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  1. The first is called "Shapeshifter" can you make out all the many faces and forms? The second, "Just Sit", depicts a person sitting at the mouth of a cave.
  2. @seeking_brilliance The negatives are titled "How the Pyramids Were Built" And the positive, "Dreams End as They Begin, in Love"
  3. This is lovely, but shall we rest in ultimatums?
  4. Hey, queens get some love too, right?
  5. Don't worry, all is not lost πŸ˜‰
  6. If you haven't already, lucid dreaming is a much gentler way to expand and open.
  7. I present to you, "Promised Land." A collaboration.
  8. "Follow the Rainbow" is the first picture. Hopefully you can see the leprechaun 🌈
  9. A gnome, a panda, and then an abstract titled "Crystalline Dreams"
  10. @LfcCharlie4 whats that?
  11. This crystal is becoming quite the artist! First up is an abstract, "Hyponotised" Then, "Stars in Her Eyes" And then "A Running Leap"
  12. Or non-local perhaps. Why you trying to stick me in a meat suit πŸ˜‚
  13. @Random witch @Swarnim @Hulia I'm rather speechless with this... I drew this exactly from the crystal. The only thing I added was the stars background... Also, I thought some @Nahm-like form might appreciate. The crystal (according to 'these eyes') depicts a safe transferring perspective to a dream bunny in the forest.