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  1. @LfcCharlie4 a psychedelic changed and fixed my life, although not sure about the advice of starting with a psychedelic... I think the mind and energetic system should be purged and purified to an extent before introducing a psychedelic. I was suffering almost two years straight of mild to deep depression and becoming suicidal (while also working on PD) and took a psychedelic and was instantly no longer suicidal and was set on a clear trajectory to reclaiming my life and getting out of the victim mindset.
  2. @Dumuzzi thank you 🙏🙏 Question : is it possible that many of us avatars are soul fragments of this Enki entity, simultaneously burning off karma for it throughout all space and time? Also, do the Elohim take credit for the creation of this physical dimension/universe, or more directly for the development of the human species and just being mistaken as creator gods?
  3. I do by breathing through anxiety when it arises. A guided relaxation meditation is a great way to practice conscious relaxation, which you can then take with you throughout the day. Here's one I made:
  4. wow I loved that answer. Hmm next time you are in contact, I wonder if you could ask if they are seeking me out. I have been asking for a guide for so long. One that actually talks to me ya know. All this self guided crap is getting old. But nothing has appeared.
  5. @Dumuzzi @Dumuzzi Is it possible that you formed a picture of the elohim/annunaki in your mind, from all of your research and experience, and created a whole race of thought beings, backstory and all... Who stimulated your kundalini and connected you back to source through the loophole of creative manipulation?
  6. @Dumuzzi what does it mean to have a daughter if you are a non to semi corporeal entity?
  7. @Dumuzzi in the paradigm of time, are elohim our future selves? In other words, is this what the human species will evolve into?
  8. @Dumuzzi thank you, I see it several random times a day. Didn't know if there's a message in that or just cosmic humor. Can the elohim phase in and out of this physical dimension? Do they feel separate than yourself?
  9. This was beautiful. Could you tell me any importance to the number 33? How have your dreams been affected?
  10. You as a consciousness were never born, because consciousness exists in a land of no time: it (you) have no beginning and no ending. The body which you think you are, is part of a billions upon billions of years long production, in a land of time, which you (consciousness) designed. You are from the land before time, and used yourself to imagine and create the land of time. It is not separate from you, but exists within you, as all things do. So in order to enjoy it, you had to forget who you are, in order to become a resident in this land of time. Let's pretend that you walled off a section of yourself , a section of your consciousness that doesn't remember its true self, and we'll call it human consciousness. (because that tends to be where this ignorant walled-off consciousness pops up). Billions and billions of years after it's conception, this physical production produces a cute little human baby. It's made of pure consciousness (yourself) but looks like a bunch of atoms and molecules. It cries when its hungry, or for a lot of things, actually. A name is slapped onto it, and with it an entire lifetime of expectations. You (consciousness) experience the lifetime of this human, but since we are pretending that we forgot, a human consciousness springs forth inside the human child, like out of nowhere. It's completely individualistic and absolutely beautiful and amazing. It discovers the internet, and eventually, and creates the character of @Meister_Eckhart - an extension of this human consciousness which springs forth from within the human body. Here it learns many things, about life, about reality, and about itself. You hear that you have never actually been born, and the human consciousness cannot understand it fully. "Humans are born everyday." you say to yourself. "Has everyone been lying to me this whole time?" But who are you, really? Are you this human which frequents the internet under the character of @Meister_Eckhart? Or is Consciousness (truly you) playing a game of forgetfulness, in a land of time which you have designed?
  11. @Strangeloop unfortunately the universe spits out all these people with these brains that can get corrupted, like a bad disk on your computer. No one has ever truly figured out schizophrenia because its too similar to mystical experiences. In my opinion it is a type of mystical experience but colored incorrectly by a corrupted disk (your brain). So with this in mind, pursuing mystical experiences with a corrupted disk will be so misleading, it will only further perpetuate the schizophrenia! This is why it is important to seek help. As much help as possible. If you don't go on medication, you will need a strong helper to keep what is "real" apart from what is a schizophrenic delusion. Even if you realize it is all imagination and a delusion in the end, for your own immediate survival, you MUST learn the difference between what is your character's delusions, and what is 'actually happening'. Only then will you have the discernment to judge mystical experiences, and continue to advance in spiritual work. My two cents.
  12. There's always talk on here about Leo's 'followers' just parroting everything he says, and blah blah blah. Even if this is true, surely you realize that this is a normal evolution of things. Hell, we evolved as a species because of our incredible ability to parrot everything we see. This is going to happen on this forum and there's no way of stopping it. But blaming certain figures in authority here is completely unbased and a disservice to yourself. Take the teachings and apply them. Don't worry about who's right or wrong, just follow your intuition. The parrots on here will be fine. Their intuition will work things out for themselves as well. I do feel you on the elitism. I don't think it's intentional, and is probably mostly (or completely) illusionary seeing that the only one hurt is the ego who wasnt given the attention it thinks it deserves.
  13. Break all three of those words apart and define each one.
  14. the short (or possibly long) answer is- it depends on who you are talking to. That being said, individuality is so goddamn effing amazing.
  15. If crystals can hold memory, I see no reason why water couldn't. Well... unless it just can't.