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  1. hehe nice Yes they are in order. I was very creative in childhood. Wrote a bunch, played music, danced, made art. I didn't call myself an artist until a couple years ago. Started actually having direction in my creativity after taking the LP course early 2018. Thanks for asking
  2. This is vital!!! Leo already had a solid foundation before he started diving into psychedelics. Most people don't. Be careful because these substances can make earthly duties seem unimportant and as such can significantly slow your progress.
  3. @Vision INTP Top Values: Self-expression Service Love/relationships Playfulness Honesty Consciousness Purpose Health Learning/education Personal growth
  4. "Using my love of creative self-expression to inspire people to discover their own unique gifts" I feel extremely solid in my statement. I'm very proud of it as I worked very hard at the course and spent many hours coming up with the perfect statement. It fits me so well. I'm an artist and I love creative expression of all kinds. I especially love expressing myself outwardly with my body like performing on stage. I want to do comedy, improv, public speaking and music... Knowing my purpose has compelled me to take improv and public speaking classes, pick up guitar, write and draw more often, meet new people, get excited about other people's art, improve my capacity to know beauty and creativity, and countless other things.
  5. @Preety_India find special little ways to care for yourself throughout the day. What are some things that make you feel special? Tune in and ask "what would someone who loves themselves do"?
  6. That is most likely your body telling you to move. It's ok to listen to your body, you don't always have to sit still and focus on one task. If you need to move, then move! You can always come back to your task when if feels more comfortable for you.
  7. That's beautiful! It's still in you. Those lessons are a part of you forever. Are you able to trip again? If not, focus on other spiritual practices. You can pray for another trip. Don't be needy about it. Trust that life works in mysterious ways even if it seems impossible to you right now.
  8. I think so. You have to become aware of your suffering in order to learn and grow from it. But many walk around in deep pain and don't really realize it because it's just their norm.
  9. These are good! I really like numbers 3 and 6. My impact statement is "using my love of creative self-expression to inspire people to discover their unique gifts" (I'm an artist). Maybe that will help you. I don't think you can overthink it. You've already narrowed it down quite a bit so that's encouraging. Make sure it really resonates with you.
  10. Two things: are you generally a mouth breather? Do you get enough fresh air? Mouth breathing can exacerbate a stuffy nose making it even more difficult to breath. So over time you can practice with remembering to breath through your nose throughout the day. If you have access to fresh air go outside and intentionally breath through your nose. Play with different types of breath like breathing fast or pulling up your sinuses or blowing your nose or taking long and deep breaths. Do this every day if you can. You may see an improvement right away and over time the results build. Finally, mouth taping at night may help once you have some clearance of your nostrils and can breath through them. The idea is that the taping prevents you from breathing through your mouth and can help train you to breath through your nose instead which is ultimately healthier. (google for more info). I've been healing my nose problems these ways.
  11. @catcat69123 so yes, it is a practice that builds over time. Also, you can do specific TREs and/or you can simply sit down on a blanket or mat and for 20 minutes or so, pay attention to your body and go from there. Maybe your body wants to sit in stillness, maybe it wants to pound on the ground, or shake, laugh, cry or get weird. Allow whatever wants to come up to be expressed. You're not really looking for a specific feeling. Just allowing whatever arises to come through. You may not feel noticeably different after a session. That was one of my questions when I first started and it is normal. I did work with a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. It is a fairly deep study so I think that would really help. However you can study it on your own.
  12. Good idea! I want to contribute Somatic Experiencing. It is a way of processing trauma through nervous system regulation using the body. Official website: https://traumahealing.org/se-101/ Couple videos: Personally experienced much healing with it.
  13. I'm super ashamed of my results.
  14. @blueberriesThe book 'Women Who Run with the Wolves' by Carissa Pinkola Estes is a great place to start. It opened my eyes to there being a difference between men and women's teachings. This woman in particular is one of my favorite teachers: https://youtube.com/c/Theholisticexplorer I've also learned a ton about femininity from this one: https://instagram.com/madelynmoon?utm_medium=copy_link YouTube and Instagram are great resources tbh. There are many amazing women there sharing their work.