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  1. Because it is easy to approach a woman online especially if she deliberately puts herself out there. Most guys generally, are terrified of rejection so they will not approach you even if they would love to. We live in a culture where it is expected from guys to approach women but why should it always be so? Do you ever feel a slight hint of chemistry with a guy? Maybe he does too but is shy to do anything about it..so be the first to take a step instead, you might be surprised how fast people can open up when they don't have to be the ones initiating the conversation. my office is on 40th floor in a busy building and quite often when being in an elevator with a single person I try to initiate a conversation and n many occasions by the time we got to 0, we could literally go for a beer and continue for another 2 hours...humans always have so much "mind baggage" carrying with us and often wish we could just tell someone our story even if it is a stranger you just met...whoever is willing to listen to us, we will like them very much without even realising why
  2. I'd be interested to look into their stories from the unbiased perspective if you could share some names. There are definitely unhealthy, fragile, skinny vegans losing hair, bone density and muscle but with most this is not really the case because they are simply more health aware than general population who are being decimated by heart disease, diabetes, cancers and all sorts of fun stuff.
  3. hey, maybe we will create an AI that will realize that humans are a cancerous virus of this planet not even good as their slaves and will start wiping us out before we get to fatal climate change.
  4. Not a female opinion here but just wondering, do you currently have a lot of stress in your life? Sometimes it may happen that your body stops(or limits) producing sex hormones in favour of cortisol or other steroids to counter stress, disease or any ongoing issue.
  5. Yeah, that's the point. At the time being "me" is this physical thing in the present moment. I haven't done enough consciousness work to be able to perceive it any other way
  6. @Leo Gura do you think a person can care about enlightenment even if they don't have some of the basic shit figured out. I want to be more interested in nonduality but my mind just keeps dragging me towards life purpose and financial independence and I just can't open my mind to this topic enough...just yet. Is there such thing as doing LP and raising one's level of consciousness at the same time or would they be clashing with each other?
  7. "Why we sleep?" by Matthew Walker --> on my "to read this year list" is supposed to be very informative on this topic, perhaps check it out.
  8. @dude you seem like a knowledgeable guy in this area. What would you suggest as an alternative to Adobe Premier Pro to someone who has some editing skills but doesn't want to pay 400$ a year for editing software. Not a professional editing ..at leat not yet. Thanks!
  9. I also used to suffer from Asthma around 2 years ago, was getting lot of chest tightness and wheezing especially at night to a degree where I had to sit down and catch my breath, sometimes I would spend half an hour,just sitting and trying to calm my breathing ..probably caused by the Allergies starting to get deeper in the body. But it somewhow went away on its own, not sure if diet had to do anything with it. I've also mentioned Dr Morse's healing protocol few times on this site (fruits, veggies and herbs) ,the most beneficial thing I've ever done, my allergies is 90% gone and has stayed that way for some time now....I believe we spoke about this through couple messages exchanged. Anyways, perhaps the asthma is just progressed allergies for you as well? That's how it was for me.
  10. What @InfinitePotential said, all great advice especially clean eating, stimulants, getting enought sleep and exercise while reducing stress. Other things you may try: Watch your sodium intake (processed foods, oversalting, eating out, eating in industrial cheap restaurants) and try to stay bellow 1g per day if possible. A single sodium-heavy meal will bump up your heart pressure within few hours. Try using miso paste in your meals instead of salt, it tastes the same but does not have the blood pressure bumping effect. You should be able to get all the sodium you need from vegetables. Or have a celery juice every once in a while. This is probably one of the most important points. In fact, get rid of your table salt shaker, you should not have a need for it. Drink plenty of water, it helps with an efficient movement of sodium across body and excretion when needed Get rid of coffee permanently if you haven't already. Induces HPA axis hyperactivation, makes you overstressed and raises your blood pressure and heart beating rate. Increase your intake of fruit, especially berries and melons every once in a while. Try to aim up to 10 portions a day. I think there was also some link between kiwi and lower blood pressure. Think giant smoothie bowl for breakfast instead of toast, eggs or cornflakes Have a giant colourful salad every day with a lots of green leafy vegetables. Eat more whole grains - there is a big association between those and reduced blood pressure, risc of cardiovascular problems and type II diabetes. Make sure they are in their whole form, think: buckwheat, oats, quinoa, amaranth, brown rice, spelt, kamut...
  11. Do you know what type of cancer? Also, do you know what stage is he and how far has it spread?
  12. Because you've come around, full circle in a spiral and moved from having science on a pedestal to observing science with curiosity but keeping an eye on the bigger picture at the same time. Science has so much to offer regardless of how deep you want to go, someone has already done the hard work of discovering that shit for you. I find it absolutely fascinating to observe nutritional and health science but have to keep reminding myself that it is just one piece of the giant puzzle So be curious but be extremely selective and critical in what you apply.
  13. very practical post, thank you !!
  14. This is what I was thinking when asking about the Herpes virus as it been proven to trigger ADD by causing some neurological hyperexcitability