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  1. Start your own forum with your own guidelines.
  2. I lived around the corner from there!
  3. I was part of the SF Bay Area Underground Rave culture and honestly, @Leo Gura‘s video on a culture really says it all to me. I don’t know avicii but I have friends who are at or close to Avicii in the edm music production (I took Sam Vogel AKA the dubstep provider “Jauz” to his first rave) and I think it’s just the culture. I mean even just from a listener’s perspective, I was sneaking into edc in Vegas before EDM got big, and I can really say that the producers and DJs are actually hardcore Stage Orange people moreso than a lot of the listeners.
  4. I actually have really mixed feelings with talent considering the fact that I'm a competitive but passionate athlete and have been all of my life. The bottom line is that yes, talent does exist. However, at the end of the day it's not something you can control. For me this has been a difficult pill to swallow as an athlete as I see sports as a perfect representation on the limits of what hard, smart, committed training. So many people really are just better than you at certain things. As a competitive middle/long distance runner that competes anywhere from the track, roads, trails, cross country, mountains, etc. there is no clearer evidence of this. However, talent will not bring you fulfillment. This sounds overused but it really is true. I don't care if you're Michael Jordan or an absolute nobody who will never find themselves on any media platform getting attention... When you give EVERYTHING to what you're doing, the end result will ALWAYS be something you can look back on and feel at peace with. There are many basketball players that have the capabilities of Michael Jordan but to this day there is only 1 Michael Jordan. I've seen guys get very far off of just talent in certain things. I've had friends who literally never trained in the off-season in prep for the upcoming cross country or track season and then win a state title and get partial or full rides to Division 1 NCAA schools. However, you also need to be aware and ask what lens are you really looking through? What kinda level of any version of success are you talking about exactly? If you're talking about those at the top and are #1 in their field/craft, then they had to match all that talent with their insane work ethic and then some. There's nuance to this matter of talent because it is a real thing but it's very misunderstood. Being naive and saying talent doesn't matter or doesn't exist is just foolish. Put it into context and see the big picture.
  5. You don't seem to have an authentic motive to contribute to others nor much motive for actual life coaching... This just seems like it's all about you. Not trying to criticize. Just an observation I'm making.
  6. (not ranked yet) Consciousness/Truth Self-Actualization Love/Romance/Intimacy Grit Mastery Purpose/Vision Freedom Wisdom/Learning/Understanding Authenticity Passion
  7. Bro lol look at the guys actions and it says it all. Judging by your blind faith, Donald Trump can go out and tweet that he is fully conscious and you'd still believe him. Kanye is a fucking narcissist. Look at his VMA speech in 2015. I don't need to be in his mind to spot unconscious behavior. It doesn't take a real genius to see how full of himself he and many people like him are.
  8. Yes I'm sure you have Kanye all figured.
  9. Please tell me this is a joke and you don't actually believe this lolol
  10. This reminds me of the time I was 16 and got with this French girl at the hotel I was at and then cried on the plane on the way home and promised I would visit her eventually... I didn't
  11. All you need right now is some great sex. It's going to be okay.
  12. He's projecting his insecurities and judgments onto you. It's your money. Not his.
  13. Trump is what he is, correct. That doesn't mean he's conscious of who and what he is. Yes that's the absolute. That doesn't make him enlightened. Your narcissism is why you're not deeply conscious because you would realize that your narcissism is all a fucking fasad, doesn't matter, not important, etc. If you think narcissism is somehow an indicator of higher consciousness then that shows the deep delusional game you're part of.
  14. Keep doing. See where that get's you and then you'll motives may change. Should statements to do less doing is just more doing. You can't win that game. Be conscious of your desire to keep doing and follow your desires (hell, that's all we do anyways to begin with) and eventually you'll have the motivation change to stop this losing game/battle.