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  1. interesting...didn't know about this.
  2. It certainly does but the effect is short lived and taxes your body in long term. You either become addicted or avoid it. It is hard to stay away from it once you have tasted its delicate taste and savoured the stimulating effects. It is equally difficult to just have it "every once in a while", the drive to caffeinate oneself is just too powerful...its like another level of horny
  3. There is too much environmental pushback against these and it is very likely we will see dramatic reduction or a change in the way these companies operate. The habitat destruction is just too obvious. The next big hit will be every big city operating a space shuttle launching platform sending 20 shuttles a day for commercial flights to space. Boy, we better be ready for the crap those will be releasing. Orange will always find a way don't you worry child
  4. Go for it and see how you feel. No amount of arguments will do unless you try it yourself.
  5. Unless you suffer from hemochromatosis or supplementing high doses of iron, I can't imagine spinach and broccoli giving you overload unfortunatelly iron-deficiency and/or ID anaemia is a common sign of badly managed animal-free diet.
  6. I am sorry but this is completely anecdotal evidence. First of all lets presume that all of those are indeed you. None of these pictures tell us anything about your health and about the type of vegan diets you had. Oreo and mentos are vegan as well as well as fried mockmeat and dairy free icecream. Having s six pack does NOT equal to being healthy. A slightly chubby person may actually be healthier than an athlete who lives of high protein diet and has an undiagnosed kidney impairment. By saying things like limit your vegetables, I am getting a lot of red flags. What is he going to eat? If vegetables are toxic it means all plants are because most of the crops is sprayed. Should he be eating organic cows steak 3 times a day and end up with iron toxicity and bowel cancer? Thymus decreases in size in all humans in teens and gets replaced by fat tissue. This has nothing to do with being vegan. Vegetables DO NOT create iron overload. Non-Heme iron does not accumulate in the same way a heme iron does. Body can actually regulate it naturally unlike heme-iron that can cause toxicity. Please show me a systemic overview or meta analysis that shows that vegetables cause chronic disease and tissue calcification, this all stinks of scaremongering and hidden agenda. If anything largest epidemiological studies suggest vegetable and fruit being protective against all-cause mortality. According to Global Burden of DIsease (2006 or 2016 not sure right now) fruit is one of the key dietary factors for prevention of unnecessary premature death from all causes.
  7. @RasheedI think you need to educate yourself on different foods, nutrients and some basic biochemistry. You seem to have very uncertain opinions on lots of things and asking here will create even more confusion. Go to a large book store and grab a generic unbiased book on human nutrition. Nothing to do with paleao, vegan, raw or any other agenda. Pure basic dry academic textbook and start reading.
  8. This is more often than not a sign of candida overgrowth. All of us have it laying dormant being in check by the adaptive immune system however perhaps in your case, your immunity took hit after you've had the reaction to cheese after which your microbiome has been damaged by several cycles of antibiotics -> these are perfect tools to unleash candida. To confirm you need a stool testing. Either from your doctor or through a functional testing Also there are ways to confirm SIBO, they shouldn't be putting you on Rifaximin unles it has been confirmed. Again there is a private testing (quite cheap) called Hydrogen/Methane breath testing that is very reliable diagnosis of SIBO. FYI - dont go chugging down probiotics before you have worked on the pathogen removal, you may give yourself trouble. * For SIBO - you need to go on low fodmap diet followed by herbal (or pharmaceutical) antibiotics and then the repopulation starts with powerful probiotics * For Candida - that's a bit more taugh to handle and you'd need to work with a nutritional therapist. So if you are not sure what to do, google places that do: hydrogen/methane testing and stool testing and call them if they could test you and for how much Good luck.
  9. love the website with all the ingredients, so practical! Good stuff in the blend above, thanks for sharing
  10. I feel like to word "nootropics" is now starting to get thrown around too much. Nootropics is the new kid on the block where" superfood" is falling into decadence. Pretty much any substance stimulating brain activity is a nootropic by definition, it just sounds more cool than "cerebral blood vessel dilating substance". Many of them have exotic names and come in expensive bottles but believe or not a beet can give you same effects that a gingko can if you take the right amount of it. A lot of brain fog is caused by diet, sluggish digestion and impaired elimination and can often be fixed by food and exercise. At the same time, some of the substances such as Lion's Mane indeed have an incredible potential if used right so just make sure you are not overspending your money on something that can maybe be fixed by high quality foods
  11. @Keyhole Godspeed
  12. the usual liver test including ALP, AST and GGT would not necessarily catch detoxification function. They usually measure things like liver cell atrophy, inflammation, viral overload and mechanical damage. A liver function could be impaired due to nutritional inadequacies such as folate, B12, B6, zinc, molybdenum, manganese and some essential proteins. Private testing can be done on this but it is expensive and these can often be corrected by diet. So I'd say try to clean up your diet to include as much fruits (up to 10-15 a day) and veggies (especially cruciferous), bump up fibre to 50 grams and more , water to 2.5 litres. Replace simple sugars with wholegrains (1-2 cups per day) and legumes (1 cup a day) and try to stay away from excessive toxic overaload (cheap hygiene, cleaning products, excess polution, smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs, minimise caffeine). Cut out sources of sugar, sweet, chocolates, fizzy drinks, energy drinks and other crap that has endless shelf-life. Fruit , vegetable and wholefood produce are your new favourite sections in the supermarket Herbal teas from organic herbs containing herbs such as ginger or lemon can be helpful. Decrease intake of animal protein in favour of plant protein and if possible try to do more anaerobic activity and saunas. See if that does anything in 4-6 weeks Regarding finances, you may consider buying things like legumes and wholegrains in bulk making large stew pots. Fruit and vegetables are not expensive either. What eats the budget are processed sandwiches, expensive fancy salads and restaurant dining. Rather invest the money in water filter like Britta or Aqua-Optima, few sprouting containers and plants to put around your house to help you clean the air.
  13. @Scholar if your idea of health is eating the ocean garbage disposals called "mussels" by all means go for it. Talking about the ethics, mussels and small sea creatures that not only clean the waters but they also provide food to larger animals. Is it right to eat them? Don't you go demonising when you have your own devilry to purify. I am not criticising veganism from below as I have been part of it for 4 years, attended demonstrations and debated people endlessly until I realised how dogmatic and ideological I have become, full of hate and judgement. My criticism was towards the blindness and horizontal thinking of many people who are part of this movement. It has become us and them rather than us humans. Us good vegans and them evil meat eaters. Believe it or not but not everyone can stop eating animals. Saying that is an ignorance and lack of knowledge of human physiology, genetics and constitution.
  14. Absolutely! I am pro as much plants in diet as possible. Just by increasing an intake of fibre to 50 grams and drinking 2.5 liters of water a lot of people's problems will go away in a week. I just have the issue of absolutizing for the sake of being special, unique or to have a label. Lots of vegans are deeply suffering because they are traumatised what will happen if they ever touch an animal product. Your surrounding will crucify you if you have demonisted them for eating meat but what if the vegan ends up being the one falling apart? It takes an enormous amount of emotional pain and courage to drop that ideology. Not to mention it prevents one from rising on the spiral beyond green as long as the ideology is deeply rooted in unconsciousness. If one cannot appreciate the variety of perspectives, it will always create suffering and neediness to defend. We have just become so lost listening to experts. doctors and healers that we don't have a sense of our own intuition anymore.