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  2. Hey everyone. Things are getting better for me.
  3. Good first post.
  4. I don't know how to meditate. It seems too difficult to me. Posting a thread like this was really helpful for me. Thanks for the response.
  5. REALLY short post.
  6. I can't trust the people that mean the most to me in this world because I think they're all disloyal. Potential to be cool friends, but too caught trying to look cool to everyone else. It hurts wanting to spend time with people, and admitting it too. I've felt this way for years. People I REALLY enjoy bonding with. I have to say something about it today. I REALLY wish I could just not want to spend time with them, and let them go. I'm also always used to having a bunch of people around me being behaving really unacceptable towards me. Judging me and being judgmental. That's the way I get treated. I want to want nothing to do with the disloyal people, and to continue to proof the other people wrong the way I do. The person I bonded with the most disowned me, and is afraid of me today. Can't tell me how he really feels, and just wants to be famous.
  7. I appreciate staff for posting in here. I really don't like the way people treat me. Staff recognized that.
  8. I have concluded that I let my emotions control my actions. This is not good. Why I was considering suicide even though I decided against it already. The past few years have been really bad for me. Living in an abusive environment plus been unable to bond with other people. Parents divorced. Friendships starting and ending. Legal crap too. Unable to get a job as well. Best pet I'm ever going to have died.
  9. It's tough living through the things I've lived through, but you're right. I don't know what to do about it. You're right I can't go around blaming others for everything. I'm just not happy the way I used to be. What did I do to become a victim of people who abuse others in social situations? How can I change that? Questions I'm asking myself now.
  10. If only other people weren't passive-aggressive towards me.
  11. I have a crazy older brother, and I don't know how to control my emotions.
  12. I don't care for this world. You all are power hungry. Staff on here warning me one day when I didn't do anything wrong. The amount of things that have happened face-to-face. I could go on. Why do you all treat me like crap? No one deserves that, ESPECIALLY SOMEONE AS KIND AS I USED TO BE. I want to move on. I'm tired of this.
  13. Does anyone else have hard feelings towards their parents? I really do. I feel like I could be further in life right now if it weren't for them. It's difficult for me to get a job because of the way they raised me. Messed up thoughts in my head. Favoring the problem child too. Difficult for me to let go of the past because of them, and to find a safe job. Mother is worse than father. Brother is also older than me.
  14. My mom cares too much about the things I do when it's just me in the room.