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  1. How much do you poop per day? In March I experienced something similar. However, it was related more specifically to not drinking enough water plus stress. Basically, though food was being digested, I could not poop! It got to a point beyond constipation, where I would sit there, straining for half an hour and nothing, lol. so I scheduled a colonic, hydrotherapy session, and it did wonders! It was about an hour and a half, and I was blown away at how much unpassed stool was in my colon. Afterwards, I added in a bunch of probiotics to help with digestion, haven't had that problem since, bowel movements pretty regular as well.
  2. DMT Insights. Life is meant to be lived, like a game, played for its own sake. The only way to lose, is not to play, and in that case, still haven't lost because that’s the game. Its so infinite it includes every possible outcome, move, result, and play. As God, I Am. I am Able to choose what I want out of life, be specific about it, and Live it, giving my entire being to it. It may take years and decades for it to be realized, but this is it. Music, is a massage for the mind, a loving way to DIE. Just like a good massage, my music may leave people sore, painfully aware of the "knots" in their self. I will love myself to death. MY/God's Music, will show people so much Love, that they melt into infinity. Into their True/Authentic Self. I choose not to be normal, I will stand out, I will be extraordinary. I will face whatever I need to, to be true to myself. Every fear Every lie Every story Every moment
  3. Is that the only reason? Or are there other reasons?
  4. Why are you on this forum?
  5. Good points! I conveniently forgot that I dont need to understand every detail about the political-scape, to make a decision on who should lead America. Thank you! Really appreciate the time you all gave to help.
  6. That video is haunting, seen it a few times since it was released. Chills every time.
  7. Not everyone wants to lead, but for those that do, I see them experiencing more of life, and deeper. Leaders, by definition, are in the "front," so they "SEE" more than those following. For those who really want the most out of life, its hard to imagine actually doing that while being just a follower. Also, I see leadership as a facet of Authenticity. Leaders have a vision, and they create a new path, a unique authentic path. Followers go down the path the leader sets for them (in a sense.) The leader explores and discovers, while the follower sees and explores what is already discovered and known.
  8. Hey all, would appreciate perspective on this. Is it a bad idea to avoid politics during the early stages of Self-Actualization and Life purpose work? I have purposely shied away from politics, even voting locally and in any elections, and my excuse has been that I dont understand the political domain enough to make conscious, intelligent decisions. This could remedied by doing RESEARCH, and LEARNING about it, But in my mind, it makes more sense to handle my life more, meet my basic needs, heal the worst of my neurosis, build more positive habits, and create more value in the world through my life purpose, and then, on that foundation build a deep political understanding. Am I fooling myself?
  9. No meds. Lucky genetics I guess My brother has a similar tolerance, maybe even higher.
  10. Thank you for the pointers. 5-10 mg. Amazing how different sensitivity can be, how wide a range there is. Have you always been that sensitive? have you noticed it increase as you grew in consciousness?
  11. Spot on. Eerily accurate. Its shocking that there is so much unconsciousness to be explored. I had no clue that could be what was going on, but it lines up nearly perfectly with this situation. Thank you
  12. Today lead me to realize that my current work is killing me. slowly. Physically, mentally, creatively, everything. I get paid to create food that hurts people. To stand on concrete for 10-12 hours, leading to foot problems and back pain. I dont want to just complain, I see this as a wakeup call. I am tired of settling for less than the best. I am tired of letting my laziness keep me from creating a business, a life purpose. I am tired of acting like I am mature and "grown up" when I am a kid, with a ton to learn, and a massive ego I am afraid to let go of. I am tired of the lies I tell myself to keep myself pacified. I am tired of being tired! FUCK. Of waking up late, because I get off work at eleven fucking thirty! I Have no FUCKING clue what I got to do to change this. I feel so much uncertainty my mind want to disintegrate. I dont KNOW. Something has to change. And it is ME, that will change. 5 years to get to now, 5 years of this path, and finally I am beginning to see what it will take to really change. And I am scared of it. I am afraid to die, I have died during mushroom trips before, but this is different, a slow, sober, excruciating death. Like forcing a snake to shed its skin. Or maybe this is all a story I am making up to make sense of all this. The authentic path is not the easy path. (For now.)
  13. That is not what I wanted to hear.... Thank you. I know that this isn't a quick fix, it will require a structural change in my life to solve this problem permanently. Thank you for the pointer.
  14. Thanks for explaining! I love that perspective. Did you grow up listening to it?