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  1. @lostingenosmaze Wheel of time is great fantasy book series. I enjoy it a lot. But still the way many characters behave, think, do - is pretty low consciousness behavior that I feel brings my consciousness "vibration" down. compared to listening to Leo or other inspiring videos/audios that lift it - I can see the emotion impact it has on me. @DocWatts Thanks. I've listened to A wizard of Earthsea. which book of her did you enjoy most?
  2. I would like to find books to read or hear for my recreative time that are also highly conscious. My favorite genre is fantasy and my favorite book series as I grew up was "The wheel of time". Recently i started listening again to the series and even thought I still enjoyed it a lot, I felt that it impacts my mentality in a negative way - it makes me feel various negative emotions compared to listening to high consciousness resources. I wonder if there are good fiction books that elevate you? and which
  3. I feel I'm too much connected to my feminine side that I lost touch with the male, the doer, the gambler, the one who takes actions, the one who fights. and as a result of that I can't find the partner i want -the feminine girl type that I'm attracted to to. I've read in the fast the way of the superior man And I'm gonna start reading it again now - but if you have any advice that helped with that please share. let's make me man again.
  4. what do you think about this analysis? (Scott Ritter)
  5. Did you develop enough awareness to catch these thoughts real time when they show up? If so what do you once you notice them? You can try to find the root childhood events (memories) that made you develop these thoughts and do therapy work on them - expressing and doing things that you wanted to do and say but couldn't as a child and giving the child what he needed in these events. With this technique you can really nip the mechanisms from the root.
  6. If when you grow up you are fed with the right beliefs it's easy to adopt the right mindset for being a social rock star. and as you practice it as a child it's much faster than as an adult, you have no resistances. there is no other operation system you have to erase while building the new one
  7. @Leo Gura Thanks, I take from your response that whenever I open a set I should immediately focus on the girl I like and talk to her. my automatic reaction is to talk without purpose and make sure everyone feels comfortable. @Lyubov Ah the Narcissist wingman that needs you for emotional support but doesn't give a shit about you - I met some like that. I have a client who a guy he thought was his best friend was like that with him, for something like 9 whole fucking years. It took him an Ayahuasca and therapy to understand his best friend is a piece of shit to him.
  8. I have a wing that I like and we have good chemistry. Problem is that he is more cocky \ player \ selfish than me, so when we open sets together he kinda sets the frame and it makes me a bit uncomfortable because I'm more authentic \ friendly vibe which seems to me to be a weaker frame. Maybe the difference is that he is looking for sex and I'm looking for "love" \ girlfriend. On top of that, I still have my own issues relating to communicating in a group and it's challenging for me to take attention and talk about myself \ stories. I'm wondering if I should stick to my authentic guy frame and just divide the sets half and half, and ask him to support me in my frame in my sets. Or otherwise, in order to be successful, I have to adapt and learn the cocky/player mindset, even though it feels fake and stupid to me?
  9. cool Idea. your way to process the anxiety is to just focus on it intensely until it passes? even if it's like an hour? For me, it didn't really work, only forcing myself to approach helped.
  10. @Terell Kirby today I feel pretty comfortable and I enjoy most social situations, but I think you are right that I suffered from social anxiety to a degree. and for sure for many years I resisted my needs, not in a healthy way.
  11. I mean just as I can't survive and be happy without food, maybe I'm a social animal and can't be happy without a social circle. When I am by myself and don't share with anyone my day, my thoughts, my emotions, and struggles, I tend to feel lonely, heavy, not cheerful and happy, and excited as I tend to be when I share these things with other people. should I treat the negative emotions that come up as something to face and transcend, as If I will do it enough I will become free of them and then will become happy, excited, and cheerful by myself, without being dependant on other people. or no matter how much I face these emotions, they just reflect basic human needs that I gotta give to myself to be happy and they will stay with me until they are satisfied. I think I'm introverted. I have a twin brother and we were quite dependent on each other as kids but since age 14 I started to become independent and be by myself.
  12. For many years I have tried to "cure" myself from the need for contact, validation, sharing, talking, and getting help from others. I saw it as a weakness. I thought that the loneliness I feel is an emotion that has to be felt and conquered, eliminated from the root. That to be truly free I need to feel happy just by myself with no one else. But it never really worked out for me. Although I think I developed my self-love a lot and I can be fairly happy by myself most of the time, loneliness was never really completely rooted away. I wasn't really happy the way I wanted. In recent times, I gave up on this way and decided to build a social circle, create friendships, and close connections, and to be honest I see that I'm much much happier and fulfilled this way. So my question is: from your experience, are we truly social animals? should I treat my need to talk, share, be listened to, interact and talk with people the same way I treat my need to eat and sleep? or maybe It's just an escape from feeling loneliness and other unpleasant emotions, and I should go deeper into these emotions until they fade into love?
  13. @Lews Therin Onenote newest version works well for me
  14. Wow, what a Journey. I am sorry that you went through all these hard experiences. And I'm happy For the Beautiful awakenings. Sending you lots of love!
  15. @bensenbiz sounds fun @Gesundheit Jesus lower the difficulty a bit Sounds like an MMO with too much grind.