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  1. You can't be serious. The whole problem with this mindset in case it was not obvious is that you cannot treat women as a fucking RESSOURCE. Nor men. Nor human beings in general. This is exactly the issue with excessive materialistic orange which will view women/men like a pieces of meat with a certain market value disregarding pretty much everything else and the most important parts such as connection and personality traits. You need to stop equating people to a certain "value" parameter and decomposing their personnality according to that. Viewing someone according to his "value" on the "sexual market" is one very biased lens which when pushed to the extreme leads to nonsense like this. For instance, regardless of "value" a lot of people are not compatible and would never be happy together. Meanwhile, money is always money - and you can always buy a piece of bread with money to feed yourself. It's a completely different matter. To anyone reading this : stop mentally masturbating to crazy sociale equality theories that would land you free sex, go out, get laid, and outgrow stage orange.
  2. I mean, I can somehow understand where the guy is coming from. The video was amazing, but when Teal listed all of the possibles actions you would need to undertake to create containment for a woman, I thought to myself, good heavens, I'm not certain there exists in this universe a woman deserving of such work if you have to do 40+ of those at the same time
  3. I meant that I don't care about the accuracy of the number of steps for instance So for you the data even from an oura ring is not accurate enough to be valuable ?
  4. @Javfly33 Well it's not exactly rocket science. Bottled water will contain microscopic plastic particles because well it's usually in plastic bottles. If you get glass ones, that might be a big plus. Tap water can contain pretty much anything depending on your country. For instance, if you live in an old building, you may have copper/lead pipes, hence having heavy metals in your tap water. Faced with that choice, I would choose microplastics. The best way is to get a RO philter and process your water so it's as clean as possible.
  5. I've been wanting to track my sleep lately to have more data to improve upon and was wondering what experiences you had with any of the following : fitbits, oura rings, different sleep trackers such as dreem. What are the pro and cons to each one of those or any other trackers you are using ? Most and foremost I would like to measure the quality of my sleep to optimize that properly so the data has to be as accurate as possible for that purpose. I care less about the sport accuracy measurements and the next most important point after the data accuracy would be the ease of usage, e.g. not to have to charge it every two days, being able to barely notice it, etc. Any suggestions & feedback are very welcome !
  6. @Snader While not being on the phone and very focused on the experience is very important, which is what the tripsitters are also for, music CAN be extremely helpful. Don't dismiss it for his and your own sake ! For me it creates a very positive background, and for most of my experiences it has helped a great deal. Sometimes, if music gets too overwhelming, I will turn it off and just focus on the experience in complete silence, but I always put it at the start of the trip. So don't ban music right away in the preparation stages Also, I would at least do some yoga and/or a meditation practice, otherwise your friend might not go as deeply and not be able to integrate his experience.
  7. @Michael569 What's your opinion on things like Chlorella for detox then ?
  8. It's something I like about - there is just nothing to build a coherent spiritual identity from. You can't become an actualizer or a Leo Gurian - The teaching is so high level that you can't just limit it to some concrete elements. In a sense, you managed to make us inherently less ideological about our development.
  9. @Serotoninluv I've been loving your responses since I'm trying to grow a bit more into yellow. Now that I think of it it's completely true and it's very important to consider.
  10. You're gonna resonate with this since you're in academia : there was a TT position in Canada which was open only to women/minorities/handicaped people. I'm strictly against that : comittees should be balanced sure, but they shouldn't be aware of the gender of the candidate and only consider him based on his/her/their prior academic achievements. Giving someone a job they're less qualified for because of their gender or because you need to look like a progressive university is a no-no in my book.
  11. Excuse me but how in the world did you come to those conclusions ? Yes it sounds coherent on paper but how would anything you consume amplify resonance with a certain spiral dynamic stage ? Isn't that too far-stretched ?
  12. You're slightly incorrect. Some combinations between psychedelics and some SSRI for instance can simply lead to death regqrdless of the dose. A very solid guideline is not to mix psychedelics with anything at all. I know it may sound like a petty remark but I can't stress enough the importance of safety whilst using psychedelics for anyone reading this
  13. The idea behind my opinion is more complex : yes obviously age is a factor but "you're too old" can also be used to get rid of you if you're not attractive. So if he assumes it doesn't matter it won't bother him and obviously reality will strike and sometimes it will truly matter but at least he won't fail by thinking he's too old when he actually wasn't Overall we have to see on a case per case basis. It's very hard to have absolute statements for such things.
  14. Yeah I learned my lesson Thanks for the support everyone ! See you arround
  15. Maybe you've never met an attractive guy who was older ? Either way you can't assume it's the case for everyone and while he can do nothing about his age he can work and should work on his social skills.