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  1. always an honor ??❤️
  2. you are good as you are i love you <3
  3. @GreenLight hahah thank you. And I'm glad you found a space to channel yourself into. Your journal amused me
  4. I don't wana make it look like doing LSD is all rainbows and colorful ponyshit, but that was just one hell of a trip good trip man.. demanding but giving.. and funny af!
  5. @Average Investor no we got to know eachother in person
  6. @Average Investor It's 2 hours each. But id love to try 4-5 hours in one session and feel the difference She is such a blessing.. <3
  7. Wow..
  8. Breath deeply my friends.. breath deeply
  9. @flume my one and only fan <3
  10. Hola my dear amigos! I just made my first live-experience + tripreport video and uploaded it on youtube share your experiences with me too, I'm interested! lova ya and peace!
  11. hej there. I'm from Vienna/LInz. if you guys want we can exchange contact info and have a meetup one day
  12. start going for what feels right for you, this helps you get out of your maze of mind. relativity will always be there, but you will have to make desicions. Don't be afraid to make "wrong" desicions, they just help you to find out whats right for you. Trust your gut feelings
  13. @BogdanD Aya is not to be played around with. Do you know the guy or Do you have the chance to get to know him? Talk to people who received Aya from him? Make yourself a picture of him and how he works. What are his reasons for doing this work? Does it seem like he serves a self-interest with it? Is he down to earth? and so on Have a close look to the subleties and be very honest about what your intuition tells you and what your rationalizing mind tells you. Best wishes and good luck