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  1. Recommend this whole album. Lyrically, a path.
  2. My friend shared this video with me yesterday which made me wonder. In this segment, Ram Dass shares that he tried psychedelic path for 5 years and he mentions that he noticed that it affected his brain (building psychic toxicity in his medula) making his full awakening slower and harder at the advanced level. "They don't allow you to become a possibility. They only show you the possibility" What's your thoughts in this? And any psychedelic neuroscientists here who could explain the function of medula and the potential relationship it has with the use of psychedelics?
  3. I personally fast almost everyday by eating 1 or 2 meals in the 4 hour window. I find generally more connected to the sensitivity of life by not eating. And if I fast for longer, 3-7 days it starts feeling trippy in itself 😁 So when I trip I naturally tend to do it on an empty stomach and find that the trips tend to be more sensitive, deeper. I think the most important thing is to feel "clean" which means that it is more important to eat "clean" and "light" than to just fast, but fasting is the ultimate cleanse. Food can help you get grounded. If you want to get high, fast. If you feel you need to feel more grounded, for example during or after the trip, eating berries and fruits is amazing. Experiment. Try it out eating, then fasting, and see what feels better for you.
  4. Kadampa Tradition Temples for World Peace: I was volunteering at Ulverston, UK for 3 weeks and the experience was great. I am not the biggest fan of the tradition as there is some dogma, but it's amazing place and great people to make friends for life.
  5. What is the difference between Do Nothing Technique and Free Monitoring Meditation (unusually contrasted with focused meditation) or are they the same?
  6. Linkėjimai iš Škotijos I am about to do tripping with my buddy soon who has never tried LSD (altough tried some mushrooms). Only a year ago he resisted the idea, but recently after realizing the depths and significance of nonduality, he himself told me that he feels ready and wants to try it with me. Since he has strong understanding in awareness I know it's going to be easy with him. I was thinking about what we could do while tripping, but then realized that no matter what we think of doing, it boils down to the INTENTION (exploring nondual nature of consciousness) and then surrendering, surrendering, surrendering to the experience. And the way this exploration of consciousness would manifest is really out of our mind control, altough depends on the awareness of the moment of tripping itself. I find it best to just set the intention and flow seeing where it takes it. I've done quite few trips, both with friends and solo, so what I'm thinking with my friend is to just flow in the authentic direction of my trip, doing the usual - meditating, listening guided meditations, exploring objects and talking. Do the trip for YOU first and foremost, and as already mentioned by someone in the thread, this will be an example for others who are tripping with you. Listening to this while peaking can be one hell of an insightful and enlightening moments for your friends (if they are open to it):
  7. My philosophy teacher shared with me this sonnet by Pablo Neruda: He noted how the structure of this sonnet (the dual way the last two paragraphs are connected) conveys the meaning of the sonnet - the "nondual unconditional love".
  8. Mastery if you refer to self-mastery, I think, yes.
  9. The Natural Lifestyles Valentino Kohen ‎David Tee Saul Tee
  10. Solo vs with people? Close friend who does it with you? What about ceremonic/shamanic setting? If solo indoor on thr couch or outdoor in nature? Preparation? Setting positive intentions/priming for letting go before the hit? What your first timer was?
  11. How one would use lucid dreaming for facilitating enlightenment?
  12. I practice mostly Anapana right now, which is the same as concentration practice with breath as meditation object. I sometimes would just "do nothing", and recently started experimenting with different guided and visualized meditations/self-inquiry to familiarize with different methods and styles out there, and find the most powerful ones. Guided meditations also come handy when I resist to meditate as it gives more 'novelty'. In terms of self-inquiry it's pretty much 24/7 on.
  13. It's finny that you mentioned this book, because I'm currently reading it haha. Thanks
  14. It's nothing wrong with scientific method per say. It's great. It's just limited to concepts; to how you can understand reality. Ask yourself if concepts are the only way to underatand reality? Also look into 'the philosophy of science'. You will see how arbitrary it actually is.
  15. Hey, I need suggestions for strategies and methods on how I could help to improve my 13 y/o sister's will, self-discipline and responsibility. My parents with my sister and brother live in different country than I do, so I see them just on holidays, and so when I'm here I want to make some impact. The problem is that, from what I've seen, while growing there and being with her, and what my mom noticed is that she is quite soft and spoilt when it comes to responsibilities and comitments, or would try to 'shorcut' learning. So for example, when she is learning something and she doesn't understand, she would give up immediatelly telling herself that she can't and start screaming. And wouldn't even try to come back to try it again. Or for example my mom told, that my sister borrowed money from her classmate's parent once, so she could have enough money to buy a toy pony she wanted. My mom suggested that my sister could start earning money by doing errands at home, like washing dishes, but she wouldn't do it. Eventually my mom gave back the money to that child's parent, and since my sister heard about it she feels like she doesn't need to do it now, and puts this 'i'm so beautiful to myself' face. She wouldn't do anything for the home. Don't get me wrong, she has other strenghts, like in creativity and arts, she grows up in a very loving family, and my mom is really wise and sets boundaries as she is this antropological women and understands the problem on some level. The problem is my dad who lacks will himself and unconsciously 'transfared' that to her. I think the problem is that my sister 'learned' that she doesn't need to put effort in things to get what she wants, to get stimuli, like sweets, cartoons, etc, because my dad would buy and play those despite whether she follows her responsibilities or not. Additionally, my dad would often clearly tell that he won't reward her with candies or play her cartoons when she didn't behave, but then the same evening she would be indulging anyway, because she would beg and demand again and again, until he breaks and allows it, because he doesn't have will to say 'no' and be consistent with his boundaries; he has weak boundaries. I think this has significant effect on my sisters psychology as she 'learns' that if you say something to yourself that you will do, or give a word to other, or if you have some external comitment, you don't necessary need to follow it, and you can always break or go around that rule without consequences. And I told this to my dad many times, and my mom keeps repeating this over and over again, and he understnads this 'logically' but he just keeps doing it, like many other bad habits he has. He has a bad habit of watching TV, and so my sister does too. And when he reasons about her lack of will or stubborness or irresponsibility he says "oh well, she is going to grow out of that naturally..." No she won't. It will carry on to the rest of her life if she doesn't internalize and learn the right behaviours and attitudes. And the later she learns it, the harder it will be. So really the question is how to convey this to my dad to trigger a change? In which other ways I could help her to develop in responsibility? How would you suggest talking with my sister? Did I missed something? What's your opinion is the best thing I could do while I'm on holidays with my family to trigger it into positive trajectory? P.S. They don't speak English. Cheers