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  1. If an ego, through needing to survive, distorts God's will through resistance, thinking its a separate thing, doesn't this idea create another duality, or an imaginary distinction, between egoic will and God's will? If I'm getting in my own way, as God, is this not God's absolute will, still occurring? If this is the case, isn't the seeking out of a higher will, a more absolute will, still an act of getting in my own way? In other words, if I, as a desperate self, make the effort to not be a separate self, this feels like a distortion of God's will to me. A manipulation.
  2. In the episode on the Absolute vs The Relative Leo says first of all that anything relative has to be contained within the absolute so can't 'be' it. For example, if we use terms like big or small, that's always a comparison. But then later in the episode he explains that the relative is all there is...that there are no more layers to reality than what you see. What am I missing here? Other than direct experience probably lol. I can see how this experience right now has to be ultimate truth, and how the relative is the only layer, so then are you just experiencing the absolute anyway when experiencing the relative? In which case how is an enlightened person different from a normie?
  3. That all makes sense. Thank you
  4. If, as Leo says in his latest video, full God mode is kind of boring, then why would God leave a trail of breadcrumbs back to itself at all? It seems to fly in the face of all the deception it concocts. It seems to me that God would benefit from staying deceived indefinately, to not risk ruining the illusion
  5. @Adamq8 @Carl-Richard @m0hsen This was eluding me! Thanks. I think I was referring to the small I, y'know, the I that thinks it's only there when it has a thought saying 'I' am aware.
  6. For example, if I suddenly realise I've just been daydreaming, and I was unaware of awareness, lost in thought etc, could you say that I was at all conscious? I find this hard to investigate as by the time I do the experience has already passed and I'm looking backwards. There's no recollection, or experience of being aware. Just a memory. Is there always awareness to some degree?
  7. @PopoyeSailor That's fascinating stuff. Thanks for the book link, I had a little read and it looks great, I'll definitely keep going. Yeah that's a really good point you made about dreams which I hadn't considered here. It's like reality has different layers or infinite parallel dimensions where things can manifest. I've heard the word 'timelines' used as well. I think we can jump between them and do so more than we think. We could be walking down the road, feel a bit oppressed and just own it as ours as an ego whereas it could be being empathed from the collective consciousness. But I'm a sucker for concepts, clearly
  8. I would caution against fiercely defending against I-thoughts or egoic sanskaras. If you have something to defend against, it's like you're implying that something in God's plan is less than perfection. It could be seen as a very masculine, controlling or 'pushing away' approach. The universe will give you more to fight against as it thinks that's what you want. I believe in a new paradigm of spiritual evolution which incorporates the feminine more, hence it's about not fighting and offering love for whatever arises, including your desire to fight of course. This battle only exists to show you what hasn't been embraced yet as divine. What power could a concept such as ego sanskaras have over God, which is pure love. Sometimes God loves to fight something fiercely. That's a also a beautiful thing to behold. I love how devoted you are to this practice of self growth. Your language really signifies that.
  9. @Shunyata I'd say be cautious of going in with a 'slaying demons' attitude, as badass as that is. I'd been rocking a more 'integrating the darkness using unconditional love' approach.' Basically a Miyagi-Do thing instead of Cobra Kai. After all it's your inner child we're talking about here. It's just forgotten itself as the light and is scared. If you're going to go digging around there come baring gifts. Evil is only evil because it's seen through that lens as a projection. Thank everything that arises and compliment it. Ask it to stick around and always feel safe talking to you. A good practice is to meditate and bless everything that comes up for attention. A lot of that will be shadow related. This is the crux of David Rico's book 'Shadow Dance.' Self love is the only way. Matt Kahn is a great one to check out for shadow work. He says that micromanagement isn't the way. Keeping records of your judgements etc. The best way is to love them. Once love is your response to everything, you can't go far wrong. After all, everything is the divine, even the devil.
  10. @Mafortu Yeah, you're probably right there. But a past life regression sounds so much cooler! I was Ragnar freakin Lodbrok! lol. Na I was just tripping balls listening to viking music. It was mad though, I really felt like I'd tapped into their psyche and emotions. The wind and rain probably sent me deeper into it. Or maybe as @Adamq8 said, reality is just imagination, so if a viking imagined this happening at one point, through his experience, and reality is infinite and timeless, surely one could re-experience it to some degree. Then the question becomes, are past life regressions a thing at all and how do you really know when you're having one? At the time I postulated that my location had something to do with it, like the memories were infused with the land. I probably watch too many movies. Regarding your computer game analogy though, Link has never been alive as an actual entity (or at least experienced himself as such). Maybe you could tap into the collective consciousness's experience of him though..
  11. I listened to this album whilst tripping and visiting the site of a Viking coastal invasion and I had something of a past-life regress. As I was lashed with wind and rain I became some desperate nord trying to find safety for his family at all costs. I had some incredible insights into the nature of survival whilst steeped so deeply in stage red/purple. Has anyone else had a regress on acid? I've had similar stuff before with native Americans. There are these deep primal urges coupled with intense emotion. I also had the insight that God revels in the beauty of it's own brutality, the brutality of survival, at all costs. In this way war can be loved, from a stage red perspective. As cold, hungry and desperate as I was, I was experiencing it all from Gods perspective, through a lens of unconditional love, revelling in my beauty. I also realised that all of this happened so love could ultimately evolve itself, which includes me integrating these spiral stages. I'm guessing that psychedelics must be a channel into our ancestors or our collective consciousness?
  12. @Leo Gura I hope that during these trying times you're still able to see and appreciate how much most of your followers appreciate you and how much value you've added to their lives through your pioneering efforts. It must be tough when you give and give and get so much criticism. I bet the mind easily focuses in on it too. I thought your live stream awakening videos were the coolest thing I'd seen on YouTube. Your authenticity deeply moved me. I'm sure you're no stranger to sycophancy too from time to time, but let me add my voice to that throng and say...Love you Leo. I know you want your work to have a profound impact on society and culture, that's your dream, and it's upsetting to think that it might be corrupted. But from my perspective, and based on conversations I've had, you're already smashing it buddy. Look what they did to Christ. He knew they wanted to string his ass up but that dude just wouldn't quit. He kept on breaking bread, chilling with hookers and dishing out the wine. Maybe this is helpful, maybe it isn't, but I wanted to communicate it, seeing as as it pains me to hear you sounding so disillusioned After watching all of your videos on psychedelics, doing my own investigating (like you advised) and heeding all of your warnings I began taking them occasionally for spiritual work and they've shifted my whole paradigm in a positive sense. Your advice on these substances is very down to earth and if anyone gets into a pickle then they've either rushed into it or didn't stay tuned for the part where you told them they may end up experiencing some very challenging times. In a world of disinformation on the subject, your content is a frigging Godsend
  13. @Mason Riggle Thanks for that. What my mind keeps saying is, isn't the description of the thing reality too, if the description is what's occurring? In that moment all that exists is 'the description of a thing.' The thing itself is just an abstract idea, which only exists as the idea about it. When the thing was experienced, whatever that happened to be, let's say, a car speeding past - that was real. Any further attempts to describe it, are only describing themselves, or describing the nature of that experience, as it occurs, in the now. I'm not sure of any this of course. Just thinking out loud
  14. @ajai Yeah it's definitely a rabbit hole you can get lost down. I'm wondering, if the cartographer was wrong, would that experience of being wrong, the actual experience in the moment, still be his particular territory, if reality is just whatever your perspective is. Just like in quantum mechanics where there has to an observer for stuff to happen (summed up the entire field there ). I suppose that in that example his map is embedded in something that appears to be more 'true,' or 'real,' but personally I have no experience of anything other than perspective, and Leo has a whole episode called reality is nothing but perspective. Or I've also heard it said that the relative IS the absolute. I'm wondering if there are only relative truths then
  15. @Hello from Russia This really got me thinking. Perhaps I meant that my map would be 'a' territory. Could it be that we all have territories that interact with other people's territories in a relative sense. So lots of people walking around with shit maps And then would there be a super territory that comprises them all? I'm struggling to envision something outside of perspectives.