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  1. @Epiphany_Inspired Why is that ? I wanna know cause an outside perspective may help
  2. Basically being unable to reject someone is pure egoism - you don't wanna look or feel bad , feel the aftereffects of hurting someone else's feelings ( you do not care about his feelings ofc because if you did you wouldn't give any false hope ).
  3. OMG DUDE you can't even begin to fanthom how often I had this reaction. So much garbage across the lines of yeah you are supposed to end up with the princess, you haven't ever seen her or talked to her but she loves you for sure...etc you're conditionned for so much garbage and unrealistic expectations from culture it's insane. that's why people like La La Land I guess, it break the whole overly idealistic cycle of the guy gets the girl.
  4. Of course not. A concept is only a concept. I'm only providing a practical framework to allow some progress to be done. (Cf. Latest leo's insight - I've been a pragmatic my whole life).
  5. @Lorcan You're just hurting the body. Even Shizen Young tells you not to hurt the body while doing SdS
  6. @Damir Elezi Go read about enmeshment/emotionnal incest => Neil Strauss/ The truth and silently seduced by Ken Adams. You will be amazed. You shouldn't care about her feelings because that's her problem to handle. What you're doing is that you're repeating an mother abuse scenario. Either way expect her to pull you down to hell as much as possible : she will try to hurt you mentally and physically so you stay weak and do not leave or or come back to her. She will use anything. So cut her from your life as much as possible. When you look at her do not see a human being - see a demon who is trying to destroy your entire life. What happens to her is not your problem to handle. You are not responsible for mentally sick people.
  7. @Damir Elezi Break up. Do it. She is pulling you down minute after minute, hour after hour and day after day. Having such a person in your life is almost like mental cancer.
  8. @krazzer You'd have to inquire more deeply because usually the fear is not random. And actually you fear something not because of the thing in itself but because it reminds you of something you are unable to accept. For instance people fear failure because as children they never got any support, and failure reminds them of the lack of support and the fact that they feel unlovable deep inside. This deep inside is kept inside in denial because you don't wanna work trough it. Do some shadow work and do archeological work on your mind. That will help uncover the real reason.
  9. @phoenix666 @nightrider1435 @AstralProjection Thank you for the feedback guys ! I'm not really afraid because I know deeply nothing bad can happen and that turning inwards is the only way to truly live. I'm gonna start with shrooms most likely and take it from there - first microdose it to see how I react then try a real trip. Any advice on how to make the most progress during the trip ? What questions to ask or just enjoy it while it happens ? Then I'll try LSD and then some 5-meo-DMT because that shit sounds quite scary. Do you recommend any particular order in "learning " those ?
  10. hmmm... sorry ? Why would she ( any random woman) be suffering by default ( and greatly !! ) ?
  11. Let me pinpoint the problem for you @Azrael Do you have any advice on psychadelic use ? Context ? Mindset ? how to start etc ?
  12. I haven't tried any "hard" psychedelic yet - only smoked one puff of weed once and I was wondering what is the best to start. I'm very scared of fucking up the doses, not correctly identifying the substances so any advice/ ressources would be appreciated. I belive I should start with something lighter first to have a positive experience and learn to progressively let go. My intuition is telling me this is the way to go but I need a bit of guidance
  13. This is not funny - this is fucking scary. There a lot of people here who are basically just spreading high quality complex garbage - prophecies/ zen devil type stuff/ the world has no rules/ you don't exist (without understanding what it means)/ etc the list is very very long/ and they gain a sort of "following" - I mean 733 fucking likes is a lot - and nothing is done at all about it unless they go really crazy like this guy did.
  14. No, there is no such case. It only means the problem is actually not internal otherwise you're always better solving it internally because otherwise you're only running away. Thanks ! Glad I could help ! Yeah you have to be pragmatic sometimes and if your roof is leaky actually go and fix it and not wait for enlightenement so it's not percieved as a "problem" anymore. People who really study non-duality can do both : inquire and handle the "external" properly. Like leo who is careful about what he is eating etc.
  15. Could some "trusted" content creators be included into a category of users who can actually edit their stuff ? It's like seriously annoying when you cannot update your guide with latest discoveries etc.