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  1. Ok so you're basically looking at 700 eur / month + some change for miscellaneous expenses. I looked at your profile saying you are Slovenian. From some quick search I found that an average salary in Ljubljana is 1200 euros net (after taxes and deductions). So there are options for better income for sure. The next question is, what would you have to do to get a better salary? What is your age and current level of education? Do you have any university degree or are you trained in any craft? Could you move to a city with better average monthly salary? Do you currently work full time or part-time? Could you take on some extra work? Also I don't know about your current diet, but maybe there are ways to make it cheaper such as buying from bulk food delivery companies. Things like legumes for instance are the cheapest food there is with a nutritional value 10 times what any meat or vegetable will give you. If you eat out a lot, that will take a significant proportion of your finances. Learning to cook in bulk, vegetarian meals based around legumes, root vegetables, local produce is a good option. I probably wouldn't invest in any exotic powders, superfoods and that kind of crap. Another possible saving is (if you live in small area) buying a used bike on Facebook market and not paying for public transport anymore. This way you could potentially get some extra exercise as well. You can buy a decent bike, used for 80 euros, get it serviced for 20 and you're good to go. Other small things are seeing where you have subscriptions you don't need,. pay for programs you don't use, money for idle socialisation (such as spending 30 euros on drinking once a week - not suggesting you do this , it is an example) etc.
  2. Best way to find out is to give it a shot Do a 21 day nofap then come back and tell us how it went. A lot of people claim it makes them more productive, others say it just makes them constantly horny. Maybe there is a U-shaped curve type of relationship between duration of avoidance and the level of horniness and at some point in time the craving for masturbation starts to decline.
  3. You can always just do nothing. It is unlikely that a shameful picture would go viral if you are not a Robert Pattison type of a guy (in terms of popularity) Eventually people would forget and get on with their lives. The worst thing you could do is write apologetic messages or try to go out there and have it removed, that would tos more oil into a dying fire.
  4. Families can be hard to accept changes or even suggestions for improvement. The last time I tried (sensibly) to suggest to my mom to do some minor cooking adjustments (such as using less oil and less sugar) that would benefit her and my sister's health, I was met with a major backlash. You could try to suggest cooking for the family occasionally and making them see and appreciate that healthier food can be tasty as well. But if you are up against family traditions and strong conservative values, you won't be successful on that front especially if the dynamics of the family is that the woman cooks the meal has to be tasty and savoury (means fatty and sugary) , there won't be any changes because "this is what we have been doing always". In such case, the most strategic thing to do is to consider moving out. I'm not saying get rich but maybe try to plan what's the minimum monthly income you would have to achieve to be able to pull of some small apartment, maybe like a single-room space with living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. A condo style. Or you could enter into a shared rent with someone else. Like have your own room but share bathroom and kitchen. I've lived like that for at least 6 years in the past and it was mostly alright. As long as the flatmate is alright, it is a great way to be free from family "bullying" and saving money. What's the minimum of income you would need to get to that place? I'm sure it isn't thousands of euros (or whatever is the local currency in your country). Put the amounts on a paper: monthly rent monthly food spend travel hopbbies, gyms , etc other personal spend Then put it together and work backwards and try to figure out a way to get that money. Maybe you would need a part-time job? Maybe take a job as a courier or some online thing. What I'm trying to say here is that it's all in your hands to get away from that situation because it won't get better on its own. I was in slightly similar situation 7 years ago before moving abroad. I was lucky in few things but mostly it came down to packing my belongings and finding a place on my own.
  5. @Preety_India thanks this topic was blocked and removed
  6. @TheSomeBody hopefully you know what you're doing. The least to do would be to ask every participant to sign a formal waiver that informs them you are not a medical or psychiatric professional and that this is not an actual study so that you drop all responsibility from yourself. If you handle data (regardless of how much) it would be a good idea to state that in writing for everyone to know what you'll do with that data. I think it that would be a good idea, remaining anonymous may render recruitment difficult. And finally you may want to be careful with throwing around words such as "treat" or "cure". These are medical terms and they ar legally protected. I know it seems harmless but you should rather stay safe than sorry later.
  7. What is your qualification to enlist participants to a study? Are you qualified and trained to run an interventional study? How do you handle data? Where will data be stored? How are those protected? What is your data retention period ? Are you GDPR compliant? DO you have a privacy policy? Are you allowed (being Israeli) to handle data of people from foreign countries? Are you insured against potential harm? (yes, I know you don't want to harm anyone but nobody ever does...) What about ethical approval? In some countries, once you handle more than X amount of people's data in a single case, you need to gain an ethical approval. Will participants be asked to sign a formal waiver or Terms of study? This is a significant requirement. You are probably aware that rapid withdrawal from ADHD medication may cause significant withdrawal effect. How will you deal; with this. What is your protocol for acute psychosis or major depressive disorder that may flare up from this? As a non-medical person, you CAN NOT suggest that people go off medication without consent and supervision of a doctor or a nurse. Likewise you cannot even suggest they put the medication on hold. This could get you into a lot of trouble. How many meetings? How often? What is the duration of the study? How many participants? Will you work alongside a medical professionals to ensure safety of your participants? How will you ensure people are compliant and eligible for the study from health perspective? I don't dispute the efficacy of your method. It may work but what you are trying to do here may get you or other people in trouble. Start by giving more information. Create a website with 100% transparency on everything including data handling and privacy policy. If you are not a doctor, there needs to be a disclaimer and people need to sign that. And you cannot remain anonymous if you want people to officially participate in your study so you may need to publish your identity at some point including your qualification. Also, try to polish the grammar, this whole thing looks like it's been dragged through Google Translate. I appreciate that English may not be your first language but at least invest in Grammarly because this will put people off. Make sure you are not doing something that would borderline with questionable and that (if it backfired) could get you into some serious trouble. You need to be legally and ethically protected for the sake of your participants and for the sake of yourself. I know you mean well and the offer is generous and kind but you need to protect yourself and the participants even if you 100% believe in your method. Others may not and having some structure in place puts people at ease and make you appear more credible and professional.
  8. I finally feel I'm regaining the momentum I had before that water poisoning session. I'm getting way more done than before, a decent amount of effort into social media posting and I've put over 12 hours into the latest research since Friday The first of the upcoming 3 posts is up The topic of dental health in connection to wider disease is so incredibly fascinating. Shame it wasn't part of our syllabus. It is funny how dentistry is always isolated from mainstream medicine yet the amount of havoc it can wreak in the body once it goes unchecked is pretty scary. The most fascinating is the connection between biofilm clusters hidden deep inside the periodontal pockets releasing pathogenic bacteria that may even lead to something like SIBO, heart infection, pneumonia and systemic inflammation. How the hell did we not talk about this? Maybe we've got the treatment of the gut wrong, maybe we should have always started from the mouth, not from the bum My main challenge remains to condense these articles into reader-friendly material. I keep seeing that as a major difficulty. If I omit too much, I feel like I'm not being true to myself but then if I include too much geeky stuff it is completely unreadable. Ideally down the road, each blog post would come with a summary youtube video. I'd like to start doing that. I'm also looking into launching my first video course. I have a few topics in mind but haven't decided on anything yet. Been looking into Thinkific for a platform and I'd say the price is reasonable and functionality pretty good even at the lowest price point. Maybe I'll launch the first one before the end of this year KEY 3 TARGETS FOR THE REMAINDER OF THIS YEAR launch the first video course invest in marketing & business tutorial course Collect 15 more CPD points - I f****g hate attending CPD lectures, a bunch of industry-sponsored bs biased towards selling products and tests. There are exceptions thou such as the research course our lecturer is running at the moment, that's one of the diamonds in the huge pile of shit of supplement-company sponsored CPD courses. Gods, if only I could claim my own research as CPD, would have got those 30 hours in the first week of the year. Cool mix ↓
  9. Congrats guys! Finally, the day has come. Happy for you
  10. Trans-poo-sion as some call it may be one of the most promising medical treatment of the next decade but so far it is still research in diapers. As far as I know so far FDA has only approved transplantation of Bifidobacterium which is super limiting so I'd wait at least another 5 years for more research to catch up and more variety becoming available. Mice studies show some pretty darn exciting results in obesity, diabetes, IBD. Consider reading "10% Human" if this stuff interests you. Potentially this could even be helpful for authism I'm definitely looking forward to poo-clinics transpoosion becoming widely available
  11. Find better friends. Cut ties with those people to a minimum and focus on your own development. If you are not blessed with masculine genetics (from what you write I assume you may have some predominant feminine features that are a source of mockery?) you will have to compensate for it in your life with sharp mind, intellect, humour, self-confidence served from other areas of your life, strong sense of purpose and intuitive wisdom. The earlier you start working on those things, the earlier you'll outgrow those peacocks. I would also consider doing some physical fitness. Gaining some muscle will increase your self confidence and even if you are shorter (I am making assumption, maybe not) you can gain peer respect by developing some musculature. Find what you are passionate about and start investing energy and money into it and fuck everyone who disagrees. You cannot please those people so don't even try. Don't worry about that girl either, you will meet other, better quality women once you develop yourself enough they will start getting attracted to you Hope that helps
  12. I'm sure there are bound to be videos on proper burpees, jacks etc. In terms of landing it is important to distribute the weight while landing. So for example with burpees don't just land like a rock on the ground slamming the feet in one go (people tend to do this once they get fatigued) but slowly distribute the weight from toes to heels and make sure not to lock your knees but bend to soften the landing. A proper burpees is like a circular motion that doesn't stop but one thing leads to another. It has to be soft, gradual and controlled rather than hard landing with locked knees
  13. ^ this guy
  14. I'd probably start with retesting and comparing results to your first breath tests just to see if round 1 was any successful. If not, you may need to swap around the antimicrobials. I'd even consider speaking to a herbalist to create a powerful antimicrobial blend for you. These things work better in synergy than isolated and you need a master in herbs to really know what to use and when and in what amounts. I've had decent results elsewhere with SIBO using a combination of goldenseal, wormwood, oregano oil and psylium + strong probiotics in combination with a strict 100% LF diet and later on some gut-maintenance protocol. I wouldn't just throw random stuff at it. Get a strong blend from a good herbalist. Herbs on their own are usually not that expensive. These are excellent in the second phase once the antimicrobials have been finished. If you suspect a degree of intestinal permeability, then glutamine has by far the best evidence out there.
  15. Highly recommend this book if you're ever keen to explore the topic of ww2 in depth from a highly critical and kinda yellow perspective