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  1. @Arhattobe @Leo Gura@Inliytened1 Watch out for your stories and imagination!
  2. But Leo, 1 male + 1 female = 3 family members That's just a taste of God's ultimate potential.
  3. How do kids grow and learn? Why not work it out in cycles?
  4. I should be more careful around you 🤔
  5. 👍 I think we're talking about the same thing. After all, all of those terms (authentic self, ego, highly evolved ego) refer to God, only in various disguises. I think you're saying that God is also personal. In that case, I agree. Because it's not possible to separate the personal from the impersonal. That sounds more like evolution/growth/giving birth than suffering And what comes next after freedom? I suspect that there's a subtle form of resistance to desire in the previous paragraph. I suppose it's the same form of resistance to embracing being an ego. Without resistance, all that remains is freedom. Even resistance, if any, becomes freedom. That's liberation I love you too ❤️🤗 (I hope it doesn't sound awkward lol 😂) Egos are beautiful! Aren't they? Whether mature or juvenile. They're your creation. They're perfect! ..... @Leo Gura You made me rewrite this post. Thanks a lot 😑 But yeah, I think your maps are way better than other maps, as long as they're combined together 👍
  6. Differences only seem important when looking for survival.
  7. Work in baby-steps. One by one. Slow and steady wins the race. Avoid multi-tasking. Avoid unnecessary distractions. Avoid negative people. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate.
  8. You shall find what you seek.
  9. Of course 👍 No. I actually think that the authentic self is more of an animalistic natural kind of self. A self that is incapable of creating and identifying with thoughts. Therefore, a self that is unable of creation. Creation requires the ego (I mean practical creations, science and anything that aims at survival in general). Yes and no. Desire is limitation, but it's not necessarily suffering. To realise that, it requires further integration. Suffering is optional. Desire is not. With even further integration, it's realised that limitation = freedom. So, desire = freedom. Yes 👍 Love is being. Yet, being is a messy thing, it's evolving all the time. So, love is also learning and evolution. That's what liberation of the mind means. It means embedding consciousness into the subconscious to make room for more love to sink in. Yes. I agree 👍 That's where art comes from, from the authentic self. ..... I really love this conversation ❤️
  10. @tsuki That makes perfect sense! Thank you ❤️ I wouldn't call that "God" though. I think "the authentic self" is a better term for it. God would be the integration of both the ego and the authentic self. Also, let's say there's no struggle for freedom, and yet there's still a desire to learn the violin, a desire stemming from love. Is it possible to learn it without actually practising it? I read stories about people learning foreign languages randomly, unwillingly, and instantaneously. I don't see a reason why that would not be true in a dream world.
  11. That you've had enough.
  12. Make sure you've had enough food and water before you make such claims. (I'm serious). By the way, I think you're cool. I don't know why you're being so hard on yourself.