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  1. (The following post is 'non-dual-lite' for beginners:) We tend to separate ourselves from nature, as a species. We say, "we are going to take a walk in nature." "We are going out into nature." Or that "nature is perfect." Except what we don't realize is that when we say these things, we are drawing distinctions between nature and mankind. Such as nature is perfect, and mankind is imperfect. When we say these phrases, we are unconsciously separating ourselves from nature. Hang on a second, mankind IS nature. This is one of those hilariously "hidden" truths that we tend to forget. Mankind is nature and all of its doings and imaginings are part of nature. There's no distinction between that, and plants and animals acting according to Perfect Nature. (Side note, do plants act? They grow, but is that an action, or is that ____?) Yes even all of our destruction of nature, building more than we need, and poisonous pollution, is perfect nature. All of us have honorary roles in the story of planet Earth. And planet Earth has a role in the solar system. And the solar system to the Galaxy and Beyond. So relax. Surrender. Enjoy (or not!). Everything is happening naturally.
  2. Do you feel part of a bigger world?
  3. Darn I was hoping this would be a discussion on assisted suicide for cancer patients or heavily disturbed individuals. By your theory these people would be lucky enough to have quicker enlightenment if we supported assisted suicide.
  4. @KurtisLey hi I was raised Baptist too... Feels like I could have written the top part of your post.
  5. It's just too hard to answer. Yes, no, maybe? Maybe they are accessing DNA memory?
  6. The problem with this is that your brain (or whatever) can come up with an elaborate story in a millisecond. Does so several times a night while dreaming. So ultimately there really is no proof. Even direct experience couldn't be trusted.
  7. A few mystical experiences, and then falling into a deep suicidal depression after taking on a business that I knew nothing about. Biggest hurdle is the monkey mind. I've always had obsessive thoughts and not much self discipline. I think this will work itself out naturally, but YES I'm still waiting to get into psychotherapy.
  8. You can't stop religions from forming. It will happen in the natural order of things. Just as resisting the formation of religions. It will all happen naturally, just let it flow as it should.
  9. I think even if you don't give a fuck anymore, its still wise to be kind and gentle because it relaxes the ego that you are trying to teach. Of course some egos need a heavy hand. And so not every teacher is for everyone. I would personally prefer a bit of both.
  10. I bet I could bring my brother around to this conclusion..... Just got to think where to start. He already believes in a god that encompasses all, but has no concept of oneness.
  11. What is happening Must be another one of those dreams...
  12. is a wonderful hub for learning. But if anyone follows someone as an infallible teacher, then they will always be deceived and disappointed. Let's stop bitching and arguing if this site or any other is good enough or not, because they all will fail under these expectations. Go live your life, learn, grow, and use these sites as a hub of information, not as your sole authority on teaching. And remember, these sites are as good as the effort you put in. If you aren't seeing quality posts, then perhaps you aren't posting quality posts.
  13. How can something be ruined if it's unfolding naturally? Saying that it's ruined is projecting your expectations on it. If it's not serving you now, come back later. If it's not serving you later, find a new teacher and come back even later. Or don't come back at all. But Leo's project will continue to unfold naturally, and no, it will no longer be generalized for wider audiences.
  14. I have a feeling that if aliens become nesseccary for the story they will manifest and then it will be as if they were there all along... Something like that
  15. @Aakash oh interesting blog post. I like this part: sometimes I like to think about how all THIS - could come and pass as quickly as one of our nightly dreams (in relative time of course). And we have on average 4-6 dreams per night. And every time a dream is manifested, an entire universe is manifested, although for nightly dreams I'm not sure how much of that universe is manifested at once, probably only the parts needed for the story. But it really puts things into perspective that all of THIS that we hold so dear is nothing but a blip in infinity. So awesome.