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  1. Finally
  2. Oh, so nice to hear that! I'm glad it does. Thanks for watching I'd love to know why. People seem to like it, and I thought no one would be interested in me rambling about my life BTW: Super blown away from your videos mate! I haven't spent time online so I didn't take the time yet to comment or properly write my thoughts down. But damn I was so happy to see them, to see you, to see that you did it... Love it. Love it. Love it
  3. Yey! Update video
  4. Club 27 ✌?
  5. Near Castellane, South of France ?
  6. „Doch ist es jedem eingeboren, Dass sein Gefühl hinauf und vorwärts dringt, Wenn über uns, im blauen Raum verloren, Ihr schmetternd Lied die Lerche singt; Wenn über schroffen Fichtenhöhen Der Adler ausgebreitet schwebt, Und über Flächen, über Seen, Der Kranich nach der Heimat strebt.“ J. W. Goethe
  7. Great beast of water, soft and near I lay down, to listen, to forget, to see: Your simplicity reigns the highest tier And demystifies all life for me
  8. @Esilda Thank you so much! Appreciate it
  9. Beautiful my friend! Sending you love from the other side of the globe!