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  1. If so, what you're describing is not enlightenment. If not some insight EDIT: Next steps for you to embrace the fact, even why do you consider this as fact? That's the real answer beyond your dual state
  2. This first, then the true freedom will emerge. As you've already laid out a lot as I see.
  3. who am i? = heard/seen who aam i? = heard/seen who am i = 100 / 7 who am i = (49+1 + 49+1) / 7 who am i = 49/7 + 49/7 + 1/7 + 1/7 no im not 49/7=7 thats simple... throw that away who am i = 1/7 who am i = 100/700 who am i = 100/7 * 1/100 no i am not 1/100 either thats 0.01 is known... who am i = 100/7 oh shit boi we're going in circles who am i = the fuck
  4. this is incredible. i gone through the every frame on the exact moment they started laughing. observed their face expressions. they go laugher literally in the same frame!! laughing buddhas
  6. Every goal is a distraction, even discovering who you are. UNIQUE BOSS HAS BEEN SPAWNED, LEVEL >9000
  7. Because I wanted, nothing is a subset feature of Self. Including the "something", and every "thing"
  9. I like this question. Actually I was all aware of that question before I post my comment. This is out of this thread's scope. That being said, you've said it yourself. Noone can define a "mind". Not only because the definition lacks, but an AI cannot fully operate as human, ONE FACT: is randomness is can't be defined mathematically. TRUE randomness does not exists. This words are not for only @Luckie but to all who claim they are mathematicians and bla bla bla so much in this thread, but take this. Define a randomness and now we can talk about a step further about AI becoming human.
  10. Man, come ON. Don't choose stupid words. I do understand what you mean. Yes It can do tremendous tasks. But BRAIN FUNCTIONS? Can he synthesize proteins? If so where does it happen? In code? Training ANN's are all about optimizing coefficients of gigantic high-order polynomial function with datasets.
  11. We're talking very shallow here. What is a mind? What if AI achieves a mind, and I turn out to be wrong, who's mind are we exactly talking about? What's our measurement here? What is a mind? When we would say that he has a mind? After what specified task? Under my definitions of a "HUMAN MIND", it cannot. It can mimic, but It cannot develop to a mind extends from consciousness.
  12. Implying, biological-machines for your all narrow-minded needs.