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  1. Ok, let’s do this. Would be cool to have all our amazing recipes in one place. Everyone's welcome to chip in. Let's share ideas and make healthy cooking fun and tasty I’ll start with a healthy “Raw Cookie-Dough-Balls” recipe (Inpiritation: Becca Bristows blog) Ingredients: (Just mix them all together and form into balls) 1 cup oat flour 1/2 cup almond flour 1 tbsp flax seeds Pinch salt 2 tbsp coconut oil, melted 2 tbsp peanut butter 2 tbsp maple syrup 1 tsp vanilla 1/4 cup chocolate chips (preferably 85% +) I’ll link some older threads as well: How To Enjoy Salad and Immunity Supporting Shots Take it away boys! (@Michael569 @Average Investor @fridjonk)
  2. Love is love's mystique
  3. Finally
  4. Oh, so nice to hear that! I'm glad it does. Thanks for watching I'd love to know why. People seem to like it, and I thought no one would be interested in me rambling about my life BTW: Super blown away from your videos mate! I haven't spent time online so I didn't take the time yet to comment or properly write my thoughts down. But damn I was so happy to see them, to see you, to see that you did it... Love it. Love it. Love it
  5. Yey! Update video
  6. Club 27 ✌?
  7. Near Castellane, South of France ?
  8. „Doch ist es jedem eingeboren, Dass sein Gefühl hinauf und vorwärts dringt, Wenn über uns, im blauen Raum verloren, Ihr schmetternd Lied die Lerche singt; Wenn über schroffen Fichtenhöhen Der Adler ausgebreitet schwebt, Und über Flächen, über Seen, Der Kranich nach der Heimat strebt.“ J. W. Goethe
  9. Great beast of water, soft and near I lay down, to listen, to forget, to see: Your simplicity reigns the highest tier And demystifies all life for me
  10. @Esilda Thank you so much! Appreciate it
  11. Beautiful my friend! Sending you love from the other side of the globe!
  12. Goodness me ❤️ Now that's Sunday music
  13. Self-esteem can only rise as high as vulnerability runs deep.
  14. "Marla Singer. The big tourist... Her lie reflected my lie. And suddenly I felt nothing."
  15. "The clever man may work smarter, not harder, they say. But the creative man doesn't work at all."
  16. You can't undo what happened to you, but you can undo the imprints you carry in your psyche and body. For sure. Heard about primal therapy? That would be totally awesome to take care of that unfinished business with your father... Also, MDMA (when done right) is amazing. Don't give up hope. You're so young. It took me many years of trial and error as well until I found what worked for me. Big hug!