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  1. Hey Leo, I've always wondered : have you ever studied the theosophical society ? More in particular Helena Blavatsky ? I find her book could be very interesting but it's extremely hard to read. Do you believe there is something to learn there ? Would you eventually help us explore more Occult traditions ? Thank you very much.
  2. @Esoteric Following more serious spiritual traditions osho is seen as a fake anyway - for instance he had 91 rolls royces - I can't even fanthom how egoic you need to get to want/keep so much cars
  3. You seem not to understand what pick - up is. Please tell me how " making yourself more attractive by bettering yourself " a disingenuous and predatory to do ? No they are not : if you engage in predatory behaviour you are heavily fucked up. That's it. But no one is briging up this whole preying and predatory thing into the mix. It has nothing to do with the subject at hand. I advise you to review your perspective of men because by the way you speak they are seen with a LOT of aggression and hatred. And like manipulating with psychological abuse lol...I can't even imagine how bad you believe the world is. Pickup looks most like people who are totaly lost and feel sad,alone and rejected and try to learn decent social skills to find a nice girl. Those are generaly sweet and broken people. But sometimes some people introduced to pick-up go crazy and are neurotic and behave in ways that are not acceptable that can be indeed called manipulative or be dangerous for the women involved but that's because of them and not of the pick-up stuff.
  4. It seems predatory to you simply because the people who ask this question are heavily neurotic. I don't know what you all mean by pickup but it comes down to " learning how to become be attractive by bettering yourself" . It actually does really help a lot in your growth if you do it correctly. And not only for condifence but for you whole life overall. Thinking about how high or low on the level of consciousness something is, is very judgmental and ineffective : is eating my oatmeal in the morning low or high ? Interacting with other human beings can be a low/high consciousness activity on a case per case basis. Loving yourself doesn't work like that. And no matter how much you love yourself that's not gonna make you attractive.
  5. It's 100 % usefull. If it doesn't make sense for you - and as we can see it doesn't - don't read it. Forget about it. If you're angry after 20 pages just don't read it and that's it. Complaining it's not cheap is totaly pointless.
  6. Insist on taking money from you ? What the fuck ? The enlightened "part" of him doesn't do anything. The person/ego needs to live on and hence has the right to enjoy the fruit of his work because that's how the ego's operate down here. Seriously it's gift and we all should be grateful he even wrote it.
  7. In all honesty, I don't know. I've been working on my belief system lately and...well... 1) Humans are a gregarious species. 2) We need other people, etc. Are beliefs. It's not true in my experience. I believe that they are really great beliefs to hold society together though. Unless you've been totaly alone for let's say one month, you can't really know. If after being totaly alone for a month, not seen another human, not talking to one, you start to become mad, well maybe that means that's true for you. (And even then it could be the belief creating a placebo effect). If we take this to a very radical level, you actually never interact with human beings. You interact with your perception of the other person: what you percieve he thinks, says, looks like, smells like, all of those are perceptions you are witnessing. Eckhart Tolle has a great joke about that ; " When two people talk on facebook/internet they believe they talk to each other while they only interact with a screen". So, when next time you think about someone, is there even someone or is it just a bulk of perceptions made into a person ? It's not up to you anyway I mean usually such strong reactions indicate a deeper problem. That's it. My bad, I haven't dealt with all my assumptions yet
  8. @ajs Family is not a value , it's something you value. It's not the same as justice or beauty. Women are often conditionned to take care of the family and sometimes too easily tend to find their purpose there. The problem is that anything that includes other individuals cannot make you happy or fulfilled in itself. Concerning life purpose although you can never not include other people simply because you are in a society, it would seem clever to me not to build the whole thing based on 3 people who could die any day. Either way I'm off topic. Family is not a value
  9. @Shane Roberts Yeah honestly if you wanna become a therapist, simply enjoy the college ride. Learn what you can at college and enjoy learning on the side to become a great therapist - reading the likes of Miller, Winnicot, etc. It's pretty fun
  10. @Kevin Dunlop You're totaly right actually, I kinda over-reacted from this point of view. Thank you
  11. For fucking fuck's sake. @Kevin Dunlop @Phil Guys please before giving advice read the topic updates. It's been 5 months that I've totaly solved this problem. Thank you very much
  12. @Firebirdz I knew a day would come and someone from the Inner Circle would start to take his self-development seriously. As for Leo, he got a extremely strict schedule and lifestyle ( so no chocolate) so you're gonna need something else to offer
  13. But still ? That means you don't really get it. You know it, but it's not true in your experience. Ask yourself why you feel the need to be understood and need someone to be able to understand you. Why it feels so nice. If everything is flat and then suddently intense you've been carrying the problem arround and forgetting about it unless there is a trigger, and then the problem comes in full sight with huge proportions, thoughts, and you're a whole mess. Go deeper ! PS : going on dates with guys just to forget someone is a very... low vibration ? Manipulative (because you don't care about the person in itself and there isn't a genuine desire to know him and use him to fill a object etc. ) thing to do.
  14. @clytaemnestra Nothing happened between you two. Life is not a romantic movie where by flying 12000 km or doing anything proposterous you will be madly in love, happy and suddently everything is gonna be great. Either way you have already chosen : you have written this post so you can rationalize your action which is just fueled by different emotions, such as loneliness, neediness, void, emptiness, lack of excitement and so on and so forth, based on what we say, and really finding sound ways for your decision to be rational : the world is without borders, I fear this or that but otherwise it's a good decision, it's part of the self-actualization journey, so on and so forth. I'm probably someday gonna write a full article on neurotic love but meanwhile consider love and attraction as inherently neurotic unless you are very on point on your personnal journey.