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  1. Because you are aware of your surroundings. You don't know what lies ahead in the Andromeda galaxy. You can't know for sure. That's proof for an impersonal Universe.
  2. The fact that I'm part of consciousness, that's a TRAGEDY. That means consciousness is eternal. I can't comprehend the eternal state of consciousness. It's not possible for me such a catastrophe. When I start to understand and comprehend what consciousness is and the fact that consciousness is eternal, I'm getting depressed. Because if 'consciousness' has the wish to stop being in existence, IT CAN'T. It's like living in hell for eternity. Now I want to ask: is consciousness a living hell for eternity? Or otherwise, even if consciousness is a state of love for eternity, why would that be good, valuable and necessary?
  3. All I want to say is this. Life is short and it should be enjoyed. A lot of people are starting to comprehend what consciousness is and how imagination works. As they understand consciousness and imagination, they don't get better. They get depressed and they lose the inherent meaning of life. Even if they don't get depressed, they lose the joy of living. So start living your life as a stoic and let consciousness take care of itself. You'll know the truth when the body ceases to exist. Until then, don't give up your precious connection with life for the sake of knowing what consciousness is. Don't break the boundaries of life because you'll never be able to get them back and fully enjoy the art of living. You'll be fooling yourself that you enjoy life but in the back of your mind, you won't be able to fully enjoy it because consciousness completely obliterates the magic realm-feeling of life. Why do you think that there is the realm of life? Ancient civilizations understood this.
  4. Alright. As the sky is beyond death... beyond coming and going, what next? What's there? What's the importance of things that are beyond the mind? Let's say consciousness for example. Consciousness is impersonal. I'm not saying that consciousness is nothing or a void or pure emptiness. Consciousness can be associated with "no thing". No thing is different than nothing. Anyway, as consciousness is impersonal... all I can say is this: why should consciousness be relevant to me? Why should consciousness be of importance to me? Even if I understand and comprehend what consciousness is, then what?
  5. @Leo Gura, whatever is the thing that imagines death, I want that thing to keep the body going for at least 200 years or even more. My perception doesn't want the body to go away. How can this "dissipating body" experience sex for example, after its imaginary death? It can't. Even if the mind or the body understands that death is imaginary, at some point the body will not be able to perceive those things because of "death". You are right when you say that everything is imaginary but without a body, you can't know that everything is imaginary. That's why the body and the mind are so important.
  6. A deep sense of compassion for you and others around you.
  7. Okay, @Leo Gura. Let's say there is no death. But how about God? Or consciousness. What if the consciousness itself is a tragedy? What if the eternity of consciousness is not a good thing? What if God itself or consciousness as you call it, is in a state of major depression? Or in a state of deep suffering. What if consciousness itself cannot handle itself? How can something like God or the consciousness itself can be something good? What if consciousness itself has no purpose? And how come that consciousness itself is a possibility? Why does consciousness itself has to exist?
  8. Hello. I'll start by saying this: DEATH IS A REAL THING WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. Why am I saying this? I'm saying this because life is temporary. I'm not denying that after death remains nothing or darkness or a state of dreamless sleep or (a) void or even emptiness. After death, there might be something like consciousness. I don't deny it. Death means the dissolving of your body, your character or the disappearance of life as you know it. A lot of people don't like the concept of death because they resent the fact that life is temporary. Even in my case, I don't like the fact that life is temporary. Let me tell you why. The reality we live in is extraordinary. Life comes with an amazing structure. Noting is more beautiful than life. Not even the consciousness itself. Not even the entire universe. Because consciousness and the Univers itself are impersonal. Consciousness is not comparable to the human mind; the human mind is something unique; it's something much more beautiful than anything else. Why do you think that there is a human mind? Why do you think that the human mind is as it is? Because the human mind has found its way out of everything else... and that's the beauty of it. Our minds are unique and foreign to consciousness. They are not from this realm. Let me state it a little bit different. Our minds are alien to anything that consciousness produces because the mind is not a product of consciousness. This is not a delusion or merely just thoughts. It is something that has to be discovered by yourself. The only thing foreign or alien to everything that exists in consciousness is the human mind. Nothing can be more beautiful than the human mind.
  9. I dream a lot as well. In my case, the dreams I have are extremely negative. Since I'm becoming more conscious as a result of meditation, I remember my dreams after I wake up. Before meditation, I couldn't remember my dreams. I'm having scary dreams. Almost like nightmares. Maybe my dreams are showing me that I have a negative psychology. I don't know what exactly to say about my dreams.
  10. @Nickyy, this is what I am trying to do. Do emotions reflect what happens in our subconscious mind?
  11. Yes. I can relate to that. And try to understand what every emotion tries to tell you. Develop this understanding of what every emotion means because every emotion has a message. Every emotion contains a message.
  12. I've kinda' been mastering my ego. I'm not attached to materialism so much as I've been in the past... and that's great. I still like to play with stuff but not in an attached manner. I've been meditating for a long time now and I started to notice feelings of depression, meaninglessness and despair bubbling up. The depression is gone but the feelings of despair come again from time to time. They are not as strong as they were before. I'm being mindful of every feeling. Noting can scare me anymore, regardless of how bad a feeling can be. When something negative comes up, I observe it and let it be as it is. After a while, the negative feeling fades away; it just disappears. When people talk about mindfulness, it takes about a year or two just to have an aha-moment. It takes a lot of time to reach that aha-moment. You go through a lot of pain and self-doubts until you finally get an aha-moment about mindfulness and what it really means. Then, when you develop mindfulness or the awareness muscle, you start to heal and get better. Only when you have developed this muscle the healing process begins. People like to learn about awareness and consciousness work. They like the ideas a lot from what I can see. But many of them don't understand that it takes a lot of time and effort (pain as well) just to develop a little bit of this awareness muscle. On the other hand, it's important to know that when you have an aha-moment, you're not fully developed; you just think you are but you're not. It's only the beginning. Progress requires emotional labor even when you think you're mastering some aspect of your life. Believe me, you're not mastering it. You're just tasting a little bit of it. So what do you do about it? You become conscious of the fact that there are many levels of awareness. Then, you can know and understand that you need to keep going without pause. In this process, negative emotions will bubble up again. Those negative emotions have the potential to influence your perception of reality and make you doubt yourself while you're on the path of mastery. If you want to stay on the path and not get off the path, obviously, write in your own journal about the doubts that come up when you're under the influence of negative emotions. Come back and read the traps of negative emotions that you wrote in your journal when your mind was in a calm state. It's very important to proceed in this manner. It will help you a lot. Any questions are welcomed here. Peace and well-being to all of you.
  13. Thank you guys so much for your answers; they are encouraging to me.
  14. When someone becomes enlightened, can he still enjoy life, start a family and play with materialism? Can he still live a life without depression?