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  1. This man is living a life that I think is happy.
  2. I apogozile if I'm posting this in the wrong section. I've only done free stuff, and I'm wondering if any members here have done both.
  3. I have long-term problems with many people because they choose to judge me without getting to know me. It's so sad that things are not as peaceful as they could be or as they were.
  4. The dog in my icon has been dead since September 2015. When I finally move out, he's getting tattooed on me. I have nothing but good memories of this dog. I'll never replace him.
  5. The way I'm doing it is just fine.
  6. I am very sorry to hear about what you're dealing with.
  7. I do need to accept myself. Yes.
  8. From the main page of this message board, as soon as I saw your face. I knew you were responding to my thread. I'll complain all I want. It's healthy. I really believe you're the one who needs to stay out of my threads unless you have something helpful to say.
  9. I'm also very very stubborn. I like to think I'm perfect, but I'm not. This is a long-term issue I have with myself. I'm so angry about things that have happened that it makes me mess up. I really really don't like my family but live with them and am possibly going to have to pay them rent one day.
  10. I don't have that big of an attitude problem now. Still miserable though. However the amount of time that's passed between this post and the first post. I do believe things will get better now. Television shows and movies are helping me understand the world better. I'm not bitter about anything regarding this forum anymore either. If anything, I'm glad I still have an account that I can post with.
  11. MBTI is great. Not everyone understands it though.
  12. I'm never going to respect other people.
  13. I don't believe it. I believe I'm always going to be miserable. This world ALWAYS has been bad to me. When I need something, I don't get it. Everything good is not as good as it is. SICK OF OTHERS TELLING ME WHAT TO DO. SICK OF PEOPLE WHO SAY THEY'RE FRIENDS BEING IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A HOLD OF. NO ONE LISTENING TO ME. I WISH I WERE DEAD! THE AMOUNT OF TIMES I'VE BEEN GANGED UP ON AND MADE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION WHEN I DIDN'T NEED THAT! I've seen Mental Health Counselors by the way. They're worthless. Employed people aren't hiring me when they should be. I was very strongly convinced not to kill myself years ago by a person who still seems to hate his own life. I'm being real with you all. I don't see any process with this world. It's gotten worse if anything.
  14. Already been there. They can't help me. I need to get out of this abusive environment but no place is interesting me.
  15. Another thread addressing how pointless my life is because of my family. Right now, the only thing I can think about because of them memories is how weird my brother is with words.