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  1. take a look into Berlin or Amsterdam
  2. take a dive into David Deida's work. He know's alot about on how to express the masculine (also about the feminine)
  3. seperate your confidence from your belifs, they are just concepts. play with them, take them lightly be confident in what you feel. know what you feel. know what you experience. there is noone who can tell you, you do not experience what you experience. be honest with yourself about what you experience. whatever it is, it's ok. If there is happiness, let happines be, if there is doupt, let doupt be, if there is desire, let desire be. Ultimately, it's just reality happening. everything is allowed. No denial. Acceptance is the way.
  4. You can use DMT recreationally, no tollerance Which drug, you think, can not be used recreationally?
  5. @AwakenedSoul444 how would this question serve you? If the answer is yes, you'd be running around as "the one who's gona be enlightened soon" And if not you're gona be miserable because u wish for it so much
  6. I asked myself and waited which questions came up What do I need most in my life right now? Whats the next proper step to take in my life? Where are my most crucial blindspots? Where am I the most selfish? How do I create my obsticals to love? Which lies do I continually belife in? What function do these lies serve? What do I need to let go of the most? What do I really want out of this life? It's great if you have the opportunity to let someone ask for you (as long as the psychic is a legitimate one), but I'd suggest you sit down by yourself, relax, feel into your body, specialy your chest and abdoman area, and then ask some questions to yourself. Take your time. Feel your way to the truth. Your higher self is allways within you, you need to become sensitive to be able to "hear" it speak to you.
  7. go and enjoy the city itself, you can meditate whenever your in places less exciting
  8. much more likely - one deludes oneself with new beliefs after doing them. stay vigilant
  9. even thought harsh, beautiful <3 Enjoy your illusion
  10. This is probably the most obscure phenomena I've encountered so far on my path. It's been a couple of months now since it started. Often, while sitting in meditation, I spontaniously start doing metta (love, gratitute, kindness meditation) and as soon as feelings of love arise, my nose starts having tingeling sensation. The more intense the feeling of gratitude, love, beauty or whatever the more instense the tingeling in my nose. Often after just a few seconds of metta I have to sneeze. Interestlingly enough it feels like I sneeze out these said feelings. They are usualy gone or way less intense after the sneeze, I also observed this happens especialy if the positive feelings are accompanied with a touch of sadness of letting go something my ego was attached to. Just felt like sharing this interesting/funny little aspect of my current state
  11. Fascinating report! Really looks like a big step forward. All best wishes for the integration further journey!
  12. Top! Love your well structured writing. A lot of stuff only for year-one, hopefully many many jet to come. Good question, may you share some with us? Keep up the good work & see you soon ;P
  13. @ActualizedDavid just found this here, you could exchange findings together