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  1. This is just gibberish. It takes someone that knows the Absolute to know the Absolute for what it is and also for what it is not. Namely that which has nothing to do with states of mind. This has been said again and again and again and again and AGAIN for thousands of years. You guys think you're really discovering something new with this whole psychedelic thing. Explain to me why EVERY enlightened teacher that's had enlightenment experiences that have also done lots of psychedelics over the course of decades always and unanimously point out that THAT IS NOT IT. Explain to me why that doesn't sink in. They're not dismissing whatever value you may have derived or whatever emotional "healing" may have taken place. They're pointing out that that is just shit that comes and goes and that the mind makes up shit about whatever arises and passes away in experience and becomes yet another conditioned experience that is largely tainted by people's philosophical presuppositions, conditioning, and so forth and that people don't tend to realize that's what they're doing. Are you not aware that Brendan, Peter's assistant, that's taking over Cheng Hsin, that's had an enlightenment experience literally drove over to meet Leo to do 5-MeO and still reported "That's not it"? I mean, how much more do this really need to be made clear? Why can't it just be fucking acknowledged that nobody is dismissing the usefulness and power of psychedelics yet just call it for what it is and also what it is not and put it in it's proper place? No there isn't. Enlightenment isn't caused by anything. There are certain things we can do to help facilitate Realization. That's not the same thing though as saying though that enlightenment is caused by something. It isn't. The Absolute transcends causes and conditions. No it isn't.
  2. @LostStudent to qualify myself real quick... I'm a competitive runner and have been since the age of 12 and was a post collegiate sub elite runner. Studied training theory and athletic science in regards to distance running around the same age and a lot of my running friends are among the best MUT runners (Mountain, Ultra, Trail) in the world as professional athletes. As far as this goes I think playing around with nutrition during your long runs will be a thing to work with. Everybody is different when it comes to this. I know people that do well off of straight gels and water and don't need to complicate it too much. Some people I know have to go with more actual foods. I suggest really playing around with this. I usually just roll with GU's and making sure I'm getting enough salts in. I'd like to know though, was there any change that occurred as you started adding gels? If so what were they? I would also add that it's worth considering the duration of time you're out there too, rather than just distance. 30 miles for me would be a bit north 3 1/2 hours if I was just cruising and not really pushing. For a lot of other people though that might be 5+ hours of being out there, especially if you take into account vert. Also, just keep in mind that some of this stuff just comes with the territory as far as fatigue goes but I have a hard time imagining your nutrition not playing into the stuff you're describing. Drink enough, eat enough, eat well enough, and make sure you're bumping up your training at an appropriate levels such that you're not overtraining. And of course, keep going! You can totally do this. The ultra community is a wonderful community to be part of. A lot of humble yet crazy characters. I encourage to really see this through. You got this 💪🏼👊🏻 Would love to know what race you're signed up for! Do share your result! Best of luck! You're completely ignorant of what you're talking about. Your body has adapted to being able to handle running long distances for hundreds of miles at a time. The science and history on this is indisputable. The muscles and tendons from your feet all the way through the posterior chain literally act as a form of shock absorption and our ability to cool ourselves via sweat allows us to be able to keep moving while still cooling ourselves. Something no other animal has which humans used to their advantage for thousands of years via persistence hunting. There are plenty of cultures where running 100 miles isn't some huge feat. Especially at one point in history.
  3. Not fond of the path this guy is continuing to go down...
  4. @funkychunkymonkey work with a Roshi
  5. This doesn't mean anything. This is just a figure of speech. Not a factual subjective experience. The majority of your experience is mostly unconscious. You are not in tune with the flow of blood through your veins, the process of calcium that replenishes your bones after you eat a meal, etc. Have I had what some might consider a profound experience of my body that involved a very different change of state? Yes. I've had flow states at the end of long runs of 18 miles where I closed near 5:00 flat after north of 3,000 feet of running uphill and hitting deep states of exhaustion. I've experienced demonstrable yet spontaneous paranormal phenomena (stuff that the yogis would refer to as the Siddhis) in regards to myself and other teachers and many other things. So what? What exactly is your point? Then go have tests done on you and we can have you to attribute the cure of autism. Go prove it. The reality is they'll tell you the same thing I'm telling you. Or keep telling yourself the same nonsense. I'm done with this post and arguing over pure stupidity.
  6. I knew kids that have actual autism. You aren't autistic.
  7. LMAO Yeah. Okay ? You, some dude that has no background in clinical psychology, self diagnoses what you imagine to be certain "autistic tendencies" (all based on your own preconceptions of what that means), you take a psychedelic, stuff happens, you feel a bunch of sensations and a radically different change of state that is then laced in by your mind's interpretation of what's going on which is laced with tons of presuppositions, and then the experience fades and then you think "ah! that's the cure to autism! Psychedelics!" ? Alright buddy. You're for sure ahead of John Hopkins and all the leading neuroscientists over 1 psychedelic trip. And of course, let me guess... "they're just deluded materialists that don't know the power of psychedelics." Right...
  8. Name me one fucking person that's ever gone beyond autism or retardation. I don't know why you are so hung up on this or where you're even getting this silly belief that awakening or enlightenment somehow is supposed to "cure" autism. This more than anything else you're dribbling out is fucking ridiculous. Realizing what's absolutely true.
  9. You are. The truth doesn’t have to conform to what you think. I know many people that have had enlightenment experiences at this point and they still have traumas, shadows, and other issues. That’s the reality. Enlightenment is about what’s already true. Enlightened people have started cults, killed people, and also done all the great things people tend to associate them as in their mind and also be totally ordinary people you’d never expect anything from. These are just your projections and assumptions.
  10. Well you are. Go meet some real Zen masters and talk to them rather than just sit around by yourself with your comfortable assumptions. You don’t know that you don’t know what you’re talking about.
  11. There is no ultimate answer to this question as there’s no one way to. I wouldn’t lump someone that pursues awakening that grew up in a traditional Japanese culture than those that pursued it back in the 70s in America. Everybody’s path is different and yet I imagine you can find some similarities among a lot of different practitioners at the same time. You can make large generalizations by saying things like “suffering” or “wanting to know what’s true” but that hardly answers anything when you get down to the core of what motivates peoples search.
  12. Go talk to actual Roshi’s and tell them about your assumption/belief that Zen fundamentally deals with healing and they will tell you to your face that that’s a bullshit assumption. It’s not true. Don’t conflate awakening with healing. There’s a reason Ken Wilber for example makes the distinction between “Cleaning Up” (therapy, trauma work, etc.) and “Waking Up”. Because they’re not the same. There may be some interaction between the two different processes that influence each other but that doesn’t mean that that’s what they’re about.
  13. @Raptorsin7 Go to therapy. Zen and awakening has nothing to do about healing generational trauma.