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  1. @Gligorije I second this. Grind dating. Then with it do some meditation ofc and grind yoga seriously. But get dating out of the way first it's gonna help you immensely later. Of course do the life purpose course and find what skills you have to master. So in short work at : your mastery + meditation/yoga + dating.
  2. @Azrael What do you mean by that ? What would be a complete system ? @Shanmugam Yeah I understand even if to me just being sound like doing anyway. I mean it feels like you must do a lot just to BE For instance, would the concentration after kriya be a doing or being thing ? See ? You're being there but there is still doing even if it's not "you" doing it. I actually liked James Swartz teaching's. I got a glimpse by just meditating and saying I'm real non dual limitless awareness over and over and over after reading his two books.
  3. Don't lift them all the way up at first => don't damage your eye ffs ! Be careful and apply pressure gently it will build over time. You do NOT determine progress. You just do. It is part of kriya = you have no goal and it's important to JUST do the practice correctly. The explanations for when to move on to the next chapter are usually extensie though ;p
  4. Could you explain that further please ? Also, as long as I feel like this it the right path for me, I should be fine, right ? I mean since we have duality no system can be perfect anyways and every system has to be misleading to some extent let's say 10% and maybe more based on who you are because with your subjectivity this can get confusing. Aren't we just bickering back and forth like over this pointlessly ? No here you have 10% that are wrong join my school etc. I remember the old anecdote of the US criticizing the USSR for it's regime and they answered something along the lines of : and you you are beating niggers ! ( There is no perfect society nor perfect anything). In short, there will always be something wrong !
  5. Sure - do whatever you want - I'm just mentionning it for newbies that it's not a good strategy/guideline overall. PS: guys don't feed psychedelics to your company animals either
  6. Still it's quite un profesionnal of a use of psychedelics and it gives the substances bad reputation. In short for the neewbies reading : don't watch porn and do it alone or with a special sitter. Don't waste the experience.
  7. I'm not gonna start a non-duality war here but usually saying x w z is wrong and there will be this magic technique is usually done for marketing purposes. Of course every kriya school is gonna be like " no we are the right one, all those are wrong !" - Does that remind you of Europe during the middle ages in any way ? I don't believe there is a absolute perfect kriya yoga method. It's like driving the car of a certain model, let's say mercedes and arguing about the fact that this model is better than the other, and you must use the MB94 model with shaded windows always and all the other models are garbage. It's pretty common that even in quite serious books, such as Vedanta by James Swartz, a lot of shitting will be done on other traditions (sometimes for valid reasons but those are easy to discern) - that's just part of the marketing because you want all the disciples to flow to you. Every school has his own "ego" if you wish and as with every existing entity - it wants to survive !
  8. I used to think that way but I can assure you it can fuck you up long term if you don't heal correctly. It can really fuck you up. It's not as glamorous as you think
  9. @Leo Gura Thank you a lot Leo. So I got most of it right I'll focus on sharpening the practice. Really appreciate your help. How would you pull up energy faster ? I mean I can only imagine energy - I cannot feel it yet or really percieve it even if I really want to. Yeah I came to the same conclusion. I've been swimming weekly so this lack of breath capacity came as a suprise. I thought about going and doing some mountain retreat to get oxygen efficiency way up. (Or start a clarinet practice ? xD)
  10. So I've been doing the practice explained in Leo's secret book for around 2 months and a half now. Here is the list of difficulties I have encountered and I would really like any tips on them. I'd also like to check that I'm doing everything properly. I am currently stuck at the lesson ten : maha mudra. I've been doing the first kriya pranayama for 1 solid month. Hence I'm doing the page 102 routine daily in the morning. The book has been fascinating so far. This question was partially answered by Leo's video but I used to disregard the concentration at the end of practice because I'm doing some SDS and tatraka on the side and now I realize it's a big mistake, but how impartant really are those concentration minutes at the end of the session ? Can I expect some practical results such as subconscious cleansing etc ? Is the nadi shodana a Inhale 6-10 wait 3 exhale fully => inhale 6-10 wait 3 exhale fully from the other nostril mean that the inhale seconds have to be the same on both sides ? Do I need to close my eyes and look at brumadhya or not while I'm at it. How can I be sure I'm doing Om Japa properly ? I have trouble visualizing when focusing my eyes upward on brumadya and I'm virtually touching each shakra and feeling it in my spine but I'm having trouble because I can't let go of the breath. I have to either hold it in or exhale when chanting Ooom because otherwise the chanting will stop inside my head => I can't separate it mentaly from the breath. Next, for the frist kriya pranayama. I am supposed to keep the eyes focused on brumaduya, my focus on medulla, and ALSO visualize at the same time and also count to x on inhale because it has to be exactly the same as the exhale ! Where the fuck am I supposed to get such attention ?! I've been doing concentration time meditation for almost 2 years daily and I can't still fantom how to manage this. So what should I pay attention to ? Also one of the problems I have with the first kriya pranayma is that I'm not sure I'm visualizing it properly. I visualize some sort of blue energy and try to feel the coldness on inhale going up on the spine and then a red hot flow going down up to muladhara. And the most annoying problem of all which is shortness of breath : I being to lack oxygen when I'm doing the first kriya for too long with the 10 sec pause 10 exhale cycle. I have to inhale/exhale very slowly and my body starts to lack oxygen which is very annoying. This is the reason I can't do the maha mudra because you need to inhale for 10 seconds, then chant mentally at least 6 times, and on exhale I would lack oxygen everytime and just grasp for air ! (And also I'm not flexible enough because I got huge ass muscular calves to do the pose properly). Aside from that I love the practice and It feels very amazing on a psychological level. I laughed when Leo said " yeah you can master those techniques those are fairly simple" yeah . I'm quite serious about this practice which can be seen based on my love for detail. @Leo Gura Any clever guidance would be appreciated.
  11. @Paul EMD Honestly the Ennio Nimis felt very random and presented the whole material in such a way that it felt like freaking rocket science. I mean I had some basic yoga/sanscrit knowledge but it way too shitty to even undertand the basics. Stevens is way more approachable.
  12. Okay is the alpro unsweetened almond milk really that bad ? I've been using it for almost a year and reading this thread I feel quite uncomfortable about this revelation. Yeah there are some chemicals but that's almost unavoidable in a almond milk processed thingy.
  13. How do you unwind, relax, and just chill out at the end of the day to relieve stress and to relieve your mind ? I'm looking for things that are not digitaly related/nothing addictive => so no youtube/TV/games . Do not suggest weed. I'm already doing herbal teas. Activities such as journaling actually don't count since you're gonna think about your whole life and do it too professionally. I already know about : reading a nice book socializing with friends taking a bath etc. What would be some very counter intuitive nice relaxion method ? Which wouldn't be costly (like getting a spa) and reliable ?
  14. @Charlotte Too much pressure/expectations or just "casual" ego backlash because you've been doing a lot of changes in your life. If you feel shitty and there is no reason it's usually along the lines of something negative is being processed ( spiritual purification) or maybe it's just your mind revolting. I know there is resistance but someone should invent a specific name for the ego backlash emotion where you just feel shitty and loose part of your willpower. Also, it's not like a "normal" emotion where sitting with it will get it integrated. Agony maybe ? Well I guess Going slow is sometimes going fast. You've been posting arround about a LOT of issues. I know there is SO much to do but take it a step at a time otherwise you're just gonna get overhelmed too fast.