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  1. @Vynce Interesting! I feel the “colour” of the music itself might differ from the “colour” of the people who gravitate towards that kind of music?
  2. @Adodd @Human Mint Thanks guys! You know what's funny about committing to deep work? Is how people think you're cRaZy for letting shallow work go? So many people are telling me I CAN'T GET RID OF SOCIAL MEDIA. And, like, you can. And I feel it has been one of the best things for my creative development and my personal/spiritual development.
  3. Have you read it? What do you think? Here are my thoughts:
  4. @Vincent S Hahahaha very true, thank you 😄
  5. @Vincent S Interesting! I guess the underlying theme is that I am confused, know something is wrong but don’t know what to do. Interesting, because this morning I witnessed evidence to believe my neighbour is involved in some criminal activity, and I grappled with my decision about whether or not to report it all day. But eventually I reported it. And that felt right. So maybe these dreams are encouraging me to trust my instincts?
  6. I'm really glad you found the video helpful/inspiring Goddess bless!
  7. I do. Recently I have experienced a lot of personal growth - and, of course, the nightmares came with this. This time they were horrible: In one, there was a shooting in the mall I work in. The shooter, armed with a machine gun, was threatening to kill my only male coworker (I work in a hair salon). None of our cell phones would work to call the cops. I had to make the decision: would my coworkers and me stay with our male coworker, or would we sneak out the back when the shooter couldn't see? (Sounds unrealistic that he wouldn't see, but this is a dream we're talking about.) Eventually, I decided we would go out the back, but when we went out the back, we were swarmed by sea of crackheads. (I live in an area with lots of drug use.) In another, I started going out with an ex of mine again, and his OTHER ex-girlfriend wouldn't leave us alone. Eventually, she tried to stab me to death. (Side note: this ex-girlfriend of his, wasn't real. Like, she sort of symbolized various exes he has, but was all of them and none of them, at the same time.) In another, I was lost in the middle of the woods/by the sea. On a camping trip. Even though the world around me was beautiful, I was quite stressed about how I would find my way home. And finally, the last dream involved me going into Ardenes. (Yes, the shitty, fast fashion clothing store that I used to love prior to my Spiral Dynamics Stage Green awakening lol). In the Ardenes, I saw an adult man admit to the retail workers that he loved how 'slutty' the clothes were getting because he loved seeing all the young teenage girls in them. The workers laughed this off, but I knew this comment had been the tip of the pedophilia ice burg. I then watched the man buy some shitty pair of necklaces, one that said 'Daddy' and another that said 'Babygirl'. (No, I've never actually seen this at Ardenes, but this is a dream lol.) The workers, of course, let him buy it. I was stressed. I began making my round on the shop, filling my basket with all kinds of crap I didn't need, even though I didn't want to, purely because I was stressed. Okay, so does anyone else experience distressing dreams when going through personal changes or life changes? And what the hell do you think these dreams mean?
  8. This isn't meant to be self-promotional. I've recently started a YouTube channel, mainly because, in a year's time I want to have something I can look back on, to measure my growth. So I've been filming little vlogs, rambling about life, mainly personal development. I don't care if I get subscribers or not. I'm doing this for me. In this vlog, I reflect on how I found my LP, and I speak about Leo's course. The video isn't meant to be an advertisement for the course. But it might be useful for someone in this community, maybe someone unsure about whether or not they should buy the course. So I figured I'd post it here: Hope you're all well, and happy New Year! Melody
  9. @unborn_chicken I just faced this dilemma with my day job: hair-dressing. Hair-dressing is not my life purpose; my life purpose is writing, specifically fantasy and science fiction. After feeling conflicted for a few weeks, I went with the salon position that allows me to clock-in and clock-out. I realized if I continued at the fancier salon, the job that required so much more of my time and energy, I would be left with no resources to actualize my LP, and that this would render me depressed and bitter. It was hard to say no to the better pay and better benefits, as well as the 'status' factor. But ultimately, I know that time is something we cannot get back, so I went with the job that leaves more of my time free for what REALLY matters to me.
  10. Thank you everyone. The other day I sort of felt myself 'get over it'. Not like I still don't feel sad. But I just kind of realized that I am done growing here in this relationship. And the next step for me is to be on my own.
  11. I have been friends with my boyfriend four about four years, but we didn't get together until July of 2020. We moved in with each other by December of 2020. This is my first apartment and my first time living on my own (excluding a few months I lived with an abusive ex, who took care of all the bills). At twenty-seven years-old, I was terrified to move out, and having my boyfriend's emotional support was much appreciated. Because I was so scared and was relying so heavily on his emotional support, I let a lot of things slide: the cleanliness of the place, how cluttered it is, bad spending habits when we were doing the grocery run, etc. But months later, I am feeling more secure in my ability to take care of myself and pay my bills and everything. (I've never been unable to pay my bills; it's just a mental thing.) And these things I let slide and bothering me more and more. We've tried really hard to work through these issues, but ultimately, we both want to live very differently. And we have decided to separate. I'm feeling really anxious and sad, but also excited to live alone. I am reaching out to this community for support because I know I will need it. Already, I have doubted my decision many times. I have panicked about whether or not I can pay my bills. I have panicked about how lonely I may feel. I have cried as I think about how much I will miss the good aspects of the relationship. We do love each other and have amazing times together! Unfortunately, we just don't want to live the same way. He wants to stay out late. I want to go to bed early. He wants to tour with his band. I want to stay home and write. Etc. etc. I know I need a year to myself, to be single, to live how I want to live, by myself and for myself. I feel I need this so I can get a really firm idea of how I want to live and know that I can do it on my own. From there, I will be a lot more able to set boundaries and watch out for deal breakers when I date someone. Do you have any advice on how to get through this period and face my fear of being alone? I know I need to do this, but I am just so scared. Thanks, Mel
  12. @Leo Gura I should review the course content. That always inspires me.
  13. @Gili Trawangan I like that! Thank you! @Marcel Love this too! @Leo Gura Brilliant! @mandyjw Love the idea of making the pursuit of inspiration a game.
  14. Something I am realizing more and more as I proceed with the pursuit of my life purpose, is how there are high points and low points. The high points come when I am inspired, when I have a new idea I'm acting on, when I'm in the flow of creating, when I am sharing that creation with the world, etc. The low points are when my day job gets in the way and I can't live out my LP as I want to, when I see a problem with my LP that I don't know how to solve, when I don't get the response I was hoping for, etc. Lately I've had a lot of these low points. I think it's important not to stuff my feelings down; they are here for a reason, to show me something. I've been journaling about them, and realizing just how important my LP is to me. Which is inspiring in and of itself. But I am wondering: do any of you have ideas on how to deal with the low points?