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  1. I'd say funky brain chemistry
  2. I would say that you should deal with people consistently. Show them all the same amount of compassion and empathy and whatever other values you hold. You must be authentic so you can don't create any internal conflict. Should someone cross your line id suggest saying so. If you have little empathy turn and leave.
  3. Great conversation guys. For the topics that you want to see just post away. Alternatively you can message me and I will start it up if your a little shy.
  4. It would be kinda tough to be enlightened & not be contributing to the world. Everyone is constructed with values and if those values (assuming there is something around giving to others the world) aren't met you would have a values conflict. Such a person is unlikely to be enlightened with a values conflict. If these people aren't following their truths it will show. I agree with you about raising consciousness and personal development
  5. Are you able to recognise when you are playing victim?. There is a lot of great advice here about taking responsibility for your thoughts, but my question is are you able to recognise a victim thought pattern as it happens ?
  6. @Kaity have you thought of the possibilities that you are empathic?
  7. @LoveandPurpose the behaviours of "tight and trapped" had to start somewhere. If you focus inwardly and think how tight and trapped feels, you will get information from yourself, such as Im feeling trapped because I'm failing classes or I can't make the rent. There will be a number of negative feelings and they will be a regular and consistent pattern over days or weeks. If you pay attention to your mind, you may also find thought patterns running in a cycle with more or the same information. The information you hear may not be the root cause, but all you need to do is ask a few questions. Your body may say " I don't have the courage to go to class, I hate it I'm not going" . Here you ask yourself "why don't I have the courgae to go to class?" You might get a few answers, including the fact that your failing" so then you take your information that the reason you feel the way you do is that your failing class. Then you address the actual issue.
  8. @flume how did you know it was dark energy? Do you mean dark as in a dark colour on the colour spectrum, or dark as in evil connotations? What does your energy feel like compared to this one?
  9. Where I live there is some kind of suffering competition by groups in the community. Most noteably mothers with young children suffer all over Facebook as being the "strongest" in terms of fortitude, they aren't at all the only group. Memes go all over Facebook with friends grouping together about how strong or courageous they are. "You have no idea how much I've been through" It completely devalues real suffering, and the true victims.
  10. Received and accepted. All resolved and no need for embarrassment. This is a place of learning ?
  11. I was a bodybuilder for 3 years a while ago. I competed in figure class. I wasn't really into spirituality at the time but thinking about it I believe it would have helped. Bodybuilding is quite obsessive and to have that constant voice eliminated would have been most helpful
  12. To work on yourself you need to do a few things. Firstly recognise there is a problem, which you have done . You then find that you are "stuck", so repeating the same behaviour over and over and getting frustrated that you aren't spiritually growing or growing slowly. The issue with being stuck is that you can't recognise what it is in your behaviour that is causing you conflict because for the most part you believe that your behaviour is correct. When you get into a discussion online with someone who has a different opinion to you, you attempt to change their mind to agree with you. I assume that this the kind of discussion that turns into a pointless debate. You have said that you're being controlling. A couple of things here, firstly why do they have to have the same opinion as you? Are you most often right? Does that mean their opinion is valueless, stupid, unintelligent? If you get into an argument or heated discussion it indicates to me that your opinion of them is that they are inferior to you. This is where you need to affront your beliefs and values and work on that belief to resolve how to remove and replace it. This is where your meditation etc comes in. You can stop yourself from engaging in the discussion just because you think you should, but abstaining from the conversations doesn't address your belief system issue. You won't move forward because the root cause hasn't been addressed. You still believe that it is ok to debate and argue over certain issues trying to control the others person. You need to see that being triggered to engage in a negative way to debate is an issue that needs addressing. It's controlling, offensive and arrogant. You can change the way you engage online, but the gains you want are only going to come, I believe, with maturing your belief system.
  13. As Shin says you need to do the inner work. For the first two topics you now need to go one level deeper and work out why you need to control people. Why do you need to be right? Maybe research controlling personalities or similar for the rest again you need to work out why you seek validation or attention. Is it low self esteem? If so do work on yourself.
  14. @flowboy you have a laundry list of issues, reasons etc here. I would suggest you go through each one and attach a root cause to each, eg attention seeking, belief that you are superior, etc. Then condense the list above down to a manageable list.
  15. I agree we all share with our friends, to a point.