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  1. @Sonny Imagine ONE screen plays infinite amount of movies simultaneously...say, one movie shows the scenery with souls, in another movie there are no souls at all. If believing in souls makes you more at peace, there is no problem with believing it - the movie is the point of the screen. You are not the movie though, you are the whole screen, that's a self realization. To realize yourself there shouldn't be clinging to the movie, trying to push the movie away is also won't work, just let the movie play as it is. Oneness means One. 'To get oneness' there should be 'YOU' and 'ONENESS' (that's the idea of twoness), but 'YOU' 'ARE' 'ONENESS' already, 'ARE' (oneness). ... I'd suggest a morning meditation practice: Like this, but 1-hour-daily 👊
  2. @Gesundheit2 I find the relationship with the close people to be a litmus test. You can have a good relationship literally with everyone in the direct experience. Doesn't mean you don't express your preferences, it means you value the existence more than what happens thanks to existence: the fact of existence > opinion. Say, I was always spending time in arguing with my mom few years ago, now we're mostly just laughing and enjoying the time together when she's visiting me. And I am still expressing the preferences, but it's done from the realization that it's in fact "me <-> me" relationship.
  3. That's the road of separation, first one.
  4. Roughly speaking, there are 2 roads: First one is about strengthening the beliefs in separation - levels, states, baselines, etc... and to suffer more at some point. Second one is about investigating the direct experience... perhaps 1 hour daily morning meditation may be helpful... so the bliss is self-realized. There is a choice. Up to you, bro
  5. me... me... who are you? Find the source of me-thinking 👊
  6. This whole game is about identification, not the states/levels/baseline. Just investigate the direct experience... for example, there are 2 people in the direct experience... can you find the grain line of separation between their levels of consciousness? It is non-sense. But you can identify yourself with the body (with thinking) or just be. Daily meditation for seeing a self-referential thinking clearly. 🙏🏻
  7. My thoughts... my thoughts... who are you?
  8. @jayfrost321 You can write the whole book how you want to take psychedelics... or just take one up to you I'd suggest to start a daily meditation practice. Psychedelics are great but... there is some 'but' to figure out for you
  9. Turn the search inward: is "I"/"others" separation exist in the direct experience? What is "I" that claims to think/want/have something? Who are you?
  10. It sounds as a good map, one nitpick though: > the ego thinks it deserves to be punished somehow Meh, not really. There is no separate entity that may think something. There is just thinking, and I'd call the ego to be the identification with a thinking. Regarding, ACIM... It's a great book. I wouldn't force myself to read it unless the book resonates. Once it resonates - it all makes perfect sense. Anyway, ACIM is just a pointer, as any book, as everything
  11. @evolving55555 Yeah, the video is eye-opening & quite useful exercise, ideal for the free time on the retreat
  12. Meditate according to the instructions - don't slack. Meditate every day before the retreat bumping the duration to 1 hour. Watch this video: You will have enough time on the retreat to look at hand. Enjoy the retreat time. Good luck.