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  1. Fascinating !.... perhaps you are one of those naturally gifted who can just do whatever without consequences. Also genetically people in some regions such as Eastern Europe and Caucasian regions are quite tolerant to dairy since they have been drinking it for thousands of years. Your body needs the minimum of 500ml of water to be able to perform very basic functions. This would be surviving not thriving. 2l would be much closer to the optimum. That being said milk is still mostly water so unless you feel dizzy, nauseous or have a problem with skin and mucosal drying in eyes, tongue, throat etc...you are probably hydrated enough. If it was me drinking that much milk, I would spewing mucous out of every opening in the body and sneezing like crazy being allergic to every single allergen possible but seems for you it works. Just out of curiosity, where did you grow up?
  2. Dairy is far from the best source. It is hardly digestible and most of us are intolerant to it. I've read somewhere that only about 20% of the dairy calcium is actually absorbed. Also as Pluto said above, you need other nutrients especially magnesium, Vit D, phosphorus to balance its function otherwise you'll end up with hypercalcaemia and deposition in all sorts of places. Natural calcium comes as a packaged deal with all minerals and vitamins needed to properly absorb it, milk and supplements don't.
  3. it is a good excuse to judge and criticise while not working on ourselves so beat it....what do you know
  4. Depends on who you listen to. Some raw foodist claim that autoimmunity is an acidosis which is a product of anything that is not raw food. Other claims it is genetical and environmental, homoeopaths put a huge emphasis on the attitude, emotions, tendency to control and manipulate. But generally, the alkaline and anti-inflammatory diet would be the most protective of any disease.
  5. Absolutely! Very blue-ish and rigid tradition although heavily commercialised and materialised just like all festivities, holidays and special days in the year. As an introvert, the thought of being surrounded by people singing "happy birthday" seems as appealing as sticking a penis into a beehive. Here is also the component of getting more material possessions that I don't want or need simply because the "tradition" dictates. Even getting money gives me exactly zero happiness boost. Guess it comes down people appreciating traditions, milestones and quite often wanting a distraction from the boring daily routines. For a materialist, there is nothing more sacred and precious than receiving free stuff.
  6. Brought up in standard blue / orange family in Slovakia. Heavy blue influence from parents of the father (religion + family orientation). At the same time relatively strong Orange influence from father towards career, high academic education, money and achievement. I was under a lot of blue dogma pretty much until teenage years until I started building up a lot of egotistical tendencies, lifting weights, showing interest in girls etc...slowly I was shedding of more and more of blue and getting very heavy into orange until I discovered actualized.org in my 25s which showed me green for the first time. Today I am probably a blend of 40% orange, 50% green, 10% yellow. (wondering it is the orange that is trying to quantify this :D)
  7. London UK Very heavy orange often with hints of red. Tiny bits of blue mostly brought from India and Middle East. Growing green but a lot of it is red/orange wearing green mask to enrich themselves.
  8. tried with at least 10. So far 1 was interested but only in finances and relationship / sex parts but hey...at least something Generally not much, I think this is probably something that people have to look up themselves once they realise they need help, like most of us did, otherwise they can't be bothered to watch these long videos or do stuff like meditation. I have tons of people around me who would benefit massively from the life purpose course, meditation, proper eating etc but man...people can be so stubborn even when you present a most viable solution to their problem...seems to me like most of them don't care about solution, all they need is someone to keep bitching to most of the time. But then, given their situation, education and past brainwashing, It couldn't be any other way.
  9. Most common reasons for fights, breakups, divorces, cheating, law disputes, prenuptial agreements etc...which are all extremely common today. Look at all the couples around you and try to identify 1 that is not heavily egotistic. (you are unlikely to find a couple lacking the ego completely as they would probably have to be enlightened)
  10. I think I'm going to add this to my vision board !
  11. not sure, I got the question but basically you want the niche to come from your life purpose, not the other way around. Changing your LP to fit a niche might lead to disassociation with your core values eventually and selling your "soul" for money. Instead, you want to create a niche if it doesn't exist, and if it does, perhaps dig even deeper in it. This is a big challenge, I assume, that most of us are facing who have gone through the course. Of course, in the end, whatever product or service you will be offering, has to be marketable and has to be profitable at least to cover your debts. If you can't see it right now, that's fine, with time and work put into it, stuff will start to come out...if your goals and ambitions don't frighten you, they are not big enough.
  12. https://www.drugs.com/fluoxetine.html The list of side effect is longer than a week before the salary. If you are so out of balance that you cannot function properly, look into it for limited amount of time. At the same time work on cleaning your diet of heavy foods, processed, sweetened, burnt, fried, baked + dairy and add more wholefoods. Start exercising 3-5 times a week and meditate for 20 minutes twice a day. Any mental issues will likely dissipate and you will be able to get of your meds pretty soon. You may also try this without the meds...that would be ideal. Don't look outward for help friend, all you need is within.
  13. Fruit based diet is able to melt away majority of diseases, be it cancerous or autoimmue. The healing potential of fruits is endless. I've tried it for couple weeks only and saw significant improvement in my allergies that are otherwise rampant throughout whole year. Look up Dr Morse, he and his team have been curing people for 40 years with herbs and fruits. Not sure if it is the most sustainable diet over a long term, there are people who thrive on it though. I believe some protein and polyunsaturated fats are necessary for optimal function of every system in the body.
  14. @SgtPepper agreed with Max. B12 is water soluable vitamin means any excess gets peed out and is really easy for liver to get rid of. The problems are with an excess of fat-soluable vits: A,D,E,K. That being said, tens of millions of meat-eaters around the world supplement basic stuff like Vitamin C , K, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium etc...look at all these multivitamins..it is a joke... cramping 30 nutrients in one pill and expecting to get away with it. Vegans are generally very conscious of the nutrition hence most only need to supplement B12 and D if they don't get out too often. Also there is much more to nutrition than vitamins and minerals, there are hundreds of other compounds like antioxidants and phytonutrients where supplemenents can't help much anyways.
  15. you are probably not taking in enough calories. Count your caloric requirements on plantspace.org and than use one of the useful aps such as cronometer.com to track your meals for couple days to make sure you are hitting your macros and micros. No need to go all fancy pancy sciency forever but maybe just for couple days till you get the feeling of how much you should eat to feel satiated and energized.