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  1. LondonReal
  2. I know @Leo Gura talks about some enlightened people whom pretty much the whole “your already enlightened,” but what teachers would be good examples of this? I guess the only one that comes to my mind is Eckhart Tolle but I’ve only seen a couple videos on him and it was awhile ago (I can’t stand his sweater vests...)
  3. This is SOOOO green
  4. Orange, Green, and Yellow
  5. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Universal income Marilyn Manson
  6. As long as it needed to take Yes he posts what he wants but that doesn't mean he just flings out videos. He found his niche and his own circle within the personal development marketplace. He talks often now that he was always more interested in deeper aspects of personal development, which is what his content is all about now. However, that took time to be able to set himself up to be able to have a large enough audience who would a.) listen, and b.) have himself setup in his business in a variety of different ways where he knew he could talk about these things since most people in the modern world aren't open to these kinda discussions that Leo talks about. So he had to establish himself before he could get to where he is today. If you look close, you'll see that those success videos Leo started with early on in his YouTube career was really merely an only a strategic move. I feel like I actually answered my own question explaining that ^ Lol
  7. I'm curious on some opinions on this. Is it possible to still buy into naive realism post enlightenment? I love this particular clip in @Leo Gura's interview with Ralston as this clip has so many juicy hints and insights. One of the obvious insights though is that all because you've glimpsed your true nature, that doesn't always mean you grasp beyond just that. So I was wondering, can you really buy into there being a phsyical external world even if you've grasped your true nature? I can imagine that, as you one goes deeper in this work then that illusion would collapse because it would no longer make sense after a certain point. However, I'm just curious if naive realism can still pose as a potential trap after an awakening of who and what I am.
  8. Watching or playing football is just more of consciousness itself😜
  9. Just got back from the San Francisco Zen Center that I live a couple blocks from and a group of us after a sit went to dinner. I was discussing some of my recent insights and one guy sitting across from me starts interjecting how consciousness doesn’t exist and how we can’t know what reality is and all this. I tried pointing out that those were just assumptions and all that but of course, that just made it seem that I’m preaching more theories which comes off as though I’m contradicting myself. This guys has been “practicing zen” for quite some time now and I think this just goes to show just how much of a trap mental masterbation is and also just how hard spirituality can be to teach to people in a non intensive way. I can really see the value now of jut how important having a masterful enlightened teacher can be for certain people that get stuck thinking like this who can cut these egoic shananigans. Lastly, I really gained an appreciation of just how hard it’s gotta be for @Leo Gura trying to communicate these insights through such an indirect medium like YouTube and from language alone and try to get people to grasp that what he’s saying is not to be taken on faith or denied by clinging to your comfortable certainty. So yeah, hats off to you man.
  10. @John Lula yes because that’s all nonsense and mental masterbation on what enlightenment is lol
  11. I was going to make a post about how he tried calling Leo out lol I talked to him on Instagram and he said the same nonsense
  12. So I have my life purpose thanks to @Leo Gura‘s course and am in the planning stages of starting and all that good stuff. Here’s what I don’t get though... doesn’t my life purpose and passion and my vision mostly dictate why my niche is in terms of who my audience is?