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  1. Imagine that: you suddenly discover that the entire universe is actually, fundamentally, profoundly horrid and terrifying it/you can't be fixed because essentially nothing's broken. You just realise the awfulness of existence and other people don't those around you can't see what you see. In fact, they think there's something wrong with you This causes your entire sense of self to weaken significantly, meaning you feel vulnerable and threatened, even by your closest family, friends and medical staff
  2. Hello I couldn't see any existing references to Dr. K on the forum and wondered if it might be beneficial to bring this individual to members' attention as he tends to teach coaching and a range of meditation techniques. He produces content through his organisation Healthy Gamer, on Twitch and YouTube. Dr. Alok Kanojia as he's more formally known, was at one point playing too many videogames, so his father sent him to India where he spent seven years training to become a monk. However, he met a girl, fell in love and decided to come back to the US again. Upon returning, he completed his degree and went on to become a qualified psychiatrist at Harvard medical school. Rather than pursuing a traditional career, Alok founded Healthy Gamer. We might say that he wants to help his former self, the loser who played too many videogames. Dr. K combines experience from both his psychiatry and his spiritual training to provide coaching sessions to individuals, some of which are streamed publically and shared as videos. He recently mentioned both Neti Neti and Siddhis, which made me think about Actualized.org. I've not heard him mention Spiral Dynamics but he managed to hold a room containing both David Pakman and a passionate Trump supporter recently as a demonstration of the power of empathetic listening and understanding. Admittedly Pakman didn't speak much.
  3. @Preety_India Are there ideas which, if shared, might assist with, not necessarily awakening but spiritual growth, if the reader is ready to realise them?
  4. @JaySwole can you recall another time where you had a dream and it was rendered redundant by something? I am wondering whether the idea of your hopes getting shattered has happened before.
  5. Try to figure out* why you got to the place of wanting self-love in the first place. *If you enjoy trying to figure things out.
  6. I like the way that Actualized.org explores a wide variety of topics from some very open-minded perspectives. I also like the helpful community members and the fact that Leo is a very active participant on the forum. I would like to see more sensitivity, for example the latest video starts by explaining that a person's family have informed us that a member has taken their life and then moments later says "I'm assuming it's true. Let's just treat it as though it's true... alright so let's say it happened". To me this came across as insensitive.
  7. We could say that calling someone lazy is lazy and we might be right in some sense but there are more important things than being right. Why is that person lazy? What do they need? Can we help them?
  8. What I like about Sadhguru is how rarely I can predict what he's going to say next.
  9. I find loneliness, and other things, can to some extent be independent of whether there are people around. I actually live "with" people i.e. there are people in my house but we're not that close in some ways.
  10. In my teens I told my dad I might not want to work in an office He was like... "What else are you going to do?" I've worked in an office ever since and am still trying to answer the question
  11. Hi Preety, I just read your message and found it uplifting. Glad to hear it.
  12. I'm glad the race has been called in Biden's favour. He will face many challenges. Trump got into power while the country was still reeling from the Great Recession and witnessing global shifts in power and relative wealth. Those shifts continue. The virus is devastating the global economy. We have not seen the worst of this. 2021 will be a very difficult year. I think Biden lacks the brains and the strength to weather the coming storm successfully. It will ultimately defeat him one way or another, unless he has help. For now though, I am grateful that he isn't Trump. Let us see what other characters surround Biden during this time of change. Perhaps there are other people in the picture already. Perhaps it's obvious. I don't normally follow politics.
  13. Best of luck and I hope you find a good therapist, who you like and respect.
  14. One option might be to take your desire to its limit. Find out the extent to which you can make it happen. Explore. Research. Be resourceful, open-minded. Nifty. Use your skills, your values, your relationships. Your feelings. Are you on the right track? Is this still something that you want? If not, what else would you do? We learn about ourselves and the world when we approach the boundaries of what might or might not be possible.
  15. That's the part I always forget Thank you again