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  1. @Myioko do you play? I'm not really good when it comes to playing structured music, but I've started channeling these pieces for the paintings. One thing that helps is that I count many of the finger slips to be "grace notes", which add to harmony and dissonance. I don't really know anything about musical theory besides basic stuff I was taught as a child, and am finally learning to read music properly. I really wish I knew a lot more tricks with the fingers, but I have a feeling I will discover my own. I kind of like it this way
  2. @Myioko Try this one headphones are always best! try zoning out to the video while watching it.
  3. @Consilience @Consilience true, much of great writing is about what's not said, anyway
  4. The City in the Sky The city shines like a cluster of green amethyst, a beacon of hope in light of a sordid past. Legends of old speak of how our City was plucked from the fertile green fields far below the clouds, from a land once held in the highest esteem. Only the eldest of the elders remembers the Motherland, and the great calamity which befell it many years ago. They only speak of it when pressed (or occasionally on karaoke night). But life here in the City is great. Sometimes I sit with a few of my friends at the edge of the lower gardens and watch the clouds burn in the crimson sunsets. Here we dangle our feet over the edge, and imagine ourselves flying through them, which would be the only thing to catch us if we fall. I'll admit it sounds a bit reckless, but the invisible barrier would never let us fall, only the streams of water flowing from the city's center. Where they landed, no one knew; but I liked to think they are cleansing the scorched earth below. Perhaps one day we can return. I tell my closest friend what's on my heart: "Sometimes I can see the earth peaking through the clouds below. Do you think there is human life down there?" "Shhh... Go back to the city!" Perhaps they are right. I have everything I need here. But I'll keep searching...
  5. Maybe try a heavy dose of sativa brownies, and a benadryl immediately at bedtime. Hmm I might try that ๐Ÿค”
  6. Nothing is greater than anything. (Nothing >anything) which ironically points to equality or equivalence. Lol sorry trying to find distraction from hell week๐Ÿคช just rambling really
  7. Nothing >anything ๐Ÿ˜‹
  8. @Hulia see? its all about connections
  9. @Hulia sorry that I am confusing. Probably comes from constantly confusing myself. ๐ŸคชHere's what I can say... I am INFP. I choose dreaming, I guess. Actually I don't even truly beleive that, but I'm really good at spinning several stories at a time. I'm not balanced, there's definitely a wobble in me, and in that wobble of supposed clarity and confusion, some really cool art has been coming up. And it's all been happening like a whirlwind, starting with the novel writing, then flash fiction and short stories, then the guided journeys, then channelling flash fiction to paintings, then music as well.... It's all done by what I consider channelling. And this I don't really consider to be anything, just some cool way to put it. BTW this all started with the 30 day covid shut down ๐Ÿ˜Š (or did it๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ) So my point is, don't listen to me, unless you like my story. Go with how you feel drawn. Just stop and listen to the music. If you like stories, you know where to find us. Also that would be cool if the horses ran through you ๐Ÿ˜Š one time, I dreamed I went to my grandparents farm, and I wanted a horse to ride around. A herd of horses came by and I jumped on one. He was purple and I wished for it to turn into a pegasus and so it did. We flew around and landed in the midst of a trump parade. That was a cool dream.
  10. For me silly. We can be one, or not at all, or whatever. Who cares anymore? Just write, for me (and you). Have a living dream about writing something, for fun, drawing upon the endless stories you've dreamt before. If you wish, wouldn't want to tell ya what to do
  11. I have absolutely no idea.... Isn't it awesome?
  12. @Hulia @Hulia I definitely am not the best example to follow... What comes out in art is a pure expression, whereas I live daily life with still a heavy atattchment to self character of @seeking_brilliance. I'm on a path of authenticity, that's all. For me, dropping charades extends beyond the charades of the character, but also all the nonduality speak. It's all charades to me. Honestly sometimes it gets really annoying and feels better to not think think about it, like you said ๐Ÿ˜Š