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  1. A lot of LM products are grown on wheat somewhere in a warehouse which eventually just becomes an expensive carbohydrate that has no biochemical properties and is just turned into energy and heat. Make sure you buy from a specialist not just any supplemental company. Make sure they grow it on trees such as birch or somewhere where they would normally grow. If your seller is one of the big supplement companies who specialise on everything, 90% chance you bought useless product. The only company I know of is Hiffas Da Terra in Portugal, did a training with them last year and their cultivation and packaging practices are incredible. Bet there are others out there but haven't done my research so can't recommend any.
  2. Seems like your liver is a bit sluggish.
  3. @Paul5480 unless you grow your own organic crops on a farm that is 50 miles away from nearest city, cattle farm and toxic underground water pesticide avoidance (especially in US) is nearly impossible but that shouldn't stop you from consuming abundance of fruits and vegetables. What you can do us to take great care of your gut, liver and kidneys, your main elimination organs. Here are few tips you can do yourself to ensure that those pesticides are being removed seamlessly. Alays start with the gut and work your way to liver and kidneys,. GUT care 60g+ of fibre per day Avoidance of unnecessary antibiotics and drugs Using lots of natural herbs and spices ( strong antibacterial property against pathogenic bacteria in small intestines) daily consumption of prebiotic and (optional) probiotic foods caring for your microbiome as if it was your baby reduction of animal protein especially red meat, processed meat and factory-farmed beef/poultry, pork and lamb. Ideally only 5-10% of your calories max will come from animals. If you consume protein powders, NEVER consume whey or casein. This stuff should be banned. LIVER care: cut out all alcohol, tobacco, marihuana and recreational drugs the abundance of foods rich in B-vitamins like wholegrains, legumes and green vegetables Brassica Family vegetables support Phase II detoxification caffeine reduction slows down aggressive Phase I liver detoxification Lots of liquids again avoidance of unnecessary drugs especially painkillers, antibiotics and all sorts of other toxic products like pre workouts, creatines etc Tofu and fermented soy product are amazing for liver detox support short term NAC or liposomal glutathione supplementation uplifts levels of glutathione. But it is optional and should be only done if the person is completely healthy. nettle, dandelion celery seeds, parsley and gentian are amazing for liver milk thistle can help but save it for later once the above have been included Other foods beneficial for liver detoxification phases: apples, beets, beans, green tea, turmeric, berries, rosemary, alium vegetables, rooibos tea, mung bean sprouts, Essential minerals needed: zinc, selenium, manganese, copper and iron (from food unless anaemic) Some people like to eat liver to support liver. It can help but it pays to be careful with liver as it can cause iron overload. It should also come from grass-fed organically fed cows. KIDNEY CARE minimisation of animal protein hydration green vegetables and herbs (parsley, coriander, rosemary, celery Lots of potassium-rich foods minimise salt Dandelion Leaf, Juniper Berry, Goldenrod Leaf, Parsley Leaf, Stinging Nettle Leaf
  4. I see. In that case, you may have a subconscious fear of running out of toilet paper, hot water, food, electricity or being kicked out of your home. Where does it end?
  5. Soap does not wash of bacteria coming out of your genitals and ass. You also want to clean the bits of your skin, body secretion, sweat, soap's not gonna do that.
  6. @LessonsSavesLifes fair enough
  7. Leo, has anyone ever look at your gut health? Thyroid conditions can be driven by dysbiosis and by increased gut permeability as can all autoimmune diseases (I think you mentioned Hashimoto's or was it Grave's? Just wondering if you ever went down that route.
  8. A lot of vegans assume a moral high ground and it these kinds of arguments that turn people away. Because you are not talking from a place of love, compassion and understanding but from a position of arrogance and (self-perceived) superiority. I stopped being vegan because I used to become that and because I was judgemental and hateful of everyone who dared to contradict my opinion. Veganism is amazing if it works but it does not for everyone like you have already been told several times. Some people cannot thrive on it without taking 10 supplements. We all come from different countries and would have historically evolved in a different way. We have genetic differences and lot of people have health conditions that cannot be cured by going vegan. If the whole world went 80% plant-based we would have much better results than if 20% of the world went 100% vegan.
  9. Make sure it is not something you could extract from few good books. Building a Story Brand - by Don Miller teaches you how to speak the client's language, how to be where they are, how to position yourself into their life story and how to become their soulmate business partner. He teaches it in a very gentle and organic way and guides you stop by step on how to polish your marketing message. He talks a lot about collecting emails, elevator pitches and common sales mistakes as well.
  10. He answered this many times before. Also the vegan / non-vegan topic has been discussed many times before, try a bit of history search
  11. Hey no problem mate If you every want to chat about anything, feel free to reach out
  12. This is very eye-opening, thanks for sharing Max.
  13. You could specialise on people at your age so say 18-26. Segmenting your market and then tailoring your marketing to a specific group is actually much easier than trying to talk to everyone where you often end up talking to no-one. Lot of young people have issues they need help fixing. Lot of them feel lost, abandoned, have shit from there past they are carrying, ADD is a huge thing with young people so helping with productive habits will be part of that I assume. And you know the way they talk, think and what challenges they face so this could be a perfect opportunity for you. Also, you are not gonna be 20 forever so start now and in your 40s you can be a world-class expert and take on older clientele by that time.
  14. if you are a bit experienced and can do a decent number of pushups (30+ in one go) and squads, you could look into Athlean X's XERO program. It is 100% bodyweight although I have added to it few resistance bands to make it more interesting. Bought it at the beginning of pandemic and definitely improved my functional strength. The program is challenging but rewarding and you get incredible variety of different cardio & strength workout every week for 6 weeks. And you can retake it as many times as you like No paid add here just think it is an incredible thing. However if you are beginner, the programme might not be the best option yet.