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  1. @-empty- well I just kind of feel bad for them... we apparently have this superpower by retaining semen... do they have another way of storing this energy or are they just out of luck?
  2. @kai0 in a way, you could look at Intuition as the wisdom of the ages, all the experiences and lessons learned, passed down by all of your ancestors through DNA memory (or instinct) , very much like how a spider is never taught to build an intricate Web, but inherently knows exactly how to do it.
  3. Intuition. It runs through all filters and none at all. You are trying to think too logically about this. You won't get a satisfying answer if you keep trying to take the trip literally
  4. @rav don't ruin poetry 😋 shhh, God's speaking!
  5. So your doubts stem from not trusting the hallucination you had of your dead friend being alive. So balancing on that, it invalidates the possibility that psychedelic insights are truth. Well let's investigate it... For one simple and possible answer, you could say that not everything that happens while tripping are insights or to be taken literally. Perhaps you simply slipped into a waking dream where you dreamt of your dead friend. Perhaps he provided you with an insight but you weren't listening. On psychedelics it kind of all blends together and I would think the point is not to pick apart every detail of the trip and say 'well that seems legit but this other thing is totally bogus'. You assimilate it all and the take-away should be very intuitive and holistic.
  6. @Someone here I wasnt pointing out anything, just being curious. I could never validate or invalidate your experience... I just like to ask questions don't mind me
  7. Perhaps it's cultural programming that has made some kind of 'autonomous human'. And this human wants to share all its found. In this case, it's culture / society who needs Zen
  8. @Someone here what's the difference between my mind and your mind? I hope you know I'm asking curiously, not trying to be facetious or anything.
  9. Is the body actually doing anything? Why would it do that? It seems really intelligent!
  10. I'm curious what you hope to learn from asking this question? Something you will spend the next few years trying to achieve, and getting depressed because you don't? Think of how much you'll miss in that time. Feeling is subjective, so you are asking for something unachievable...
  11. @Someone here ah gotcha 😋 the body is rather showey, huh
  12. Now this is not to be rude at all, but why did you feel like sharing? But also, ❤️