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  1. The ego is the sense of being a separate self. It's basically your sense of self +your conditioning. It can't be pointed at.
  2. Well...I know there are thoughts in my mind. One thought says "ooooh thats sum good lookin cookie" and then another thought says " has so many calories don't do it" Then another thought says "just one!!! its no big deal" etc... and then lets say I take the box of cookies and I throw them in the lake!!!! I decided with my free will to throw that box of cookies in the lake. But actually.. What happens is.... The thought that says - good cookie is in fact a result of previous experiences and substances in your brain that you have/had no control over.. That clashes with the thought that it has too many calories which you believe to be true from the bs you've gathered from medical and magazines area (no control over that either)... It's all programming..
  3. I think that our ego is kind of this shitpile we have gathered, so to speak. We have gathered enormous amounts of different garbage and glued it into ourselves, forming the ego. This ego makes us act in different ways to various situations, but the decision is not an expression of free will, it's just our shitpile - the ego - reacting to stuff in various ways. How to break free from years of programming?
  4. Letting go.
  5. Just a quick message for truth seekers on this forum... You should take back your authority. You are the main character in your life. You should not care why masters say God is love. I don't care what anyone says. Truth has to be mine. I can't borrow it from anyone else. Then it becomes a belief. Oh the bible said God is love and Leo also says God is love. Yes but who care? I'm not personally conscious of love.. Then It's not True for me. These are just words. And one word can't describe all states and variations. Truth is endless. Stop tryig to put it in a box. You can't. As Leo said "the elephant is infinity" its every possible perspective and POV that it can be looked at from. Six blind men came across a large elephant one day that was strolling through their village. Having never seen an elephant before. each of the six men placed their palms upon the elephant to help them experience what was in front of them. The first man argued that the elephant felt like a large pillar. as he touched the elephants leg. The second man argued that the elephant felt like a large tree... as he touched the elephants trunk. The next man argued that the elephant felt like a long rope. ... as he touched the elephants tail. The fourth man argued that the elephant felt like a huge wall. ... as he touched the belly of the elephant. The other man argued that the elephant felt like a big fan... as he touched the ear of the elephant. And the sixth man argued that the elephant felt like a long hard pipe... as he touched the tusk of the elephant. Each of the blind men believed that they were right. All of them continued to argue among themselves as each thought they knew what was in front of them. Until one man. who was watching the group from afar... called out to the blind men. “The elephant is a large animal“. THE MEANING OF THE STORY This one story has many layers of meaning to it! What you experience in life is a reflection of your own perception and perspective. Your mind creates your reality in the sense that you do not always see things as ‘they’ are. You instead see things as ‘You’ are. Your perception of what’s in front of you is determined by the information already within your head. Your ideas... beliefs.. concepts... knowledge and thoughts all influence what you see in front of you... and how you experience it. How you interpret and understand something.. or someone.. depends upon the thoughts and beliefs you have accepted to be true. This is true whether we’re talking about a person.. a thing.. spirituality.. God.. or of course a religion. In the exact same e way the blind men all felt they were touching something different.. yet they were all touching the same thing.. different cultures and religions see the meaning of this story differently. The same can be said of how the worlds religions see God. All of the worlds major religions believe in.. and worship.. the same thing. . However none of these religions agree upon the fine details of what God means. Each has different customs.. different practices.. different dogmas and different beliefs. Yet all the people of these religions are experiencing the same thing.. God. while arguing and dividing themselves from one another due to a difference of perception. There are many pathways that lead up a mountain. And every traveler on those many different paths see the same mountain from a different perspective. While each path looks different to them... they are all looking at the same mountain. This is true from a religious perspective. There are many roots to God and Enlightenment. If humanity took an inclusive approach to life.. rather than a divisive approach... we would all have a fuller picture as to how to get there quicker
  6. Thank you guys for the tips. Keep em going
  7. You will know soon. Why the rush?
  8. @OneHandClap what's the difference between "the present moment" and "the now"?
  9. Yes in fact even the now is unstable
  10. The past is imaginary. Memories are thoughts occurring now. All you have is the now.
  11. Anxiety and panic attacks are kicking in once again.. I'm tired of this shit
  12. I guess when we think of a dream we assume that there is nothing behind the scenes.. It's just a hallucination... But with the waking reality we assume that there is stuff behind the scenes like atoms and molecules and that grounds our sense of reality.
  13. I got it. So basically you are sure of qualia..but you don't know the mechanics that generates it?