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  1. @DefinitelyNotARobot If you keep blaming yourself, 1) You can ask yourself: what do I gain from blaming myself? maybe you are addicted to feeling guilty? (it can feel good in a twisted kind of way) , maybe it makes you feel superior? be conscious of the benefits or blaming yourself. 2) Again, Realized that self-blame didn't come you, it came from your family, from an adult - when you were a child and you had no choice but to accept what they tell you because they were the source of love for you. When you blame yourself, you keep traumatizing the child in you, you keep strengthening the adult that was blaming the child. You can work on your self-talk
  2. it doesn't matter if it's true or false for the healing process, what matters is what was your experienced as a child. Work with what you comes up. go to that memory (real or imaginary) and do two things: 1) release the energy (ask the child: if everything is possible, what do you want to say or do? 2) support him like you said you are doing, give valudation to his experience, tell me him he is ok/not guilty etc.). follow the emotions - what brings emotions is the right thing to say. about self hatred - ask yourself - what needs to happen to a child in his childhood that when he is an adult he hates himself? usually it's our parents, mom or dad that criticized us, in a harsh way, and we believed their critisicm. so we need to go back to these memories when we were critisiced and support the child, telling the opposite - that's he's amazing, loved etc.
  3. @Thorsten Fuzzi I'm glad I could be of assistance Lot's of blessings in your Journey, Will be happy to hear how the journey is unfolding. A nice supplement to the Life Purpose course that helps me make decisions in my life:
  4. @Mikael89 IMO being a victim is a perspective about life that was probably forced upon with your childhood and trauma, But it's a perspective that can be changed, and as an adult it's your responsibility if you want a good life. a mentaly damaged person is not a victim - he can still enjoy life in many way. victim is a resistance to reality. watch the movie "Miracle in Cell No. 7". how I know it can be changed - If you will practice meditation, and start to live in the now - your past won't be relevant anymore, you can choose each moment to act and respond as you want! also if you will practice meditation you will start to be less and less identified with your thoughts, and you will stop believing them, and you will be free to from the thoughts you don't want. 10% is what happens to you, 90% is how you respond. you have the choice to interpret any situation in a positive, empowering way and thus stop suffering and being a victim. Also it's important to say that what you feel and think is valid. I believe that only after some feel understood, that his pains are understood - only after the emotions were processed, he is able to think, to see how to solve the issue. So if you still strong emotions about it I don't think there is a point to logically debate it.
  5. @Thorsten Fuzzi First thing I want to tell you - WOW, you are truly an amazing and noble person. I cherish your high sense of Morality, Empathy, selflessness, and kindness. Second, it sounds like you did a really good job helping and evolving your girlfriend. Although all of her stage red behaviours are hard to stomach, it seems she is a unique person, and has the desire to evolve and can be in the long term a good partner and parent - is this the way you feel about it or not? Third, My experience is that in almost any situation in life, when we are creative, we can find solutions that are win-win. I think it's probable to assume that you could fulfil your Life Purpose while raising your daughter. Example: if your goal is to mediate, You can still meditate, practice mindfulness while taking care of your daughter - it's a different kind of meditation but it will evolve you on the spiritual path (there are entire schools of spirituality the are devoted solely to mindfulness like the 4th way). Of course, you may have to sacrifce things, and it may take you more time to achieve your LF, but it's about the journey, not the destination And if you realize that your LP can't be achieved while raising your daughter - well - parenthood only last for so long, after maybe 14-18 years you will become relatively free again. So you might have to wait for a little while and start your Life Purpose at age 35-40, Which is still pretty young and you will have a Daughter which is amazing Nevertheless, If your heart is telling you to choose to not take part in the parenting - It is a valid option. You didn't choose it! She chose it, and she is 100% responsible if your daughter grows up without her father. you've manipulated, lied and coerced and you need to love yourself first, to support yourself first, to respect yourself first - because if you don't do it, you couldn't do it to your daughter. If you Do it out of resentment - it will be better for your daughter to be raised without you.
  6. @How to be wise sounds very strange to me that a high enough percentage of the girls are willing to CHEAT on their husbands/boyfriends for a job...
  7. I like your stuff! I'm an INFJ (like you?) and Life coach too. About Being an effective communicator - Did you take Joseph Rodrigues "How To Transform Yourself Into An Effective Communicator For Influence Course?" I think it's an awesome course (and super cheap...)
  8. what are the best courses that you took in your life? (online or offline)
  9. I suddenly had that realization that working for someone else is not really different than the middle ages when farmers worked hard to make money for the rich/noble people. Thoughts about that?
  10. @susanyzm @susanyzm happy to help great, that's a solid affirmation. For me, as mentioned, it helps to see that the inner abuser is not me. it's subconscious thoughts/beliefs that were planted in me in my childhood. I actually see myself as a child and when I noticed them I change them to self love thoughts to that child.
  11. Joseph Rodrigues Subconscious Mind programming course helps me a lot with limiting beliefs. (or even just his free YT videos)
  12. nice thanks
  13. There is Trickery in that 1) In regretting your imply that you can control your life, the circumstances of your life - and that is simply not true (From a normal Ego perspective at least) - You do not control The circumstances of your life. 2) You might say "no but I do control my reactions. and in that time I decided to act in a stupid and not do the course, and I regret today - In that case, you do not realize that you are in a process of development. It means that you had to act in the "stupid way" that you did so now you can grow from this. that's the only way to grow! In order to choose now to do the course, you had to choose to not do it in the past. Imagine if you again opted to not do it now and only in 10 years realize that you should do it. You can be grateful that you do it now 3) When you are talking about the past, you don't really talk about the past - you talk about the present. What do you gain from Regretting? what "Hidden" benefit do you have from it? Maybe it's hard for you to accept certain parts of yourself? the "lazy part" or any other part of you that made you not take the course in the past perhaps? 4) The Root: We assume that everything comes from our childhood. We can ask the question - what a child needs to experience so that when she is an adult she will experience Regrets? we can look at regrets as a form of violence towards oneself. The violence that was inflicted on her, that she learnt and she keeps inflicting towards herself. Is it criticism for her parents? do the regrets represent in you the voice of your parents that were criticizing towards you? and maybe you feel guilty still of what you were criticized? If it is so, It's important to go to the Root Memories and release the blame - telling the child: "you are not guilty", "you were doing what you could", "you couldn't do anything differently", "you did what you could and that's OK". 5) It's about the journey, Not the destination. It doesn't really matter when you start, because all you really have is this moment. and if at this moment you follow your bliss, you pursue your purpose, you progress In your life, you're in flow - you are satisfied and happy, aren't you? and It doesn't necessarily get better than that.
  14. @Leo Gura Leo, If we assume that you have exactly what you want to have (consciously or unconsciously), why do you think that you choose to have this Health condition? what do you gain from having it?