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  1. Great technique - shift of perspective can be key to enlightenment
    Great technique - shift of perspective can be key to enlightenment
    Guys im gonna tell you what i think can be a very key step to getting enlightened.
    While meditating stare at your hand.
    Now look at one of the fingers on your hand 
    See it as the finger.  A part of the whole hand.
    Now keep staring at the finger.  But now become conscious that it is the whole hand.
    That "shift" in consciousness is what ultimately can lead to Enlightenment if you can do that.
    You will start feeling the sensations in your body that is the bliss of a mystical experience.
    Heres why this is so effective.
    You are first seeing the finger as that part.  A part of the whole hand.  That is like what your consciousness is like to Universal consciousness or God.  Or another way is that you yourself are a finitude of infinity.
    If you can make this shift in consciousness just keep doing it over and over until the mystical experience happens.
    You can start working on that shift in consciousness with your little consciousness vs God Too..once u can make that shift...well fuck you will drop to your knees and weep 
    This is the whole chabang guys.  All reality is is a shift in perspective.  You can look at things as a part and be conscious that they are the part and you can look at the part and become conscious that its the whole thing.
    That's how God works his magic.  Its all shifts in consciousness
    I would like Leo to comment on this too because for me as soon as i make the shifts ..i feel Being.  On days like today anyway..when i had a mystical experience.
    But you have to keep doing that over and over.  
    How fast enlightenment happens may also depend on how spiritually gifted you are too so don't get discouraged.   I know I'm making this sound easy so maybe it isn't going to be easy for everyone.
    But this it guys.  Not just looking at the hand.  But doing the shifts in consciousness.