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  1. this book was quite helpful for me https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ki-Quest-Method-Awakening-Health/dp/1717755437/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1553083052&sr=8-1&keywords=nicola+zanetti The guy is a not a big author, he is one of the teachers in our naturopathic college but he is extremely knowledgeable and spiritual which is why many people find him a bit weird. The book is easy to ready and gives a lot of very practical tip on how to be able to tap in your Yin (Celestial Qi) and Yang (Primal QI) constitution and in a sense helps you to be more grounded but also more fired up if need be. He also gives a lot of tips on herbs, foods, practical exercises and some stones that can help you achieve what you are looking for. This is a UK author so if you are abroad there is probably some shippin you'd have to pay
  2. You can absolutely skip the pickup game and get into an amazing relationship that will last you a lifetime. I personally don't agree with the idea that in order for you to be in fulfilling relationship on day you need to bang at least 20 girls just to prove something to yourself. For me personally skipping this step and getting into a fulfilling relationship worked very well. I probably have very shitty pick-up skills but its not on my radar anymore...I can still be very social and confident around people, just don't have to force it to get in girl's panties. You don't have to experience every stage of Orange in order to move on and quite frankly I get the feeling that there is a lot of yellow in you already
  3. Seems to me like you focus too much on "what else do I need to do". Instead focus on this one book and think "how can I extract the most powerful insights out of this and what is really worth putting down and remembering?" Think of it like a juice extractor, extracting the liquid part and removing all the cellulose. Honestly by focusing on what you "need to do" you will drive yourself mad. "now" is all there is. Give it your 100% of your focus and once you finish the book and extract everything there is to extract, listen to your intuition when picking next book, I always go for the one that kinda resonates with me the most at that point of time. You will know it when you see it, can't really explain.
  4. look into "Bates Eye Method". Just for the sake of it. I don't have personal experience but there are lots of positive reviews on youtube and amazon. It may still be worth reading his short book and seeing if that resonates with you before you get a non-reversable laser surgery.
  5. sorry, not related to the supplement, I should have structured the response more comprehensively just coffee generally.
  6. @Charlotte yop, this shit is good! We just talked about this particular one at school yesterday, has a great blend of nootropics, adaptogenic herbs, magnesium and L-theanine. I think this can definitely help. Careful with caffeine though as it will go against what these caps are trying to achieve by stimulating you. Could be months up to years before your tissues are completely clean..depends on strenght and number of fags a day, duration of smoking, liver health, nutrient availability for Phase I&II detoxification, presence of some enzymes clearing out all the crap.
  7. Adaptogenic herbs like @pluto suggested help you balance overly stimulated nervous system and excess stimulatory neurotransmitters in ADHD. Stop by at your local Chinese herbalist and have a chat with them, these people are often decendants of incredible healers back in their countries who have been trained in the ancient practice of Chinese Medicine but are hiding because they are afraid of big Pharma and the corrupted legal system in States. They may be able to recommend a herbal blend or a tincture to balance your nervous systems....at least that's what I'd do and it is usually relatively cheap way.
  8. Charlotte, nicotine numbs your appetite so it just makes sense that you start to crave foods more especially calorie dense. I'd advise mindful eating in weeks to come to prevent weight gain and maybe tracking your calories in something like cronometer to make sure you don't overeat Your body can finally start the cleansing & dotexification of residue nicotine and heavy metals it accumulated so make sure to eat well and clean to help your liver doing all the hard work . Well done on this decision ! A lot of willpower will be required in weeks to come but it is absolutely worth it for your long term health. should you need a bit of help, try L-Theanine supplement, it helps with production of GABA, an inhibiting neurotransmitter that helps calm your nervous system whenever the cravings get too bad. It is just an amino acid found in green tea, non-addictive.
  9. @Alexander Goffrier sorry, roasting is not a good work, more like "overcooking" or burning in oven like Charlotte said. Basically by the time they start to turn brown you are receiving a cocktail of acrylamides and AGEs. Regular water cooking is fine
  10. The amounts you get naturally are kinda genetically driven which is why some guys grow more hair than other, deeper voices etc.. There are some things you can do to maximise your production: reduce stress - all testosterone is made from cholesterol and so is cortisol If you are stressed your body will take more cholesterol towards cortisone pathway and less towards testosterone. make sure you eat regularly - as cortisol is high in the morning, staying fasted will ensure high cortisol and low testosterone production, eating will balance this as insulin helps reduce cortisol. weight bearing exercise, drives muscle growth which stimulates growth hormone and testosterone sex also gives you a temporary boost, masturbation doesn't work like that...it has something to do with the survival, alpha-male mechanism, survival of the most masculine to ensure the production of offspring and maintenance of key sexual charactaristics....don't know much about that i'm afraid.
  11. Could it be posturally triggered? By you performing a specific part of your movement in a way that causes a friction between two objects rubbing on each other. Or maybe something you do unconciously. I often notice some people do "an additional movement" when walking like extending knee forcefully, doing a jerky movement with a leg, constraining their leg muscle etc.... It is same to when somebody grinds their teeth and ten start developing cavities from emamel erosion. Probably not but just wondering what could be driving the inflammation. They may help you identify this in the college as well
  12. seems like a pretty decent routine already. Why not stop there for now and see how it works? Don't overblow your night routine otherwise you will end up with a fomo-induced anxiety
  13. CBD is just another overhyped fad supplement as was spirulina in its time or maca, acai berries and whatever comes next. Because so many people jump on this bandwagon now with everybody suffering from 9-5 rat-race induced depresssion they are looking for external solutions and CBD has been shown to have some benefits.....what I am trying to say is due to mass production this stuff is likely being mixed with other substances to afford cheaper production so i wouldn't be surprised if it not only doesn't work but gives you issues. People have been poisoned using spirulina which is supposed to be "beneficial" and same for blue algae which is pretty much infested scum from unregulated ponds being sold in overpriced supplements. Sorry for the rant but thought like letting the steam of
  14. There is no right and wrong response. I'll tell you this, if you are in sexual relationship or plan to be, you may need to spend some time making the "downstairs" look more appealing and same probably goes for your armpits although this is personal and some girls don't mind. Other than that a well-groomed trimmed face tells you care about your looks and hygiene. I think an untrimmed face with patchy beard growing all over is quite repulsive. You may use a manual razor and get it all of or just trim with electric razor but this will mean you have to do it more often. As for the rest of the body, this is up to you Some guys who lift prefer to shave their chest to make it look better but I've never spoken to a girl that would find hairy chest repulsive. A hairy back is another story, some guys are just unlucky to look like freaking gorillas back there and in those cases it should probably be taken care of but that's not an issue for most guys.
  15. Cronometer is amazing and imo quite accurate especially with things like sodium that does not get lost with cooking and processing. Yeah as long as you keep it bellow 3g you sould be fine but ideally stay within 1-1.5. Below 1g is not too good either. Other things you can try doing is: use only saturated oil for cooking (coconut oil / butter) or just use water only don't roast your carbs to avoid creating acrylamides get in at least 40g of fibre, if you can and it doesn't bloat you, go even higher balance your intake of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids. Try to get close to 4:1 or 3:1. limit alcohol, smoking, trans fats and hydrogenated oils (even partially hydrogenated) make sure you have sufficient magnesium, b-vitamins and iron for sufficient energy levels sleep 8 hours (this is probs even more important than diet)