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  1. Within my experience, I solved this by after having a complete observation over me with a wide spread of years, that I have played my instrument a lot without any reason or a goal. Its like you swim for no reason for hours or do something for totally no purpose or outcome at all. But the trick is when you think about resolving this, your mind always fail to do. I would say, If you ever found yourself lost playing your instrument for hours, instead of playing games or something such, it is indeed a strong indicator. maybe the top one.
  2. Recently I've come up with a concept defined in mathematics, which is: vacuous truth: related (relation and empy relations): Was intensified to see definitions on empty sets, because what spirituality mostly defines emptiness state is very well related to that classical logic which was abandoned because of its absurdity
  3. Cut the social relations which does more harm than good to me (funny, lead to having end up no any) Which made me realize that I was a approval-seeking badly. I started gaining self-discipline. This was like more than fifth time of me, I was going back and forth in between about "Why is it all matter afterall" mindset when It comes to being disciplined. But this time, It naturally revealed itself to me that I have to be doing something to sort of, how may I say, make time pass. To make time pass, meaningful why not? It doesn't have to be 100% perfect meaningful, if not, 1% meaning would be seriously enough for me here. (this linked with a who cares what others tell, think attitude sort of, ) Plus I got a very good read, book about on the subject so hoping this will give me a better understanding along with this. The powerful phase: "The meaning of life was all about to come up to a point, where I've seen that there's no meaning in anything* but who I am (whatever put, you understand from that question, whether spiritually or self-actualizing manner) or how I dream, see, feel about this life. *: in order for one to talk about anything, it must be a human concept, so it was not about any human idea, thought, cult, religion or whatever you put as an human invention, creation. Almost all concept relies on human's thoughts. Very few rare exceptions are there, which I'd say the branch study of spirituality. But I think It really doesn't be true to take a single rare exception from there and magnify it until it becomes a religion, cult or some practice. That does not mean anything at all either. Thus that is what 100% people do when they get to that point and get there again after thousand of trial and error but unable to more forward. Because of EGO: Fear, identity. Imply that, this scripture I've come up above is from a person who had worked thousands of hours on self-development. One is to have go through its evolution on many levels of self-development
  4. This is life. All I can do is to hope and courage for you. Nobody but you can find the truth for yourself. This is the part of your everybody's journey.
  5. No problem, further additional points that might help is to think about which part is really you. In reality our body and cells actually dies and gets be born every second. They say that over a few years, actually your body almost completely changes. So where we can fit in this equation literally?
  6. i dont really buy into this statement. in fact i doubt about anyone if one does. not all celebraties or rich ppl commit suicide, in fact most of them live happily. Just because some of few does, doesnt imply money not provide happiness.
  7. By discovering who I am, because when I discover myself, It is the truth. If that's the truth, there should be no problems at that state. Also with plus, problems are illusion. Even without discovering oneself, one can verify that (if one knows how to do cognitive therapy work). Either way or another, problems are illusions. They stay as valid whenever one believes to have a personality who has problems.
  8. I recently asked the following questions to myself: (This thread was lucky to receive this information) Will I die? (yes) Can I die right now (yes) If death is in the future (yes), it means it is not in the now (true) Future is an illusion (true) So death might be an illusion (maybe) Did I born (yes) It was in the past (yes) So birth might be an illusion (maybe, or certainly not! I am born for sure) (asking again) Can I die right now (yes, there's a chance) Can I be born now (...) (three dots might give you some insight if you follow the questions accordingly, if not go over again, if not meditate for the questions yourself)
  9. Best thing is to stay in that. Right now your mind is asking all that "more". It will become more familiar what I'm talking about, when you marinade in the self.
  10. from the very beginning you define the X as an empty set thats why you can perform kindergarten mathematics you also assume in your mental logic is a two way directional operation, that's not how you prove things. A -> B is not A <-> B thus B -> A is never always true plus you assume you are operating on numerical sets. you cannot construct such logics as + - and transfer variables freely on sides equation symbol but we all know what you're trying to do here. you have none to do with math on this level. so stop acting like a genius.
  11. stop trying to avoid, then try to see what you have been trying to avoid even, then see they're thoughts. I think that as long as you don't step on ground with bare feet you don't short circuit if you touch a cable that has current. Right now you're stepping on ground with bare feet. Current goes through your mind and makes you feel depressed. Step back and try to identify those. Even watch them. Do not resist or don't try to avoid. I literally mean this. Let the depression go through you.
  12. hell please no not everything... at least not in this male body
  13. you went to wrong direction after line 2 experiencer is the experienced
  14. hahah my ass your ignorance level on mathematics made my day.
  15. week summary days been normal. pills make you like focused robot. the thing i had ovserved was that i become thoughtless. Is exactly like what you want to achieve during enliggtenment work. It is both good and bitter feeling. Nowadays I cannot find my desire any desire. No depression or the depression. I simply dont feel anything. Including i cannot find anything bad or worried about. This led me to reconsider my LP in general. Everything seems to be another mouse wheel. Neither I want nor I dont want to do anything. I will talk this to my psychiatrist and will see what he will tell.