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  1. Men with wounded self esteem and little self-confidence do this. These are most of the macho pretty boys that girls fall for. Conscious men do not seek one night stands but a high quality relationship where they and their woman can grow and enrich each other's life with divine masculine and divine feminine. Perhaps you just haven't managed to find one of those
  2. ^ This! I've have had 50 minute restless and itchy meditations and I've had 20 minute deep and mindful meditations
  3. yeeeeah.... that enough should be a huge question mark by itself
  4. Are you sure about this? Propecia stops the conversion of Testosterone to DHT. Assuming the OP is a female, this can lead to buildup of testosterone and trigger something like PCOS and excessive hair growth. The risk of permanent infertility is (according to drugs.com) 10%. Minoxidil is a vasodilator used for high blood pressure treatment. It increases risk of abnormal ECG readings and pericarditis. Both of them have a shitload of side effects alone, prob wors combined.. I am pretty sure that this is not the MOST effective way although I do not know of best natural way, this seems like taking too much risk without addressing the cause which may be linked to OP's lifestyle or diet.
  5. I'd definitely check Athlean X on youtube. He is one of the biggest fitness channels and his products are brilliant. If you like his style, consider this program. https://athleanx.com/xero
  6. Understanding that people do what they do to ultimately be happy. What seems crazy to me may be completely normal to them because that's the way the have been brought up and they don't know any other way. Since this realization I have not been able to get angry at people.
  7. there is an event on facebook called "Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us" https://www.theguardian.com/science/2019/jul/16/storm-area-51-internet-meme-facebook-event its happening on 20 September and currently has 2.6 milion people interested. Area 51 officials have issued the warning against this event so you can say it is becoming a real threat
  8. oh man, the amount of time I have installed and uninstalled Steam and all the games... everytime I hear a snip of Skyrim soundtrack In install it, lose 100 hours of my life and uninstall it....like a heroin addict being offered free treat. Been keeping strong this year so far
  9. By realising that caring what people think is a 100% losing battle no matter how much you try...eventually they'll find something that they can judge you for. In the end everybody cares about themselves and their own problems and everybody is concerned more of what you think about them then what they think about you. The next time you feel judged, look that person in the eyes and do not let go until they look elswhere. Most of the time, they won't be able to bear the pressure.
  10. I did not get offended at al lol don/t worry let's just leave the whole thing.
  11. what can I say I am a terrible human being which one do you mean?
  12. I have a lifelong video game addiction that I've never completely recovered from. I also prefer talking only to girls who are pretty even if they are dumb as a shoe.
  13. Whole legumes will always be superior to legume juice as you will be losing fibre and all the phytonutrients and most minerals but legume juice is superior to cheap fruit juice that's for sure. Just out of curiosity, which legumes do they use? Is it sprouted? Isn't it kinda gross?
  14. Adriene Mishler has a channel called yogawithadrienne. Look up her "yoga for beginners" video and see if you like her style. She is wonderful yoga teacher and her sets are easy to follow. If you like her, I'd do one of her 30 day yoga challenges to get used to different exercises. Once you finish a 30 day challenge, you're well set to continue practicing on your own time.
  15. you are right !! thank's for pointing it out, I got the chemistry wrong