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  1. Can you do something to temporarily cut yourself out from those. Could you get a cheap airbnb somewhere in the middle of nowhere and take a month to focus on your studies? Or just find a few hours every day where you can completely isolate yourself somewhere - ideally away from your home. Are there commitments you could say no to, hobbies you could postpone, events you could cancel? Could you hire temporary meal delivery services, temporary house cleaner etc? Minimise the workload that is not necessary for survival. Ofcourse if you have children, that you cannot outsource Seems what you need is more available time for a Deep Work and a less busy schedule not brain chemistry altering chemicals. 2 months is long enough to get hooked on the thing. I would explore every possible alley before going for it.
  2. @B222 because there is no evidential basis linking consumption of nuts to negative health outcomes. People who consume nuts have more favourable cardiovascular disease and diabetes outcomes. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5748761/ Intolerance of nuts is either polyol intolerance (nothing to do with lectins) or nut allergy or generally messed up gut through years of low fibre diet, antibiotic overprescription, eating a garbage foor throughout the majority of life, alcohol abuse etc. But ofcourse always listen to your body. There is no need for us to be dogmatic. If nuts don't sit with you, don't eat them. But let's not blame antinutrient for our individual intolerances or personal biases and beliefs. The same person who sold you on the idea of lectins is probably selling you on the ideas of toxic vegetables, fruit = sugar, healthy red meat, good saturated fats and basically trying to take everything in nutrition and twist it upside down to create a bunch of drama and sell you some lectin shields or other crap that not only you don't need but that is going to take you further form the desired health outcome.
  3. @B222 naaah man antinutrients (as a dietary factor evidently associated with disease) is a complete bogus 😄 you're good. Eat thoz nutz
  4. An idea what a stage yellow sales could look like
  5. Just a reflection of rampant stage Orange values of western society. That and a slow decline of healthy stage blue values
  6. Low quality speculative post with a strong conspiracy odour. Put a little bit more effort and research into politically charged posts next time please.
  7. Treatment of paranoia is not something I have direct experience with however I am sure it is not that different from just general anxiety about negative experiences. In a way, you could say paranoia is a fear of past negative experiences being repeated. Our brains are really good at hardwiring negative experinces from our past and then always scanning the environment for the repetition of that experience. I would bet that this is one of the major causes of general anxieties and panic attacks. Rather than fighting it, you could see it as a protective mechanism that you have subconsciously developed (probably in childhood) to protect yourself from being harmed so now your brain is ultra-vigilant at the smallest sign of danger and eager to trigger an anxiety response So the next logical step would be to identify the part of you triggering it and "inviting" that part out to share its fears. There is probably a 5 or 6 years old YOU that still thinks you are 7 and that does not trust you to take over control (because you were not able to in the past) and so it took control for you. I know you mentioned you have been doing self-therapy but if you are not experienced or trained properly, there is limit to what you may achieve and there is no shame in getting a private therapy. IFS has been mentioned here several times and this is also something I'd suggest you try. Richard Schwartz'd content seems great. I've recently been reading his book "no bad parts" and found it very helpful for this pursuit. Maybe try that for a start. It is quite exercise heavy tho so don't expect this to be just another theoretical book. This is actually a really practical step by step manual. Although I don't think we have IFS therapist on the forum, @flowboy seems to work alongside those lines with his clients so you guys could have a chat. If you would prefer a female guide, then reach out to @flume via her website. (i worked with her and can testify!) although not sure if she is currently taking on new clients. Whatever you choose, expect this to be a long term process. Behavioral modification is impossible to do quickly so be patient and keep exploring. Other than that, you wanna make sure your lifestyle is under control as well. Sleep, stress levels, activity, diet all have impact on neuroplasticity and major deficiencies in nutrition could have negative knock-ion effect on your cognitive performance. Good luck!
  8. I've noticed that whenever I start my day with browsing social media, I generally find it harder to be focused during the day. That could be one of the factors here. It may be that overnight your neurons sort of recalibrate and in a way you have a fresh start and how you start that day "formats" the cognitive capacity for the rest of the day. On days that I start with a good routine or a morning workout, I am way more focused and less distracted. So the easiest way might be to just uninstall all those social media platforms for some time and force yourself to pursue a morning routine rather than a doom scroll. I think even 5 minute brows and scroll already predisposes you to low-focus day. At least that's how it isf or me.
  9. Force yourself to do activities that you consider important but boring (e.g. research, reading, journalling). You'll gradually notice your mind being less resistant to that and more compliant. Secondly, context switching is killing your focus like nothing else. Even 5 second checks of social media in the midst of an important work causes a major step back. Basically it is about retraining your mind to do the boring until it becomes interesting. Ofcourse the thing you are doing has to have some importance to you otherwise it won't work. +
  10. I have a huge admiration for AG1's marketing strategy and their immense success since 2020. Having been sponsors to people like Lex Friedman & Andre Hubberman must have spiked their revenues massively. But frankly, most people do not need these products although maybe extreme athletes with rapid demand for antioxidants and nutrients can benefit from it or malnourished individuals and people with eating disorders to consume these sorts of products. It is possible that megadosing such as that may actually have adverse effects through oxalic acid overload especially when people are calcium deficient or have a messed up microbiota with the absence of oxalobacter formigenes species. I did a deep dive into this topic on the blog last year and the conclusion was that if you don't megadose or have calcium deficiency or kidney disease or severe dysbiosis, you should be ok. But maybe you can have too much of a good thing here. I don't know if I could justify paying 120 dollars for 30 doses of powdered greens. Seems like you could get a kilo of raw vegetables for that per day, 2 kilos if you shop at the right places. If you won't miss the money or don't have time to eat your greens or cook or just wanna experiment, go for it and see how you feel but it might be possible to get the same benefits from just regular greens consumption.
  11. @LfcCharlie4 hey, thanks for holding my feet to the fire. Maybe I was being a bit too critical of the topic While I do not have direct experience with Crypto investing, I know many people working in companies like Bloomberg, Reuter's who do. The company I work for also invests in it and I've spoken to other people who do as well. As of today I am yet to see a healthy example of the motivation as to "why do people invest". So far I have not seen a demonstration of behaviour other than "want to get more rich and quickly" I am total with you that this is not how it started. Back in the days when the original geeks were mining on 50K worth of machines and only a few people actually knew about it, its potential was endless . The original idea of not being dependant on the regulations of ECB and FED made a lot of sense and it was beautiful idea. But as of late with the growth of large pyramid schemes, reselling businesses, crypto coaching on YT, endless ads and even big pharma, telecoms and IT tech investing billions of dollars, I don't see it as anything else other than a way to manipulate the market. I am keen to have my opinion changed with more positive examples of investing. Hope nothing I said, you took personally. If so, I apologise for that. I would like to see more healthy and conscious crypto investment and am sure there are people and organisations who do just that but my personal evidence was so far on the contrary Thanks a lot for your comment. Good to see you still come around Charley
  12. His general health advice is great for all sorts of health ailments but he is not a good researcher and has been called out many times for his biases and cherry picking especially on saturated fats, red meat and seed oils. But that's the same pattern with most large channels. Once you start digging deep enough into the literature so much thay Kruger Dunning effect kicks in, you realise things aren't as black and white and the more you try to explain these subtle differences, methodologies and biases, the more audience you loose (not one or two but tens of thousands unsubs per month) so he is not immune to this and hence chooses to ignore invitations to major debates with people thay would expose him as a quack he is on topics he has conveniently chose to cherry pick the evidence to suit his keto audience. He is not the only one either. It's a commercial decision to omit the truth
  13. The basic idea of crypto investing is that you re expecting to get a lot for doing nothing. No work, no commitment, no patience, no dedication. The entire system is one disgusting rotten ladder of leech upon leech upon leech quietly sucking from the tit of society, making the poor even poorer and making the rich even richer. Being a crypto owner gives you exactly zero control over how much money you actually have. The largest players on the market (global banks, billionaires, Furtune 500 types of market-monopolising businesses, IT & fintech businesses) that own the majority of these currencies are the ones dominating the market and the price. Everyone else is just leeching on the system expecting to freeload quick cash before the whole thing drops. Investing ina crypto is like putting a brick over your gas pedal in the car and then taking a nap hoping that all is going to be well. There are better ways to invest such as into long-term portfolios, supporting smaller conscious business, investing into green technologies, green energies and buying shares from small emerging companies such as B-corp certified business and entities that actually do give a fuck about the environment and about sustainability. That is if you care about conscious investing. If you just want to leach value from the society without any moral consequences then go for crypto or buy some BP, Shell or Pfizer stocks.
  14. Are you looking for any type of coaching in particular? Or are you looking to become a therapist? You don't need a certification for coaching but getting a certification is not a bad idea either because you learn a lot during the process of obtaining it. If you are going to be working in health and making health recommendations especially to people who are on medication, I would definitely get some certification and insurance. For a life-coaching type of business, certifications are still a good idea but they may not be necessary.
  15. people have been doing this on Runescape 15 years ago lol Most of MMORPGs will have strategies in place to kick bots but you may still be able to get away with it. But in games that have options to actually sell in game items, getting over the in-place firewalls against bots may actually be pretty challenging. If you can get over anti-cheat systems that companies like Blizzard have spend millions of dollars to put in place, you deserve the money you make from that Stop looking for shortcuts Or do what @JonasVE12 suggested But make sure to keep those chains locked at all times.