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  1. How can one's free will talk about free will if there's no free will even?
  2. equation is simple. _,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,_ your expectations = the reality (this is wat you want, expect or you want right hand side to be greater i.e) your expectations < the reality _,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,_ if neither of those cases happen to be true i.e your expectations > the reality (what happened) you get depressed and any sort of "bad" feeling. _,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,_ fitting this equation to your case is: your expectations from the therapist = outcomes must be what I had think of your expectations from the therapist < outcomes must be or greather than what I had think of _,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,_ if this was what happened, we wouldn't see you here in this thread but this is what happened: your expectations from the therapist > outcomes must be what I had think of _,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,_ so simply talking about it and presenting equations and analyzing what happened is not enough right? so we have to think about a solution to fix this problem. the fix is simple but also its hardness comes from its simplicity. 1) investigate what was your expectations. 2) investigate what had did not fulfill on outcome. so that fix the equation. _,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,__,.-'~'-.,_ Since the exact same thing happened me recently, I will do this simple exercise for you. 1) I wanted a cure, fix to myself of being depressed. I did not know why I have been feeling this way. 2) Outcome was neither I saw any fix nor my depression went away. So what was the problem there? you cannot modify what is already happened. i.e the outcome. so what's we have left with? fixing the equation on the left hand side. 1) I wanted a cure, fix to myself of being depressed you had to work on this. several points: a) Is this even true? i.e you are depressed? b) Is what you have expected reliable? from that therapist? c) Does this absolutely mean every therapist will give you the same output? d) Can you be depressed forever? etc etc.
  3. Drop any benefits you'd like to get from meditation and she'll focus more with ease. including you
  4. Hey @Leo Gura, was gonna post in Nootropics but I thought I would give a search try so thats why currently I'm writing here. Did you have any significant brain-boost from this method? If so, how reliable was that? And any other things you'd like to add? Like combining with some other Nootropic or smth like that? Thanks
  5. I feel terrible while reading this, guess who needs a kick start? KICK EGO HERE, KICK MY ASS <<<<<<<<<<< KICK ME What would be the effects of this becoming a drug addiction? What's modafinil is made of? Why modafinil works These are the questions I will be making research for.
  6. Life purpose is to understand the only thing matters in life is "you" and "being yourself". This is the purpose of the term when they say "life purpose"
  7. your problem is youre too serious. you should have said the opposite to the girl: I hope a huge dick black guy fucks you in the ass. then cover it with it was just a joke.
  8. it might be useful to watch the episode of the Leo talking about two soda cans (pepsi cola) explaining differences and similarities. If someone remembers that episode, It would be helpful if s/he shares the link
  9. thanks for your share. though i need more unusual ones. kind of wicca and satan stuff maybe
  10. before going to sleep, imagine scenarios in your mind for possible scenarios that you meet a girl to get in a relationship with. imagine even craziest thing you would call dream. do this for next 20 days every day
  11. this is not accepting yourself. study brain and ask questions such as why some foods taste better i.e fast foods and chips. why health foods taste shit. this is not a question to be ashamed to ask for. we cannot deny these facts.. start making research and hack your brain. this is surrendering yourself for worse. if you have such option why no surrender for better?
  12. Developer here if you have any questions.
  13. A big part of self-actualization is to free yourself. You still talk about jobs. When with the subject is ART, this plays more important role on your true freedom.