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  1. @WellbeingSeeker Scientific explanation? Are you kidding? I've experienced shaking with 5-MeO. I've seen how a person was shaking in ecstatic dance settings. There is an infinite amount of state of consciousness. Imagine, some of the states look like this: body shaking like a wave. What causes them? Nothing Ultimately speaking, you are everyone and everything, nothing, Love. You can take a placebo and experience a similar state like on drugs. It doesn't matter what you do, since it's all you. You can use a drug, dance, go to religious settings, etc. Ultimately speaking, the only trigger for any state is you, since any state is you, since it's all you. Well, I don't know what was "external" influence for those people experienced shaking in religious settings. External in quotes since there is no external at all but imagine there is, for the sake of trying to put words on nothing. So, the "external" trigger in my case was 5-MeO, in the case of the guy dancing - music/dancing, in religious settings - religious teacher/praying/etc. I'd keep an open mind that spiritual transmission is the thing, so maybe that was the "trigger" in religious settings. Trigger in quotes, since ultimately speaking the only trigger here is you. You create your own reality.
  2. @tesla I hope the next time you could fully let go. Personally, I've never had a desire to explore high doses of long-lasting substances. I've done a regular acid/shrooms dosage and switched to 5-MeO. It's so easy to have a breakthrough with 5-MeO. 🙏
  3. @Kross Uff. I never experienced a similar situation since I've grown without a father. I am sure one of the biggest self-growth steps for you in the future will be to fully forgive your father. This is the step for the future. As for now, I'd try to avoid arguing with him as much as possible, focus on what you want. Avoid him in general as much as possible until you can break free, live independently. When you live independently you can start a process of forgiving your father. 🙏
  4. @kagaria One of the biggest traps on the spiritual path is giving your authority to a guru, teacher, etc. I hope you are not taking the words of Shunyamurti for granted. Meditation may have different definitions. Everyone has a unique path. For you, only formal meditation practice maybe be enough; for me, psychedelics may be needed to have self-realization. How to know? Listen to your feeling, do what feels good to you. Formal meditation practice/yoga is always good. It's like a basis – you can learn how to let go, how to listen to your intuition.
  5. @Pugfishpanda Open-mindedness and desire for Truth are the most important human traits on the spiritual path. Keep going 😉🙏
  6. Nope. No difference, literally. There is no point to get it intellectually. Go do spiritual practices to have a direct realization, experientially 🙏
  7. @Member nothing is everything, everything is nothing, no difference
  8. Nothing appears as everything, everything is nothing or Formless appears as form, form is formless or Love
  9. @Member I wouldn't say "nothing" to eliminate confusion with "Nothing". What I was trying to convey was said by Leo today, maybe this resonates with you more:
  10. @Nahm feeling happy like on drugs Only 1 hour of meditation in the morning. Appreciate you ❤️
  11. @Carlos MK man, you bumped the topic from 2016 just to say "No"? Please check the date on the posts. Locked.