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  1. @kray try this https://athleanx.com/xero Beware thou, he will put you through hell and back but you will become strong as an ox using only your body. @BlackMaze can testify
  2. Then experiment with the following (note that none of these will fix the root cause, they numb symptoms without side effects to allow you to work on the root cause by the following advice from Nahm, Mandy or Mu_ above and working on your diet and exercise. * Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis) - good evidence in anxiety, mildly sedative and mildly adaptogenicFor dosages, follow what is on the bottle * Chamomile - Excelent agonist of GABA (relaxing neurotransmitter). Commonly found in teas * Valerian Root Extract (Valeriana Officinalis) - somewhat sedative so best taken away from when you have to drive or work with heavy machinery. This is a great sleep aid. You can find extract in capsules, tinctures or a tea. Valerian is like your natural Valium without taking all the toxic stuff in. * St John's Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) - this MUST NOT at any cost be mixed with SSRIs or 5HTP or Tryptophan. SJW has the best evidence of effect by far by some people expect nausea with it. * Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) - this is an adaptogen more than a sedative so this helps you push over the first adaptation level. Again, it does not fix the root cause but a lot of people feel great on this. It would however not be my first go to. * Ginkgo Biloba- ginkgo is an excellent supporter of BDNF and neuroplasticity so this may be effective in later stages once you start working on everything else. TRY TO APPROACH THIS AS FOLLOWING * Stay away from caffeine & all energy drinks * Get a tea from either Chamomile or Lemon Balm and drink that throughout the day * Alongside that consider getting a capsulated extract of either Valerian Root or St John's Wort * If you have time, practice some light yoga, or find a local pullup bar and get the blood flowing * also consider getting your vitamin D checked as @mandyjw suggested, this could indeed make a profound difference if your levels low * and finally if there is a deep trauma or emotional scars, those need to be healed otherwise the anxiety may not go away completely, I think Nahm and Mu have a lot to say about that Good luck! Drop me a line if you have any Qs
  3. Are you currently on any SSRI/SNRIs/TCAs? Or any other pharmaceuticals?
  4. Actually running will be very counterproductive in this. What you are looking for is strength training. As you increase your muscle mass, your metabolic activity will increase through rise of testosterone and irisine. The more muscle you have the higher your resting metabolic rate and the easier it is to burn that excess fat. Consuming at least 1.4 grams of protein per 1kg of bodyweight will also help. You may temporarily go as high as 2g / kg but I would stay away from things such as whey protein or any concentrated animal protein powders if you value your health Making sure you eat regular meals, no skipping, no fasting. Start with proper large breakfast made of a good amount of complex carbs, fruits, good fats and some protein. Make sure you put regular mechanical pressure on your muscles (e.g. weights or bodyweight, calisthenics) that sot of stuff. Sleep is also essential. If the sleep is insufficient, fat loss is impossible because your stress hormones will override everything else when you are fatigued from lack of sleep
  5. couple things I see here that may help. 1. if you're eating a lot of simple carbs you'll be riding an insulin rollercoaster which has a direct impact on your stress hormones -> anxiety rises 2. lack of exercise also has profound negative effects on mood -> exercise stimulates BDNF your main stimulator of neroplasticity -> basically exercise helps your brain to adapt and rewire, this is essential in anxiety 3. cigarettes will absolutely destroy your mood and energy Anyways, these are the 3 areas that if you put work into your anxiety will reduce at least by 50-70%. Happy to help you in that if you'd like.
  6. @Someone here on the top of what guys many times wiser than me already advised, I would be curious what is the current state of your health: * what's your diet like? * sleep? * exercise routine? * any addictions? * stressors in life? * digestive problems? * any mold, toxins in house? * any medication? * any ongoing health condition?
  7. I agree with @Twega why not empower seekers on the forum to look for natural ways as well. Natural sulforaphane is an incredibly powerful promoter of the glucuronidation phase of liver detoxification. DMSA + ALA are kinda like treating illness with pharmaceuticals, it gets the job done but creates no change in behaviour, we are once again back to "magic pill solution".
  8. This is exactly the feeling I got from watching your video. It was powerful, beautiful and soothing to the mind & soul. Very happy for you
  9. @seeking_brilliance thank you, I will check this out.
  10. Hmm I wonder if it is for people who are already prediabetic or have the pre-metabolic syndrome. I can't imagine it giving added values to an otherwise healthy lifestyle. We still don't understand 100% of its effects
  11. why would you take the antidiabetic pharmaceutical drug as a part of a healthy diet? I've seen people voluntarily taking Metforming, what the actual heck I'm not sure that's how it works. Dysbiosis takes years to fix, you can't starve just the bad ones, all of them will be dying out if you stop eating, depending on the colony density ofcourse. If you manage to eradicate entire colonies of good bacteria by starving yourself, you may never get them back. For 90% of your gut bacteria, we don't have probiotics yet. Some of them are there since the time you were born when they were passed onto you as you passed through birth canal. They are the ancestors of those first colonists. Kill them and you kill your mental health
  12. per day..split into 2-3 dosages but should not be taken for more than 7 days @Leo GuraEDIT: not sure if this will sit right with the SIBO so start with 100ml and see how it feels
  13. Seems like the stress is coming from being at too many places at the same time (mentally) and multitasking on too many different fronts. Has your daughter been investigated by a gastroenterologist? Have they done any tests? Have they ruled out intolerances or allergies? Also things like IBS are common and if she is little, colic are a very likely possibility. Get her tested properly, make sure her stool is investigated for markers of inflammation and intolerances. Most of all don't let them stuff her with antibiotics without reason. Also regarding your personal situation, what are other work options? Less stressful. Are there any recruitment companies you could speak to. Does the ministry of work offer any things? To manage the anxiety attacks a session of deep abdominal breathing can help you calm down but I think there are some changes you may need to do in your life to fully eradicate that stress. Also it seems to me like maybe your life would be better back in Russia? Migration is not always beneficial, a lot of people migrate and end up hating their jobs and their lives.
  14. Interesting, I believe Gabby Bernstein describes something similar in Universe Has Your Back. Thanks, please do share if you find anything helpful
  15. Technically yah...maybe but I wouldn't risk it. Collagen gets replaced all the time and made out of 3 amino acids + a lot of vitamin C and energy, all easily get from plants. For example, adding 1/2 a head of cabbage provides so much glycine that it should cover all your needs for couple of days and since glycine is super easy to transaminate the body can just put it wherever it needs to go. This is also why cabbage juice is so incredible for healing leaky gut, Joe Pizzorno says in his detox book that 1 week of juicing 1 litre of cabbage juice may heal the gut completely but he recommends no more because it is a goitrogen in such huge amounts and blocks iodine in thyroid. Most people drink bone broth because they believe in some sort of miraculous joint healing properties but there isn't really any persuasive evidence for that (doesn't mean there is none). I'd still stick to organic veggie bone broth with some extra tofu for more diversity of amino acids.