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  1. This is a tad bit silly my friend
  2. Don’t force yourself to feel. Just be with your numbness.
  3. Your second choice doesn’t have to be so dull. I wouldn’t join the forces because then you are even more of a slave but that’s just me. I’m also in the US so could be different elsewhere.
  4. Resting and not giving a fuck about productivity
  5. You’re not black. You don’t get to make claims like this. Your tone is also very disrespectful. If a black person tells me it was disrespectful and not ok for me to use the N word in any context then I would put my pride away and listen.
  6. Know your purpose, what you like, get good at some skill like music or art
  7. Depends when you ask lol. I’d say most people like probably 80% don’t enjoy living. also the question is more nuanced. Because some people may think they enjoy living but deep down they are suffering
  8. Boredom is a good thing because it helps you see all the possibilities to create that do exist.
  9. @Thought Art You're 26...that's so young. Men often get better looking as they age.
  10. @Gregory1 Please be more thoughtful in your speech on this forum.
  11. It seems so rich with culture and history. Beautiful people, beautiful art. I hope to visit some day.
  12. My two biggest regrets are not getting a 4 year degree after high school and taking too much ecstasy in my early 20's.
  13. Healing dismissive avoidant/disorganized in an amazing relationship Read the book: Attached by Amir Levin and Rachel Heller for more on attachment theory!
  14. I noticed a recurring theme of guilt throughout this post and I want you to know that this guilt is not doing any good. Beating yourself up is only causing more pain, dear. Please try to offer yourself kindness, you deserve it no matter what <3 Now for the hard truths... Most situations like this end very poorly. It doesn't sound like this one is going to end well and I'm sorry for your pain. You will learn from this, though. The bond between you is too toxic for healing. I wish for this to resolve quickly for you both. And I send you strength during this time, love.