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  1. @Judy2 There is a huge peace that comes with discovering that you are not in control. These days I'm walking around with a constant mild smile in my face.. Observing the show and completely seeing it for what it is.
  2. So I've been going through what I would call a radical identification awakening. As a result of intense meditation sessions and self-inquiry. The seperate sense of self and doership is completely collapsing.. The veil has completely broken and I'm aware that I'm not the ego.. Who thinks it's doing stuff. I'm not the body or mind. Or the world. The body is seen as the world.. Not me. A complete understanding has occurred that I'm pure present. At the center. What's surrounding the center is none of my business. The body mind and the world. It will unfold naturally as it's always done. But I as pure present nothingness is just a vessel for it. None of it is in my control. This point about control is very important.. Because it leads to the discovery that you are not who you think you are. You think you are separate entity. You are a specific thing. You think you are the doer. You're not. When thoughts arise.. You are not thinking them. When the body moves internally or externally.. You are not moving it. You have as much control over your body as you have over my body.. Zero. If you raise your hand.. You are not doing It. This is important because that means you are not the body.. And you are not the seperate self who is in control. So what are you?
  3. But there is indeed something wrong with him.. Doesn't he admit that or in denial about it?
  4. Maybe take him to a psychiatrist.
  5. I stopped smoking for few months now. But I still feel burning sensation in my chest (lungs) and heart area... Especially after eating spicy food. I'm not sure if its because of my smoking habit or what.
  6. The most thing that annoyed me about islam is that almost 60% of the Quran is talking about the hell fire wherein the unbelievers will be burned for eternity.
  7. I hope things are going well soon. I take antidepressants as well.
  8. Interesting. So both the waking state and the dream state are dreams?
  9. @puporing I'm Interested in understanding dreams metaphysically not psychologically.
  10. @Khan 0 what's your opinion on dreams?
  11. Silence is the highest teaching.. They say.
  12. @Khan 0 are you the old user james?
  13. Last night I had a dream that a lion was chasing after me. It was very vivid. More vivid than "real life". I made several threads in the past about this topic of dreams but I still don't understand how dreams work. How are they even possible. And life is not less weird than dreams.. That's mindwarping. When we die are we aware of being in the void? Then we all just born into the world as something and then we forget where we come from? I always wondered where we came from. It just seems so strange that all of sudden we're all just here. Almost like we all just spawned out of nowhere. We all are just born from nowhere and then we live 80 years and then dissapear. It's so mysterious