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  1. @Shin right after posting that my computer glitched and I lost about three days worth of editing on my video. So a bit of delay 🙄 Sam is always mean to me. He always convinces Dean to leave me behind when they go on a hunt 😔
  2. @Shin I'm about to release a guided visualization to help you remember your dreams
  3. I somewhat agree - - the miracles recorded of Jesus seems more like allegory, like the rest of the bible. Why would the whole bible be allegory but suddenly the miracles of Jesus actually happened as recorded? That being said, walking on water is one of my specialities... Love running across ponds or swimming pools. Then I wake up and can't operate the coffee machine.
  4. @Hulia There's been so called enlightened peeps that claim they no longer dream at night. And that's the moment I stopped pursuing enlightenment 😊 The way I see it : yes of course there are differences between the two states. As much as we are about 'no separation', the differences between sleeping dreams and the waking ones is like the difference between Hulia and justin. Or like the difference between waking up clear headed and then dropping some acid.
  5. @Hulia haha no, my astral husband doesn't cook like this one.
  6. Even while lucid night dreaming, it's not creating the same "justin" which I associate as waking consciousness justin. It's very close, but always subtlety different, mostly coming down to false memories still beleived. you had an astral date with your husband and then afterwards, one while awake. The husband while awake doesn't remember the astral date, but the astral husband could likely remember both. Which one feels more real?
  7. I would help the victim find a good therapist.
  8. I would stop the rapist, and then not be traumatized by it.
  9. God is like a club 😋 a club of equals. Jk
  10. There once stood a mountain, hiding amongst all the rest, in a place of existence far beyond worldly measure. The mountain was of heavenly form both within and without, and deep inside its echoing depths was built a kingdom--a vast network of earthly chambers all connecting in interlocking cylindrical patterns. Here Terrance the fourth, king under the mountain, ruled for countless ages. His daughter Sophia knew the kingdom like the back of her hand... better, even. She had spent many a youths wandering it's mysterious halls, godly palaces and candlelit courtyards, quiet as stone. Soon she would be mature enough to venture to the surface. Mother and father had been preparing her for this longer than she could ever know, despite all of the accumulated wisdom. There was just one final test... One last chance to prove she was ready. It's common for a mountain dweller to forget everything when rising to the surface (really, it's a welcome part of the journey). Sophia was tasked with remembering herself, with no help from outside forces. Queen Clara blinded her daughter's mind for just a moment - - then asked: "Do you know who you are?" Sophia looked around her bedroom with bright eyes, seeing it again for the first time. The Queen repeated - - "Do you know yourself?" Sophia now locked eyes with the questioner, as if finally recognising their presence and inquiry. Her eyes closed gently and she just laughed, whole-heartedly. Pleased, the Queen restored her daughter and wrapped around her in a loving embrace. "Go now, my child. Explore! I'll be seeing you around..." (art by Patrick McCollum)
  11. @Myioko ok I will post it tomorrow. By the way, the club is now private, and it's irreversible. 😎
  12. (From MindVenture club) Listening music: Painting and Story title : The Forgotten City It's been so long since I've seen the City, I had almost forgotten the fragrance of lilles and roses wafting out from the palace gardens deep within. It was the first thing you'd notice, when riding a carriage up the winding bridge to the great arched doors. Then came the heavenly sound of music- choirs and symphonies reverberating through the stone walled city; funnelling out toward the lifeless sea in perfect blended harmony. They say the sea grew jealous of the exuberant life spewing from the city like iridescent smoke-- and that one night it swallowed it up whole under a bright full moon. Centuries passed, then millennia. I watched as the ocean swelled and found a life of its own. Then wanting a city, it retreated just enough to have room to walk and build. It sent life forth and the cities created were marvellous achievements of water. They did not, however, come close to the beauty of My City. The sea has become a beautiful creature, but it forgets way too easily: there is no need to build. My City has been in there the whole time, don't you remember? You swallowed it. It has always been there, singing. Pushing you, guiding you. Calling you back. Retreat now, under the full moon. Retreat and remember the city which sparked 'your' life. For you are not the sea as you've always thought. You are the City.
  13. Do you think I could share anonymously? This is just too amazing Plus the little baby fire demon reminds me of Calcifer, so cool