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  1. @Leo Gura what do you think? Writing a book with everything you know about enlightenment and infinite love and infinite counsciouness and how to get there. In your last videou you said that it's imposible to reach that level of counsciouness,why is that? We can use DMT as well,right? Is there a hidded secret or Psychedelic?
  2. It's a dream with its own rules dude. If you dream that you get hit in the head with a baseball bat,you will dream that you lose counscioness,right? Same happens in real life,because it is a dream with its own limitations.
  3. @LastThursday my eyes perceive something my ears perceive something my nose, tongue perceive something. where are those stimuli coming from? aren't they coming from a common reality which we all perceive and live in? Prove to me that my parents are my imagination. If my mother's vagina is imagination, where did my body came from then? God's vagina?
  4. @Inliytened1 and let me guess,the tiers are imagination too. But if everything is imagination this means that my own body and mind and my thoughts are imagination. Why would it be this way? why would God make something seem real if it's not? Why do I have to suffer in this life just because God wants to play the imaginary life? Also if there are no limits to imaginations,why God dreams that 7 millions people exist,which are basically the same,with 4 arms and the same survival needs? It doesn't seem that God came up with something originally..it's just the same boring get born-live-die life for every since person from all of those millions. Why isn't God more original? human dream>human dream>human dream>human dream>human dream for jdnwqidamillios times Why God doesn't dream a unicorn or some weird creature out of nowhere? Why is God having a pattern if it's unlimited imagination? Why God doesn't embody this or something new. I honestly find this life so fucking boring and limited. -the ego survival game-. It seems that God is a good programmer but his game concepts are boring as shit.
  5. I'm a hardcore porn addict for like 10 years and I use porn to ease my pain. I was thinking of doing a vipassana retreat for a week or something like that. Can someone give me some tips? How much should I meditate per day? What reaction should I expect from my mind? If I lock myself in a room and meditate for 5 hours can I count this as a retreat? Do I have to go in the woods and mediate non-stop? Please give me some advices, I'm such a newbie on this actualized thing, I'm so brainwashed by this addiction and it drains me mentally and physically. Porn is on a click away in unlimited quantities right in my pocket..free and unlimited. I feel as a victim, I blocked it porn both on my mobile and my computer and now I have to go throw the withdrawal symptoms, and I want to go throw them consciously, meditating throw them. So what are your tips guys? Thanks for your answers(If any)
  6. @Shiva "What if all there is, was imagination? Even the physical world. How would you ever know?" well,dreams are random and they don't have a logic and they do not respect any rule. i could get shot in a dream and still be alive without my head or ..you know, absolutely anything. But , BUT, this reality HAS rules that cannot be broken and it is a very logical world, where nothing magical happens. Time is logic,things have consequences. If I cut my own hand,I will have to live the rest of my life without it, chances that I will magically get a new hand out of nowhere are 0. okay,some dreams might have their own rules,but they still can be broken. In this reality,gravity cannot be broken,I cannot jump to the moon,I cannot get rid of my addictions just imagining so,I actually have to go throw consequences and all the emotional work. Aside from this,I have nothing to say,I could accept the fact that this reality is a dream,I'm not that grounded into this reality anyway,but this comparison between dreams and reality doesn't feel that fair. I have haundreds of dreams but there is one life,as far as I remember
  7. @Shin okay. so Leo was referring to God's imagination, not to Leo's imagination. because ultimately neither me,Leo or anything else does not exist, it's just a 'mental projection' from God's infinite imagination? right?
  8. There is. If I image that I kill Leo or if I actually kill him, it's not the same thing. If I image that I have a million dollar or I actually have that million, it's not the same thing. If I image that I'm enlighted or I'm actually enlighed it's,again it's not the same thing, All ego aside,but there IS a difference. right?
  9. Leo, respectfully, I can prove that I exist and that I'm not your imagination. Give me your address, and I can slap your face to prove that I'm real. You can close your eyes, you can pretend that I wouldn't be there, but you would still feel my palm slapping your face. You're not creating my hand which would slap your face. The thing which proves it is that if you would want it to stop, it wouldn't stop, because I would decide when it stops not you. You could image it stopping on any level of consciousness, but ultimately I choose when it stops. What are you going to make me stop, Leo? Posses me? I'm not your imagination. At least not on this realm. I'm open-minded to anything, but those ideas that you delivered in the last few months, the thing that I'm imagining you and the thing that I image my parents don't really make sense. There are a lot of things that are out of my control, and that don't happen randomly. It's you, me,my parents and everyone and everything else being real(yes,in God's imagination) on this realm. Right? if not,give me your adress and I can prove it.
  10. @Curiousobserver https://www.quora.com/What-do-you-think-about-Masaru-Emoto-water-memory Also can you explain us how can you believe in such bullshit?
  11. @possibilities can you give me an example? How do I do this?
  12. @ajasatya it's just noise and automatic thinking, especially overthinking. Worrying,regrets,failure,being bullied,living in an abusive family (alcoholic dad). This sort of things. I don't know how to integrate them and live in peace.
  13. @DrewNows I know nothing about getting rid of them. I answered to your question and none of them were "how do you know you have neurosis? ".
  14. @DrewNows I told you,her perspective is bullshit. You can't ask for a hardcore addict to feel because he is wrecked inside and he can't feel love, literally he can't, because there are powerful withdrawal symtons and for 90 days,there will be suffering, anxiety and brainfog. There is no place for love.It's just perversion and compulsion.
  15. @DrewNows I know nothing.This is why I ask for a video or at least a list of resources or some sort of technique.