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  1. Yea i'm really starting to resonate more with integral theory (AQAL) than spiral dynamics alone lately
  2. Ok I just finished the Jordan Peterson video. Was a great episode Leo. Here's a few thoughts I had through it tho - Wouldn't you say Jordan Peterson on the whole is doing good work as he is helping people who maybe grew up in an orange or green environment who maybe struggle with discipline or those other stage blue values to help integrate them? I feel like your emphasis is on moving people up the spiral but isn't it an integral persons job to help people express healthy versions of their stage which even if JP isn't integral this is what he's doing with blue. There was a part where you talk about individualism vs collectivism and stage blue being collective and then it goes individual again. The point you made was on a poisoning and mercury being a collective issue. After reading the religion of tomorrow Wilber shows that the earlier stages think about their politics in terms of the individual (1st person, second person) and as you move into modernity you can see the world from 3rd person and think about collective issues. (I, WE, IT, ITS) I was wondering why you never talk about the 4 quadrants and leave this completely out of your teachings when theres so much value to this? There was also a part of the episode where you talked about once all value systems are taken away then there's no distinctions between good or bad then you can love easier. I am feeling this is a problem with spiral dynamics for me - I feel by making distinctions of groups of ppl especally when some are considered higher or lower stages these distinctions can be a problem for me and make it easier to judge other groups/ people.
  3. I would say as i'm guessing the majority of your audience are green that's what we need more of here than anything else. Integrating the earlier stages to push us up to yellow
  4. wow your going on 2 of my fav channels! So happy
  5. Do shadow work to integrate the healthy aspects of stage red, blue, orange and green
  6. I can completely relate to this. I feel the same, like someone has just rekindled my playful youth side, less attached to positions and more light hearted.
  7. Im so happy you went on The Charlie and Ben podcast. I know rebel wisdom follow you and I think they would give you a good conversation. The Daily Evolver talk about similar things to you with a post progressive look at politics. Russell Brand Under the Skin, Awareness Explorers, Buddha at the Gaspump, Charles Eisenstein, or basically going on any of Rebel Wisdoms guests podcasts. Just please stay away from London Real
  8. this is an interesting read on why it's unlikely the UFOs are aliens coming to earth to intervene:
  9. Using music to unite cultures - "we share the same blood"