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  1. I would start with - if they believe in a God creator- if God created the world, it created it from itself. Therefore the world/universe IS itself, and cannot be separate. If the world/universe IS God, then you and I are....
  2. @Raptorsin7 Hope it helps! Lesson Two is ready
  3. for exposure? lol. Tomorrow, ask 'Y' again, and then I won't feel the need to bump it
  4. I agree. The mass consciousness is waking up, slowly but surely. Of course we have cycles where we go to sleep again, but the overall arc to the story is that we are waking up, especially in specific areas of the planet. @Schahin Humans are fucked up. But we are also self-learning creatures. There will be HUUUGE growing pains. We have been growing since we became self aware. What you are witnessing is thousands of years of growth. There will probably be thousands more to go. You can do your part by waking up and spreading higher consciousness. Volunteer. Be an activist. Or just witness and enjoy. Have fun!
  5. the perception is illusionary but very tangible, hence why "I" have very unique dreams compared to "your" dreams, and how that "my" body/mind directly affects the content of these dreams.
  6. perhaps while the body/character "sleeps", consciousness is returned to its primordial state without the perception of ego/mind. Although then there's the whole dream state which some debate is going on constantly in the background. Image streaming is proof of this theory.
  7. I have just finished a guided exercise for learning to visualize. This is a very useful skill for lucid dreaming, self help, manifestation, or for anything in life, really. One of the tricks to learning to visualize, is to understand where the images are projected in our minds. There is a misconception that we should see these images on the back of our eyelids, in full color and high definition- as if viewing the images in "real life". This is so wrong, and can lead to many people giving up, thinking that they will never be able to achieve this. This is actually a technique called projection, and is a much more advanced form of visualization. The images just happen to be projected onto the back of the eyelids, but the source of the images are from somewhere deeper. In this lesson, we will learn to access the source of the images. The secret is, you already know how to do this! You have been doing it all your life. In fact, you have been doing it for so long, and are so good at it, that you no longer realize you are doing it. It's called memory visualization. When you are remembering something visual, you see a flash of this visual somewhere in your mind. Try it now: what were you doing 20 seconds ago? To answer this, you most likely visually thought back about 20 seconds, and "saw" what you were doing, in order to report back. This area, although nearly impossible to pinpoint, is the source of your visualization images. Much later we can learn to project the images onto the back of our eyelids, or onto reality. Please follow the instructions provided inside the video, and enjoy!
  8. @NoSelfSelf sounds like detachment
  9. he might be talking about enlightenment BUT look into image streaming or WILDing. Two different but somewhat similar techniques. This is how you lucid dream while awake.
  10. @cetus56 I get those takeover dreams every now and then. They are quite fun actually. Sometimes it's an evil corporation or a military thing or something.
  11. Done! Guided WBTB Detailed instructions on youtube page ~Sweet dreams~
  12. You can't control it, but you can control which programming it receives, after learning to live consciously. It will be completely programmed out of your control since birth, and yes as @Commodent mentioned, it takes repetition and consistency to change the programming. Affirmations are great resources. Also who you spend your time with can make a large influence on your programming.
  13. @SoonHei I just finished the audio for a WBTB induction (Wake Back to Bed) which I think will be my favorite one yet. Just have to convert it to a video for youtube. Also, check out my other videos on the channel. The incubation videos are fully immersive highly detailed visualization exercises to help induce (or incubate) that type of dream. I also like to call them "imagination vacations" because they really do take you to another place. Would love your feedback!
  14. yep, my channel. So glad you like it! No I'm not a pro by any means... I have a heavy interest and moderate success, but not enough dedication to make it happen as regular as I'd like. That's why I created these videos because a large part of Lucid induction is meditation and affirmations, and I don't have the discipline for that!!! I probably have dream reports scattered around here but not sure where any would be particularly.. But i've been considering starting a dream journal on here.