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  1. Top! Love your well structured writing. A lot of stuff only for year-one, hopefully many many jet to come. Good question, may you share some with us? Keep up the good work & see you soon ;P
  2. @ActualizedDavid just found this here, you could exchange findings together
  3. Have you had MDMA before where you dosed with a scale? Your dipping technique could lead to overdosing/rly bad comedown if you dont know how much one dip of a finger approximatly is in mg. And did you test your substance?
  4. You can start doing it by yourself. theres alot of instruction videos and guides for kriya or kundalini yoga on youtube or you can check out the kriya yoga books on leos booklist if you have it.
  5. Are you talking dried mushrooms? For most people a normal does is waaaaay below 15g!
  6. shamanic breathing, kriya yoga, finding truth
  7. @IndigoGeminiWolf One can have one or multiple "experiences" of enlightenment but in general it "closes down" again as the mind takes over. So one can talk from past experience but not be enlightened. Also one can talk about it just after hearing about it ;P
  8. Well salvia can give you the experience of dying but you may just feel like you are a chair or some other object which will not be the experience of nothingness. And as others have allready mentioned you'll be likely to forget completly that you have taken anything in the first place, you'll very likely forget your intention. Salvia tends to part you completly from the part of your psyche that is able to cognize experience. For your purpose other psychedelics are much more likely to produce the result you would like to see. Higher doses of LSD or Mushrooms, 5-MeO-DMT are a much saver bet.
  9. hahahah good luck. I had only small doses a couple of times back a couple years ago. It was actually not bad, had the giggles, and felt completly dumb and dissociated for a couple of minutes. But I guess you know the stories of people smoking larger doses, they come out somewhat traumatized and without any wisdom gained just having the most weird and unpleasent experiences ever. Not really recommendable, but some folks are just too curious
  10. could you let go of your ideals of how a truthful person "should be"? observe closely if, when you make a joke, you actualy look down on the subject of the joke. You seem not to. I personaly make all kinds of jokes, even dark ones. I see no problem with them. But I am careful with what joke I make around which people.
  11. thinking about this one too. I'm going for a retreat next month. I probably do it afterwards.
  12. for deep friendships you (and them) have to open up your deeper layers. start asking questions about their lifes and how they rly feel about it, for example ask them what they are struggeling with? what do they love? opinions about polarizing subjects? key is to have genuine interest to get to know the other person. Don't judge them for what they say, feel or do, keep an open mind and have some emphaty. you could start by carefuly sharin something personal about yourself and see if there is a spark of genuine interest on their side. Observe attentively, but be careful not to overanalyze. good luck
  13. Yesterday night I smoked some DMT I weighted 40mg on my scale and split it in 2 (one part a little bit bigger than the other). First I smoked to smaller part - smooth transition, CEV's, same "rooms" which I have entered in previous trips, smooth exiting in a quiet meditative state. After the peak wore off I loaded the pipe again. Right when I felt that this one's gona be deeper than the previous one I started cramping up and getting anxiety. To my surprise it got pretty personal. It took me into a place which I have known from Ayahuasca. It took me a while to relax into the experience, eventually I did. I let myself dissolve into the weird sensations and got to what I would call my subtle energy body. There I could see where trauma was stored in which body parts. It felt like the DMT was working on the traumas (just like back then with Aya) which felt unconfortable but healing at the same time. Unfortuanly, since smoked, it only lasted for a couple of minutes. Today I feel super sensitive and in need of silence. Anyone had similar experiences like this one? Thoughts?
  14. I'm reading the book "persuing consciousness" atm. In the book the Peter Ralston (the author) says the following, which makes sense to me. He makes a clear distinction between enlightenment and transformation. Often people think that one includes the other, this is not a given. He defines enlightenment as "becoming conscious of whats actually true". Classic enlightenment referst to becoming conscious of the truth about Self and what Reality is. This realization does not necessarily bring change or transformation with it, it is simply knowing whats true. Even thought in most cases when someone has an enlightenment experience, some aspect of the mind changes but by far not all of it. Following: just because your aware of what the Truth is does not make you the best version of yourself