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  1. The moment I read this, it finally clicked... I realized that real visionary leadership is leadership that inspires other people to think critically and more consciously. That’s what creates real collective change. Motivating individuals that empower them to take on greater concern than just their petty life... I think this just helped me clarify my life purpose.
  2. @Sunny J Gupta Sadhguru's Upa Yoga doesn't address what I'm dealing with. Thank you though @Michael569 looked her up and my issues weren't addressed at all in her videos but thanks anyways. I'm really struggling because I have so much tension in my chest and I feel like I'm being squeezed in. My hips, glutes, etc. are more of a straightforward shoot as that tightness is from years of distance running. My chest though is becoming extremely problematic. If I try to stretch out my spine and breathe my entire breath is shaking and there's gaps. There's trauma there and just a lot of tension but I don't know what to do at all. I have no idea what to research. If there's anybody else that can help me I'd appreciate it. Not looking for quick fixes.
  3. Pantoll on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County in the San Francisco Bay Area Where Alan Watts, Terrence McKenna, Jack Kornfield, Peter Ralston, etc. (and I) live(d). Used to always sit there for sunrises and sunsets and really feel the silence and stare out.
  4. Junglist nation! 🤙🏼 Hit that amen break!
  5. Scratch my last above comment. I think I might’ve gotten a possibility Leo might be trying to communicate I’ve been missing. Back to not-knowing Projection
  6. Relative
  7. +1-Fuckin-00000000 so on the money and I love the point you made about Ralston too. Concentration + quiet mind (as a result of emotional purification) + open mind I think are probably the 3 bedrock skills and capacities we need to have in spirituality and really personal development. If you want to meditate on chakras, go into DEEP Samadhi, succeed at the highest levels in yoga, take contemplation through the roof you HAVE TO attain, as @ardacigin is putting it, stable attention. Om Swami even says the same thing. It is the most arduous and painful part of meditation but it is the foundation. Its also the most rewarding. I VERY much agree what ardacigin is saying about Ralston too. You have to understand, Ralston was one of the best martial artists in the world. You have to be HYPER aware of every single thing and be totally zoned in in martial arts. That guy has incredible focus.
  8. Reason doesn’t exist. There is no reason and no one that knows good. There’s no separate one that knows God.
  9. @bejapuskas there is no mind there is no boundary there are no humans existence doesn’t exist if we’re talking about Absolute
  10. Of course. Truth robs you. A person who tells you or me that what we thought was so real and true that we love to cling to is always perceived as a threat and thus ignored. Yoga is an invention. Meditation is an invention. Mantras are inventions. Language is an invention. So on and so on. They do not exist. They are not special. They were created to serve a function. There is nothing more special about the Sanskrit language than English or Spanish or Chinese or some African clock dialect. You can meditate on a mantra “Love” the same way you on the mantra “Om” and get the same results if you truly know what the fundamental process is. But of course, Indians tend to want to have special turf over spirituality. The Adi Yogi at the end of the day is merely a mental construction. An idea you or I fabricate. A story we make up.
  11. Belief in God is delusion. Belief in God is not knowing God. It’s a fantasy. It’s ignorance of God.
  12. @Kushu2000 opinions I have on points I agree with: states of consciousness are relative The truth is NOT a state. The truth, God, you, etc. is true right now and can be realized as that independent of what state you’re in All states and experience are nonetheless still relative Having cosmic experiences, however grand they are, they are still nonetheles limited because they are NOT “mundane” or “unconscious” Those are all points toward a bigger point which I’m sure you can see. Quick Side Note: These are still nonetheless OPINIONS I have. Maybe a 5-MeO-DMT or several ones, which I’m working on aquiring, will convince me otherwise. I have no dedication to these points and am open to being flat out wrong. Where you’re flat out wrong: Speaking from the relative in the assumption that you are in fact another person, everything you perceive is an invention. Or as Leo puts it, is imaginary. All of these are synonmous There are no other people which is the fundamental problem with your example of testing people on imagination. You’re assuming there are other people If we’re going to talk about God or whatever we wanna call it (Being, The Self, The Truth, etc) we’re talking about Absolute Truth and “in” Absolute Truth there are no people, no mind, no world, no other, no things, etc. All of those can only seem to exist. They are illusions. Illusion literally means something thats Being yet appears to be otherwise. So in your text of looking at Leo or whatever, if you don’t have a direct experience of @Leo Gura in front of you, all Leo is is just a concept and fabrication. When you conjure up an idea of Leo, you fabricate, imagine, invent, and create a whole slew of stories and perceptions about this so called person. Not only that, even if you saw Leo, that perception would still apply. All of that is still a fabrication of your mind in order to handle this so called reality in order to survive and persist however, that doesn’t make true.’ What you call as the world at the end of the day is the mind. Siddhis or spiritual powers like levitation don’t necessarily require enlightenment as those are all still relative experience. Do enough real dedicated yoga and you’d be surprised at what you can do.
  13. The main thing I appreciate about this video to me is it shows how much he values integrity with the truth in how he teaches people and not budging to indulge fantasy and any other nonsense that isn’t about the truth. I also can’t tell you how hard I laughed at some of his jokes in this video 😂😂😂
  14. Yeah and I think it takes real emotional and psychological work and understanding to really get to that point. This is why I appreciate @winterknight being honest on that matter with approaches like psychoanalysis because that kind of emotional maturity just simply isn’t the case for most people. For me I have a lot of deep psychological attachments from deep trauma in my life and from my family life, vows I made, my entire person I created, etc. MEDITATION & SPIRITUAL WORK DOES NOT DEAL WITH THAT. Much less as effectively as some route through psychological and emotional work. Personally I’m very skeptical towards clinical psychologists and what not as I had years wasted through ineffective therapy and put on so many drugs that I myself had to get off. Nonetheless, THE MOMENT I have a quiet mind is the moment after I let out all my emotional baggage in my mind, my body, etc. and then I have almost immediate tastes and glimpses into the truth because at the moment there is no psychological obstructions in the way. Happens EVERY time. So to have the emotional and psychological contentedness to genuinely take on a self honest investigation into what’s really true takes purification (or whatever we want to call it). What if what pursuing truth meant you have no siddhis, the eradication of life purpose, the contentedness of doing nothing special with your life, and you even ended continue working in a job you tend to not even be passionate about... at all? Ramana was a perfect example of this before he left the temples. He had his enlightenment and just sat in a temple totally free and had no concern with whether he lived or died. Now normally we tend to attach a sort of heroic perspective like ‘he was so brave he didn’t live or die’ but in truth he didn’t care. Which is to say no ‘caring’ nor ‘not caring’ ever arised.