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  1. I am in Massage School, and the short answer is.. If you are looking to Relax and let go of some of the anger/emotions, Swedish, Spa, Deep Relaxation, Deep Tissue, and many other modalities could help. If your body is Tense there can be a ton of reasons why, it could be posture, environment, holding emotions in specific areas, trauma, holding stress, etc.. One of the most Impactful effects a high quality massage is facilitating access the Parasympathetic nervous system, the "Rest and Digest" aspect of the autonomic nervous system. A Meditation practice can deepen that, pretty profound states can be reached as the body moves into a "healing" state. Disclaimer: I am not licensed yet, and am just getting to the end of term two, with three to go, so there is a ton more perspective out there. I would advise doing some research or asking chatGPT, it could shed some light on ways it Massage Therapy could help.
  2. How much time would be taken from your LP work for the new responsibilities? I am in a "similar" position, I am in Massage School, working part time, writing music, branding, and a lot of early, foundational work for my LP. Next term my school-load is decreasing by a third, and a difficult decision was whether or not to fill that extra time with work at my job, (more money,) or fill it with more life purpose work. In the end I chose to that I want to be challenged, I want to be in a position of more responsibility, and I want to save more money so I have more resources for my LP, so I am going to move up in hours, and have a review scheduled to talk about a promotion that I turned down prior. In the end for me, I recognize that my life purpose is 3-5 years from being my source of income, so, during that time, if I can grow and learn outside of it, gain experience, and expand, then it is worth it, even if I get a little less done with my life purpose until after I become a Licensed Massage Therapist.
  3. Hi there, Welcome to the Forum. Not at stage yellow, I would guess I am entering stage Orange, coming out of blue, with a bit of green, a shade of yellow and a shard of turquoise. It sounds like you have been through a lot, externally as well as internally. I am curious. are you looking for a job or a life purpose? A job being, work or task traded for pay. A life purpose being a "divine calling," manifested as a career. what do you think?
  4. The most challenging trips I have ever had were because I resisted, I retracted instead of expanded, I fought instead of let go. I find this to be the cause of most horrible trips. EDIT: I read the trip report and I dont know.
  5. Authenticity and Self Love. It seems that everything else comes from that.
  6. +1 YES.
  7. Are you asking what is the most important qualities in a women?
  8. Thanks man I remember 5 years ago when I dropped out of college, I couldn't even talk to girls unless I drunk or stoned, the depth of my self hatred was dark, along with that a coping mechanism of people pleasing and neurotic agreeableness. At the time I wasn't even aware of the depth of my disfunction, or my potential. An Eye opening LSD experience shifted the entire trajectory of my life, and from there it a good 3.5 years where I barely even talked to girls, I had so much to work through psychologically, psychedelic's were a pivotal tool during that time, as I healed I reflected on what my choices had led me to the hell I created. During that time I really wanted sexual intimacy, I wanted so badly to have a girlfriend, to have someone that loved me. Eventually when I did end up attracting women into my life, (about two years ago,) I was still pretty needy and inauthentic, at the same time, they were so incompatible I could barely stand their personality. Imagine who you would need to be to attract a high quality women into your life. One that you connect with deeply, on a emotional, intellectual level and spiritual level, is conscious and is growing, takes care of her health and looks the way you want her to. That Future you is possible, and that relationship is too.
  9. I traveled from west coast to east coast to be experience being camp counselor for fourteen ten year old's, the goal was to Love these kids and impact them in any way I could. She was the one serving me Gluten free pancakes in the mornings <3
  10. There are. while living my purpose my current Girlfriend and I stumbled into each other, she is so passionate about growing and authenticity it blows my mind sometimes. I think a big part of why women are often seem so shallow is because of where men go to meet them. For example, if one goes hiking, or to yoga, or to a personal development conference, or a workshop in a specific field one is excited about, works at a job they love, etc.. The chances of meeting someone of higher quality goes up. I imagine going to a club looking for beautiful AND high quality/conscious women is like going to the north pole looking for giraffes.
  11. Hi Yes with some caveats. My experience has not been the most pleasant, but it works, biggest issue is that its very uncomfortable, for me, after only 3-8 minutes, I get the urge to take a dump which mounts until I choose to do so, and then it turns out to be simply the liquid I put there. Effects were mild, but longer lasting, felt slightly beyond threshold, (take into consideration that I only held it in for a short amount of time) I have no Idea how powerful it would be if I held it in the whole time.. This is copied from The DMT-NEXUS "8.5 Plugging (not advised) Plugging is the anal administration of substances. Preparation Don't use freebase, convert into DMT-salt eg. DMT Fumarate. Use pre-boiled water (preferably distilled). Dissolving into vinegar, orange or lemon juice should work too. Add baking soda to reduce the acidity. Administration Cocoa butter is a good vehicle for introducing substances this route. The melting point is below your internal temperature, but above room temperature. This makes it easy to handle because it's solid prior to administration, but it rapidly melts once administered. Or make a 2-5 ml solution and insert via a needless syringe. Dosage Harmalas: 1/3 to 1/2 of an oral dose DMT-salts: start with 100mg, add 50-100mg, 250-300mg is considered very high Brews: 3g Mimosa + 3g Syrian Rue. Note: +10 ml liquid might be hard to keep in Effect This route bypasses the first-pass metabolism and liver. Administration without Harmalas will have effect. But the intestines also contain MAO. Plugging DMT is therefor 3x less active when taken without Harmalas. Most users report that the DMT is less potent than orally. The effect of Harmalas is 3x more potent than orally. Effects start at about 20 minutes with a powerful initial body load, the peak lasts 1 hour with an afterglow of several hours. The pharmacodynamics of plugging vs. intranasal administration seem to be very similar. There are no unique effects compared to other methods. It is reported that the plugging route does not burn or hurt. It also eliminates some nausea due to no stomach irritation. However it can still give a bloated feeling and it's possible to get nausea just from the vertigo of high amounts of RIMA. Safety The pH of a brew should not be detrimental to tissues. However, a large dosage of acidic Mimosa brews may not be good. Adding baking soda reduces the acidity. Note that substances going in this rout don't get filtered by the liver. They go right in to the bloodstream. Plugging is closer to injecting than swallowing. Being less active than orally and oral purging being considered medicinal, the plugging rout is not recommended." (Me again) I want to add that I have an abnormally high tolerance to DMT, so even plugging 200-400 mg wasn't super effective, however, at the time I didn't add the MAOI, perhaps a missing step. When I tried this, it wasn't strong enough for me, so I ended up dabbing DMT as well during the session. Good luck!
  12. All you need is 1000 True fans.
  13. Hobbies include Eating clean Bicycling Reading Walking Meditating Drawing/coloring Painting Drinking Water Sarcasm Talking it made up accents and voices Masturbation 90% of my time on this Forum Lying Making mistakes Cooking Bragging about my hobbies on this forum
  14. Instead of that, send me to video, and communicate what parts need music and what kind. If it aligns with my brand then I would be happy to will write custom music for it.