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  1. Rule of Thumb: If you have a belief, it's hogwash. Sure. You'll still have beliefs. However, one of the major goals and requisites in this path is tossing all beliefs because all beliefs are false. Also, after you say awaken to your true nature, you'll be much more open and have greater understanding that no belief is the truth nor is true. You'll take your beliefs much more lightly after an enlightenment experience and you'll understand that you can toss them to. See this clip with @Leo Gura & Peter Ralston:
  2. Remember one of the principles in the course, "detachment from outcome". I'd revisit that principle in the course. You seem too tense and involved in the significance of your life purpose. Remember, it's a balance. You know what you want and it's important to you and I recommend you treat it as such but also balance it out with the understanding of how meaningless it all is. From what I'm guessing, you seem to have this tension with people in your job because you're too emotionally invested. I'd really start chilling out. You sound too wound up. People won't be able to work with you if you're this uptight, as you're discovering. Which I totally get. I have this same problem when I'm around other people that may talk and play lip service to say spirituality or my other passion of running. I tend to be that guy that's just so bold and direct and no-bullshit that it actually turns people off. ^If that resonates with you as something you do too, I recommend looking into your own defensiveness as I ultimately have learned that's pretty much what's driving that whole behavior for me. It's almost like you put on a mask of this hard nosed, serious, knowledgable, direct person that cuts the shit and is all about business but really what's going on is that you're afraid and are fearful which comes from a place of hurt, otherwise you wouldn't have that wall up that's clearly turning people off.
  3. Depends on how hard you're running and training run a hundred miler covering 10,15,20, 25, 30,000 feet of uphill and downhill in the mountains and I don't see most people hitting that point of feeling quite meditative LOL that'll come with years of mastery. But yeah, I see them going hand in hand but also, I love them both. I miss running at the end of the day. I don't really have any races I yearn for or anything and haven't felt like racing in quite some time. I just want to run again and I want to do it well. I also want to know the Truth and understand mind, self, another, Love, what everything is and so on. I don't want to coach as I'm not really someone that likes to manage people. Not a strength nor interest I have. Because I do.
  4. Right now I'm trying to articulate my domain of mastery however I'm pretty much stuck at 2 different domains of mastery: Consciousness/Enlightenment Work & Running I want to pursue both full on. At the end of the day I miss running but I want to mastery this domain called consciousness work by the time I die more than running but I also want to master running too and I don't think these things have to conflict with each other. I mean, Ralston (who, yes he may be an outlier I guess) pursued both Truth/Consciousness/Enlightenment & Martial Arts relentlessly hard. Is this okay?
  5. Fast forward to 23:00 Consciousness and reality is all there is. You're only 1 perspective out of infinite number of perspectives.
  6. A few weeks ago I took an enneagram test and my result was that I'm a Type 6 (The Loyal Skeptic) and I was so startled by how dead-on accurate it describes so plainly and clearly my biggest mental struggles. I don't mean tendencies to get pissed off, sad, etc. I mean the context behind it all. As some of you who have put up with a lot of my repeating posts know of my internal struggle to move out from home, struggling with the life purpose course and coming up with a life purpose, inability to make decisions, take more responsibility, etc. and the moment I got started reading the particular weaknesses here's what came up (see below images)... I mean it's SPOT ON (I mostly agree with the neurotic tendencies cause that's mostly what's goes on within me). I share this because I think this seems to be a great tool to understanding 'why does my character/ego behave and operate the way it does?' There seem to be a lot of resources for resolving this stuff. Thought I'd share
  7. Yeah I'd agree with Leo. I'd also throw out something similar to the likes of Dan Harris of 10% Happier, apps like Headspace and such. Maybe throw in people like Tim Ferriss but yeah I think Sam Harris is the pinnacle of what you can take stage Orange to as far as spirituality.
  8. @cetus56 @aurum @Serotoninluv @Shiva @Leo Gura can we close this? This is fucking ridiculous.
  10. When I say enlightenment is my life purpose, I’m not saying that would be what I try to help people to do to. I’m not saying “my life purpose is just to be as enlightened as possible.” I’m saying that’s the impact I want to have in some way or another through some form of medium or domain. For example, your life purpose can be centered around enlightenment and be like Om Swami and Osho whose art form or ideal medium is writing. Or like Ken Wilber (though he’s a more advanced case I guess) and Leo who love to study this personal development and life and and all these things and study all the different nooks and crannies and details into life and your life purpose is still enlightenment centered in a sense. So what I’m saying with “enlightenment is my life purpose” is a very open thing because I don’t know what way I want that manifest at all in terms of my impact. Yeah I hear you on living cheaply and stuff. I just have a lot of fear about that because to be honest I feel like I’m just going to crack internally.
  11. Free Will assumes that there’s an individual separate self that has control which is false Determinism is based under the assumption of time which is ultimately false. Damn
  12. I don't know if the rules for sourcing nootropics would be different than psychedelics, if they aren't I apologize. Just want to know if anyone has some good links to find modalert or modafinil online for a cheap price. I desperately need a substitute since having come off 17 years of Adderall. I can barely read, concentrate, contemplate, think at this point.
  13. I actual 2nd that. Don't try to make buying stuff a way out of brute force practice and discovering on your own.
  14. THAT is why you deem him to not be enlightened? LOLOL