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  1. Chapter 9 of Chance and Choice involves the use of Wisdom Cards in relation to the mystics of pre renaissance Alchemy and by the same principle of synchronicity, the term coined by Jung, in relation to the workings of the I CHING. It allows us understanding by way of the strange attractor. ......................................... Wisdom means the level where action and experience start to make sense. The game of the human computer with Wisdom Cards is open to everybody who has gained a certain mastery in their life. The chance draw of the Wisdom Cards work because chaos - chance - is the origin of cosmical order. There is no divine master plan, or almighty divine being directed events of earth, as is assumed in many religions. These ideas are just articulations of a monotonous dream. In the Aquarian Age you have to create your own dream and game, never knowing where it will lead you. The ultimate answer is that only you can make sense, your cosmos out of chaos: not by studying, but by doing. From : http://www.chanceandchoice.com/course-overview/the-human-computer/ Information from the Michael material dovetails with some of Gurdjieff's descriptions of Centers, Chakras, personality types as well as Essence types. This information helps those doing Inquiry observe what is Essential and what is conditioning in oneself. ........................................ Essence chooses only from the three Ordinal Centers for day-to-day behavior. No one is Centered in one of the Higher Centers. The energy in the three Exalted Centers is so intense that because the physical body cannot stand having that much energy run through it all the time, it would quickly bum out. Also, we are here to do Physical Plane lessons with more solid, slower, lower amounts of energy―not to use Higher Center energy to that degree. Humans can step into the Higher Centers momentarily, then step back out of them and remember this as an enlightened experience, but they don't stay in Higher Centers all the time. Planetwide, people divide up into three equal segments: one third Intellectually Centered, one third Emotionally Centered, and one third Moving Centered. However, in the United States, the proportions are 10 percent Moving Centered; 40 percent Emotionally Centered, and 50 percent Intellectually Centered. You can be Instinctively Centered, but it is very rare. The Instinctive Center is where you have your primal fears and your survival lessons. It's not a place where you are supposed to live, although people step into it when they are eating, sleeping, meditating, going to the bathroom, or when it is evoked through danger, fear, or threat. Less than one percent of the population is Instinctively Centered. Someone who is Instinctively Centered would most likely be medically defined as autistic, mentally imbalanced or insane. To have Instinctive Centering, the body would have to have a hormonal or biological imbalance to keep you there. From : https://www.michaeleducationalfoundation.com/the-seven-centers
  2. This is co Author of The Jesus Mysteries. In my mind he ties together how Christianity was turned into Churchianity or Jesusism.
  3. I'm grateful for all of Leo's work and his providing this forum. I appreciate the opportunity to journal for the purpose of Inquiry and growth as well as interact with and learn from others who are interested in actualization.
  4. Spiral Dynamics launches a path of transcending and including. Towards increased capacity for being, Consciousness and Compassion.
  5. @mandyjw My mother has always had problems with insomnia. I also learned earlier in life that she went through a horrible postpartum depression after I was born. I really feel for women who experience this. It's bound to have a good degree of guilt that mixes in and aggravates the condition.
  6. Part speculation part observation,,,, 🤷‍♂️ If your orientation is that you love truth so that it will change you and make you a happier person, your orientation is out of sync with how things objectively are; if you see reality as it is, you can’t help but love it. It follows, then, that objectively there is no evil. We see evil only when we perceive reality through a filter. A person who behaves in what we consider evil ways is a person acting through a distortion. In spiritual work, concepts of a devil, of dark forces, of some evil that exists on its own outside of the goodness of reality are considered manifestations of ignorance, both in terms of believing in such concepts and in terms of the manifestations attributed to such forces. All spiritual work would be pointless if there were such a thing as ultimate evil. There is No Evil Person Seeing things from this perspective, we see that there is no one who is really bad. No one is evil in an absolute way. Everyone does what he thinks is good. There is no bad person, there is no evil person; there is only the ignorant person. From https://www.diamondapproach.org/glossary/refinery_phrases/evil
  7. I was thinking evil manifests in Culture deriving from mechanicalness,,,,,,? Appeasing the herd,,,
  8. Could evil be considered coming from the conditioning of acquired Conscience from the Collective ego as opposed to inner truth from Awakened Conscience?
  9. @Alex bAlex However much the spirit moves you. Let it rip! 🙂
  10. I like a similar frame of reference. Content and Context. Context for me means abiding with attention in peripheral vision.
  11. Metanoia Forgiveness and Metanoia. Practicing forgiveness means a change of heart, reversal or letting go which manifests peace. A. T. Robertson concurs with Butler. Regarding the translation of metanoia as repentance, Robertson calls it "a linguistic and theological tragedy."[26] Regarding John the Baptist's call to "repent" as a translation of the Greek metanoeite, Robertson quotes Broadus as saying that this is "the worst translation in the New Testament." Repent means "to be sorry," but John's call was not to be sorry, but to change mental attitudes [metanoeite] and conduct.[27] Robertson lamented the fact that in his time there was no English word that signified the meaning of the Greek μετάνοια (metanoia).[28] Aloys H. Dirksen in his The New Testament Concept of Metanoia argues against metanoia as merely “repentance” and for metanoia as “conversion.”[29] Other[who?] have characterized the translation of metanoia/μετάνοια as "repentance" with similar negativity. Repentance is an "unsuitable" translation.[30] It is "totally inadequate" to carry the meaning of metanoia.[31] From https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metanoia_(theology) Abandoning compulsive nonstop over analyzing. According to Ichazo, Divine Love is “The awareness that ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, As soon as the mind’s word mechanism is destroyed, love, the natural condition of the mind, appears. Love begins the moment man contemplates the Creation and says, ‘Thank you, God.’ All men feel this somewhat, no animal can feel this at all. Man alone can know that all comes from God.” From https://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/showthread.php/48274-Oscar-Ichazo-s-enneagram-descriptions
  12. Not meaning to sound overly dramatic but this song has been a part of a repeated mystical experience. These guys got together for a short time in the 80's. George Harrison, Bob Dillon, Tom Petty wrote and put together a lot of their songs over a week long period at a reclusive rural location. I think they shared some psychedelics and produced a song about Alchemy and transformation of Consciouness. In my mind they were mystics hiding in plain sight. We become miserable living outside in but find peace when we live it inside out. ... A miracle inverts perception which was upside down before, and thus it ends the strange distortions that were manifest. Now is perception open to the truth. - From ACIM
  13. A King of Hearts (Intellectual part of Emotional Center) is not the same as the Queen of Diamonds (Emotional Part of Intellectual Center). Nor is the Jack of Diamonds (Moving part of Intellectual center) the same as the King of Spades (Intellectual Part of Moving Center). In this deck, the Queen of Hearts (Emotional Part of Emotional Center), the King of Diamonds (Intellectual Part of Intellectual Center) and the Jack of Spades (Moving Part of Moving Center) represent pure emotion, pure thought, and pure movement. When people go to their "third center," the one that is not part of their Centering or trap, they usually go there very appropriately. That is because they only go there for a specific reason: to become balanced. The Higher Centers and the Instinctive Center also have parts, but the distinctions are minor and not necessary for a basic discussion of Centering. In Higher Intellectual center, people get the greater concept of why they are here, what life is about, and why it is going a certain way. In the positive pole of the Higher Intellectual there is sense of what is really so, truth that is profoundly, exactly right, not in just a specific circumstance, but so large that it could be applied to a wide variety of things. Seeing how life fits together comes from the Higher Intellectual Center. Conscience—living in the truth and knowing what is deception and what is not—is seated in the Higher Intellectual Center. Contentment or an intellectual sense of fulfillment, i.e. "all's right with the world," also comes from the Higher Intellectual Center. Philosophy, informational channeling, and true self‑knowledge are higher-intellectual experiences. The negative pole of the higher intellectual is telepathy or a partial sense of the truth. Mind‑reading is an example. It is knowing the truth but just on this particular level of having the same thought at the same time. This is, needless to say, trivial in comparison to the whole. from: https://www.michaeleducationalfoundation.com/the-seven-centers