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  1. "Life is a mystery; the more you know it, the more beautiful it is. But the less you know – a moment comes when suddenly you start living it, you start flowing with it. An orgasmic relationship evolves between you and life, but you cannot figure out what it is. That’s the beauty of it, that’s its infinite depth. And yes, there is no beginning and no end. How can there be any beginning to life and any end to life? Beginning will mean that something came out of nothing, and end will mean that something was there and went into nothing. That will be an even bigger mystery. When we say life has no beginning, we simply say it has always been there. How can there be a beginning? Can you mark a line and say that at this moment life started? – as Christian theologians used to say. Just four thousand years before Jesus Christ, they say, life started on a certain Monday. Of course, it must have been in the morning. But how can you call it Monday if there was no Sunday before it? And how can you call it morning if there was no night before it? Just think of it." − Osho
  2. With whom you are talking? There is only You
  3. Your true self is beyond time concept. Your true self never dies. Your true self is an experience by itself. Any answer won't satisfy you until you realize "who you are" in the direct experience. I can recommend psychedelics, meditation, spiritual transmission, but most importantly follow your heart.
  4. Very relatable, don't try to conceptualize this too much, just continue to meditate consistently You are the everpresent light, if you don't block yourself you feel your true self.
  5. @roopepa first, you have to let go of resistance
  6. Had an amazing MTB downhill ride today with this playlist, thank you :))
  7. @QandC Interesting interview, thanks. There is one point I don't really agree with him, regarding compassion&enlightment, but whatever, he shares a lot of awesome stuff.
  8. @Hawkins If you want to have real progress you better do spiritual practices: meditation, yoga, psychedelics, etc.
  9. This is exactly how it is. What is a belief? Belief is repeated thought. What is thought? The thought is you. Who are you? You are God, Love, Consciousness. What is self? Self is a belief in separation, an illusion so to speak. To recognize your true nature does not cling to the thought that doesn't feel good. Who is recognizing the true nature? Awareness is aware of itself.
  10. Let's keep awesomeness in one place:
  11. Congrats! Thanks a ton! I am grateful for imagining this avatar