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  1. channeling gets filtered through the mind matrix of the channel, so even if two channellers were channeling the same entity, the delivery would be different. What you are looking for is the message. Of course much of it is scamming, that happens. All entities channeled are essentially you, so don't forget that either. Again, what you are looking for is the message.
  2. Here is one strange and interesting one from 2017. Please note that it reflects my mode of thinking at the time: I had a dream last night where I talked to my higher self. It was not a lucid dream, but when I got to the point where I was asking the questions, some lucidity must have crept in. This is what happened: I was having this completely ridiculous dream when all of a sudden I started flying and got as high as I could go, (which is never very high, I usually can't make it above the height of treetops). I seemed to have hit some tiled ceiling, and was able to poke my head through one of the tiles and then the ceiling stretched out of sight above that. Somehow I intuitively knew that I should ask my higher self some questions, although the rest of the dream had nothing to do with that. I can't remember all of the questions that I asked, but he was very friendly, and answered in my speaking voice, although it sounded far away and had a bit of an reverb to it. I remember asking if I am good. He said "Yes." I asked, am I really good? He said "Yes." This has been something that was on my mind lately, for some reason. Since I don't know much about myself besides this very limited perspective of my current life, I had been wondering if my higher self (the cumulative past lives put together) was actually a good soul or not. I do wish that I can remember what other questions I asked, so if I end up remembering, I will edit the post or update with a comment. The last thing that I asked was "What is our true name." The answer was a bit confusing. At first it sounded somewhat angelic maybe, but was spoken too fast for me to make it out. It sounded like: "Wappa Pow, something something something" I asked if he could repeat it, and he did, slower. "Wappa Pow, something Turner, Something I said, "Wopa po?" He said, in a corrective tone, "Wappa Pow, Winston Turner, AKA Rainman." Just like that. The only word I still couldn't really make out was the Winston, it sounded more like Winson, or Wincin, but I was not allowed to ask because the dream changed, and two people walked in that I knew from years ago, and proceeded to pour gasoline on themselves (yes very freaky ,huh) and was about to strike a match. I begged my higher self not to let the match light, but I wasn't about to take any chances so I got down to the ground and ran out of the building (turned out I was in a barn). As I was running out, I could hear the whoosh of the fire blazing. I ran outside and into the house close by, telling everyone what just happened and that now the barn was about to burn down. One of the persons said, "But the barn isn't on fire.." and I looked out the window, and lo and behold, the barn was not on fire and I could still see the two guys trying to light the match and being very disappointed that it wouldn't spark. I don't know if this part of the dream has to do with anything, but I think my higher self was just pretty much saying it was time to stop asking questions for now. Also, it was very good tactic to help concrete our conversation in my memory, as I do have trouble remembering dreams.
  3. @DreamScape I don't know how old you are, but I'll say it any way... Making love can be like this too.
  4. @Ethan1 follow the light, break the glass.
  5. @Aaron p oh God that's my biggest fear, so glad I didn't do that on my last trip (not dmt) 😂😂🤣🤣
  6. Do you like to discuss your favorite movies or TV shows, or books....and banter about fan theories, connect with like minded fans, etc. ? At the end of the day, you know it's all fiction... that's part of the fun. I see 'learning' and exploring the world... this garden... as similar.
  7. @ethanb121 everything OK? We love ya.
  8. Meet Sophia... there's something a bit creepy about her, but as you listen to their conversation, I think she is really endearing.
  9. 🤯
  10. (some listening music) I'm not sure what prompted this. I stayed up watching TV until 11. Went to bed really sleepy and went to sleep. Next thing I know, Micheal is crawling into bed and waking me up. At first I thought it was real but soon became suspicious and kind of just knew I was was having a false awakening. Micheal is being his normal annoying self when crawling into bed and no respect for my sleep. I decide to ignore him and see if I can body exit. Nothing happens, so I resort to another tactic that usually works : I ask him to pull me out of my body. He does not oblige, and leaves the room, leaving me alone in bed. I feel like I've woken up a bit, and laid there hoping I can still body exit. Next thing I know, my feet start rising above my head. I knew I was definitely ready, and just roll over and get out of bed. At this point, the act of getting out of bed felt so real, I couldn't tell if I was dreaming or if I woke myself up and just got out of bed. I walk over to the bedroom door, and can hear micheal out in the kitchen. I'm closer to the wall than the door, and to really test if I'm awake, I press up against the wall to see if I can melt through. The wall is solid, and I can't pass through. I give up, open the door, and walk out into the kitchen, still unsure if I'm dreaming or not. Micheal is getting something out of the fridge, so I go over to him. Suddenly I see a pomeranian running across the floor and I say aloud, ''ok I'm dreaming.'' I turn to micheal who is still standing at the open fridge. I repeat that I know I'm dreaming, and he just looks at me like he has no idea what I mean by that. ''We don't even have that kind of dog'', I say. His face changes, and he smiles, as if he thinks it's funny I figured it out. I walk up to him and ask if he had anything to show me, which is a typical question you can ask dream characters. He reaches into the fridge and pulls out a peice of bread. I take it, kind of confused that this is what he wanted to show me. I take a bite and it tastes like a healthy oatmeal bread. Suddenly I'm ejected outside the house and can see the sky. The dream begins to fade quickly and I rub my hands together to bring it back but it's too late. The dream dissolves into darkness and I find myself back in bed. I lay still to see if I can exit again. I roll out of bed, and stand up. I don't need a dream sign, I can just know I'm dreaming. I'm about to go back into the kitchen but wanted to see if there's a body in my bed. I go back over and pull back the sheets. No body. Sometimes I have body exits and leave a body in bed, and sometimes there's no body. I command - ''show me my body''. Nothing appears. I give up and back up against the wall of the bedroom that leads into the backyard. I melt through, and into the dark backyard outside. I decide to just go ahead and explore outside. I fly over to the neighbor's house. I can see a metal structure sticking up over the fence, and am given the false memory that this is normal and I've always wondered what it is. I fly over the fence and land next to the metal structure. It turns out to be this huge gigantic workout machine, like a bowflex. It was awesome looking and I decide to sit and do some exercises with whatever weight the neighbor last used. I can feel my arms starting to burn, and kept going, wondering if I could wake up with sore arms. Suddenly the ''real'' micheal actually comes in and wakes me up. I can not tell you how angry this makes me. He continues to blab and blab and I get up and go to the other bedroom to get back to sleep. However I can't shake the feeling of how real that experience felt, and how easily I was filled by false memory, no matter how lucid I thought I was.
  11. I want to move to a self sufficient community that only uses money with the outside world for supplies.
  12. It's a catalyst and propellant.
  13. Not disagreeing with you, but, how do you know? That's a very definitive statement you made.
  14. Ok so... There's three options I can see.. 1) it was just a really cool dream that coincidentally sounds like the experiences you read about 2) he was actually abducted and they implanted his memory with a memory that 'it was all a dream' 3) perhaps all alien abductions actually take place in the astral realm, which is why these experiences are so hard to corroborate and can both feel real and dream like.
  15. (another night of semi dream awareness, and nothing really interesting, so here's one from March 2019) Me and Michael (my husband) were at some touristy thing in the countryside, but it was real rinky dink and not sure why we were there. There were these cabins at the end of a circle drive, and one was a restaurant. We went into the restaurant and there was this picture on the wall with this dog, looked like one of those tall lanky chiuauas and I wondered if there was actually a breed name for it. We got up from our table and were looking at the painting and some others around it. There was a guy over in the corner, an Anthony Sykes (childhood 'friend') figure, who in the dream apparently was kind of old but didn't look it, and we joked about if he might have known one of the painters. We touched some of the smaller paintings and they got real crooked and it was hard to get them straight so I had to take them off the wall and hand them to an employee 😝. Earlier, my husband and I were supposed to be going to sleep and my dad was making us sleep in the same room but I got up and went to my room which was really messy. I couldn't sleep and wasn't really wanting to. Micheal followed me in there so I pretended I was looking for something, and was looking for a ring. I thought maybe if I had a ring I could fiddle with it and not be bored I guess. I found this toy plastic ring that lights up and left with that but instead we went outside into this fenced in area and there were trees that apparently we had bundled up with balloons and I had the feeling that people didn''t like that so I started letting them go and we popped the balloons. At one point someone stirred up an anthill and I watched as these big burly ants come out to see what happened and there was a rival anthill close by and they mistook that for the troublemakers and they got in a big fight and the bigger ants lost. I wished I had my camera ready because that could have been a viral video on YouTube for sure 😂😂