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  1. Hold strong eye contact with her (right eye to her right her). escalate. have fun and do what you want!
  2. @integral Mostly listening to her, reflecting her, giving her my perspective and understanding on what she shares. Asking questions to guide her to the root of stuff. Helping her see the positive, her resources, her greatness. Hugging and caressing her when she cries. sprinkling a bit of humor when appropriate. We also do things together for fun like cooking, going to the beach. @Raze Thanks, I'm watching! @Devin Possible. but even if that's the case I enjoy to invest in her right now. It does conflict a bit with other dating opportunities I have so I think If in the next 1-2 meetings the relationship remains platonic, I will open it up with up, make sure what she wants and if she is not interested in anything romantic or sexual - I think I will naturally start to invest more in other girls and less with her. Btw I have an important update, She said she is gonna bake me a pie level of investment over 9000! problem solved??
  3. @LordFall I practice day game pretty regularly And I have a date or two per week but I kind of lost interest in other girls for now. I feel like I have to sort this thing with her first. Why do yo think so? and what's wrong with supporting friends emotionally? There is a good chance she is not interested and that's ok for me. But in the case that she is - I would like to play my cards right. @StarStruck I did tell her a few times that's I'm interested in the past, and at those time she she was not. Since then the dynamics of our relationship changed - we got much closer - so I think there is a chance she is starting to develop feeling for me but I don't know. I'm pretty open with her and I think the best option is to seize the moment, next time we have an intimate moment I will test to see if she is attracted.
  4. I have a female friend (the one I posted about a month or two ago) that her and me are getting closer in our friendship. I do like her romantically but even just being friends with her makes me happy. I think that she likes me too but the thing which prevents her from feeling enough attraction for me to want to be together is that she doesn't invest much in the relationship - It feels as if it's a bit one sided - I mostly help and support her. The main reason for that is that she is going through a rough period in life: she just started therapy recently and she is facing a lot of pain, anxiety, fears and traumas and in general I just want to be there to help and support her. I search for a WIN WIN relationship and if we stay just close friends - I'm happy about it. But I do think it's possible for us to have a WIN WIN romantic relationship and the thing that I Know from attraction theory is that It's important for a girl to feel she invests in the relationship to feel attraction. And I was thinking that this is the thing that is lacking. So I an wondering how to make her invest more in the relationship? I also think that this question is manipulative and one part of me doesn't like. So if I would like a relationship that we invest the same amount of energy and time in each other - how do I make it so from the place that I'm at -Which is more 70%-30% investment levels, in non manipulative ways?
  5. @integral @Leo Gura Beautiful
  6. Thanks guys. When submitting this thread I got emotional and was stuck in a this weird thinking loop. When I managed to get out of the emotional hole I could see how ridiculous my thoughts were. My solution is just to create more abundance until I'm satisfied with the quality of people / women in my life.
  7. Where can I find an uncensored version of this bot? for science... Edit: Upon reflection, maybe it's not worth it - all the twisted shit that can be created without censorship
  8. Favorite image I created so far!
  9. @Tortured Soul By confidence I don't mean your general self confidence but your particular confidence of cold approaching chicks.
  10. It's perfectly logical to feel that way. Cold Approaching is a skill - like playing the Piano. If you will try to play the piano at first you will not feel confident about it - you will play poorly. Same with approaching - you are awkward because you don't know the technique - how to approach smoothly. And also you don't have the experience. So learn the proper technique and then practice and apply until you become smooth and confident.
  11. It finally dawned on me that things like flaking, ignoring me, not responding or not answering questions that I ask when texting, not investing in the relationship or doing only things that she wants - Mostly in romantic context but also in friendships I have with girls - Are Huge red flags of disrespect for me. And I pretty much allow it - I'm basically becoming a fucking rug. I'm allowing girls things that I will never allow a male friend to do. I'm sick of having suck relationships, So how to deal with it? I thought that every time I feel disrespected - She doesn't answer me a few times for example - I should set a boundary and tell her "Hey It's important for me to have mutual respectful communication with people. I think it's respectful to answer people questions or at least if you don't want to answer say or explain why. Of course it doesn't have to be 100% but I think you can feel when people respect each other. So If you value the relationship with me and are willing to invest that energy to have a respectful relationship - that's amazing, let's do that. If not - let's say goodbye" How do you guys deal with this shit? It happens to me with girls I took numbers from cold approaches, with friends, also with a girl I hooked up with.
  12. ask about what you're really curious and interested about
  13. @Jake Chambers You made me cry reading that! You deserve another chance and although I don't know what happens after death, I believe you will get it. When I was a child what hurt me the most was not understanding why I suffer and fail at things. I just wanted to be good at something and to feel that I belong. I would ask myself - why do I deserve this fate? did I do anything wrong? I believed i was pure and innocent and Just wanting the good for everybody. But reality showed me otherwise, that maybe I deserve the suffering I experienced. Only now in my mid 30's I can appreciate, understand and see the the fruits of the suffering , the greater good of it. So what's the greater good of your Situation? I don't know, but it must exist, right?
  14. @Vrubel cool. I do practice no-fap and I feel the difference. So you say touching yourself without Cumming brings out the masculine energy? I'll try to do it before a date. Another good exercise for connecting to masculine energy - Put energetic music and Imagine that a group robbers are coming to your house and want to kill and rape everyone one that is important for you. That start fighting them - Punch and kick the air and the imagined robbers - bring out the killer in you, connect to this dark energy. on e you're tired - take a few breathes, relax and repeat a few times. About Food - why not go eat Pizza? Or meet after Diner?