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  1. Hi. I have the same problem. I can't sleep well at night. I wake up 3 to 4 times a night for no reason at all. I think we should work on our past trauma and use some medicines like Indica Kush or something.
  2. Hello. I've watched @Leo Gura's video about reproduction, particularly human reproduction. I thought about his ideas for a while and I came to the conclusion that biological reproduction matters and it's indispensable if we want humanity to continue and have a prosperous future. If you don't consider biological reproduction to be the foundation of humanity, you lack wisdom in some sense (not trying to put anyone down here) because all the goods you use today: infrastructure, technology, medical care and so forth, are made by humans. At this moment, in the Western World, people don't have enough kids; not even to replace themselves. In fact, that's true all over the world with the exception of Africa and Israel. The infrastructure we have today requires human labor to be maintained. The future of technology requires scientists in order for the progress to continue and if we don't have enough kids, nobody will advance our technological progress. We take everything for granted in the sense that we believe that "we're too many on this planet" and a population implosion would be good for all of us. That's false. In fact, I used to belive the same thing until I started to do some research about the latest statistics on birth rates and what humanity is doing in terms of biological reproduction. When I finally understood what happened, I was kind of shocked. There's nothing wrong with having a family and 3-4 kids. Remember the age of the Baby-Boomers. Since then, humanity took rampant progress in every aspect of life. Biological reproduction is good for all of us. There is a book on Amazon which is called Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline. A catastrophe is coming. Don't buy into the idea that we're gonna be too many. People just don't have enough kids and we have to do something about it.
  3. Hello there. Keep the baby. Dedicate a small part of your life in raising the baby. Having a family is great.
  4. Hello there. If you have a daily meditation habit, The Dark Knight of the Soul is inevitable. Meditation shrinks your persona, a.k.a your ego. Then you'll feel like a person with depersonalization disorder. You'll have no-self. Void, no-self or depersonalization disorder are all the same things. Then you have to develop the ability to embrace the void (the no-self or depersonalization). You have to develop a taste for the void. In the meantime, you'll feel extremely depressed. It's okay. It will pass.
  5. I'm trying to grasp what you're saying. The human form cannot live without meaning or purpose. Or can it? I don't know. It's still confusing to me. And I want to ask you when was the last time when you were depressed? Did you integrate this concept succesfully without getting depressed?
  6. Okay, @Leo Gura. But how can I integrate this concept without getting depressed? A concept like this is making me extremely depressed. And it's not just a minimal depression. It's a harsh one. It's a deep suicidal depression where everything gets dark. It's like The Dark Night of the Soul. Can I integrate your concept and live in inner peace, without depression? That's all I need to know.
  7. Could you elaborate on this process? What does it mean to resist the thoughts and feelings that arise?
  8. When you walk the path of spirituality, don't forget the fact that you are intrinsically valuable as a human being. Any advanced spiritual teacher who abandons his humanity is a pure pseudo-demiurge. A devil. You, as a human being, are not worthless. You have a spirit worth preserving and the things you do in life are important. Every human life is sacred.
  9. P.S: an enlightened master once said something like... we can't give up on our humanity.
  10. I understand that because it's true. But as soon as we start to incline the balance towards the transcendence of the domain of survival, we lose humanity. We need balance. It's not enough just to say: "I believe in God". Humans need moral values because they are not basically good. Since birth, we need to teach people about Self-Love, which includes goodness. When people abandon their humanity, everything falls apart. Civilization is just a framework that allows us to explore reality. Without a healthy civilization followed by a functioning infrastructure, it's very hard to explore new frontiers, new domains. I'm okay with your teachings but we need to do our best to preserve the infrastructure that allows us to explore reality, which is, of course, morality. I would hope to agree on this, @Leo Gura.
  11. After you think you're not real and unimportant, what do we do? How can we ensure a system that sustains humanity? Morality is of use for humanity.
  12. Okay. I understand the question but I don't think that paradox is something that's satisfying for God. Can God be satisfied with the paradoxical nature of consciousness?
  13. Hello. Let's say we get to understand what reality is and how it works, then what comes next? In my case, I don't think I fully understand what reality is and how it works but I have the context of what's behind it because I've been watching all of @Leo Gura's videos related to God, spirituality and, of course, the undeniable fact of reality. Since we're conscious, existence is real. I get it. Now that I've said that, I have a few questions that stem from reasoning. How is it possible for God to exist? What is it exactly that led to God's existence? You can't simply say a paradox. A paradox isn't the truth. Or if paradox can be described as the truth, that's an incomplete truth; an unsolved puzzle. Is there something beyond God? Is there a structure that's behind consciousness? Then what hides behind that structure? This leads to a paradox because we can ask infinite questions about 'behinds' and structures. The fact that we're refusing to answer such questions because we trust in paradox is wrong. Shouldn't we be interested in answering the question that led to the core of existence? We get to understand God but we don't seek to go beyond God's paradox and ask why, who, and what exactly led to the creation of God. Shouldn't we try to get beyond paradox?
  14. Just practice the embracing of suffering. Pretend to love the process of suffering. At some point it won't bother you; not anymore. When suffering will visit you, you'll be fine with it. Sometimes you'll miss it. A month ago I plunged into the darkest depression that ever existed in this Universe. For real. I thought I was going to die. I thought I wouldn't be able to deal with it. But eventually, I saw that I was stronger than I thought I was and I finally made it. I was no longer depressed. LOVE the process of suffering to build emotional resilience. LOVE the part of you that is suffering and you will be able to heal yourself. Because of @Leo Gura, I've been able to learn English better. Leo still exists; he was and still is a positive example for me. Wanna know what kind of example? Not a „theory” example, but a practical one. He was a real possibility for me in the sense that growth is possible; achievable.