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  1. damn! I mean...ofcourse after some time the excitement and horniness goes away in the relationship and reason comes back in play but there should be a spark of enjoyable sex every now and then?
  2. Which one was this....I want to know for ...ehm ..scientific purposes.
  3. well done young Padawan, you are learning to channel your feelings and let them pass through instead of jumping on the fury wagon and releasing hell. Most people in this victim-driven country would lash out on all the employees and even post it on social media.
  4. Perhaps you are looking to deal with Yellow/ Turquoise problem in an Orange matter? Medications and doctors will not be able to solve an existential crisis. It is also possible that your retreat took you way above your current level of Spiral and you need to come back because you jumped 1-2 stages ahead. A concious lifecoach or a therapist might be able to help you out instead of sedating you. You need someone to talk to who will not think you are crazy but who will see what is going on there on much deeper level.
  5. Instead of her becoming interested in you, why don't YOU become more interested in her. I mean seriously interested. Not in a psychopathic tendency by asking her about her periods and used underwear but paying extreme attention to what she is saying, learning all about her, asking questions. Most of all this has to be genuine, she will know if you are faking your interest to get into her panties, Most women have a nose for fake-ass dudes and those that don't you don't want to be around anyway. Everybody loves to talk about themselves so just shut up and listen. She will love you for it if you give her the attention that nobody ever has. And you can practice this with random women at work, when on public transport even with your friend females so that you get accustomed to 100% eye contact, get more awareness of your body language, tone of voice and the ability to listen with your whole body.
  6. Why bother waking up, eating and brushing your teeth then, lets just all start raping eachother and stealing stuff from shops. I'm finding these comments to be completely useless for most people even if it bears the existential truth.
  7. Trying to win the approval of your schoolmates will be like battling windmills, whatever you do, they will find a way to turn it against you. Not all kids are mean so perhaps try to find a group on your school that will accept you for who you are. You don't need to be friends with everyone. It is those high quality relationship with few individuals that will last you a lifetime. Also, kids in college spread rumours about everyone, in the end nobody really gives a shit. People giggle and move on. Most of teenagers are too focused on themselves to really care any deeper about other people's issues. There are ways you can counter the humiliation. This may sound counter-intuitive but if you can laugh at yourself along with everybody else, you take away all their power. Doesn't mean becoming a clown but know your weaknesses and be able to find them hillarious. I think this was one of my superpowers as a chubby kid in college, I was always the first one to make fun of my fat ass and everybody else would just giggle without spreading any rumours. Whatever you do, keep working on yourself, develop skills, work on your athleticism and your physique, eat well, read a lot and people will naturally start to see that perhaps you are not this silly boy that everybody thought you are.
  8. @outlandish yeah its always about getting that dopamine stimulus isn't it? Most of humanity uses coffee for low concious stimulation but it can definitelly be used to channel higher conciousness activities,it is hard not to abuse it though because of how addictive it is.
  9. When eating fish, prefer one of the oily ones from SMASH category. Sardines, Mackerels, Anchovies, Salmon, Herring. One of the key nutrient why people eat fish are the Omega 3 fatty acids, especially the preformed long-chain-fatty-acids called EPA and DHA that our bodies are very poor at making from the top Omega 3s especially males. If you are not comfortable with the fish, look into a good source of Algae Oil and eat a lot of flaxseeds, chia seeds and walnuts to make up for it.
  10. Don't go studying wrong stuff and waste years going wrong direction, wish I was told this earlier in life. Find out what is the best way to serve the world and what skills do you need for it. Once you do pursue those relentlessly. You already have a massive headstart against majority of population, make a good use of it. @outlandish man that's a life changing piece of advice
  11. Still, it is good to recognise a constructive criticism, especially when it does not come neetly packaged. Some people do not know how to do that, they mean well but it comes as rude, insensitive and something we would usually want to ignore. I've learned a lot from critiques that came out as borderline offensive but the message was very clear and useful.
  12. Yes, I've been doing that since I was a little kid, on a bright day I'll just stop randomly and stare up for half an hour. It has a become bit of a meditation There is something about the vast emptiness and the fact that everything you see is so so far away and yet you are able to see it. On some days when you can see Jupiter and Saturn I just gaze on those dim dots and imagine what it must be like over there and how much more is out there.
  13. You got many comments on your previous post yet no response. Have you found none of that helpful ?
  14. There is a lot of conflicting information but generally what coffee does is that it activates your nervous system triggering something called "Sympathetic Nervous System" what we would refer to "fight or flight." It is a stress reaction that in the past would help you outrun a wild beast ..nowadays there is no such things as being killed by a mammoth and we overstimulate ourselves for pure pleasure which leads to a lot of problems. Anatomically, fight and flight triggers release of adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol from your adrenal glands which in turn activates your heart muscle to work harder, dilates your trachea (windpipe) to take in more oxygen, raises blood pressure and dilates arteries to pump blood faster into muscles. It also suppresses any digestive activities as well as your immune system as these are not priorities in life-threatening situations. Your liver also starts turning stored glycogen into glucose and shoots it into the bloodstream to have immediate available energy. SO you can start to see that while on one side this is a useful mechanism to have, an overstimulation causes decreased immunity, stops digestion, weakens your adrenals and temporarily raises your blood pressure. Coffee also triggers gastric reflux in some people, and often causes diarrhoea. Coffee is highly acidic, it forces your body to activate its acid/base buffer systems which may eventually leach calcium from your bones to alkalise the environment and contribute to osteoporosis (although research is not conclusive on this) The positive side is that studies show that coffee drinkers live longer, coffee lifts depression, makes you more active, vital and excited to be alive..but this is just the adrenal stimulus and is very short lived. Coffee increases insulin sensitivity so there is some benefit for diabetics and finally It also contains a lot of antioxidants which is one of its marketised "superpowers" but so do bluberries, mangos, cabbage, greens and most fruits. A cup of coffee is no match for a nice fruit smoothie. For me its more cons than pros but somethimes you just need "the kick" so there is no point to demonise the drink but it should not be used habitually but rather efficiently to boost performance when needed, hope that helps EDIT - interesting fact is that genetically some people are less affected by caffeine than other. So when you see someone who gets anxious and shaky after having one drink it does not mean they are a weak but that they are extremely slow caffeine-reuptakers. Same for alcohol.