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  1. homemade hummus with carrots
  2. @Monkey-man there is a book called Oxygen Advantage from British author Patrick Mckeown. I would highly recommend you check it out.
  3. @Harikrishnan perhaps you are trying to hard to take control of something that cannot be controlled. Or maybe you are anxious that you are having anxieties because you though you are already beyond that point. I would say the ego plays a part in that since it probably thought that it is spiritually more evolved and could not suffer anxiety. Anxieties usually come and go and many times we never find out why. Have you tried contemplating what exactly is it that you fear in surgery. Is it pain? Is it the risk of loosing mobility in the tendon? But perhaps it is the fear of being afraid and not knowing what to do -> no control. Less controlling and more giving up and letting go is the key although easier said than done. Also make sure to be very mindful of your breathing when these attacks come, do not drop into shallow breathing. Breathe through your nose, slowly and mindfully. This method also increases your nutrient transport through arteries so better for your healing. Letting go takes time, be patient and the anxiety will drop. Mindfulness is the key. As per the injury, have a look at Comfrey. Either herbal or supplemental. This is what many naturopathic doctors and herbalists would recommend. Stay strong and swift recovery!! Let us know how it goes.
  4. The commonly agreed theory is the oxidative damage by free radicals. This is unfortunately a common byproduct of even basic activities such as breathing, walking, digestion etc.. Even if you took out all the external elements such as diet, pollution, smoking....it would still be there although not in such a rapid progression. What the studies of blue zones show us the the most simple lifestyle inhibits this process the best. While that means many things to many people, generally there are several categories that if challenged properly can have dramatic effect on how fast and how visibly we age. * Breathing Most of us do not breathe properly. Shallow unconscious breathing is an incredible way to early grave and disease attracting environment within. Mouth breathing = same problem. And ofcourse living in congested areas with a lot of air pollution and mold will contribute to many respiratory diseases and COPDs * Nutrition Massive category, discussed all over this forum. Again simplicity is the key. The closer to the nature you can get the better. Every form of processing destroys the balance of nutrients. adding emulators, sweeteners, chemical taste enhancers, hydrogenation etc only adds to the problem * Attitude Including everything from stress, emotional health, feeling of loneliness, lack of human contact, you name it. Massive contributor to imbalance in health if missing or if the feeling of void is improperly filled ( with alcohol, drugs, toxic food...) * Fulfilment & purpose Although this is still largely misunderstood and ignored topic in modern medicine and science, having no sense of purpose, being lost and confused. Doing things that violate our values and integrity are causes of many imbalances and diseases. * Air/Water/Soil pollution There is just so much to say here. The worst thing is that most of it is completely commonly accepted. Such as genetic modification, pesticides, herbicides, toxic wastes, high emissions, plastic and drugs in our water....oh man this is endless list. Unless you live up in the mountains doing ommmmm for 16 hours a day, there is no way to avoid this. Getting in touch with pure clean nature as much as you can reduces your exposure to all of this. * Physical Activity Again massive category but at least this one is commonly accepted by everyone nowadays although not practiced unfortunately. Those who stop being physically active age rapidly and create a welcoming environment for viruses, bacteria and all sorts of nasty foreign agents. * Radiation and EMF exposure Not so commonly discussed and not as massive as air pollution but still a mayor concern. High flyers are exposed to high level of cosmic radiation without realising this. Pilots and stewards especially endangered. People living close to electrical wirings, power plants, using wireless technology, being exposed to x-rays, laptops and computers. There are things to protect oneself such as wearing bioshields, walking barefoot and doing a regular detox/fast cleansing. there was a longevity post on the forum that had many great topics. Alternatively if you are interested in this I'd suggest you check out one of Brian Clement's lectures on longevity or ageing. Take care!
  5. @Wormon Blatburm that's a great summary of some vital points. By the way for sodium, it is sufficient to eat (or juice) celery every day, no need to add salt to meals as it has coagulation effect on your blood and dehydrates you. Very little is actually needed and best to get that from vegetable. Some additional suggestions Fasting - to cleanse your lymphatic system and allow for maintenance of organs and tissues. Not to mention all the benefit to brain and clear thinking. Sprouting - Boosts nutritional value of seeds, legumes and nuts into ridiculous levels. It is super easy to digest. Just takes a while to be ready. I would suggest trying to sprout sunflower seeds as first, those tend to go quite quickly. Juicing - buy a cold press juicer and start your day with a freshly squeezed green juice ( kale, spinach, parsley, ginger, cucumber, celery). Food combining - this was mentioned here many times and is all over the internet. Especially important if you eat a lot of animal products.
  6. Coconut oil is amazing if you don't mind being a bit shiny, un-parfumed. It also has a sun protection factor of 8. Generally the more chemicals in your cream the worse. All that crap made by Loreal and Nivea only makes it worse, toss all those into trash if you are using any. Always look for natural ingredients in creams without toxic chemicals. Especially important for sun protection. A cucumber juice, freshly pressed at home, consumed daily is an amazing way of battling wrinkles. There are also some face life exercises, you could probably find hundreds of videos and blogs on that.
  7. @egoless this is something that you will need to figure out for yourself. I suggest you take Leo's course if you haven't already. It is well worth the investment,.
  8. Routines may become dogmas and traditions if kept unchecked over years. While that is inherently not a bad thing, sometimes it leaves the person very stiff and unflexible because "traditions have to be maintained. "
  9. Attaching sticky notes to side to different pages also helps. Especially for some juicy insights. This way you can easily return to the best parts. You can also add a small comment on them so that it is easy to navigate. make sure to use plastic sticky notes not paper as those bend and un-stick all the time. Use different colour labels to assign different categories or importance levels. Definitely did the trick for me when I was reading Stephen Covey's 7 Habits which was just packed with awesome knowledge. Additionally most books have blank pages at the end for notes. Use those to note which sides had great info and make sure you highlight it. One last suggestion. Record your voice reading the juicy insights and play it to yourself before sleep. Many students of medicine or law do this I heard. Remember sometimes it is better to read 1 book diligently and thoroughly then 10 books vaguely. That 1 could have more to say than 10% of the Self Help section in any retailer's self help. With such a book, no amount of time spent is wasted. Patience is your friend
  10. @Wormon Blatburm you could read the largest study ever made on animal product consumption called The China Study led by Colin T Cambell. They made it into a nice book available to public
  11. @pluto well said brother, thanks for encouraging words !
  12. Being authentic would mean being true to your core values. If you hit one or more of your values, you'll know it, feel it inside. Like a feeling of deep contentment. Not an excitement or a rush of joy but pure contentment. It will also be incredibly easy for you to get into the "flow" and lose yourself in time. To know what triggers this in you, it will be helpful to find your values if you haven't already.
  13. @ElenaO I am a judgemental AF that is true I know how silly it is to even notice these things but can't help it sometimes
  14. a fascinating things about some of these stars is that they may have turned into supernovas million years ago and died out but since it takes millions years for the light to reach us, it will take another milion years for humans to be able to observe what could potentially be happening right now. So we are looking millions of years back in the history and most of the light we see started its journey before first humans evolved on this planet.
  15. Don't know if its just me and if the content of actualized.org has anything to do with it but I noticed myself getting more and more disgusted with all the show-offs and divas at the gym. (Tight bras, exposed bellies, 1inch layer of makeup, tight compressed tshirts, selfies, instagram posts, guys posing in front of mirrors all the time...you name it) I have hardly been noticing these things before before I started doing the consciousness work. Now it makes me sick every-time I see it. The most enjoyable workouts I get is outside in nature with the TRX and skipping rope now. Anyone else getting this?