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  1. You have no idea what you're talking. Did you take it? No. I'm not trying to defend the next purchase of Leo will get but you're just harming yourself at that point there. Unless you took it and bring it to your experience and conclude that It's not an answer, it's a blackbox for you. Don't just blindly assume and create facts. This might be a good thing that you've said those words because It has give me very much information to point out to the fact that this might be your struggle. You don't create experiences. You don't, do things, to put it in another perspective, you don't take action as I see within what you've just said. I am not your enemy I want to help you with this. But see your enemy as I show you that. Hope this helps any.
  2. It's your welcome, enjoy beautiful statements
  3. @Wiijuu The user must have observed in order to conclude the following: There isn't an independent truth with the following observation(s): 1. There're concepts. 1.1 Dependency (one thing connecting to another having relation) 1.2 Truth so that you also created an opposition: Independency and told that there isn't an independent truth. In order you to tell this you should have an experience of there're all truths are dependenth so that you can conclude to there isn't single independent truth. Is this reasonably possible? For you to observe everything (that is everything depending) on within human/mind? Welcome to pigeonhole principle and the Hilbert's paradox of grand hotel.
  4. The fact that people in this forum usually will make the fun out of you with non-duality and no-self concepts. My response for you is you're close, you opened this thread yet wanted to come a little closer, something inside tells you to "look come closer come come" but this is a temporary and a good thing that you respond to it with "I'm tired" The fact that if you've been enlightened we were not able to talk about how you're close or not. This is the exciting thing to notice for. You're getting closer. Just remind yourself that "yes I'm here for the truth, please guide me truth" and stay grounded. Edit: Remember all the good and truth is on your side.
  5. By mentioning me I assume that you meant something about LP, my response to you is the same did you take the Leo's LP at all? seems like you're nt because you hadn't had conflicts like these
  6. Didn't read all but did you take LP? If not this might be the right time for you to take Leo's LP.
  7. @universe 1. Do stuff you like doing and get paid while doing so. Problem solved. Yes this is, you're, very right. No offense but this is not so easy as it sounds. I'm trying to figure this out nowadays. The rest of stuff you said is already lurking in my mind so thank you for those pointers also. .. @bejapuskas Can you explain more about blue perspective (is that a spiral stage? ) I hope you'll get the success you want
  8. @aurum 1. I would examine your relationship to money Thank you. 2.What do you believe about it? 2.1 Money is a unit that has property of having a chance to make a human being do whatever. This chance is directly proportional to the amount of money. 2.2 This property had been exploited to make human beings that we call slaves. In the modern society, slavery does still exists yet in an another form called banks/loans/mortgage etc. the same thing another way. 2.3 Then we could say that with intuition, with this property exploits a human's time on earth. Slaves offer their limited time on this earth for money. 2.4 Thus this is where I conclude to: I have many exciting things to do yet I don't want to spend my time thinking about my finance. 2.4.1 Thus I can twist and limit my needs/dependencies to others who uses the money-system. i.e If I don't need to depend on others, I can spend my limited-time on this earth to do things I want to do. 2.4.2 Having interests around discovering the nature of the world, seeing how universe laws work (e.g. physics, chemistry, the math as language etc) which is almost totally free from money/system (unless at some point you need to gather resources and materials iron/wood etc) which is OKAY/reasonably, that's where the trading kicks in (basically where it had been kicked in back in the history) I want to also point out that there's even a better approach that you might go and find your own resources. This is optional. This is challenging too also. Within this you don't depend on money/system. But I find and give a little exception here that this might consume a lot of my limited/time/on/earth so this rare case is the exception that I'm totally okay when it comes to money/system. 3. Do you believe making money is unconscious or not spiritual? I don't really think because there're a lot of paths. You can be spiritual and make the money your core gem. I don't really feel relating this question that much. I can be spiritual and make money. These two things sound so distinct to me. 4. Do you think it’s impossible for you to make money? Yes. I don't even have desires to even apply some law of attraction thing around money. It's like I have zero, even worst than zero desire to imagine/dream about getting money. 5. Did your parents fight about money growing up? Yes yet still we are having financial situations time to time. 6.What are your best and worst experiences around money? 6.1 Best experience is that I got this high/salary/engineering job within my 3rd world-they-call country. 6.2 Worst experience is that I had unpaid debts to banks and that they blocked my bank accounts and so on. I was unable to pay it for months if not half a year, 6.3 A childhood worst experience that I remember was that once when I was a child around 10. We went to my aunt's place at one summer. We stayed there for one or two weeks. My aunt and her husband are like super rich. Their place was far away from our home so that we first went there by bus. Before we arrive there my mom had a talk on phone with my aunt that we were going to stay there until they leave and they would drop us to our home (they had 3 or more houses so they were going to a home that was on our route so). I born with asthma and got it over after my teenage years. At their place my asthma went bad and we needed my medicines which was expensive and the nearest pharmacy was like far away. But my aunt's husband was going to his factory that he had owned and my aunt told him to buy the medicine that I needed. Anyways he did buy and returned with the medicine. My mom offered to pay for the medicine and he took it (there're complicated manners in our country but I'd say he'd reject it I don't really care that much tbh). Anyways we've left with very little money. Then there had some changes in returning to home plan. They told us some funny excuse to not drop us. As far as I remember my aunt told my mom that his husband had told her that after 2 passengers his car's wheels get somewhat weird and the level of car to ground drops so that they couldn't take us with them. Yeah who cares then, my mom went neurotic on me while returning to home with bus. We had to take transfers. At one point of transfer, we were out of money and my mom went with her all neuroticisty on me and then I started shouting and crying that I had asthma and that's all what happened. Fast forwarding then my dad took us where we had been stranded on and ofc they had argued about this event. All I remember (this happens still me being 25) that my dad always used to call my mom that she's mentally ill and psychopath or some sort of words around these. Ofc nowadays as they got old they got mature and things got ease than before. 7. It’s likely that you’ve got an unconscious story that’s stopping you from making money. See if you can bring awareness to what that story is. I will try to think about in the next couple of days. The story that I've already told you above might be just one beginning of many. I can't really remember another story at this time. 8. Also, I would challenege yourself to read something like The Millionaire Booklet by Grant Cardone. Notice when and where resistance pops up when reading that. That will give you clues. Thanks I will try that. Resistances give so much clue about what mind is struggling with.
  9. Whats up everybody. This have been stuck inside me for a looong time if not since childhood that I don't really want to do something just for the solely purposes of earning money. So that in my brain has developed a way to escape this with this reasonable approach : I have minimized my all needs / dependencies on other people (e.g. unnecessary foods, unnecessary technology etc) and I produce a lot of things on my own whatever i can (e.g. I plant and raise my own groceries and 3d prints parts that i need etc) Why I open this thread now? You may ask, yeah when life hits you hard and you need a lot money at the moment (i.e me) that you gotta kick your own ass and go towards making it. There's no other way for me right now (it wasn't since.) This besides, you may ask why did I stole your time? I think this might be a problem of mine. I see this as a problem. And I can't really figure this out guys. Why I can't be motivated towards making money. Or why I don't like the idea of having lot of money. Any help would greatly appreciated at this time of my life. Thanks.
  10. You 've already lost at this point, no need to proceed further.
  11. Whenever you create an opposition i.e ignorance is bliss, you're already been too much fucking up that there're too much work for you to do undo the harm that you've created. Be careful about that. The things is there's no return, there're no returning version of you or that way you put here, i.e a wanting to return back to normal life.
  12. Bullshit episode counters your all arguments and proves that you're nothing close to enlightenment yet. This thread exists. You do exists. Yet you like to tell the lie to yourself that you're enlightened with coming up some funny way to use the tool that's been used to enlighten people.
  13. Now you're gooone, I realized my loooove for you was strong and I miss you heere now you're gone