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  1. @Leo Gura Would you trade all your knowledge, insights and spiritual experiences for good health?
  2. @MihaiXx Oh shit that was painful to read. Too close to the similar experience I had and that I'm trying to forget Ignorant is truly bliss
  3. @NoSelfSelf I don't mind putting effort to something if it's worth it. But right now I have other priorities. I'm looking for the 20% that brings 80% of the results. @LordFall Ok, You've convinced me to watch.
  4. @museumoftrees but does it develop you? and what are the chances for becoming famous from Video games? I just want an IG to complement my cold approaches @LordFall This looks too advance, I'm looking just for the basics. Do you have a video recommendation for basic stuff?
  5. are they any good courses / channels for that stuff? TO be honest I want just to do the minimum to have a passable insta account.
  6. You can join The "Israeli fans" Whatsup group
  7. send a message that it was nice to talk to her with your name. if she responds, ask what's up with her and chat abit , tell her something about your day for example. once you have a fun chill small talk, ask her what she is doing this week. after she answers, asks when she is free to meet this week and offer her to do something.
  8. If I'm God, and I have the ultimate unbounded freedom to create as I please, surely I can create other beings as myself, separated from me. Hence the world we live in with many different consciousnesses. Solipsism debunked?
  9. Thanks guys for your perspectives! posting here always helps me seeing things more clear. I am thinking and contemplating the different ideas that you shared
  10. Deep down my intuition tells me my soul mate is out there looking for me. That my life purpose is to find her and love her. (In addition to my career life purpose). But as the days go and pass, and I am still by myself, I ask myself - maybe I'm just deluded? maybe there is a chance I will never find "her"? maybe I'll be by myself for the rest of my life, without a woman to love, without children to love? I think I work hard to become my best self and I do enjoy the process, I mostly do it for myself. And I'm quite a happy person and I do enjoy my life. I am blessed in many ways - I'm super healthy, smart, kind, have a good family all things considered, looks young, do things that I love, honest. But sometimes I have these moments - Wow I work hard for it, learn and study to be more attractive, practice many hours of pick up, and I never complain. I really feel like I do my best, but I haven't attracted a Girl (I can love) into my life. It just breaks my heart to see it - because I see the pure honest motivation that I have, just to love and do good (and I feel I have many gifts to give) but it feels as if the universe rejects it. I had a dream this night - I was walking in the hallway, half aware it is a dream, very confused, asking whom I see - why am I here? what is my purpose? I was so confused, so innocent, just wanting things to be ok, to do the right thing that everyone will be happy, feeling trapped myself. but I couldn't find the answer. waking up from this dream I started to cry and write this post.
  11. Hold strong eye contact with her (right eye to her right her). escalate. have fun and do what you want!
  12. @integral Mostly listening to her, reflecting her, giving her my perspective and understanding on what she shares. Asking questions to guide her to the root of stuff. Helping her see the positive, her resources, her greatness. Hugging and caressing her when she cries. sprinkling a bit of humor when appropriate. We also do things together for fun like cooking, going to the beach. @Raze Thanks, I'm watching! @Devin Possible. but even if that's the case I enjoy to invest in her right now. It does conflict a bit with other dating opportunities I have so I think If in the next 1-2 meetings the relationship remains platonic, I will open it up with up, make sure what she wants and if she is not interested in anything romantic or sexual - I think I will naturally start to invest more in other girls and less with her. Btw I have an important update, She said she is gonna bake me a pie level of investment over 9000! problem solved??
  13. @LordFall I practice day game pretty regularly And I have a date or two per week but I kind of lost interest in other girls for now. I feel like I have to sort this thing with her first. Why do yo think so? and what's wrong with supporting friends emotionally? There is a good chance she is not interested and that's ok for me. But in the case that she is - I would like to play my cards right. @StarStruck I did tell her a few times that's I'm interested in the past, and at those time she she was not. Since then the dynamics of our relationship changed - we got much closer - so I think there is a chance she is starting to develop feeling for me but I don't know. I'm pretty open with her and I think the best option is to seize the moment, next time we have an intimate moment I will test to see if she is attracted.
  14. I have a female friend (the one I posted about a month or two ago) that her and me are getting closer in our friendship. I do like her romantically but even just being friends with her makes me happy. I think that she likes me too but the thing which prevents her from feeling enough attraction for me to want to be together is that she doesn't invest much in the relationship - It feels as if it's a bit one sided - I mostly help and support her. The main reason for that is that she is going through a rough period in life: she just started therapy recently and she is facing a lot of pain, anxiety, fears and traumas and in general I just want to be there to help and support her. I search for a WIN WIN relationship and if we stay just close friends - I'm happy about it. But I do think it's possible for us to have a WIN WIN romantic relationship and the thing that I Know from attraction theory is that It's important for a girl to feel she invests in the relationship to feel attraction. And I was thinking that this is the thing that is lacking. So I an wondering how to make her invest more in the relationship? I also think that this question is manipulative and one part of me doesn't like. So if I would like a relationship that we invest the same amount of energy and time in each other - how do I make it so from the place that I'm at -Which is more 70%-30% investment levels, in non manipulative ways?
  15. @integral @Leo Gura Beautiful