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  1. Where is 'I' located that found a separation, in the head? 😂
  2. Keep going. You can't understand it since you are the understanding itself. Imagine, you say to a giraffe that it is your toy, as everything else. Can a giraffe to know that it's not just a giraffe? You can investigate the direct experience and see that you are not just a giraffe. The main principle it to notice how you feel, don't cling to the thinking that doesn't feel good. Don't cling to anything, stay as immovable silence so to speak. If you fully accept the current moment as it is, how does it feel? This is it.
  3. Can you find a separate border between 'you' and 'they'? Or is it just a thought? Inspect direct experience. 👊 All the anxiety that was mentioned in the previous posts due to the belief in separated you. You are the whole experience.
  4. 😂 I dunno, if I'd be an employer I prefer someone with 5-MeO experience 😂
  5. There is no 'you' who attains spiritual realizations. There is no 'you' to whom results can be brought. "You create your own reality", investigate the direct experience, what is 'you' the quote is referring to. "There is great love here for you" Abraham Hicks
  6. That's exactly the trap of psychedelics, the state is taken as you, you are where all these states happen. Psychedelics are amazing tool though. As someone said "trap" is "part" backwards. What are parts? The parts are you and psychedelic that activates something. There is no separation. You are the "activator activating activation".
  7. @fish Do you have hobbies (wood working, drawing, singing, dancing, any sport, etc)? Focus on them. I started downhill MTB at 30 I wish I'd start at 17 ahaha
  8. @communitybuilder It seems like there are dualities, there is only non duality. Analogy would be, it seems like Santa Claus is real, it's not. Duality is non dual, non duality is dual, 🦄. You are already that, just do not merge with thinking that you are a separated person in the world. You are the whole world.
  9. @GreenLight Great! Stay with "I am" more often and see where it takes you.
  10. @Holygrail 1. God is Unconditional, doesn't have any desire. 2. Only ego can engage in the question "What would you do IF...". There is no separated you who have a choice. 3. Saying that something is relative is the same as saying it's a lie, there is only absolute sense, if it makes sense. 4. Infinite means not finite, there is only ONE infinite creation. Not Two. 5. The best what you can do is to realize your true nature by letting go questions like this, by not putting attention on thinking. Once there is a self realization only then the real help can happen by itself, by being yourself, at "Home".
  11. Any definition of God happens in God, thanks God Everything that appears and disappears happens in ever-present you. God is ever-present. Already the case. Ego believes that it's separate and wants to change the reality selfishly. That's not allowed by design
  12. You don't need to think much about it. It's going to be improved by doing spiritual practices automatically. By lessening ego (opinion), by seeing your true nature, oneness in everyone - words flowing by itself, compassion arises. I'd call it giving advice from "Home" ("I am") who you always are. That's a really good map though 👍
  13. 'One in existence' means you & existence, but there is only existence.