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  1. @Prabhaker not disclaiming health benefits of Yoga at all, it is incredible and everybody should do it! However it is not enough to prevent the loss of bone matter.
  2. @PrabhakerI would dare to disagree with the first part of what you said. Lifting weight is incredibly important for several reasons: * Prevents Bone Loss - Osteoporosis, that occurs naturally and especially fast for lifelong meat and dairy consumers can be stopped and even reversed. Unfortunately no amount of cardio or yoga comes even close to what weightlifting achieves here. Actually the skinnier the person is the more important it is to lift weights because their knee joints are not exposed to any weight. * Another reason is to prevent testosterone loss in men and estrogen in women. *It helps to prevent dementia and Alzheimer by stimulating neuron connections in brain and release of serotonin and dopamine. The only withdrawal of weight training is the muscle pain afterwards but that goes away once you get more regular. And of course if lifting is done wrong, it can have catastrophic and long term consequences, on that I will agree. Many intellectuals despise people doing weights but that has to do with many muscleheads ignoring their education in the first place, not the muscle mass having a negative effect on your brain function, far the opposite unless you are extreme.
  3. @ElenaO I don't mean going all juices. But in terms of fasting. A fasting is like an internal cleansing. You get rid of accumulated toxins , clean out your intestinal system and sort of "re-start" your mind and body. If you combine fasting with doing enema 1-3 times a day you will be a new person. Yes, speaking from own experience Juices are to keep the flow of vitamins and minerals however not to over-strain the digestion. To make sure you are really well supplied, look into Algae ( Spirulina, Chlorella) . Algae were first plants on this planet and they contain ridiculous amounts of Nutrients. Chlorella and Spirulina are like 65% of pure amino acids. Unlike animal protein they don't have to be broken down in order to be utilised but can go straightly to where they are needed. Not to mention they have a full spectrum of all vitamins and minerals a human body needs Incredible stuff!! I have ordered Chlorella from LiveGive. This is a wholefood supplement sponsored by Hipocrates Health Institute. Unlike the synthetic shit supplements out there, this is a pure high quality supplement. It helps to prevent hunger by keeping you well nourished, helps prevent premature ageing, and cleansing. People who consume algae daily have much higher content of heavy metal molecules in their pee which means body is getting rod of toxicity much much faster. I wish i have known this 15 years ago. Another incredible plant is Wheatgrass. Based on a research and teaching of Hipocrates Health institute, 2 ounces of wheatgrass is equal to 5 pounds of green leafy veggies. However the wheatgrass needs to be freshly grown which can be a bit of a challenge. Powder works fine as well but not even close to efficiency of the fresh plant. Make sure to start easy with it takes time for your body to get used to it and it tastes like eating a grass, so mix it with your smoothies. And final advice for detox, do Infrared Sauna. The amount of toxins released in a 30 minute session is nearly 90% higher than regular dry sauna ( again Hipocrates Health institute teaching)
  4. I'd add several suggestions: Try looking into adding Magnesium to your diet. Muscle weakness and loss of mood can be attributed to lack of Magnesium in blood stream. It is also good for generally calming you, decreasing blood pressure and reducing anxieties. There is an excellent product on the market called Calm. It is unsweetened and highly digestible. Huge amount of global population is deficient in magnesium simply because we have drained all of it out of the soil, the products we buy simply don't have much left anymore. Do you drink coffee? Sometimes caffeine crash can be a cause of weakness and tiredness or meals high in processed carbohydrates. Another cause may be that your adrenal glands are being burned out through stress, caffeine, over-working.... Have a look into fasting with nothing but vegetables juices ( juiced not purchased) to cleanse your intestinal tract. This has been discussed here multiple times. I think @Siim Land has given some very helpful suggestions in the past. A rather unpopular but helpful method could be doing an Enema to cleanse from within. However I know that this is not socially acceptable so i am just throwing it out there as a suggestion. I suggest you check out Markus Rothkranz's video on this. Is there anything in your life that you particularly don't enjoy doing yet keep on engaging in? Perhaps these are bodily signals pointing to something much deeper, on a spiritual level
  5. As long as she has this "trauma" about her body, this topic will be a mental minefield and it will probably remain so for decades to come. (I am saying trauma with "" because it is not something that could not be changed.) As soon as you subconsciously check another woman's bum and she notices, here you go again...down spiral of jealousy and self pity. Maybe not as tragic but it will always be there as her trigger button. I agree with @LiakosN, you did well to tell her that and now you both know about it. Next step is to work on her mindset. You said she is open to personal growth, good. Not many people are. And physical looks, especially body is not a freaking disease or a birth deffect. Even if her "proportions" aren't ideal she can still have a beautiful figure if she works on herself, I've seen it done times and times over. Seen my fat elementary girl classmates and my jaw dropped when they turned out to be ridiculously hot year after ( or vice versa :)) . But I think the real growth can only occur once she accepts herself as she is, no amount of gym and diet can change the mind.
  6. Watching Leo's videos is not going to give you much results unless you take an action. An abundance of information can be confusing but than, the guy took years to put all that together, do you expect to suck all the juice and get Self Actualized in a month? Self Actualisation is a life long journey ending on your death bed The beauty of this is that the more you learn, the more you see how blind and uneducated you really are, I guess that happens to most of us. Start watching videos that resonate with you the deepest and do a deeper research on those. Especially those where you are generally lacking. Don't watch too many just for the sake of taking as much knowledge as possible. Watch one, make notes on it and study it deeper. What is stopping you from uncovering other sources? Leo talks about a lot of other people, watch their content as well and compare. Over time, you'll see first bits of a giant jigsaw being put in place. Commit yourself to a lifelong study and growth. 1. Your first step should be to implement a daily meditation habit to calm your neurotic mind. 2. Second is to read daily and become a lifelong learner. 3. identify all your neurotic bad habits and work to remove them 4. search for more positive habits to put in place 5. work on your fitness and nutrition, unhealthy body cannot successful self actualize. 6. be ready to invest in yourself. 7. Be Patient !!
  7. Thanks guys, awesome advices! I've browsed several bio-shields, various metal necklaces that should help to protects. They vary anywhere from 30-300£. Any thoughts on how to pick and how to recognise a scam product? Can you share links to the ones you are using if any?
  8. Follow your inner voice. Everybody in here is different and we all have our own struggle. What may come as way out to one is a doom to another. So far you have been following your bliss and look where it took you. At 21 you know your purpose and you are working on it, you are probably twice as developed already than most of your classmates and friends. They don't understand you because they only follow the herd. Don't judge them, they don't know any better. They don't know that there are other things out there. Having worked with many Spanish and Italian, I will be as cheeky to claim that your country is primarily focused on making impression and looking good than an actual growth. You being different makes you the black sheep and that's fine. Just keep doing what you are doing. Follow your values, they are the guiding light in the dark Utilize your strengths Give something back even if you do not get anything in return. Deep inside you already know what you want so go for it. When I re-joined the university at 27 to study Nutrition Science which is my passion, I felt a deep happiness inside near the heart. This was the sign that I made the right decision despite what others are telling me. The voice inside "was celebrating." Follow it and you will not be lost. If your friends don't understand you, cut them out. You don't need naysayers. Surround yourself with inspiring individuals. You only need few.
  9. Is it truth that devices like wireless router, wireless headphones, phones generally, notebooks emit particles that alter your chromosomes and may cause many nasty cancers? Like brain or breast in women. Has anyone studied this topic any deeper to give an insight?
  10. Maybe we'll see once Juno's power runs out? Same as Cassini who will end it's journey in depths of Saturn. I think that's pretty amazing way to say goodbye!
  11. Absolutely, many many of them! You can call them fears, limiting beliefs, barriers, resistance...same thing all over. One of very effective way is to brainstorm on your own. In your journal or simply a blank piece of paper. Start with highlighting your goal on the top and take 60 minutes time off without distraction, people, annoying sounds, .. and just write whatever comes to mind. Tell yourself: I could definitely achieve this if only........ and ideas will come up. Put them down and continue for full hour. Another method is to go cold turkey. Just start doing that thing and your fears will start appearing on their own. And finally maybe try to visualise and do some self inquiry. Enter a meditative state and think back in your past when you had a challenge that you declined or failed in because of something. Maybe inside you, something was telling to avoid it. What was it? Again, it is likely that it is still there, burried, waiting for an impulse. Leo's LP course has a great part about overcoming limiting beliefs. Hope any of that helps.
  12. I have wasted 5 years of my life studying business thinking i am getting myself prepared for life. Bullshit... I am utilising less than 2% of it. They teach you a complete horse-crap , useless theories from people who have 0 experience in business and you can learn all of them on your own. Outdated case studies, boring lectures.. Your dad wants you to have a "good life" just like my dad and just like every dad that sends their kind to "good school". He means it well because he doesn't know any better. Grow up, get degree, get job, get married, retire die... Don't resign without having an escape plan but as it was suggested above, start devoting all your free time to what you love, cut all the crap that is not important like wasted evenings and idle socialising. You are still very young and haven't lost as much time yet. Go do what you love, nothing else is important.
  13. @Jedd the life purpose course goes into a lot of detail about this.
  14. a nice mix for not having to change songs all the time. Not sure if you're into that kind of music though.
  15. in China, females have their bones in legs broken and re-assembled somehow and obviously this can ad couple centimetres, seems like an "enjoyable" method to try if you don't mind a bit of pain. General answer is no. Once you stop, that's it. At 25 you should have already achieved your max. Most people do before 21. Embrace it brother, don't suffer about something you cannot change There are much more important things in life.