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  1. I'm reading the book "persuing consciousness" atm. In the book the Peter Ralston (the author) says the following, which makes sense to me. He makes a clear distinction between enlightenment and transformation. Often people think that one includes the other, this is not a given. He defines enlightenment as "becoming conscious of whats actually true". Classic enlightenment referst to becoming conscious of the truth about Self and what Reality is. This realization does not necessarily bring change or transformation with it, it is simply knowing whats true. Even thought in most cases when someone has an enlightenment experience, some aspect of the mind changes but by far not all of it. Following: just because your aware of what the Truth is does not make you the best version of yourself
  2. Experiment with it and find out what works for you. You can try in each phase of a trip to check in on yourself to see how you feel with music and without music. It might even change from trip to trip what kind of music you like to listen and when to listen.
  3. Keep in mind that medicine keeps working even months after you had ceremonies As I, here and there, read messages from others I've had ceremonies with, they keep repeating that they feel like it is happening so Stay strong, stay with the practices & good luck
  4. He should be willing to learn for himself not for you, otherwise this will be a dead-end anyway if theres no genuine interest coming from his place why do you want to convince him so badly? ask that yourself. That's quite unhealthy behaviour. Recognize the suffering you create. Understanding this will help you. provide the resources you think are good for him, but let him make the decision if he takes it, and if so, how far he will take it.
  5. I just listened to this.. Listened and watched deeply. this guy speek from a place of love. Can you spot it?
  6. a calm mind finally sent application for a job, was heavily procrastinating playing with cats the open and innocent gaze of the child next to me on the train uplifting music
  7. depending. Every person can react differtently to different substances. if you're new to psychedelics start off with the ones which proven themselfs to give good results like LSD, Psilocybin mushrooms do a whole bunch of research on how to prepare yourself for a trip, set and setting, dosages ect. ect. and don't forget that you don't get cured most of the times but rather get an understanding of your condition which you'll have to integrate in daily life
  8. If you want permission you probably have to ask him in private message
  9. I do it with continues meditation througout the day. Scanning my body for tensions and releasing them / stop resisting the relaxation / let them take their course without unconsciously interfering with them Also I like to remind myself that if I'm anxious about something I've fallen into a trap of self deception, contemplate and try to trace back where it came from. This approach is definitly no quick fix but with continues practice it turned out to be very effective
  10. Can totaly relate to this one. Also happened to me on NN DMT. It felt like "I" was created out of complete nothingness in a matter of seconds. First time when the process of recreation happened I was able to recognize and decided to let go of it and dissolve again and stayed in beeing nothing in particular for a little longer, second time "I" was built completly again, from body to mind and identity. Stunning to witness the process in action
  11. @JonasVE12 You can use almost anything as meditation practice. Yes you can train your attention by focusing on the notes, or the sound coming out of playing these notes, or feeling the sensation in your hands of playing the strings, looking at your hands playing, and so on and so on. Apply this to all kinds of activities you do, one key is to be very mindful to where you put your attention. You can practice meditation with all of your senses all throughout the day, this is how you can bring meditation into your daily life beyond the cushion
  12. @Nahm Sounds to me like you have some experience with this. When I read this something clicked. As I experienced myself as awareness more and more often and try to detatch myself from body and mind I maybe have taken it too far and created a belief like that. I'm going to contemplate on it.
  13. cannabis is definitly psychodelic on me and expands my consciousness but most times when i smoked my mind also got quite foggy, clear and discerning thinking was not as possible like on other psychodelics, therefore others are far superior for me. Also on the following 1-2 days my mind tends to stay foggy
  14. @outlandish No I'm mostly alone while tripping. & it somehow feels like it's stabbing right in the core of my beeing, like it would obliterate my psyche if i somehow could manage to go into it. How did you find your way out of yours?