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  1. @Realms of Wonder I love your comment. Look at it, It's all over the floor! And still, after all of those years of contemplation and knowing on a conceptual level that this hair is not me, there was still identification with it. I recognized that, looking into the mirror the days after. It was like there was a slightly different me looking back, attributing different qualities to that "new" person looking back at me. Funny how the mind works
  2. my newest art project right here, which goes by the name of: "IDENTITY"
  3. @Lila9 Hello Lila! Thank you for your comment. The idea behind the video is the question all the identifications that we took on, unconsciously and consciously, and ask ourself what is the True Me. Basically to create a stronger connection to our most authentic selfes, not what we wish to be or think we are by dressing, thinking or acting in a way thats supposed to fulfill some standard.
  4. check out Michel Thomas. He's A1-Language Teacher who recorded teachings with actual students, and the listener becomes one of the students. I learned spanish that way extremely fast and secure. The courses are not cheap, but if you have some money they are more than worth it. If not, maybe torrent it.
  5. Did a new video on my first psychedelic experience ever
  6. Hey Leo Have you ever watched your own videos on psychedelics? And if so, would you share some insights you got from it, if there were any?
  7. you'll stop looking for it followed by the opportunity to enjoy yourself
  8. always an honor ??❤️
  9. you are good as you are i love you <3
  10. @GreenLight hahah thank you. And I'm glad you found a space to channel yourself into. Your journal amused me
  11. I don't wana make it look like doing LSD is all rainbows and colorful ponyshit, but that was just one hell of a trip good trip man.. demanding but giving.. and funny af!