohydrate intake. Any way you can manage to bring carbohydrates down will result in health improvement whether that's a carnivore diet, vegan diet, keto diet, Atkins diet, etc. Now we can go down the rabbit role even further when discussing autoimmune/inflammatory issues which the carnivore diet in undeniable the superior diet due to its strict elimination protocol. Essentially, the carnivore diet is a great "reset" to remove any potential intolerances or sources of inflammation present in your normal diet. After you establish that new baseline on the carnivore diet you can begin to reintroduce foods and see how the body responds. Some people need to be more restrictive than others. its all depends on your unique biochemistry. Oh and eskimos didn't only eat fish. You can't survive on only protein (which fish are mostly protein). The majority of the eskimo diet was seal which is very high in fat. So, if you take anything from all this it's that humans are made to eat high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrates with some variation depending on how close your ancestry was to the equator. Hope that clears some things up(:
  7. About 90% of my food is animal products. Beef heart, liver, kidney, tongue and muscle meat are the majority of my diet. I can't do dairy but I do like to eat avocados/leafy greens on occasion. I'm healthy as fuck and feel fantastic. When I first heard of carnivore I thought it was ridiculous too but I was open minded enough to try and and boy am I glad I did. Humans are made to eat animals. If you don't wish to kill animals for moral reason I get that but animal products are what we've lived off of for hundreds of thousands of years. That's a fact.
  8. Stick to minimally processed salt such as pink Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt. Sodium chloride (table salt) is the end result from a heavy refining process and contains almost zero of the trace minerals that are present in the unrefined salt state such such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. The problem with many of the studies done with "salt" is they used heavily refined sodium chloride rather than unrefined natural salt in the tests. As a side note, try to get your salt from land sources rather than the seas as sea salts are often polluted with micro-plastics due to the poor health of our oceans. However, less refined seas salt is still better than overly refined sodium chloride. Hope that helps.
  9. I used Paint S on my Mac air to create my vision board. Cost me a few bucks but well worth it.
  10. Any updates on your journey @Davidess?? Also, where do you like to go to approach women? I’ve tried the whole bar/club scene and struggle finding women I’m into beyond just their looks. What kind of places do you like to frequent to find women who are more into self actualization?
  11. My standard weekday: 4:30am Wake up and walk dog 4:45am Wim Hof breathing and cold shower. Brush teeth/drive to work. 5:45 to 10:30am work - coaching clients 10:30 to 11:00pm meditate 11:00 to 2pm back to work - coaching clients 2 to 3:30pm myofascial release and/or workout then drive home. 3 days per week sauna post workout. 4 to 5pm first meal of the day and walk dog. Relax a bit in nature with dog. 5 to 6pm Play music (guitar/piano/singing) 6 to 7pm Second meal of the day and relaxing some more. 7 to 8pm Walk dog. Turn off all electronics and read by candlelight in the bath 8pm Bed Repeat(:
  12. I’m considering microdosing LSD to increase my work performance, deepen my spiritual practice, increase creativity and improve intimate relationships with those around me. I’d love to collect the community’s experiences with microdosing. Some sample questions: What substance did you micro-dose with? How did microdosing affect your work performance? Did microdosing have an impact on your relationships? Could you notice a change in your spiritual practices from microdosing? What kind of negative affects came from microdosing? Did you notice any athletic benefit to microdosing? Do you recommend micro-dosing for personal growth? Any other feedback is welcomed too. Thanks(:
  13. Sometimes I just want to end it all. I just want to be done with it. Done with the pain. Done with the seeking. Done with the deafening unease constantly ringing in the background. Most of the time, I’m a happy guy who experiences predominately positive emotions. I meditate daily. I eat healthy. I have a ripped, muscular body. I live my life purpose. I’m a self help junkie. My colleges look up to me. Girls love me. I’m “Mr Right” who has his life together But there are these dark days. These days like today where I feel like I’ve gone crazy. I feel like I’d do anything to escape this madness. And I’ve tried everything to escape it. I’ve tried escaping with food. Tried escaping with sex. Tried escaping through work. By being “productive”. I’ve tried to escape by connecting to those around me. By numbing it out with drugs. By partying the pain away. Even by denying the unease is there. I’ve tried it all... to no avail. The only thing thats helped me is sitting with it. Is feeling fully into this unease. Leaning into this pain and letting it engulf me completely... which is scary af. I’m not sure what the point of this post is. tbh. I just wanted to get this shit out of me. To express where I’m at and what I’m going through. This path of self transcendence is such a lonely and pain ridden road. How can I blame other for not wanting to take it? I can’t. I understand fully why you’d wish to stay asleep. But it’s the road I must walk. I must keep going. I must wake up.