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  1. Gotcha. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  2. Where do you get these toxic ideas from? Happiness is not sustainable, maybe. But it has nothing to do with bringing more suffering. @Meditationdude You forgot to count your comment as 4% for irrelevant answers.
  3. Peace can be found everywhere, in the words and in the spaces between them. Mind and no-mind are identical without the resistance. In fact, there can exist suffering in that 'empty space', independent of thought. Why would anyone resist their thoughts anyway? Thoughts have a purpose, and achieve it they must. If they get out of control, then that's ego and must be killed. Sometimes I think that life is completely out of anyone's control, and some other times I think that thought affects life. In the end of the day, it's a strange-loop, the two are entangled and cannot be separated. However, death is the nearest escape. Whenever I catch myself suffering, I surrender to death, and suffering usually goes away. @arlin Suffering is optional. It's not up to anyone to decide what they want or where they want to go. If you are interested in self-actualization work, you will not suffer from it. In fact, quite the opposite. For example, I used to use meditation and Leo's videos as an escape from suffering. Right now, it takes special effort to sit down and watch anything or read any books or do anything related to self-actualization unless I have a real problem with something. So, basically the thirst for wisdom is gone, and the only valuable thing for me to pursue right now is healthy practicality and systems thinking. I don't pursue it in books or videos, I try to find it in my own life. The point is that self-actualization and happiness are not identical. You can be happy and a complete loser, and you can be happy and very successful. Same thing for suffering. It's attachment to outcomes that creates the suffering, not the outcome. Nope. And in fact, quite the opposite.
  4. Perhaps it's something you would do, Mr. ego.
  5. Well that's interesting! Sometimes I wish I could lower the level just a little bit.
  6. Almost no suffering in general. Happiness is more of a spectrum. Some days can be really happy, nearly blissful. But not all of them. At least for now.
  7. It's not just black or white. It's a highly nuanced matter. Sometimes, it's most fulfilling to take. Some other times, it's most fulfilling to give. Some other times, it's most fulfilling to step back and just observe. Okay, but I meant ego-death. At some point, you will get enough of suffering and say that's it, fuck everything. I want freedom, I want peace. And you will find them.
  8. Actually, my most ecstatic period of my life was when my life was going to hell. You have no idea how good it is to die.
  9. Solipsism and relationships can't work together, can they?
  10. @DrewNows What I said was directed at me, you idiot ?‍♂️
  11. Great thread! I think it should be reactivated and get more serious, and better answers. I don't think the shadow has to necessarily be an entire stage, it could be only some characteristics. Blue: Clinging to maps, especially high quality/highly accurate ones, and fear having no-maps. Trying to spread the word because it is the absolute truth, not just as a relative tool. Speaking in an absolutist way; i.e. this is that. Orange: Clinging to reason, logic, data, and scientific research as absolute truths, or at least think they have an actual objective value in the real world. Not being able to see beyond one's own interests, i.e. to 'poopoo' other agendas. Confusing Orange for Yellow and using SD for selfish goals, i.e. manipulating systems like in politics. Green: Clinging to 'positivity' and demonising 'negativity'. Examples: I must love everyone, no harm should ever be made to anyone for whatever reason, etc... Being easily misguided due to being overly submissive, especially in the political aspect, i.e. having no independent identity, and adopting any humanitarian political agendas. That's all I can think of for now, and it's from my personal experience. I can't talk about the higher stages since I still haven't really gotten into tier two.
  12. @DrewNows Be smart. Attract infinity directly without the help of psychedelics. That being said, let's stop derailing this thread.