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  1. Leo is online right now. I wonder if he'll see this thread.
  2. MBTI is great. Not everyone understands it though.
  3. I'm never going to respect other people.
  4. I don't believe it. I believe I'm always going to be miserable. This world ALWAYS has been bad to me. When I need something, I don't get it. Everything good is not as good as it is. SICK OF OTHERS TELLING ME WHAT TO DO. SICK OF PEOPLE WHO SAY THEY'RE FRIENDS BEING IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A HOLD OF. NO ONE LISTENING TO ME. I WISH I WERE DEAD! THE AMOUNT OF TIMES I'VE BEEN GANGED UP ON AND MADE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION WHEN I DIDN'T NEED THAT! I've seen Mental Health Counselors by the way. They're worthless. Employed people aren't hiring me when they should be. I was very strongly convinced not to kill myself years ago by a person who still seems to hate his own life. I'm being real with you all. I don't see any process with this world. It's gotten worse if anything.
  5. Already been there. They can't help me. I need to get out of this abusive environment but no place is interesting me.
  6. Another thread addressing how pointless my life is because of my family. Right now, the only thing I can think about because of them memories is how weird my brother is with words.
  7. Everyone is unreliable to me. Problem caused by family of course. What problem have they not caused? I've been interviewed so much and can't get past the interview process.
  8. I feel really rejected because of my family. I'm doing the best I can. They're really really bad people preventing me from moving forward. CAN'T GET A JOB BECAUSE OF THEM! REALLY REALLY DEPRESSED BECAUSE OF THEIR LACK OF COMMON SENSE AND BEING GANGED UP ON!
  9. I don't think I'll this get the tattoo worded like that because it stresses me out for some reason. In fact, I don't agree with a lot of my past posts regarding decisions.
  10. I don't think one person on this planet has any clue on how to deal with how resentful I am. The fact is I can't forgive anyone or let go of the past. You will be surprised at what little things I'm holding onto that everyone else has forgotten about regardless of how much better things get for me. I have improved a lot, but at the end of the day, I'm still resentful.
  11. No place is interested in hiring me.
  12. Yes.
  13. They're all physically threatening towards me. I knew it with my parents at birth, and my brother on his 30 birthday.
  14. Visit went well. Not getting arrested because I don't break the law.
  15. Going back today.