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  1. Congrats on articulating what you want. Its a significant first step! I will do my best to answer the questions, and reframe them if necessary. How exactly did you find your life purpose? My experience is that Life purpose is a multi leveled thing, there is a facet of discovery, and mostly of creation. When I was 20, I had dropped out of college, had been living alone for a while, working two jobs saving up to move to Oregon. I had also been working on Leo's Life Purpose course (For the first time,) for the past few months. I was tripping on 4-ACO-DMT, all alone, and had an insight. "What if my life purpose is Music?!" Something clicked, it all made sense, all the years I had practiced violin growing up, even producing some music as a teen, was re-contextualized as pieces of my 'Life Purpose' Puzzle. From there it was three years, and 3 more times starting Leos course before I actually started Producing music. All that while, Here and there thinking of it, making changes in my habits, working haphazardly on specific disfunctions of mine like my low self-esteem, people pleasing, lack of success with women, etc. February of 2020, I chose to start producing, not yet knowing how to turn this into a life purpose, but feeling called to it. I created music, invested hundreds of hours, and through that gained more clarity into WHY I create music, and its relationship to my life purpose. By this point I had tried 10-25 different life purposes statements, some feeling more authentic then others, hoping more authenticity would be found on my path. I continue on this path up till today. Version one of is up, and I have invested hundreds of hours into the backend of the brand I am building. set to launch in July of 2024. This whole path has been multi-layered and individual. I am not saying that your path will unfold like this, instead, this is how it worked for me. Something I want to make clear is that I had a TON of ideas what my life purpose would be before I started producing music, how it was going to impact people, different roads I could have gone down. Even after producing music I was working multiple jobs and trying new things, some of them informing my life purpose, and because of those experiences and decisions (or lack of decision,) I happened to end up where I am now. Which obstacles did you have to overcome in order to find your life purpose? I will order these in what seems to be the priority to me, (None of these are completely overcome, but progress has been made.) Lack of Self understanding: Values, Vision, Strengths, Interests. Lack of Education about self-actualization Lack of Health: I treated my body like a trashcan and didn't exercise at all Low Self-Esteem and Self Belief Lack of success with Women What held you back from finding your life purpose? My Self. How did you find your passion? Passion seems to come and go for me, some days I feel excited to work on my Life-Purpose, Others I don't, I rely more on habits and routines. Passion is wonderful and I take it when it comes. Big picture though, doing things that are authentic to me lead to passion. What were the most powerful clues you've found to help you discover your life purpose (e.g. your greatest strengths, your bliss, exposing yourself to new experiences, talking to new people or your existing friends, ChatGPT,...)? The year before I had the Psychedelic experience leading to the insight about music being my life purpose, I had taken LSD for the first time. During that trip I had a recognition of how MASSIVE reality is, and how EVERYTHING I KNOW COULD BE FALSE. Other Tools: Leo's Life Purpose Course, 'The Big Leap, By Gay Hendricks,' 'Mastery, By George Leonard," ChatGPT. Reflect back and tell me, has there been a specific experience you had that triggered/led to you finding your life purpose? Already covered this in the first response. I would be happy to Jump on a call and Chat. All the best, Stay True, Stay You.
  2. Glad to hear you are embarking on this journey. this is a great video.
  3. "To inspire a generation to create an authentic and loving relationship with themselves, birthing a culture of normalized self-exploration, Integration, and Authentic Living." Context. I am in the months leading up to my launch of Waking Call, a personal development brand set to launch in August of 2024, At its essence, it is the Soundtrack, Support and Vision of a movement to live authentically and embody unconditional Self Love. I will be guiding people towards creating an authentic life by creating YouTube Videos and social media within the pillars of Authenticity, Self-Love, Wisdom, Music and Psychedelics. Waking Calls Music and Live shows that guide consciousness to unify, to see its own potential, and to love it. Sonically, Waking Call is heart led, vulnerable, wise, empathetic and inspiring, people resonate with Me/the Brand because I am authentic, real, and give them wisdom to become the same in their own flavor. I am starting to see the exponential trajectory I am on, and a serious concern pops up that I want to address early. How do I keep Waking Call from becoming a Cult or Ideology? What needs to happen for Waking Call to be immune to becoming a cult or ideology? Contemplating this, these are my initial thoughts on this. For Waking call to NOT become a cult or ideology. Education: Study Cults Psychology, Cults, Religion, Ideology, Bias, Corruption, and Epistemology. Consciousness: Develop and expand my Self and consciousness. Define the Brands Vision Clearly: Connect people to Authenticity and Self Love. To create a lived experience in those that apply my work To empower people to build independent thinking. birth Self-sufficient, visionary leaders. Surround myself by Truthfulness: Be very careful to surround myself with self actualizers that value truth more than any of the benefits of a cult/religion. Dive Within: Self-reflect, introspect, contemplate & take psychedelics. Educate those that resonate with my Brand: Release videos on the traps as well as how to use Waking Call & how not to. Put effort into reducing the power differential. Incorporate Core Values: Build self-reflection, open-mindedness & authenticity into every thing I do. Meet my own Needs: fill my holes on Maslow's hierarchy, find conscious ways to meet all needs. I want to gain more understanding of this, I appreciate your perspective, I am still thinking this through, its pretty clear I have a lot of work to do. Stay True, Stay You
  4. Do something you enjoy, an environment that allows you to be yourself, something you already do (ideally,) and bring her a long to have fun with you.
  5. Wake up Walk for 10-30 minutes while drinking water Stretching and Ab stabilization Cold shower Meditate 10-30 minutes Contemplate 15 minutes Test prep for a licensing exam Review vision. On with my day and check phone
  6. Thanks for sharing this! Having grown up in Rural Missouri in Christian household, there are a lot of subconscious biases I have towards the LGBTQ+ community, I have done some work to let go of them and foster more acceptance, but there is work to do still. Watching the episode you shared, I see some Qualities in the "Fab 5," that I admire, Their willingness to but spontaneous and honest, the question and challenge, to be unique, playful, unencumbered, and exude their type of sexuality.
  7. This is really interesting! I don't quite fit the criteria since I haven't actually started my next career. But I would love to be a part of this! Right now I am in school (6 months left) to be a Licensed Massage therapist, allowing me to leave the kitchen industry forever. I have been in restaurants for 7 years now. falling into it because I needed a job to pay bills, then stayed because it was what I had the most career capitol in. It is in my zone of competence, I do the work as well as possible but find little to no meaning in it. In fact, I see the work I do as a cook as hurting others by serving them fried foods and other items that I wouldn't eat myself. Another thing is time. Working as a cook is a 40-45 hour a week job, plus the stress that comes with it can degrade my personal life I see working as a massage therapist will mean creativity, fulfillment, and authenticity. It will allow me to earn more then enough to pay my bills and invest in my personal brand and long term live purpose by buying coaching, lessons and more equipment, and fund tours, live shows and a team. Also, full time means working 20-25 hours week, freeing up time to design my schedule, Practice and continue writing music, release content on Instagram, and build my brand, Waking Call. Waking call is a multi-faceted Personal development brand that creates Wise and Truthful content, Mystical Music and Immersive Live shows that call and guide consciousness to understand, explore and love the uniqueness of its self. With an ultimate Vision of "creating a world where Unconditional Self-Love, and living in tune with authentic values and vision is the default way of interacting with self and reality." With Warmth, Paul
  8. mmmmmm..... Thought leader on psychedelics, Self-Love, and Meta-Physical Music. Practically speaking, An Independent Music Artist.
  9. Well... I am still baffled (slightly) that making a deep decision about going to massage could be so effective and change my life so much. but here I am, 9 months in having finished term three. I am more excited about life then ever before, working full time, investing 5-10 hours a week into my personal brand and have only 8-10 months before my career transition is complete!
  10. It can be like seeing something that has always been there, just not in the way we thought. I think that accessing authentic desire is a balance between introspection, doing nothing, gaining experience by trying new things and ultimately arriving at what you do and dont like. you can try writing a list of things you for sure do not want or desire. For example... I dont not want to weight 300 pounds I do not want to be stuck in wage slavery I do not want to be lost in dogma and ideology Etc.. This can decrease the pool of things you do want, making it easier to pick a direction to go. Then, through more introspection, create a list of things you want to try. Get a job in a field that interests you (barista, cook, server, receptionist, salesperson) go live alone Go out in nature listen to 20 different genres of music and find which ones I love create something (draw, go to a piano shop and try a piano or two, write a short story travel to see new biomes or places to experience move to your favorite one Etc... Through this and similar things, some things will be obvious, some less obvious, and eventually you'll recognize what you authentically want or dont want. After and during these experiences, you will notice growth and also more material to process as you introspect and question your values and authentic desires. In my own life it has been unfolding like this leading to the current level of clarity about what I want. Dropped out of college because It was definitely inauthentic Lived in a new climate G0t a job to earned money (learned I hate working at Applebee's) Tried psychedelics (realized I want to grow and have a life purpose.) Bought Leo's Life purpose course (first of 7 iterations of my values.) Moved to new city and lived alone Got involved in an MLM Chose authenticity, music, creativity, and freedom over the MLM Change careers to being a barista Go on a solo retreat (leading to deeper life purpose clarity and decisions about what I Want) Started producing music Worked part time, produced music and releasing music, started dating, get a better idea of who I Want to date. Took another solo retreat while isolating from Covid (chose to get another job and break up with my girlfriend realizing it was inauthentic.) worked two jobs, traded both for a gym job that I ended up quitting in three weeks because it went against my values (5th iteration, pretty authentic) Moved to PA to be a camp counselor (learned how much I value solitude, freedom and music creation.) Got a job at a different kitchen started releasing music and content on insta Quit all media, went through a dark period emotionally and certain-wise Chose to go to massage school out of that (based on previous experiences of enjoyment of it and research about its viability as a career to suit my building of my brand/Life-purpose.) 9 months into massage school, very clear about what I want in life (generally speaking) and building my brand while working full time. This was 6 years. All the best!
  11. In my life it has been pursuing both... A career change that leads to more income, and freedom of time. Life purpose: Leading to Long term, big picture, complete financial independence. I can see it being challenging to do one without the other.
  12. Check out this amazing video, taking into consideration the power of the internet, and solving problems you are passionate about, this is similar to how I am strategizing my financial independence.
  13. INFJ-A
  14. More experience has lead to a deeper understanding of what is authentic to me and what isn't. Within the realm of what is authentic, certain patterns became clear, leading me to Music, Bodywork, Authenticity, Wisdom, Self-Love, and changing careers to free up more time for building a Music career. I have been self actualizing for about 6 years, 3 of them serious, and just now, am I recognizing that I am on the right path, it took the first three to get oriented, then next three to build a skillset to a point where now I see, (sometimes,) that this is the path for me. Here is what has worked for me Psychedelics: Do your own research, this is not advice, just what worked for me Moving to a different city Living alone Working lots of different types of Jobs Leo's Life-Purpose course Introspection, thinking deeply about what I want out of life, how it would feel, etc.. Solo-Retreats All the best to you, stay True
  15. Its been pointed out that she may be busy, she may have life stuff causing her to not respond, which could be true, AND it takes very little effort and time to text someone back. So my thinking goes more like this. "if she isn't enthusiastic about texting, seeing, or being with me, its a waste of time." and big picture, it helps to build a life you love so much that not being texted back is not a priority (as pointed out by others in this thread.)