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  1. Think about it ..what is the location or position of existence? Where is it existing? Like we exist inside the universe, right ? Then where does the universe exist ? Let's imagine that the universe exists in some sort of container that is bigger than it ...OK fine ..but that is just pushing the problem back one level ..because we have to ask where does that container exist ? And immediately you should see that we are facing the "turtles all the way up " situation here. Existence has no beginning or end . And therefore it exists quite literally nowhere. But that's the macro level that I just explained..let's consider the micro level . What do you think is the building blocks of existence? You might say atoms . But of course you have to ask what are the atoms made out of ? And again you are just pushing the problem down one level and we are facing a "turtles all the way down "again . We can do the same thing with Time as well . And my point is that existence being infinite in all directions and dimensions is something that will shatter your mind's ability to comprehend. Think about the ramifications of that . Post em in the comments below !
  2. Can you help me get my hands on some ?
  3. I was texting my girlfriend and she is a nerd freak just like me(although she knows nothing about nonduality)and we had a discussion about the existence of God. So I thought I would share it..because I made a really good points lol. she asked me : Her: do you think god exists? Me : of course. Her: what is your proof? Me:existence! Her: how so? Existence could be a product of chance or maybe there is multiple universes or maybe we are inside a simulation... Why does it have to be God? Me: existence is a proof of existence. God is existence actual existence. Her: I don't understand.. Which god are you talking about? Me :there can only be one God because there can only be one infinity. Her: that's true but which God is the real one? The Christian God or the hindu God etc? Me : none of them. Her: how so? Which one is it then? Have you seen him? Me : of course no. No one can and no one will. How can you see something that has no beginning and no end? Her: hmm.. But then .. What makes you sure that God exists? ..isn't it better to be agnostic? .. Maybe there is no God after all.. Me : lol. There is no way. If you are fully aware of this present moment you will know it's impossible that God doesn't exist. Her: what does that have to do with God? Me: because God is not separated from creation.. God's fingerprints are present in every moment of creation. If you can see it you can see him. Her: you just said that you can't see him.. Me :yes because God is infinite.. There is no place for both YOU and HIM to be .. He take all the place.. If he is to be present.. You have to leave first. Her: leave? Me : to die basically. To disappear. That's the only way to see God directly and to know for certain that he is real. That he is the reality itself. Her: so are you saying that God is existence.? Like the pantheism of eastern religions? Or is God a separate being who created the world and is no longer in contact with it? Me : the infinite can't be separated from anything. Yet at the same time it is always free and not limited to only include a certain finite worlds. So God is precisely this present moment that you are experiencing right now and yet he is none of that stuff and completely beyond it and beyond anything you can even imagine!, Her: that's weird lol Me : exactly. God is a weird motherfucker. Why do you think humans struggle so much with understanding God? In fact he cannot be understood. That's what makes God God. You can understand anything except God. Investigate reality as deep as you can.. And once you hit a point where your mind collapses and your logic give up.. You've reached God.. You've reached to nowhere and everywhere.
  4. @Leo Gura Who is the 'right' online Guru for you, the most ‘reliable’ to guide you home on your 'spiritual path?' For me.. No one. Or, it doesn't matter. Do you choose your Guru, does the guru choose you, or does Life choose both? There is no Guru, no "you," and no 'spiritual path.' Just Life, unfolding. And "you" are already Home. Probably sounds like Nahm's neo advaita? Could be but I'd rather be told that god is the most near and intimate thing to me. Not that I have to hallucinate 150 times to just get an idea of what God actually is. Also btw you said you gonna tone down the arrogant vibe
  5. @OBEler thanks buddy 😊
  6. Who says so ? Evolution never happened. The entire past and history of the universe is imaginary. God doesn't need to go through a process of steps of can pull anything out of its ass like magic hat . Evolution requires time . Time itself is something you are imagining. You don't need to believe me (I'm talking seriously now ) can test what I'm saying against direct experience.
  7. I agree. A finite mind cannot comprehend the infinite. But I don't have any method to expand my mind other than meditation and listening to your videos. You know why? Because I was born in a shitty country that makes it impossible for me to get my hands on some 5 meo. Also I was raised by hindu family and I got brainwashed certain things about what God is. Its nothing in mine and I am just fine with that. God is just result of your society passing on old beliefs. If you were lost in the woods as child and raised by animals would you ever hear about any god? No. Your belief comes not from the facts, god himself or herself but from society you were raised in. You see, if you were raised in Iran you would be Muslim, or in India. you would be Hindu or China.. Buddhism or USA.. Christian…etc.
  8. Then what follows 🤔? And what's wrong with that ? infinity is inevitable. It's not like my ego has control over God's ultimate existential plan.
  9. Is God everything? Is God everything, everywhere and everyone? You use Truth and God interchangeably. So If God is not a temporary experience but all experience then what exactly follows from that if not that everything is awake? Since God resides in everything and in everyone and controls everything and everyone, He is everything. Let me refer to an ancient Sanskrit texts of Vedas : dṛṣṭaṁ śrutaṁ bhūta-bhavad-bhaviṣyat sthāsnuś cariṣṇur mahad alpakaṁ ca vinācyutād vastu tarāṁ na vācyaṁ sa eva sarvaṁ paramātma-bhūtaḥ ‘’Nothing can be said to exist independent of the Lord. nothing heard or seen, nothing in the past, present or future, nothing moving or unmoving, great or small. He indeed is everything, for He is the Supreme Soul.’’
  10. That's actually against you. Because if God is all moments.. Then everyone and everything is awake. It's only when you restrict God to a temporary experience you get stuff like this right here is awake but that over there is not.
  11. depends on your idea of God I guess. In Hinduism…in particular Advaita Vedanta…they say that Brahman (i.e. God) is all there is. So it is God awakening from the dream of being a persona and realizing that God is all there is. You are already God now…even though you think you are person. You say God is existence, God is love, these words are synonyms. I think It is nothing more than a symbolism for your own infinite love to yourself as a living being. BUT.. as long as you feel like there’s you and there’s God, you are not awake. So by this criteria no one is awake right now on this forum including YOU. Unless you're tripping balls right now.. In which case you could not have this human conversation.
  12. @SQAAD you can transcend the duality of good vs bad to realize Absolute Good. Also, you could transcend the duality of love vs aversion to realize Absolute Love. Not that I have done it myself, but that's what Leo is about.