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  1. Whats the argument for that?
  2. Thanks but Are you aware that there is no "doer "? The one who should approach life in a different way is illusory? I'm not trying to write off or dismiss what you're saying . But I would say that if reality is already exactly as it is..then it is already perfectly self-acceptance. The only problem is the ego which tries to turn this very eperience right now into a more positive experience. Its the donkey chasing the carrot sorta situation.
  3. @The Lucid Dreamer so death is not even a real event . Its something that we project by imagining that there is a future. But future is imagination. So that mean death is imagination also (because it only exists in the future ). Dunno ..just sharing some thoughts .
  4. They say The most effective way to get to enjoy true happiness and inner peace in the future is to build the habit of having inner peace and happiness in the present, right here right that "it"? I mean nothing is even certain outside of this present moment. Even the idea kf death or "ultimate destination ".
  5. I just want to know that my ultimate destination in existence is gonna be perfection..goodness..bliss . Not necessarily in a form of heaven.. eternal sleep or nothingness doesn't scare me .in fact its better than your wildest dreams of heaven . Leo says when you die you become infinite love. I hope so .and fuck all else.✋️
  6. I neither love nor hate you. C'mon we don't know each others irl. We have just exchanged some autistic philosophy over the period of few months on an imaginary forum in an imaginary internet. That's true . I do like the shape of a dick . When I watch porn I don't watch the lesbian clips ..I need to see some penis penetrating a vagina.
  7. @Buck Edwards ok sir . Sleep tight .
  8. Learn to appreciate some humour. Focus on the structure not the content. Replace the blonde hair thingy with whatever you find sensible to you . I just expressed my own view point .. You need to realize that all of us are living our lives within the bubbles of our own consciousness. We can take responsibility for our bubble and should not waste time worrying about what others are doing with their life.
  9. One of the things I learned from approaching girls when I was in Thailand and from Leo's series on getting laid Is that men and women needed different things from each other. And I'm gonna put it bluntly : Men simply think with their dicks instead of their brains ..that's the raw fucking truth and any guy denying this is lying to himself. Your 80% of focus is how ..and feminine the woman is. Then comes her personality. Women don't need physical beauty from men. I consider myself good-looking and I haven't had that much success doing night game on Thai girls . Why is that? Because I'm a fucking creep who tries to escalate the conversation straight to the "when we gonna have sex ?" Part .which immediately makes girls blow you out . Of course if a woman is given a choice to marry or a date a super handsome dude or a normal looking dude she will choose the handsome one . But trust me guys when I say if the normal looking dude is more of "a man " and got a steel sack of balls between his legs and is confident and charismatic..she will choose him over a handsome guy that is basically a simp . So for men on your personality more than your looks . Stop obsessing about your muscles or your beard or hair cut etc ...instead a strong masculine character And for women ..take care of your look . Dress well . Perhaps dye your hair blonde ..and be feminine and submissive. Don't try to lead the relationship. Leave that for the guy .
  10. @Davino One year ago i had real total awakening at that time. I wasn't just mucking around... I Made before that a thread about infinity....(use the search function)... See all these platitudes don't mean jack shit when you actually grasp what is reality will collapse on the floor like a lil bi**h. I had the awakening simply by dreaming and noticing that my mind can shape literally anything. Entire worlds from scratch. Down to every atom. experienced MANY lifetimes. In fact.. I and you since I am you have experienced ALL possible lifetimes that have existed.. exist now or will exist. I experienced ALL POSSIBLE LIFETIMES OF ALL POSSIBLE CREATURES . Entire lifetimes... YES! All possible creatures. 5-legged ones or just beings made of energy only.. or creature with not 5 or 6 senses but 300 senses etc... Sounds impossible? Well... If you do HARDCORE contemplation you can experience many hardcore stuff. And that is compatible with insights of mystics and yogis from all traditions in the world. That's what infinity means. This story about Big Bang and Planet Earth IS JUST ONE OF INFINITE MORE STORIES in infinite more dimensions. I attained THOUSANDS of "spiritual" insights. Most of them are impossible to put into words and sentences. "You are God" is just one of INFINITE MORE SPIRITUAL INSIGHTS. I can't describe this statement more.. because of the limit of language. There is INFINITE deepness. It goes on forever. In all directions and all dimensions. Every fucking detail of every fucking thing in every single fucking place or time or different dimension...... Exists. Do you fathom this? I became conscious of the entire structure of reality . As for my methods i read spiritual books and contemplate. I have watched every single video of Leo..sadhguru..Rupert Spira etc . I hope I conveyed to you some of my take on these issues from my perspective. Now stop annoying me and go do something productive.
  11. Elaborate more please. Was it a typical NDE ? or are you speaking figuratively? What did you see on the other side of life before you came back and how did you come back ?
  12. @James123 good video . death is the ultimate fear . If you can overcome this fear then you basically have won the whole lottery of existence. But the question is :HOW?!