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  1. Did you mean purasana ? Because it's the one they got at my organic store over here. I'll also try and experiment with them and will report back + do some more research on the brand etc since it can be very important @Dodo thanks !
  2. A 1-ounce (3 tbsp) serving of chlorella contains: Protein—16g. Vitamin A—287% RDA. Vitamin B2—71% RDA. Vitamin B3—33% RDA. Iron—202% RDA. Magnesium—22% RDA. Zinc—133% RDA. How ? Also, double how? since you woudn't start feeling anemic right away as if your iron dissapeared somewhere. The male body doesn't usually have any problems with iron, it's the opposite that's quite dangerous. Isn't that a lot ? Would you have the same benefits if you took a big dose in the morning for instance ? Are you talking about chlorella or spirulina ? @pluto @Huginn @Dodo @Michael569 I may do another topic for this but what brands would you suggest ?
  3. When you say " do nothing" in the context of the last video about doing nothing for 7 days allowing for huge progress Would it best to do a SDS retreat where you just spend all day sitting and doing nothing or add some yoga in between 2 hour sits for instance ? Would not moving be "doing" ? Also I suppose being aware of your thoughts is not doing and and letting your mind wonder mindlessly is not "doing" either ?
  4. I'm planning on taking it for energy, iron absorption, fiber and the potassium goodness and vitamin C I guess ? Just because it's available in powder at my organic store and I read great things about it x)
  5. I'm thinking about trying all of those and wondering about their safety and any guidelines I should know. Something along the lines of mixing it all in lukewarm water in the morning (+ some lemon) and driking it. Any feedback on dosage and observed benefits ? I'm mainly afraid of a vitamin overload if I take too many supplements. Anything else I should know ?
  6. @The White Belt The learning is a behaviour change did it for me. I've spent a lot of time reading/ taking notes but I would integrate actually very few of the concepts. The best way is to choose an area where you want to improve and mine knowledge in it. Just reading isn't gonna do anything, you may feel inspired for some time but that's pretty much it. Even to feed and upgrade your mental model you would have to think everything trough and achieve deeper understanding. I usually focus on one area of my life, aka life purpose, then put the notes in one note, then re-read the main concepts if I need to integrate them in my mental model or make a lists of practices of the book and work on them. This is quite tricky and I haven't figured out everything yet but "just reading" won't cut it for sure.
  7. You stated in your blog : "I was wrong about the metaphysics of the law of attraction. I no longer believe the law of attraction merely works through brute mechanical means." Could you provide more info on that ?
  8. Nah nah nah ! Act normally and date other girls. It's the fastest way. Anything from this point on aside from just talking normally like friends with no pressure at all with make you seem too try hard. If she sees you being chosen by other women she will most likely click - or not, then you would just next. More effort => lower value.
  9. I'm looking for books that are deep and quite profound about making art. Something along the lines of John Ruskan - Emotion and art. Most standard books about writing or art don't help you much aside from small generic principles and don't offer much practical advice on how to solve creative problems, handle the struggle, etc. Thus, I'm looking for something more deep about art making. Please no : Steven Pressfield with the magical resistance, steven king on writing, those are too common and too shallow.
  10. Honestly when doing 2 grams It didn't feel mindblowing at all.
  11. @Leo Gura Thanks ! I had like 40 of them, now in the safety of one note
  12. This is quite fucked up. You should get out of there asap. It's the best for your sanity. I've written a break-up guide before and it might help you : If I ever get some more time I'll do a one-note full guide with updates because I'v grown a lot since and there are way more nuanced points and action points to add - but that may give you some support for now !
  13. Could I have that please ? I'll just copy paste them in one note real quick. Bookmarks were really useful when stumbling accross a gem in a 6 to 30 pages topic since those are very hard to stumble upon otherwise. I had like at least a dozen of them and never expected them to disappear.
  14. Poetry has nothing to do with it since it's written and it's a different code all together => Jacobson and co. to read.
  15. @Lorcan Take a walk in the park with your ego and breathe. You're fucking 15. Changing the world is most often a grandiose fantasy. Something more concrete would be working on a given aspect e.g. revolutionizing a field of study by creating a perfect ISO standard, something which would be concrete, doable and still require great work. A new world system ? You may produce some great ideas towards that but it requires a very holistic point of view and a lot of experts. Get your own life purpose and other things down. Also, your life does not start at 15. You have not lived 15 years really. You've mostly only been doing nothing. Honestly, you're not old at all, maybe comapred to your 5 year old cousin, but still, before 20 years it's the tutorial sequence. Most of your time is taken/was taken by school, needless activities, etc. I mean seriously, what have you lived between 0 and 10 years old ? After 20 if you setup your life right you can in only one year, more "life" than in those 20 before. If you want a great piece of advice : start doing yoga daily and after 5 years you will have amazing results. It's also a great sport to keep you healthy. Starting some long term investement in a discipline like that is a great foundation in life. But twenty five 10 years of yoga will be so powerful you're gonna be amazed at how good your life is. This works with any long term investement activity.