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  1. @Zigzag Idiot Yes I can totally relate to your story, I knew something was very wrong with the way I was living, thanks for sharing!
  2. @Flowerfaeiry Yes I totally agree, I think most of us at a certain point half-ass this work to some extent until we realize that it's not the way, I remember I used to read books just for the sake of reading, I thought just by reading I would improve a lot. Only when I really got serious about it was I able to see some significant changes. Thanks for sharing
  3. Hey guys! Lately I've been thinking about how I came across all of these concepts, I consider myself so lucky to have stumbled upon self-actualization, especially from Leo. What really inspired me to start this journey was the crappy life that I was having, ever since I can remember I was extremely shy, I was too afraid sometimes to even talk to people, as I grew my shyness waned a little, however I was severely bullied, especially in my early teenage years because I was too skinny, people would call me all sorts of names and I thought that was completely fine, that it was my fate, that I totally deserved it and people made me believe I was really worthless. During these times I would even have recurring suicidal thoughts. Also since I was too bad at dealing with people I had never had a girlfriend and that's how it all started lol. I remember I was on youtube for advice on how to get a girlfriend and that kind of stuff, then I think I came across one of Leo's videos on relationships. Later I saw the one about not caring what people say, and that video inspired me so much that something clicked inside me, and from that moment on I started doing this work. Of course it hasn't been easy, sometimes I would say to myself it didn't work as I wasn't seeing results in the beginning, I would sometimes leave it for a while and then picked up on it again. Until I realize that this really worked and I started seeing big changes in my life. I'm currently at a point where I am getting a fulfillment that I thought wasn't even possible for me, and I'm very glad to have found this, it's ironic how having had a shitty life for many years was what really gave me the drive and do this work, and that's the main reason why I'm posting this. Is this also the case for you? If not, how did you came across self-actualization? Sometimes I feel like a totally different person, and of course that's true in many respects. I'm from a "third world country", Colombia (and I was born in Venezuela which is even worse), so virtually no one here knows about this, however even if I feel lonely I am enormously thankful to have discovered these ideas. Anyway that's my story until now, I was just curious to see what inspires people do self-actualization work. I'm sure there are some fascinating stories from many of you
  4. @mavelezm Hey I'm from Bucaramanga, Colombia It's not very common to find people from our country here!
  5. Yes I agree, and I saw somewhere on his blog something about learning from our dreams, it would be cool if he explained a bit more about how we can do this as well
  6. Wow I've never thought of it this way, but thanks that really makes sense and it also helps a lot!
  7. OMG Leo is this really you??? I can't believe it!! I'm not entirely sure I understand all you just said, but I will think on it deeply and make sure I understand it. And thanks for everything! Love from Colombia ♥
  8. @Nahm For me meditation and emotions would be definitely the most important thing to be taught, and one other thing that comes to mind is money psychology, it would be great if kids were taught how to throw away all the limiting beliefs that many parents pass on to their children, e.g. only bad people are rich
  9. Thanks for the answer! I will be researching more and hopefully get over this soon!
  10. lol even though it would bring me pleasure that's not ultimately what I want. I want to be able to enjoy sex, and perform in a good way to make it enjoyable for my partner too
  11. Will definitely give it a try, thanks!
  12. Thanks! That helps a LOT!
  13. Hey guys, so I was kind of hesitant to share this post because it's a very personal issue, and also I have never shared it with anyone. However with the work I have been doing on personal development I have been able to be more open about my personality, also I am thinking of sharing this with a professional who can help me, but anyway I decided to share it with you guys. The thing is that I have had a foot fetish for as long as I can remember. When I watch regular porn it doesn't turn me on at all, I only masturbate to girls trampling guys, or kissing their feet, or even sometimes sitting on their faces. I have tried to have sex with a couple of girls that I have gone out with, but I have never enjoyed it, it's even humiliating. Last time I had to implicitly apologize because of my poor performance in bed. Anyway do you think this can be reversed? I have tried watching more regular porn but it just doesn't turn me on. I would appreciate any recommendations or any resources I can go to. Thanks for reading my post ♥
  14. Hey guys I'm new on this forum even though I have been following Leo's work for a few years and I have learned a lot, however lately I came up with a question that seems so simple at first sight but I think can have a lot of depth on it. The question is: Why is self growth/personal development not taught in schools? I mean, we may be told to be good and respectful, but on a very superficial level, and even most teachers who teach us that are not very good and respectful anyway. I know it's not their fault, as they were not taught that either in school anyways, but I think we can start seeing this and make a revolution in the school system to start teaching what is really important. One of the reasons that this question came up to me is because I consider myself a very intelligent person, and by intelligent I mean that I used to get very good grades in school, even though I now think and intelligent person is the one who does their best to be a better person, and help others and just feel good with who they are. Anyway even though I know a lot of facts about science and that kind of stuff I felt so miserable before I started this self actualization journey, and lately the question came to me and it struck me that facts about science may be helpful sometimes, but what really matters is the inner work on ourselves. Anyway thanks for reading my post and I would love to read your thoughts on this ♥