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  1. Yerba matte also sounds quite awesome. The problem is there is still caffeine in them and you still can get addicted. I clearly have a green tea addiction right now which I'm trying to handle.
  2. I'm not facing the issue she's facing but that's a very deep clever way to put on confusion. I totaly second this.
  3. Sorry but that's simply untrue. I've talked to countless yoga teacher and consulted a lot of ressources and you cannot damage your brain. You can fuck up your mind a bit if you're going too fast but you can't die nor damage your brain.
  4. @Voyager Learn the asana's and practice a lot of yoga before starting bandhas. By itself they dont' do much, but if you do bandhas during asana's with the right pranayama it can get amazing. It takes a lot of training of course
  5. Yeah Your mate Tom did this with psyched substance and Iboga sent him into a deep spiritual crisis. Something you most likely wanna avoid.
  6. + She will have to undo the conditionning which made her choose this partner in the first place. @spicy_pickles You have to read Toxic parents by Susan Forward and leaving home by David Celani. Those will change your life.
  7. @Erlend K @Shiva I'm not trying to achieve some meaning I'm trying to deconstruct the expectations of an END GOAL and a higher meaning somewhere out there. And all those meanings society put into my brain and I'm heavily controlled by. @Meretagh Fair enough. I guess that's the only way to do it
  8. I've watched Leo's video about meaning recently and also read about it in the Peter Ralston's books : the fact that everything is meaningless. I do realize it's a mechanism of self-survival and meaning/value is assigned according to that but on a practical level it doesn't stick. My mind is needing some sort of meaning, some sort of higher purpose, some sort of the ultimate goal of the universe to give me a direction, something amazing to be found out there, some big fantasy, like you know when you look at the stars and you're amazed by the whole universe and you really wanna do something very amazing with your life ? I have already constructed a briliant life purpose I'm following each day and that's going on great BUT the fact that my mind is still looking for that big thing to be found somewhere out there in the world is annoying. The best moments of my life were litteraly the moment where I had achieved something and I realized " this is all meaningless" and a lot of pressure and stress instantly went away and it was really blissfull. I wanna make it stick. But my mind is still overly wanting some sort of achieving the highest meaning. I've got brainwashed by the culture believing love can be the highest meaning and I spent some time pursuing that with some dissapointment and I still feel controlled by the different meanings/agendas my mind is sometimes making. Any advice appreciated.
  9. @texter Way too much sugar ! Also as Moreira stated some vitamins are lost. Always eat fresh fruits.
  10. @Mondsee I use a form of Trataka where I stare into a single given point and clear the mind of all images trying to be extremely focused and present. Also it's a Strong determination sitting as I do not move, and if I have some cleansing to do I do not even blink And when focusing becomes easy or too difficult I may just stare blindly and it's a form of do nothing. Honestly the SdS is the main compotent and Trataka is just so nice for concentration. I've been doing 30 minutes for more than a year every single day ( I've done one hour sits but those are not sustainable as I have quite a chaotic schedule). It's actually quite easy because you get used to it after a while and it can get very amazing if you have a yoga practice, then after 10 minutes or so you will plunge into a state of focused and relaxed attention/ inner peace. ( Focus being relaxed means that you drain less energy while focusing because it becomes effortless to some extent => you are wayyy more effective during your daily life).
  11. I'd advise you stop switching techniques so much and also start with 20 minutes and once you can do it daily without fail, then up it till 30 minutes and then maybe an hour. Being consistent wins over length every time.
  12. @Emerald Huge thank you. Like I love you so much for what you're giving out to the world ! I'll work slowly on the issue as everyone advised.
  13. Just in case you haven't noticed. I've been on this forum for like 40 days, and you have posted almost one thousand topics/posts. I am maybe pointing that out for the wrong reasons but either way you have an extremely over active mind which is really all over the place. Thinking so much is clearly an addiction and I think it would help you a lot to let go of it. As for a impressive super computer you do not need to run all the processors because they use up all of power and you're always gonna feel drained if you do so. I'm unsure whether "calling you out" on this is clever but I mean you never know until you try and it might help you.
  14. what ? I'm not improving the world at all I'm talking about my beliefs and my shadow which I wish to improve @youngshinzen any concrete example ?
  15. I've recently watched a video of your dear @Emerald and I noticed that I do have myself misogynistic feelings and beliefs along the lines of : - women have all the sexual power - women tend to become feminazi who all want to enslave men - women do not care about your personality but only about your sexual reproductive value and nothing else Obviously there is a lot of projected hatred on my part and a lot of hurt and I'm wondering how do I deal with this in a healthy manner. So let's say I notice that I hate a certain type of people, that I have hate in my shadow, that I dislike people who are too lucky, bourgeois, or w/e. Once I notice this, how do I go about solving it ? Any advice appreciated.