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  1. A jokester recognizes a jokester 🤡 Like a brother. Thanks, Drew. Hope yours is good too! I expect to be giving a trip report by Sunday or Monday. 5 dried grams of Golden Teacher. 🙏
  2. @DrewNows Point taken! 😀 The "art" was made in 2015. Completely sober. On fire and high with spirit. 🙂 I'm not sure I could do any better tripping. Its the idea/vision that I was trying to get across. Even to the point of revealing my complete incompetence as an artist. I was reading a lot of the journals just now and was going to post this song, as I ran across your reply. Thank you, by the way. The true unnamed recipient will understand. And hopefully laugh,,,,
  3. When I first discovered ACIM back in 2015. I was on fire in different ways. I remember saying something stupid to the effect of - wow, Jesus writes just as good as Echart Toll, to Jim. Jim was the organizer of the group in addition to being a psychotherapist. He is the one I decided to dump my shadow material on and let him help me process it over a few short weeks. I sent him a link to this Joural a while back and he acknowledged back,,,, I abandoned art around the fifth grade but during this winter/spring of 2015 I was compelled to display my understanding That I had gotten through Almaas about the idea that duality itself is held within non duality. So here with my 11 year old arrested art development from 2015, that is/was my communication. 😂
  4. What you were communicating in your last video reminded me of the message given in this book. For whatever that's worth. 🙂🙏
  5. Doesn't it feel good to be on fire? 🔥
  6. You fully master the twelve time potentials in a three step process. First, you learn them. Next, you learn them even better by acting them out. Finally, you master them after you have taught them to others. In the final Master teaching stage the Self can merge with the Sun. The Self then can become radiating, full of life giving light. But, until all nine of the potentials are integrated, and the whole potential of your Being is realized, you will be submitted to reincarnation. As Keyserling says, you will be stuck in the "cosmic game of bowling". Only when all of your pins, your potential, have been set up and mastered, can you survive the inevitable black ball of death. Excerpts from chapter 6 http://www.chanceandchoice.com/course-overview/time-cycles/ The majority of people today never develop any personality of their own at all. Instead, they have a false personality imposed on them from their parents, friends, job or society. The false personality has no connection with any of their innate capacities. For this reason it is usually weak, and the person has little energy or vitality. Only personality which is in connection with a person's essence - their inner sun - can vitalize. The false, unconnected personalities only block energy. They act as a negative mask to hide true potential, instead of express it. Such lifeless personalities should be dropped and replaced by impulses and roles which you choose. They should be replaced by personalities that are more in accord with your essence and true potential. In the Gurdjieff tradition this process of liberation from false personalities is called "waking up". It is accomplished in part through a process called "self remembering" where you observe the false personalities in action.
  7. Claudio Naranjo was sitting on the couch in a scene at Esalon with Terence McKenna in the video I posted last on his thread. Claudio was AH Almaas' Teacher also . https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claudio_Naranjo Oddly enough, I've yet to read this. Has anyone here read this? If I observe myself being a name dropper. It cancels out. its amazing to realize the impact this one man has had on the world in the last 50 years on up to this present moment.
  8. Maurice Nicoll's Psychological Commentaries on the Teachings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. What some call the Work. He called it esoteric Christianity. GIVING UP SUFFERING III “To serve the Work means to obey what it teaches you to practice on yourself. You want to be gloomy and moody, to object, and so on, and you observe your state and begin to separate from it—then you are serving the Work. And in so doing you are giving up some of your mechanical suffering.” V. 3, p. 855 GIVING UP SUFFERING IV “By work on oneself . . . one rises in the ‘Ladder of Being’ represented by the Ray of Creation. But this rising is only possible by sacrifice. To behave as you always do, and expect to rise, is impossible. One must, to begin with, sacrifice one’s suffering. All self-pity, all self-cradling, vanity, secret absurd fears, all self-sentimentality, all inner accounting, all pitiful pictures, all sighs, inner groans, and complaints, must be burned up in the fire of increasing Consciousness.” V. 3, p. 1090 GIVING UP SUFFERING V “All our mechanical suffering is fraudulent only we will not admit it. Fraudulent suffering is the keynote to what we have to sacrifice. Real suffering is utterly different and always opens us up to a higher level: fraudulent suffering closes us.” V. 3, p. 853 WATCHING EMOTIONS “In yourself everyone else is helpless. You can, as it were, drag a person into the cave of yourself and do what you like with her or him. You may be polite naturally, but in the Work, which is all about purifying or organizing the inner life, it is not enough. It is how you behave internally, invisibly to one another that really counts...Your most negative and most dangerous ‘I’s may come forward when you are alone. . .when you feel that no one is looking. Yes, but you must look.” V. 1, pp. 216, 256
  9. Very true. IME Addresses a real phenomenon. Worse for me was letting go of unnecessary suffering. The idea that we can't let go of our unnecessary suffering is primary in Gurdjieff's Teaching. It took me years to understand the scale of this.
  10. The diversity of the felt sense of the presence moment. What it consists of is so varied that there's no place to start. And the strong memories of some of those moments are amazing in an odd way. When I was about 13 or 14 in a darkened movie theatre or out behind the skating rink in an unlit spot where us pubescent boys and girls would pair up for a few moments temporarily unsupervised to kiss and grope one another, the experience of feeling a tender, soft, plump breast. It felt so amazing! I've never been the same since. In a way. I crossed a threshold of sorts then but didn't have a clue really, about anything. So many varied experiences in life. Quite simple things that are imbued with richness. 🙂 The first time I killed a small bird with my BB gun and then felt remorse holding its lifeless body in my hands. It was still warm. I felt dirty inside. I was about 8 years old.
  11. Another Way of expressing the need for the archaic revival. Can we save the environment/planet from ourselves?
  12. Terence is eloquently ranting about the archaic revival and I'm beating the drum.
  13. @Aakash Yes, pretty much,,,, Terence keeps repeating that feeling is primary. "The felt sense of the present moment." The Oracle of the Cosmic Way unwinds it that way also. An excerpt from the last post in Tea-ching friend Journal that I abandoned. ,,,,,,,,, "the mental program that creates the ego has been installed in the psyche with the help of threats, punishments, flatteries, and rewards. Therefore, the ego takes on a "bully" character that keeps the true self intimidated and locked in self-doubt . The person needs to clearly realize that the ego is a parasite in his psyche that not only feeds on his life energy, but that, if not counteracted, will eventually destroy him. To rid himself of it requires that he recognize and deprogram all the false phrases and images on which is based. The purpose of the I Ching, as a gift of the Cosmos to humans, is to help the individual achieve this divestiture." From page 63 of The Oracle of the Cosmic Way. To condense and paraphrase more. We create spells in our lives with thoughts and words. I like Red Hawks phrase. " A relaxed body is an honest body." Or maybe he phrases it in reverse? An honest body is a relaxed body from his book Self Observation. I may look it up later. A relaxed body and a quiet, still mind. It happens for a bit every now and then.
  14. Being embodied requires the capacity to let go of thinking. Being present in body awareness. What does your body tell you? Does that make any sense?
  15. Excerpts from Chance and Choice about I CHING In the first step you awake to your DRAGON, you vocation, your question, your participation in the cosmic work of the spirit, or as the Native American's call it, your "medicine". For this you have to leave your family and personal history, changing your dependencies into material for self actualization. The CAT does not care for the past family, only the future one. In the second step you have to find friends in the TIGER study groups and separate your spiritual way from the quest for survival (SNAKE). You look for those people who make it possible for you to pursue your spiritual way without looking for profit. With the honest HORSE you transcend your group and make your achievements useful to others. You do so by establishing a style of livelihood, of wealth, which allows others to strive like a BUFFALO to participate in spiritual life. Now with the RAT you must stand up for your truth by organizing your whole life around your vocation. You blend your material and spiritual life by the GOAT Ò the lunar capacity to seize the moment, the opportunity. By receptivity to the times you make useful to others what is meaningful to you. Then you must get into revelation by understanding the comical aspects of all religious traditions, like the eclectic MONKEY in a supermarket of new age publications. The purpose of your search for revelation must be to heal others, to bring them to their wholeness. This requires unconditional service symbolized by the PIG. This understanding of the PIG explains the statement found in hexagram 61 - Inner Truth - "Pigs and fishes. Good fortune." The highest achievement is no longer self-centered. You are in civilization and in spirit, a part of the New Earth in the sign of the DOG Ò Aquarius. You are, like the DOG, completely faithful to your path and to sacred history. You transcend your ego by announcing your truth in society like the ROOSTER without regard to the practical consequences. From http://www.ichingwisdom.com/i-ching/cyclical-time-in-chinese-thinking/