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  1. I'd like to share this as I thought it was a beautiful talk
  2. Groovy dancing girls dancing makes me happy
  3. This is a very nice Left vs Right debate where Russell handles Candace very skilfully.
  4. I find these questions useful to help me know if i am on the right path or not: Does it bring you closer to people or isolate you? Does it bring you closer to inner peace or make you feel more stressed? Does it make you more conscious and aware or a distraction from that? Does it make you feel more compassionate and loving or more self absorbed?
  5. This one's even better
  6. This guy falls into pretty much every trap Leo points out in the history of his content.
  7. this is the funniest thing ive ever seen
  8. Yea I remember that being good. I remember getting triggered when my friend told me what I SHOULD do tho. That was a downside of it in my early development.
  9. Mine would be - mindfulness in daily life of victim mentality and judging others, contemplation, radical open mindedness (enjoying seeing the world from multiple perspectives) spiral dynamics and kriya yoga.
  10. Yea looking back i think it there was a sneaky bit of moralising in there. I didn't give a yes or no to see how he responded and thinking he might push further which gives me a chance to moralise by saying why are you pushing. Glad you guys helped me see it.
  11. Hmm good points. You think I was guilting him? I felt i was just making him aware of what he was doing and that i knew what he was doing. At the same time I feel a hard no isn't always necessary and people should be able to read between the lines.