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  1. The biggest problem with cannabis is that its pretty addictive (contrary to what people normally say). Its a "tricky devil" or sorts. Appears so innocent and even helpful at first. Over time though its pretty numbing.
  2. @Samsam Getting in touch with my wildish nature. See the book "Women Who Run With the Wolves" the author talks a lot about the subject you talk about in your question.
  3. and lied to. Yet they won't admit so I'm left with just using the info I have. So much of me knows that I'm holding myself back being in this relationship, yet I can't fully convince myself to leave I don't feel strong enough.
  4. Yes, how did you know? I find it very odd that you are able to point that out. What do you know about this? I watched this video. Very intriguing. In the state that I experienced, it was/is communicated through the eyes. In the video he talks about people picking up on intention and I see the eyes as being a window to that. The reason we can set off this telepathy or rather, it feels like a melding of two minds, is because we are paying very close attention to the other person's eyes. Both you and the other person pay attention to various cues in each other's eyes. This is easier on a psychedelic or MDMA because consciousness is heightened and inhibitions are lower. Entering this state sober is possible but it feels different and requires more work. I can constantly send signals to others through my eyes with my intention it just is not as intense as in an intimate setting.
  5. Yes! I know that those things are elements that can help the state get going, however not necessary.
  6. I thought you may be referring to something like that. I'm wondering, do you notice a type of thing like that (very specific look) that you can see in people's eyes sometimes? Especially if they've done psychedelics or other consciousness work.
  7. lol! it may be moving in that direction
  8. @Nahm interesting you had that hunch! What made you think that? Also sounds like a sweet game
  9. Watching Leo's newest video I got to the part where he talks about telepathy and I want to share my experience with it. This happened to me about 8 years ago now. I was with two friends in my living room. I was sitting on the couch, one of my friends was sitting on the computer at the desk to my left and the other was sitting in a chair, facing me, about 6 feet across from the couch. The friend across from me and myself had both taken some MDMA. While the friend on the computer was talking about something, the friend on the chair across from me and I were looking at each other in the eyes intently and were not really paying attention to what the other friend was saying. Suddenly and seamlessly without any effort on our part, our thoughts completely merged. We began having a conversation together, in our minds, about how we didn't really know or follow what our other friend was going on about. Then, just as seamlessly has it came about, it stopped. It was a very specific state of mind for both of us and it was very obvious that we had experienced telepathy, or mind melding. After this happened I was pretty shocked. Mostly curious as to what exactly was going on when this happened. I told people about it and they wrote me off as being high. Eventually I came across one other person who had experienced this same state, and he had actually experienced the broader scope of this specific state of mind. Some of the aspects of this state are extreme synchronizations that pile on quickly and all at once, and a heightened visual state that almost appears as a wide screen lense. He has spent his life researching this state and has come up with ways to intentionally induce it. A lot of this state is induced through the eyes. Actually, after I experienced telepathy eye contact began taking on new meaning for for me and I realized that I could, with intention, communicate through the eyes. This actually takes a lot of consciousness on both ends but it's an interesting discovery nonetheless. I don't know how much this is like the experience of telepathy that Leo had, in fact it appears that he saw what telepathy is, and I actually experienced your more classic form of mind reading with another. Thanks for reading.
  10. Idk about ayhauscha but you can micro dose dmt by smoking it. I once tried a vape pen with dmt. It's not like you go about your normal activities though, it's still a strong experience, just not as overtaking.
  11. I meditate for an hour a day because it was reccomend to me after I took a meditation course. Leo also.has recommended an hour. 10 minutes is also great tho tbh.
  12. I had heard things about this book, about how good it is. I started reading it and idk, I was having doubts. I'm trying to be open minded. I will say it's hard for me partly because parts of it go directly against the bible and I grew up reading the bible. Anyway the thing that really made me start questioning it is in the beginning there is a part that states that we are not God. So yea idk about that as its pretty clear to me I am God. Also not to mention it is very confusingly written and I'm trying to move away from spiritual mumbo jumbo if I can. Have you read the book? Considering pushing through because I'm curious but also dont want to waste my time.
  13. Absolutely. I think it's silly to have this fantastical idea of what we used to eat and then try and replicate it for health. I'm pretty sure it doesn't work the way we think it does in our heads like that.
  14. I'm happy to see you are optimistic. Thank you so much for the response ❤
  15. I'm sorry that you are having such a rough time, that sounds quite painful. My advice to you is take baby steps. Making this post is a sign you are going the right direction, reaching out is important. From the small bit you described here it sounds like a sort of obsessive-compulsive cycle. Obsessing about if you are lovable, and then getting relief from the obsessive thought by asking for validation. An answer may lie more in becoming aware of these thought patterns themselves, instead of simply loving yourself, as you say. Doing research into ocd cycles may help (not saying you "have ocd" just saying that topic may be helpful for you). Sending you love.