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  1. If your "free will" has a catch clause that says "you must act like a psychopath", I wouldn't call it free will. One might argue they have "conditional free will", the free will to do anything they want except when it comes to their mental illness. One must recognize that this idea "I have a condition that conditions my free will" is an idea, which one has free will to believe or not. You can consider things to be hardwired if you want but again this consideration is not hardwired. You are free to consider your mind to have "hardwires" or not. If you stop considering things as being hardwired (applying the label) is anything really hardwired? You can observe many things in life but you will never observe the "hardwiring" of your own mind, that is simply an idea one can believe about themselves, or not. Why would one consider this idea? To explain unexplainable past behavior patterns. Yet if one believes they have certain behavior pattern, they can simply act them out in accordance to their belief. Anyone who isn't "hardwired" can act hardwired if they believe that's what they are but whether you actually are hardwired or not can only be determined through your own personal observation. If one doesn't look inside to see whether those behavior patterns are actually hardwired or not, they'll never know. Everything I'm saying with the label "hardwired" can apply to any label. If you think a label defines you, you will act in accordance to it. If you ever want to discover what you actually are, you need to drop the labels. Why does it "feel unchangeable"? Because it has been thought to be like this and even perhaps unchangeable for many years. That doesn't make it "feel right" or make it true. This simply might be your homeostasis, your thoughts which even if untrue feel comfortable because you are used to think like that and you successfully went through life with those thoughts. If you want freedom however, you have to let go of those thoughts and feel inside truly. You might believe "it's not possible for me!" but that's just another thought which can be let go. Letting go would feel amazing and bring a lot of clarity. In the end it's up to you.
  2. Yes. But even if you doubt it, psychedelics can show you why they aren't even necessary
  3. It's perfectly possible for someone to change and stop acting like a narcissist or sociopath. The "information" on how to recognize a sociopath is simply labelling. A set of behavior patterns are identified as being "of a sociopath". Whether one can stop "being a sociopath" is the same as asking whether one is capable of dropping those behavior patterns. Are you capable of acting in your own will? Do you have free will? I cannot provide a proof that transformation is possible, because that would be the same as providing a proof that you have free will. But through your own personal experience you can see for yourself whether you can control your behaviors and act however you want. If you ever attain this true freedom, through meditation or other practices, then labels like sociopath will no longer apply or matter. This exploration into yourself and what you are capable of (and whether you have free will or not) is an exploration that has been made by many others in the past, about themselves. Except due to the subjective nature of this investigation, no amount of self-investigation of other people tell you anything about yourself. I do encourage anyone to explore their experience deeply and find out what they really are, but unfortunately the knowledge we get in investigating ourselves cannot be shared. The best we can share is a pointer asking others to go within themselves.
  4. Unless you surrender to the body (and feel) you don't know what it wants. You assume the body would just want to drink beer all day and do nothing special but that's an idea your ego have. We could call this a fear, a worry, a concern but it certainly isn't a feeling. In fact if you were to surrender to the body, you would also surrender this idea of a "you being unable" which would set you free entirely. But as long as you are stuck believing in this idea and trying to "do something about it" you'll hold back from letting it go which is the only way out. How do you get out of a cycle? Certainly not by continuing to go. No cycle break because you cycle it too much. If you recognize that it is a cycle there is no point pushing harder, you gotta stop and then you once you are out you can push in the direction you actually want.
  5. "you imagining them" is the same as "you interpreting this moment as being an interaction with human beings". The idea that your current experience is something in particular (an interaction between human beings) is something you are thinking right now. The point is not to try to dismiss this thought about your experience (by saying things like "the people I'm talking too aren't real, I'm just imagining them!") but to notice for the sake of observation that this idea of them existing is a thought. The statement "you imagining them" originally wasn't meant to be an opposition to "them being real" or lead to any sort of argument. The point is not to contradict the idea that people are real but to notice the nature of that thought in this present moment. We are not saying that apples are bananas but just to notice that you are the one calling apples apples in the first place.
  6. While substances like LSD-25, 4-HO-DMT (Shrooms) may be illegal in some countries, there exists analogs with the same effects that are legal in many countries. For instance 1P-LSD and 4-AcO-DMT are both prodrugs (same effect in the body) that are legal in my country. You should look up whether those are legal in yours and if so, you will find online vendors for those legal research chemicals using google. Research chemical is the word google likes. The website that has lots of logix is very good.
  7. What if someone cares about fertility because they want children with their own blood? Sometimes I find it odd how much I care about that while others do not as much. I know you already have kids so it would make sense if this no longer matters to you. But did it ever? As I'm dating I'm judging how good of a mother my girlfriend would be for my future kids and this is basically what defines my attraction toward her. I'm not interested in adopting nor raising children who aren't my blood. While I could have casual sex with anyone, I find it meaningless if it's not the context of building a true relationship with someone for the sake of building a family. So for me any trans women or even infertile women is a big no no. I don't think that makes me a transphobe, but perhaps it makes me a slave to Survival.
  8. Hahaha I mean it works for me
  9. If you were to sit on your couch and do literally nothing but stare at a wall and breathe, would you call this "life"? You aren't forced to take part into that activity you call "life". You can just tune out anytime you want for as long as you want and then come back to it if you want. No one is forcing you to go anywhere or do anything. If you don't want to experience anything you don't have to, you can close your eyes and plug your ears. You talk as if someone is forcing you to live but "living" is an activity you are doing right now, under the form of "venting". You can literally stop anytime if you don't like it, without permanently getting rid of your body.
  10. I don't understand which part of sleeping with someone who has beliefs is "torture". To say that a belief is uncurable is quite the belief as well. It is true that you cannot change what someone else believes but OP doesn't seem to be in the mindset of changing her. Really it is up to OP to choose what he tolerates in a person or not. You don't personally tolerate what you call delusions (perhaps because you don't like in yourself?) but not everyone is turned off by the same things.
  11. You are correct in saying that enlightenment is absolutely nothing and not some kind of work. But the domain or field of "spreading enlightenment to others" seems to be the business Leo is involved into with his videos, which I would describe as "work" that is about "spirituality". Making videos about spirituality and helping others is indeed different from enlightenment but that's still work someone can do either for a living or for the feeling one gets helping others.
  12. More important than what people claims about vaccines is the source of those claims. I can claim vaccines increase hair loss but without any proof this is just pure bullshit. Rather than being scared about things you've heard, why not look up the sources of those things and confirm whether it's true or not? Don't trust anecdotal evidence or stories coming from people, only trust actual evidence.
  13. According to the definitions of many people here yes. But then you can mistake enlightenment for what most seekers think of enlightenment.