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  1. @rajputaman04 hey isn't that my reply question to Leo? You copy paste it word by word? Wtf?
  2. Sorry not sure what you mean that dreams are thoughts.
  3. It doesn't exist for you if you define existence as what you are directly conscious of right now. (I don't see why would you define it that way. You definitely don't act from this perspective.) Yet it exists for itself and for other conscious beings. So open up that possibility. It cannot be said for certain that's for sure. The best thing is to remain agnostic about such questions and adopt a pragmatic answer. Otherwise you will lose it in solipsism which is another word for madness.
  4. As far as language that assumes an "other." I think it's ridiculous to police ourselves to such a degree that we avoid any reference to "individual other." I think you are limiting yourself to a great degree. I mean if you want to get down to it.. simply responding and writing responses on a forum equally assumes that there is an "individual other" as much as any other post even if you are careful about how you write. That being said.. I am not making that criticism of anyone or illusion of ego... I'm only pointing out the hypocrisy of even bringing up that criticism in the first place when you are on a forum interacting. I'm NOT interested in having this conversation about language and the implicit assumptions held within the normal way we communicate. . I think this is definitely not what I created this thread it is off topic. if you have something regarding dreams and whatnot go ahead. Otherwise have a nice one.
  5. Have you been skeptical about your own skepticism? It goes full circle and eats itself up. It won't change that you are you and not your mom. Apparently at least as experienced. You can imagine yourself to be a table.. But if someone comes and cuts the table into halfs you won't be affected at all..if someone come and cuts the Gesundheit avatar into halfs.. The real you will freak the fuck out.
  6. Enjoy.
  7. How do you know? Just nonsense. You clearly define yourself as the physical body. You don't go around confusing yourself with your mom don't you?
  8. Welllllll whatever..... Life is life. Dreams are dreams. Tomato is tomatoes. To say life is a dream like saying tomatoes are actually potatoes. They are of the same origin but apparently they aren't. Get that? Cool. Now that doesn't really say anything about anything
  9. Well honestly I'm completely comfortable to say that I know absolutely nothing about Jack shit. But let's not get too ahead of ourselves. Careful with assuming what's true before getting to it.
  10. @Sempiternity Well life is certainly not a dream nor anything you think it is. It just is. Leo's right tho.. You can't draw a firm boundaries between dreams and life.. And that's part of the solipsist confusion that I have.. Is how do you know that your whole life is not one giant ass dream and that you are literally hallucinating the entire fucking universe?.... This doesn't seem answerable to me. It's a tricky fucking devil . So I kinda gave up on that question and resided back to actuality + not knowing.
  11. Why tho? I mean since it exists there has to be a context for its existence. Maybe "why" is meaningless. Ultimately there is no how or why for things and I recently became conscious that reality is just there the way it is minus all explanations. Because there is nothing outside of reality to be the "why". The why is itself. Yet still stuff can be explained relatively. There might be no absolute why but there are plenty of relative whys. Brilliant analogy. Thank you
  12. Isn't there a fundamental difference between the waking reality and dreams? The latter is objective and independently there while dreams are just Your subjective imagination? I mean they do feel the same superficially but don't you believe that the waking world is what's actually "real"? Yeah I guess it's related to the question of how to define anything at all or how does anything exist at all. And that's a correct description. Yes dreams fit the four points. Yet waking reality doesn't fit number 3.
  13. Yeah. It doesn't get any better does it? Lol
  14. Lol you are saying the dream is physically located in the neurons? And how do you see it? The eyes are not located there? And where do you find this change of size..from outside perspective you are just laying in your bed. From objective pov the dream doesn't even happen. It's a hallucination. But unlike with taking psychedelics you see hallucinations in your visual fields merged with physical reality.. But in the case of dreams.. The entire physical world gets erased and you find yourself inside the hallucination like a hologram.