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  1. Gotu Kola is a superstar for brain power...a quick search on pubmed.gov will uncover lots of studies conducted on this herb. I stopped on page 3 because the evidence was so overwhelming
  2. @Charlotte damn, I am sorry to hear about your suffering. No tips I could offer but Dr Greger on his nutritionfacts.org has 3 videos on lower back pain, maybe you will find something of value in them https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/lower-back-pain/
  3. @Charlotte here are some links for you. Both are only abstracts, you'd have to pay to get the original document. blood loss volume https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25298352 menstrual pain https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23865123 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19216660 and btw well done on reducing your morphine intake, that is a tremendous achievement even though it may not seem so to everyone. Don't stop until you are back to 0. Having said that, if there is an underlying reason why you took it , perhaps try to find out the reason for those pains in the first place.
  4. There are definitely times when pain medications come in handy. And that is for severe post-surgery pains. Just don't go crazy on them as they tend to block natural dopamine production and are very addictive. Other than that there have been couple studies on ginger being very effective at reducing migraine and menstrual pain so maybe this could help a little. In a powdered or capsule form. Otherwise a high antioxidant diet to reduce the post surgical inflammation ( unless the surgery restricts eating of course) full of fruits, berries and dark/vivid colour vegetables
  5. well said ! @PhilGR you should be very ,very careful with substances stimulating the reward pathway in brain. These types of medications are prescribed to psychiatric patients but they block the natural production of these neurotransmitters and it is extremely difficult to get of it. These people often end up on heroine or other street drugs that do not require prescription because the withdrawal is pure hell. To help your father, try to get him more physically active and also to clean up his diet. As it was already said, that plays a huge part. Help him to find a new exciting hobby or spend more time together. Introducing him to Leo's meditation video could help as well. Perhaps watch it together good luck !
  6. @Kaity perhaps try to investigate the underlying a cause of reducing libido. No supplements will fix that for you. Is there any history of ongoing condition in your life or any symptoms you face on daily basis? (tiredness, weight gain, painful joints etc...) For example an endocrine disruption such as hyper/hypothyroidism (aka Hasmihoto's or Grave's thyroidism) or adrenal fatique could cause that. Also an approaching menopause depending on your age ofcourse.
  7. Seems like an overkill. I bought mine along with 500g netti salt for like 10£. It is quite uncomfortable the first time you do it but good for flushing out frontal sinuses. Also good for spreading bacteria unless you don't use filtered and boiled water. Haven't worked much for me but I wasn't consistent so that could be the case. Oh and btw for your asthma, you may want to look into a book called "Oxygen Advantage" as well as "How not to die" I got rid of my Asthma by a combination of plant based diet and breathing exercises. Good luck!
  8. @Huginn have you ever suffered from periodontal disease? Means basically loosing the thickness and depth of gums surrounding the root. If so, it would be possible that the teeth are regaining their strength by depositing more minerals around the periodontal ligament, strengthening themselves. Otherwise, hard to tell. If you get suspicious got get checked by dental specialist.
  9. You are absolutely right, we cannot control thoughts in our heads but we can control how they affect us. Best meditations I had were the ones done without any aim or any neurotic intention. The ones that I simply did for the pleasure of being still and being in the moment(even though you could say that is a sort of expectation already ). That alone does usually bring all the nice side products such as "still mind" or feeling of relaxation. It is the western perception that every activity has to immediately lead to some result and if it doesn't we failed. We all get trapped into this. But I'd say if that is the main thing driving your meditation practice, by all means continue doing that just be a little bit more detached from the outcome. Of course if you are very stressed individual and feel like it is debilitating your daily life consider other activities such as: connecting with nature, drawing, reading, thai-chi or hatha yoga practice. Anything that can connect you with the state of "flow" could do that for you.
  10. This is a common misconception. There is a significant difference between isolated white sugar and fructose in fruit. It is probably linked to due to high content of fiber and antioxidants. It has been research over and over that fruit sugar does not contribute to weight gain or obesity, does not cause insulin spikes and subsequent release of triglycerides into a bloods stream the way table sugar does. Fruit is highly protective from cancer, hypertension, diabetes. Studies have been done on people eating as much as 30 pieces of fruit with absolutely no harmful consequences. Not going to start a vegan/nonvegan war just though i'd add my 2 cents.
  11. Could it be that you are trying to control and manipulate the situation too much? By saying "i need to relax" you already already giving in to your neurosis by setting a condition and expectations on to your meditation practice. Instead go meditate without any expectations and accept whatever happens. Also secondly, perhaps identify the cause of why you are not relaxed and dissatisfied in the first place. Is it work related stress? relationship? money? Are you living the kind of life you would want to? Are your values clashing with something else?
  12. Where exactly do you feel the pain/bloating? What people commonly refer to as stomach pain is intestinal pain. Because fruits are mostly carbohydrate they do not get digested in the stomach, only proteins do. Do you mix them with other foods such as high protein meals? Fruit on its own starts digesting in mouth and continues once it enters the duodenum (first part of small intestine)
  13. @bigzbigi you could keep a pig as a pet and it would be as clean as a dog. It is a false presumption. They are dirty because we lock them in tiny cages with no space to defecate so they just walk and lie all over it. If I locked you into a tiny room with no toilets for 2 months the room would be pretty messy pretty soon. Pigs are very intelligent and social creatures, it is unfortunate that we see them only as commodity to satisfy out taste-buds.
  14. Legumes, Wholegrains , sweet potatoes, yams. You can pretty much eat these without limit and without fear of gaining weight. They contain protective phytonutrients for your whole body, provide clean source of energy and do not destroy the planet in the process. Junk calories will do you a lot of long term damage