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  1. I think that's normal. I've agreed to dates with men only to text them later and cancel. Things that would make me cancel: #1 they're boring or weird. #2 they're ugly.
  2. @ertopolice reflect on why you're being needy. Are you fulfilling your own needs and taking care of yourself?
  3. You take care of yourself, but you don't sound like you have confidence. Also, don't be too hard on yourself. Online it's so much easier to ghost people. Feel the pain and then let it go. There will be others. Work on yourself more.
  4. @Loba Hahahaha....that's not real love
  5. @ertopolice I wouldn't say way too intellectual, more that the softer sides to you aren't showing.
  6. @ertopolice I beg to differ, you can be flirty and sweet via text. Of course, not too flirty, but I think you're holding back a little. Feel into yourself and express! Talking about philosophical stuff is not the way to do it. That has its place but if all your conversations have been like that, no wonder he hasn't asked you out!
  7. @ertopolice invite him to ask you out by being cute, sweet and flirty. Drop into your feelings and sensations, your femininity. If he still doesn't ask you out move on, no sense in dating a guy who is clueless.
  8. Feminine energy is connected to love, yes. But I think that after the initial first couple dates, it will be an intertwining energy, not so much one person contacting more than the other.
  9. @fopylo yea! Because I was sitting still and one of the aspects of the feminine is movement so, while being in stillness, I was being in my masculine. Not a bad thing to do per se, but it was not producing results that were as enjoyable for me as being in motion.
  10. Yay I love to hear this feedback, thank you
  11. @NoSelfSelf men should pursue. But it's more nuanced than just hitting her up all the time. And a woman being pursued shouldn't just sit back and wait for it to happen...there's a beautiful back and forth that happens when both parties are in their polarizing energies.
  12. I used to think that it was always up for the man to hit me up, make plans etc while I sat back and acted all cute. Hahaha that was so wrong. Doing that I was actually being in my masculine!! I do think however, that initially the man should be the one to ask you out and set up dates. But after the first couple dates, rules of who texts first should go out the window. The more I'm cultivating my feminine the more I'm in touch with how I want to reach out, express my feelings, send him little hearts or tell him what a nice time I had etc. Doing this allows my feminine to grow. I can't believe I wasted so much time thinking it was all up to the guy. Explore this a little bit, be in touch with your feelings and your femininity. You might find yourself reaching out in really sweet and sexy ways
  13. @ivankiss not at all but i can see why that was thought. Apologies as well