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  1. "massive success, love, affection sex, social status, friends, money, spirituality and enlightenment" Can we be more specific?
  2. If we tweak the wording a bit, we get: I do all my work to escape my "self". I don't believe in looking into your "self". If you do this, you just discover a lot of shit. I think what we should do is throw ourselves out of ourselves. The truth is not deep in our "selves". The truth is here right now. I'm not massively keen on the word "escape" either but you get the idea
  3. @Radical why are you here on this forum?
  4. Why would you give someone advice?
  5. Please forgive the simplicity of my response, I'm sure other forum-users can give better answers but if you can assign a new meaning to the sound, it may help. Perhaps try and become more conscious of what you've been doing unconsciously. Switching desks also seemed like an obvious response just because of the situation although I'm sure you'd thought of it already and it probably wouldn't change your reaction to the sounds.
  6. Whenever someone says: "I'm not judging but..." Whatever they say next is probably a judgement.
  7. @Leonora nice quote
  8. @jimwell Is it useful to distinguish between people who are low-level psychopaths and people who are not low-level psychopaths?
  9. @yangmilun I like your questions. If you logged your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and beliefs, that were apparent to you, do you expect you'd notice any patterns?
  10. I thought Anthony Hopkins gave a wonderful interview in line with this theme of humility.
  11. Nice observation Moreira.
  12. Communicating with people whose minds are heavily occupied is like crossing a busy city street. You can try and stop the cars or complain about it if you want but nine times out of ten, you're best off standing there for a while, paying attention and keeping your eye out for a gap in the trafic.
  13. @28 cm unbuffed I'd agree that you can be.
  14. If you were blue or below, or even straight-up orange, it seems unlikely that you'd be taking Actualized.org as seriously as you appear to be taking it. If you were turquoise or straight-up yellow, it seems unlikely that you'd be asking the question. As an estimate, I'd therefore go for green, probably with elements of orange as western culture leans so far that way, possibly some yellow. I think that what a person does for their occupation and their interests outside of work are a strong indicator of what stage they're at, regardless of what they self-report. People are complicated "things" though and you may have aspects or qualities that a simple analysis would overlook. Please take my response with a pinch of salt. There's plenty of truth in what the other replies are saying about working it out for yourself.
  15. I had to reach a point where I really needed it before I seriously considered seeing a therapist but once I did, I actually enjoyed it and carried on long after "needing" to. Being able to talk "honestly without being judged" was a unique and, I feel, potentially, a useful experience. I saw a psychodynamic therapist. I see the quality of the dialogue in the sessions as a model for human interaction. I'd find it hard to pin down the details or benefits with any degree of certainty although I could create a speculative list. It cost an arm and a leg, so to speak; the UK health service tends to prefer CBT or pills to long-term talk therapy for patients with diagnosed conditions let alone those who feel like continuing the sessions without one. I attended weekly for two years before reaching a point where I felt like I had run out of things to talk about. Don't expect your friends and family, or really anyone else for that matter, to be supportive. Even some therapists don't believe long-term talk therapy is beneficial.