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  1. I've been in non linguistic state of awareness the last couple of days. It's not objectless or non conceptual but there seems to be a higher than normal percentage of those conditions.This hasn't been a continual nonliguistic state either. When it happens, It's the place of no words. Hopefully in a day or two I can write some words about the place of no words,,,,
  2. A lot of people who misunderstand me would say that I would argue with a stump. What they don't realize I Im just a friend to the stump enguaging in conversation and playing the role of devils' advocate.
  3. @Emerald So true,,,, I call it unintegrated mans yo yo behavior because a plain spoken girlfriend hit me over the head a few times with that remark. It's amazing how different men and women are. Some of this bahaviour I theorize runs parallel with what's referred to as the increasing number of what's called kidults in the last few generations. Don't completely give up on men. IME, Emerald and others shed great light on the matter,,,,
  4. It specifically sounds like what's referred to as Inner considering from the Fourth Way and its terminology . I've observed it a lot in myself. It's actually a neurotic tendency that one can work on over time.
  5. I enjoy Russell's sense of humor.
  6. 7-17-2019 Just one unchanging Hexagram today. 28 The Preponderance of the Great The ridgepole sags to the breaking point. It furthers one to have somewhere to go. Success.
  7. @Marc Schinkel Thanks! Yes, both funny and informative. "Christianity institutionalized guilt as a virtue"- Alan Watts @ 14:30 referring to Catholicism and Protestantism. "Churchianity" or "Jesusism" as Paramahansa Yogananda humorously put it in his Autobiography. Just 20 minutes into this. Although it's from 2014, it's very good if you're new to Bashar as I am.
  8. As with schadenfreude, I've seen layers of passive aggressiveness in myself. I've seen this a lot in families that are around blue/orange especially. Parents and grandparents in families spreading fear to keep a handle on children. They were raised in fear and guilt and just pass it on. Even among educated people this happens. This never quits creating problems. It requires seeing all the way through to forgive a Parent who is this way. That's a tall order because there is usually several years of anger, guilt, confusion, etc., to work through. Its horrible what family members do to each other. It's just more sleep. Everyone suffers. Everyone is off balance. An Awakened family member can also eventually lead the others out of hell. But sometimes not.
  9. Maybe a degree of Beginners mind is necessary for an ongoing discussion about conscious politics. Similar to the famous phrase - Those who know, do not speak and those who speak, do not know. Arnold Keyeserling once put it- " Not knowing if one is on the way is the best assurance that one is indeed on the way. When someone knows they are on the way, they are on no way whatsoever. @Shadowraix I hope you don't feel ganged up on from these few criticisms because I see thier point. I most always enjoy reading your thoughts. Im bad about straying off subjects myself quite often.
  10. Hats off to everyone doing shadow work and integration. There's wisdom in having a closed Journal for such. This journal is partly a shadow work and integration Journal but it's open for comments and questions unless someone just wants to argue. I hold a lot of things in the 'as if it's true' category and just state things as fact instead of always prefacing all claims with disclaimers of some kind.
  11. @Keyhole Reguarding : A good number of you need to throw out your guru roles - pretending that you are able to lead people into the right direction with wisdom still tainted by your own egos. It's just fucking gross is what it is. Look into it. Very few, functional or no, are going to tolerate that, because if you yourself are not coming from a place of love - then your advice is either distorted, or your ego is power tripping on another person. It's not just a "Keyhole's ego" sort of deal - no self respecting person with proper boundaries will tolerate that behavior. I wanted to agree with you but I didn't want to violate your shadow Journal space or Gods butthole.🙂
  12. I only tell everyone what to do because I can't help it. I'm that kind of Idiot.
  13. 7-15-2019 45 Gathering Together. Lines 1,3, 4, 5 36. Darkening Of The Light For each changing line in an I CHING reading, there is a judgment (summary sentence), and then from a brief paragraph to multiple paragraphs. I've never transcribed the judgement lines before today. I don't think,,,, I've paraphrased the judgement and summaries fairly often though. Hexagram 45 Gathering Together Line 1 - There will sometimes be confusion, sometimes gathering together. Line 3 - Gathering together amid sighs. Nothing that would further. Going is without blame. Slight humiliation. Line 4 - Great good fortune. No blame. Line 5 - If in gathering together one has position, this brings no blame. If there are some who are not yet sincerely following thier inner truth, being firm in what is correct is needed. Then remorse disappears. Hexagram 36 Darkening Of The Light The Judgement: Darkening Of The Light. In adversity it furthers one to hold fast to what is correct.