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  1. There's always talk on here about Leo's 'followers' just parroting everything he says, and blah blah blah. Even if this is true, surely you realize that this is a normal evolution of things. Hell, we evolved as a species because of our incredible ability to parrot everything we see. This is going to happen on this forum and there's no way of stopping it. But blaming certain figures in authority here is completely unbased and a disservice to yourself. Take the teachings and apply them. Don't worry about who's right or wrong, just follow your intuition. The parrots on here will be fine. Their intuition will work things out for themselves as well. I do feel you on the elitism. I don't think it's intentional, and is probably mostly (or completely) illusionary seeing that the only one hurt is the ego who wasnt given the attention it thinks it deserves.
  2. Break all three of those words apart and define each one.
  3. the short (or possibly long) answer is- it depends on who you are talking to. That being said, individuality is so goddamn effing amazing.
  4. If crystals can hold memory, I see no reason why water couldn't. Well... unless it just can't.
  5. Lesson Four: In this lesson, you will begin to transition into moving images. After you feel confident in seeing the dancing flame, you will have an introduction to image manipulation. By combining visual memory with raw imagination, this lesson will teach you to go beyond what you remember seeing, and into a realm of infinite possibilities. This is where the true magic begins! Please follow the instructions provided within the video, and enjoy!
  6. I have just finished a guided exercise for learning to visualize. This is a very useful skill for lucid dreaming, self help, manifestation, or for anything in life, really. One of the tricks to learning to visualize, is to understand where the images are projected in our minds. There is a misconception that we should see these images on the back of our eyelids, in full color and high definition- as if viewing the images in "real life". This is so wrong, and can lead to many people giving up, thinking that they will never be able to achieve this. This is actually a technique called projection, and is a much more advanced form of visualization. The images just happen to be projected onto the back of the eyelids, but the source of the images are from somewhere deeper. In this lesson, we will learn to access the source of the images. The secret is, you already know how to do this! You have been doing it all your life. In fact, you have been doing it for so long, and are so good at it, that you no longer realize you are doing it. It's called memory visualization. When you are remembering something visual, you see a flash of this visual somewhere in your mind. Try it now: what were you doing 20 seconds ago? To answer this, you most likely visually thought back about 20 seconds, and "saw" what you were doing, in order to report back. This area, although nearly impossible to pinpoint, is the source of your visualization images. Much later we can learn to project the images onto the back of our eyelids, or onto reality. Please follow the instructions provided inside the video, and enjoy!
  7. @AwakenedSoul444 I have I-doser lol. Any visuals that people report from these are most likely hypnagogic hallucinations. These are quite normal to get during meditation or when using brain entrainment (i-doser). The DMT session will not open your mind like the real thing. It's made to simulate certain things you might feel during a DMT session. I bet it would be helpful for someone to relive a recent DMT session by feeling similar things. If you are getting mystical experiences with these sessions, its because your mind is open to the idea. So if it works, keep on!
  8. I find this all very interesting. Would be awesome if there was some sort of compiled list of practices to naturally enhance your body's chemical production. Kind of sounds like alchemy.
  9. (hint : it's really easy. Because technically everything you do or don't do is an exploration of consciousness.... So if you enjoy a hobby, say... Gardening, or video games, tell us what you like to do and how this exploration of consciousness affects your life. Does seeing these hobbies as an exploration of consciousness make you think about things differently?
  10. EVERY exploration of consciousness is a noble and worthy act. Including the ones who are partially deluded and believe that they are interacting with a spirit or a demon. Or even ones who are stuck in a strict materialist paradigm, but continue to explore consciousness as a curiosity. Humanity has pulled away from exploration of consciousness , ironically at a time when we need it most. The majority of people don't even care about what they can do with their imagination , or about their dreams, or about seeing what's right in front of their face. Because it's easier to live in ignorance, and to distract themselves with the highly emotional roller coaster that is unconscious life. The punchline is that you ARE consciousness. Mirrored in infinite ways. You cannot be unconscious to YOURSELF. you are only being Yourself, as one of the infinite refractions has dictated the story to be. So why do we shy away from exploring OURSELVES? Trust me, it's pretty awesome. There are many ways to start. The simplest way is through self development, where you learn to observe and grow. Just the mere observation of consciousness is an exploration of consciousness. Another method is through visualization. Whether it's reliving a memory, seeing and feeling as much as you can- to letting your raw imagination take over and show you things, there are methods to achieve this. Then there's psychedelics. These are well known ways to explore consciousness from the waking state. I don't have much experience with psychedelics, besides Marijuana and LSA. Next, is dream work. This starts simply as becoming more aware of your dreams, recording them, and continuing your self development through the symbols and patterns you find throughout your dreams. Now comes the fun part πŸ˜€. The more you become aware of your dreams, the more you begin to awake in them. This is called lucid dreaming. This itself has several levels of mastery and there's many practices that work for different brain-types. But it is also your window into infinite creation. The powers of God are at your fingertips, and you can create and destroy whole worlds. Probably universes. And yet there's several levels of mastery to this as well. The dream does not spoil you right away and give you full control. Many times you are denied your wishes and intentions. But this only takes practice, and there is nothing which you cannot imagine. Lucid dreamers are called oneironauts. Fashioned after 'astronaut', oneironaut means an explorer of dreams, or consciousness. Pretty cool, huh? Let's be oneironauts together! What are others ways you can think of to explore Consciousness?( besides the obvious 'just go live life' πŸ˜‹)
  11. @Virtually I'm glad you liked itπŸ˜€. Could you share what practices you do to explore consciousness?
  12. The other night, I got lucid. I didn't know what to do because I'm getting used to this, so I just walked around and saw what was happening around me. At one point I'm leaving a room full of people, and I turn around and ask a girl what it's like to be her, and me at the same time... And how it's possible... She just got really annoyed and was like 'how do you not know this already?' or something...
  13. Open your minds, dear children, brethren, and friends. For there is nothing(,) which you cannot imagine.
  14. It doesn't change what's true, but they can live in such a grand delusion for an entire lifetime
  15. Sure, people do it all the time and delude themselves.
  16. *there is nothing... Won't let me edit lol (nevermindπŸ˜‹)
  17. hey what happened to the butterfly?? but yes, infinite creation from all sides
  18. I disagree. I think you make a very important point about attachment, but I don't believe dreaming about you is proof of that. I mean, I'm not sure why it was important to make a thread about, but still... I had a dream once that you opened up a retail store in the mall, and I was searching frantically for it because I wanted to meet you. Not because I idolize you, but because you and your website played an important role in my development, and I would love to just have a conversation with you. However I think you would grow bored very quickly HAHA
  19. Haha funny to see yall's synchronicity cycles synching up πŸ˜‚
  20. @Dumuzzi I follow what you are saying, but I'm not sure if anyone can ever explain to me who or what gets reincarnated, and what it means to break that, as opposed to living out several more lifetimes. I don't remember other lifetimes anyway , unless you count the thousands I have in my dreams at night. Who is bound to the material world? Can @seeking_brilliance escape that, while @mandyjw remains? What's the difference? Who is tied down here? surely not absolute self, so who? @seeking_brilliance will die one day anyway, so what's it to him if he is reborn or not? He won't remember anyway. Or is this story about reincarnation just a fun theory to give us something to do? haha I'm just being obstinate this morning. It'll pass.
  21. But what happens after the individuated self breaks this cycle? What's the point? Is the memory bank saved and uploaded to some sort of cloud, where we (the individuated self) live in "heaven" for eternity, as opposed to those who are still in "hell", working on breaking the cycle? Or only merge with ONE, because if that's the case we are already there...
  22. But who is breaking the cycle of rebirth? Me? Mandy? Absolute self? who??? lol
  23. If you play into the story, then yes, it is exclusive and impossible for every human to be enlightened, at least in one lifetime. (that's another thing you have to consider, if you like the story of reincarnation, is that you are trying to have everyone saved in one lifetime). But if you step outside of the apparent story which has been playing out for millenia, there is no one to be enlightened, there are no one suffering, all is perfect and at peace. Also, don't forget that many of the unconscious stories playing out are catalysts for your own awakening. Everyone has their part in this Play. Many identify with the roles and feel suffering.
  24. Are you ever amazed? Weren't you created to be God's interface with the world? If you are amazed, then God is amazed. God also experiences millions of other reactions throughout LIFE, so amazement is only one of many. In fact, I'm so amazed that everything since the "beginning" of creation has clicked so perfectly together, that like from nowhere, this question pops on the computer screen. There you go, I'm amazed.
  25. Just released a new video- Guided Dream Incubation: Emotional Healing. From Wikipedia: Dream incubation is a practiced technique of learning to "plant a seed" in the mind, in order for a specific dream topic to occur, either for recreation or to attempt to solve a problem. For example, a person might go to bed repeating to themselves that they will dream about a presentation they have coming up, or a vacation they recently took. While somewhat similar to lucid dreaming, dream incubation is simply focusing attention on a specific issue when going to sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this video, we will plant the seed of having a dream which brings you emotional healing. Please listen to the entire video at least once to sufficiently plant the seed. Then, it will be up to you to nurture and water this seed, by repeating the last exercise of the video as often as it takes until the dream is achieved. I recommend using the guided relaxation at the beginning of the video before moving on to the exercise, as it will greatly increase your chances to put yourself into a suggestive state, first. During the day, you may use the main exercise as affirmations, and a chance to form a powerful phrase to use as your mantra. Please follow the instructions provided within the video, and enjoy! ~Sweet dreams~