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  1. what ? I'm not improving the world at all I'm talking about my beliefs and my shadow which I wish to improve @youngshinzen any concrete example ?
  2. I've recently watched a video of your dear @Emerald and I noticed that I do have myself misogynistic feelings and beliefs along the lines of : - women have all the sexual power - women tend to become feminazi who all want to enslave men - women do not care about your personality but only about your sexual reproductive value and nothing else Obviously there is a lot of projected hatred on my part and a lot of hurt and I'm wondering how do I deal with this in a healthy manner. So let's say I notice that I hate a certain type of people, that I have hate in my shadow, that I dislike people who are too lucky, bourgeois, or w/e. Once I notice this, how do I go about solving it ? Any advice appreciated.
  3. How do you expect yourself to remain relatable after so much more growth ? I mean people cannot progress as fast as you do and there is becoming more and more of a gap between you and the "public". I can feel that especially after the "understand everything" video.
  4. @TJ Reeves I can second that. Basicaly if you are publishing your work randomly on forums only means you're not taking it seriously enough. If you've ever been to a wannabe writters forum you'll know what I'm talking about. Find some trusted people to proof read you and give you feedback instead of posting anywhere on the internet. People stealing your ideas happens even faster than the plague.
  5. @Joseph Maynor Nah. You're not gonna get excited about emotional labour. The vision is nice and all but it only serves you by not allowing you to quit. There is some satisfaction in progress and once you see you've made an impact it for sure will get exciting but before that well it's just investment, bleeding and suffering. For the right cause. You're not gonna be excited about hard honest work until you complete a full loop after which you get a deep satisfaction and meaningful reward. It's like making bread. You need to do a LOT, labour the freaking fields, wait for 9 months, etc. until you can finally put it in your mouth and feed yourself. Expect no excitement and treat it as a luxury.
  6. Peter Ralston would disagree. I have no direct experience of this but he mentions a distinction between the two of them. Also that may just be superficial linguistic stuff.
  7. @SFRL Yeah we should totaly make a support group for ego backslash. I feel like a lot of pressure comes from all the amazing work Leo's doing and imagining he does like 14 hours of very efficient work per day And of course even if you're intermediate you fucking can't compare yourself to that.
  8. @SFRL I do not stay in my bed after waking up. I drink yerba mate and it usually makes me feel way better. I had a very shitty morning recently because I was putting wayy too much pressure on myself with the whole self-actualization work and it felt very miserable. I became some sort of neurotic upgrade working robot.
  9. I went trough it but it was honesly disappointing as there is so much stuff it's hardly usable.
  10. @alyra I have no problems getting up at all. The deal is I feel very shitty after. I get up, I eat, but I'm not inspired nor motivated. That comes back later, after 1 or 2 hours. Sometimes more. And then I'm very excited about my goals at the END of the day when I have to go back to bed. It's very annoying.
  11. I'll try cold water but this... If I feel shitty I don't wanna willpower my way trough all the time I want it to come naturally.
  12. I noticed that I feel like complete garbage at morning while I have enough sleep (arround 8 hours) and a very healthy diet. Later on in the day I start to get some motivation and inspiration back but then it's too close to the evening and it's time to sleep again. I usually feel quite shitty when I wake up in the morning and I can't quite grasp why. Any morning routine advice to really feel ON and ready to start the day ?
  13. @onacloudynight @Joel3102 Honestly a high quality partner for which you would for sure need """pick up skills"" is very very worth it and can really help your growth. Plus you get your animal sex side from your system which frees up a lot of time of pointless masturbation and other sexual distractions. Also, It is a good dose of fun and character growth and most definetly will help with willpower and character growth. That being said, I'd first make sure to hammer my life purpose a bit and a solid meditation habit so you are at a good place in your life.
  14. Super Healthy soup - basically an adaptation of Leo's one. Ingredients full cauliflower 3 red bell pepers green beans (the long type) carrots curcuma 2 glasses of olive oil (pure virgin organic of course) white pepper organic vegetal broth (2 cubes) 2 lemon's juice garlic 250 gr or more of red lentils (this does wonders and give the soup that nice silky texture) I'm sure I'll find some other sexy soup variant which includes other spices but I don't have the time to engeneer that right now