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  1. About Visualization: The important thing is the feeling that the Visualization generate in you. So what generate the most emotions in you? the image that you see your video hit 1 Million views? or the image of many people messaging you to say how you motivated them and changed their lives? what do you feel when you visualize it? Also, How much do you implement idea of FLOW in your life? for me it's life changing concept - I'm motivated to do things just because I know that doing them I'll enter into flow. This channel helped me ALOT regarding Visualization, practically living my life purpose, flow. This guy also have great courses about productivity, subconscious mind programming etc.
  2. A Must watch documentary about the Nova festival massacre. Although I knew all the dry facts, until watching it I couldn't fathom what happened there.
  3. @Salvijus fair enough @cetus Thanks
  4. @Salvijus what's the source for this advice? As a life coach / therapist, and from much work on my own, that sounds like bad advice for someone in her situation. It might be right in the logical sense, but it ignores the emotional wound. There is a little girl inside of her that is seeking healing and she can't just ignore her. IMO going beyond it would be to ignore it and resist it. and what you resist persist. @Judy2 It sounds that you understand, that the voice that asks these questions is a voice that is seeking healing. And the healing is by giving validation to yourself, by seeing the pain and validating the pain and giving it place. can you see the hurt girl inside of you? if you can, talk to her, validate her, ask her what she needs, hug her. be for her the benevolent parent that she lacked in her past.
  5. @Leo Gura How would Israel act differently if it was a higher consciousness state? How would you act if you were the PM of Israel?
  6. Because without suffering you could not feel and appreciate the opposite of suffering - comfort, openness, expansion, relaxation.
  7. @Karmadhi Where are you from? do you think you country is more moral than Israel? if Israel is as moral as Russia, why does in this conflict its Russia who supports Hamas and Ukraine support Israel? It seems to me that @DawnC is presenting you with many valuable question to help you understand the situation, and it seems to me that you are not interested in understanding the situation but just hating Israel. What hurts you so much?
  8. What's the source to that? If you adhere to this kind of logic of "my actions are justified by the past", you must also think that Israel's Response to the massacre is justified. Otherwise you are holding double standards.
  9. Abducted Israeli soldier was freed by IDF from Hamas captivity
  10. good job!
  11. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Book by Sogyal Rinpoche
  12. sounds good, I'm gonna try
  13. @Leo Gura Would you trade all your knowledge, insights and spiritual experiences for good health?
  14. @MihaiXx Oh shit that was painful to read. Too close to the similar experience I had and that I'm trying to forget Ignorant is truly bliss