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  1. It's up to you to focus on the bad answers if you want to but this forum can provide lots of value if used properly. It's easy to sift through answers and see which ones challenge you in a useful way. IME, If you ask quality questions you tend to get a bigger amount quality answers than what you can reply to. @sda It would only be a must if Nahm didn't have his emails open to any question
  2. It's easy to look down on something you transcended. Just like Leo bashing Logic or rationality. It doesn't mean to be illogic or irrational, it just means there's something beyond it (at least according to him, we don't have to believe him! ) But you are not human, you are god. Once you realize you are god you don't need to study the human psyche anymore. I'm not saying you do anything with this information. But this is how people "outgrow" psychology. Again, am I a bullshitter? You can only do the work for yourself.
  3. That sounds like a good plan, there's no reason to hesitate, go for it! Nobody here is opposing you mixing spiritual work with psychological work. We are all at different stages however and you can't just force other people to do what is best at your stage. What we are saying is eventually you will outgrow the limitations of psychology and go beyond it. Is this true or are we just bullshitters saying this out of laziness to avoid doing psychology? The only way to find out is to do the work. For the time however, all the reasons are good to master psychology and use it to become a better version of yourself. It will 100% have a positive effect on your life, all we are saying is that eventually you'll come to the end of it and you'll have to use something else to keep bettering yourself.
  4. There is no such thing as an absolute concept, the absolute isn't a concept. The absolute is your present experience, what you see, feel, touch, hear etc. If you make a concept out of the absolute, it's relative to the one experiencing it. I have no such expectations, all I'm saying is that the concept of society is implied in psychology. Without society there can be no psychology. Judging them as good or bad is not relevant. But they are as true as the relative assumptions you make. 1 + 1 = 2 is true but it's only true if addition means what it means and = means what it means. We can say 1 + 1 = 2 is a "true statement" relative to the concept of addition and equation. Is the idea that you are a psychological being subject to mental illnesses true? (As assumed by psychology) Can you "have" mental illnesses? Those are things psychology assume that "yes you can get those" but they might not be true. Up to you to verify if that's actually the case.
  5. It's relative to a person who is under some kind of condition or mental illness. There is no psychology without the psychological subject, it's relative to it. It's also relative to society, as there would be no mental illness if you had no standard of a "healthy person" to compare yourself to.
  6. Statistically, that's about 90% chance of destroying your body for no reason and 10% of living the rest of your life with brain damage. As the bullet will enter your head and destroy the body, you will suffer extremely, more than you ever suffered. If you don't care about suffering, then why do you care about suffering in general to a point where you are ready to destroy the body to avoid it? If you really want to stop suffering, stop caring about suffering. You can literally just think about something else. None of what you are thinking is true, and that's why it feels absolutely terrible. Why cling to those ideas to death?
  7. How come it's possible for them to appear then? How is "what is" distinguishable as a "medium"? Distinctions aren't there, they are just thought to be there or imagined. But then what is thought? How is thought? How can oneness fracture itself? It's not fractured OK, but how can it appear as fractured? "Looking at a part of oneness" implies I have some kind of limited field of view, some kind of fracture between what I can and can't see.
  8. All of this conceptualization about your self or ego going through some kind of transformation process is essentially a distraction from the amazingness and beauty of the present moment which is enlightenment. There is no process for enlightenment, you already are it.
  9. There's no ego! Just the idea of there being one, which is false. There is no self, the self or ego is imagined to be but it's not actual. Your hand is actual, you can see it, touch it. Your ego or self, the "person" that you are is only talked about but not touched nor seen. Are you extremely far from enlightenment? The "you far from enlightenment" is imagined, not real. This statement is essentially false as well.
  10. That's not how it works, it's not like "average" people match with "average" people and so on for any "quality" of profiles. Everyone has higher standards on Tinder because they are exposed to lots of profiles and so no one wants to choose the average one. You can see it here: https://qz.com/1051462/these-statistics-show-why-its-so-hard-to-be-an-average-man-on-dating-apps/ Everyone targets the "top" people, if you have an average profile you stand no change. There is no such thing as an average looking person, just get a high quality camera, take a photo in which you are really happy (show your best self) and show some of your hobbies to prob get in the top 10% of profiles and have decent chances. I think for most people the difficulty is letting go of all the insecurities that are noticeable in your photos. But if you let go of all your insecurities you might as well just talk to people anywhere instead of on an app where everyone is objectified and rated.
  11. Yes, pursuing enlightenment or happiness is not the same as enlightenment or happiness. The first one assumes you don't "have it". All enlightenment is is the present moment, right now. It is not a super power the ego receives which let's it write the future. If you happen to shift your focus away from the present moment into what isn't, it will feel bad, no matter "when" that happens. Understanding is your natural state, enlightenment is no longer thinking there is or creating the duality of a you that do not understand. Notice how "not getting it" is like something you "do". "I don't get it" is often a thought that is repeated and self defining. All thought is capable to do is not get it, as understanding is not a function of thought. When you get it though, there's no need to repeat to yourself "I get it!" because it no longer is an identity. Not getting it feels bad because it's literally not true. Your true self actually gets it, all the time. Enlightenment shouldn't be seen as some kind of fix that finally puts an end to the never ending problem of happiness. Enlightenment is just to stop looking for a solution and realizing there was no problem in the first place. If you see enlightenment as some thing that will fix your happiness, you will be surprised to see that there is no such thing and you don't need anything to be happy. There's no problematic ego that "gets too involved". This ego you cannot feel it, touch it, see it, hear it or taste it. It's literally non existent, only imagined. If you think it exists, you'll act like it exists and it will rule your life. Enlightenment is not some kind of reward you get from following some kind of abstinent lifestyle for a couple of years. Enlightenment is what you really are. Enlightenment is not gathering knowledge or understanding more about how things in reality work but rather what reality is in itself, which is not only extremely simple but your true self and heart already knows the answer. It may not appear as so because an imaginary ego that do not understand reality is being identified with. If you no longer imagine this ego, reality will be as clear as it can be. Enlightenment doesn't mean you don't pursuethings you want. Judgements you have against some forms of pleasures are not relevant, the only thing that matters is how you feel in the moment. If that pleasure doesn't end up feeling good it's ok, you can move on. This idea that there is an ego with egoic desire that is driving you in a direction you don't want is also untrue. You may have desires you judge as "un spiritual" or "unawake" and there might be insecurity about having those desires and what it means about who you are. (Does it mean I'm not awake if I want to have sex?) None of this insecurity is justified, you don't have to hide your desires. Some "desires of your ego" may also just be straight up not desires but ideas of a desire you happen to think you have, fear of missing out. The only way to tell if you actually want something or not is to feel. If you focus right now on yourself and ask "what do I really want right now?" that's all that really matters. All fears about not having done everything you wanted in time is ridiculous. Those fears feel bad, make sure not to misinterpret that bad feeling. Nothing (no fix, no quick pill, no pleasure) will let that bad feeling go like feeling it. The more one think he knows the less open he is to new ideas. The lack of information isn't bliss in itself but the lack of assumptions about a self that already understands reality is.
  12. It's not intrinsically wrong but it's unlikely it will feel good, either for you or for the dog. One may believe that they are some sort of pervert that gets off these type of things, but this belief doesn't make it feel any better. Sure the "goodness" of the feeling is also interpreted or made up, but even without making it up, the feelings that it will bring are unlikely going to be ones that you enjoy. Living a life where you torture other people is not intrinsically wrong either. There's nothing about it that can be proved to be wrong since right or wrong is made up. It just probably doesn't feel right. Man this thread
  13. They don't just "not feel it", it's just not a thing to them. Right now your mind "could" be a simulation some alien people are doing for fun and they "own" you. You could possibly be their slave yet there is nothing to really prove or disprove this idea. Does it bother you? A cat doesn't think you even own him. I don't oppose to pain because of the sensation it gives me, I like my arm and I wouldn't want it to get damaged. Likewise an animal also likes its body and doesn't want it to be damaged. Yet their "slave status" is imagined only by humans and it cannot be damaged, because it does not exists.