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  1. @allislove were you asking about separation between humans and animals?
  2. @mandyjw wave or particle? Observer? What does that to do with OP?
  3. None of your business.
  5. In the context of humans.. t's not something you gain.... it's a falling away of who you thought you were and the realization of true self. Which by the way feels like nothing and everything at the same time kind of hard to explain. Judgment becomes pointless because you know they are just conditioned thought patterns. You look at things as they are. The saying "it is what it is" Rings true with enlightenment. To me Enlightenment is simply the Truth realized in all aspects of existence. It's not necessarily that your ego dissolves or goes anywhere can just choose not to listen to it.. Etc all That is present to some extent naturally in animals.
  6. They are not unenlightened =they are enlightened. Was not asking can they "become" enlightened.. But it's their natural state
  7. Would you say they are not capable of thinking outside of the realm of their survival. And that's pretty much a huge facet of being awake.. Is not concerning oneself with too much overthinking in the future and the past and what's outside one's direct experience. They are just in touch with direct experience. I don't believe enlightenment is a matter of intelligence. They suffer less psychological suffering.. They have more peace and surrender to the present moment.. They have less mental anguish.. Etc all these are enlightened characteristics.. They don't necessarily need to be earned. They are just born with it. I would say they are more in tune and touch with their own being then us humans and live less in concepts and more in the real world. That makes them more naturally "enlightened" than us.
  8. We are also ignorant but we struggle due to the illusion of knowing that comes as we grow up.. However animals don't have that inner struggle against their ignorance. They seem completely at peace with their ignorance.
  9. Considering their child-like innocent state.. They live completely and comfortably in the present moment and they act according to their instincts directly without much conceptual bullshit and belief systems etc. They seem to not indulge in unnecessary thinking about the past and the future. Cats for example are so zen if you ever saw one.
  10. @Reciprocality Philosophy tries to study and understand the fundamental nature of two things: the existence of man.. and the relationship between man and existence. It also has many branches: metaphysics.. logic.. politics, epistemology.. ethics.. anesthetics.. and specific philosophy in fields like philosophy of language.. history.. the mind.. and religion. among others. The comparison is with science here.. Philosophy and science are two studies and domains. Philosophy came first and became the basis for science.. formerly known as natural philosophy. Both studies have many branches or fields of study and make use reasoning.. questioning, and analysis. The main difference is in the way they work and treat knowledge. ... Science is concerned with natural phenomena.. while philosophy attempts to understand the nature of man existence, and the relationship that exists between the two concepts. Another common element between the two studies is that they both try to explain situations and find answers. Philosophy does this by using logical argumentation.. while science utilizes empirical data. Philosophy’s explanations are grounded in arguments of principles.. while science tries to explain based on experiment results.. observable facts.. and objective evidence. Aka direct experience. That's why science is stronger epistemologically. .Science is used for instances that require empirical validation.. while philosophy is used for situations where measurements and observations cannot be applied. Science also takes answers and proves them as objectively right or wrong. .Subjective and objective questions are involved in philosophy.. while only some objective questions can be related in science. Aside from finding answers.. philosophy also involves generating questions. Meanwhile.. science is only concerned with the latter. Philosophy creates knowledge through thinking science does the same by observing.
  11. Lol. You miss the point. Let's be clear there is no difference phenomenologically. Both dream and reality ARE reality. Isn't that obvious?..there might be differences In structures. Maybe the waking state is a more sophisticated Dream.. Yet still a dream relative to a higher order of reality you have yet to wake up to.
  12. You assume the difference without being able to see it. What counts as dream? How do you know that you are not dreaming right now? How many times have you thought you were in "reality" only to wake up from a dream? What makes you sure right now is any different? Maybe "reality" is just the next level of dreaming... Maybe there is no end to dream levels.