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  1. How to do telepathy
    How to do telepathy 
    Real telepathy

  2. Psychoanalyst option
    I am enlightened. Sincere seekers: ask me anything
    ok i'll try that! Let me book mark this post...

  3. Talking to dc's
    Talking to dream characters
    When I get lucid, one of my favorite things to do is find a random dream character to engage conversation with, ask pre-selected questions, or just to see what random things they may respond with.
    Their answers range from hilarious to downright creepy. As if sometimes they don't want to be engaged, and sometimes you find a real talker. Sometimes they become withdrawn and irritated, and sometimes they are very exuberant and open. Kind of sounds like Samuel in real life, but that's not where this post is going... 
    There are different experiments you can do while engaging in conversation with dream characters:
        Using it as direct communication with your subconscious, asking questions that may be revealing to certain topic you are working on in personal development. Play around with their sense of existence. This one is very intriguing to me, because often times when pointing out that this is just a dream, or that this is not real, many dream characters lash out and assure you that it is. There are cases of dream characters saying things like,  "I'm dreaming you." But these are less common, from what I have read. I have personally experienced the Angst when revealing the illusion to a dream character, and I have also had others agree with me that it is a dream. One thing I struggle with is do my dream characters, my creations(as I assume them to be) , truly think they are real? Or is it just a bunch of false memories implanted into them when needed.  Just to laugh and see what wacky and sometimes creepy things your  sub conscious may spit out at you when asking dream characters a particular question. I have also noticed that I have no inhibitions to go up to any dream character, sometimes even imposing on their personal space, and engage them in conversation. Yet when awake (whatever that means), I am socially awkward and have to force myself. The reason I bring this up is because for the last few days, I've considered if I would go up to a random person in this world, and ask them some random question just to see what random answer might come out. Asking something in either reality seems closely similar, in regards to how random or not- random the responses are, if all is truly one(zero, whatever).  But I can't bring myself to do it, just yet. Perhaps it's ego holding me back or some other force I have yet to realize.
    Would love to hear any accounts of speaking to dream characters and the responses. Unfortunately Samuel doesn't keep a good dream journal, so I'll have to remember or try to find one already written, or just wait till my next lucid dream. I'll keep ya'll updated...

  4. Self inquiry videos
    what type of meditation is the best
    It has many names but essentially the same thing. Self Inquiry/Being aware of being aware/Self remembering/Pure Witnessing/Resting as awareness or I AM etc.
    I'll link some of the most short, lucid discussions on this I've found. The last one will be a bit longer. Just keep 2 things as fundamental strategies in this process for now.
    1) Nothing perceivable or conceivable can be me. I can't be an object if I'm aware of that object. Do not turn the Subject into an object that is sitting at a distance somewhere and seeing all other objects. This is super important.
    2) This self-awareness practice becomes a non doing. It doesn't have to be limited to a particular meditation sitting. It can go on all day as it gets natural and you start getting a 'feel' for it. Almost like learning to ride a bicycle and finding your balance.
    (sorry for the late reply. I had to revisit them in order to make sure )