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  1. @Applegarden thanks man ☺️
  2. I've never lead a journal in my life and been postponing starting one online but it feels like the right thing to keep myself accountable and share a journey as so many others are doing. I love reading what other people are going through. So I am turning on my fav soundtrack from my fav movie and cracking on with the writing. My journey has started after coming to London from Slovakia, my home country. I was always lead to believe that having a good education, university and good grades was important. My dad works in business and is doing well for himself so naturally, I never saw any other way. I studies at business university and accepted that I'll just be clocking my hours for the rest of my life for some company that I have no passion or ambition at just because this is the "normal life". All changed when I found Leo through "how to stop caring what other people think about you". The more I listened to these videos the more it made sense to me. I started to realise how out of balance I was. A materialistic Eastern European with zero passion, zero motivation and no fulfilment. Somehow I convinced myself I was doing the right thing and was becoming "successful". Lol, if I had a dollar every time I hear this word..... I become a corporate rat, sucking up to my boss and depending on other people to tell me what to do. It took me 2 years to muster the willpower to make the next step and to buy the LP course which opened up a new dimension for me. I've always been interested in health, fitness and that side of life but never saw it as more than a hobby really. The course convinced me that I should pursue this passion and create a purpose out of it. I took 5 months of additional life-coaching after the course and by the time it ended, my journey was quite clear -> I wanted to lead a life where I would help other people get well and to stop suffering. I kinda assume it would involve some area of alternative medicine but wasn't really sure. Sometime later I discovered a post from College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and at that day they happened to have an Open Door day and the last opportunity to sign up for the new semester (starting in 4 weeks!!). To this day, I think this was a sign from the universe...or just google being really smart with adds ..either way, the moment I walked in I knew I found my temple of knowledge and that I was meant to be here. An hour later I was walking away with a prospect and a bill for the sign-up fee for 3 year course of Naturopathic nutrition. That was Summer 2017. Year 1 was all about anatomy. Endless revision of bones, muscles, organs, tissues and cells. English & Latin both. I seriously have massive admiration and respect for medics. We did not go into the depth they do but man.....I don't know how someone can remember thousands of Latin words and location of every single bone and muscle on the human body. Somehow my enthusiasm lasted the whole year which made learning easy but I lost a lot of it now. Years 2 and 3 were more into nutrition, biochem & pharmacology but also herbal med, Chinese med and most of all therapeutics. For the first time, I came face to face with real client which was an extremely terrifying experience but at the same time, it felt like the right thing. My very first client in the school clinic was a young finance manager. Burned out, depressed, stressed, overworked, overexercised, asthmatic and allergic. I could see myself in him couple years back. I was that superachiever, exercising 7 days a week doing Crossfit and always living on the run. During this time my asthma & allergies were the worst they've ever been so I had to slow down. I explained the same to him and 4 weeks later he came to his follow up with pretty amazing results. I realised that the modern epidemic is not really some sort of infection and fancy diseases but it is stress. I saw that in all my other school clients. Stressed, burned out, unhappy and overworked. The modern epidemic especially in cities like London. I am now in my final days of the naturopathic college pretty much just awaiting the diploma. Everything has been submitted but that's just the beginning of it. Marketing, accounting, taxes, Webdesign and all the other stuff comes next and it's giving me a lot of headaches. I'll be documenting the next steps of the journey on here.
  3. And losing your health as well I'd say. Anyone who tells you fruit is bad for you because of sugar is completely clueless about nutrition.
  4. pls do I'll delete the long response I wrote
  5. @mandyjw fodmaps would have been my first guess but hard to say without deeper investigation. Do you also have issues with gluten or dairy? Any other systemic problems that don't seem to have a cause? : e.g. asthma, RA, hashimoto's, MS etc. Just trying to assess whether there is maybe a permeability issue rather than something like SIBO
  6. sounds like you may be reacting to the highly fermentable carb types in some of the foods. How do you tolerate other vegetables and fruits? Are many of them giving you bloating?
  7. Agreed! The complex carbs are extremely beneficial but what I see is a complete carb phobia where everything containing any carbs is demonised and people then complain of having no energy. Has it always been like that?
  8. @Leo Gura you need to be more specific on the type of carbs. Most people are afraid of all of them including things like fruit,legumes and wholegrains. Legumes and grains in their whole form are actually associated with weight loss and reduction of disease risk.
  9. You need to make sure that the drug is out of your system before you engage with psychedelics. If you quit cold turkey you may slip into pharmacological crisis by now allowing your monoamine reuptake to self-adjust after having been manipulated by the drug. Work with your doctor and reduce your doses slowly. You also need to be mindful of the fact that psychedelics may interfere with venlafaxine's detoxification in the liver as these substances often compete for certain liver enzymes including CYP3A4. It takes around 4-6 weeks for the drug residue to be completely clear out once you discontinue. If your doctor is openminded enough he can help you withdraw through something like St John's Wort but DO NOT self-prescribe as you may end up delusional with something called "serotonin crisis". Always work with the specialist.
  10. BNDF is always at work in your brain otherwise you would not be able to remember a single thing. All sorts of physical activity raise BDNF even gardening. Sleep is absolutely crucial for it and so is overall reduction of stress. Stress depletes BDNF and disrupts new sensitive neuronal connections. Good foods to focus on are those containing phosphatidylserine such as: legumes, edamame, sunflower seeds and oats. I think there are other. Choline rich foods are helpful as well in synaptic forming
  11. what's his argument against it?
  12. Lovely Thanks for sharing, awesome tips especially around dressings!
  13. Seems like there is quite a consciousness gap between you guys. Where his values are achievement, success, fun and party, yours are probably completely different. Because you both have a different level of ego development, you will enjoy different thinks. The drinking part os just part of his (I assume pretty Orange) identity. If this is not fixed it will be a source of friction in your relationship forever. Especially if only one of you guys is interested in spiritual growth.
  14. Endotoxins are not some evil byproducts. They have always been there and will be there. They are just natural waste created by dead gram-negative bacteria in the gut. LPS are never a problem if your gut is healthy. Secondly, fibre helps to clear them out by bulking them in stool and fibre also reduces the chance of your gut becoming inflamed and leaky which will cause LPS transmigration through the mucosa and the gut wall and systemic inflammation -> this is a culprit of lots of modern diseases. You start depriving people of low GI carbs and fibre, you are asking for some serious trouble. If you can't process fibre, your digestion is messed up.