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  1. So much dick and vagina talk.
  2. Vaccine day 2 update: Heard people saying their arm was really really sore, I started to feel that coming on, but I moved that arm a lot. Did pushups, just moved my arm a lot and I can tell that helped. Idk if you're supposed to do that or whatever but It seriously reduced the pain.
  3. thank you all <3
  4. I knew as soon as I landed in San Diego two years ago that I wanted to one day make it my home. 2 years later, I'm making the dream come true. I put my goals on hold because I was scared! Scared of making a change, scared to leave my family and friends, my home of over 15 years, and just scared to leave NORMALITY. But I'm really fucking doing it. It still doesn't seem real. That's partly why I'm making this post. Follow your dreams~
  5. @Husseinisdoingfine not yet but I have high hopes. I could use an extra arm. Jk that sounds terrible.
  6. @Forestluv im in seattle.
  7. @Leo Gura it feels fine. My arm isn't even sore. I just got it a few hours ago so we'll see going forward. @neutralempty the Pfizer one @Forestluv im in the US. The drugstore will be doing injections when they start rolling out. They've been getting shipments over the past couple weeks and occasionally had an extra or two. Some of my coworkers got one as well.
  8. Ok so I was originally against it, said I would never, that its dangerous etc. But in the spirit of being open minded I said fuck it, I will. I work at a chain drugstore so I was able to get it early as they had extras. It felt good to abandon my ideology surrounding the vaccine and just go for it.
  9. Anybody from the Seattle area here?
  10. I like that
  11. Sometimes I think, what the hell have i gotten myself into? I keep wanting to quit, to just fall headfirst into addiction, toxic relationships, eating bad food, watching low consciousness shows, all the things I'm breaking out of. But I almost don't have a choice but to keep going. I will preservere.
  12. @Forestluv Yes! so many different topics, all so in depth. It's truly amazing.
  13. This is what makes Actualized.org so unique and powerful and why Leo is one of the greatest minds of his generation. I know of no other people who have any online presence that create such consistently quality, in depth work. It doesn't matter if the watcher doesn't agree with the substance of Leo's teachings, the thought, dedication and care that Leo puts into them is apparent.
  14. How do you know this? Have there been studies or observations to prove this type of thing? I don't understand this trust in the government and news sources that push the effectiveness of these "preventative" measures, but don't say a lick of anything having to do with actual real health. I understand that society just isn't there yet but can't we do something about that? I mean stop the madness with these so called preventative measure which I don't think are doing anything. We have very obese, sick individuals thinking that staying 6ft away from me and wearing a poorly donned mask will protect themselves from getting this virus. I guess I'm mostly mad about the stupidity.
  15. Why are vaccine companies immune from lawsuits pertaining to harm that a vaccine may cause?