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  1. @Chumbimba Though I’m no follower of JP, this is the most insightful thing I probably ever found on ADHD after 16 years of homework.
  2. Ralston is not a Zen master as he is not part of any tradition. So no.
  3. As someone with really difficult ADHD I can tell you that it’s not as big of an obstacle that it appears. I found Culadasa’s perspective rather helpful but as far as enlightenment goes, yeah it’s not an issue. I have found Hatha yoga shatkarma practices very helpful as well. I study with a Very highly enlightened Zen master who had ADHD so bad in the 60s he resorted to methodone to try and stop his internal craziness and yeah... when I look at him it’s very clear it’s not an excuse or anywhere near as much of a setback. It really is just a matter of doing the work though. I recommend cleaning up your diet to what works for you. Again though, as far as enlightenment, it’s not an obstacle. Truth realization is not dependent on state as crazy as that may sound.
  4. @kag101 awesome stuff. You sound very similar to me. What kind of psychotherapy are you getting? Inwould also point out that though, as counter intuitive as it may sound, that even enlightened people can feel very depressed. I actual have a friend I made out in Boulder, CO who has gotten very far in her consciousness work but still suffers from waves of what seemed like depression and even suicidal episodes. What’s important to understand is that these events are applying to a particular person that doesn’t exist. Or to put it more properly, Absolute Truth is true regardless of what is going on. You can still have suicidal moments and in a twisted sense still be totally fine with it all at the same time. In the end it can’t really be explained but it happens. Personally for me my biggest breaks in my own enlightenments happen during waves of deeps spells of depression.
  5. Whose the one saying that? Look man, if you want to heal, then experiment with what effective resources you can utilize to facilitate that aim. There is no right path, right direction, right trajectory, etc. in the end. I suggest you get honest with yourself about that and also with what you want. The likeliness of 1 trip “ruining” your life is unlikely. I would bet you most people who’ve gone into 5-MeO are still more or less the same self they were before they took it. Also, don’t confuse states for Absolute Truth. What’s true is true NOW and you don’t need some far out state to become conscious of what’s true. However, that takes responsibility and accountability to own that and do the work despite of that. Working on the person is done in the world of relativity. When you get honest and listen to your heart and follow what your heart knows (and not how your mind interprets the knowledge of your heart), you’ll know what to do... and when you do, DO IT.
  6. Meaning is a human perspective that serves as a utility for survival and is not inherently true. Meaning is something that’s used, not something that is.
  7. From a third person perspective, I would say it depends on a lot of factors. What the person whose being bullied is dealing with internally and also externally. How it’s effecting their mind and so on and also what their tendencies are when dealing with confrontation like this. For example, are they someone who just tends to take it and internalize it? Or do they stand up for themselves? So on and so on. Is this a guy whose getting bullied or a girl and also what age we’re talking about. Is the person that’s getting bullied someone whose dealing with a short term period of getting shit from some bum who or is it a long term pattern of continually being stepped on and not knowing how to set boundaries? The truth is that there is no set in stone universal way of dealing wit this. Sometimes you do need to stand your ground and punch someone in the mouth and run your mouth back at the person. Sometimes you need to go to a superior to deal with the situation. Sometimes you need to learn how to fight. Ultimately, if it’s a situation you can take personal responsibility for by handling it purely yourself and directly, I would recommend that route.
  8. Yes. Here's a good question... how is knowing and not-knowing the same? If you contemplate for example who you are and it's a real honest inquiry (rather than some mechanical technique), notice how you actually honestly don't know anything because all knowing is predicated upon the illusion that there is a separate "I" who knows that. Not-Knowing and Absolute Knowing are the same.
  9. Interview with the man behind the film on Rebel Wisdom.
  11. Leo’s response above is different from the case in that video.
  12. Profound, inspiring, and series of books but no energetic transsmissions. Agreed that though energetic transmissions have nothing to do with space and time.
  13. I already asked a post about this matter when I asked about free will in yet I was just ridiculed for suggesting that there is a free will. Can you please be clear on where you stand on this?
  14. Sounds like me with running lol. My hips are so knitted up after all these years of running that it’s been difficult to get mobility I didn’t know was even remotely possible for me. My real issue that I seem to have in body when I sit how tension I have in my lungs when I sit, particularly without backpack support. To be metaphorical, my lungs feels like I’m grabbing onto a rubber chew toy and I’m squeezing it and I can’t let go. Can’t even really do pranayama because of the amount of anxiety I have in my system. Reichian therapy like morning gagging help a little bit but not much. It’s been a huge challenge for me.
  15. If he’s the Messiah then I’m god himself... oh wait...