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  1. @Amandine In case you're not a troll I would encourage you to take this issue way more seriously. Like set a more powerful goal such as drinking only once per week or something. There isn't much difference between being a hardcore alcoholic and a medium one - it's just the speed at which you decay. I hope you stop decaying all together.
  2. Yeah I understood the value of detoxing very very quickly :D. Unfortunately I focused on some other stuff and didn't take the time to detox very deeply
  3. Sorry Leo that's a complete lie. Your Brand's name matters enormously. For instance is very well chosen = it's not an accident it's framed as an .org (higher purpose) while it's a LLC for instance. And also since it starts with Ac it's always at the very beginning of youtube subcriptions. Marketing is in the details.
  4. The way you counter this is having a curated instagram profile showing great moments with tons of social proof. That helps. Otherwise just stick to reality.
  5. What is the best way to realize in your direct experience that fear is completely illusory and then make that insight stick ? What are the most damaging fears in terms of human development we should aim at overcoming first ?
  6. Since branding is 80% percent of any business, I've been wondering what your thoughts are on branding yourself as a person (lifecoach or w/e else) versus branding yourself as a business ( Usually people do a mix of that such as - Leo for but other people are quite successful such as Teal Swan, Rupert Spira, Calvin Newport, Thomas Frank, etc. What are some great elements to consider when doing that ? Yourself seems more personal while the business allows more liberty later on with products and other elements : Rupert Spira's self-improvement forum is not gonna fly for instance.
  7. @Matt8800 I would greatly appreciate if you gave me some pointers on those : 1) What happens exactly when you take a psychedelic ? Are you possessed by the spirit of the plant ? If the substance is synthetic (such as LSD), are you possessed by the spirit molecule ? 2) What do you think about Teal Swan's frequency painting and how would you use them ? thanks !
  8. That's actually genius - imagine there was a very small gun possession tax. You'd have to register with the IRS to actually pay it. Unless you're feeling very courageous you're not gonna fuck with the IRS and the registration issue will be solved nationwide
  9. I actually could be interested if it's not too time consuming. I'm always triggered when I see improperly named topics or inconsistent information formating I used to post a lot of non sense back in the days but got very careful about my contributions as I've matured lately.
  10. It's just a fantasm. Ffs, you guys lack any basic understanding of psychology. It cannot be delusionnal as it is imaginary to begin with. You would be delusional to consider this to be real in the common sense of the world. It's like a mushroom showing you a dream you must interpret - it has everything to do with your psychologic and nothing to do with hers.
  11. 1) Start with low doses. That's a no brainer. 2) Unless you're doing something very wrong, like suddently taking 10g of shrooms on your first trip, the "complicatedness" in the experience is always due to your own psyche, aka the substance pulls out all the dark shit in your subconscious. This is also highly dependent on your current setting. Set is slightly different because yes you wanna feel good but feeling good with several pandora's boxes in your backyard is not gonna do much overall Chip at it slowly and learn bit by bit. Someone mentionned on shroomery that the idea of using something to run away was actually in itself something that one had to learn to face within himself. That might be a great lesson to just sit down and take it because it's you realizning what's happening inside yourself.
  12. This is getting a bit muddy. Image your spirituality inborn skill level (think of dragon ball xD) is 30. When you're stuck it's 30 and when you're not stuck you can achieve something like 400. Maybe thirthy would be gifted compared to someone who started with then and whose experience of being stuck would be longer or more painful/grindy. You have no way to know how good your baseline is. That's the point here. Nonetheless I tend to think that discussions about talent are usually not helpful as it's often used overall as an excuse in one way or another. You could've been bad at math simply because you misunderstood some basic math down the line and since math is extremely linear and builds up like a pyramid, it's easy to see how you would have failed Thinking that you're failing because you're special or different is exactly what we need to avoid in our thinking.
  13. You wouldn't know what spiritually gifted is unless you had a ground for comparison. Maybe you're actually quite gifted to begin with and someone else wouldn't have had your spiritual experiences if he were under the exact same conditions. For instance I've always assumed that anyone is able to change as much as a do or take personnal development as seriously as I do, and actually get what they want - but the more I talk to people the more I feel gifted because they seem to be stuck for no particular reason. It just doesn't click. I've had a personality type extremely oriented towards accomplishement and also a strong belief in anything being possible which already was the case even when I had zero personnal development work.
  14. You clearly have never dealt with SQL on such a large scale. Oh how naive of you.
  15. But what would happen if he used psychedelics ? Or do you think that psychedelics also only help you with achieving your potential and do not expand it beyond what would be possible "naturaly" without them ? Meaning then that people having amazing psychedelic experiences are quite gifted to begin with, giving a whole new meaning to the famous quote of "psychedelics don't work on stupid people".