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  1. Wow, what a Journey. I am sorry that you went through all these hard experiences. And I'm happy For the Beautiful awakenings. Sending you lots of love!
  2. @bensenbiz sounds fun @Gesundheit Jesus lower the difficulty a bit Sounds like an MMO with too much grind.
  3. What is the name of the game are you playing right now? and on what difficulty? I'm playing "turquoise coaching simulator" (or at least I want to believe I'm doing so ?) on medium difficulty.
  4. One way to see it - in order to live this human life and experience life to it's fullest, you've got to believe in separateness and others - to believe that you mom and dad exist, that people around you exist. so others existing is a strong survival mechanism. It means you have a strong bias towards other existing. Now when you search for the truth and discover that only you exist, this mechanism activates itself and you feel the terror. But the truth is that you are no longer a child, and this mechanism doesn't serve you anymore, and you can live your life happily without believing others exist. My current solution to the "problem" is to see that It mattes less what truth you discover or what happens to you, it's much more about how you react to it. who I want to be towards the discovery that Only I exist? I replace the Automatic mechanism of Fear, judgment and resistance to curiosity and acceptance. Instead of Identifying with the thoughts "It can't be! oh no! I want others to exist!" I think "wow how it's possible? what does it mean? why it's like that?" and then instead of fear, I feel mystery, awe and amazement.
  5. The Life and coaching philosophy that I believe in is that whatever you have right now in your life is exactly what you want. If you don't agree with that, it's because there are unconscious parts of yourself that you don't know. so the way to to get what you think you want is to discover these parts and heal them. the way to do this is through therapy / Shadow work/ Contemplation / "Being level" coaching.
  7. @Etherial Cat yo Etherial, it's makes me happy that you agree with me, I really dig his stuff. I'm devouring his channel and courses the same I was devouring before ?
  8. I Think he is yellow - turquoise@hyruga
  9. I really like his stuff, it's mostly about entrepreneurship and business from a spiritual perspective. I'm having trouble mapping him on the spiral. I think he's mostly turquoise. Am I biased?
  10. I like the idea
  11. Sorry to hear. really awful and unlucky experience In your place, I would do everything to process what happened - Talk to friends, family, therapist, journal about it, go back to the memory and say or do anything that wasn't said and done (maybe shouting at them? ) and also talk to myself, supporting myself. Anything to reduce the Trauma so I won't suffer from it later in my life.
  12. @DefinitelyNotARobot If you keep blaming yourself, 1) You can ask yourself: what do I gain from blaming myself? maybe you are addicted to feeling guilty? (it can feel good in a twisted kind of way) , maybe it makes you feel superior? be conscious of the benefits or blaming yourself. 2) Again, Realized that self-blame didn't come you, it came from your family, from an adult - when you were a child and you had no choice but to accept what they tell you because they were the source of love for you. When you blame yourself, you keep traumatizing the child in you, you keep strengthening the adult that was blaming the child. You can work on your self-talk
  13. it doesn't matter if it's true or false for the healing process, what matters is what was your experienced as a child. Work with what you comes up. go to that memory (real or imaginary) and do two things: 1) release the energy (ask the child: if everything is possible, what do you want to say or do? 2) support him like you said you are doing, give valudation to his experience, tell me him he is ok/not guilty etc.). follow the emotions - what brings emotions is the right thing to say. about self hatred - ask yourself - what needs to happen to a child in his childhood that when he is an adult he hates himself? usually it's our parents, mom or dad that criticized us, in a harsh way, and we believed their critisicm. so we need to go back to these memories when we were critisiced and support the child, telling the opposite - that's he's amazing, loved etc.
  14. @Thorsten Fuzzi I'm glad I could be of assistance Lot's of blessings in your Journey, Will be happy to hear how the journey is unfolding. A nice supplement to the Life Purpose course that helps me make decisions in my life:
  15. @Mikael89 IMO being a victim is a perspective about life that was probably forced upon with your childhood and trauma, But it's a perspective that can be changed, and as an adult it's your responsibility if you want a good life. a mentaly damaged person is not a victim - he can still enjoy life in many way. victim is a resistance to reality. watch the movie "Miracle in Cell No. 7". how I know it can be changed - If you will practice meditation, and start to live in the now - your past won't be relevant anymore, you can choose each moment to act and respond as you want! also if you will practice meditation you will start to be less and less identified with your thoughts, and you will stop believing them, and you will be free to from the thoughts you don't want. 10% is what happens to you, 90% is how you respond. you have the choice to interpret any situation in a positive, empowering way and thus stop suffering and being a victim. Also it's important to say that what you feel and think is valid. I believe that only after some feel understood, that his pains are understood - only after the emotions were processed, he is able to think, to see how to solve the issue. So if you still strong emotions about it I don't think there is a point to logically debate it.