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  1. But if its mainly geographical reasons what about the fact that many Americans are also at stage blue? Surely if the environment is similar throughout America the whole of the country would be at the same stage according to this way of thinking. Another point i'm stuck on is using rationality (spiral dynamics and evolution) to criticise Sam Harris for his rationality.
  2. In Leos content vs structure video he critiques Sam Harris saying sam harris and the terrorists believing that they will go to paradise from doing these acts based on the Quran is content. The structure of why they do this is that at this level of development, religious fundamentalists believe things without questioning them and take them on at dogmas. The reasons why development has been slower than the west are geopolitical. The weather, climate, environment, geography the mountain ranges, farming, agriculture etc. I would like to know where i can find out more about this point or for someone to go into more detail about it for example what was it about the weather that caused this and why.
  3. Leo talked about how the news anchors are just survival machines like the rest of us. They want to defend the status quo because the status quo are the ones who put them in power and give them their massive amounts of wealth and all the luxuries that go with it. So their political agenda is that which can make them money but disguised as being the truth. Heres an example of a MSNBC news anchor doing this:
  5. Chomsky on Jordan Peterson and the left:
  6. So vote labour, green party or Lib Dem? It seems Corbyn and Sanders are very comparable but not sure to the level Corbyn wants to take take on the elites in the same way Sanders does and put an end to corruption and bring more transparency.
  7. So there is a general election coming up in December and i would like to use this thread to help me get a better understanding of what's happening in the UK especially from a conscious point of view as I am a bit out of the loop on UK politics but would like to vote. I have been following some very good USA political youtubers like democracy now, the majority report, secular talk and rational national but they all cover US politics does anyone know similar youtubers for the UK? Would you say that Jeremy Corbyn is the Bernie Sanders of the UK? Is he at the same level of consciousness and has similar policies? It seems that democrats and labour are very similar and conservatives and republicans are similar. The difference being that Trump doesn't have to answer to anyone where as in The Houses of Parliament Boris Johnson is always been test by opposition like Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour party.
  8. So this video i think is one of his best. However a few things that came up for me in this video that i would like help in solving. 1) It made me realise that i have been following Leo quite blindly by doing meditation, Kriya Yoga and magic mushrooms in search for the truth. I havent given each avenue equal opportunity in my search for the truth like religion, science, etc. I feel this is because of how in previous actualized videos the emphasis has been more on the practices which will help you find truth and giving snipets of truth rather than devising and epistemological process of finding truth. It would have been nice to see this video 3 years ago at the start of my journey. So do i continue doing these practices or start looking for the space unicorn? (i think that was the term used). 2) Isn't it wise to go down avenues that others have seemed to have success with even if you can't take them on as a dogma until realised. Leo talked about having equal open mindedness and skepticism for witchcraft as for any other method for finding truth like 5meo dmt. But if by reading trip reports and gathering evidence it seems 5meo is a more effective way of accessing truth wouldnt it be wiser to not treat these equally and go for these rather than looking for space unicorns or doing witchcraft? I understand what is being pointed to, to basically be open minded to all things but i could waste 50 years doing voodoo and witchcraft. I know you are going to say how do you know? But i would counter this with empirical evidence to which you will say that is heresay. But I think it seems wiser to go with things that seem more likely to save time and not get lost. 3) If all you can have is direct experience of something that doesn't mean to say science is wrong just that you haven't got direct experience of it. You wouldn't be able to do all the science in your lifetime to discover the "truths" that have been found. So maybe there is a biased towards direct experience being the truth because thats all you have to play with. Most people dont have access to massive telescopes able to see milky ways or microscopes to see the molecular level of existence.
  9. He has had his new book translated and PDF's sent to stage blue countries like the middle east. Moving them up the spiral from blue to orange is a good thing surely?
  10. It seems his main problem is self deception right? But if he has mental health issues that's another kettle of fish. He was depressed and then got into meditation, he went an hour without though having many mystical experiences and always ended up back in a mental clinic. I wonder how much all this was down to enlightenment vs having severe depression prior to starting his spiritual journey.
  11. this is possibly the craziest story i've ever heard
  12. Not that they are closely related topics but what they stand for. I have friends who think they are a long way apart hence why i asked this question and feel i have more clarification on the matter now.
  13. Yea i agree. It's just the labelling tends to polarise and make many people unaware how similar they are.
  14. It's like all countries have different levels of corruption but we still call them countries. I don't see why we need different words other than for pedestaling purposes.