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  1. My friend told me that in Tantra it is said that unconsciously am attracted to women with same emotional patterns as My mom, and that ultimately this kind of relationships will not be happy. And the the solution is to grow my weak side\energy (male or female) and then I will attract women that are not like my mom. I would like to read about this theory or other theories that are related, that demystify all of that because I feel a little bit in the dark regarding that. Leo's List books (book number X in Y category), Books in generals, Youtube videos etc. are welcomed
  2. @Someone here I like your answer. Nonetheless I understand that it is possible to be conscious That only "I" exist. In my deepest Awakening experience only "I" existed. But this knowing doesn't seem to pass on to regular, dual life So should I discard this experience in my regular life? I am looking for an explanation that will satisfy both views (some of the explanations here seem to do so ).
  3. through my psychedelic trips and Leo's videos there exist the experience / notion of "only I exist" - I am the only consciousness that exist, and all other consciousnesses are merely Illusions - Like characters In a dream / computer game that have no independent existent on their own. Do I understand it right? If this is true, I do not completely understand why is that so, why it is not possible for other consciousnesses to exist and experience a different reality? The logic for that is that the "Truth" is not a concept, it's only what exist in my direct experience, So any experience that I am not directly conscious of can exist only in my Imagination and therefor false. But on the other hand Leo is saying that the truth is what I imagine, so If I imagine that other consciousnesses exist they "truly" exist? Anyways, it makes me feel puzzled, because if only I exist than why Leo and all of you do not acknowledge this, admit that you are figments of my Imagination? Also, So I have to assume that Only I am real but in this imaginary world that I created everyone behave as if they existed - and they behave as if they exist only for me to experience love? And ultimately, If true, How should it practically change my life? for example, now by writing this post I have to assume that you, the one who reads this post are all real just for the sake of helping me, The only real consciousness, to explore this world that I created?
  4. I see that this question is something I focus on a lot in my life. I think I made the assumption that it's also something that everyone is occupied with. But now I realize that maybe not. That most people are just living their lives "automatically" without giving a second thought to their reactions. @Nahm can you elaborate about the use of LOA, I"m not sure i'm getting it (maybe an example ) @ivankiss does it let your respond in the way that you are happy about?
  5. @NatureB From a Coaching training course I did in a coaching method called "Satya" here in Israel. @Aquarius can you elaborate on the purifying of mind and transcending ego process? There are situations, pretty exclusively with my (not exactly) girlfriend, that she becomes strongly emotional and has a specific need from me, and that specific need pushed deep buttons inside of me and feels like satisfying her need at the moment will be at the expense of myself. For example there are times that she becomes quite "needy", in a demand for constant attention/love/hug/sex and at the same time I'm in a strong need for space/freedom/doing what I want/ not feeling forced to do something (in my childhood I often had the feeling that I am forced to do things I didn't want so it's a deep rooted feeling in me) And at these times sometimes I find myself not sure how to deal with the situation. @Nahm It's a start what's your way?
  6. @Aquarius what do you mean that are unable to feel negative emotions? how did you reach it? how do you raise your vibration practically? I agree that emotions are not really negative, but practically speaking do you have a better word to call them? The thing with expressing my emotion freely and openly in my experience is that when the other side is also emotional it will usually just escalate the situation. any tips?
  7. When dealing live with other people, how do you deal with your emotions in real-time? I'm experimenting now with different techniques, and was curious to know about the full spectrum of reactions to negative emotions in Situations when you feel Anger/frustration/judgment/blame or other emotions like embarrassment/shame. techniques I use: Non-identification / Mindfulness - being aware of the thought/ "Angry me" and realizing I have the choice to not identify with it Body - putting my attention on my body, identifying the body sensations that are hard for me to feel and taking care of them - breathing to them, accepting them. Inner child - talking to the "inner child" in me - the childish part in me that is in pain, understanding what he needs and taking care of him, hugging me, soothing him. Enjoying Mindset - Being happy that a sensation arises because now I can be with it, sense it and dissolve it through feeling it. Non violent communication - Identify and Connect to my need that is behind this emotion. Curiosity\seeking understanding - connect to not knowing - Identify the assumption that causes me the unpleasant emotion, seeing that it's not the truth and asking the other side why he behave in the way he behave (in a honest, non judgmental way) I would like to know what other effective techniques exist.
  8. 1) you don't have to identify with your thoughts, thoughts are just thoughts, and you always find proof to any thought that comes. even if now you will take the opposite thought - you could find why it's true. 2) these thoughts are defense mechanics - created in your childhood to protect you but are no longer necessary. when you are emotional, you can connect to your body sensations, ask from where do I know these sensations (example tension in the throat - from when do I know this tension? and a childhood memory will probably come. then you can ask yourself if everything was possible, what this child would want to do , would like to say? what this child needs? (use your imagination to get the child what he needs) and heal this part.
  9. what about these books?
  10. you can ask yourself: "what does she needs from me?" (she needs attention? love? see that those parts of her that you hate, are childish parts of her that we never given what they needed and so were never transcended, and by helping and giving her them you can help her grow - you can see that she is just a little girl in a woman's body and it can trigger compassion to her ) and when you identify her needs you can give them to her in a way that suits you, that is easy for you to give.
  11. how much time per day it took you to count calories?@Amandine
  12. @Hardkill in my country you can get an allowance for certain disabilities, did you check for this? I have a friend who suffers mostly from depression and some other mental stuff and his request for an allowance was recently approved, it helped him calm his mind and be able to focus on how to to do the best he can in his situation.
  13. @Aaron p thanks @Nahm let me contemplate your answer 🙂
  14. Diet 7/10 fitness 6/10 daily practices - you mean meditation/contemplation/inquiry? ~ I spend 1-2 hours every day meditating/contemplating. inspecting beliefs - yes aligning source feeling thought - can you explain? dreamboarding = vision board? letting go = accepting what is? allowing dots to connect - how do you do it? mindfulness of self love, & relationship love giving - not sure why you define it as mindfulness, you mean how much I'm mindful to loving myself and giving love? I think I love myself, could improve on giving love. how do you define purification? in the last year i stopped doing SDS, but actually decided to get back to it in the last two days.
  15. I guess it's always good, but why specifically in my case you think it's the solution ?