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  1. The astral body is evolving us into light beings. It's the physical body and the trials which result from that which evolve the astral body. The two are entangled, at least for (relative) now. I made all that up.
  2. Oh my god I have Purpose! I EXPLAINED something!
  3. @ivankiss that being said... I do try to close doors like matilda every now and then 😋 hasn't worked yet 🤷‍♂️
  4. @An young being but smart ones like from "we're back!"
  5. @peanutspathtotruth what if we create our own continuum 😋
  6. yes I have noticed that coffee makes me more aggressive, especially at work, with my language and what not. I tend to go for half or full decaf at work if I can.
  7. @hamedsf maybe they need to talk it out, and then contemplate in silence.
  8. And..... As you can see, no one is interested in talking about humans on this site, as if they are embarrassed of (not) being one. 😉
  9. There are no humans, that's a lie. But then again there are, hi! According to the story, some higher intelligence primate species interbred to form what is modern humans (homo-sapiens) . We are still evolving. Basically it's just shapeshifting into what ever we(I) want to be. Perhaps someday humanity won't be homo sapiens any more, whether by biological evolution, gene editing, or artificial bodies. How fun!
  10. smoke some ganja, go into a room by yourself, turn on your favorite music, and just start with your shoulders. then bob your head a bit. then loosen up the arms. Tap your toes. feel the music flowing through you. have fun!
  11. nothing is wasted. You're saying perhaps you didn't move to the 'better' career sooner and wasted all this time. But you have 5 years of meditation under your belt and that's a great accomplishment. The time is now. Your clear mind will help you forward. Make that dream board @Nahm keeps going on about. Or maybe you find out that your career isn't that important and is just a means to pay for what you really want, like traveling, or nice house, or tons of drugs or you know, whatever. Nothing wasted, all involution.
  12. same with tesseract *cough*
  13. Merkaba is an astral chariot, prove me wrong... Come to think of it I should have tried to use mine when I body exited last night