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  1. @EmeraldShe is 23, recently finished the uni. I was considering Orange but to me it seems there is way too much aggresive selfishnes in there, especially the unhealthy selfishness, I'd say. The use of foul words, the rebellion, being rude to parents and the people she hangs out with. Also a massively selfish behaviour and tendency to manipulate people towards serving her needs. @Solace, thanks. Yeah, perhaps I should stop trying to remedy and simply let go. @Serotoninluv, @Key Elements thanks guys. I like the idea of increasing responsibility starting from 1%. You are right once the resistance shell has been cracked, the person probably won't notice a small gradual increase in the responsibility.
  2. Do you know your blood pressure? I'd suspect an adrenal weakness.
  3. My sister is currently heavily stuck in stage red. --> Massive rebellion against family and anyone trying to offer an advice, talking shit, hating people, hanging out with dysfunctional people, avoiding duties and responsibilities, constantly blaming everybody for her problems..when trying to find a job, she would get discouraged and give up after first failure calling everybody "fucking c***s in ties and suits." My question is: Is there any point trying to talk sense to her and potentially opening her eyes towards more BLUE or does every stage need to awaken on its own otherwise I'll only face a lot of ego-backlash. And before you say that I am judgemental and not loving, believe me that I am trying to be loving and understanding but any effort for meaningful conversation ends up in being called "gay treehugger and loser"
  4. Love these speculative posts ! Some of the dumbest people I know are the ones who consider themselves the smartest. The less you know, the more you feel like you know so if you already know everything why even bother, you ain't gonna find anything new anyway
  5. There is a huge emotional component to IBS. All IBS people I know are control freaks, stressed individuals who constantly run around trying to organise everything in a perfect setup. That's why nothing shows on tests because it is not necessarily always a gut issue. Another thing could be a non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. Are you a frequent gluten consumer? (includes rye, barley and wheat). If so, try to stay away from it for a month and see if anything changes You may want to consider a SIBO Test (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) as well as this is often common cause of intestinal issues. Gojiman on youtube recently released a great video on how to tackle similar gut issues, you may want to check that out as well. Some foods that may make your symptoms worse are: refined carbs, white sugar, alcohol, heavy spices Are you reacting in any foods in particular? Are you able to tolerate things like grapes, mangos, watermelons and berries? In my opinion you got some serious detoxification to do my friend at least that's what I'd do. Regarding the carnivore diet suggestion, you may see some reduction in symptoms but it will not necessarily heal you, it is simply an avoidance diet. IBS is NOT an inflammatory disease, if it was it would be the same as Crohn's. The facts that no inflammatory markers shows on examination is why IBS is shrouded in so much mysteries and treatment is so difficult.
  6. I'd suggest you look into a work of professor Bredesen if you are interested. He has made some groundbreaking progress in Alzheimer's reversal mostly through optimised nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Attended a lecture of one of his followers ,couple weeks back and they do seem to have a lot of success with the treatment. Not progressive state though, once you are there, there is no way back ( at least not for now).
  7. Where is the "enlightened" police of this community bashing on all addicted gamers?
  8. Perhaps that's what you should be doing then. Go and have sex with 50 girls, then come back and update us on whether you feel any different. The first-hand experience is the best answer you can ever get.
  9. This might be the smartest thing I've seen today
  10. Our society has evolved since times of slavery, these days we give ourselves fancy names (executives, directors, managers...), dress in fancy clothes and get some cash for the work we do. You are free to walk away but unless you have other means of making money or have supreme hunting skills, you will end up on streets which is equal to being exiled 2000 years ago. |For many people (low wage workers especialy), "walking away" is literally equal to becoming homeless and dying of hunger. In some countries the state will not take care of you and you will freeze, starve or die of disease. So in a sense, those people are slaves. For other who earn a lot, it would take much more but remember that not all homeless people started as poor alcoholic bums or gambles, many of them are progressed HIV or syphilis patients who may have once been success butt could not get a work anymore and have been rejected by the family.
  11. "becoming old" is not something you can do much about so acceptance is the key here. Becoming "senile" in terms of progressive Dementia such as Alzheimer's , there is a LOT you can do about. If you are interested, research this topic in more depth but there is a massive impact of diet an lifestyle such as heavy metal exposure and lack of proper nutrition.
  12. For the purposes of healing the body, I believe frutarian is the way to go. For people with chronic inflammatory conditions, degenerative and autoimmune diseases, this may be the answer they have been looking for. I've massively improved my allergies on a fruit cleanse (+ some herbal tinctures) Have to agree with @Solace though that in the long term, it may not be the best diet as you could be missing out on some nutrients but i am open to being wrong about this.
  13. Even if this was true, it is definitely something you can work on. Both physically on the outside and spiritually on the inside in terms of self acceptance. This is not a disease or a handicap just a lack of experience and social exposure. Ca easily be fixed.
  14. nice one
  15. Not necessarily true if one wants to avoid renal and digestive issues. Sites aimed on muscle gain rarely consider health aspects of their recommended protocols @MarkusSweden regarding the creatine, while there are some benefits for sure, your body creates creatine phosphate from the food you eat and uses it to produce the ATP (available cellular energy) in mitochondria by adding an ADP group. This only works for 10-15 seconds of the strenuous exercise (this is the time between starting the exercise until feeling first hint of discomfort or pain) after which the aerobic (jogging/swimming) or anaerobic (sprinting, HIIT) respiration kicks in depending on the activity type. Unless you are a professional athlete needing to get an edge during the initial 10-15 secs and potentially adding 2-3 seconds to it, supplementing creatine will only result in excess creatinine (byproduct of muscle metabolism) accumulation which puts stress on your renal filtration. P.S. the chart below explains the utilisation of creatine phosphate during exercise nicely.