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  1. @RendHeaven Dude you’re a straight up legend for posting all of this. I’ve read it all and there’s pure gold here. I’ll respond more when I get a chance. Thank you so much
  2. @RendHeaven Ah I see, that makes total sense. I actually feel like a dirty old man. Doesn't help when you watch certain types of extreme porn too as that feeds into the narrative even more. I think if you've watched porn for too many years you become a bit more perverted naturally as you get desensitised to everything.
  3. @Raze This is good stuff, thank you. I like what he said in the video about considering the woman’s values based on where she is in life. Also having a solid proposition and being like a father figure when you’re older. The article is really hitting home too. Again, this idea of being on good financial ground and having to have ‘made it’ when you’re older. It’s sobering stuff but all true I feel. From the article: yeah I’m verging scarily close to the ordinary, unexceptional dirty old man domain 🤣😂 reality is so brutal. It’s like natures way of saying ‘you’d better work hard on yourself, or you’re locked out of the hot vadge club. Not only that, but they will actively avoid you and consider you a sex pest just for looking at them.
  4. @NoSelfSelf Thanks for the advice. I'm still undecided on what I want exactly, love or something else. I do agree that seeing someone for who they are is important in any capacity though, even if it is something more fleeting and it's obvious they're using me. We could use each other, but I'd still give them the premium experience with deep connection and care for who they are Life has taught me that things are very superficial. People have survival needs and if you can meet a certain number of them, they might be attracted to you. I've fallen foul of all my exes due to not having enough cash. Life is hard, and mundane without money. if you can't provide that and some fun times, people will get bored. Same happens the other way around of course. They've loved my personality, but eventually the spell broke. My recent ex had a meltdown one day, started crying and told me she was tired of our mundane existence. We went out for walks, the sex was good, we did all the shit we could do with basic amounts of cash, even had some trips away, meals out. But the grind wears you both down and it all gets a bit stale. I think true love and romance needs some dollar to really flourish. That's why people with money are so attractive. They provide safety and fun. Your points still stand of course, it's not everything and shouldn't be the primary focus. You have to like each others company above all else That made me smile. You're right, it might still prove a challenge for me, even with a good suit and some nice wheels. Perhaps if you had enough status or fame then they'd know who you are and want to be around you as it would also increase their status. This is making me wonder whether it's the type of status you have that makes you sexier. Directors must get hotter women than investment bankers or accountants. I think certain careers get women moist. For me, I love women that are in the field of science, they're always super hot, nerdy and easy going.
  5. Exactly. There's a culture of men now that act like women are just out to manipulate and use them, but give them some power or some status and let's see what they start to do. Go home you young Hussie! And take your perfect vagina and young supple flesh with you. I just don't want to feel creepy. When you're broke you just feel creepy for some reason. Well I do. Anyway thanks for the advice and for your input on the thread. You have a very sober, refreshing way of looking at things
  6. @Princess Arabia That's a perspective I hadn't considered before. I've always been worried about being used for those things but if you're more mature about it, love is conditional. Also, maybe women would genuinely value a guy with passion and a career he loves. I don't think there's anything wrong with being attracted to success because it usually comes with a lot of skill in some domain and shows dedication. These things are sexy. Certain careers are sexier too. You always see Producers and Directors with hot, younger girlfriends or wives. Right now I'm dressed in rags and can't even afford to trim my beard. I'm a creepy older guy, not a successful older guy, dressed as well as he's connected. I am studying composition at university though so hopefully I'll get to test the theory at some point. As for just being plain used, I could deal with that too. The trap would be to fall for someone like that or to not see it for what it is. If they want to offer their bodies for some comforts that's fine. They can hang by my pool.
  7. I always thought that when I got older young women would wanna bang me as they find older guys hot, but they don't seem to. Do younger women only find guys their own age attractive? I still find them attractive...I'm talking women in their twenties or early thirties What about if I had a lot of money and a cool job, like a music composer for film? Would I become more attractive to young hotties? I hate the idea that I'll never get to sleep with another young woman again. Even the unattractive ones seem unobtainable.
  8. I'm a long term stoner, recluse and INFJ. I don't speak to family and I don't have friends so I'm a perfect case study for how someone can get locked in their own paradigm or worldview. This was brought to my attention today when someone gave me some good advice about a situation in my shared kitchen where I'd accidentally used someone else's cutlery and they'd written me angry notes. Since it began (there have been multiple notes, like a campaign), I have been feeling so anxious about going in the kitchen that I've cooked elsewhere. I felt that I was being victimised or bullied even. One of the notes even suggested none of the things in my cupboard were mine and that I was on a thieving spree, collecting cheap spatulas, baking trays, anything I could get my mits on apparently. I'd been given second hand stuff from the university when I moved in, so I got confused about what was mine, but only slightly. Anyway, I toyed with the idea of writing notes threatening to take action as this was bullying behaviour (Some of the notes I'd recieved were sweary). I wrote a couple of semi apologetic ones, but each time I binned the note as it seemed like more drama. But the notes kept coming. It's really affected me. I started to wonder why people just seem to dislike me or target me. Surely it's not just about a spoon I used? I had a guy in the last place I lived in threaten me with violence for cooking at night. I read that I may have an unhealed shadow that gets projected back to me in the actions of others. Made sense. In short, it felt like a prolonged attack and I got the impression they were enjoying the power or egging each other on. But this guy I spoke to about it told me that although it was a bit pathetic, stuff like that bothers him too and he'd probably write a note, albeit a more polite one. He then suggested someone might even have OCD like he does and advised me to leave some chocolates on the table with a note explaining the confusion and apologising, saying 'it must be very frustrating.' This was a revelation to me. I'd never even considered that. I just had no perspective. It's occurred to me that the more brains you have around, good quality brains, the more you can think outside the box. Sure this could backfire if you get pulled every which way by multiple perspectives, but even one different perspective gave me something I never could have found alone, a radical solution that to him was normal as he's a chocolate buying motherfucker, with friends and people he cares about. He brings them chocolates all the time, it's normal to him. I had turned to fear, hatred and suspicion. Even now I'm wondering whether the note and chocolates out there on the table will be received well. I'm worried it was never about them needing resolution, more about them needing an enemy. They're very inconsiderate people as they never clean up after themselves, so it might all be a way of them denying that in themselves by attacking others outside their circle, an easy target, the creepy mature student down the hall. Why else would they assume I was stealing everything? They wanted to believe it almost. back in my prime uni days when I was younger I'd have had them both bent over the kitchen table, taking one from behind whilst spanking the other one with the spatula. To wrap up the essay, if you don't speak to other people often, do try to, especially on important matters. Your brain is only wired a certain way. It's such a limited way of going through life. Now I just need to get my antisocial ass out there and try to change. Maybe I need to pay attention to exactly what my cutlery looks like too. To me it's all just silver looking mundane shit. I'm too busy planning an empire to think about the small things...what could go wrong? My dream outing:
  9. @Yimpa Oh I’ve never thought to try the BFF thing on Bumble. That’s a good idea because it takes all the pressure off and really anything good will be built from the ground up with someone you can actually be friends with. I’m really happy for you. That’s where the good ones are hanging out then. I’ll sign back up soon and have a look. Would be good for me to stop being motivated by just sex. I almost can’t divorce it from how I feel about a woman based on who she is a person. A recipe for disaster and there have been some. In terms of being sneaky, yeah you’d have to be authentically interested in just being friends. But does that mean you’d start friendships even with women you don’t find attractive at all? Surely that always comes into play? Or no?
  10. Another element that would make all the difference for me is if she didn't have a 9-5 job and was perhaps an artist or had her own business. Then we would't have the 10pm 'sign off,' which is a complete boner killer. The sessions have to be long and continue through the night
  11. @Thought Art yeah I probably just don't get out enough. If you meet any though send them my way
  12. @Carl-Richard Ah so she was a semi, into games but not weed. That's like buying a current bun with no icing on top. Some of these nerdy gaming girls you see at conventions are stupidly hot. If you were a more conventional looking guy in that environment and not a skinny, awkward nerd, you might be able to shine more and get them interested, especially if you could impress her on Fortnite or something, win a match with her watching. At the moment you'd feel a hand on your groin. It would probably have to be a big gaming convention as I'd imagine that super hot girls aren't exactly the norm there, but at least they'd be interesting and really for me they wouldn't need to be massively hot, just mildly, perhaps in a quirky manner. I bet they'd be massively into films too, especially martial arts. That's another thing girls don't seem to enjoy in general. My ex used raise her eyebrows every time I put Bloodsport on. She'd just sit and wince every time someone got elbowed in the face.
  13. @Carl-Richard Oh I hope he's ok, break ups are awful. I'd imagine that creating a stoner chick is never the same unless she really develops that true passion for it. I've had a couple of girls who'll try it to make me happy but watching them try and use a controller just makes me despair and yearn for a girl who can wield it like a pro and actually play games on hardcore difficulty. I've never seen a girl actually play a game well so that would really do it for me. I'm imagining her telling me to keep loading the bong for her so she doesn't lose momentum
  14. @Yimpa Oh bro where did you find her? She got a sister?
  15. @Emerald God knows why I even said that. I can't even remember writing it but I think I was trying to be humorous, although it just came off as weird reading it back. I think I was trying to allude to the stereotype of gamers not washing much. That's interesting anyway about vaginas being self cleaning though. Based on your description I was referring to the vulva more, so my use of terminology was sloppy.