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  1. amazing
  2. wow thanks for sharing
  3. in your situation I would try alternative medicine methods - ayurveda, homeopathy, reiki and such
  4. be aware when you are authentic and when it's your childhood defense mechanism that are "being authentic" - don't expect that girls would love your neurosis. it's good to be authentic, it shows you where you have more work do to, what direction to grow. if you would be very authentic, in the long run you will become very attractive guy, buy only if you work hard on your neurosis in the meanwhile.
  5. what about moments in time that I have a memory of? would you classify them as the same imagination category of birth and death? because if memory can be trusted then it makes sense to think that the body will die, which is a death in a sense.
  6. @Emerald What you are saying just contradict my experience. It's clear to me that If you approach a girl in the right way - It will be a positive experience for her almost always. And why not? It's something very positive to approach a girl. you assuming that If I approach you it means I approach every girl I see Is not correct. If you are an available girl, being approached is something you should appreciate immensely, because you would not approach won't you? maybe most men use cold approaches just to get laid, they approach every woman they see, and they don't know how to approach nicely. But it doesn't mean approaching can't be done consciously and beautifully.
  7. @Emerald are you the average woman? the way you react is not necessarily how most women react. My experience is that when I'm in the right energy or "state", most women will respond very positively to a Sincere compliment. It's because of the energy and the value I give. But there are definitely more effective ways to approach. if you want to understand it better you can watch this:
  8. Enjoyed your book reviews a lot!
  9. was excited to remind you to see them as threshold guardians, as a test: "do I want it bad enough?" but I see that I got beaten to it Another point to consider: Is it clear to you that someone else that would be in your exact place won't care at all? that the emotional reaction is totally yours? (and as you say the PMS made it much stronger). If you are willing to accept that you are responsible for these emotions, then you can ask yourself why am I reacting that way? why do I care so much? what situation in the past created this defence mechanism? (you mentioned being bullied). there are also techniques to go back to traumatic memories and change them, those can be really powerful with releasing the emotional blockages. it can be helpful to see emotions that rile up as something positive. I tell myself when emotional things are surfacing "oh wonderful these are emotions that are stuck in my body, in my subconscious, and this is an opportunity for me to observe them and experience them, it will help me release these emotions from my body and free energy from my subconscious, so it's a great opportunity, it's a purification process that will make me a better and happier person" - this helps me to lower the resistance to those emotional states and even be happy to face them. (Vipassana meditation) Another thing that I would try to do, Is to explain to the trolls how it makes me feel. I assume that they quite miserable people if they get to a point that they need to troll someone, so you can just tell them something like "it hurts me when you write this comment, I don't understand why you write it, could you please stop?" "could you tell me why you are trolling me?" maybe those are people that got hurt in the past by you? I would try to conduct a dialogue with them. show them compassion. I guess it could also make things worst but I would try it.
  10. I see that I kinda stop pursuing spirituality - Meditation, trips. As in my trips, I encountered some truths that weren't much to my liking. I didn't find Nirvana at the end of the road, I encountered things that felt true but weren't too special - like oh right now I remember, everything is clear, there is nothing else to understand, let's go back to life and enjoy. So you don't really feel motivated to face this truth as I experienced that there is nothing to really see. Another thing is this fear that I have, I think from childhood I adopted this belief that no matter how much I wished for a "happy ending" like in the stories, I don't really believe they exist. Like deep down, I "know" that I won't find what I seek - peace, redemption, love. I see that in my life, as much as everytime a new hope and dream for something good - relationship, love, success in things, at the end it doesn't work out and I return back to zero. (of course that logically I do see that I progress but emotionally it always feels the same). So emotional It's hard for me to believe in a positive truth to find in spirituality. what can I do? maybe self inquire about what is good? what is an end? what is the truth?
  11. well if girls and dating is a sticking point for you, you will face fears and develop yourself massively from it. I'm into it right now.
  12. @Leo Gura thanks leo @Dodo thanks Dodo and please come back Thanks guys, love you all 💗💗