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  1. Can Occult practices be used to help with emotional development and purification (of even psychosomatic traumas)? If so, what “branch” of the occult would be utilized towards such an end? What branch of occult would be best for purification? For example, purification of the subtle/psychic/astral body, energetic, samskaras and vasanas, etc. Regarding Law of Attraction, I don’t understand why occultists seem to be fond of beliefs and emotions. I mean on the one hand, I get it. On the other hand, all emotions tend to have layers to them. So if I superficially set a certain intention or even create a certain though form or something to reach a certain end, that thing I want could still be based off of something really driven by fear. And also all beliefs are fear based to provide a false sense of certainty in a very uncertain reality. I notice this with my own emotions where if I feel inside deep shame, that tends to have a double side to it that ties very deeply to a strong anger or rage that has been repressed but also vice versa. Law of Attraction seems to be about setting a strong, clear, single minded intent to some intended outcome but in practice we find that there almost is no such thing among indivual minds. Can you help reconcile this?
  2. As someone whose had consistent involuntsry astral projections, I used to think it was cool (first subtle reaction: “holy shit this is actually happening!”) but after the next couple times I started to find that, as far as I’m concerned personally for me, has little to no value. I don’t see astral projections or any other major psychic experience I’ve had to be really fulfilling or really something that changes anything, much less quality of life. I remember when I had another really deep astral projections that was VERY clear, I came back (pardon the limits of language) and I just felt an arising reaction that said “it’s just more experience”. Personally for me I see why yogis tend to downplay siddhis and paranormal as distractions as that’s what it felt like to me personally. That’s just me though. Maybe there’s something about astral travel that can be done to enhance growth, healing, and help the pursuit of truth and liberation that I’m not aware of.
  3. There are plenty of enlightened, some very deeply so, professionals in the world. I’ve met plenty of them. I hung out with one whose a friend of mine who studied under Ralston personally for 8 years 2 days ago. It’s just turns out that they don’t really care to talk about it (which I personally find very refreshing).
  4. I met him less than a year ago when he visited the San Francisco Zen Center. Cool guy. Pretty funny. Very disciplined.
  5. Interesting that’s how you interpret it.
  6. @Synchronicity very interesting man. Just thought I’d ask some devils advocate questions. Does this make it difficult to do general thinking about everyday matters? Do you find you’re able to meditate or hone single pointed concentration very well? Would you say that what you’re able to look into in this “bundle” is a matter of how much intent arises to actually care to look into it? Hopefully this has been serving you well and hope you use this experiences responsibly. Could you be more clear here? Didn’t really make much sense as to what you’re trying to say.
  7. Wow... so many questions... first off... how do you function? Lol Is this a constant experience for you? When you say you experience what it’s like to be say a pen or hell, me... are you saying you have a literally sensory experience of what it’s like to have my personal embodied perspective with my memory and knowing of what it is I’m seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, etc.? How bout that of something like a concrete wall? We can say the concrete wall is made of fundamentally consciousness... but you’re saying even inanimate objects have some degree of experience. What does that mean when you say you experience what it’s like to be a wall? Are you being literal or what it’s like to be one with the consciousness that wall fundamentally is like in a deep state of samadhi? Or are you seeing something beyond that where you literally have almost a cognition of what it is to be nothing but that wall absent of your own embodied perspective? Are you liberated? What is your relationship to self-survival and suffering? How do you know those infinite glimpses into an infinite number of perspectives and lives are really true? How do you know that what it is you’re seeing (pardon the limits of language) is grounded in something that actually is/did/will occur(ring)?
  8. I want to share resources that have helped me in my own path that hopefully you guys put to good use. Before I share though, it's important to note - people who have walked the path are more often than not willing to help you. You have to put in the work in reaching out to them. If you have a true genuine willingness to learn and seek help, you will find that help. Martin Ball's Nondual Entheogenic Integration Coaching & Consulting - I love Martin Ball. I appreciate his radical honesty, his deep compassion and love for those whom are suffering, his detachment from all fantasies and belief systems that are so often associated with this work. Martin is no longer doing in person in what he coined "Nondual Energetic Therapy" but is now offering coaching and psychedelic integration via Skype. Talk to him about the challenges your having in your own trips and how you're struggling to integrate some of the maybe radical things you may be learning about yourself. Martin is all about getting to the root of the matter and, as someone who I feel I have been failed by the highest regarded mental health institutions in America because they don't go to the root, I really appreciate that. Skype calls are either 30, 60, 90 minutes from I believe $75-$150. If you're someone that has trauma but is also very motivated towards Truth and spiritual mastery, I couldn't recommend this enough. Brendan Lea's Consulting - Brendan Lea is Peter Ralston's longest student. He is taking over Ralston's Cheng Hsin slowly but surely. Brendan is an amazing guy to talk to who I'm glad I've gotten connected with. He also facilitates most, if not all, Cheng Hsin workshops. What I'm offering here is another Skype consultation he's offering that I learned about after getting connected with him via Facebook. Brendan is a very available guy. His consultations are $60 or $70 (I'm forgetting exactly how much) and when I talked to him we talked for several hours. Ask him about a variety of questions you have in your own contemplations and investigations and he will help facilitate you towards greater resolutions of whatever it is you're dealing with. Also, if you have questions regarding any of the stuff Ralston tends to talk about, he's the guy to ask... and I've found it's worth asking. Like Martin, Brendan is not there to indulge fantasies, beliefs, etc. and I find that very refreshing and I appreciate him very much. Cheng Hsin Facebook Dyad Group - For those who've done enlightenment retreats, you know that it's often done in what's called as "dyads". Dyads are 2 person contemplations where one person asks the other "experience who you are and communicate that to me" and then sits totally emotionless and silent for the next 5 minutes while you get to the truth of who you are (or whatever question you're working on) and then a bell rings and you switch. This is done for 40 minutes. Thanks to Brendan Lea, there's now a Facebook group that consists of a few dozen people who we can coordinate with each other to contemplate together in an enlightenment intensive format. I love this. Get connected with people whom are really serious and make friends in the process of doing this work. The last guy I did this with is a guy who was an ascetic in India for 5 years and is soon looking to go back and am already learning so much from him as we're contemplating. Makes this work less lonely and is a great support system. I suggest you get in contact with Brendan Lea via Facebook to join the group. Integral Zen - Integral Zen is a Rinzai Zen (Hardcore Zen - deliberately tamed down since it's in the USA) Sangha lead by Doshin Roshi, the most enlightened person I've met and talked to (he really is a trip) but grounded in Ken Wilber's Integral framework. If you're not in the Denver/Boulder area where I now live, they offer online Shadow Work webinars, meditation sits with group discussions, and you can even arrange a free hour meeting with Doshin (I cannot recommend this enough). A great community I'm glad I'm slowly in the process of joining. I particularly recommend meeting Doshin via video chat. If you want to know what a REAL enlightened master is at a 2nd or 3rd tier stage of development, talk to him. I could go on about what it's like but just talk to him. Peter Ralston If you're on you know at least of Peter Ralston by now so I don't think I need to go into much explanation of who he is. I remember scrolling around the Cheng Hsin website and remember seeing his email floating around there. I decided to send him a few emails and sure enough, within a few hours I got a response. The fact that this man is this available for people to just ask him questions is crazy. Utilize him. He won't answer all of your emails as sometimes he defers them to maybe answering your question in a future newsletter. Be smart and deliberate with what you ask. You would be a fool to never even at least reach out to him. Akilesh Ayyar - Last but not least, @winterknight. Maybe I have a bias but Akilesh I consider to be a friend of mine now after having gotten to meet him in NYC over the summer. He's a great teacher and I love his perspective on what the spiritual process really boils down to when it comes to making authentic progress towards realization. I absolutely love his book "How To Find What Isn't Lost" and some of those exercises in there even showed me what my greatest strength really is. He's a great teacher and a very great person. Whether or not you agree with his positions on psychedelics, love, etc. I think is besides the point. That's for you to discover for yourself, not to simply agree with. However, he has had good history with psychedelics including 5-MeO-DMT (post liberation for him - which I find very interesting). He has done great study into psychology as well so I find his perspectives and points of view to absolutely essential. He is a great spiritual teacher who I hope you guys utilize. That's all for now. Fingers are tired. I have more resources but that's enough for now.
  9. Can freebase be plugged or only HCL?
  10. My friend had a saliva trip where he ended up staring dead at a wall for 10 minutes only to then scream uncontrollably and was then out of breath explaining that he lived the life of a panda from birth till death
  11. Did you even test the “mdma” you bought? As someone who was part of the underground rave scene for about 7 years, I can pretty much promise you that if you bought this at the event, didn’t test it, and don’t know you’re dealer, it was hands down not mdma. A single mdma dosage/trip can takes weeks to recover from just neurologically. Use these things responsibily regardless of the situation. +1
  12. Your shadow reeks. Please get it checked out. Lol if you’re gonna use the suffering I deal with in life as some sort of pull to win something all because your tits are in a tussle because I’m not putting up with your fantasies and projections that just shows how ignorant and selfish you still are. If you don’t like the questions I have on here then skidaddle. You’re on my post buddy. Bliss isn’t something you find but you can keep lying to others and yourself if you still want to. If you’re really gonna use someone’s vulnerability about their life as a way to have a one-up on them because you can’t just agree to disagree, admit your ignorance, or just walk away that shows how much you’re in your own spiritual narcissism. You ain’t awake buddy. Nor am I. Keep typing like a spiritual keyboard jockey if you want but keep your fantasies and projections you have of me to yourself. I dont not need to indulge your fantasies nor play coy.
  13. @ActualizedDavid sounds like a healthy mom but I wouldn’t call that enlightenment at all though. Glad you have a healthy relationship with your mom though. Don’t take for granted how beneficial that is in your own well being an pursuit of truth.
  14. Is that something you wish to solve directly as you to start to embody Truth more and more in your own consciousness work?
  15. Perspective itself is an illusion. A useful activity. However there is no such thing as another perspective. There is no “meta perspective”. You haven’t had an enlightened as to what existence is. The nature of existence was my first enlightenment experience. This is not something that’s up for debate. You’re not conscious of what existence is. Lol yeah because you’re reading it that way. I don’t care what you consider that to be. Your considerations of the matter are irrelevant. Impossibility doesn’t as what’s possible can only be “informed” by possibility. Don’t agree? Go study other enlightened masters the nature of possibility. Here’s even a video if this entertains you. Lol look at the very issue with the question you’re asking. You still don’t get what an illusion/existence is. Get the nature of existence then we’ll talk. You of all people on this forum should not be lecturing people when you yourself have said you just follow Leo and don’t seek for yourself. Don’t go around lecturing people on matters you yourself don’t actually to become conscious of independently free from dogma and hearsay. You’re talking from a place of fantasies.