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  1. @Eric H Have you ever considered so seriously that you have one life to live as "ERIC" If you are certain about death, why are you concerned about securing your way to death? Why insecurities? Isn't it more logical to instead spend your time wisely and be "ERIC" in this life time? There will be never an "ERIC" to live once again
  2. So many things wrong here. Let me try to explain at best I can. In order to all these "prophecies" you told, to happen, you both(you as two illusion egos) have to come to agree the following things: - You both understood that there are no separation in between both of you plus the universe - Merge into a single consciousness - Then modify the reality For your cat example, when the above is fulfilled, you would transform into a cat form. When this happens only three witness this event. One being the whole consciousness, the two sub-category of whole > second being separated illusion(mikael) of and the third is the another separated illusion(conrad). The whole one = universe would witness but never record it. The past and future is not existing in the "One whole". We witness past and future via neuron cells. Those neuron cells sit in "now". "Now" is the "One whole" = Universe. Neuron cells always sit in this physical medium. They are changing every second to create your illusionary experience. So therefore everything only exists in now. One can able to master seeing every event happened in the universe. "One whole" recording system is different than neuron cells. It tracked by the differentiation of the material/physical realm. Neuron cells would be considered as an derivation of this method. When you turn into a cat, nobody would believe you. Because the knowledge is not present. This is to same of the following: Moving metals with electro magnetic fields. Imagine you would have the knowledge in 1000 years ago. People would not believe you. Because knowledge were not present at that time. Why do you believe it to be legit, the following video: Because we can explain it with science. I'd say this is magic and serpents if I have seen it 1000 years ago
  3. No this the point where most falls out. (> back to the limited form/ego) If one have remembered the all laws of the universe, not only you would move the feather but one would do all kinds of things. One can remember and master these laws in the body/mind complex. There exists laws in the universe to make that feather happen, exist. It is easy to alter and move that feather via becoming hyper-fully conscious of the form of feather and the feather. Then rest is to apply a few applicable laws of the universe to move it e.g. wind air or whatever movement is meant by the seeker Otherwise, God can turn you into a cat in an Instant if he wanted. God is omnipotent, there is nothing God cannot do. Your explanation implies that god is separate.
  4. This is probably the forth time I encounter that in this week. The problem is I avoid that because I couldn't find an answer to that. I am not really sure how would I bring any value to life?
  5. This is a good way to investigate this situation. I think that is why I have opened this thread. Now, lets we all agree that seller has to increase the price in order to cover up its business needs. Now where does it end? Where to draw the line? Double? Triple? or rather add up 10 dollars to whatever the label is? How would we say that it is worth what he's doing and the triple amount is the worth he deserves. Lets define standards of a living. Now is there any absolute way to define this? My standards would be a simple house with a car and yours might be a villa with pools and a Lamborghini. Now lets say I get where I want with 10 cents and you get there by adding up 100 dollars and tripling the amount of your sells to maintain your "standard way of living"
  6. You misunderstood the whole story going here.
  7. I have a new model to look to the world. It is not 4 dimensional time and space. Rather sits in now. Consider this: The set of thoughts what makes the illusion of time seems real. With this new model you can use all loa work to reclaim your creative power back. It is hard to explain it in words. Graphical illustration is needed. But it is that thought is what makes your reality as real reality. And if you can succeed to seed in subconscious, there it can create. I think there that is where our awareness comes from. There is one instant of moment exists with psychical realm and that is right now. When your neurons get modified by information, you can store thoughts in your brain which exists only current physical realm, the brain what senses and makes you sense of past by thought. Leo was talking about a clay demonstration in one of his video. Think of reality as a clay and it gets modified at each delta infinite small time. So it is in constant change but there is no past or future. Just the change is here. There exists psychological therapiest to alter childhood to remove traumas and that works. The main idea is to remove the stored thought in memories. So was the event happened or not? For the observer of traumatic patient. When patient forget that event, his or her conscious reality shifts into another "dimension" or to a new reality.
  8. By reading? Am i missing some point?
  9. My view is that enlightenment is mostly understood wrong in this forums. You wont become a magician or god (in meaning of almighty, creates instant when he wishes etc) or whatever pure infinite absolute peace. I may be wrong with the last one, some claims it, but enlightenment is in my words, put basically a realization that all the years of belief of you, is not existing. Last sentence is enough, to make one to get the realization, further is brain masturbation but we all like it right, so here it goes: You have been deceiving yourself all along with goals, how succesfull or even the opposite how depressed you are etc. You even deceive yourself to become enlightened. Thats another trick. Put basically, mostly the word referred as ego is correct in this scope by others. Ego is what you have believed to be as you. The story you built in your post also falls into this. It what you believe is your thought and questioning system. Why do you even concern with that? You as character. You as your thoughts beliefs and goals. They are an illusion. Basic but the simplicity is what makes it hard to understand it. People on this forum wants to achieve that bliss state. It is not wrong. Noone wants opposite, we all want at basic level security comfort, to be happy etc. But enlightenment wont give you that, an enlightenment perceived in this manner wont give you that. Becasue there is none. So what to do? Id recommend putting yourself in some stoic mindset to create discomfort to your ego, and pursue spirituality and exercises on daily basis i.e. self inquiry, fasting also helps
  10. @Aeris Karma was not the main subject tbh. It is a bad karma indeed. No doubt. @tsuki Or they dont know the market when it comes to buying above avg. This! Is the thing i wanted to point out in the beginning. What do you really think about this guys? I was also going to say that in touristic places that happens like 100% out of 100 times. If you are a tourist and want to buy something in the place you visit they charge you like 500% of the local place especially if you are visiting in middle east or east parts of europe. Thanks for this point. I will keep this in my mind for the next couple of thought encounters in the life. @Shiva dishonesty, right word.
  11. Are there any value in selling items n general? Consider the following scenarios 1: I have a shop and i buy some items then sell them. I double the buy price l. I do not really care about whether the item has any value or to the customer at all. I only care about the money i will earn at the end of the day. 2: Consider someone that sells an used item. S,he no longer needs this item. Since it is used, and usually used item seller knows every malfunctioning or flaw of the item s,he sells. That might be a car, house or whatever. It is useful to consider an example that is not in a highly traded item, for ex it might be a used piano. Because cars and houses has large market, there are a lot experts on just for those topics. Consider that i am selling my used piano. I know its every broken parts and etc. still what i only interested in is selling it as quick as possible. I do not really interested about whether the buyer will really benefit from this or not. But can I really avoid this by saying it is the buyers responsibility? Arent somehow we are deceiving ourselves here a bit on those common scenarios happening in life? What value does there really add value to those items in scenario 1 with holding that item in the storage until someone buys it? Another point of view is to look under the perspective of supply/demand. So what in fact adds or makes potential buyers to buy those items is the unavailability of those items in market with lower prices as sold by whole sellers. The risk of storing those items is what i can hardly make sense of what adds value to this selling an item to double price scenario. The seller or scammer as i noted in first scenario, takes the risk of unable to sell those items that he buy, kind of he becomes another layer of cog in the machine. So the potential speed of whole-seller makes whole-seller to sell large quantities of items in lower price but that speed comes with a downside of unable to reach/deal each potential customer one by one, individually. This has to be realized by another mechanism as I called yet another cog layer. But as in the beginning i find this nothing more different than a layer of scamming scheme going on. Whats your thoughts on this?
  12. I'd recommend watching Dr.Berg on youtube. He will have the right answers for your every keto related thing.
  13. Redpill/Mgtow person here, First of all it is hard to accept the truth. I have never. But since knowing these all stuff for more than 2 years ~3 years, I have seen that the information presented is 99.9999% accurate for almost all cases. I had a 1 or 2 exception but they are not totally opposite what told in redpill, they might have some tweaks on conscious level, i.e. being loyal (unless you don't screw things up), maybe religios reasons or whatsoever, but the redpill always had proven to me that what lingers on the women subconscious. My proposal to you is that rather than fighting with it, learn to accept and make your path towards this jungle. Try to see it for yourself, whether those told are true or not. AND most importantly, try to identify what makes you scared of? I might give you some hints, thats probably because you don't want to end up lonely in this life, which is a cognitive bias, you have to do some cognitive-work to solve this, set up a time approx half hour to list and idenfity like 50 fears of yours.
  14. My job is software...
  15. Thanks Ill do that