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  1. If you desire solitude, seek it.
  2. My biggest fear is suffering. I sometimes apply action or acceptance to small situations.
  3. If each stage was summarised as a set of adjectives, a person could assess their performance in those areas using established tests. It would then be a case of translating each result into a score and then adding up all the scores. Then we could play Top Trumps with people.
  4. I liked your post @CreamCat It can be useful to be aware of the tendencies of a particular teacher's approach.
  5. The word "bullshit" is verbally excreted from the mouth of humans when their internal information digesting system can't process a piece of information that has been consumed.
  6. The excellence of the depressed but technically proficient rockstar is one-dimensional and relative. It's fine to hire people to do tasks you don't like. I think the statement refers to things like observable tendencies that transfer across activities and levels of self-awareness or consciousness.
  7. Tell them you love them very much but you're worried they're not behaving the way that you think they should and if they keep it up there will be consequences. Just kidding. It would seem wise to look for ways of developing yourself that your parents approve of, or at least are OK with. They probably do care about you and it sounds like the bloodshot eyes were a bit of a shock, which isn't surprising. Maybe try to calm the workouts down a notch. When I was 15, I felt very hesitant about going to parties and drinking beer and stuff but once I tried it a few times and found some good friends, those kinds of social experiences that I was so unsure about actually ended up becoming some of the most memorable of my life. Of course, parties aren't for everyone. I think it's fairly normal for parents to be a bit worried about their teenage offspring. Try not to shock them too much and if you can't be good, be careful.
  8. Leo is a highly trained professional with regard to consciousness work with years of experience. It would be understandable if he is cautious about sharing certain details in case less experienced people, or even just different people, try to copy him without proper training and end up doing more harm than good.
  9. I've similarly been struggling for years with regular bad habits e.g. not beig able to put the laptop down causing me to stay up late and be less effective the next day. I don't feel capable of meditating. I may try bringing some more awareness to what I'm doing and may also make a chart to log several details/KPIs, like how a person might manage a team's productivity at work.
  10. When it comes to personality, have you taken a Big 5 test to find out your level of agreeableness? When you encounter something you disagree with, do you look for what truth lies within or behind it and make an assessment of the person's level of awareness/understanding so as to contextualise the message? I really like that you've made this post, I think the need to confront others verbally and how we do so is a major area of constant work for all of us and despite responding, I certainly don't assume myself to be any more advanced at this than you. Sorry if I'm asking things you're already aware of. I would expect introversion itself to help with communication awareness as it tends to go hand in hand with reflection, hesitation and, so I hear, self-awareness. I like what @Shadowraix said about intent. Humility. Has Leo ever done a video on humility?
  11. I felt mildly disappointed when the "Would Spiral Dynamics necessarily apply to aliens?" thread got closed. It seemed like a fun question with plenty of potential to help understand both the applicability of the model and the nature of life. Maybe the word "aliens" made it look frivolous.
  12. I suppose the question might be potentially useful if the answer suggests that development necessarily conforms to the model whether human or not, thereby helping us to learn about the nature of life and what we are. Also the answer may help us understand the reasons for the stages.
  13. I love Neil, I think he's smart, funny, engaging and cheerful. To me, the responses that he gives to questions in videos, including some of the things he's said about God, seem to be pretty solid orange.
  14. @LastThursday interesting.
  15. "is over-committing yourself to acquire a result, setting yourself up for failure?" It's not clear because we don't know how you're over-committing yourself, in what way, why, or what constitutes failure. Should you work 80 hours a week or go to the gym 5 hours a day? If you want to, sure. Maybe you'll fail. Maybe you'll succeed. It might be risky. You might enjoy it for a while. I can't tell. Start by working for 35 hours a week and going to the gym twice a week and if you like it, do more. I'd probably delete this response if I could as I'm not sure if it's helpful but this was what I thought.