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  1. @Leo Gura I appreciate your answers. When you say Let's make an analogy. Let's say I spend years looking at clouds non stop. For fun I "see" or interpret things out of the clouds, like here's a lion, here's a cat, etc. What you are saying amounts to saying "all those things are just clouds!" which makes total sense. I'm just so used to my stories in the clouds that I forgot I'm looking at clouds. My problem, and my question, is how can one interpret stuff without the clouds? Can you start interpreting and seeing shapes out of a totally blank sheet? When you say "you can't stop something from coming out of nothing", I see how this statement is not totally correct. I would personally prefer "interpretation is always possible". There's infinitely many ways to look at the clouds and there's infinitely many ways to interpret nothingness into life. Many things are still unclear, but thank you for the answers.
  2. Why is it possible to make things into things? Isn't there some thing that is doing that? If there was truly nothing there would be no one to turn nothing into things.
  3. Whatever it is, there's still potential for it to be interpreted into life. Yet if it was all "turned off" or black then there would be no potential for interpretation. In a way, isn't that a thing that there is?
  4. Why is there random noise instead of no noise?
  5. There can't be nothing without things nor things without nothing and I am the one making the distinction between thing and nothing. But why am I able to distinguish? Why isn't it just all really nothing? Not "nothing" as in not a thing, but nothing as no things and no counter-things (no nothing). Just pure emptiness. If you show me a page half black and half white and tell me that the distinction between the 2 is something I'm doing OK, but then if you showed me a full black page it's not like I would have even been able to distinguish between the 2. Why is there possibility for duality?
  6. I really liked what Anna Brown said in one of her video. We are often said "you can wake yourself up" and this can lead to the self/ego thinking it needs to "change" itself into an "awakened self". As if being awake is a property of the self. "Oh my god! I'm not awake right now! Ok gotta try harder! Ok let's go". None of this leads to awakening. I think it seems random because it doesn't happen when you try hard but it happens when you stop trying or stop thinking there is a self that needs to awaken.
  7. If having a psychosis is to no longer be able to distinguish the true from the false, the real from the unreal, how do you know your psychosis is real and not just imagined? The emptiness you feel is not a "proof" of psychosis or schizophrenia. It feels bad to believe things that are false. Whatever you do, I highly recommend having an open mind to therapy. If you go in with the idea that it's not going to work, you might be turning that into reality by yourself. I wish you the best.
  8. You opened this thread as if you wanted to obtain the truth about this phenomenon, but you seem to be quite enjoying it. You may be scared about the possibility of you fooling yourself and so you'd like some validation, some other "woke" person to confirm to you that your idea is right. I think whether or not this experience is true is not something you'll find on an online forum, but rather by listening to your heart. Perhaps it's not really about the Ouija board, but about healing and letting go of past relationships you had (with your father for instance). And perhaps that healing those relationships is more important to you than figuring out the science behind the Ouija board. Wish you the best
  9. @Adrian325 And what does those spirits have say? What kind of messages do they spell out?
  10. This is hilarious because that's not too far from what I'm doing. Does using the body cause harm to the body? Will you lose your arms if you cut too much logs? Programming is just using the body as well. No harm to the body is doing by doing that. The killer is the anxiety and stress. The killer is being convinced that you need to work or some bullshit and use that to push yourself past "what feels good". But if you are healthy and follow feeling, it may happen at some point in your life that it feels good to work a lot, if that's what is appropriate. Yes you can both be passionate about a thing and be stressed about it but that's just a form of blockage that should be released. I don't advocate for mindless working or ignoring feeling in any way. But if feeling tells you to work 80h/week, nothing's gonna stop you and it's not the number that's gonna kill you. From the moment the dude at walmart dislikes his job, that's a form of stress. If the dude's 100% happy with his life and job, then I don't think there's a problem.
  11. There's a massive difference between studies made on employees and someone working out of passion. If you get rid of the work/free-time duality you stop considering "work" as stressful and it stops having a negative impact. Would you burn out from playing legos 80 hours a week? Then why would you burn out from coding? The difference between the 2 is conceptual. What burns you down isn't the nature of the work itself but the relationship with it (or thought). That being said it's pretty scummy from Elon to try and push this "work all the time" agenda. He definitely uses it for the sake of pushing his employees for his benefit. (Just like he pushed people to not care about covid for his benefit earlier in 2020). I would never work more than 40h/week at a job under someone else but I would gladly spend every waking second trying to escape wage slavery, as long as it feels good to do so.
  12. Being more conscious is not doing activities you label as "high consciousness". How do you feel when you steal software? Ignoring that feeling is "low consciousness" (literally not looking) but the action itself is just an action. Maybe you are like me and you don't feel so bad when getting photoshop off of pirate bay instead of paying hundreds of dollars for personal use. Maybe there's things to feel right now that matter more to you. Maybe there's no point in guilting yourself and it's just another excuse to feel bad about yourself. In the end only you can find out.
  13. https://globalnews.ca/news/7573815/magic-mushrooms-blood-injection/ Poor dude, but why would you inject it though
  14. @Nahm Thanks! I don't think I would have challenged the shroom headaches without you. There's scientific studies stating it happens in approximately 30% of people and there is links to similarly shaped molecules that are used as headache medicine. It would have been really easy for me to just "blame the shrooms" and accept the headache as a part of my brain's reaction to them or as a property of the molecule itself. The only thing that made me doubt my explanation is your previous comment. It is indeed amazing and it really begs the question, what else do I just assume to be true that might not be the case? Problably a heck load of things and every one of those things is gonna be a bliss to find out @peanutspathtotruth I agree that's a better way to name them.