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  1. So, you are enlightened, but you need other enlightened people to answer your question?
  2. You help "others" by helping yourself, and you help "yourself" by helping others. In the end, its all the same.
  3. Honestly, if I could Lucid dream on demand, I wouldn't give a crap about enlightenment OR egoic desires being fulfilled. Is there a pill for that?
  4. That which we call subconscious is like an offspring of the Supreme, aka Son of God. That which we call the false self is like an offspring of the subconscious. Another way to put this is that the subconscious is a dream self of the Supreme, the false self (seeking _brilliance) is a dream self of the subconscious. The false self also has dream selfs, or perhaps the subconscious only dreams that the false self is having dream characters or "offsprings", in the same manner that the Supreme is dreaming of the subconscious. The subconscious, the dream self or offspring of the Supreme, is essentially and by all rights IS the Supreme, just as we call our dream characters wholly and completely ourselves. The subconscious has the power in itself to literally create and change matter around it, completely fueled by the power of belief. Remember, the subconscious is no more real than the false self, being that they are both dream characters of a higher power, or higher dreamer. The subconscious simply is the Supreme, and is so sensitive to the power of belief it begins to identify with the false self and forgets that it is Supreme. Just as we separate with our identities when we identify with a false dream self every night. In truth, the subconscious only believes it has forgotten that it is Supreme. The memories or truths are locked away in a cell of its own making. The subconscious and the false self become entwined with each other, and there are times when it's hard to tell a difference between the two. Most of us live a whole lifetime not recognizing the line between the two, and in that reason, the two become intertwined, the dreamer and the dream self, like a symbiotic parasite. They feed each other, hurt each other, teach, discipline, and grow with one another. There are times when the subconscious is the child and student, and there are times when the subconscious is a parent and teacher to the false self, all for the sake of self-growth and evolution. The subconscious is infinite, as the Supreme, and can manifest itself to the dream self, (or in other words to itself) in infinite ways. There are varying degrees of consciousness within the subconscious, and seeking_brilliance is just one of them. At the same time, of course, they are all ONE as well, and empty at the same time, being nothing but more and more offspring of the Supreme.) Even within the one that believes it is dreaming up seeking_brilliance, there are varying levels or layers of consciousness, like Shrek's onion. There is the layer of consciousness that has believed it is seeking_brilliance, and has walled itself off into that layer. There are the levels which are dreamed up every night in "seeking_brilliance's" dreams. And there are the dream characters within the "false self's" dreams. Sometimes the layers are pierced through in those dreams, and seeking_brilliance believes he is lucid dreaming. The problem is, seeking_brilliance does not take it further and pierce through the higher layers. "his" powers of belief is very strong, and the dream is very convincing. But he knows, somewhere, which is of course nowhere at all, that this is a dream. Everything he sees, hears, smells, and feels, is hand tailored by varying layers of consciousness, some of which are slaves to the symbiotic relationship to its dream self or offspring, and some of which are in higher layers that seeking_brilliance, in any of its iterations, cannot fathom. He must be shown. By grace of a "higher" self. This is his plea. Show me, wake me up. Amen.
  5. I see the snow field, or a I call it, the star field, because it reminds me of those old Screensavers of flying through the stars.
  6. You are whatever you want to be. It's your dream. Enjoy!
  7. Lol you must sleep alone
  8. @Leo Gura yikes well that's good to know actually. The rapes still probably have benefits at these smaller doses... the site where I bought it claims that it works on the energy body or some such. That's mainly why I bought it, and that it could make dreams more vivid. Then I started reading up on wilka, similar to yopo, and I started getting nervous...
  9. What do you think about words being spells? (in other words subconscious cues that can have an impact on behavior or can directly impact the dreamscape through intention) They say English has the most spells or something like that. Have you heard about that
  10. @Highest Reminds me of a dream self within a dream. In my opinion, dreams are the perfect parallel to what is.
  11. The suggested dose is a dime size split up for both nostrils, and even that is meant to be a mild dose with little effects, because the snuff is mostly sold as a dreaming aid. I took half of that dose. No effects really, no visuals. I bet if I mixed with pot it would blow me out of the water but I ain't doing that haha
  12. @montecristo So its just a slight incline with the books? I'm looking at sleeping wedges now... Some are more inclined and some are more flat. Check out this one, it looks perfect but a bit expensive to just experiment with
  13. I have a wilka snuff, which is related to Yopo. contains Bufo and 5-meo. I've only tried baby amounts because I'm a little scared to get crazy. If I lived alone it would probably be a different story.
  14. MJ is great for subconscious work and purging. Everything seems to bubble up to the surface to be worked on, in my experience. Of course you have to then work on it while sober, so that you don't come to rely on the MJ. MJ has always been strong for me so I don't have much desire for anything else, I'm quite satisfied with it.
  15. Think of it like false memories in a dream. Did the actions in the memories actually happen? But look, theres memories of it! Where did they come from?