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  1. Let's assume that there is an actual event called enlightenment that a someone can do a something to attain.. And let's assume that you are a someone to begin with and I'm also a someone.. And let's assume that you are a enlightened someone and I am an unenlightened someone...... Well that's already too much assumptions that we need to question first before wasting time on meaningless questions that are based on faulty assumptions.
  2. Thanks to everyone for the helpful advice. Truly appreciate it. It's hard to respond to all of that tho and also I'm not interested in arguing here lol. Just keep posting helpful stuff .
  3. What if what I truly want is the thing that I'm addicted to?
  4. Thanks bro. I can resonate with the anger thing and the being aware of how it makes you feel and how you are running aware frok confronting emotions.
  5. Yes it comes and goes. What can help when one is being stuck at it when it comes?
  6. I don't know. Maybe because the something that I want just happens to be unhealthy?. Well happiness and fulfillment.
  7. Intersting. How do I know that I want to quit smoking?? Well I honestly don't want to.. More like I need to because of the health consequences. How to reconcile that?
  8. Accepting the addiction and just keep indulging in it? Hmm sounds so effective in quitting lol.
  9. Whether it's drugs.. Food.. Smoking.. Video games or anything else.. What's the one key point that one should understand and apply to quit addiction? Ofcourse by one point won't be enough.. Quitting addiction is a complicated process and takes multiple steps.. Time and effort etc. But I'm not interested in detailed discussion here. If you can summarize it all in just one key piece of insight to quit any addiction.. What would it be?
  10. @Tobia what is the biggest thing you can gain? Notice how petty that is. What is the biggest thing you can lose? Notice how petty that is.
  11. Well my awakening is incomplete then lol.
  12. Well I didn't say love.. The love thing is tricky and don't even get me started on this one lol. You said the" heart " as an opposite to the mind.. I'm not sure what are you talking about?. I know pure awareness and the intellectual mind.
  13. @ivankiss lol wtf. Srs tho.. What heart are you talking about? Just What kind of Maya levels are you falling into lol ?
  14. Maya level. I don't buy your emotional poetic wisdom nuggets. And your guitar doesn't do it either. I'm not a naive high-school girl lol. Jk lol ❤️
  15. Paradox is essential. Thingness itself is a paradox. Because it's absolutely impossible for something to exist yet here it is. In Buddhism they talk about emptiness "sunyata". It doesn't mean nothingness or what you think of the concept of zero. But basically the lack of any substantial existence to all of phenomenon. Always changing. Insubstantial yet appears as if it's so solid and real. Tempting you to grasp at it.. Only to realize there is nothing there to grasp.. Yet it reappears again and you are decieved again like a fool.. Sweet cycle lol.