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  1. Well I'm not working at present so I wouldn't have the money to pay for the damages. If only I could trip in a big room full of plastic brick structures, so if I become God the destroyer I can just smite everything and not worry. Lol sob in the corner, that's funny. I think I'll be ok dude. I am taking a valium with me. Don't have anyone to come and sit with me. I sacked all of my friends for various reasons. My girlfriend would also just freak out herself too much and make it worse I'm sure. It's ok, I'll solo this bitch.
  2. @ZZZZ Weird I thought I had pm'd you. I'll try again
  3. @ZZZZ Yeah he says they're 150ug per blotter. The ad says: "specialized in offering the best LSD in Europe. I produce and use the LSD myself. I have more than 8 years of experience with LSD and i always test the quality myself after producing a new batch. And as you can read in more than 6000 reviews with 5/5 Star ratings: Everyone loves the quality. A professional Lab Test has been done for the current batch. Result: LSD, Purity: 99.8 %" He seems pretty legit and from looking online it seems like 150ug blotters do exist. You saying they're pretty rare though? I guess I'll just have to take the plunge and see what happens. I bought 4 for £30, so quite a good deal I think.
  4. Ok guys, next one up, music for self enquiry? Is this relevant? I'm pretty sure it's best to have silence for meditation, but what about self enquiry? Same deal?
  5. @Strikr That certainly is epic. Playlisted
  6. @ZZZZ Ok, do not disturb sign and check volume - noted I did think I might visit the park opposite, but it will be cold and dark so maybe not. Ah screw it I'll just wait until next month and drop the 150ug, I won't mess with the 75. I'd rather my first experience is truly awesome and I confident enough after having so much great advice from yourself and others on here. Oh the guy I bought them off says they're 98.5% pure and last for 12hrs a pop. He makes them himself. So they should be nice You're planning a trip now? Sweet dude! How much will you take? Where will you do it, at home?
  7. This is very interesting. That's a really counter intuitive way of looking at the trip. A lot of people would say the trip is creating illusions but actually you're saying that the normal dream state is the illusion. I love that. It will come in very handy during my trip I think In my everyday life I'm very chilled and can always view any negative emotions as fabrications of my mind, so I have a feeling I'm going to be able to accept everything that happens during the trip without fighting it. But yeah there is a little anxiety, like a big 'what-if' you know? What if my ego can't handle it? Because after all if I forget I'm tripping then I'm going to be confused and perhaps think something scary is actually happening. In my normal state I can rationalise things away but in an altered state I'll be in foreign territory. But hey enough over-thinking it right? I'm gonna visualise the perfect trip and that's what I'll get, even if it's a bit intense and scary. I did get a bit freaked out as I read another trip report from a guy who did 600ug, thought he was God and trashed his room. Was kind of worried I might trash the hotel room, but I doubt it on my dose right? Plus I've done a load of personal development, research on LSD, setting my intention etc. That's great man! Have at it all this talk is making want to trip even sooner. I'm considering dropping 75ug on Christmas Day as the house will be almost empty. Just as a 'tester' dose you know, to get a feel for it.
  8. @Strikr Haha I LOVE that tune! The lyrics are so cool and the actual tune itself sounds amazing. That's going straight onto my tripping playlist
  9. @Serotoninluv That's really helpful, thank you. I am actually gonna take some valium with me in case of emergencies. I'll use it as a last resort though and try dancing, singing or doing some artwork first though like you suggested. I loved that story about the retreat. I can just imagine that women and how you felt when you saw her. It was almost like the earth goddess herself arrive to comfort you awesome. I'm gonna picture her in my head during my trip if I have to.
  10. @EternalForest Well I just had a quick listen and I think for me it might be a better album for something like visualisation as the tunes are very powerful and conjure up a lot of imagery for me. For contemplation it might distract me a little from my object of contemplation as it's less like 'background' music that just sets a tone. It would 'lead' my mind a bit too much if you get me. But it is a fantastic list of tunes and I will certainly add it to my playlist. This is all assumption of course as I haven't actually given it a shot for contemplation. I'll let you know if I wrong
  11. @Bluebird Holy shit, that sounds insane. I'm a little worried about hiring out a hotel room now. Even on 150ug what if I decide I'm God and trash the place? Could this be possible on this amount? Part of me wants to just go out and take it in the countryside now. 600ug is a huge dose. Was it your first time doing that much? Damn if only I had a trip sitter.
  12. Haha if only I could set up a live 'tripping cam' or something. In the future there might be some kind of technology which allows us to patch ourselves into someone else's relative experience. if we're all one consciousness then it could be possible. Especially If Leo's dream of school kids being made to snort 30mg of 5-MeO DMT before they leave school gets realised haha. Sure thing I'll get a journal started within the next few days. I have loads of notes to upload already Do you not take psychedelics anymore then yourself?
  13. @ZZZZ Dude thank you so much for giving me all that advice. I'll add it all to my 'things to watch out for whilst tripping' list, which is nice and juicy now. Disassociation with my body. Holy crap really? I'm so excited. I hope I don't forget I'm tripping when that happens. Does it happen often that people forget they're tripping? Or Maybe that's a good thing so you don't always rationalise things away. As for subtle addictions, I really hope I make some progress here. I'm pissed off with my coffee consumption and my addiction to personal development theory as opposed to the actual practices, plus I stay up waaaay to late all the time as I always want to keep on going with it. An appreciation of the mundane...cool. That's something Tolle has helped me with as he talks about coming into your sense perceptions more, relishing the touch of things etc. I often feel a sense of awe at the mundane already so I'm hoping that just gets magnified. I also forget to feel it too so hopefully it will stay with me more. Ah yes, so easy to forget this isn't it? So glad you reminded me as I would definitely have done something like that. Even now I'm getting a sense that I understand the illusory nature of the ego but hey look, there's an 'I' that understands it? Sneeky ego right? We have to remove every single one of it's hiding places. Man I'm lucky to have found the forum. You guys are like a bunch of Don Juans guiding me with my psychedelic use.
  14. @molosku Damn good advice, thank you. You're suggesting I actually embrace any kind of fearful experience as an opportunity to realise my true indestructible nature and surrender my 'self.' Having this in mind will ironically help me to relax a lot more, if I'm not trying to avoid anything nasty. A part of me thinks that having an all-round beautiful experience won't exactly grow me, plus the pendulum of duality will always swing things back at some point. @Bluebird What went wrong for your first ego death? Did you resist it or something? I still can't get my head around how this is a fearful experience as don't people know they're tripping when it happens? Also if it's something you wanted...can someone explain?
  15. @Strikr Yeah I think I've done enough research now. It's time to move into 'being' to prepare