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  1. @Derek White Everything is possible. You can't control reality because you are already the whole reality. Just use the dreamboard to see in the direct experience that everything is possible, but not for individual but the whole reality.
  2. @Maru That's the huge insight that should be realized directly. It's impossible to be NOT aware because you are AWARENESS and not just a human being... the fear of death drops significantly after realizing this in the direct experience.
  3. This is my fight song Take back my life song Prove I'm alright song My power's turned on Starting right now I'll be strong I'll play my fight song And I don't really care if nobody else believes 'Cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me ?
  4. @SQAAD There is only Consciousness. Spiritual teachers make a distinction between objects and what is aware of the objects just as temp step towards self realization. Meditate and investigate what is "me"... ultimately there is a self realization that there is only Consciousness, that everything is perfect, that this is a magical place & there is no other place. I'd call it loving placeless place.
  5. @Insightful27 I've started with psy at around 27. I believe that was a perfect timing for that... when the life is "stable" so to speak. I remember starting doing downhill MTB at 30... and there were a thought... why I haven't started with it earlier. I've never had such thoughts about psychedelics. So, better go find hobby you enjoy If you really want to try and not planning to listen the general advice to wait --- what about microdosing (like 5-20ug of acid). It also may be very funny activity
  6. Cool share bro Just a general message as addition to the post... if someone like to sing songs .. go for it .. rather than figuring out what is going to be after death (there is no death ) or some solipsistic crap. Do what you enjoy --- that's the path of least resistance to a self realization. Spirituality is a living... it doesn't matter how long someone meditate (or how much psychedelics someone took)... all this spiritual stuff is useless... if they can't speak kindly with another person for a minute. Spirituality is everywhere, you are everywhere, just follow the best feeling thought, just be living as one. ??
  7. Exactly If it comes to spirituality you are ready to be a teacher when you don't see yourself as a teacher
  8. There is only one version - Love - You ???
  9. Path of awakening is synonym of living --- living is always perfect, always now Bubble is synonym of existence. Bubble is unlimited. There is no "other awakened people" --- there is just magical always lovable existence --- You
  10. Yes, there is no anybody --- there is only YOU
  11. God is saying thank you to god in god --- there is only god Yep... or "I am god, I am god, I am god" & silence