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  1. I'm whomever you want me to be.
  2. What would you do if you found out you're just a dream character in someone else's lucid dream? Go adventuring of course! Join Clay and Amy as they travel through all of relative time and dream-space in this anthology series about lucid dreaming. Episodes 1-5 available now on my website, free!
  3. Q: How does realms deepen their connection with music? 1. (What music means to you) Pulled: 5 of pentacles A lighted window in the dreary snow. Going through life we often feel like these beggars hobbling through a cold evening, humanly blind to the fact that there is always something above us, beaming with warm restorative light. In other words, music as a vibrational transmuter is always available, always reaching out. Even just humming or whistling when there's no other source of music will do wonders for the mood and focus. Whoever wrote "whistle while you work" was a genius. If you are creating music, or even just remixing or making playlist albums, I suggest something geared toward "working music" something for the millenials as they age into the working environment. Pre-millenials are a huge market as well, with 80's, 90's, and early 00's music combined with powerful nostalgia. Play to these strengths. 2. (What music can teach you) Pulled: The Tower card If you think of the tower as yourself, then the lightning bolt is music. Notice that there was a giant crown atop the tower, so we'll say that's the head. The bolt (music) enters right at the ear point. It sets the whole tower (body) on fire, driving out the ugly hag and the handsome prince. The fire will not harm you (you are the tower) yet it brings about change as your innards must be rebuilt. Music builds and reshapes neuropathways. Think of fire as a vibrational charge. It is easy to lose yourself in music and meld with it. Great for trance, as our most ancient of ancients can tell you. I would love to see some kind of mainstream music made for inducing trance (besides the trance genre already existent) 3. (How to connect better with music) Pulled: The Page of cups This person has used their cup to scoop a fish from the sea. Listen for music in your dreams. Listen to music that moves you and try to see music as an entity to communicate with. (I'm reminded of close encounters of the third kind when they used colored tones to communicate with the E.T.s, except music is the very entity to build a relationship with, not just the communication tool. The page scooped up a part of the sea (music,) and is communicating with this very sea by means of a localized entity (the fish who is also the sea.) Treat music this way, even if it seems silly at first, and it will flourish with you as a type of musical tulpa. And when tulpas garner so-called autonomy, something magical may happen. Talk to music (not to the song you are listening to, but music itself. The intelligence behind the song), listen. Co-create. Again I say seek it in dreams. 4. (Something holding you back) Pulled: Judgement card From one of my translation books: Today is the day! Each and every day the task is the same: to wake up and mobilize all our energies. And that means burying what is dead properly-- and being open to receive the dawn of what is to come. Do you blame yourself often for your shortcomings? Don't! Always practice self forgiveness, because self blame is one of the worst creative killers.
  4. No it's the site mobile bug, sorry about that
  5. Ah I keep getting some things backwards... No worries, sounds like you've got the women figured out ? @soos_mite_ah @soos_mite_ah .
  6. @28 cm unbuffed Q: Should unbuffed pursue love or money? 1. ( An unconscious tendency) Pulled: The empress You tend to hold both (women and money) up as your empress, often disappointed when these expectations aren't met or reciprocated. For love, you want to find an empress, one to worship under her pedestal, but there are many women these days which find this uncomfortable. They already know the are an empress, yet desire to be treated comfortably (notice she is wearing a sort of nightgown) as an equal partner. As with money-- yes money is useful but it won't love you back. Everyone should have a healthy relationship with money, by saving as much as you can on the side. Sometimes there may be something big to save up for, like moving to another country, so we make a mad sprint and work 5 jobs and build a sizeable nest egg to create this idea into reality, but of course doing so leaves no time for romance. So the dilemma, as you may have noticed, is that they are both lofty goals with incredible pros and cons, yet they are near impossible to balance and carry together. They sort of cancel each other out. Pursuing women can be very expensive, too expensive for saving, yet pursuing lots of money can be very busy, too busy for women. So lets see in the next card which to pursue. Be sure to ask yourself if you are in love with the idea of a female relationship, not to be confused with actually needing one. 2. (Which to pursue) Pulled: Page of Wands At first thought, i'd say it means to screw both and work on spiritual talents. (by the way, mastering a spiritual talent can bring both the money & women...) Notice this page of wands (I see all the wand card figures as spiritual or astral wizards) he is very well dressed, flamboyantly so. It looks to me like he saved up a bit of money to travel, in order to pursue his mastery. Wand bearers love to travel in these cards. The page of wands is visiting egypt here. Perhaps you should look into egyptian theology and also their views on money and love. found this book-- ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ECONOMICS Kemetic Wisdom of Saving and Investing in Wealth of Body, Mind, and Soul for Building True Civilization, Prosperity and Spiritual Enlightenment So in sum, I'd say its saying to pursue a bit of money to get yourself jump-started, then pursue travel and honing your talents. 3 (A warning if you pursue this) Pulled: Ace of Cups The ace of cups can stand for spiritual attainment. By this time, Your talent flows from the palm of your hand. You've mastered and learned to flow with your talent, and to let if flow from you. Be careful of what others add to your talent. Many will offer advice, thinking they are gifts or tokens, but some of this will tip over the cup. Stay true to yourself while considering all advice with an intuitive grain of salt. Trust your gut.
  7. Haha ok, flattery gets you anywhere. Ok are you going with your original question or would you like to ask another?
  8. Same here. I've stopped asking for meaning and just smile now when I see it. I usually feel like it means everything is ok.
  9. @soos_mite_ah @soos_mite_ah Perhaps I had that backwards, or perhaps it's interchange and vice versa as far as who's learning what. Notice the sphinxes carrying the chariot are both yin-yang's, but in reversed coloring. Lessons are kind of blended like that, with double or flipped-flopping meanings to the metaphors. You are learning to live a little but also learning another aspect of respecting money: accepting a shower of gifts. With this extra information I'd be inclined to say the second card is also a warning that he's impulsively giving too much (paying for all the dates) and y'all need to come to a better understanding about this. Have you offered to pay? If you do, does it visibly upset him? Our entanglements bring out all these little knots to untangle. Sometimes even a short fling can bring lots of growth with enough noticing. Don't worry about the developing speed or how long it will last, just stay present and learn by attentive experience.
  10. @soos_mite_ah Hi, so I did your first question and will get to other's requests before circling back to your second one. thankfully it's about after 2022 so plenty of time right? lol ***************************************************** Q: A portrait of this guy that soos is dating. A: 1. (a positive trait) Pulled: ten of swords He is a hard worker. He knows the value of bundling and saving. Perhaps he is a bit head strong in this and a bit of a penny pincher. He does this because he sees the picture of the end goal, and has his eyes set directly on that, and a steady march forward. 2. (Something to watch out for) Pulled: six of pentacles (coins) This card is like the opposite of what I was just saying. The man in this card gives freely, with balanced earnest. Perhaps this is a warning not to succumb to the greedy nature of money hoarding. 3. (how this entanglement contributes to soo's growth) pulled: the chariot card Our relationships (entanglements) carry us to a place of victory, usually a sight unknown, but your eyes are fixed steady on the path ahead. They often teach us balance. Perhaps you are learning to respect money, as he learns to live a little.
  11. @soos_mite_ah ah sorry, just taking a break. Had some stressful work things pop up. I'll do yours next then ?
  12. Question: What should Arthogaan focus on in a year's time? 1. (Past tendencies) Pulled: Ace of Pentacles You did not respect money. Before you got a grasp on it, if you even do, it was just like it grew on trees or a mysterious gift handed out like little miracles. Then you tried to distance yourself from it and demonized it. Then it hits: money doesn't have to be real in order to be a real token. In other words, money is useful to even the wisest of sages, because it continues to be worshipped in the heart of society. One can escape it, and live the simplest life, perhaps in some cave, but then how does he travel the world? The love of money may be the root of evil, but the devil can be useful too-- remember this. 2. (What to focus on) Pulled: 3 of Wands The wizard apprentice, holding one of the staffs/wands, stands high on a cliff overlooking the lively sea. He is considering an adventurous journey. He sees the balance of spiritual and worldly mastery. You can not just head towards one end of the spectrum or the other. Its like the saying "All work and no Play makes Jack a dull boy"-- with work and play being interchangeable for "worldly and spiritual." You should focus on finding the balance of them, and rest there. This will open opportunities beyond your current ability to imagine. 3. (What lies ahead if you focus on #2) Pulled: Ace of Cups As the water (material spirit) flows from the holy grail, so too will creativity flow in all aspects: love, emotional experience, psychic and spiritual success. The Divine spark of creative flow will be embedded into the womb of your living experience. If you are considering traveling, do it! Make it happen. What you will experience will shape everything else to come. It will shape your own creative talents and enrichen your imagination. Also, two ace cards in one reading can foretell an important partnership-- if one is presented to you, go with intuition on whether to accept.
  13. You don't need answers from tarot cards for Zen. Zen is within and ever present. Again, I don't think a reading directed toward your recent breakup would be fruitful, notice how much you have reacted since I said no. Anyone working with psychic energies should be able to say no when they feel intuitively to do so. I'd be happy to give a reading regarding a different subject...
  14. 1. (An unconscious tendency) Pulled: Six of Pentacles In one hand you hold balance, the other, the gift of giving. Only one who has mastered balanced success can do such a thing, because if the man in the picture were to give without balance, he could end up as the beggars around him, unsure of their next meal. This is not necessarily about money, but a parable. The beggars will always beg for more. The stable man is the only one who can give freely. Who are you in this picture? 2. (Benefits of developing this growth) Pulled: Nine of Pentacles Simple adoration of beauty. Total stability. Serene passage though the garden. The fruit is ripe, and plenty. 3. (What to do) Pulled: Two of Swords Sit waiting but prepared. The person in this picture is blindfolded, but her swords are drawn and ready for anything. This is not an invitation to start fights, but merely come prepared. If you are working in astral realms, you may be needing a teacher/guide, one to teach preparation and defense against the wiles of endless mind. Guides can come in any form imaginable, don't limit their arrival! Use the blindfold and wait! 4. (How developing this can affect reality experience) Pulled: King of Pentacles The king of pentacles has blended with reality experience, he not only enjoys the fruit of his labor, he wears them on his robes. His pentacles (coins) have diverged back into one, which he holds in the left hand as a gong, with a mallet in the other. Under his robes, he still wears the steel armor of his time as a knight. His crown is laced with flowers from the garden. This card represents a highly experienced and accomplished person. One who is generous, compassionate, responsible, and steadfast. Reading an interpretation guide of this card, it mentions "Pay attention, be practical, and seek advice from an accomplished expert from these realms."
  15. Question: What should @Osaid be working on right now? 1. (What you are looking for) Pulled: Knight of Swords Exhilarant Freedom. To rush into what's ahead with joyful confidence. Perfect mastery over the element in question. What's behind it all? What's new? What happens in the end? These questions guide you to victory. Intention extends far beyond the limited landscape in sight. Run to, not from, all perceived challenges. 2. (What you will find) Pulled: The Moon card You will find yourself howling at your own reflection. 3. What you already know) Pulled: Seven of Pentacles You know the value of necessary work in the garden. Investing efforts with wise discernment yields pleasurable results for now and to come. 4. (What you'll need to know) Pulled: Six of Swords Learning the currents of the water is necessary, not only for your own safe travels but to ferry others along as well. Summary: Just keep on keeping on... you know the way.