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  1. Or... savoring the moment in silence as you breath in deeply, look at her/your eyes and smile.
  2. Found this interesting so called "intelligent design" which is perceived as the best evidence for the religion argument. They say god created. They are right. Not knowingly... Indeed God created it. That mother fucking G.
  3. The key is to be developing Truthful relationship with yourself as nature first. That's the ground, always. Then every other relationship with people or objects follow up, because your relationship with yourself = your relationship with external. But that's only if you want to. Whether you decide to spend the rest of your life around people, or isolated in the cave, it's still the same relationship in the end It will not get you distracted if you have a good relationship with nature, but it will be if you don't.
  4. From what you wrote I can feel that you have a pretty toxic view towards "learning attraction", and been engaging in pretty low-consciousness content that focuses on 'techniques' and 'gimmicks' etc. Read Models: How To Attract Women Through Honesty by Mark Manson (PDF here: - Mark Manson - First 3 Chapters.pdf, but I would suggest buying it.) Reading this can totally transform the way you go about 'fixing' this area of your life, because it can help you to take off the pressure of trying to do robotic "pick up" and focus on ORGANICALLY improving yourself instead, so that you can start getting results. Not the first time I'm suggesting this book in this forum and there is reason. It shows how to attract women through personal development and self-awareness rather than using techniques and tactics. It focuses on emotional process of seduction rather than logical steps and how to create powerful connection with women rather than trying to impress them. Big theme on vulnerability and non-neediness. Covers how to develop yourself in three main pillars of seduction: honest living, honest action and honest communication. (And this is key, because what will you see after reading this book is that the conventional of "pick-up" plays a very small role in this process, because it's all about developing YOU first.) Focuses a lot on how to build your lifestyle in a way you're surrounded by high-quality women that resonate with your values. Full of question-exercises helping to find own limiting beliefs and increase self-awareness to help create more authentic living, action and communication. Full of real life situational examples of the author. Change how you view "learning attraction". It's not about sex, and all about emotional connection and the self-development part itself. Right now you want to fuck, but when this is fixed, you will want to build intimate relationships which boils down to the same thing - understanding female psychology and attraction. It's about learning to connect with other people and yourself! It's like the psychedelic odyssey for your mind.
  5. You say it destroyed your confidence? I can guarantee that it didn't. What happened is that after you took some action, started learning about dating, etc, you simply became aware of your incompetence around women, and this made you feel worse than before. Why? Because that's a natural stages we go through when we want to improve at anything. Before you ever took action you were in "unconscious incompetence" stage which is where we all start before learning any skill - overrating your own ability. But after you start learning you go to "conscious incompetence" - you start to be aware that you are much worse and that it's much harder that you expected. Going out didn't killed your confidence. It just made you conscious of how much is there yet to improve. Which in turn made you feel less confident than before. But that's good! Keep learning. Keep practicing. Work on your sticking points. Until you move to "conscious competence" and then to "unconscious competence". It's like when you are learning to drive a car - at first before ever driving a car, you feel pretty confident, but then when you actually sit on the wheel your confidence goes down. Then you practice, practice, and you become good, but it's not natural yet, you still need to be conscious of all the little things you have to do, but over years you become so used to it, that you don't even think about driving, you do it automatically. You wanna allow yourself to get a little bit worse in order to expand your comfort zone and move to more competent levels. Hope it helps.
  6. Different advice for different levels of development.
  7. A simple comfort zone challenge. Not easy to do. This website right here has some interesting challenges:
  8. Understanding Awareness just a beautiful piece
  9. Go up to a girl in campus and say "hey, I haven't met you yet" and start conversation. What's so unacceptable? You will find that people react well, especially in university/college environments, because you already have a common ground - same university.
  10. What themes are you planing to research/write about?
  11. You talk with me, you are ok. You will improve if you learn. Biological-perspectives tend to create a limiting illusion of no control. But mind over matter. If a fully paralized dude on the wheelchair can build 1mil company controling desktop coursor with his eyes! then you can improve at anything. The question is how much results would make you fullfilled? You might not need as much as you think. And expanding comfort zone socialiIng, getting rejected, getting intimate with people, observing emotional triggers, creating something beautiful together is an ultimate self-actualization and spiritual journey.
  12. Hey fellow friends, What is your biggest struggles, challenges, problems, and pains related to breaking bad habits and building good habits? What particular habit(s) are you struggling to incorporate the most?
  13. Oh I see what you did there
  14. Westworld is great. You know what else is about Enlightenment? Dragon Ball Super. Really. Especially the recent God form - Ultra Instinct - that Goku has achieved last week, which is a state of being where his body moves without thinking, state of instinctual movement. In this form he improves and gets more energy as he fights, which comes with interpretation that he becomes 4-dimensional being as he taps into the infinite energy of the universe and can draw as much energy from it as he needs. The more I study enlightenment and do consciousness work, I see hints to enlightenment everywhere
  15. That's interesting. Yeah it happens from time to time. It becomes more frequent when you experience it few times, because your mind learns the neural-pathway, and then you can access it through concentration - I noticed it usually happen as my mind shifts to "access concentration". But now I don't care about this sensation, because chasing it could be a distraction.