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  1. @cetus56 ❤️
  2. Well, actually I don't know. Maybe I'm just projecting because I'm happy. I hope everyone becomes happy, that's a better phrasing I guess. ❤️
  3. @Andreas Try to put yourself in their shoes. Then ask yourself: am I really better than them?
  4. @Inliytened1 ❤️ Life is fun! I hope everyone sees that.
  5. @Farnaby If thinking is what it is, then thinking is what it is. What helped me the most is prolonged meditation sessions, 4-5 hours, sometimes twice a day.
  6. @now is forever Well, he's not actually lazy because he's lazy, he's just confused about what he wants, so he finds everything pointless. Here's a little description of my friend: Perfectionist, skeptical, stage Yellow thinker, so unmotivated, detached, easy, funny, pragmatic open-minded but not extremely, a little bit obsessive, humble, always up in his head, kind of shy but not too much, no goals, secretive about his desires. Maybe some of his qualities match with yours, try to cross off what you think is the root issue. Good luck!
  7. ❤️
  8. This is even better than what I was saying. ❤️
  9. I respect your honesty about yourself. We don't need to think something is wrong in order to change it, right? We can change something which is right into something which is even more right. The fact that you come off as arrogant is the issue you're worried about. But that's who you are right now, and that's exactly where you needed to be, because see, if you weren't at where you are at, then you wouldn't ask for help, right? There are always bigger plans for you at work by Love and Infinite Intelligence. Now, after acknowledging that, accept who you are without resistance, and then learn and apply practical advice on how to become more humble. I hope that gives you some insight and clarity. ❤️
  10. @Paul92 Wish you all the best! Don't give up on playing the greatest video game: Life. All of your questions have answers, but the answers are on different levels of the game. Remember how you always had questions and you found answers to some of them, you will find the answers to the rest of them. It's all a play, we're here to play and enjoy. So, play and enjoy. ❤️
  11. @cristopher91 You must have succeeded many times in the past. How do you feel after you succeed? Empty? Fulfilled?
  12. Could you please elaborate?
  13. @Gadasaa You're doing worse than others because you're deconstructing your illusions, while they ignore doing that, so their auto-pilot mode is driving them. After a while you will start figuring out what to do and how to do, you need some faith and patience. I think the best thing to do in your situation is to become clear about your goals. Do you really want success? Or do you want happiness? These two are polar opposites at first, but eventually they will go full circle and complete each other. Just make sure you don't harm your survival abilities while progressing, and also try to avoid debating, and be silent and observing, that's where most growth happens.
  14. @LoveandPurpose You already love yourself, you're just shy enough to admit it. How do I know? Well, simply because you're asking. What is that but love? If you find this convincing, accept it. If not, let go. You can't not love yourself, because you are love. And I love you too ❤️
  15. @now is forever I have this friend, the laziest guy on earth. He's never on time, always at least 15 mins late, once 2 hours late. These people are treasure for learning how to become patient and understanding. So, there's a positive side to this issue. As for the solution: There is no how. Just do it.