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  1. humans dream, the earth dreams, the sun dreams, the cosmos, and so on--- dreams within dreams, within the dream of dreaming.
  2. what is actually wrong in your life? List 5 things that are going wrong in your life. what is upsetting you? List some more. Do you live a hard life with a very stressful job? I'd like to hear about it. Or are you just bored?
  3. @VeganAwake what is your experience and opinion on vivid dreaming, lucid Dreaming, and mystical experiences like phychic hits and synchrocities?
  4. By the way, have you tried the audio reading of LOTR by tolkybooks? Includes music and sounds effects from the movies, and full characterisations of the cast.
  5. Isn't this what happens when you read the book? You literally have a dream that you are these characters. Thanks Tolkien!
  6. Would they have the newborn baby is the question. What drives procreation?
  7. @Aaron p that's an awesome discernment method!
  8. It the same as asking how are there levels of forgetfulness.
  9. God of what? Is God God of itself? Or is God God of a bunch of nonexistent entities? In either scenario, what God?
  10. @Rolo what's your fan theory? They're fun to hear.
  11. @Member ouch my head... did you catch all that?
  12. @Member everything implies no boundaries. If there are no boundaries, how do you count one? You can either say is ALL ONE or nothing, and still saying the same thing.
  13. lol... you'll notice the hotties don't worry too much about why they have that appearance.
  14. @DivineSoda its funny, we were asked to believe the exact same thing about our Christian God.
  15. The big bang was created when the big bong collapsed. Wait what? Big bang, big bong, ding dong. God is a ding dong.
  16. Its more like involution. It looks like evolution because of the flow of time for humans.
  17. Hi, so just wanting to connect with anyone who does not identify as a binary gender. I mean I don't even know what that really means, so please let's talk about it. Thanks!
  18. That was my biggest fear when I took LSA and weed... Thankfully did not happen!
  19. Here's a fun one. Welcome to 'your birth':
  20. Some listening music for this post : Humanity is dreaming. No one can clearly say when this dream began, and it's certainly not the only one happening, within THIS Divine DREAM of be-ing. Darwinian science tells us that the human dream probably began when the first humanoid species picked up their tools, and discovered creativity, ingenuity, and imagination. Homo-sapiens weren't even the first 'intelligent' species on this planet. Our current species stepped out of the ashes of several other intelligent ape species, who were somewhere between our current creativity level, and that of simple minded animal, who merely seem creative due to many highly creative and intelligent natural Instincts, which are laws of the greater dream all around us, a dream of Nature itself. The human dream is happening within, and simultaneously to Nature's dream. A dream within a dream. And yet, to be a dream within a dream, it means that the dream within, is both independent and wholly part of the dreamer. Therefore, the human dream is special and independent to nature's dream, and yet it is ALSO wholly a dream of Nature. Nature is dreaming of being human, who is dreaming of many incredible things. Likely, nature collapses into its dreamer, which may or may not be a dream of a higher dreamer, perhaps in a world of its own. It truly doesn't matter, since the ultimate collapse is that this is a dream of God itself. Not some other being, but ALL of it, simultaneously in one open - ended continuum. Although nothing can be truly open ended as it will fold back in upon itself. The human dream has brought us to many different places, and yet, we really haven't moved at all, especially in relation to the massive size of the solar system, much less our galaxy. We move around 'earth' like little ants. Intelligent ones, where everything is a big deal to us and we create our own suffering. This suffering sparks incredible art, though, which is one of the pinnacles of this human dream. This dream teaches us many things. About who we are. What we do. It is self-analyzing, and self - correcting. Pain and suffering is an excellent tool for auto-correction. We tend to call it growth. Pain is part of Nature's dream, yet is inhereted and implemented in our human dream with outstanding results. Some humans have even discovered a way to dream away pain, by exerting their will and mind power. The dream teaches us growth. Expansion. Contraction. This is a fundamental and universal law of the Natural dream, which the human dream has inherited. It manifests both physically, mentally, and spiritually. It uses pain and rewards (contraction>expansion) to great success. The world is dreaming of being human. Humans are dreaming, and most of them don't understand this, because it's never been pointed out to them. When it's laid out, it makes sense. Our dream shapes our world, and impacts the layers of dream which are dreaming us. Our dream seems to be taking a personality of its own. It's learning. (Egyptians, Greeks, Americans, etc. ) Growing. (war, and peace) Fucking up. (remember the inquisition, or nazis, anyone?) Redeeming. (still working on that 😏 yet can be seen everyday.) It seems to love its technology and is excited for what it's creation of technology may bring. It wants to reach out and study other planets. Many of our current technologies are things that we dreamed up in the early to mid 1900's. There was a period where it was mere fantasy to think one could wear a Dick Tracy watch and would function as both a communication device and video screen. Now you can get one for a few hundred bucks on eBay. 3-d holograms are now becoming a reality... From : "Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, a dystopian novel published in 1931, features a mood-altering pill called Soma that acts as an antidepressant hallucinogen. Two decades after Brave New World came out, scientists began researching antidepressants. Almost everyone in Brave New World took Soma, which erased feelings of unhappiness. In the real world, the first link between depression and chemicals in the brain was established during 1951" And here's another interesting one : " The first use of the term "credit card" goes back to Edward Bellamy's 1887 novel, Looking Backward. The use of credit cards in the US originated in the 1920s. In Looking Backward, the main character falls asleep in 1887 and wakes up 113 years later to learn that his home has turned into a socialist utopia. At the time, imagining that someone could just swipe their card to pay for an item and get a receipt for the transaction was considered science fiction. But Bellamy got a lot of things right, even predicting that it would be easy to use one's credit card in another country. The first universal credit card – one that could be used at a wide range of places – became available in 1950, and it took several more years before credit cards became an integral part of American society." And another good one : " . In the 1953 novel Fahrenheit 451, author Ray Bradbury wrote about "seashells" and "thimble radios" that resemble earbuds and headsets with bluetooth capability. Millions of Americans today listen to songs and take phone calls with Apple's wireless AirPods. Bradbury described the Seashells as capable of producing "an electronic ocean of sound, of music and talk and music and talk, coming in on the shore of [your] unsleeping mind," according to The New York Times. Fahrenheit 451 made references to other innovations that have since become common. For example, the novel described people communicating with friends through a digital wall, which bears some similarity to the sharing of messages on platforms like Facebook." Humans are dreaming. This is a simple fact that is often overlooked, as we tend to focus so much on our daily personal lives which are intense and take much or all of our focus. This is why we need to take time to think about things outside of our personal lives. The bigger picture, so to speak. If we are indeed nature, and nature is dreaming us, why do we work against it so much? I weep for the day when we finally cut down the last free forest. It's horrible. We throw millions of pounds of plastic away, without a second thought. Recycling should not be a choice, it should be mandatory. We can work together to make that happen, but we don't. It's easier to ignore it. To hide it under the rug. But in our ignorance, we destroy our beautiful world. In a way, you could say that nature (in this case, earth) is destroying itself, but why? Does it not love itself? Does it truly wish to be reborn on another planet, through human colonization, and destroy the mother body through self Annihilation? If predictive trends of science fiction can be considered, then it's definitely possible. Especially if it is encoded in our collective consciousness as humans, through the generations who are growing up with these science fictions. Our human dream makes these predictions a reality, sometimes completely under our noses. If we love the earth, it must love itself. But there's not enough of us who are fully aware, and not enough overall awareness of what we are doing to ourselves, both as humans and as the earth itself. Never forget : humans and earth are one. We walk among it but our cells are 100% made of Earth, and will return in a never ending (?) cycle of rebirth. But if we destroy earth's nature, what will our cells regenerate from? This dream is long, horrible, amazing, bleak, exciting, predictable and unpredictable. If we wished to end it, we could. We have the technology to do so. But we don't have to be so miserable to end it. It could go on indefinitely. What if we just found a way to enjoy it? To savor it? To grow as a species, and perhaps one day we won't even call ourselves homo-sapiens anymore. Aren't we excited to find out? Sweet dreams everyone, and Merry Christmas!
  21. @Galyna are you one of the ones realizing they have no inner monologue? Mine is rampant, and now that I'm writing fiction again, I'm constantly finding myself narrating boring events of my life like driving to work "I pulled out of the driveway, not exactly certain if the oven was turned off, but oh well. Let it burn. " That kind of stuff, its driving me crazy! (my example was joking)
  22. At my salon, there have been people being so ignorant of why we have extra step procedures for protection right now. What they aren't understanding is that we were closed for thirty days! Unheard of! And when you are finally open again, you'll do anything you can or must to stay open! Likewise, we are open in childhood, then we close up for so long we forget what being open felt like. So when we open again, we'll do whatever we can or must to stay open! Of course sometimes these manifest in unhealthy ways like drugs or other vices. Then there's a whole road to recovery and to stabilize. It's the process. It's the involution of alpha.
  23. the story is self generating and self perpetuating. Look at dream stories. It seems like you can't find the source, because its equivalent to a hand shaking itself.