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  1. It's effective for many to just turn on the news and watch just about anything related to politics. 🙂
  2. 3/26 reading 1'st hexagram 14 line 1 2nd hexagram 1
  3. Heaven and hell sounds like it would go good with a little ketchup 👩🏻‍🌾
  4. I've been intrigued by the idea of the helpers moreso than the Sage. An uplifting idea from the Oracle that one can free an army of helpers to assist us when we are balanced and in harmony with the Cosmos. This is from a previous post in my Journal; ,,,,,,,,,when the heart is awakened and purified. Looking at the Cosmos through the I-CHING. This same inner process allows assistance from the "helpers" who are defined as individualized aspects of the Cosmic Consciousness and of nature that are neither humans nor Angels. Carol Anthony claimed that divination revealed to her that the identity of the "helpers" are what's known today as the phenomenon of "Orbs". Activation of the helpers can only happen when we are in harmony with the Cosmos. In that sense, subservience is just as detrimental as arrogance. The helpers are activated by one's contact with the harmony of the inner truth of one's True Self. Returning to the vocabulary of Esoteric Christianity, I correlate this harmony as one being in contact with awakened Conscience. This short article may be helpful if anyone is following along; Article 1. The Sage as our Cosmic Teacher by Carol and Hanna © by Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog Carol’s experience of the Sage in the 1970’s was of an alive consciousness that wants to communicate with us. This took away for her the understanding that what we read in the written text of the book, is all we have for an oracle. It becomes apparent through its use that the I Ching is a Cosmic gift to humans. Its purpose is show people (1) the nature of the Cosmos as a system of Principles of Harmony, (2) our true human nature, and (3) the way we individually can return to harmony with these Cosmic Principles when we have lost our way. The Sage, as part of this interaction, is a presence within us that uses the oracle to draw up from the depths of our nature, our innate knowledge of Cosmic truth. (This truth is contained in the DNA of every body cell.) The I Ching Hexagram 61, titled “Inner Truth,” refers to this source that is stored in our bodies, not in words, but in the form of feelings of what is harmonious and what is not. Thus, the Sage uses the I Ching to speak through its text, but the text itself is not the oracle. The Sage makes it clear, through the method we call the retrospective-three-coin-method, or “rtcm” (which will be described in our next article), that it does not teach us the handed down platitudes that have often been taken as ‘ancient wisdom.’ It rather discourages this kind of memorized mental approach by reaching into our own deepest inner truth to bring forth the answers that are already there. We find, in so doing, that our inner truth has been suppressed in favor of these platitudes and commandments. That is why, on finding the answer we need, we recognize that we “knew that” all along, but did not dare to trust it. Thus, we find that the Sage is all the time connecting us with a part of ourselves that has been repressed through conditioning. This process of reaching into the depths is described in Hexagram 48, “The Well,” which calls our inner truth “a clear, cold spring from which one can drink.” Often, we cannot access our inner truth because “there is mud in the well” in the form of fixed, preconceived ideas, fears, old grievances, and memories of wrongs done to us. When we drink from this mud, we are kept stalling. With the help of the I Ching text, the Sage not only wants to make us aware of this fact, it also offers us help to cleanse our inner well. Then we find that our inner truth is a gold mine containing everything we need to know. The more we work with the Sage and give it the necessary space in our mind, the more we realize that it wants to speak to us as a friend, not as a godlike figure that expects obeisance and punishes us when we make mistakes. On the contrary, the Sage wants to free us from ideas that are either grandiose, making us see ourselves as the center of the universe, or that inspire us with fear and awe, and make us see ourselves as small and insignificant. The ancient Greeks had an idea of the Sage when they spoke of “a tutelary spirit that accompanies each person lifelong.” They named it “genii,” root of the word “genius.” Writers have long called it “the muse.” For many artists, athletes, and inventors, it is an “elusive thing” that takes over in us when we give up relying on the “brilliance and ability of the thinking mind,” or the pure brawn of our bodies, to provide the success we seek.
  5. I'm going to ponder if bunnyfishsquid may be related to manbearpig.
  6. Kundabuffer is a word created by Gurdjieff in Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson associated with imagination fueled by Kundalini energy. Its what Rumi would describe as what causes a person to get all 'big eyed' while talking spiritual matters with others. ?? 😄🤷‍♂️?
  7. It would probably be better if I didn't post to the forum until after Morning Centering Prayer. My capacity for skillful means can suck when I'm not fully awake from a nights sleep.
  8. Chi = Kundalini = Prana = Kundabuffer = imagination Chi = Kundalini + 3 Centered Awareness = Holy Prana
  9. Belief is imagination propped up by mechanical associations in the mind/brain. Example: I believe the fate of the world rests on the outcome of a game of checkers between Butters and Lindsay Buckingham. Anything goes when it comes to belief.
  10. Theres a lot of complexity to the third eye and a lot I'm not in full understanding of all of it. What I'm more certain of is that Kundalini has to be grounded through sensation in the body and balanced with thinking and feeling. If not it can become motor fuel for imagination.
  11. Ajgna is third eye. Home of the intuition. Connected with the pituitary gland. Kundalini activates it but only if one stays grounded in the body. If Kundalini is not grounded, it is just motor fuel for imagination. Activation of the third eye is subtle. A slight but distinct pressure or throb is usually felt in the forehead. Just waking up, my communication style is Forest Gump Gnosticism.
  12. @tsuki I didn't realize English wasn't your primary language. You do damn good. I can't imagine taking on a second language. I like her use of the the term collective ego. I had forgotten Eckart Tolle using it in his book The New Earth. I was hooked into Leo's teaching in a fresh way when I saw he had made a video on the Collective ego. Im glad to read about your wife making a connection with the Oracle. It's definitely transrational and I would say also transpersonal, in a sense, when considering it from the perspective of the Review on the back cover. It says so much in just one sentence, I've gotten a lot out of rereading it on occasion and pondering it. Removing the Ego as the defining agent of reality releases awareness to reinhabit the natural world. --Jose Cedillos, Ph.D. Prof. of Consciousness and Creativity Studies, The Union Institute.
  13. Being guilty is actually a false, hollow concept with no basis in Objective reality. But in connection with our human experience my two cents are: Truly experience remorse of Conscience. Practice not judging others. Practice forgiveness.