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  1. @Leo Gura something like this? Any particular techniques with how you light it? Do you use a lighter, torch, distance of flame etc?
  2. In Leo’s newest video on 5-MeO-MALT he references vaping it. What type of pipe/device do y’all use to vape and do you use any particular technique? For whatever reason plugging doesn’t work for me so I’m always vaping but I feel like my pipe/technique could be better.
  3. Like any tool it can used to produce fruits or injuries. All depends on the hands of the user. Now I think it’s pretty obvious by now that that’s an inherently high risk of danger associated with social media usage. There’s plenty of research showing it leads to feelings of social isolation and addiction. I personally deleted all social media off my phone include Instagram (except for Facebook and that is purely business related). I go on the gram 1 x per month for about an hour to “check in” on what’s going on but then I disconnect. I find this is a good balance for me.
  4. Love it man. Way to be open to it & learning more about yourself. Metal has been incredibly valuable in my life too. It really helped me embody stage red at a deeper level and work through some of my repressed anger. Beautiful music.
  5. If you’re in the US then move to the west coast. Very green area. That’s what I did… Also large cities tend to be pretty green.
  6. Yay for being normal.
  7. @EugeneTheSage thanks for sharing man. I can’t comment on the competency of that guy as I don’t understand Russian. However I have built a career around this stuff and two of my biggest mentors are Paul Chek & Naudi Aguilar. They’re definitely both worth checking out. Paul is extremely holistic and Naudi’s (of functional patterns) is one of the greatest movers on earth. With the gut stuff that’s super common & something I’m still dealing with too. I do know on carnivore all my issue go away but it’s quite hard to sustain. I’m not a fan of juice fasting. Doing a complete water fast is more beneficial in my experience but listen to your body & what it tells you. It sounds like you’re off to a great start, especially for a 20 year old. Feel free to reach out to me if you’re ever seeking advice about your health/fitness.
  8. Update: First thanks for the replies. second, Leo talks about it in his newest interview with Curt Jaimungal. (Didn’t catch the time stamp) From my understanding it’s a state of zero perceptions. “Reality” vanished and “you” become nothing. But I’ve never had this happen to me so really it’s just a conceptualisation at this point.
  9. Dope song. I’m pretty deep into “rave culture” and from my perspective its more of a green thing than a turquoise. I don’t know of any DJ’s who are serious about spiritual work. It’s all typical hippie dippy stage green stuff on love, psychedelics, chakras, crystals, connection, limitations of capitalism, etc. And I absolutely LOVE IT. Only 2 weeks until Lost Lands😆🦖 Also, Excision is God. LOL.
  10. I often heard this term “cessation” used in the spiritual community. Especially by @Being Frank Yang & sometimes Leo. What is this word pointing towards?
  11. ”To change the vibrational state of people” Way too abstract man. What medium are you using to create this change? What do you even mean by vibrational state? Or change? Your problem isnt limiting beliefs or baggage per say… your problem is a lack of specificity. Get clearer on your goals and what change you’d like to create on this world. Go through the course again and become dead clear on these things. A five year old child should get the gist of what your mission is by reading your life purpose statement. No abstractions.
  12. I’m looking for an affordable drug identifier kit so I can test my new batches of psychedelics before I ingest them. Recommendations? (Amazon links preferred)
  13. Very similar to DXM if you’ve ever done that. I’d recommend sticking to pure psychedelics like LSD/Shrooms/DMT as they’re easier on the body. That said, in some states like where I live ketamine therapy is legal so it certainly has areas of application. And it’s easier to access since it’s legal although it’s fairly expensive.
  14. Totally relate to your story. I was dead broke and sleeping in the back of my truck at one time. I’d eat rice and beans every night and shower at my gym. Definitely reflect over what got you in this position in the first place and use it as a growth opertunity. Guess what? Now you’re forced into getting really fucking good at budgeting or you’re going to go homeless. There’s some motivation for you😂 But for real just keep breathing through it and have faith that things will work out how they’re meant to. And keep taking extreme action. No time for leisure. This is sink of swim buddy. Best get to working your ass off.
  15. Western Washington (State) Too lazy to look through this thread but I’d love to connect with some other followers out here. Hmu.