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  1. Try to explain this to her, maybe she isn't conscious enough to realise that..
  2. A video about overthinking..
  3. My problem isn't moaning. It is turning on. He cant turn on cause im like dead body doing nothing. I dont know what am i supposed to do and he finds that unattractive.. Should i watch porn and educate myself or just be nature and do what i was doing before.. We are not in relationship, we just hang out sometime.. So he also said i don't indicate anything and im lame.. Thats the truth and i shouldn't be sad about it, i accepted it and i wanna change it. The question is should i watch porn and educate myself or dont call him anymore? And how to overcome my sexual fear of passion, how to show passion? Btw these are my first experiences so i think its normal to be confused.. Pls someone explain to me well.. @Leo Gura
  4. I had my first sex 2weeks ago. I find my partner attractive. When we have sex I don't show any sexual passion because i don't know how. Im new in sex.. I'm enjoying all those stuffs but I'm not able to share it. And my partner finds that not attractive and he thinks im like a dead body doing nothing at all, so what am i supposed to do? He lost interest in me cause i dont show any passion and dont indicate any sex.. how to overcome it Leo?
  5. I'm really afraid that rn in this life I'll become more conscious and that there is next life in which i'll be a unconscious human being like i used to be in this life too... I know that's just an belief but I can't let it go. How to overcome it?