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  1. another interesting video about him
  2. @Meetjoeblack and by the way what do you mean with " fapping to money shot with randoms" ?
  3. @Meetjoeblack thanks man! Was thinking about doing it this way too but wasn't that sure... I think this way of approaching it will be the best way to do it for me. I think the problem of my recurrent porn addiction lies inside something else... I often feel lonely, not in the way that I can't enjoy spending long periods of time by myself, but in the way of feeling misunderstood... I want to show everyone around me that life indeed is and can be totally beautiful, but I get the feeling that they don't want to get it. I want to be a Creator in the way of showing humankind that being alive and experiencing life is the best gift we've got. My Problem is that I don't know where to find friends nearby which whom I can talk about these things and enjoy life together, without feeling misunderstood when I talk about these things...
  4. thanks for your help! I'll try that one out!
  5. Beautiful ! You seem to be wise !
  6. Does anyone have some suggestions for Porn Blocking Apps for IOS? Preferably for free and without needing to subscribe to anything. I am ready to stop my Porn Addiction forever and would love to "build those walls" around Porn Addiction.
  7. I've made similar experiences. I often feel unconcentrated, a bit more nervous and shy, less active and feel like I've got more brainfog / overthink more often after Sex and Masturbation. I've somehow accepted that trait and just keep going with my daily Progress. Here are some Habits I try to follow daily to stay focused and in the flow Meditation, Exercising, cold showering, eating Healthy Food, going out of my comfort zone daily, listening to relaxing Music and writing down my thoughts ( Journaling)
  8. some of my Favorite Visionaries are: Bjarke Ingels: Joseph Beuys: Terrence McKenna: Steve Jobs: and of course Leo:
  9. Let's share some Content of really good Visionaries. What are your favorite Visionaries ( can be active in any possible field ) ? How do they change Society for the better ? What do you think will the Future of Visionaries look like ? Are these Visionaries Self-Actualized and have they mastered their Psychology ?
  10. I know this topic was started years ago but I'm living in northern Germany
  11. I'm really conviced that Joseph Beuys is a good example for being a truely creative and influential artist. When I think about the advice that Leo always mentions in his videos that " You should see yourself as an artist in life." I really think Joseph Beuys was one of the first modern artists and visionarys who spread this message of everyone being an artist in its own way.
  12. @seeking_brilliance I love classical music! I'll definetly going to check the Symphony out! I also love the work of Richard Wagner and Franz Schubert. ... I don't quite know why but the Beginning of the Symphony somehow reminds of greek philosophy haha Radiohead is a beautiful band and Thom Yorke is a genius! If you really like the Music of Radiohead you should definetly check out Thom Yorkes solo work.
  13. It's crazy, beautiful but in some ways also disturbing how far dreams can go. I think Lucid Dreaming is also a interesting thing that could fit to this topic. Btw. I really love the way you made this topic a very visual, philosophical and existential experience. It's a dream and a creation in and of itself!
  15. What is your Opinion about the artist Joseph Beuys, his works and his theories and concepts of Society. I think he made a huge impact on contemporary artists, the way we see and understand art and its correlation with politics, activism and even Personal Development. I also think that he had interesting Ideas about how everyone can change Society and Humankind for the good. Maybe some of his concepts, ideas and motivations could help people who are doing Personal Development and / or want to leave an impact on Society. If you have not heard of him I'll post some useful videos, material and quotes of him down below.