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  1. What exactly caused the shift tho ?!
  2. Do u have any idea on WHY u care abt finding the truth ?! Or what MADE u care abt that ?! Is it just sth in u ?! merely curiosity ?! stumbled upon sth that made u question deeper ?! Some shit happened in ur life ?!... etc Just an irrelevant question.. I'm kind of doin a survey on that haha.. so I'd love to hear ur answer @Truth Addict
  3. Ohhh Wait.. I kind of perceive the world as such so frequently and more often lately I haven't watched @Leo Gura 's " What Is Perception? " vid yet n didn't do any exercise on purpose either I've been trying to put what I've been experiencing into words for the last couple of days.. n what u said just did the job.. exactly the way u described it.. as if I just am the structure of reality.. n all that I can see with my eyes.. There's no division.. So wtf is happening to me ?!, haha Is it normal to get this so often ?! P.s. it usually sticks for a long time without me even makin an effort to make it stick.. I actually find it a bit difficult to re-perceive life as a normal human being haha Should I stop resisting it n just let it last ?! Cuz honestly I felt I was goin' nuts haha Lookin forward to reading a reply on that.. am I foolin myself here or is it sth enlightening ?
  4. I don't have much to say but rather to ask.. quite simply.. What is logic ?!
  5. @Nahm thx for ur lovely words πŸ’œ
  6. @Gabriel Antonio indeed.. no rush Thx for ur reply n yeep I have seen it.. pretty cool n inspiring.. πŸ’œ Maybe I should start experiencing life as such.. n listen more carefully to my inner voices haha
  7. @YaNanNallari Yep.. I'm trying.. ThxπŸ’œ
  8. @okulele Yeaah I'm trying to be more open also I'm trying new stuff like shamanic breathing , body scan meditation...etc I think it's helping Thank u soo much πŸ’œπŸ’œ
  9. So basically I feel so detached from reality . It's more like I'm watching life (as if it's some sort of a movie or a dream ) n hardly feeling I'm actually experiencing it.. n it's not because of a lack of activities or solitude or sth.. in fact ,I can be so busy doing stuff n even trying new things , still.. I feel like sth really significant is missing I guess I should mention the fact that I had such a traumatic childhood(it was so messed up) I started to become more aware of that as I started meditating on regular basis While I'm meditating I kinda feel how real it is.. but as soon as I get back to my daily life I feel so detached (from everything ) I found out recently that (derealization-depersonalization) may describe kinda the same symptoms that r happening to me N some said it's because of overthinking n being caught up in my thoughts that I stop feeling life as vividly n lively as I should.. So how should I deal with this emotional baggage ?! R there any useful tips I can follow to start experiencing my daily life to the fullest ?! Or is it just normal n I should stop fixating on wanting to change it ?!
  10. I agree βœ‹
  11. How can u give a sh** when u don't ?! Maybe the problem stems from finding everything meaningless.. including trying to overcome this apathy Or maybe depression has sth to do with it.. anyways What to do ?! can anyone relate ?!