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  1. Orange wearing Tier 2 cloak, selling "instant consciousness". Don't become part of that movement.
  2. @Fortunate Son I see Seems like its well under control, probably none of the above will be needed. From Slovakia actually but I can understand and speak the Czech language.
  3. I know this was not the core of your question but I wouldn't give up on trying to find a cure. There are some antispasmodic herbs out there. Some mushrooms such as Lion's Mane support production of Nerve Growth Factor, a protein able to repair damage to the nerve tissue. Magnesium and Calcium are both important for muscle contraction and relaxation. There may be some ongoing central nervous system inflammation that is disrupting a cellular signalling causing excessive contractions. Potentially accumulation of toxins, heavy metals and free radicals that need to be mopped up by boosting your antioxidant (e.g. glutathione) defences. There are lots of things one can try. What did your doctor say is causing this? Try to see if you can find a naturopath or herbalist and maybe they could help you minimise it to a degree that you could go back to what you love doing
  4. Dude you're 23, you have most of your life still ahead of you. A deep and conscious relationship is worth waiting for. The more you try the more you may actually repel girls. I am not saying you are needy but high-quality women have extremely sensitive sense of guy's intentions..... If you come around as "wanting a relationship really bad" you'll probably chase them away. Like others already said, continue working on yourself. Raise your consciousness, work on your personal development, on powerful habits, and on your physical fitness. Girls in your age are often attracted to shallow things such as muscles, cars, cocky-macho type of guy. But a couple years later, they will change their preferences and be ridiculously attracted to the guy with high consciousness who understand the feminine, who has a purpose and knows what he wants from life. Become that guy now. If girls aren't flocking your way at the moment, that's fine...eventually, they will.
  5. What do you mean? I mean such as becoming holistic therapist, nutritionist etc. Helping people recover from disease and get well. Looks good. Chris is an amazing source of nutritional knowledge. I am not familiar with those particular books but the ones for beginner are probably a good way to start depending on your budget of course.
  6. You say you want to lear in DETAILED way yet have no time to study which is already setting up a big boundary. Depending on how deep you want to go it is helpful to understand the physiology first by obtaining a decent book of human anatomy. No need to learn every single muscle and bone just understand the differant organ systems and what they do, what enzymes they secrete etc. it may also useful to understand common disease associated with those systems and understand the mechanisms of these pathologies. But if you don't want to work with people then this can probably be skipped. To understand nutrition, you also need to understand some biochemistry as that is basically what eating healthy comes down to. Enzymatic reactions and breaking down food matter into simples forms of glucose, fatty acids and amino acids. Learning about what all the micro and micronutrients do, how they break down and affect our biochemistry is the fundamental part of nutrition yet details don't need to be learned if your goal is to "be healthy and eat healthy". PUBMED is the most legit source of medical studies however I'd not recommend that to be your starting point as the sheer amount and complexity of research papers will easily discourage you. rather start with basic books and if something is not clear enough, find a research paper to learn about deeper mechanisms. Hope that helps.
  7. lots of tips discussed here
  8. @Espaim in my recent studies of medicinal mushrooms I've been looking a lot on research for Cordyceps (Cordyceps Sinensis). There is a lot of evidence for its antidepressant, libido boosting and fatigue reducing effects. I'me never a fan of miracle herbs or one-thing-to-cure-it-all approach but seems that this, taken alongside other things you already do, could help a bit. Maybe look into the research and see if that's something worth trying?
  9. I agree with that assumption. A bad diet will take decades to kill you, and most likely it will make your years from 50+ really miserable. Lack of exericse will shorten your life and make you prone to some disease but again will not kill you especially while you are young. Sleep, on the other hand is a different story. A chronic undersleeping (geting 7 hours and less) reduces your immune surveilence and disrupts your endocrine system. Deprive yourself of sleep for 48 hours and your cognitive abilities will match those of a drunken man. There is greater tendency to overeat, to lie, to manipulate and to lash out on people. Your reasoning, empathy and emotional inteligence go down the toilet even after 1 day of bad sleep. Even sleeping during day and working nights increases your chances of cancer dramatically, make you more prone to obesity and stress-related issues. Your cortisol is chronically elevated which unsufficient sleep which leads to A LOT of problems down the road A lot of disease we see today is related to chronic sleep deprivation.
  10. Theanine is powerful for people experiencing sudden onset of depressions or mania or who are excessive stimulated. But taken just to be more "chilled" for a balanced person may indeed result in what you decribe. You may have also overdosed. How many mg did you take? A good starting dose is 50mg.
  11. The current evidence on soy in forms of edamame, tofu, nato and miso is positive. It shows reduction in breast cancer, increase in bone density, reduction in PMS and overally improved quality of life. They are very good alternative for postemenopausal women who don't want to go for HRT. This is because soy isoflavonoids are weak stimulants of oestrogen receptors and the stronger oestrogens cannot "dock in" while these are present. On the other hand, a soy concentrate (such as soy protein powder) will contain a massive amounts of these which is when a good things starts turning to not-so-good. So this is just personal opinion based on few papers I read on isoflavonoids but you are better of with a hemp / pea protein. All soy products are still cool but soy concentrates are not good imo. Also alwayas make sure all soy products you consume are organic
  12. I had a panic attack couple months ago that haunted me for few days, for me it was triggered by a period of high stress with my studies that ended. Can definitely understand the feelings of impending doom and feeling like you are about to die. It is hard to say what triggers them, but usually it is about your mind perceiving something that is not a threat yet it seeses it so so it activates a fight or flight response however the reaction is to a wrong stimulus that is not harmful. So we try to fight it back and tell our mind that this is wrong which creates even more anxiety, bit of a viscous circle. Once I realised this and that it is under my control, it started wearing of. In your case, it is possible it had something to do with simply being at that place (loud events with lot of flickering light present a tremendous amount of stress to your body even if you enjoy them on the outside). Could have also been related to a spiritual breakthrough, its possible. What helped me the most were sessions of extremely slow deep breathing. Into the belly. 8 seconds in, 12 seconds out. This helps your nervous system to calm down and signals your mind that it is safe.
  13. I'd say it is best to start with bodyweight. Learn the proper technique of pushup, squad, pullup. Have your joints and muscles adapt to the initial stressor. Practice things like handstands against the wall to get a bit of balance training and get those shoulders accustomed to pressure. After couple week of this start with weights and some machines. But like I said, good to start with a trainer and have them create a system for each bodypart. I think dumbells should come before you start lifting barbels that require interconnection of big muscles and some lifting experience. Before you start deadlifting, get comfortable with feeling through your lateral muscles and being able to pull and squeeze them with the hanging bar on the machine. Same as before benchpress, learn to do proper pushups and dumbell presses on a horizontal and inclined bench.