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  1. Many attempts have been made on this one over the years but hey, good luck!
  2. Chat with @flume, her support has helped me get over a lot of numbness and suppressed emotional emotions that have been holding me back since I was a kid. I can personally vouch for this to be an extremely effective method. Talking therapy is useless and in most cases a complete waste of time. ALtering brain chemistry with SSRIs works only temporarily, eventually giving you even more numbness. In the end, deep work has to be done if true healing is to occur. Additionally doing 30 minutes of any sort of exercise first thing in the morning can help you as well. Read "Spark" by J.J.Ratey to understand how exercise can help with depression or anxieties. The heart pumping of exercise is not the same process as when anxiety kicks in. You can retrain your amygdala (the fear driving brain centre) to learn to be comfortable with that feeling of exercise induce heart pumping and in fact it can help the brain and in fact it helps to reinforce new brain pathways which is essential when you're trying to break old patterns of thinking. But of course without deep work, exercise alone won't do it. Together though along with tinkering with diet and maybe some herbs or supplements, one can heal profoundly
  3. One of our members @Average Investor made an interesting video just on this topic yesterday. Maybe check that out.
  4. In most countries in the west the label is meaningful and there are protocols for control & testing. Now, are there loopholes that devils are abusing to get certified for selling shit products? Yeah, probably. Still, not consuming any fruits of vegetables in fear of residue pesticides and toxins will be more detrimental to your health that consuming fruits & vegetables that have been sprayed. It is that cost vs benefit ratio again and so far according to research we have, consuming an abundance of plants and minimising consumption of animal products (especially beef, processed meat & butter ) will lead to better health outcomes nearly all the time. But it is an issue and I assume the rise in allergies could also partially be attributed to pesticide overuse. Eat organic when you can but if that is not an option it shouldn't deter you from eating abundance of fruits and vegetables. Our elimination organs are also gradually adapting to the environment in which we live and we become more efficient at clearing that stuff out. That is not to say that we should stop giving it our best and educating ourselves about main sources of toxins, pollutants and heavy metals.....it's just that 100% avoidance is no longer possible....not even if you live on the Arctic circle.
  5. I'm quite happy with this one. Felt good to reconnect with all those old memories from Greece.
  6. I've lost faith in Vega a bit after that contamination report came out few years ago. Although the study has been criticized a lot, I'm sure 100% of their findings were not wrong. Anyways I'd reconsider using Vega. I like Brendan Brazier and all he stands for. His books and health advice is brilliant but maybe their product testing isn't as good and rigorous as it needs to be. This was 2018 tho so it might have been remedied by now
  7. Consider getting checked for chronic gastritis or acid reflux. smokers (even ex smokers) often have compromised stomach lining integrity so it could be more sensitive to spices and acidic foods
  8. Test yourself first. Either through doctor or buy one of those finger prick vitamin D home test kits. If your levels are good you only need maintenance dose of around 1000-2000 IU. If you are very low you may need to go into 10,000s for some time. yeah, not surprised. I noticed massive difference from that too. Interesting perspective. I agree with you to a degree but then we are not our ancestors anymore. For example in my home country in eastern Europe, my ancestors would have solely been concerned with survival. Get enough wood, food and shelter before winter hits because if one is stuck in the middle of winter without enough food the whole family would die because it would get below -40 degrees celsius. The entire family would be living in a house made of one room living with animals often. There was no electricity and poor people did not even have books so yah all they did was probably chill (or be stressed about everything that can kill them over the winter). I wouldn't say they chilled, these people worked extremely hard, lived in shitty conditions and often died of disease and premature death from malnutrition. And these could probably be said about any ancestors that we so often refer to. These were people 100% concerned with rough survival of finding enough food, reproducing before dying and finding a good shelter from animals and environment. We've moved past that now. We live longer and with it are coming new challenges. People have businesses, demanding jobs, duties and roles they play, hobbies and other commitments. Definitely not a good idea to be overcomitted but most of us cannot afford to sit & chill the entire winter anymore. I think we also need some of that tension in our life that gets us going and having little energy makes it difficult. As always there needs to be a balance between do & be.
  9. @aurum I advise people to filter their water in any means possible for them. For lot of people, RO is not an option so we explore other alternatives. TBH I'm not yet sure where I stand with remineralising the water. I don't believe demineralised water leeches nutrition from the body but maybe adding something back in can help get those micronutrient goals up. As long as what you do fits your lifestyle well, then do that. Our bodies will tell us if we're messing up
  10. it can be temporarily effective for people who suffer from acid reflux or too much acid buildup but drinking it for that purpose does not fix the root cause of the reflux, it just manipulates the PH. Most antacids work this way. However, you don't want to be pouring down too much-alkalised liquid on empty stomach as it temporarily brings up the PH of the stomach from PH 1 potentially up several grades if you drink too much which can lead to things like transmigration of bacteria that would have otherwise been killed by the acidity as well as reducing the efficiency of the stomach as the second line of digestion. Constantly altering the PH of the stomach could (theoretically) lead to a buildup of bacteria in the small intestine and something like SIBO over a very long term - but that's just speculation at this point. It's probably ok taking a sip here and there but I definitely wouldn't;t rely on alkaline water as my main source of hydration of minerals. Most minerals should come from the food we eat and as long as the diet is well balanced, you shouldn't;t have issues with missing any essential mienrals especially not the aliaklisers (magnesium, potassium) which are very easy to get from diet. It would also be interesting to know how efficient the body is extracting nutrients from liquids compared to food. But if you feel you are undernourished, suffer from lots of cramps etc potentially mineralised water can help but I wouldn't drink it continually throughout the day. ALternatively you could blend bunch of fruits and mix those with a bottle of water and drink that instead for extra electrolyte bomb.
  11. Unless you're gonna be using some ultra caloric gainer powders (which is itself toxic garbage) eating those 2,500 - 3000 calories that you need (judging from your past posts I assume you are a fairly athletic individual wit increased caloric needs) will be super unhealthy. Stuffing yourself with so much food in a single go is completely counterproductive to any health goals you may have. As already advised by others, you could consider eitherextending that eating window and have 2 meals within time of say 8 hours for better results. But really, if your goals are to improve physical and mental performance, even eating 3 regular meals without too much snacking might be a good idea. Always depends. If you lead a more hermit kind of lifestyle where you spend most time meditating, journalling and chilling then OMAD is doable but once you ramp up your caloric needs through a lot of physical activity, OMAD will just lead to always being fatigued and drop in performance as your body will be burning more than it will be getting from food and you'll quickly start tapping to your fat & muscle stores.
  12. I've noticed that too when spending the Christmas with my family in Slovakia. My skin was always dry (could also be the hard water) and I generally felt like I had less energy which I'm pretty convinced was due to that heating. In UK we keep temperature to about 17-19 and that seems to work very well. Also as others advised, splash your body with some cold water twice a day, that will pick the energies up for sure.
  13. It could simply be daylight deficiency and kinda suppressed daily circadian rhythm through excessive melatonin buildup. I made a video about a month specifically on this topic on YT, might give you some answers
  14. I believe the content of L-Theanine in tea is very very low. I recall it is like 15mg per teabag of green tea or something like that (don't recall the exact amounts) Maybe double for black tea. In research, they usually go up to 1000mg to get some interesting effects. I find green tea slightly stimulating but the effect goes away fairly quickly where with coffee the effects lasts longer but it sometimes makes me more impulsive. Haven't drunk black tea for a long time but may give it a shot again for comparison.
  15. Does that actually make a difference to the taste? Never tried using filters Theanine has the opposite effect from coffee. It is calming and (at least theoretically) should give you the stable level of focus and energy without the spike but personally, I've never felt any effects from even going up to 1000 mg and that was a highly reputable brand with a clean product so I dunno.... Fasting can be used for all sorts of purposes. A lot of people use it to heal a health condition. For spiritual practices, for regrounding and reconnection with your inner self or tour inner child or even during processing of traumas fasting can make it easier to excess certain states.