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  1. I recommend this interview: It is very captivating.
  2. Even if there's no 'Don', there's the body of Don or at least, there is a body. That body will cease to exist. The body doesn't want to die. The body wants to be able to think, move, eat and so forth. Basically, the body wants to survive. When the body is gone, what remains? And if it remains something like consciousness, that consciousness doesn't operate like a mind. That consciousness doesn't have awareness as the body does.
  3. Thank you for sharing these words with me. This is what I am trying to do. To be mindful all the time. To be present all the time.
  4. But are you sure that @Leo Gura has said that he stopped meditating? Are you 100% percent sure?
  5. @Mikael89, can you give me a link where @Leo Gura said that he has stopped meditating?
  6. Hello. This is a spiritual topic and it might be very interesting if we get to the bottom of it. I've watched this video about dying which is very interesting and captivating at the same time. It made me think about death. I can say that I think of death on a daily basis. Memento mori is one of my favorite mottos. Anyway, what do you guys think about death? What happens after we die? What comes next? Is there a similar state like experiencing 5-MeO-DMT after we're clinically dead? Is it pure consciousness or deep dreamless sleep after we end up dead?
  7. Hello. I've discovered this video on YouTube. If you suffer from depression or have a troubled family member, try LSD.
  8. You can be aware of being aware. You can be aware of your sight. You can be aware of your hearing. You can be aware of all at the same time and that is amazing! These philosophers knew how to meditate effectively.
  9. Thank you for sharing that with us. I will try to do that. Also, please give us some examples.
  10. Thank you, guys. I will do what's necessary to raise my consciousness so I can identify the unconscious problem of resistance.
  11. I'm 26 years old and I've never had sex. I think about sex every day as my brain is making me do that; it's not something that I'm very interested in. It would be nice to have sex, of course, but I'm doing my best to keep myself a virgin until I get married. I'm happy without sex. I truly am. Meditation, writing, studying and sports matters more than sex to be completely honest. Sex is just a form of hedonism that creates misery. Logic, reason, and spirituality is the way. Realizing God is also the way. If you want to engage in sexual behavior, do it for health purposes if you can manage to keep your mind in a calm state; away from regrets. Because believe me, regret is a poison; it triggers unhealthy emotions.
  12. Hello there. I've found this video on YouTube. It talks about Western Civilization and how these ancient Greeks were able to realize God. It's also talking about an advanced form of meditation that we really don't know about. Knowledge without practice is useless.
  13. Hello. I'm into self-actualization since March 2018. I've been meditating on a daily basis for 30 to 40 minutes straight and sometimes I meditate while I'm working. My journey looks like this: keeping an open mind as I'm being open-minded; only the present moment matters; direct experience is supreme; no dogma, ideology, and beliefs; not taking reality for granted and questioning almost everything and studying psychology (the studying of one-self). Of course, I have other subjects in mind but this was a small example of how my itinerary looks like. The only problem I have while doing personal development work is that I feel a lot of resistance and pain when I'm studying and trying to retain information. Why is that? It's been over a year and the pain doesn't seem to go away. Studying should be a process of enjoyment, especially if I'm studying what I like. Anyway, it's a strange feeling that keeps me distracted; it's something like discouragement and a feeling of giving up. This feeling I have doesn't feel good at all in the sense that it's like an inner conflict inside of my psyche. I'm doing my best to overcome it. I'm being mindful as much as I can but this shitty resistance doesn't seem to collapse on itself. On the other hand, I have a few questions that I need to ask myself and of course, you guys: Should I take a 10 days retreat and meditate the whole time? Should I try psychedelics; would psychedelics remove this awful resistance? Should I take a long break and contemplate this problem? As I'm feeling stuck, I'm looking forward to your answers with great interest.
  14. Here are a few points of what self-actualization means to me: I meditate four times a week. I study psychology. I think (contemplate) about reality. I keep track of my thoughts using a journal. But it is not possible for me to do all these things while I am working. I say this because @Leo Gura said that it is important to do self-actualization work every single day. How can I do that if I have to work three days a week?