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  1. You may find "Road Less Travelled" by Scott Peck an interesting reading. Especially the chapter where he talks about romantic love. Basically he goes that our culture sees a relationship as something that has to be exciting, sexy and passionate. And when this is not there anymore, people look for way out, therapies and think their relationship is collapsing. In reality Peck says that relationship is "The will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth." A relationship means you deliberately want to sacrifice some of your comfort, your time and your energy to nurture and grow the other person and they should be doing the same for you. He says that the rush of excitement in the beginning where you have sex 3 times a day and can't get enough of another is the evolution deluding you to improve the odds of producing offspring...meaning that in this phase "you are just a horny dog who wants to fuck but he thinks he is madly in love"..the problem is that we see that phase as "the relationship" as the absolute value. Where that is just one tiny portion of it. Peck calls this phase "Cachexis" And once Cachexis ends that is time where the real work begins. Where you both need to work to keep the relationship going and rememeber that this is a marathon that two of you have decided to run together. Many relationships are selfish, based on expecting the other to provide for us: he/she should give me sex, make me happy, cuddle with me, be my other half, make me less lonely etc..all the usual crap. So perhaps you've just both lost the initiative to grow together, to explore and to work on the relationship. I'd really suggest you read the book, it may give you a lot of ideas. Another one to consider is "way of the superior man" as it is possible that you may just be neglecting your masculine role in the relationship and your girl her feminine and you have both become balanced with lack of true masculinity and femininity..a transnational relationship, this is very common with male and female roles being so intertwined this day. Girls being senior executives and guy being the babysitters, nothing wrong with that inherently we just need to make sure we keep the masculine/feminine edge on the right side. Finally, it is also possible that your relationship is dead and you have to consider whether you see a future of it. If you can't see a happy scenario anymore, perhaps its time to cut loose.
  2. Seriously this has never happened to me ever , not a single time. And from what I've been told I'm relatively good looking guy. Where are you guys hiding who are all chased by mad possessed women lol. Is your dad CEO at Dell Computers or are you genuinely gifted with looks of Adonis. Anyways, I assume they chase you because they assume you are easy target? Perhaps you have given in too many times or they see your lack of integrity with your deeper core and are just teasing you.
  3. Really good post, very insightful! I think it starts with being conscious of the connection between the depression and certain level of repression deep inside. Very often this can be misalignment with one's core values as well besides a childhood trauma. But because most people have no idea that human being are driven by core value system, they have no idea how to perceive the voice of intuition telling them they are way "of the path" living lifes that are hollow and devoid of any meaning or direction. I blame this to be one of the key reasons why antidepressants are the most sold medication in most developed countries. Along with stains and diabetes medications. Just shows the connection between unconsciousness, running away from emotions and hiding behind discussing greasy food to get a mild pleasure
  4. I think there is something to it. Just when we look at dramatically rising incidents of brain cancer and every other person using wireless headphones on the top of constantly being bombarded by EMF from wireless, computers, phones etc... The research is slowly catching up but the problem here is that it is unethical to put a wireless transmitter on someone's head and monitor a growth of tumour so the best we have are cohort studies that only "observe what happens" which is not the best quality of evidence. Heard that walking barefoot over grass may help to remove any excess accumulated electric tension but can't really tell whether that is true or not. Technically it would make sense.
  6. I am in a very similar position. Finance company in London, very similar annual revenue. The most honest truth of someone who is going through the same process and slowly "digging a tunnel out of rat prison" I can tell you that taking this slowly but progressing day-by-day bit by bit is the safest method. (Unless you want to quit, burn bridges and go all-in. Some people did that but if it doesn't work you'll end up without job and savings. ) This means keep working wherever you are but dedicate 100% of your spare time to finding your life purpose. For me buying Leo's LP course did it. Once you identify your purpose, strengths, values and have a decent mission statement, you can start looking for a practical way to redirect your compass. For me this meant finding an educational institution that provides me with framework of the knowledge I need to have to embark on the new career. This may take several years depending on how different your LP is. While doing all this, you will keep working 9-5 but look for way to implement your highest values in your job and for ways to work on your LP. Perhaps this means staying 2 hours later, and studying, or taking lunch break outside to work on your true purpose for 1 hour. Maybe starting to wake up 1 hour earlier and doing what needs to be done. Some tips to keep you motivated and on the track: free your daily routine from all activities that do not serve you read books and listen to audioprogramms fom the field that you are interested in keep track of your nutrition and exercise to provide sufficient energy to your brain for the additional energy expenditure practice daily meditation to help you accept your current unsatisfying situation with less anxiety. get in touch with people who have interests similar to you, attend seminars, lectures EDIT: the earlier you start the better. This will not fix itself eventually. Waiting for it to be better will not make it better. That's what your employer would tell you.."look at all these incredible benefits we provide to our employees so they can have a nice retirement and enjoy life" well thats one giant pile of horseshit. I laugh everytime I recieve my company's newsletter. In this country, following a traditional 9-5 means ending up ill, crippled and completely burned out in your 50s from decades of hunch sitting, screen staring and drinking coffee to persuade one's demotivated mind and body to carry on another day....eventually making you another number in NHS's heart disease statistics. Start now...today
  7. @Charlotte love the meal-prep. Simple, beautiful and invigorating Hope all has been well lately.
  8. Any chance your fatigue, depression, lack of mood/motivation could be caused by physiological factors? While large chunk of depressions come from lack of vision, clarity, purpose and disallignment with one's values, there is another huge portion of people who suffer with neurotransmitter imbalances, slowed down re-uptake of inhibiting neurotransmitters (easier to get sad and it takes ages to stop being sad and depressed) or excessive removal of stimulating neurotransmitters (meaning you get happy very quickly but it dissapears really quickly as well), gut dysbiosis (bad balance of the good/bad bacteria in large intestine) could mess up with your brain chemistry. L Lack of nutrients such as B-complex, magnesium and general protein intake may reduce production of ATP, your energy molecule. A disbalance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids may cause a lot of inflammation in the body and again have an impact on mood and motivation. A long period of antibiotics that wrecked your gut may cause a sudden onset of depression and same could be for viral infection that is causing central nervous system inflammation...and other medical blah blah blah I am just throwing this in there as I assume you are already addressing the vision/purpose portion as guys above have suggested.
  9. distraction distraction distraction
  10. Gundry is a clown of the medical community. He blames legumes for causing autoimmune disease and suggests people to avoid any lectins-containing foods although these have been proven time and time again to prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, help lower cholesterol levels and balance blood sugars and promote longevity. He sells overpriced supplements to "block lectins" lol. There is definitely a lot to learn in his books and coming from SAD diet one can definitely become healthier but many of his claims are retarded and unscientific. In the end it feels like the one beenfiting the most is his bank account.
  11. reading "Way of the superior man" will clarify a lot for your and strip of a lot of cultural garbage and preceonceptions about musculinity that western culture holds.
  12. All animal products, fermented foods, unwashed vegetables picked straight from the earth (with the soil still on them), nutritional yeast. Some sources claim algae as well but this one is still debated as they call it "B12 analogue". It mimics the molecule hence may sit on B12 receptor but does not really do the work... (all of this may be BS, I'm still quite unsure about this one) Also there is some being produced by gut microbiome provided that you have a good balance in there. Nutritional research (if you believe in it) does not support the idea that this is sufficient so it is probably a good idea to either supplement, eat some animal products or eat a lot of fermented foods. Either way not getting a stable source can get you in a lot trouble and cause irreversible damage to central nervous system.
  13. @ivankiss fair enough, perhaps you need to do a wider circle to be eventually pulled back or will make a foreign country your permanent home one day. I am because I have found my purpose in here and took initial steps towards being able to embody it fully later on. This makes me feel like I am not just drifting in the wind. I would not have been able to do in my country.Once my re-education is finished, I may go back and see if I can implement what I have learned. However I feel a pull-back as I don't think I'll ever feel like I trully belong here.
  14. Wondering how much of the eastern tradition you would experience or whether it comes with 24/7 buffet, high-speed wireless connection, gym and jacuzzi
  15. Ex-judo, Ex-muay-thai, life-long fitness freak here What are you looking for exactly? Muscle? Functional strength? raw power? Endurance? Speed? Agility? Longevity?