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  1. It's like saying the cup is not half empty but half full: you are not alone, you are everything. There is no other in other bodies... there is no you in your body... because you are "spread" across everything and everyone. Feels like you are on the right track ?
  2. @Inliytened1 Anyway, good luck in your journey as well ? This whole thing is not interested for me anymore... by seeing that the member who contributed the most to the forum is leaving in such a way.
  3. @Inliytened1 in the message your quoted by 'those believes' I was pointing to believes like that: A) I hold the highest teachings B) 5-MeO gives me the Truth C) There are levels of consciousness and I hold the highest
  4. ?♥️ Whatever... it's just sad to see Leo to be so caught in those believes, since he's truly was a huge help in spiritual journey on this side of screen.
  5. @Thought Art ?‍♂️ Here's emotional intelligence just for you:
  6. @Leo Gura thank you for the pointers through the youtube videos at the beginning of the self realization journey but you are got caught in the psychedelics & spiritual ego trap... with the levels of consciousness, highest teachings and other bullshit. @Nahm could help you to let those believes go through one-to-one sessions but you won't listen since there is a strong believe in "I'm a teacher having the highest teachings". Sure, I admire how much you did for the society with your free youtube content... I wish you will see what Nahm was pointing out all the time with believing in content of thinking. Please, demode me as well. Let clarity shine in you my friend ?
  7. Drop the attempt to prove anything, find the source of the thinking via daily meditation practice.
  8. ?♥️ All is love, but believing in content of thinking makes it look different.
  9. @SQAAD This is by design. The good news are you can realise that you are everything. Daily morning meditation.
  10. What if there no 'me' who is aware and there is only awareness. You won't understand it, have to be self realized by careful inspection of beliefs and letting it go. There is only one experience, there is no difference between yours and Leo's experience, not two.
  11. Solipsism - only me as a human exist... this is just a belief. If the 'hand' on the picture represents God/Consciousness then it's a good pointer to Non-duality, to this.
  12. @SQAAD What if all "others" are literally you... but who you are? Self answer it via meditation ?
  13. @WokeBloke This place is a dream, only sleeper considers it real. Yeah, make a dreamboard as @Nahm suggested and see what happens. ? Have to be experienced directly, not through talking.