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  1. That's really interesting. I knot they make incline sleeping pillows. Maybe I'll look into that
  2. I dunno about that, but at least blind people don't have the crutch of sight to hold them in the illusion. And deaf people don't have the god-awful hindrance of hearing their voice in their head. Does that make either of these types of people automatically enlightened? No, they still have to put in the work.
  3. @Serotoninluv mob mentality but that show idea... I've thought about something similar before. It's basically what being manipulative is, and I'm pretty manipulative with certain people so I've had reason to contemplate it.... It's all got to work its way in there, and either make you think it's your idea, or that its something happening to you.
  4. BEST ANSWER @Serotoninluv love that idea. ties for best answer I think it's funny though, that the OP never said she admitted to being a witch, only that he thinks she put a curse on him. And everyone on here automatically began calling her a witch and whatnot when in fact she only claimed to be a psychic, and was probably a reiki healer as well. I admit that the tactics were unprofessional.
  5. who was at fault with the accident? just curious
  6. Thank you! ......?
  7. Hello all, I have just finished another dream incubation exercise! This one is about flying... It also has a secondary incubation of getting lucid, and has a reality check built into the visualization- which means it could be really useful if used for WBTB. ~sweet dreams~
  8. oh well, its all self reflection in the end
  9. @Preetom i love you, you tell it like it is.
  10. lol well, I didn't say I needed the validation. Peace to you brother
  11. @Preetom if only we could have memories arise of other bodies and lifetimes, it would instantly put things in perspective, at least for people who are suffering in this one. Then again, I'm a different person and body every night so.....
  12. Oh well, the (sometimes obnoxious) overabundance is part of IT too
  13. it's possible. awareness comes and goes, no matter if dreaming or not, so just accept it and have no expectations. Its also possible that the lucid experience unlocked a buttload of subconscious things for you to process, which accounts for the bombarding of dreams. And don't expect to get lucid a lot, 1-3 times a month is normal for experienced lucid dreamers.
  14. Been there done that 😋, actually it was hbw, but close enough
  15. Best answer so far, even though this is what @cetus56is getting to as well, I think